Big Brother 17: Vanessa Exposed After Taking On Johnny Mac

Vanessa might have have finally played too hard one too many times after she tried to take on Johnny Mac and smear him in the house. Unfortunately for Vanessa, the house was already on to her.

Vanessa is shocked, shocked! by your accusations.
Vanessa is shocked, shocked! by your accusations. – Source: CBS All Access

Thanks to information revealed by Becky the night before, the Austwins have been suspicious of Vanessa so when she came to them with tales of a “raging” Johnny Mac the pieces came together again.

To kick this party off you’ll need to rewind to 1:06PM BBT 8/14 Cams 3/4 as Vanessa talks with Johnny Mac about the upcoming nominations. Talk turns to how John says he knew what was going on last week with him being a pawn alongside Shelli because she told him. Vanessa doesn’t like that.

There’s a series of back and forth as Vanessa insists John’s memory is faulty and she didn’t tell him. John says he heard her tell Chelli about the 8-HG alliance. Vanessa says she never told them and he’s lying. John says okay, but he heard her and it’s in his brain.

Vanessa leaves the Have-Not room. John jokingly asks “wheeeerrrreee ya going?” He decides he should follow her. It’s a good idea.

Vanessa grabs Steve and pulls him in the Lounge. She immediately goes on the offensive telling Steve he has one opportunity to tell her the truth. Vanessa wants to know if Steve told John. He denies. John opens the door and walks right in. “Hello! How’s it going? What are we doing?” asks John in an overly friendly tone. Flashback to 1:29PM BBT to watch. Later Vanessa will lie about that in her retells.

Vanessa starts digging in to John about what he’s been saying. He insists it’s not a big deal, but she thinks it is. Steve asks if he can leave. “No,” replies Vanessa who then returns her focus to grilling John. After a few Steve gets out of the room and John almost escapes when Vanessa says she wants to talk. John shuffles back to the couch and slumps down.

It’s a lot to listen to, but John is quietly slouched on the couch listening to Vanessa do her rapid speech spiel. John tells her he felt bullied when she aggressively went after him just before Clay’s eviction. She denies any such thing. This was when she publicly accused him in a grandstanding fashion then said he was either related to Clay or his gay lover. You know, keeping it classy and all.

Finally John tells Vanessa that he doesn’t like it when she cries and yells at people. In this case it was him on the receiving end of that, John tells her. As we’ve heard John tell others, that’s the kiss of death for Vanessa’s targets. Vanessa says she’s sorry he feels that way and walks out. Feeds cut for the nominations, but the Vanessa adventure hasn’t stopped.


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  1. Did John just pull a Dan Gheesling?
    I’m serious he revealed everything about Vanessa like what Dan did with Ian and Britney.

    • He and Becky spilled everything on Vanessa, that was sweet.

      But while I love them they’re definitely not Dan Gheesling tho, that’s giving them a little too much credit

      • I think Dan Gheesling gets a little too much adoration, also. He’s no Dr. Will. He gets love because he’s more recent in people’s minds, just like someone saying a current athlete is the best, because they know zippo about player from the 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, etc.

      • As much as I loved Dr. Will, I think Dan is at least equal to him, if not better. Think about the moves Will actually made in BB2. Not many. I will give him credit as an innovator but Dan’s BB10 was more impressive gameplay imo. Will’s BB7 game was overrated too. Anytime Chilltown was pleading their case to the HOH, it was Boogie doing all the talking. People give Will too much credit for his gameplay simply because he was really entertaining.

      • But what about Dr. Will ‘s BB2 gameplay? Above reproach. He was the evil Dr. that everyone loved to hate. He was the person that invented the BB alliance.He told people that he would vote out his grandmother for 500k and also that he would lie and cheat to win. Yet whenever he promised someone safety they fell for it hook line and sinker. He wasn’t a bully about it the way that Van is though. I’ve watched BB since the 1st season and I too believe that Dr. Will is the best BB player to date.

      • Ah ok. Dan is my fave Big Brother contestant that I’ve ever watched….because I haven’t watched every single season.

  2. Maybe the only way that JMac and Becky could survive this week is if Becky wins the next POV comp, take herself out of the block and Liz put Vanessa on the block.

  3. Come on Johnny Mac! I hope Vanessa gets what’s coming for her. Although I would miss all the drama she brings!

    • Things would really get cray cray in the BB house if production withheld Vanessa’s Adderall medication.

  4. I’m rooting for John to win veto today, I get this sneaking suspicion that if that happens, we’ll find Steve on the block and getting evicted. He’s the only one who hasn’t outright said that he’s against Vanessa, he’s starting to win comps and there won’t be any backlash at getting him out.

    They take out James, they know Meg will be mad (though it’s not like she can really do anything about it, but still, that’s a vote against them.) They take out Van, they’re sitting ducks next week. They take out John or Becky, if the other wins HOH, it virtually guarantees one from their group goes up next week with Vanessa.

    Steve is the best choice for what they’re trying to do this week as a renom… and I’m kind of hoping it happens.

    • Steve’s secret dealings with Van are something Austin knows about or at least strongly suspects. He may be her only real ally left in the house (unless the austwins play right now is a total hoax to fool the other side, which is doubtful – they aren’t that good).

      If the Austwins come to their senses, they’ll see that by taking out steve, they further weaken van for the “next week plan”. It will be easy to take him out if they choose. But it will be fun to watch van try to spin saving steve, which she will want to do.

      • I think Steve is the best replacement nom.
        He won’t be missed.
        He’s Vanessa’s ally.
        And Liz can get her hands clean (though I personally wouldn’t do that)

      • Yeah, I’m really tired of people being afraid to get blood on their hands. As far as that goes, James and Becky are the only HOHs who have really played the game so far.

      • But Liz won’t put him up. She was saying yesterday Steve is my little brother and she wants to protect him. But have to see what happens after POV. She doesn’t have much to pick from. I just hope JMac wins it.

      • I’ll reiterate, if this season has shown us anything, it’s that plans change. Liz says this now, but when her back is against the wall and she’s faced with the choice of going against her deal with a competitor like James or someone with no friends like Steve, I bet she picks the safer choice.

      • Once Liz finds out Steve prefers Vanessa to her I suspect Liz’s vanity will promptly cause her to change her mind about making Steve a replacement nominee.

      • Liz has,nothing to,worry about in those regards. While Liz isn’t the hottest in the world..Vanessa is butt ugly. She looks like the cartoon dog Droopy. No wonder she has went from having a bf/husband to being a guy wanted to be with that gross looking thing so she didn’t have a choice. She is so ugly I can’t even look at her…ugh!!

      • And you know that they’ll have James’ and Meg’s support since he just took out Jackie. They’d be stupid not to do it honestly, regardless of who wins veto.

