Big Brother 17 Popularity Poll – Week 12

Big Brother 17 wraps up next week but there’s still two more rounds of voting for your favorite Big Brother Houseguest this season as we prepare for CBS’s official “America’s Favorite Player” poll.

Big Brother 17 Memory Wall
Big Brother 17 Memory Wall – Source: CBS

We finally saw a shuffle this past week in the top 5 bracket when Steve rose up to fourth just behind continued top rankers John, James, and Vanessa, respectively. Sadly for our other Houseguests who were still active this past week, the Austwins, they are still as unpopular as ever with our readers.

Yes, Austin, Liz, and Julia held tight in the bottom 7 with Liz staying at 12th while Austin and Julia flipped their spots as she fell to 13th and he came up to 11th. On the plus side, if you combined all three of their earned votes they’d get up to the Top 5, though they’d still be behind Steve’s vote count.

Check out how all the HGs did in this past week’s results and cast your vote in the Week 12 poll below.

Big Brother 17 – Popularity Results: Week 11 vs Week 10

  1. John McGuire 45.6% (+0)
  2. James Huling 38.90% (+0)
  3. Vanessa Rousso 4.5% (+0)
  4. Steve Moses 2.6% (+2)
  5. Shelli Poole 1.3% (-1)
  6. Clay Honeycutt 1.1% (+1)
  7. Meg Maley 1% (-2)
  8. Jason Roy 0.99% (+1)
  9. Jackie Ibarra 0.78% (-1)
  10. Becky Burgess 0.75% (+0)
  11. Austin Matelson 0.72% (+2)
  12. Liz Nolan 0.66% (+0)
  13. Julia Nolan 0.45% (-2)
  14. Da’Vonne Rogers 0.35% (-1)
  15. Audrey Middleton 0.13% (+1)
  16. Jeff Weldon 0.1% (+1)
  17. Jace Agolli 0.06% (-2)



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  1. Idk why people rank JMAC as fan favorite. He doesn’t deserve the money. Favorite goes to those that are entertaining and make moves that you remember. JMAC has been like Steve,a floater that says things but never follows thru with it. He says funny things,and they all do sometimes… But I don’t get why he deserves the money. James deserves it,he did whatever he said he was gonna do…and he was entertaining. Him and his motivation (daughter) earnt it.

    • Well, this poll is asking who is your fav, not who deserves the money. Since more readers are voting for John it’d serve to reason that more people found John more entertaining than James.

      Not everyone is going to like the same HG the most. It’d be boring if they did.

      • I’m not expecting people to have the same favorite. I’m expecting people to have viable favorites. Everyone knows the vote for favorite is about the money. It’s America’s consolation prize. Anyone can be entertaining behind the scenes,in the DR. But BB s based off of HG moves not funny comments. I think people should recognize what show this is…even if this season sucked..certain people should be in the running for the consolation prize as they made the game- a game. I thought JMAC was funny,but I also think Austin is..Steve is entertaining in his crazy and Vanessa in her paranoia. But I’d respect someone voting Vanessa over JMAC due to game play.

      • Vanessa won’t win AFP because nobody likes a spoiled brat, IMHO. Especially one who is in her 30’s buy cries like a 10 year old when she doesn’t get her way.

      • They all cry..and mope. And in a game,I’m okay with players doing whatever to win. Even though it’s ridiculous,the HG accept it. And then she goes right back and turns on them,and they accept it with no choice. The object of this game is strategy,I don’t respect alot of the others for being floaters. JMAC though funny,hasn’t done anything but give a vote.

      • He’s won just as many comps as Vanessa, basically played alone the entire game, won his way back in the house and Is Sitting in the final four and did it all by himself. I’d say he’s done more then any of them and is more deserving of the win. Just because he avoided all the drama doesn’t mean he wasn’t playing the game.

      • By play alone,you mean he agreed with anyone that came up to him and told him how he was going to vote? Stayed from drama? Um,did you see the Clay/Vanessa/John drama. And did you see him come back up to her to try to make amends when she turned the house on him? She didn’t care what he did,she just last minute decided to gain his vote for her purpose. Its a game,they all do it by themselves. You’re making this a survivor story or something. He’s done more than all of them? How? Um,no he hasn’t at all. The game is drama,if you play there is drama. If you have no drama it means you’re a floater. And you only respect floaters when they make random or behind the scene moves. He doesn’t. How many time has he been HoH?

      • All of your arguments are correct. She obviously is biased to even be comparing their games at all.

      • I DON’T see things thru your eyes, I agree with Lavendergirl, he IS playing the game, working with people, making choices, and he’s in final five, and NO he did not just invisibly float there!

