Big Brother 17: How Much Longer Will Vanessa Last?

From outside the Big Brother 17 house looking in it seems like Vanessa Rousso has to be about to run out of time in the Big Brother house, but there are a few things going on that may keep her around longer than you think. Or hope.

Don't look now, but Vanessa Rousso might be here awhile
Don’t look now, but Vanessa Rousso might be here awhile – Source: CBS All Access

Last week Becky Burgess took a big swing at Vanessa with her nominations and targeting, but when that didn’t work out she knocked a huge hole in the bottom of the S.S. Vanessa. Now it’s all about timing.

I know a lot of Big Brother fans are hoping for Vanessa to be evicted in a Backdoor scenario this week, but I promise you that isn’t going to happen. Her paranoia would have to crank up to 11 and cause serious concerns for Austin and the twins for there to be any movement on the front. Even if she caused that much trouble the Austwins would have to take a serious detour from their current plan.

After everything they learned from Becky and how Vanessa has shifted around the house this season and then combined that with John’s reveal of her latest fake outrage they have agreed to help her out the door. But don’t expect the Austwins to be the ones to do it.

By letting Vanessa survive this week the Austwins have a house wide target that isn’t them. Next week whoever gets power will be going after Vanessa instead. Of course there’s a risk of Vanessa escaping danger and them becoming plan B, but it’s not the worst idea for their game if they don’t.

What if Vanessa gets HoH as Big Brother luck would make us anticipate? Then the Austwins are again safe for an extra week. That’s why they’re playing nice and happy with Vanessa despite being on to her. Vanessa would go after Johnny Mac next week or take a Goblin out as her plan B. Again, not a bad deal for Austin and the twins.

But say Vanessa doesn’t get HoH next week. Is she a done deal then? Maybe not.

If Julia or Austin get HoH do we think next week would be handled any differently than this one? Doubtful. They’ll just let JMac go or maybe a Goblin. There’d still be no reason to take out such an erratic and potentially bitter Houseguest themselves.

Okay, but what if it’s JMac or a Goblin? And here I’m assuming Becky is evicted this week as planned, but if not then swap her out for John. Either of these situations would put the target back on Vanessa and I imagine she’d go then, except for another argument: returning Juror.

I can hear it now: if we wait one more week to send Vanessa to Jury then maybe she won’t have a chance to come back. Julie told them a Juror could return and they’ll likely expect it to include the first four Jurors since that’s usually the pool size on these opportunities. That might be enough to get them to delay her eviction.

This could go on for a few weeks, especially if you flip the order of them first delaying it due to the returning Juror and then the Austwins win HoH the following week. Soon we’ll get close enough to the end that someone will decide she’s as good as a Meg to be sitting next to in the F2 because not enough players would vote for her. Not saying that’s true, but it won’t surprise me to hear it said.

Sure, Vanessa could go next week, but I see a lot of paths that keep her around for weeks to come.


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  1. If Vanessa were to get to F2, most of us would think she deserved to win, but for the people in the house, she is probably viewed as the perfect goat to take to the end who people won’t vote for. I could see her hanging around for a while, no one is really buying her stories now, even Steve.

  2. James mentioned that if he were a live feeder, he’d cancel his subscription because it’s boring in the BB house! hahaha

  3. She remind me a lot of Amanda who was bullying everybody and they got her out on day 77 (F6 I think). When someone come back, unless she win HoH and Veto, she will be out before F5. My guess.

    • Hi Captain you and I usually agree. But I don’t see Van like Amanda. Amanda was always (and still is) the bully in every aspect. Not to mention gross. Vanessa, I feel is just playing the game. I don’t think she is like this in real world. Aren’t poker players quiet?

      • She is not exactly the same, but in the way she manage to bully everybody last week, she is similar. And not everybody is afraid to put her on the block, just like what happened with Amanda. Autwins wants her out but don’t want to do it themselves.

      • Now I understand your views. I like Vanessa. I could not stand Amanda. It was not even how she played, it was her. The similarities they share is people realize too late they should have gotten Vanessa (Amanda) out. Do you think Vanessa is playing the game?

      • Oh of course, she is a master manipulator. She’s playing the game allright, just a bit too hard. Just my take on it.

      • You’re the floater on this board. Constantly commenting on everything with your negative viewpoint, yet not contributing anything to the conversation. Exactly what the floaters in the house do.

