Big Brother 17: Steve Breaks Down In Tears “I’m Sorry Mom” As He Reveals Shocking Decision

It was an emotional night for Big Brother 17 Houseguest Steve Moses who had secured a spot in the F3 but became upset in a late night camtalk session revealing what he believes was a $500,000 mistake in his strategy.

Steve Moses upset over decisions made on Big Brother
Steve Moses upset over decisions made on Big Brother – Source: CBS All Access

When Feeds returned last night we discovered who won the Veto setting us up for the next eviction and the season’s F3 ring of Houseguests. What we didn’t learn until later is that Steve might have made a surprising decision that could cost him the game.

Flashback to 12:10 AM BBT 9/16 as Steve, alone in the HoH room, starts camtalking before suddenly breaking out with crying:

“Vanessa, I can’t beat you in the F2!” He starts to sob, “Why did I throw it? I just lost the game. I could have won the game today. Anyone but Vanessa. I can’t beat her. She’s so good. She got me to throw the Veto. I said it this f**king morning. I said it this morning! I could have beat her.”

Steve grabs his bear and cries in to it, “I’m sorry, Mom. I’m so sorry. I made a mistake. I just cost you so much. I’m sorry.” He collapses on to the bed and continues to cry that he can’t beat Vanessa.

“I shouldn’t have thrown it. I shouldn’t have thrown it. Why did I throw it?” asks Steve. “I could have taken me and Johnny and Liz. And Johnny and I could have won. Johnny would have taken me and I would have taken Johnny because Johnny would have been nervous about Austin and the twins. I could have taken this game home. Oh my God. Why did I pass that up?”

Steve gets up and is walking around to get a tissue before returning to bed. He says he doesn’t have the resume to beat Vanessa, but his big move could have been to send Vanessa home. “I could have killed this game! And I didn’t. I could have won Big Brother today.” Collapsing back in to his bear Steve begins crying again with more apologies to his mom.

“I don’t want this,” continues Steve. “I want to send Vanessa home. I said it this morning. I f**king chickened out.”

Steve does a quick Jury vote count. “Next to Johnny I would have had 4 Scamper Squad votes then Meg and James.” Whether or not that count is accurate, it would have been enough to win. He says there’s no chance James, Meg, Shelli, Becky, and Jackie would have all voted for John over him. “There’s no way. Having zero HoHs? Oh my God, I would have won this game. I would have won this game. I would have won this game.”

“I could have won and now I can’t. And now here I am, this pathetic little s**t crying in my HoH room,” says Steve as he starts to wind down on the tears.

Steve paces the room before returning to the topic of throwing the Veto. “It was so close. It wasn’t like if I screwed it up and didn’t win on my own merit… and I lost because I wasn’t good enough.”

If Steve did in fact throw this Veto competition as he claims then that was a terrible, terrible choice. Terrible. Steve most likely can not beat Vanessa in the end. I don’t think any of them could beat her, but maybe there’d be a surprise with the other two. Allowing Vanessa to stay in the game was likely a losing decision for Steve and there’s no room for sympathy when someone has done it to themselves.

We’ll have to watch the show tonight and see how the Veto went down to learn more about Steve’s claims that he was willing to throw it. Was he truly convinced by Vanessa or did he come to that conclusion on his own and go along with her request? I’d expect to find out she had worked on him for this to happen, but we’ll have to wait and see.

What do you think of Steve’s situation? If he did throw it to Vanessa was it at least a $450,000 error? Share your thoughts below.



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  1. I want to feel bad for him, I do, but I can’t. What he did was arguably the dumbest BB move of all time. He should be extremely embarrassed and feel like a failure at this point.

      • This is EXACTLY why John should have voted Steve out Tuesday and not Austin. Steve doesn’t look out for himself let alone John, Steve doesn’t deserve to be there! He’s done everything Vanessa has told him to since the beginning and he won’t stop. It’s so infuriating that he’s so dumb!!!