      • He’s never made an independent choice. They’ve made it for him. No one invisibly floats. They trial behind a ship. His ship is Vanessa. She’s been bullying him the whole season. And also,I don’t care if you agree with Lavendargirl,that was a waste of comment. I care about your post,and correcting it. Well,kinda

      • You can jump all over the thread and take your hiss fits all you want, maybe you need to chill! We all think what we are going to think and MOST of America voted JMac, (Vanessa Jr.) so take your tantrums and then live with it, I’m not reading anything else your sore ass has to say anyway, and just for the record James is second to win AFP. So I’m still JMAC to win, first or second, then James will be AFP

      • Edit your post,you were so emotionally involved you weren’t structuring correctly. And how can you tell me to chill with all the exclamations you used in your post? Kinda hypocritical. What were you crying as you typed? I jump over the thread to reply to post that are in response to my posts. Pro or Against. When some one sees your post as relevant,maybe you’ll understand what that means. You came to my post,I didn’t come to yours…and don’t lie. You’re reading this now.

      • Boss_E unfortunately you’re not going to get through to the cat ladies and morality police that frequent these forums.

        As you can see from the continued discussion below, they are now equating JMac to Derrick and Dr Will (two of the all time best players in BB history!). JMac’s game is much closer to Donny’s game from last season than Derrick’s game.

        Really it boils down to the fact that the cat ladies and the morality police like to hate. Read their posts! Hatred for Austin, hatred for Vanessa, hatred for the twins. It’s sad and pathetic.

        JMac has NOT played a good game. It’s a shame, he actually seems like a pretty smart guy! Somehow he believed he was in an alliance with Clay and Shelli but they were using him. By the time he pieced it all together, he was an outcast.

        I have to give him credit, his dead possum strategy has got him to final four. His ability to see through Vanessa has made him a fan favorite, but the only chance he has to win at this point is to win out and be sitting next to Liz at the finale.

        JMac’s best route to accomplish this is to vote out Steve. The problem with that for the cat ladies and morality police is that it ruins their dream finale of JMac and Steve.

        They want Steve in the finale not so much because they like Steve, but because they hate the thought of the other three having the possibility of winning!

        Thanks for being a voice of reason in a sea of crazy.

      • I dont think it excludes Johnny Mac from winning both AFP which is worth $25,000 and the $50,000 or $500,000 if he makes it to the Final 2. I hope he gets into Final 2 and also, wins the $25,000 prize for AFP.

      • I could be wrong but I heard that if you make final 2, you are no longer eligible for AFP. He’s my favorite too though. :)

      • I think you’re right, Meghan. (Unless it’ only for 1st prize that you can’t be AFP!!) James would win then because he & Johnny are always in the top 2 of any poll I’ve ever seen.

      • I agree with you about Johnny Mac not playing a good game and Vanessa has been, but I don’t agree that she has bullied him. She has manipulated everyone, which is part of the game. Bullying is mean and hurtful, by putting someone down or pushing them around. She has never done that.

      • No,I was clear. And it’s distinct. She has manipulated lots of people…but she bullied Steve
        And JMAC. And by your definition she’s bullied everyone.

      • So I guess you think Derrick was a floater last year then. He wasn’t involved in drama either. You don’t have to be in drama to be a player. And that drama with Clay, John and Vanessa guess who blew that all up? Yep the bi-polar, psycho, bully Vanessa. And why wouldn’t he make amends. He would be stupid not to. And how is it playing by yourself when you’re in an alliance of five and one of them wins HOH and you know your safe. John never knew if he was safe or the target. Like I said he played alone, stayed out of the drama and has Vanessa figured out. Oh and as far as voting he voted for whoever he wanted to. He proved that the first week when he didn’t vote with the house. I think you need to rewatch this season because you missed half of it.

      • If you’re stating John has been involved in as much drama as Vanessa, then you are utterly delusional. One very minor instance (your example) as opposed to Vanessa’s incessant crying, finger pointing, manipulation, lying, etc. hardly seems worth comparing.

        Vanessa is annoying, and her popularity, or lack thereof, reflects such. You have no legitimate counterargument.

      • He also threw more comps then he won if you remember correctly. JMac practically slept theough the first half of the game! He was Shelli’s puppy, to throw whatever comp she wanted him to.

      • You just said it. He threw comps. If he wouldn’t of he would of won more then any player that’s played the game.

      • Don’t ya have to wonder what other people see???
        They were even saying on the show the other nite after the egg competition that JMac was right behind the winner when he did’nt win

      • “James” and “work hard” do not go in the same sentence. If he was really working hard he would have more comp wins and would’ve went after the biggest target in the house, which were Austwins not Clelli. He did nothing but play pranks and sleep. If anyone is overrated its James.

      • That’s the reason I like Johnny Mac and think he should win. And I hope he wins hoh and kicks Vanessa out the door so she can head to the jury house :)

      • Vanessa has won 6 comps (4 HOH’s and 2 vetos) John has only won 4 vetos and a BOB which shouldn’t count because they do it as a team and people throw them. Even so, John still hasn’t won as much as Vanessa.

      • BOB is still a comp he won. Then 4 POV’s and he won his way back in. I believe that adds up to 6. Like I said just as many as Vanessa.

      • Has any other player been evicted and then got back in the game and gotten this close to the end?

      • yes …and sometimes floating through a little bit in the beginning IS a strategy….and maybe that was Jmacs strategy…..maybe being an annoying crybaby is one too and that was Vanessas….Jmac is just more likeable……nobody likes Vanessa no matter what kind of game she played….she just comes off as a horrible person…IMO. so do the Austwins……..I would not mind it if James won the AFP either, he seems like a nice guy.