    • They’ve already said they won’t put up Steve as a renom. If Becky and John both sneak through–which I hope happens, the only alternative is James. Meg is everybody’s No.2 at the end because she’ll beat nobody, so she stays to the end no matter what.

      • I know what they’re saying now, but if there’s anything this season has show us, it’s that plans change. Austin might be lovestruck, but he does have occasional logic strike him. I think they will find this as an option should the veto get used.

      • They know that would be riskier, you have to think about this from their perspective. They’re trying to ensure their safety as much as possible for next week if they don’t win. If Steve’s in the house next week, Becky and John are definitely not going after him. They will go after Vanessa.

      • Don’t get me wrong, I want Vanessa gone too. But it wouldn’t be the smartest move for their games at this moment.

      • Everybody keeps saying it wouldn’t be good for their game. If they don’t get rid of her now she’s going to be sitting in the final two. I think their best move would be backdoor Vanessa. They are working with Meg and James now so there are still 3 targets left.

      • I think they’re also scared what she might do if the house flips and she ends up staying again.

        I’m hoping they change their minds by Monday.

  5. I am excited that Vanessa is finally under the bus and getting driven over. This time it better be for good!!

      • It’s actually very easy. If any other person in the house wins the veto other than Vanessa(and maybe Steve)then she can be put up and sent home. Very easy but this season the HGs are stupid when it’s comes to that stuff

  6. I have the sneaky suspicion that Vanessa is this big of a liar and drama queen in the real world…John has her pegged and unlike all her other manic/depressed /paranoid episodes….she seems very focused and calculating mentally. Emotionally she’s unstable but now I believe much of it is an act….or at least cranked waaay up. I would be curious to hear from people outside of her family of course if this is is her typical behavior or not….

    • She is such a bully! “She immediately goes on the offensive telling Steve he has one opportunity to tell her the truth.” Steve asks to leave and Vanessa says NO. Holy crap. I would love to know what she is like in the real world, because she’s acting like the BB dictator in the house.

      • And Steve is such a wimp. Where are the people that wouldn’t stand for someone acting like that to them. If I was in the house,and she said that to me I would’ve been like f you…you aren’t telling me what to do and tell her she’s gone now for acting like a bully. James is the only one who wouldn’t have taken that crap. All these HAs are bunch of big pussywillows…where are the strong people

    • I checked most of her You Tube videos. She is no drama queen. She is always professional and hints she is a party girl first and foremost. She threw 300 person parties at her house so she could learn to be a DJ. Most of her You Tube is from before her husband died of cancer at age 52. IF she’s still grieving she shouldn’t be in this high pressure situation. Maybe BB should remove her

      • Totally agree w/last 2 sentences… her face tends to express she is in turmoil, she’s thinking 24/7 about the ‘game’ and that has put her over the edge.

        When she talks she’s going 90mph and when she’s not her mind must be going 120mph, IF SHE SLEEPS I’d bet she dreaming BigBrother. Going to the Jury House may be the best thing for her, if she gets away from the game but this would have to happen after the back-in-the-game twist.

      • It’s actually very simple…Vanessa is just a crazy,over emotional p.o.s of a human being who needs to just be put in a mental institution w Audrey so they can live out their days hating on men

      • That right there shows she has emotional issues…marrying someone who is way older than her shows her daddy issues and why she’s a man hating lesbian now. I never knew she was married to an old man but now it makes sense. And all season you could tell she was a man hating feminist which is apparently fine to everyone but if it was a woman hating man then everybody would be up in arms…today’s culture is so backward it’s pathetic. Women get back to taking care of the house and the kids so it frees up more jobs for men to have to provide for their family. I’m not being shovanistic I’m just saying that we didn’t have these problems we have today back when men we’re men and women were woman…not how it is today where men can’t be men and women treat men like crap and try to be men. If women were supposed to be men then nature would have made them exactly the same as men

      • Wait a minute… back during THE LITTLE RASCALS didn’t they have a ‘He-mans Woman Haters Club’? Just saying.

        Speaking of Vanessa I can understand WHY she married an older guy 1) money & inheritance 2) maybe daddy issues 3) she probably had been dumped younger guys she couldn’t control or dumped by who wouldn’t put up with her nutso ways… which accounts for her being a lesbian. You can bet she’s the ‘guy’ in that relationship. Don’t get me started on Audrey, what a mess.

      • Hey bgame… don’t hold back, let us know what you really think. LOL.

        Seems something hit a nerve… holy cow!!!

      • Vanessa is Gay folks she has a girlfriend and a professional poker player the dead husband thing is another story to make her interesting…

  7. If Becky or John win POV… Does the one that didn’t win still have a chance to stay? If the noms are the same is John in trouble or Becky?

    • Becky probably goes if noms stay the same. If veto is used, they’re saying James right now. But I think that’ll eventually flip to Steve.

      • Hopefully it does, I really dislike Steve for some reason, he started off with an awful social game and then he took out my girl Jackie (although I don’t blame him) and he’s Vanessa’s puppet. :P

      • I like Steve as a person, but he’s a coward. The fact that he asked Austin and Liz for permission to use the veto on his F2 is just pathetic. That’s when he lost me completely.

      • Stevie misses his mommy (as we have been told a number of times by his cam-chats). Maybe Vanessa is a mother figure to him. I wonder what his real-life mommy is really like …

      • His comment about needing his mother is all about game play. They have always watched it together according to an interview I saw with his mother.

      • We already agree on this one jake.

        But just to add further. Austwins do need to get their gameplan together. Van will likely see thru a steve re-nom as an attack on herself. What reasons can they give to take out steve that van will believe?

        Or they can go the route of “who cares, we are doing this”. But this likely also brings on the same drama that would come from just putting up van directly.

        Van is good – like her or hate her. There is gonna be fireworks when she goes. And stevie – her minion who took jackie out for her – will be by extension an ouster that will be accompanied by fireworks – although maybe less since she may consider steve expendable and not worth risking her game (which she has already done)

      • Van can’t whine and cry about it unless she wants to expose that she has a F2 with him that they don’t know about. The only issue is the freaks and geeks alliance, but they can just say that he scares them because he’s been winning so many mental comps and the numbers are dwindling.

        There are excuses they can use. They’re not the brightest people in the world, so Vanessa might believe that they’d be stupid enough to take out an alliance member, not knowing they have other deals. Maybe not, but it’s not really her call either way.

        The only way this MIGHT backfire is if Van wins HOH next week and even then, she has bigger problems to worry about.

      • You are right – there isn’t a logical reason for her to stop it & they can come up with a flimsy excuse — or any excuse. But that won’t stop incessant badgering and wanting to know why. The austwins seem so concerned with not facing van’s wrath.

        But, now that I think about it, this may work as well. If she pushes too hard for stevie – with no reason (i.e. F2 deal exposure), then it can be ammo for austwins to use against van. If van pushes too hard for stevie, she actually digs more of her own grave

      • Exactly, and as long as Austin is there, I think this situation could happen. The twins are too dumb to come up with anything on their own, they’re like children in the house, but Austin knows enough about this game to come up with a way to spin putting Steve up.