      • Look there is no action from Johnny or Steve nor Becky making so easy for Vanessa to do what ever they want I’m glade Jacky is gone bring back shelling

      • Vanessa is a joke she hasn’t played poker in two years yet these people in the house are stupid an don’t care if they even win just a vacation for most

      • This is the worst season of big brother I ever seen I have watch every big brother stopped watching too boring bad game play all around

      • The difference between Vanessa and the great game players in BB (Will, Dan, Derrick etc.) is that those guys only lied to the other house guests whereas Vanessa lies to the house guests and lies to herself. She truly believes she is a victim and her word really is good which are both the farthest things from the truth. I truly believe she is a lunatic in real life

    • If you call what Vanessa does bullying, then perhaps you don’t know what bullying is.
      Vanessa is one of the calmest bullies ever. (This is sarcasm, don’t twist it.)
      Becky made it seem like Vanessa held her down when it came to the 8-person alliance and Vanessa was POINTING at people. When they replayed that scene back in thursday’s eviction episode, Vanessa was not as demanding as Becky demonstrated her being.
      Vanessa is NOT a bully! But heck yeah, she is a liar and a master manipulator and I LOVE IT! She’s playing the game!

      • Light bullying…hmmm….she’s not a bully whatsoever.
        She didn’t twist any arms to stay over Shelli. All she did was plant seeds of doubt into the impressionable mind of James. After that, James and his Goblins did all the work to keep Vanessa in the house. She was just the catalyst. When James hears something, he thinks about it hard. It’s easy to convince James. I hardly call that twisting an arm. Vanessa didn’t hold a gun to their heads.

      • Of course, a gun wouldn’t qualify as LIGHT bullying. She did twist some arms. My take on it.

      • Well, your take is wrong. “I’m right. You’re wrong. And there’s nothing you can do about it.”

        Kudos to you if you know where that quote came from.
        (I’m serious though. LOL)

      • It’s a mid-90s movie about a mistreated little girl with telekinetic powers…it’s a great movie.

      • When I hear the phrase “twist some arms,” to me that suggests that one is ‘forcing’ another to do their dirty work, hence the word “twist.’ When you take that phrase literally, twisting someone’s arm is very painful. Now applying the phrase figuratively suggests that it is with great pain that one does someone else’s dirty work. They don’t want to do it, but they have to. THAT is not what happened in this case. James did all the twisting himself because he thought Shelli was coming after him, which I think definitely would’ve happened had she stayed.

        I know you’re over it, but I like getting my point across.

      • Twisting arm, as an expression, doesn’t mean pain involved. As an expression it mean convincing them to do something they didn’t intended to do in the 1st place.

      • That is why I used the words literally and figuratively. I know the expression doesn’t mean pain involved.
        To me it means pressuring someone until they agree to do what you want. Again, they don’t want to do it, but they feel they have to.
        Vanessa didn’t twist any arms. She brought some information to James in hopes that he would somehow see the light. It was his choice to do with that information what he was going to do.

      • As I said, you have been cheerleading her for reasons, believe me, we can figure it out!

      • I’m cheerleading for her because she’s an awesome player. Once I have a favorite, I’m committed. I knew she was one to watch from the moment I saw her audition package on the 2nd episode.

      • Captain, when you say last week, do you refer to when she was on the block. Or when Sheli and Clay were on the block?

      • Of course there is. I’m not stupid. I actually DID see that 5 minute conversation between Vanessa and Becky before Becky walked away from Vanessa. I also saw the 8-person alliance planning. I watch the Live Feeds too.
        Becky STILL made it seem like Vanessa demanded her word.

      • Apparently you are one of her, uh huh, crowd, fam., friends or friend of friend. I found little or nothing of anyone who liked V or her stupid theories and decision. Especially her fake tears, she likes the attention and thinks she is a smart diqueen! Another Andy, Amanda & Frankie! Liars with a bullying mean streak.

    • The fact that you used that word, “bullying”, lets me know you dont trust her. How could you…?

  4. I agree….and as much as the “outsiders” are wanting her out….she still is playing one heck of a game….she preys on the weak and butters up to the strong….girl is smart…first day I was rooting for James or her….she kinda lost me for a while, but I think this paranoia is all an act…she throws stuff out there and hopes some of it will stick…and stick it does!… James is just not a strong enough player to pull this off….would love to see Jackie come back and would love Jackie and Vanessa as the final 2! Although, Becky sitting next to Vanessa in the final two would be great. Her speech wouldn’t be very long. “It is between me and Vanessa, and the only reason it is not one of you sitting beside me is because you did not follow my plan to evict her.”

  5. If Van goes home this week, production will have to send someone into the house to explain to the rest how to play the game.

  6. Totally agree with some of the posts below,yes Vanessa is a train wreck but she is playing the game,the others are just sitting around waiting for something to happen,sure way to lose on or lose Vanessa has been playing the game since day one,for most part the others have been eating or putting on lipstick.

    • Doesn’t matter…Vanessa also was one of the head dummies who decided it was a great idea to knowingly let Twins connected at the brain into the house. Now, with Austin, they are unbreakably aligned. Nice going, genius Vanessa.