      • He’s won four POVs, and that is either a tie or breaks the record for the number of POVs won by any male player in any BB season.

      • At this stage of the game, how many HOHs one has under their belt is irrelevant. Right now, at the end, when JMac is finally showing his hand, the POV is the only prize that matters.

      • Says someone who just tried to use competitions as a defense..

        And no,he hasn’t shown his hand. He’s been having the same awkward hesitant conversations with Steve per usual

      • You do know floating IS a strategy right? JMac was with people but they all got evicted. He was trying to have his people while appearing to be floating. That’s a good strategy in my opinion, he was playing the game. James only ever played the game when he was HoH or on the block, he slept all the rest of the time. If he truly was playing for his daughter he would’ve tried harder and had a better strategy. Fan favorite is just that, fan favorite. It can be for whatever reason the fan wants it to be, there are no rules.

      • I get it you dont like James.. he was the only one not scared to nominate strong players.. He messed up by not partnering with someone who could win something.. Meg was a waste, she seemed nice but was no help for James.. I do hope Johnny Mac makes it to the final 2..

      • I like James and would love for him to be AFP, but he’s also had long periods of the game where he just checked out and, IMO, he and Meg made the most disastrous mistake in the game when they voted out Shelli instead of Vanessa. Dumb, dumb move.

      • She’s also a playground bully who enjoys starting every conversation with “don’t lie to me …”

      • The word bully is being thrown around inappropriately. Your a bully when you tell someone not to lie? She manipulated people, which is part of the game. She was never mean or pushed people around in a demeaning way.

      • exactly and the reason we didn’t see much of Johnny Mac talking other than the Diary Room is because BB production spent most of the air time on Austin/Liz making out as if we would rather have watched those two!

      • It’s Because Mel IS Canadian. Mel and Vanessa met in Montreal. Actually, I stand corrected on Vanessa’s dual citizenship, hers is in France, because it’s where her father is from.

      • I’m aware that she won’t win AFP because the best player never wins that award, at least any of the seasons I’ve watched.

      • I refuse to vote for a millionaire to win anything. Vanessa the resident poker player has a net worth of over $4 million.

      • Oh no,I’m gonna be that gal again.I see the confusion, Dan was Americas Player season 10 the audience voted on stunts he had to pull in order to earn money, but he didn’t win Americas Favorite Player either time he played

      • Thanks… many seasons so many things to remember…..obviously I failed on this one. Thanks for letting me know.

      • JMac played a better game then Vanessa. All she did was throw tantrums, bully people and look for excuses to nominate someone.

      • Her moves haven’t been likeable,but they’ve been powerful and effective. She is down to the last 5 and has votes in both directions. And still controls both groups. People keep saying Jmac played a better game,but how? He’s a floater that won a competition to get back in the game. He’s on the same page as Meg if she would’ve won. If Vanessa flipped on him and decided he was the one who should be nominated,he’d go right along with it. His phrase his season was ..”I just gotta hope that I’m not going to be the target” how is that game play? The power players come to him for his vote,and he gives it. Not that he has any choice

      • Are you sure you’re watching BB? He’s won just as many comps as Vanessa and more then anyone else. He’s played the game without the help of an alliance and he’s won his way back in and is sitting in the final 4 without anyone’s help. It was easy for Vanessa to get their because she had several people helping her. When four other people are not going to nominate her and are protecting her it’s real easy to get to where she’s at. John got there alone! As far as Vanessa controlling both sides your dead wrong. She’s gone this week if she doesn’t win HOH or POV.

      • I don’t think we’re watching the same show,honestly. This is the woman that emotionally manipulates Steve. Bullies JMac…and is tolerated by Liztin. You even had Austin suggest that Liz take Vanessa on the luxury trip to stay stable with their alliance. PoVs and BoBs are nice and all… How many HoHs has he won?

      • Are YOU sure you watched BB17?! You must have Johnny Mac mixed up with someone else! He did everything that mainly Shelli, Clay, Vanessa, Austin and Becky told him to do! He threw as many if not more comps as he has won. And up to this past week, he was still making deals to throw comps if he could ! That’s certainly Not good game play! He’s never won an HOH, and until Austin got him exercising, all JMac did was eat and sleep! He has Not really made one independent decision on his own at all! He is the next closest thing to a floater you can get !

      • Apparently not. Because I was watching someone who was playing the same game as Ian. Play offbeat and harmless at the beginning, gain everyone’s trust. Play the rat when needed. then strike when necessary. BTW being a floater isn’t a bad thing, all the best players have used a floaters strategy at times.even Rachel

      • Ok you keep drinking while you’re watching. He tells people what they want to hear. Did he throw the POV like he said he was going to? NO. He threw the comps that were smart for him to throw. When he wasn’t in danger he threw them and when his back was against the wall he won. For Gods sake he’s in final 4 with no help from ANYONE!!! If you think winning all the comps is great gameplay then your just fooling yourself. Oh and did Dr. Will win an HOH? Better yet did he even win a comp? So much for your floater theory.