      • Maybe but I doubt it, John would have talked him out of it if he mentioned it. Steve is too stupid for his own good, he doesn’t deserve even second place.

      • I agree…I’ve said months ago…he can play BB in his head but when it comes to doing in reality…he wimps out..he doesn’t have the social skills to con these people let alone the sly fox Vanessa..she is good but like someone said before..the HG’s that she was up against this season was like shooting fish in a barrel…no problemo!

      • That move defies logic! He must have done it on purpose, because NO ONE could be that stupid! Gutless Wonder! Steve is so afraid of horse face Vanessa, he messes his underwear. No need crying now, you little wimp!!

      • Maybe maybe not, I have faith he would have but there’s no way to know. Steve was the biggest waste of a player this season, they honestly couldn’t have picked a worse “super fan” than him.

      • I might argue that Jason was a worse “super fan” than Steve. All he did was talk about what was going on and gossip about the twins and never really played the game. He never made an alliance past the first week, that had clearly fizzled by the time he was in danger. Neither of them were good players, but at least Steve is still in the game.

      • I didn’t know until now that Jason was even a super fan, he wasn’t there long enough to be relevant.

      • I believe many of them played like they were in h.s. LOL But Jason didn’t have the right hgs to compete with…meaning more girls than guys who weren’t all that competitive..LOLOL

      • Jason is smart. I expected him to last longer and do more.

        Jmac – from Week 1 – Honestly, I thought he would never make it past the halfway point and I thought he’d be a nice guy but annoying.
        I was wrong on both counts. He’s a favorite of mine.
        Didn’t always agree with him but overall, I liked him.

      • He had to basically learn to be more cautious than the others because he never lost perspective like Steve has. A shame Steve threw the Veto to Van, but there’s the reason why that happened. He choked and then chickened out. I think JMac has finally resigned himself to being evicted now.

      • What did Jason do that was smart? I’m not challenging you, I just literally don’t remember anything he did since it’s been so long.

      • Jason may be smart, but he made stupid moves, so it kind of negates itself. He should have used his knowledge of the twins to his advantage, and like he said, he probably should have built his social game with more house guests than he did.

      • Steve is no “super fan”! A super fan would have never done something so stupid. Steve just thinks he is smart! Little sniviling wimp is afraid of horse face Vanessa!!

      • Steve is still in the game because he was such a weak and vulnerable player. Vanessa sniffed out a weakness and used it to her advantage. No one else wanted to work with him til much later.

      • Steve is young and Vanessa is so Wrong a crying manipulator. She is a snake, slithering to all in the house.

      • Actually, with how everything played out, JMac could very well have won HOH! If JMac didn’t win HOH, Austin would have won.

        The POV would then have been Liz, JMac and Vanessa.

        Vanessa won POV, she most certainly WOULD have taken JMac to the finals.

        This is not directed at you Sue, more of a general observation.

        PLEASE STOP searching for scenarios that favor the players you are rooting for (or against). Look at what’s in the best interest of the individual player.

        I posted this BEFORE Austin was evicted, JMac’s best move was to keep Austin. JMac guaranteed himself a spot in the final three by voting out Steve.

        I warned that JMac would be in grave danger if Steve won the HOH.

        For those of you rooting against Austin, JMac’s vote was great. For people rooting for JMac, the move cost him his game. Some of the blood he was so happy to spill was his own.

        JMac did his master’s (Vanessa) bidding.

      • I have to agree with you on that. I just wonder why Steve didn’t put Liz up on the block right off the bat instead of Vanessa and John, his two supposedly allies.

      • Wrongway,

        It wouldn’t have mattered who Steve put up. Everyone was playing for veto. Nominations were/are completely irrelevant at F4.

        The veto winner holds all of the power this round.

      • Hi Brenda,

        Here’s how the F4 round (where we’re at now) works.