        Not saying he’s brilliant or anything, but competent enough to come up with it and make it work.

      • Poor Steve. He’s a great player while watching in his basement, but once he gets in the house, it’s all way to much for him.

      • I suspect his mother is the person he spends the most time with and is perhaps his best friend and confidant.

      • Then why would he be saying stuff like “Mom, I need you right now.” When there’s no one around?

        I don’t see this as an act, he’s just really sheltered and he’s not used to being away from home for this long.

      • Hard for me to tell. Watch his publicity video on this site and decide. He is articulate, thoughtful, and seems self aware. He also states he is going to play up the nerd side of his personality

      • He absolutely does. It is not an act since he is constantly alone whining in front of the cameras. He is 22, but if he doesn’t grow up a little after this game is over I see doom in his future. I read his big brother mini bio/questionnaire and Steve is delusional since he is nothing as he describes himself to be as a player.

      • It’s easier to be a good player when you’re sitting on the couch. Totally different when you’re dealing with several types of personalities on a regular basis.

      • His comment about needing his mother is all about game play. They have always watched it together according to an interview I saw with his mother when CBS visited his hometown which is near mine.

      • He is a horrible player. Other than Vanessa he has no one since John will eventually move on to someone better if he is smart.

      • I will love Steve to go. There has been more obnoxious players in the history of BB such as Mike Boogy, but his personality and how deep up vanessa’s you know what, is so annoying.

  8. “[T]he twins say their hotness can be used to influence John” Is this facetious or did they really say this? OMG, they are too much!

    • lol. I think that other than Austin who only likes Liz, no other guy is falling for that. Steve is petrified of Julia who seems to be very nice to him from the beginning and John is all into himself. James likes every girl, but mostly Meg.

      • Those twins even said they knew they were America’s sweethearts….really. I find them immature, and having a great sense of entitlement.

    • I think that John would only get down if Becky started to flirt with him. Nobody else will get into him that way. (he like Shelly… and Becky)

  9. Can they not logically persuade Austwins to renom Vanessa if she doesn’t win POV?
    Tell Liz she goes to F2 with THAT trophy head, she wins.
    She may or may NOT return to the house. Both Shelli and Jackie are strong enough to beat her as it will involve some physicality. If she should no one will partner with her.
    If they do it this week, only Steve will vote to keep her and I have an idea to flip that later but it isn’t needed.
    James, Meg, Becky and Jmac are the votes to evict her. Austwins could give her their two votes with Steve but Vanessa still goes. Or Austwins can say hey, have to vote with the house cause they have control. Wait to try next week and it will require Austwins votes because with Becky or Jmac gone this week that’s at most only three votes and if a non Austwins is HoH, it’s only two votes so Austwins will then have to vote her out with no excuse. And there’s the possibility that Steve could win HoH and Vanessa is safe another week as the 4th juror is whittled down. If Shelli returns and Vanessa is still there, they align to break up the Austwins. That is a real possibility.
    It only makes sense for Liz to strike now for her game and Austwins safety. And if she’s a renom, she’s gone. And they only have to put up with her for 3 days. Better than a week of her raging if the other side puts up. And they can promise her she’s safe if they want to keep her theatrics quieter.

    • As Derrick so eloquently put it last year, Vanessa may be a snake, but for Liz, Vanessa is her snake. Keeping her is a number, and Vanessa’s self-destruction in the eyes of all keeps her as a big target.

    • But they don’t think like we do. They haven’t had a brain all season. Also leave Vanessa in and she could win HOH.

  10. I hate to say it but this week I’m bummed out with no easy “Boot ’em!” choice. Becky’s earned points emerging from the shadows as a player and JohnnyMac is a favorite…It feels like maybe if a veto is won/used it means James is saying goodbye. #VanessaIsVerbalKint

    • Well, the Austwins said if John or Becky wins veto the other one goes. You never know in this game though….they’re always flip-flopping

    • JMac also had a conversation about how Becky was hung out to dry last week by Meg and James. If I was Austwins I would be wondering if they would do the same thing to them.

      In any case, the Austwins are in an unbelievably powerful position right now. This week Becky, John or one of the goblins goes home. Next week, probably Vanessa goes. That leaves the Austwins as 3 of 7 HGs. As the numbers dwindle it will be harder to get them all out.

  11. easier said than done. Austin knows van could blow him up (and the twins) with all the SS dirty laundry. The idea to coordinate and let someone else do it is not a bad one strategically for their (austwins) own game. They have safety from van right now and don’t her to go immediately. She is a shield around them.

    One other note – while I say it may be strategically good for the austwins to follow the plan they are on, I don’t think they are that smart. They are just scared of her and that’s why they are doing what they are doing – luckily for them it may also be a right thing to do.

    • Van + Austwins are the only 6S members left. Everyone in the house knows Austin and the twins are working together, so I don’t think that could be used against them in an effective matter. They could easily turn that around and tell anyone and everyone “Hey, we’re voting out one of our own, we want safety next week if you win HOH.”

      • Yes, everyone knows the austwins are a threesome – but I don’t think that everyone knows everything that the austwins did when they were working with the full 6S.

        You can bet that if austwins turn on her at ALL, then van will let the rest of the house know all she knows about them. And maybe not in the house, but in jury.

        May not be useful at all to save herself since the whole house doesn’t trust van’s word anymore (like audrey). But details could get spread that folks will remember (i.e. James rembered audrey exposed 6S and they just didn’t believe it, but later used the info to corroborate new things that happened). The austwins don’t need to risk this.

  12. It would be nice if this forum required people to be registered participants and then let other users block those participants who troll, name call and are just straight up jerks. I am growing a bit weary of it. I love the actual game discussion, but man, the trolls are really starting to annoy me.

    • I scrolled the comments here looking for any issues, but didn’t see anything that jumped out.

      You can always use our Contact page to send me alerts to any widespread issues. With over a thousand comments a day I can’t keep up with them all.

      The existing flagging system lets users report comments, but it’s abused and used to report comments discussing HGs they don’t like when the comment itself is fine. It’s a tough balance to keep here.

      • I can imagine. The comments this time were in the previous post, made by someone calling themselves Lori. Not a big deal, just more of an annoyance.

      • Jess (or Lori, or whatever you are going by now), Was that insult directed at me or at @gtprods:disqus ? In either case, I wish you would register and stick with the same name, so that you either own your comments or just stop making them. I don’t get what the point is or what your problem is with me, but I’m not going to entertain you any longer.

      • Oops. Apologies. I didn’t see that it was part of a larger thread, so perhaps “Jess” was directing that comment to Lavendargirl? My bad. But still, not a nice comment.