      • He stayed in the game as long as he has is because as long as he was following along with what Shelli, Vanessa, James, or Becky wanted him to do, they kept him safe. He made deals to stay safe. Not until towards the end when numbers were getting slim, did he really have to start working to save his own butt. He has no more played the game than Steve has, not until towards the end. He and Steve may be playing like Ian, but it sure doesn’t guarantee them the win!

      • It’s called having an alliance or a group. Steve had Scamper Squad and Johnny Mac had Clelli and Becky. Obviously if you’re in an alliance they’re gonna protect you. Once that’s done then you’re on your own. And that’s what Johnny Mac is doing. He’s showing he’s been keeping himself safe since his people left. Steve still had his alliance until they started turning on him. If you’re all about someone working hard and playing the game then why haven’t you called out Austin? He for sure hasn’t done anything!

      • Oh heck! I know Austin hasn’t done a dang thing! I’ve been wishing him gone for a long time! I had hoped he would follow Jace out the door, but that didn’t happen! All Austin succeeded in doing was starting what is now known on the BB sites as “Fingergate”. And prove how bad his hygiene is! I wouldn’t want to eat any of the food those Nasty unwashed hands have touched! Even when Production called him out to wash his hands, all he does is run the tips of his fingers under water…No Soap! Dude…use your Irish Spring you Always talk about! Dang!

      • Poor John. He wanted an alliance but every alliance just put him on the block. Shelli did, then Austwits alliance put him on the block and evicted him. When he came back in willing to work with Vanessa, he was probably shocked that Vanessa did everything in her power to make sure he did not go on the block. She even managed to turn Austin against James (who he really liked) and got them to vote James out instead of John. That is a master player. She may not win but Vanessa deserves to because she is GOOD..!!

      • I am reading all these comments. Vanessa won this many, John didn’t. John is there. John isn’t a crazy like Vanessa. He was Shelli’s puppy. Where’s Shelli now? He’s still in the house and I for one, hope he wins the $500,000.! And I really hope someone grows a set and gets that beanie wearing weirdo out of there.

      • Yes he is. I still liked watching him play the game. He seemed to be doing what some people weren’t. Having fun. I realise the prize is worth game play. But maybe John decided to have fun along the way. I don’t like Vanessa, but seeing how other players had plenty of opportunities to get her out and didn’t then the winner will win.

      • That’s true. I don’t dislike Vanessa. There have been past players I have disliked much more. Like Amanda in Season 15. Ugh! Now that was one bucket of Bully and Crazy! And That Cheating WAS beyond OBVIOUS ! Amanda at one point was wearing an ear piece, and production Allison G. was talking in her ear! What they didn’t realize until it was too late, we could all hear it through Amanda’s microphone! Amanda’s behavior became SO distressing, and way too many viewers complained and were wanting her to either self evict, or for production to DO something and PUT HER OUT. Not long after, Allison G. of production had to flip her script, and realize her “Pal Amanda” could not win. She had to go. Lo and behold, Amanda finally was evicted ! She was two scoops of crazy!
        At least Vanessa just cries, she doesn’t threaten to hurt people in the house, she doesn’t keep them trapped in their HOH room and by continuously banging on their door!
        Compared to Amanda, I couldn’t call Vanessa a bully.
        Vanessa has remained in the game because A. The others didn’t vote her out when they had the chance. They “somehow” saw Shelli as a bigger threat. and B. Like JMac, Vanessa was able to win POV to save herself. There were many opportunities for the others to try and take her out, they didn’t. They only have themselves to blame.

      • Wow! No offense, but if that’s how you see Big Brother played, you wouldnt make it past the first couple of weeks. Unless of course you could pull off a “Victoria”.
        Do you play chess? If not, you need to learn. In Big Brother it can get ruthless, there are the grandmasters…who will use their Pawns to their every advantage.

      • Been playing chess for 40yrs and would probably beat you. Also been watching BB since season one, watch the feeds and have every season on DVD. Bet I could win if I was there!

      • I was asking the same thing when I read his comment!! Lol!!! I was thinking he really needs to rewatch it because he hasn’t been paying attention. Especially if he thinks Johnny Mac has being doing everything Vanessa tells him to lol

      • Where are you getting that John won as many comps as Vanessa. She won 6. John only won 5 and one of those was BOB which really shouldn’t count.

      • Once again he won 4 POV’s and winning BOB is a comp and does count. He also won his way back in which was a big win. Add it up. It’s 6 same as Vanessa.

      • He had won four power of veto comps (and could have won more if he hadn’t thrown them. He also won his way back into the game! Oh and Battle of the Block. How could anyone miss all this. Vanessa deserves nothing!

      • He could have had HOH, not just back in the house, but he threw that too. To Vanessa. He’s always talking about getting “blood on his hands”, he has the perfect chance, and throws it away…..again.

      • He won veto because without them,he’d have been tossed aside from irrelevance. He had no many times did he win HoH?

      • I have a life,so I don’t talk in BB past. I’m current and now. So bring me current BB scenarios…then maybe we can have a conversation. And why did you even get involved in my posts. You jump in my conversations trying to scold me,and now you follow my posts and reply to them. Are you looking for attention or a friend? Because neither is here for you.