    • She is playing the game. I know I am in the minority, but I do hope Vanessa wins the whole thing. I have always believed, the one who goes out and wins comps, can manipulate, and be in a alliance, are the ones who wins the games. Unfortunately, back stabbing is part of big brother. I just wish she would settle down and chill. Remember when Van was quiet the first week? I think we all miss that.

      • Well, I’m in the minority too. I so badly want Vanessa to win. I was intrigued by her RIGHT from the beginning. She was my favorite right from the beginning. I just knew she was going to be one to watch, and she hasn’t disappointed. I’m loving Vanessa! She’s the only one I’m really rooting for. Vanessa FTW!

      • Seriously? You just read my mind. I thought about putting that into my previous post, about wanting Shelli to come back, but I thought it would take away from the Vanessa praise to include that at the end.
        I wanted to put “If Shelli comes back, I’ll also be rooting for her. She’s my second fave.”

      • They are the only two who are really playing the game. The rest besides Meg THINK they are playing the game. Meg is just having fun, vote for who she is told to vote for. She then has the audacity to tell James she would be happy F2. OMG!

      • I liked her up until two weeks ago when she threw Shelli and Clay under the bus. I wanted Shelli to throw her under the bus but she wouldn’t she stayed loyal to her.

      • The Vanessa haters need to come to face with real facts,this season would be a total snooze fest without her,she is the show period,sorry but the others are dull as toothpaste.For me not about who I like but who I admire for their survivor skills on BB and Vanessa is a survivor.

  7. Not so sure they’d go with that “no one would vote for her” logic – unless it is an Austwin, of course. Because if Vanessa gets to the end? She wins.

  8. Lets hope Vanessa gets knocked off her pedastal sooner rather than later. But i wouldn’t mind one of the twins going first!

  9. James winning HOH will change things a bit. I have no hope for Meg, but whoever wins should think clearly and somehow realize that Vanessa is working with Austin, the twins and Steve. Putting her against LIz is still the best thing for them if they want her out. No way is Austin and Julia keeping her if they do. I doubt John will put up Vanessa, he seems to talk too much, but no action.

  10. Well that scenario just depressed me. If Vanessa makes to f2 I think they’ll give her the win. Grudgingly maybe, but never the less they’ll give it.

    • And, to that I’d say. “YAY! She deserves the win more than anyone else!”
      I love Vanessa!

  11. Vanessa doesn’t seem to know when to just shut up. She is HOH room telling twittwins that “Becky still hasn’t explained herself to me” and “Meg won’t talk game with me.” SHe continues on saying she has been working with the twins since week 2 and then tells them all the things she has helped with. I think she is believing all her own lies.

  12. The next hoh (currently) is between 3 people.
    James meg and Vanessa
    Steve and JM are throwing it because they don’t want to chose sides as they are in the middle.
    Austwins don’t want to win because they want Vanessa gone but will not nom her themeslves
    So I see Vanessa winning and nominating James and JM then evicting JM.

    Its amazing that we have gotten 2 great players Derrick and Vanessa in back to back seasons loving it.

    • I wonder if they will hold to their decision to throw it. We’ve got several more days to go, and they may just change their minds before then. I sure hope so. Stupid to throw it at this point in the game.

    • I don’t get all the praise for Vanessa She’s like super paranoid,and she has a season full of crazy outsiders. I wouldn’t shocked if you told me any of the guys this season were stalkers are committed crimes. Lol. They just all seem like very NON social people. And some not the smartest…Vanessa seems slightly unstable. I feel at first she was playing the game. Now she’s kinda lost control

    • Two players with totally different approaches,he was the guy behind the curtain pulling the strings while Vanessa is out in the open waging arm to arm combat,both quite the contrast but both fun to watch.

  13. I want her to win! Vanessa haters are so lame. You can’t get mad at the girl for playing the game. You are supposed to lie and break deals. That’s how the game works. Yes, her shtick is saying that she’s this loyal, honest person and she wants everyone’s word and she’ll give hers, but it’s the game to break your loyalty, your honesty and your word. All the past winners of the season have lied to get to the top as well. THAT IS HOW YOU PLAY THE GAME!

    • Yeah but making up things about people is slanderous at best. Demanding people to vote the way you want is Bullying Other than that and a few other things, yeah she is a great player (eyes rolling).

      • No, it is not. The houseguests all know that it is a game. People make up stuff to get themselves ahead. BB didn’t say that was wrong.
        When James was HOH, he wanted people to vote the way he wanted. When Becky was HOH, she wanted people to vote the way she wanted them to in order to get Vanessa out.
        Vanessa doesn’t demand people to vote the way she wants. That’s ridiculous. In the end, if those other houseguests vote in favor of Vanessa’s wants, then they are cowards and shows that she has power over them, thus demonstrating her ability to play the game.
        Yeah, she’s made some mistakes. I think she needs to calm down and stop thinking about game all day every day.