        HOH winner (Steve) is in the finals (F3). Steve nominates two of the three remaining players (Vanessa and JMac)

        All four of the players play for veto.

        The winner (Vanessa) can change one of the nominations, or leave them the same. Obviously she will change the noms.

        JMac and Liz (as replacement) will be on the block with one of them voted out. The only player voting this round is the player who holds the veto (Vanessa).

        So Steve (HOH winner) is in F3, Vanessa (POV winner) is in F3 and whoever Vanessa doesn’t vote out (Liz or JMac) is in F3.

      • But knowing one can not do well in physical comps over one that does, who would you take out of the two who are good? Liz or JMac? I hope Van will remove Liz, but I have a feeling it’ll be JMac. Steve does not do well in physical comps at all of the 4 that are remaining. No more throwing comps if Van or Steve want to be sitting in F2.

      • She will keep liz and steve – van is better at physical than those two. Jmac would at least have a chance and he tends to win when he really has to.

      • Probably, because she thinks Steve would take JMac over her to the final 2 (and vice versa). Especially because Vanessa evicted Austin, Liz likely would do the same. So, to increase her chances of getting to final 2, Vanessa almost has to evict him.

      • Agreed, I have no idea if Steve will make F2.

        What does that have to do with our current discussion about the COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT F4 nominations?

      • That is true but he did make two mistakes last night and not one.1. He should of put Liz and Vanessa on the block. 2. He should have NEVER thrown the VETO comp to Vanessa. Steve’s ally John will be gone tonight because of his actions in the game by listening to Vanessa.

      • I know Van should take JMac out..that would be the more sensible thing (like evicting Austin certainly was), but with Van, you never really know. I’ll have to review her talk with Steve and see if she’s really BSing him or going to concede to letting him have his way by voting out Liz and keeping JMac. I called it Monday about Austin’s eviction when others didn’t think she’d actually go through with it. This time…hmmm. I can tell when one is BSing and when they’re serious.

      • JoniGab evicting Austin was the sensible thing for VANESSA.

        The correct move for JMac was evicting Steve.

        That’s not hindsight talking. I have been advocating since the options were presented that JMac should have evicted Steve.

        It certainly wasn’t the popular move on these forums. But it was the right play for JMac. He virtually would have guaranteed himself a spot in F3 by voting out Steve.

        Just like I said at the time, if Steve won HOH, JMac was in trouble.

        wtpvideo Lavendargirl 2 days ago

        By the way, if Liz wins POV and she sends Steve out, that means that JMac already won HOH. Why would he care what Liz does at that point?

        JMac’s bigger worry if he keeps Steve is that Steve wins HOH and Liz wins veto. Vanessa MAY be able to influence Liz to vote out JMac.

        If Vanessa wins POV, who gets sent out very much depends on who has won HOH. A Liz HOH win probably has Vanessa eliminating Steve. A Steve HOH has Vanessa eliminating JMac.

        Steve can’t keep JMac safe! Only winning HOH or POV will keep JMac safe.


        That post seems rather prescient in light of current circumstances.

        It may be the only thing I get right all week, just ask my wife!

      • I totally agree with you about what JMac should have done (evict Steve), but then you’d have gorilla boy still there who could have won the next Veto instead of JMac (or Van since Steve threw it). So it’s neither here nor there anymore.

      • Well it’s still interesting to speculate. And quite honestly have some really good game discussion.

        Even if Austin remained in the game and won HOH or veto, I still think JMac was good to go to F3.

        Austin’s words to Vanessa, “you will never win now”, betray the fact that Austin thought Vanessa was going to win or at least had the chance to win.

        If Austin could have, he would have eliminated Vanessa in F4. Liz would have followed Austin’s direction.

        Austin may be an extremely cautious player, but unlike Steve, if he had his foot on Vanessa’s throat during the veto, he would have finished her off.

        And, as it happened in our current reality, Vanessa won veto, she would have (like she did in F5) eliminated the showmance.