      • Fine, season 14(that recent enough) Dan won 1 HOH, not because he wanted to, but because his back was against the wall, he purposely threw comps as strategy. Being HOH has nothing to with control of the game. Just ask Vanessa, she has had better luck with her agenda outside of the HOH room. I came here looking for a civil discussion about the game.As I see that’s not what you are here for, I will be minimizing your comments in the future.

      • You missed the point,I said current. That means this season. None in the past. Current is pretty self explanatory. Not always been HoH isn’t the point,never is different. And Vanessa’s situation is totally different,not winning it is her strategy. But yet she still controls nominations. Different from not winning it and sitting back hoping for the best. I can’t stand Vanessa,but no one can deny she ran this Season. All because no one had the grapefruit is to make a move. A season of floaters,Jason and James atleast tried…wait how did I get into this conversation with you?

      • You can’t have an intelligent conversation when you’re talking to a brick wall. I think he’s related to a troll.

      • I’ll say one thing. The conversation is much nicer to scroll through now that I’ve minimized the comments. Shorter too!

      • Yes but Dr. Will had a certain charisma that made him win the game. I do love Johnny and will vote for him as fan favorite but Vanessa has played the best game.

      • I will admit Vanessa has played a fascinating game. I was even rooting for her at one point.. and I wouldn’t be disappointed if she did make final 2. Her game is brilliant, but incredibly flawed and messy. I think she’s gonna have to tap dance pretty fast in order to secure a victory.
        Now Johnny has been the surprise of the season for me. I find his low key under the radar game equally as fascinating, plus his DR sessions make me laugh out loud. I will be voting for Johnny to be Fan Favorite, but I also am hoping he makes it to the end.

      • Wait for what? Nothing will change that she has far far outplayed John. He has essentially done nothing. He has thrown more comps than he even tried to win. Plus he’s already been voted out once. He does what he’s been told by others to do all year. Floater.

      • Oh and Shelli and Clay didn’t do the same when Shelli was winning HOH every other week to Vanessa? Clay and Shelli had people jumping through hoops for them! From both sides of the house!

      • I must say even though I don’t like Vanessa that was a good move. But look who she was talking to. Duh

      • America’s Favorite Player is democratically whatever the individual wants it to be. Pushing your agenda for the definition other people will use is a waste of time.

      • I didn’t push my agenda. I’m not a politician. I made a post,with a statement. My statement was referring to what the poll is towards. It’s towards America’s Choice,the poll was created for America’s Consolation Prize to thise that didn’t win prizes. It’s common sense and been mentioned many times. My point was,Jmac doesn’t deserve that prize..James is more fitted for it. Thank you,ma’am. And also,I approve this post!

      • The majority agree on this. So maybe, just maybe, you’re wrong.

        There is not a single person that Vanessa can take to the final 2 that will ensure her win, at this point. She isn’t Derrick. And these house guests, specifically the ones in the jury house, are not going to say “Oh, wow, she played a good game!” No, you have vindictive people in the jury house. They won’t vote for her if they realize she had a hand in every single one of their evictions.

        Shelli’s soul reason for wanting to come back was for revenge for what happened to Clay. Becky can’t stand Vanessa. Julia and Liz ransacked Meg AND Austin’s things for perceived slights that never happened, think they’ll vote for Vanessa?
        These discussions are likely going on in the jury house. Vanessa has already lost the game. So exactly how great was her strategy if everyone in the jury house is pissed off at her?

      • Unfortunately, every time we see someone new enter the jury house they all start slobbering all over themselves about what a good game Vanessa is playing (and Shelli was the first jury member to state that). And they are also aware she’s had a hand in every eviction. Becky’s even said Vanessa deserves to win, and I think Meg may have said it, too. We can only hope under all that hype does, indeed, lie the vindictiveness you’re hoping for. I hope it’s there, but from what we’ve been shown, it concerns me. But I do agree with you that there is not a single person still in the house that Vanessa can take to the final 2 that will ensure her win.

      • It sounds like you’re saying all of the juror’s are catty crybabies who’ll act like teenagers at the end. And while I think this group of jurors is about as close to that description as you can get I don’t think we give enough credit to them when we do that. I’m sure there’s a specific cast/year where people will be able to isolate a specific example to prove their point about jurors voting out of emotion instead of for game play but in a universe where Rachel Reilly wins by vote when she’s one of the most despised/irritating players in BB-History, I think jurors vote a lot more fairly than we give them credit for. They breathe, are counseled by former players to respect/reward the best player and usually go that way. (Of course THIS year will probably be the year I’m proven wrong.)

      • You need to stop. No one agrees with you. Vanessa was an annoying cry baby and she played a very disrespectful and intolerant game that made her highly unlikable. I don’t know why you try to argue with people that clearly have a different opinion than you and with whom i agree with. We are not going to change your mind and your not going to change ours so give it up.