      • I mean that he EXPECTED them to simply because he had the HOH power. I know they didn’t. I was just trying to make a point. If people decided to vote in favor of Vanessa that doesn’t mean that result was because of her demanding it from them

      • Yes it was every time Vanessa opens her mouth an crying they vote the other way this show is so boring

      • Yes, she has demanded it almost everytime. She even got pissed off when there were some hinky votes (from her group no less), she was crying about who would lie to her and the whole time she would lie to everyone else, I don’t get her logic.

      • No she didn’t. They didn’t have to listen to her. And I don’t think they voted the way they did simply because Vanessa told them to. In the end, they are looking out for their games only.

      • REALLY, how many people did Vanessa want out vs how many went then? I would say she has had 95% if not 100% control on who went out the front door. Even when James wanted Shelli out during his HOH, Shelli was on her way out the door until Vanessa stepped in.

      • What game are you watching? She constantly says who needs to go and they vote her way because they see her as queen ber

      • What game are you watching? She constantly says who needs to go and they vote her way because they see her as queen bee

      • I had to down vote you on that one. When a player is in the face of several people pointing a finger asking who they will vote for is bullying. Making up things to the point of calling someone a gay lover (who by the way are not) is slanderous. How would feel if someone called you and someone you talked too gay lovers?

        Now lying is part of the game and lying to get ahead and stay off the block is acceptable Lying to degrade an person is bullying and or slanderous. Now you seem to root for Vanessa and to each their own I say. Some people on here don’t like James but I have been cheering him from the beginning and I know there will come a time when he may have to leave but I am not gonna go and cry about it.

    • Yep you made a good point she is playing a good game and the feeds will be boring without her but I still don’t like her kind of game play. But that’s just my opinion. I like Shelli and hope she gets back in the game but a lot of people don’t like her either which is their right. Doesn’t mean they’re lame it just means they have a different opinion.

  14. You know you’re hooked on Big Brother when you find yourself ‘getting ready’ for the next episode to air.
    You may also know you’re hooked when you’re mourning the day the last episode of Big Brother 17 will air…WHILE the season is still going on.

  15. Two points:
    -Maybe is a good idea have Vanessa in the show a couple of weeks a evict her after one of the jury members return to the game.
    -Or one smart player (Becky, Shelli [if she come back], JMac), could take her to the F2 for beat she in the end. I don’t know.

    • It couldn’t be those three, even if Shelli did come back, unless Becky or JMac is pulled from the block. And I don’t see that happening. One of them is going home. I’m hoping it’s not JMac

      • I don’t like the idea that some of them (Becky & John), go home this week, but I really hope that some of them can come back to the house.

      • I know everyone is waiting so that she cannot come back from jury house but this could prove fatal for someone’s game

  16. Big Brother’s episode tonight is late because of that darn 60 minutes! Nobody wants to watch that.

    • Where is it? Sorry if I’m being dumb. Usually don’t join in because I get West Coast feed and it’s all over with you guys by then.

      • Found it- I was having a dumb blonde moment – always expect it to be the top thread. P.S. does anyone else think that photo of Vanessa looks like a morph of her and one of the twins?

  17. I wan that twins to evict her. The irony! It was Vanessa who wanted to protect Liz so Julia could come in to join their alliance. One of the dumb moves she made. Going back on the Austin BD plan was also a dumb move. Vanessa has the HGs running around in circles but she has made a couple of huge mistakes in this game and there is still time.

  18. I can’t stand Vennesa she’s so dumb and always has that pathetic look on her face

  19. The truth of the matter Vanessa is the show,BB revolves around her and whether she is liked or not misses the point,this show would have been one boring sleepover without her,Jason provided the laughs but she brings the needed drama and chaos a show like this thrives on. Zack provided both last season and in doing so stole the season in my book and now Vanessa’s turn.

      • Don’t see that way and even after he admitted as much,said that he was just there having a good time but should have been forming better alliances instead,in other words got distracted and forgot to play the game and by doing so got BD.

  20. I don’t care what the strategy is. All she does is whine and cry. I can’t stand it. She needs to go!

  21. They all need to sleep with one eye open and the other one on Steve,the only other person who to talked to themselves as much was “Son of Sam”,just saying…they do realize America is watching or do they?..the “scampers” and that little dance,what in the world was that about?..did that same dance at a daycare center but was 4 at the time.

  22. Lot of the contestants this summer seem like fish floundering on the beach,flop around a lot but never able to find the water.

  23. Vanessa survived DE night when she was the target going in and will still be here after this week to fight another day and if she becomes HOH next week will only enhances her long term prospects even more.

  24. Has anyone actually told her to piped down? Is she on any medication? For me, I take a Medicare that makes me ramble. I really don’t realize it till I leave the person who I was talking to. I say Dam! How stupid I was sometimes it is uncontrollable.

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