      • It’s the only one I’m on, so I have nothing to compare to. I would so, most people here are awesome!

  13. Johnny Mac is so immaturely funny. I remember when my then five year old used to tell me she knew things because it was in her brain. lol.
    Liz needs to pay one way or another by not using her own “brain” and going with what others want. The twins are so ditsy and taking either of them to the finals is a guarantee win for whomever does it. The only one who wants John gone is Austin and now probably Vanessa as well.

  14. Omg this was amazing although looks like vanessa is still not out of hot water but the thing is people know she can be saved so they don’t know who is with and who is against her and thats her strongest asset

  15. I’m excited. John better stay. I wish Vanessa would just go already, but regardless I’m glad people are seeing her totally now. She’s nuts,. This whole charade^ is proof of that. My professional psychological opinion. JMac – violent? And way to play on stereotypes.
    The twins are way too cocky, they need to be taken down a notch. But I’m interested in Austin playing the game harder. We shall see!

  16. Oh come on, did the twins actually say their “hotness” can be used to influence John???? Once either one of them opens their mouth and that nasal voice spews out………all “hotness” is gone. And, I don’t think they are the best looking women of this season……….they need a dose of reality.

    • They need a huge dose of reality. I hate that it’s fun for Liz to have Austin on a leash too. Saying she has “control” over him, and she doesn’t like anyone else, namely Vanessa, having control over him. They are the quintessential mean girls.

  17. After watching everything the last week I would rather see Becky and JMac stay than Meg and James. Honestly, Meg and James made a major mistake last week that I think wound up with Jackie being evicted and Becky being a target this week. They were disloyal, dishonest and fooled, once again, by Vanessa’s tricks. They do not deserve to stay over Becky and JMac.

    Let’s hope Becky wins POV and takes herself off. Then Liz puts Meg up as a pawn and the house flips. Meg is a useless player who contributes nothing other than stupid ideas and schemes. She is a terrible player and deserves to go.

    • I like your plan, but James would be a better choice over Meg. He is the stronger player of the two. And let’s face it, Meg is this year’s Victoria.

    • Meg will not go if she is up on the block because of the big brother phanominon of once someone is used as a pawn you can put them up with out any blood on your hands then get out your target and be blood free. Meg is that player so she is never going home until its down to f5,4 or 3

    • Your viewpoint on the game is always admirable, Prince. You seem very honorable. But in reality if you were competing for $500k and were being judged against someone else for game play would you rather face off against James (someone who won comps and made a big move) or someone like Victoria? (Sorry, I meant Meg.)

      • I would rather beat someone fairly, and bring someone who deserves it – winning admirably.

      • Thats what I never get- you can play the game without being mean. You can backdoor, and shift targets, and whatever else, without adding cruelty. Somehow that gets lost

      • As stated, I call him admirable and honorable and mean that 100%. I personally feel that style of playing is much easier to deliver from the comfort of your home though. If you were playing in a football competition where the end prize was $500k and you were being judged on ability and gameplay would you rather it come down to you and someone who stinks at football or an NFL player? – It’s really that easy I think. I’m not talking about “honor” I’m asking if you, personally, got to choose between two people in that situation knowing you;d walk with either $50k or $500k, would you honestly choose the NFL player? – If so, aren’t you throwing the money away?

      • Look at Cody, could have won $500,000. But he decided to take his “bro” to the end instead of arguably the most useless player in BB history.

      • Agree to Disagree. I think the most deserving player should always win. Derrick was supposed to win last season. If Cody had it would have been a sad, sad, year.

      • It’s irrelevant who “should” win. If Cody takes out Derrick, you vote for who played the best game in F2. The players don’t owe us the best winner, they should be playing to win and if they’re not, they don’t deserve to be there.

      • Right, well that goes back to a point that never seems to be made in these shows. Everyone should play. There shouldn’t be any floaters, or “easy” picks for F2. maybe that’s where my feelings stem from.

      • But Cody would have won had he been F2 w/Victoria and he would have been most deserving over her.

        So that was just stupid, Cody won the most important comp, why shouldn’t he have reaped the benefit?

        On Survivor one season a guy give up his immunity necklace to someone and the others voted him out, should they not have done that b/c he DID NOT DESERVE to be voted out?

      • if someone gives up immunity, yes they deserve to be voted out. way to miss the point bud.

      • Not necessarily. I’ve seen at times that buys you more respect. People have done it on survivor, and came out with the win. Of course I have no idea how it would be when I’m in the situation, no one can really say for sure, but yes I believe I would. It would depend on the situation, and what I had to do to get there, but yes.
        And I never said I wouldn’t try to play smart, and have good game play. Of course I would. I think you are assuming I would be a goody two shoes the whole time. I’m only referring to bringing someone to the end. It’s about loyalty. You can still play, but be fair to those who deserve it.
        Like Cody and Derrick. I think Cody was only considered by the other contestants because of that move. And that was a unique experience because he had no idea how good Derrick was.
        It’s not so black and white.

      • Thanks for your reply! – I never said you’d be a goody two shoes. You said that on your own. My question was about the Final 2. If you say you’d pick Derrick over Victoria, my hat’s off to you. Regardless of how stealthy Derrick was, unless Cody was brain-dead (certainly arguable) he had to know that Victoria was pretty much a guarantee of victory. You’re far more honorable than I am, I guess. But if I were playing for money that could help myself or my family or my church or my bookie (or whomever you think is super important) I’d have a hard time essentially giving that money away to my opponent. Even if they were my best friend in the house. Win the dough and buy them a car. Why play at all if in the end you’re not going to win the money/title? – We can agree to disagree but it IS that black and white to me.

      • You didn’t say those words but you implied it. Now suddenly you are acting as if you were always referring to F2 when you had no problem making football comparisons and talking about gameplay. Nice try. Even way we are both talking about the same thing. I’m pretty low on the income bracket, and I still feel this way. Sorry self appointed genius, but as I said in another comment- it should be about the best player, and I wish more people came to play because the straight up floaters make those of us who are basically poor, cringe.

      • The Genius name is purposeful self-mockery.

        I brought up F2 only as an argument against only taking players who are worthy of being rewarded in your description.

        Argument’s done. You win.

      • That only counts if you don’t troll this site, and don’t always seem like you are incessantly right ( and smarter), but it’s a good joke. Ha-ha.

      • I agree. If I’m playing for that kind of money friends or not I’m taking the player I can beat. The weaker the better. It’s a game to win. We can be friends in the real world.

      • Nobody wants to feel like they deserved it, earned it, for themselves? That pride? Maybe I’m crazy.

      • Now this is also taking similar shows in mind (Like survivor) but no that’s not true.
        Plenty of winners don’t deserve it.
        Lesser of two evils that aren’t good players = does not equal deserving.