      • Um,because I have an opinion…just like they do. Just like you have an opinion,and I didn’t tell you not to voice it. So don’t tell me what I should do,because you’re doing, in your definition, the same thing you’re saying I am. So that also makes you a hypocrite. Just because you voice the opinion of some people on this site,you don’t speak for everyone. And some ppl agree with me and not with you. I don’t prefer Vanessa,but some people do. That doesn’t make your opinion more valid. I’m simply saying I don’t respect Jmac winning over James. And you chimed in like a day later,so start an active conversation. Don’t chime in on an old one. Thanks.

      • I’m not sure “everyone knows the vote for favorite is about the money.” I vote for my favorite player each week based on game play, and the money aspect of the game has nothing to do with it. “Who deserves the money” would be an entirely different poll.

      • Hiding in a closet and jumping out is entertaining? Come on James was like a two year old. Now Johnny is awesome and I hope he gets the cash.

      • America’s Favorite Player is the one who America LIKES to watch. Not who needs the money most, or who we think made big moves or played the best game. If you think Steve is entertaining or that Vanessa is, I respectfully disagree. That is your opinion. Numbers don’t lie– people LIKE JMac which is why he’s a ringer for this prize.

      • And I respectfully disagree. AFP was built for the consolation prize. And I don’t think that Jmac,however quirky his laugh or frequent his DR quips are..deserves it. He was a floater that made no impact full moves besides being a vote. People like Zingbot,but he shouldn’t be AFP. By this theory,someone that comes in the game and is funny deserves to win money. No,the game is BB and it defeats the point of the series. It’s entertainment in the game,I don’t think either is as comical in the DR room. But I do think each provided a game,to well the game. Steve less than Vanessa,but atleast he’s a floater that did..something. Just because Kevin Hart comes on the show and makes it,and is eliminated would he deserve to be a winner if AMerica voted him? No. It should be towards the game players…and sorry Jmac didn’t really do it

      • I have to agree that James by far has been the most entertaining. But he is now in the jury house. Out of sight of of mind.

    • Who made you the authority on what constitutes a favorite? I think favorite means the most liked. Johnny Mac is by far the most liked Houseguest of the summer, maybe even of the past few years. Sorry, but nowhere in the guidelines for choosing a favorite is “made moves you remember.”

      • No one made you the authority with what you think,either. And the conversation was hours ago,your post has been said…but better. Even though still wrong. Next time,join the chat in progress…otherwise who cares? I’m trying to get organized for work and I get this email? Go away!

    • James deserves it less because he played a pretty dumb game if it all and the fact he lasted as long as he did is more a matter of luck than anything else. He was more interested in playing his silly pranks than concentrating on the game. I guess that is why he is the favorite of some. Johnny Mac is atleast, more genuine and he has my vote for AFP. I hope he wins it as well as make it to Final 2 and he would deserve it because he played as best as he could without any allies practically in the Big Brother House.

    • He deserves it because he hasn’t acted like an a$$hole this whole season. He has played using his brains not his emotions. I don’t consider 2 people wallowing around in bed humping each other entertainment, I don’t consider watching somebody eat all the time, pot ball, sling band, pacing the floor as entertainment, and all Vanessa does is strategize and cry fake tears. The entertainment is watching in disbelief how stupid and boring these people actually are. It’s like a soap opera, you tune in, annoying as it is, to see if these people will actually get a clue and it never happens.

    • Fairly new to posting, so forgive any etiquette errors….But I agree with the thought that JMAC doesn’t deserve fan fav…I will disagree that he is funny,…I find him about as funny as Steve!! But he is in a very small pool of people to choose from…This my opinion..has NOT been a good year…and I for one am sick of staying up till 2AM EST to watch them play popball..jeesh!! .lol..

    • I agree. Vanessa has played a fantastic game!! What has happened to the fans of this show all of a sudden? For me, this was one of the best seasons and I have been watching since the first season. Johnny Mac has NOT played a good game! You might like him and think he’s funny, but not the best player. It seems we are seeing the same thing happening with politics.

  2. James is in jury for a reason. He was a horrible player. Every instinct he had was wrong. Making big moves with no idea how to cover your ass after is not impressive. John has played a great game. He’s funny and likable. Easy vote in my opinion

    • Hard to make big moves when you don’t have a very large alliance…but I give him credit for trying!

    • He made moves,but due to the stupidity or fear of his HG no one was bold enough to make independent decisions. Lets be honest,the other players didnt get far. JMac did not play a great game,he just floated. He spent his time just agreeing to whomever came and threatened him,then making a witty quip in the DR. I like him more than the rest of the current HG…but lets not lie and say he’s playing some great game. If he had decent competitors,he would’ve been in the JH. However he won,and came back in the house. But he’s contributed nothing but interesting quips and another person to be bullied by Vanessa.

