Big Brother 17 Twin Twist: Houseguests Debate Who To Target

Last night on the Big Brother Live Feeds we finally saw a renewed interest in the Twin Twist with Liz Nolan and her sister Julia. Everyone in the house is aware of the suspicions, most have strong proof, but only a few have received first hand confirmation.

Twin Twist on Big Brother 17
Twin Twist on Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

Suspicious houseguests believe the twins will both be in the game in the next few weeks so the clock is ticking, but surprisingly their approach to undercutting the twins’ strength might not be how most of us would go about it.

We watched as Meg, Jason, Clay, Shelli, Becky, James, and Jackie sat around discussing what needed to be done to eliminate this pending Twins Twist threat and the best way to go about making sure it didn’t get ahead of them. Flashback to 8:10PM BBT 7/21 Cams 1/2.

While everyone is worried about the sisters working together they seem more concerned about them working with Austin as a trio. Yes, it’s obvious to them how Austin is romantically involved with the friendlier one and they see and hear when he’s updating them on recent events. So what do they want to do? Get rid of Austin.

Becky details out her concerns on how letting the twins enter could disrupt their chances at a returning player this season. Yes, 17 HGs could eliminate a returning Juror if Big Brother uses the Reset twist again, but if there’s no reset then we could get the twins and still see a player return.

Clay and Shelli know full well the twins are real and how they’re working together in the Sixth Sense alliance, but we’ve also heard Shelli express concerns about Austin. Once again Chelli plays the middle of the house ready to pivot to which ever side has control.

Should the underdogs wrestle control away from Sixth Sense then I wouldn’t be surprised to see them target Liz and Steve as they discussed last night, but then go after Austin as a Backdoor. If Sixth Sense wins the power for a fourth straight week then we know the twins are a lock for entering and playing Big Brother 17 together. We could get open confirmation from Liz and Julia as soon as Thursday night depending on how the HoH comps go.

What would you do if you were a Houseguest? Would you try to split up the twins or let them enter and go for the bigger player in Austin? Share your thoughts below.


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  1. Liz/Julia have already won an HOH and would have the potential of helping each other out in comps if they enter together. I would get rid of the Twins unless you’re on their team.

  2. Wow, the plans and ideas that these houseguests come up with are very entertaining, however in this case, yes I actually agree, evicting Austin now before the Twins Twist happens would be a good thing for many HG’s games including the current HOH. Austin is just too in love with Liz for his own good or game.

    • But at the end of the day he’s just one person. If you suspected someones sister/brother, a TWIN no less, was going to enter the house while you were in it, would you want to take Austin out before them?

      • It depends upon if your working with the twin or not. Same as if your working with Austin or not. If you are working with the twin, you take out Austin. You (as a player) don’t want those three getting together and possibly running the game. You have to take out one. In this case, the sixth sense is running things, so if you can rally enough to evict Austin, you do it. You take the bigger player or bigger mouth out.

        That said, I want to see this twin twist play out in a few weeks and see how it impacts the game.

      • I’m confused because all parties involved are in the same alliance. The only people who should be having the discussion on who to target between the two options is anyone not in the Sixth Sense. No one outside the Sixth Sense, to the best of my knowledge, is actively working with anyone in it.

        Unless you are talking about people not in the Sixth Sense, but as far as I can tell they all think they’re in the Sixth Sense the way they blindly discuss theories in front of them and dismiss rumors of alliances despite any potential evidence.

        I would be more interested to see the twin twist play out if I didn’t feel so sure I knew how it would go.

      • There are players that are outside the sixth sense that will work with the alliance especially if it benefits them. John & Becky seem to work with them a little. Of course Meg, James & Jason don’t as far as I know.

        As for the twin twist, I don’t know how it will go, that’s why I’m interested.

  3. I can’t for the life of me figure this Season out. The house has allowed a Showmance couple to thrive and knows there’s a twin pair in the house yet they still concentrate on the Audrey problem? I just don’t get it. If Audrey was that dramatic and that much a problem it’s fairly obvious that she holds no power to be a threat down the road.

    I get that there have been alliances set from very early on and that alliance has run things. But a smart play, it seems, would be for one of those alliance members to turn on Clelli and Lulia just to avoid potential power problems down the road.

    It’s not like this show’s been on for 1 Season. We’ve seen examples of couple pairings going pretty far in the game. Regardless of whether or not the players are physical threats in comps it’s another vote. THAT’s the powerful element.

    • You just answered your own question. The same alliance his been in control for two weeks in a row. Audrey started blowing up their game so now they have to get rid of her. The house is even starting to believe some of the things Audrey said so of course they need to get rid of her. Audrey leaving is pretty logical for the sixth sense so I can’t be mad they are getting rid of them even though I want that alliance to be decimated. If Audrey did stay she would keep playing the game and remain a threat.