      • I agree but I see Becky’s point, in the case of Derrick & Cody they vowed to remain loyal… which turned out would have been easier for Derrick b/c he’s going to beat Cody.

        I hand it Cody for his loyalty, he made the mistake of not making the agreement to get them to F3 than whoever wins the decision to name the F2 you’re free to do what’s best for you. So there’s the LESSON, only make an agreement to F3. LOL.

        Here’s a thought… if down to F3 Derrick had to withdraw from the House for a medical or a family emergency reason should he be awarded the $500k b/c he DESERVES to win it? Obviously no.

      • Thank you, first off.
        But no I’d say that’s different- you don’t make it to the end, so no you can’t get the money. It would suck, and I’d feel bad, but there are rules.

    • Agree with AIG… Your viewpoints are always provocative and welcome :)

      I will agree that James and Meg (and jackie) were disloyal to Becky, but they were not fooled. They knew that Van was a snake. They wanted both out – and they had to choose.

      As it turned out, taking out van looks better in hindsight, which is always 20/20.

      I know you don’t agree with me – so we can respectfully disagree on this part. The threat from shelli was real and immediate.

      I see their dilemma as the same as a football coach at the end of the game. Do you blitz or play prevent defense? No clear answer, either can bite you. I like that they chose to blitz and go for winning comps now (which they need to do anyway). They just needed to win 1 of 2 HOH’s on thursday and the decision would’ve worked out. I like this better instead of taking the percentage chances
      (like in a prevent) of shelli not winning HOH.

      So I feel it was not unreasonable for them to do what they did to protect themselves. It hasn’t worked out for them and they have paid for it. But it doesn’t make them undeserving.

    • Agree with your 1st paragraph. But if Becky wins POV & saying put Meg up would mean JMac would be evicted, her being a terrible player would almost assure Meg staying in the House.

  18. Why do you think Austwins, and even James and Meg, know Vanessa is lying and scheming but keep saying someone else needs to get her out??
    Do they realize that they are only helping to get her to F2?!?! Does it really matter when she goes or who puts her in the block? I don’t understand their logic….or their fear

    • They definitely seem to be scared of her, but they are just as scared of what she might do or say in the jury house. It’s the old “why didn’t somebody do something about her at some point?” Well, guess what, houseguests, why didn’t YOU do something? You’re somebody.

    • I think that they are using her for now so there could be someone who is a bigger target in their group. Both Vanessa and Austin need to go and I heard the twins already plotting to get rid of him if they are able to that is.

    • It is a numbers game for Austin and the twins. They are 3 playing together when everyone else is essentially alone. Meg and James are together but both have shown they will throw anyone under the bus to save themselves.

      So if They get rid of JMac or Becky this week, the if Vanessa does not win HoH next week, she is the target for everyone in the house, except Steve. If Vanessa does win she will not go after Austwins so they are safe for another week no matter what – unless of course Vanessa gets to James again and hypnotizes him to do her bidding.

      Once it gets down to 6 players, if 3 are the Austwins, then it is almost certain that one of the will be final 3 or even final 2.

  19. Much rather see Meg up and out. She’s useless. All she knows is there is booze in the storage room. Rather see players that are playing to win.

    • …..and Pickles…she’s really serious about her pickles. She zones out the entire time she eats one. Liz and Austin were playing fighting one time and there’s Meg…eating a pickle

    • I agree, but I think she should stay just for James. There are a few floaters in the house that will be great to take to the end and Meg is definitely the biggest one.

      • Seems Meg’s playing for second, I think a floater probably has that mindset and IF opportunity… nope… well if 2 floaters could make F2. LOL!!! That ain’t happening.

    • I could not agree with you more. The fact that production had to ask her if she is already because she is sleeping so much says everything about her game. Plus the way she turned on Becky to keep Vanessa was stupid, especially since all of her assessments were wrong. She thought Steve was closer to them than to Vanessa! How can you know anything about anyone when you are sleeping all the time.

  20. Vanessa has told people that who ever takes her out is going to have the jury tanked against them and that their game will be blown up that’s why they do not want to take her out good move on her part.

      • I believe Steve, Becky and possibly John know this since they have watched many seasons of the show.

      • Anyone who has watched the show knows that the jury almost always decides based on who the best player is. WhenAndy won he stabbed both Helen and Alyssa in the back, blindsiding Alyssa by lying to Judd right in front of Alyssa and yet Helen and Alyssa both voted for Andy.

        I think BB probably coaches them not to hold grudges.

      • Is that even really a recruit problem? That seems more like a stupidity problem. If someone can’t put two and two together and realize how badly Vanessa has burned everyone, and how the people in jury know that, I have worries about that person that are greater than the realm of Big Brother.

      • 1.most people who watch big brother watch survivor and they know that the jury gets tanked a lot by bitter people in survivor
        2. If Vanessa can manipulate people this easally in the game then they must be thinking how well she can do it when they are no longer in the game and in normal life mode.
        3. Every single person in that game has told Vanessa about their game at one point so if she tells people before the live eviction so and so is doing this that’s a worry to.

      • Nobody is believing her at this point and she’s even stated in public that she’ll be a bitter jury member. People like Jackie aren’t going to accept what she’s spewing.

      • Vanessa threw the HOH comp to 1Liz so that would be a good starting point. 2She took a huge risk and blew up her game with Jackie by removing Jason to save Austin 3Everyone has bodies burried in 6Sense 4She can talk logic when she wants to, very persuasive

      • Persuasive when people are willing to listening to her. Everyone knows she’s going to be a bitter jury member, she said it in the open.

    • That is stupid if they have watched BB before, then they would know that that never works. The best player is always chosen as the winner and those who take out the biggest threats will be the best player.

      • Note that you said always.
        It doesn’t always work.
        Tell that to Danielle Reyes, Alison Irwin, Janelle Pierzina, Will Kirby (in all stars), Dan Gheesling (BB14), etc.

      • Janelle is one of my fave players and she was better the first time that she was on the show and deserved to win. There is no way that Dan and Will would have won since their game play wasn’t as great as the first time and they had already won the game.

      • It’s irrelevant as to whether your gameplay is as good as the first time, you’re not playing against yourself.

      • I know. That was just my opinion. I didn’t think it was as good the second time, but the HG already knew about them from previous shows, so they were not going to give them the prize.

    • I thought you mentioned something about bitter as a juror? So it’s ok for Vanessa to be a bitter juror but not ok for others? Haha

      • Lol I said if she is pretending to be bitter in the game that’s fine but im sure if she left she would not be bitter. Its not okay for anyone to be bitter LOL

    • Yes but everyone in the jury will already knows what a liar Vanessa is – maybe she won’t have as much pull as she thinks.

  21. Call me crazy…but how about this…JMAC wins POV, takes himself off….and Liz stands up and says “Austin, you are up, strictly as a pawn”….oh, one can only dream…..