      • Since when did floating become such a bad thing? It shows a lack of game knowledge and understanding when people criticize floating as a strategy. He’s not a Victoria style floater. Not by any stretch of the imagination. Look at all the people who played this game hard. Aside from Vanessa, they’re all gone! And Vanessa has played pretty well, but has also made many mistakes. Luckily for her she is a master manipulator and has used that skill to cover her mistakes. Still she has put herself in a position where she has to win the next veto and has to win the final comp, or else she’s toast. She’s likely the next one evicted after Steve/Austin. If she wins veto, no one is taking her to final two so she needs to win that comp as well. Johnny has set himself up in a much better position. You guys just want people to make big moves and entertain you. You don’t really understand how the game is played. Also, I don’t hold him getting evicted against him because he fought his way back in. If the HG’s didn’t already know the returning juror twist, things would have gone very differently. Also, James and his dimwitted sidekick Meg kept Vanessa safe, for what? Then, after she picks em off one by one, they say they don’t regret it? Meg was the worst player of the season and James was up there with her. It is his fault for the alliance he chose. Just admit it, he wasn’t very good. Whenever John’s back was against the wall, he played his heart out. And that’s what BB is all about

      • I would’ve respected you more,if you had posted what he posted…and not have co-signed. But figures you fancy JMAC as he’s the same way,a floater tagging the power players ;-)

      • Maybe you need to go back and read my posts. Did you ever hear of agreeing with someone? And I could care less if you respect me. Do you think I will lose sleep over it. Have a drink or take a pill.

      • Agreeing and tagging along is different. You agree with him in our every conversation. Point taken the first time. It’s you that needs to start your own debate with someone,and stop chirping in. If you have an opinion about my post,I simply meant I’d respect you more if you commented toward me. Not someone else debating me. I do think you’ll lose sleep,because my posts seem to impact you. Which is even sadder. I don’t take pills unless I’m sick,and I’m an occasional social drinker. Is this your way of finding out more about me? Because if so,I’ll pass.

      • I guess you can’t read. What the hell do you think I’ve been doing? I have been making my own comments. If I wasn’t why are you replying to me? I’m done with you. When you can have an intelligent debate without acting like a smart ass. Let me know. Bye

      • You only started posting original thoughts,when I forced you to be independent. And I was having a healthy debate,several times…until you interrupted. You and I can’t debate,we can only argue. You lack facts.

      • That’s exactly what James did,except he actually made moves. Bold moves aren’t for just entertainment,it’s because a decision has to be made..this isn’t a meet n greet show. If this season actually had a cast that was worth something,he would’ve had movement. Even JMAC supported James until Vanessa came in and put the brakes on him. Everyone played their hearts out,why is JMAC an exception? Floating is not a bad thing,if you ride it to a point and then make moves. JMAC hasn’t done that at all,and no one respect a solid floater. Though funny,that’s not the point of this game. It’s about strategy. JMAC has no strategy,he also shouldve been out the door if it wasn’t for the weak competition
        had to go against in JH. And James did have a stupid side kick,who messed up some of his moves. Just like JMAC has a stupid sidekick in Steve. Who is purely there,as is JMAC because of Vanessa’s paranoia of having options. When she decides she doesn’t need them,they’re exactly what they are floaters to be kicked to the side

      • It’s per votes,not per strategy. Even strong players get caught sometimes,especially when you have a house full of scary players. I agree with this season,when they said they made a mistake with casting. And JMAC would’ve been in the JH as well,before James,if he didn’t have to go against weaker players in the JH competition.

      • How are the girls in the jury weak players?? All of the jury members outlasted all of the HGs (excluding Vanessa) in that competition. It only proved that they were stronger players compared to who was left in the house.

      • Just cause it works for you,doesn’t mean I have to..and how many times will you post and edit or delete. I don’t even know if i should respond. You can’t even stand by your original comments. How can I take you seriously? You really are an idiot. Don’t even believe in yourself…(smh)

      • Wait fill me in. Because this Boss idiot was accusing me of using different user names to comment. Is that what he’s doing? what a jackass.

      • Probably you signing in under another name. And I’d rather be a smart ass than a bandwagoner. No one respects the “chirper”

      • You got it! I’m sneaking a device into the Jury House. Sneaking on it to a select site to post. Mystery solved…I knew you were smart! BJ is the name of a winner!

      • Hey,hey, hey! no need to be making personal attacks. We get to disagree. That’s the point of being here.

      • Oh stop it,we’ve been back in forth for hours. Dirt has been thrown both ways,stay neutral or stay out of it. Nothing serious,we still go back to work and families afterwords. It’s wordplay. Some people have it,some can’t keep up.

      • No just a smart person that enjoys the game Johnny is playing and happy James is camping with Meg in the jury house.

      • Lol and funny thing is he only made A move, not moves. His first HoH was whatever since it was the first of the season and his second was his only “big move”. Don’t you just love how people talk James up like he was the greatest player LOL!!!

      • JMac isn’t a floater if he has won just as many comps as Vanessa. He may not have won an HOH, but so what, he’s won comps that counted. He’s come back in the house and he’s pulled himself off the block. Floaters don’t win comps.

      • Too many people think Victoria when they hear floater, but playing a real floaters game is actually quite tricky. We need a new term for the strategy. Last year I took to calling Victoria a drag-ee, she was being dragged along to the end.

      • If James and Meg hadn’t flipped on Becky when Becky had Vanessa on the block, the power in the house would have been completely in their favor. That single mistake is why they’re all sitting in the jury house.

      • Exactly. And in the process too, James, Jackie and Meg blew up their games but, also, the games of Becky and Johnny Mac. Good for the 2nd chance that Johnny Mac won the right to be back. Atleast, now he can try to win it!