      • That’s fair to say. Audrey is such a loose cannon with her mouth it IS a smart decision to let her go. But I still don’t get the alliance power thing. I know you can’t control that in any way. People are going to form partnerships no matter what rule you make. But when sides are this heavily favorable to one alliance it kind of makes it boring for me as a viewer.

        Like last year. Those guys came in and steamrolled every week because they had great numbers and great power so it felt like an onslaught. This year kind of feels the same thus far.

        But I guess that’s nitpicking.

        Thanks for taking the time to answer!

      • It’s only been 3 weeks that they had control. Remember James was HOH the first week. Hopefully Jason, Meg, John or James will win HOH this week.

      • I hear you but three weeks out of four is 75% of the game thus far. I agree with you in regard to hoping the other side gets power this week. I think Jason will be a hot mess (in a fun way) if he gets a little power. And Johnny Mac can do no wrong. It would be nice to see him have to step out from behind the scenery and see how he handles it. But I’m not sure he’d make that move yet.

      • Even if Jmac is not nominated, I still bet he gets his DR aired. He’ll be hilarious either way but if he didn’t have the pressure of being a pawn – he would be crazy for sure.

      • I can see where your coming from. I was only talking about it from a player perspective. It makes sense for the sixth sense to try to get rid of her. It could have helped the other side of the house to keep Audrey around since John throws comps and that can be bad for other people’s game but at this point it’s much too late.

      • Or Becky or Jackie. Oops! I meant Becky. It’d have to be tailor made for Jackie for her to win it. ;)

      • “Hopefully Jason, Meg, John or James will win HOH this week.” And what are they going to do if they do get HoH… get rid of Steve…another scapegoat of limited to zero strategic importance? Jason, James, Meg, Becky and Jackie are, IMO, not terribly smart or perceptive players (even though Jason likes to think he is). Are they going to get rid of Clay, Austin or Liz? That’s what they should do… but they don’t have the cojones to pull it off. John could win HoH, but seems to do whatever Clay wants and is somehow intimidated by him.

      • They were planning on getting rid of Audrey before she blew up their game. When she assumed she was getting backdoored that’s when she went to James and tried to blow up their alliance..

      • Yeah I know but their could have been a chance of them not backdooring her if the argument never happened but after the argument there was basically no chance Audrey had at getting out of the backdoor. She started blowing up their games like when she revealed the F2 she had with Vanessa and other stuff so they knew the had to get her out for sure.

    • We’re literally on the same page. Like the exact same page. Just yesterday I had to stop myself and think “I’m not in the house, so who knows what I would do”

      But you’re right, it’s really baffling to watch as someone who has seen most seasons. It’s never seemed this bad before in terms of common sense gameplay decisions not being made.

    • I agree, there is zero logic or strategy to getting rid of Audrey at this point. She’s the person everyone wants to blame but she has zero power or social capital in the House unless you allow her to. Getting rid of her now is a personal decision (“boo-hoo, she lied to me”) and of zero game value. Audrey being there lets everyone else obsess on her and it takes focus away from what’s really going on that’s important (targeting Austin, the twins both coming into the house and Zeta Barbie and Cowboy Ken). It’s a terrible move.

  4. Nominate anyone who hasn’t been and don’t worry about the twins, yet. Clay and Austin are the first who come to mind.

      • I’m all for Shelli and Van getting Nom’d and Clay being BD.d. I’d like to see Shelli’s game without Clay, and soon.

      • I forgot this is the last week to get the twins out before both enter the house. So really, they need to go first. Clay hopefully next week.

      • I’m not counting on that happening with the twins…it’s better to target Clay at this point and that has to be done by the other side if they have any chance of getting a big player out. Him or Vanessa would be okay with me. The twins won’t be as strong without Clay and Shelli together and Austin certainly won’t be able to do it alone. If Vanessa doesn’t win HoH, you can rest assure she’ll go along with who is if it’s not Clay…Shelli won’t be able to win it of course. So does it make more sense to get Clay out next if at all possible before both the twins, Vanessa or Austin?

      • Makes sense, Joni. I only hope next week at this time there are no blockheads nom’d and either Clay, the twins, or Vanessa are going home. Maybe a double elim with possibly 3 of them gone. Now that would be exciting.