  22. Vanessa accused Johnny Mac of being related/ A GAY LOVER (lol her theories are ridiculous) of Clay…wtf?!? When was this?!?!? When did she accuse him of such a thing..and more importantly…w h y ? they would make a cute couple, though imho haha . sooooo is that what she’s thinking too lmao

    • I can’t believe the internet/media didn’t blow up on her when she
      accused them of that. Bi sexual or not she was using it as a ploy. She was trying to make them afraid people would think they were gay in order to force them to come clean about who said what about her. She said it as a bombshell then left the room in order to play the mind game with it. The problem: She tried to use something offensive that’s not anything to get offensive about.

      • She doesn’t actually think they are gay, c’mon. She’s a lesbian, I doubt she was trying to be offensive. She was just commenting on their closeness. It was a stupid comment, and I’m not defending her because I can’t stand Vanessa- but lets not be ridiculous here, and blow it out of proportion.

      • It’s Vanessa. There is not one thing that comes out of her mouth or one action she performs that isn’t manipulative or a mind game. It’s all within the context of her behavior and aggressive game play that goes way beyond the game. Read the comments here and other places. Everyone has caught on to her in and out of the game.

      • HEY… maybe that’s why JMac hasn’t put the moves on Becky? NOT!!! First off he probably doesn’t have any moves, just guessing. And I agree V is good but no one’s THAT GOOD that everything they say in the heat of a argument is the best thing to say. Plus she gets going 90mph.

      • Nice…lol But this is why i think Vanessa is like this in real life…just dialed down. I’ve seen people play a role for so long it becomes automatic and the can’t shut it off. it’s not that it’s skill its more like she’s always on and can’t shut it down. Think of it as a job and you do the same thing over and over…everyday. That’s why she talks 90 mph. She’s nuts.

      • Agreed, I’m wondering if she sleeps and truthfully if you don’t reach ‘deep-sleep’ it’s like no sleep at all. She’s looking ragged and like she’s wired on speed, thinking game 24/7… she’s worn-out and needs a vacation in the Jury House methinks.

  23. The worst play of this season – allowed twin to come in with the information of Austin + Liz. The honor would go to Shelly + Clay + V

    The second was James’ HOH. Targeted someone you could not achieve. Should target Austin and destroyed the Austwin. With less blood and potentially got deal with Shelly + Clay

    The third was Becky’ HOH. Same reason as James’s. Should target Austin and get Shelly on her side.

    Not included Steve’ HOH. He should not be there and could not be measured in any scale

    • Why is everyone obsessed with getting rid of Austin? Why is no one trying to get rid of the twins? How has no one seen them and thought “Danger Will Robinson?” Power couples are dangerous, and when they are related that’s even worse!

      • First of all, the goal is to get rid of the most solid alliance. For that group, I believe that Austin is the best player. Nothing personal, $500,000 is the final goal. Tried or died when tried

      • I guess, it’s not like he’s proven himself one way or another. And neither one of those girls would choose him over the other. That’s strength…

      • Let’s say they are equally competent. Less blood with him than anyone of the twin. As result, one down from Austwin and 6sense. Don’t forget he was the target of the full house once if V + Clelli did not have their stupid flip

      • Though not a very good example considering Austin was made a target because of a stupid decision ( that he discussed with Liz before hand) that was blown out of proportion, and then driven forward by the ever delusional and emotional Vanessa. That whole ordeal was beyond ridiculous.

      • Exactly, for some reason, both girls listen to him…I thought Julia would shake Liz and try to remove her from his grasp, but the two of them seem to be spellbound…either that or they are just playing a waiting game and will get rid of him when the opportunity arises…which is now….Liz can renom him if JMAC or Becky wins POV….either him or Vanessa, otherwise, these twins are useless.

      • Yeah but sisters sharing the money is definitely more likely, either way they both win. If Austin wins Liz might be able to sickeningly keep him under her grasp, but c’mon. I agree. The twins need to be split up. Then so0meone could go after Austin

      • Since they became a little more disenchanted by Vanessa , Julia says she is trusting Austin much more now. I’m fairly certain she said that to Liz so I assume she meant it. Who knows.

      • Maybe the twins listen to him b/c he’s smarter than both of them combined. LOL!!! Liz would say “Reaaaaly” and Julia would say “Yeaaaaa…a”.

        You could guess Austin’s a wrestler by his physique & the way he promotes himself & how he comes up with ideas. Not that I like him… wish he would have gone out when he begged V not to put him up. But at the time she took ‘having him by his nads’ over the fact he lied to her b/c you know she won’t put up w/people who lie to her.

      • I agree… get Liz out… that wrecks the sisters and the shomance. Plus I’d like to see if Austin would move in on Julia. LOL!!! Not that he’d get anywhere, how he got anywhere w/Liz is beyond me; except at first I know she was leading him on.

    • Look where they are now. It will be harder and harder for anyone to win against Austwin. Getting rid of Austin, the 6sense was weaker at the same time. When number is close, you target the main target, V then Shelly. This is from the point of non-6sense. As member of 6sense, how can you win against 3 solid alliance in the later game ? That would be very short sighted. The 6sense only makes sense to Austwin. Everyone else in that group is plain stupid. Nothing personal, pure game talk.

    • Steve’s was the WORSE, maybe ever… what a dud, the most BORING DE in BB History.

      Can agree on Becky’s HOH, she handled things fine… especially her convo w/Vanessa in the HOH room… it was the Goblins (James/Becky/Meg) that screwed up the BD of Vanessa so nothing Becky did wrong.

      Remember how flustered V got trying to make a deal when Becky
      was HOH and she said “no deal, no way, no alliances, nothing”. V says
      “WHAT, you kidding me?”. LOL.

      Becky was really good in that convo
      w/V… V:”No way I’m going up on the block?”, Becky: “No”… V
      interrupts that as ‘no way’ and Becky’s saying ‘no, you’re going up’. LOL.

      And Vanessa went on the Block and James was paranoid of Shelli and blew up the Becky’s plan, that was HER plan and that took guts.

    • Do you think, that they may think that this would be a great time to backdoor him?….again with my dreams….sigh….

      • Doesn’t she realize that won’t work w/Austin in the House… crap, look what happened to Jeff and JMac would be more of a wimp than Jeff. Let me rephrase that… “Is Liz that stupid…”

      • I wouldn’t want to hurt her feelings by insulting her intelligence. We’re all aware of how sensitive and respectful she has been in her goodbye messages to other HGs.

      • I don’t think Liz or Julia is stupid by any means but their not rocket-scientists (either am I)… I’m actually saying she’s NOT that stupid to think she could flirt w/JMac when Austin’s in the House.

        Can’t say I remember any of her goodbyes… guess I was underwhelmed with them.