      • I’m always a little torn on the whole “floating” thing. Is it always a strategy, or just a fake reason given later in the game to make an excuse for lack of game play?

      • The occasional person has it as a good strategy and it can work well. Most people just claim it after doing nothing.

    • exactly! and JMac is in final 4 for a reason, he played just right [won] when he needed to while NOT needing a big alliance, and he is so funny!

      • First,I just told you that same quip in one of your several replies to my posts. Second,I’m pretty sure you created another sign in to bother me. Third,everytime you respond to my post it interrupts my conversation

      • Sorry I’m not two like you. I don’t need to create another users name to comment. That’s what two year olds like you do. I’ve been posting on this site for quite a few years. When you grow up come back. Bye

      • Or you can explore the world,and get out of your cage. Anyways that’ll be enough,I have a life to get back to,unlike OTHERS. Ciao.

  3. I’d like to see a poll with the remaining house guests and a throwaway option for the fish. Just to see how many votes the fish get.

  4. JMac played a great game. No lying, no manipulating people, won when he had to and was friends with everyone. He also said very little but he knows the game. JMac for the win……….

    • Americas favorite is not necessarily who played a great game. That is what first and second place are for. It is for whose more like able. For me that is James. But with less screen time, out of sight out of mind. For me, Jmac is deserving as we’ll (and not for his game play but rather his like ability).

      • This I agree with,my reasoning is James played a great game and was entertaining. The theme is BB. Anyone can be witty in the DR but he wasn’t effective in the game. This is why I can’t respect him winning AFB. I don’t dislike JMAC. He’s funny..but again they all are funny sometimes. The Twins with the ditziness. Austin with the sarcasm. James with his peek-a-boos. And Jason with everything!

      • And yes,that time he fought his way back in over 3 other players who wanted back in just as much as he did.

      • You mean that time he got himself back in and stayed in, something no other player in the history of BB has done?

  5. C’mon Lesbians, get out the vote for V.

    Hey, she’d probably agree since she’s always playing the “Gay CARD” (pun intended).

    • Hey, why not. She could get first place, AFP and bully second place into agreeing to give her half of their winnings. Hey, those beanies don’t pay for themselves. And I’m sure Mel is expecting something nice.

      The girls got BILLS

    • I don’t think of Vanessa as lesbian, straight or any other sexual label. That’s her business; however, I do identify with her as Empress of the Bullies, Manipulators, and Straight-Faced Liars. I couldn’t imagine being in a relationship with her – she’d convince you that everything that went wrong was your fault, you’d end up constantly apologizing to her, and probably believe the sky was green and the grass was blue. She has the potential to be truly evil.

      • Do NOT call her a bully. Those that call others bullies are the true bullies themselves. Plus, someone who was bullied for all 24 years of his life…from birth to right now…I know what a bully is. Vanessa isn’t that. So, get your head out of your butt.

    • What’s L got to do, got to do with it?
      If we really go there, how about Vampire Dentist?
      Gay lovers with Clay Bae and now in a non-kissing showmance with Lil Stevie!

  6. Going to be JAmes for me. I guess I am going on personality. I found James to be overall a kind person (in comparison to some of the others) and very entertaining. I found myself looking forward to seeing James to balance out the nastiness of the Austwins and the mean, paranoid Vanessa.

    • I think Johnny deserves AFP and think he will get it at the end….James was a clown with his childish hiding in closets and getting in bed with the girls. It was too over the top. Johnny was silly too but in a nice manner. He was not devious at all. Plus James doesn’t keep his word which is a big character flaw.

      • Not many keep their word in this game. James behavior may have been childish, but with the group of misfits in the house, it was a distraction and provided light moments. I also found his “taking care” of Meg to be a kind gesture on his part, I found his actions there to be genuine.

      • If your looking for people to keep their word I don’t think Big Brother is a show you should be watching.

      • I like James and have no problems with the way he played the game. In fact, I think he probably made the only actual big move of the season when he went after Shelli and Clay. But I agree with you; the pranks got a little old after a while.

  7. “On the plus side, if you combined all three of their earned votes they’d get up to the Top 5, …”

    Come on, Matt … there’s nothing PLUS about that!

    “… though they’d still be behind Steve’s vote count.”

    Now you are trolling us, hahaha.

    • I proudly voted for Vanessa. She is awesome, and if you agree, you’re just utterly retarded and I don’t even know why you bother watching Big Brother. Why not go watch Dora The Explorer instead? A lot more sunshine and happiness and rainbows and goody-goody events in that!

  8. I will give all my AFP votes who whoever is responsible for evicting Vanessa. I am so tired of that sick, narcissistic crybaby.

    • Because you’re a freaking perfect ray of sunshine and a shining example of greatness in every possible way, right? And you have no flaws at all or any point in time had emotional moments? Grow up, you bullying piece of garbage. Leave Vanessa alone.

  9. Ok JMac threw comps had 2 chances & failed he has money doesn’t need it & an annoying laugh.James when he won HOH he made moves he was loyal & funny. He has a kid & is a vet. Now James is someone I will vote for.

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