      • Wanna bet the next to go is Steve. It’s easier and less bloody for the HoH and these people are mostly wimps. Vanessa wouldn’t help him no matter their supposed secret alliance (which she can’t reveal anyway). Austin and, most especially, Clay need to go. Shelli needs to get the message that she and Cowboy Ken aren’t coasting into the finals together. They should have kicked out the airhead twins this week instead of bothering with all the Audrey drama… it’s a dumb move.

      • I wouldn’t bet against you, ginasf. With this group, it wouldn’t surprise me if they tried to vote Jace out next week.

    • So you don’t want to see the twin twist play out? I want to see what happens when their both in the house.

      • Not really. It seems like they’d be agreeing on the same decisions and kinda playing as one player only with 2 votes, 2 chances to win comps, etc. No one can fool themselves into thinking they are going to get a Final 2 with them. I just – IDK – I’m not as excited as I know alot of folks are, about both twins playing. ???

      • I don’t know. I think they’re very different personality-wise. Julia seems to have a bit of a chip on her shoulder and seems far less “friendly” than Liz is. Maybe she’s (Julia) a rebel who wants to be her own person and will go the opposite way of what Liz suggests just to show “I’m a twin but I’m my own person.” – That could be entertaining.

      • Julia’s a little shy. Even her twin Liz said it. That’s probably why she seems more reserved than her twin.

  5. In a perfect fantasy, Liz/Julia and Austin would be evicted in a double eviction next week. Wish in one hand….

  6. On a side note, doesn’t Austin have a girlfriend outside of the house? I wonder how she feels about his relationship with Liz on the show.

    • Austin gave them some sob story about how his girlfriend threatened to leave him if he went on the show and when he said he was going anyway she apparently said something to the effect of “see if I’m here when you get back”.

      He also said he felt like she wanted to break up with him many times. I feel like he’s using that as his excuse to get close to Liz and after basically vilifying his girlfriend, the other HG’s are all for it.

  7. I can’t wait to see the backyard crew continue to get picked off, finally wake up, and then get a whole buncha ‘takeover twists’ to balance things out. That way I can finally give up on this show for good. Most of these people are strategically useless.

    • Remember though, we have the advantage of seeing everything and reading everything. They don’t. I know it seems obvious to us (I agree with you mostly!) but I’d like to think it HAS to be because they’re stuck inside and don’t have the same info we do. Someone like Becky who gets recruited off of Tinder, I get that. She knows nothing about the game. She’s just a body meant to attract young male viewers. But someone like Steve who seems to have an encyclopedic knowledge of the game and its history not to notice things and try to gain allies and make moves with that info? I’m not sure. Maybe he’s just a weak player. (It’s always easier for us out here I think.) But being shielded from all the info we have as watchers must play a role in hindering decision making. (At least I HOPE that’s the case.)

      • Steve (maybe even more than Audrey) doesn’t have the social skills to dig himself out of his hole. At this point, he’ll just be used as a sacrificial lamb by some HoH who’s too scared or intimidated to start getting rid of the real targets: Austin, twins (who Austin will try to control) and, especially, Clay. He knows a lot about BB but he has no idea how to facilitate moves to make something happen and no one likes him enough to want him around for social reasons.

  8. IMO they are thinking of Austins reaction if they put Liz up. Even though he has nevr threatened anyone his size is intimidating. Also they know in their hearts (will never admit) that there is a large alliance and they will have the votes the thing to do is put one up and hoe the other doesn’t win veto.

  9. If this week was the “bbadboy takeover” – I’d declare (sounds so southern) that Jmac cannot be a pawn this week.

  10. Was there a takeover this week? If so, I totally missed it. If not, I’m confused because I thought there was supposed to be one every week. Gronk was last week, right?

    • A takeover is supposed to be every week…many people have said that the 90’s event was the takeover, but I did read that we would have a guest announcing the takeover, and we never did…so I am confused about this week

    • If the 90s thing is the takeover, I wonder why they couldn’t get anybody halfway famous to run it. Like, there’s gotta be some has-been from the 90s that’s a BB fan, right?

  11. If you get rid of one twin before the other comes into the house, you eliminate two players at once. Better odds for everybody.

  12. Heres the problem with this brilliant plan of theres, the after dark crew is 100% all talk, they all claim to want to get rid of Austin but when it comes to HOH comp they will all throw it again, every single one of them with the exception of maybe james all want someone else to win and do there dirty work and none of them are interested in actually winning hoh and clay and shelly can talk all they want but there not going to pull that trigger either as there too comfortable straddling the fence.

  13. Last season was 97 days. This season is 98 days, which means that it’s the same number of weeks as last year. If Liz AND Julia both enter the house, that takes place of the rewind twist that happened last season. The first four jurors will still have a chance to reenter the house, so no problem!!!