  24. Johnny Mac is my favorite player in this game. He’s hilarious, incredibly likable, and he’s the Veto King this year. A few weeks ago, I said to myself “Johnny Mac is so liked in this house that I can’t see ANY REASON why he would be targeted”. But here Vanessa starts saying things like “He’s bipolar and he’s crazy” which is ABSOLUTELY HYPOCRITICAL coming from her. This is exactly why she should have went home last week. Because no matter who you are, you’re NEVER start enough to be immune to Vanessa’s manipulations.

    • The funny thing is she is bi-polar and crazy.

      She also said she cries the least in the house! Which tells me either she is delusional. Or most, if not all, of her crying is fake. Remember that meltdown the first week when everyone was trying to console her and she couldn’t explain why she was crying and melting down? Fake. She was looking for sympathy so she wouldn’t get nominated.

      • I vote she’s ‘delusional’ plus look how she rewrites what was said or happened with other HGs. She appears to ACTUALLY believes her new version… WHY? Because it helps her game but she WON’T PUT UP WITH OTHER PEOPLE lying to her. She’s WACKO.

    • Mine too, hated him at first. He do his DR thing and talk like he was yelling… hated him. Then all of a sudden he grew on me (not like that) and he started being funny.

      I about died when he voted last time… “WHAT!!!”… then Julie: “Thanks, John”; JMac: “WHATEVER!!!”.

      Here’s hoping he get off the Block so he can Vote again & we see hear what he say this time. Though I’d hate to see Becky voted out, so the Re-nom as to go… I’d love to see a JMac/Becky F2.

    • Proof that the house is full of idiots. Game half over and they are only now starting to see what a frightening fruit loop Vanessa is??

  25. By the way, it’s around the time of year for the OTEV comp to be played. Wouldn’t be surprised if Jmac or Becky could pull it off.

    • I was thinking the same thing. If that’s the comp I can see Becky winning that but also JMac. I don’t think anyone else will care who wins veto except James and Meg but honestly Meg wouldn’t win OTEV is she was the only one playing.

  26. I can’t believe she said she thinks he might hurt her. That is way too far. I keep thinking my opinion of her couldn’t be any lower and she goes and accuses someone of being dangerously unstable and saying she feels threatened. It’s ridiculous.

      • It always makes me wonder though how normal they are outside the game. I mean, it seems that the worst in people comes out inside that house ( reasonable given the situation). They must do pretty extensive interviews, maybe even psychological tests. So It’s curious.

      • How easy would it be for someone to become a serial killer? i know it’s horrible. But you might not be able to tell, and a closed emotionally-draining experience like that could draw one out…
        would production have time to stop it?
        Would the fish make it through the bloodbath?
        Seems like at least one person could get gootzed.

      • I tend to think or joke that if Steve were not a Super-Fan he might be a serial killer… IT’S A JOKE… but it could happen… one poster saw Steve as being Norman Bates with Mommy issues and Vanessa could be Mommy.

        I mentioned earlier, there was a season a HG was pulled for threatening another HG with a knife if memory serves me.

      • I would be shocked if they didn’t do psychological tests. They need to at least be sure any HG wouldn’t be a danger to themselves or others. Because if something happened, then the possible legal consequences would be huge. And not only that, the number of applicants may drop if people felt safety in the house wasn’t guaranteed.
        But maybe they need to change their standards to exclude more than just the ax murderers :P

      • Pretty sure I read or heard they do, like you said for legal purposes I don’t think the lawyers would let them not do testing. The HGs probably have to consent to having their medical history reviewed also.

        Plus I’m sure the HGs are all made aware that threatening other HGs will get them yanked and they probably sign a doc with that spelled out in it.

      • That would truly be low down of vanessa to accuse him and have him pulled from the game. If she won, she should be disqualified.

      • Production would have to see & hear something, they wouldn’t just take her word for it… I don’t believe it of JMac, it would have more plausibility the other way around with the way she’s acting, just IMO only.

      • You know a lot the HG say “you have no idea what it’s like living in that environment” and it could be it puts some people over the edge. So Casting’s job is tough and it’s impossible to predict how every person will react.

        I can think of one instance where Production pulled a guy out, he was threatening another HG physically with a knife I think… don’t quote me. Never to be heard from again.

        I would hope at some point they start watching certain HGs closer… Vanessa for example, maybe even Steve (just b/c of ‘mommy’ issues)… I doubt JMac’s a threat but wouldn’t put it pass V to have expressed that fear to Production since she said it in the House openly… further proof V’s delusional.

  27. I hate to say it but Becky is going home this week, although I think she may come back into the game if its a physical comp.

    I want to see Vanessa go and then Steve. Steve is reminding me of Andy now, only Andy had a personality. Steve is just a weirdo and sorry, I do not have any sympathy for him. He knows exactly what he is doing. Half of his game is an act. If he told me he can’t talk now because he is too upset I would tell him, no, you talk now Steve. I want answers. He uses his weirdness to escape suspicion. He put up Meg and Jackie in a well calculated move. To let him off the hook is stupid.

    If he was confused then he should be evicted because he is unpredictable and who knows who he might put up next. If he did it because he wanted to them he should be held responsible for it. When Meg and James let him off the hook they were just being stupid again. The could have said they think Vanessa planted the story about Jackie but at the end of the day (the favorite phrase in the house) Steve put them up and he needs to own it too. Let him feel a little more pressure.

    The way they all treat him with kid gloves because he acts like their little special needs brother is ridiculous. He is playing all of them.

    • I agree, Steve is just plain weird and strange….get him out before he screws up everything…nothing likable about him at all!

  28. Hey guys! I’m just curious to see what some of your answers might be…if you could choose ONE and only ONE hg evicted prejury this season to return, who would you choose and why? It would be a tough choice between Mama Day and Jason for me..

    • This is if they were sequestered right? Otherwise, none. If sequestered, that would be Day. She’s more perceptive. If she was still in the house, Vanessa and one of the twins would be gone.

      • They are at there home. I think it was last week that Jace was interviewed on that morning show.

      • I was asking if your What If scenario included non sequestering too. I wasn’t assuming you didn’t know they weren’t sequestered now.

      • If Day managed to stay in the house, she would be time and a half with Vanessa. She wouldn’t have hesitated one second to take out Vanessa

      • Ha, ha… they both would have been pulled out of the House with their hands around each others necks.

        Can’t stand Vanessa but can’t stand MamaDA less… people will ‘attitude’ and the ‘finger’ going back and forth really turn me off. Some times she was perceptive but most the time she assumed WRONG.

    • I would say Da but she is not cool and calm enough to keep her reactions in check. Her ridiculous outburst at Jeff was a major blunder and that attiitude that followed – “I don;t care I am going to say what I say” – is sure to get anyone evicted quickly. If she could control that, she would be a very good player.

      Jason wasn’t playing the game. He was lounging and smoking. He was entertaining but not playing.

    • Probably Jason. Maybe this time he would play the game instead of just smoking in the backyard.