  14. Jason, James and Meg pretty much know that Shelli, Austin, Clay and Liz are working together, yet they all continue to openly talk about things you should really only be talking about with the people you feel closest to in the house in front of all of them.

    At this point I no longer care The Sixth Sense is dominating the house. I’m actively rooting for them to take everyone else out so we can FINALLY get to something interesting when they have to start finding reasons to turn on each other.

    • I’m not giving up on my little “Block ” heads yet. But they need to give it all they’ve got and win HOH this week. I’d love to see what they would do with a win. I want to see if they would bring the right people in to work together.

      • I don’t care too much for anyone in the Sixth Sense, so I really hope one of them do win HoH just to see something different. But you’ll have to hope hard enough for both of us because as you can probably tell, mine is just about gone.

      • Come on, water0nmars, stick with them until this HOH comp. If they don’t show us a little something to get excited about, we’ll show them the hand. LOL

    • Nobody said anything about Becky and John. They might be on to something. John has considered playing by himself

  15. Get rid of 1 person now or 2 people later? Seems like an obvious choice!

      • They’re wasting a crucial week on Audrey… someone with zero social capital (or really importance) in the House. Once both twins are in, it’s going to be a lot harder to get rid of Austin. They’re going to regret it.

  16. Strategy wise bringing in someone who could join a competing alliance seems like a bad idea to me. Do they want to have an even bigger chance of losing? Austin can wait.

  17. Whatever happened to straight up nominate two people that are a threat and make them have to fight to win. Their is no incentive to actually win a compition to save yourself the way they have been playing this game. Johnny Mac is the only one fighting for his life and he is not ever the target. I hate the idea of a backdoor every week. Its a cowards way.

  18. The twin twist is the dumbest thing ever. The HGs figured it out in week 2, and they’ve admitted to it. This is so dumb. They should be evicted just for that.

  19. Rule number #1 in BB, get rid of any pairing of two people, whether it’s twins, a showmance or Jeff/Jackie situation (which was a ‘whatever?’). That’s actually way more important than getting rid of crazy Audrey or someone annoying like Jace. They should be targeting Liz, and Clay. And Jason, Becky, John, Meg & Austin (I think Steve is dead in the water already), by going along with Shelli and Vanessa, are just signing their own death warrants because soon they won’t have the votes to flip the house. The twins are both total dumb bunnies (especially Liz) but they can be manipulated by Shelli, Vanessa or Austin. Anyone who thinks it’s Audrey’s fault things got nasty are kidding themselves… Audrey was a convenient distraction for the House. Once she’s gone, they’re all going to turn on each other because they won’t have a common person to blame.

    • If Audrey was a normal ‘crazy’, I’d agree with you. But Audrey is apparently seriously mentally disabled. It’s unhealthy for her and the other HG’s to allow her to remain. She needs professional help.

      When a person is a ill as she is, it’s a cruelty to put her through a game like Big Brother. It just fuels her unsavory fantasies.

      • As to whether she is mentally unstable enough to participate in Big Brother I don’t feel qualified to say. Clearly, she’s pumped up on Ativan and not in a good way at this point. I would suggest none of us really know her. The lying everyone is so obsessed over is done by HGs as well (Clay is a huge liar) and I would suggest Vanessa seems just as mentally unstable as Audrey and is also on some powerful meds—maybe bipolar issues.

        I’m not an Audrey fan and, yes, she’s made a lot of repeatedly dumb mistakes (playing in ORG leagues is clearly not the same as playing in 3D). But I do think it’s important to say Audrey was NOT in the same situation as other players in the house… she was evidently forced by CBS to reveal extremely personal information from the get go to total strangers (not to mention millions of viewers). They did this, IMO, for publicity purposes to make a buck off of the novelty (and it’s likely someone from the network leaked it to TMZ). That’s a very destabilizing thing and I’m not surprised someone would feel paranoid or attacked in that given situation (and just because an HG says “you’re so brave” doesn’t mean they treat you as an equal or even as a woman.”) So I have to laugh when I hear HGs say “Audrey never shares information with us” as if them talking about their “dream bedroom” or their sorority is the equivalent of telling a group of people you don’t know you’re transgender. Why was it sooo important for them to know… because she might give them cooties?

        No other houseguest had to do something like that and some, like Vanessa, are still lying through their teeth about who they are. I’ve read a poker-related article about how she drives a $200K Lamborghini and here she’s competing for prize money with people who still live with their parents.

  20. It kind of looks like everyone who is not part of sixth sense is trying to throw hoh or they are just not good at competitions. Also I think it’s safe to let Julia into the game, I don’t think we’re going to see another Dick/Daniele thing happen this season.

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