    • Day all the way, she would put Vanessa in her place. while everyone else, well besides Becky, act scared of V, Da’vonne wouldn’t be having any of that, it would make for some sweet entertainment.

      • I agree. I would love to see her and Jason take on all this . I wish that they could post what they are thinking. It would be great. I hope Johnny Mac stays.

  29. I will be a tragedy that Jackie, Becky and Shelli will be in jury while Meg is sleeping in the BB house.

    • She even said to James after finding out they were safe “Summer Camp”. Yep that’s what you’ve been doing all summer Meg.

    • You would hope at some point Meg would wake up. LOL!!! Maybe she set the ALARM and it just waiting for it to go off.

  30. I agree… this site during the Brenchel Season was tough, you could not express an opinion w/o someone jumping down your throat and getting all personal… that was ridiculous. Btw, Rachel drove me up a wall and saying something negative about her got you a ton of grief from Rachel lovers.

    • Oh I know. I really like Shelli and I get the same grief every time I make a comment about her. Lol

  31. If I were not seeing it with my own eyes through the feeds, I would not believe it! How does Vanessa not have it in her head that any story she tells is going to go around the house? She thinks that someone much more trustworthy than her is not going to tell the real story of what happened? Her reputation for lying and confronting HG’s is so known to everyone now, that her game is over. I remember Derrick confronting one person last season and that was Zach over the Victoria/Nicole lie that he told, other than that..he laid low and let the game come to him. Vanessa is so “in your face” it is laughable at this point. I really think she has some sort of mental disorder..I really do! I hope “game” Vanessa is not “the real world” Vanessa.

  32. Seriously the aus twins minds well take out Vanessa ! Stop being chickens ! I hope either Becky or John win POV and take themselves off and maybe they will put Van up. If there smart. But they probably be chickens and renom Steve.

  33. Strange how when J/J/M decide to not go after Vanessa they are called knuckleheads, idiots and goblins. The twincompoops decide to not go after Vanessa and it’s reported that “it makes sense.” In both circumstances Vanessa was targeting Becky/JMac.

    • Because once Vanessa goes, the target moves to the twins; because once the big firebrand in the house is gone, everyone will realize, “WAIT! There’s a girl in this house with a showmance partner and a twin sister! That’s a threat!”

      JJM were silently gaining power in the house and could have hidden behind the Twins as targets if Vanessa had left.

    • And when have the Goblins ever really been with Vanessa? They are two different sides, different stories.

      • Actually the Goblins (mainly James) worked to get Shelli out over Vanessa in conjunction w/Austwins acting for V but not directly w/Vanessa.

  34. Jmac’s talk with Liz was so relieving to watch, and I’m glad that Steve helped make it happen by dragging Jmac out of the sad state Vanessa put him in by cheering him up with a game of chess. Steve/Jmac F2. Make it happen.

    • NOOOOO… anyone but Steve. LOL… how about JMac/Becky? Could be a tough hill to climb since both are on the Block… but it could happen if one is comes off-the-block or if a twist allows someone to re-enter the House.

  35. I know it is a game, but Vanessa plays it scummy and in the dirt. She lies without thinking twice, then gets self-righteous about people lying. A very two-faced, hypocritical, and simply mean-spirited way to play. No wonder shes a low-life poker player…such an honorable profession (roll of the eyes). And this is coming from someone who loved Russell Hantz!

    • I have no problem with Vanessa lying, but I have a huge problem with her being so demanding, aggressive and self-righteous with the others if they lie.

    • WHY would you admit loving Russell Hantz? I’ve lost all respect for you. LOL!!! I agree about the Vanessa part… but don’t forget there is a proper way and non-mean-spirited way to lie and it is strategically a part of the game.

      I’ve heard she’s been or studied to be a lawyer, a poker-player, a dj… what else? Oh, trying for Big Brother easy money… wonder if she’s having WITHDRAWAL from not being free to buy Lottery Tickets while in the House.

  36. Does anybody believe that JMac should not try to win PO? It scares me. I don’t trust what Austin and Liz told him about him being safe. If JMac leaves, I wonder how Steve will react. He also believed that JMac is safe.

  37. Liz is HOH but you would have never known it last night while they were waiting for her room the way Vanessa was running the show. Plus Liz said she was scare of Becky too. These guys have had how many times to get rid of Vanessa ? Why don’t they just hand over the money and end the game ………And Good for Johnny Mac I think there’s way more to him than meets the eye……Steve I am still trying to figure out …… only other peeve is the way those twins eat……they shovel food like they are starving to death ….this is one of the strangest BB’s I have ever seen ……….

  38. I feel the same way about Vanessa as I did about Derrick last season, there is just something about them that I find unlikable (just my opinion). I don’t like that they are leaving her in the game (so far) but I’m saying this from the comfort of my sofa so hopefully she will not make final 2.

  39. Vanessa biggest problem is not knowing when to leave well enough alone,stirring the pot 24/7 never works on a show that never sleeps,might work in Vegas but not on Big Brother.

  40. I noticed that when the twins are talking to the camera (DR or during the live vote), they wiggle their shoulders. Why? Is that supposed to be cute or sexy? Maybe. I don’t think they even realize they do it.

    I don’t get why it’s so scary to put up Vanessa. So what if she goes off, ranting and rampaging, telling everything about Austwins game and what they’ve done. She’s a proven liar and psycho, they just have to deny to the ends of the Earth and vote her out. If she’s the juror that comes back, they’re worried she’ll target them? She’s going to anyway. Soon. Only two people can make it to the end, and there are 4 of them (Austwins and Vanessa). Do they realize that at some point, that’s coming up fast, at least 2 of them have to go? And that’s if Vanessa doesn’t take Steve to the end with her. If she does, then all 3 of them are goners.

    This season is so frustrating.

  41. I can’t wait to see Vanessa get evicted…she should have been gone already and I have no idea,how it took people this long to figure out that she’s always lying and making stuff up to get people out..It was obvious. What I hate is how they keep leaving people in because they are a “house target” and someone else will get them out. That doesn’t work cause that just gives another week to manipulate and make someone else a bigger target. If Vanessa wins the show I will never watch big brother ever again. I hate that girl. She’s just another Audrey and should’ve been gone a month ago

  42. And sorry but another thing about Vanessa is bothering me. I find her very ignorant for what she said about Johnny Mac and Clay having to be either related to or gay lovers. Just because she’s gay it doesn’t give her the right to say stuff like that. If any straight person would have said that on the show they would’ve been called a bigot..and Vanessa would probably be the one calling them a bigot. She is very ugly on the inside and doesn’t even deserve being in the house

  43. These houseguests are so stupid! Get Vanessa out! Backdoor the chic, its so annoying to watch. Austin needs to go after

  44. They are so stupid, wanting to get Vanessa out after when she should of back doored now, but whatever

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