        In any of the above scenarios, JMac is in F3. He wouldn’t have had a strong chance to win it all, but if he could have won final HOH and take Liz to F2, he would have had a shot.

      • And Austin should have done the logical thing when he had the chance, but he was too hung up on Liz to see the logic in that. Oooops! Hopefully he’ll look back and agree he should have. Too bad, so sad! :-)

      • Austin said in his interview with Julie he was going to take Vanessa to final 2. Because he thought he easily had the votes to beat her.

      • If Steve is no more a “Super Fan” than Liz is. He is just flat out stupid. He had it in the bag and then throws the veto to the enemy?? Who would be that stupid–and then to whine and cry on a bear, is down right revolting!!

      • I thought Vanessa would evict Austin as well. It was undoubtedly in her best interests to keep Steve.

        When she was crying in dairy and right after JMac won veto, she already knew she was going to evict Austin. That’s was reason for the tears. I think she genuinely likes Austin, but she had to evict him.

        It is also in her best interests at this point, to keep Liz. She MAY even gain Julia’s vote. Who knows about Austin. His display of poor sportsmanship was very distasteful. And he may be a lone bitter juror.

      • Austin was indeed a delusional player for believing
        Vanessa. Do you think that had one person had the
        guts(Other than Becky!!!) to target Vanessa she would
        be a good sport about being evicted? Locusts and
        famine would follow.(Don’t forget she was reading
        Steve’s bible.) I hope the poker player comes out
        tonight and she nominates Liz for eviction and takes her chances with John.(Steve has already
        rolled over) She has added the votes and believes
        she can win.

      • Hell I even called Austins eviction plus I even called Steve winning HOH. I just didn’t call what the after math of all this was gonna do to John.

      • It didn’t matter one lick if Steve put JMac up or not. Not at all, not in the slightest. It couldn’t have made LESS of a difference.

        I’m really not sure why people are having such a hard time understanding this!

      • You’re right! But Steve throwing the comp to Van was a mistake if he wanted to get her out initially. He should have thrown it to JMac. JMac would have removed himself from the block, Liz would have gone up and wahlah…JMac would be the one to cast the vote to evict. That didn’t happen.

      • Completely and TOTALLY agree with you on this point JoniGab, Steve should not have throw the veto to Vanessa.

        Was there any indication that Steve COULD have thrown the veto to JMac?

      • JMac was just as close to getting it as Van was (based on what Steve told Van in live feeds) yes, unless he won it himself. Liz, no.

      • That makes Steve’s play even more disturbing! What was he thinking?

        I can somewhat excuse JMac’s incorrect thinking on the Austin vote because it was a complicated process and quite honestly I think JMac has always been a limited player.

        Steve’s play here was on the level of Julia picking Austin in last week’s veto. Just inexcusably stupid.

      • I agree with you on this one. I’m trying to understand his reasoning here. Had he decided he wants JMac out now? Maybe he thinks he had a better chance taking Vanessa to final 2.

      • Not him taking her, but her taking him to F2 than her taking JMac or JMac taking him to F2…with that thinking in his head, that’s what made him choke!

      • So, he puts Vanessa and John on the block, then hands the POV to Vanessa.In doing that he changed his mind about he and John making it to final two? Was that his last minute decision strategy? ?

      • Steve is a whimpering idiot!! I don’t buy those tears. His crying/throw up jags are idiotic. Steve is just an idiot, plain and simple. He is no where near a “super Fan!” I can’t watch tonight, because if I see him start that whining, I’m libel to put my foot through the screen!! What an IDIOT!!

      • I don’t care who wins now–but Steve deserves nothing, after this bone head move. I can’t believe he’s that stupid!!

      • I agree what he said to both Vanessa and Julie was uncalled for. Vanessa does have at least one vote in Jury and maybe even more depending on is in the final 2. Right now my guess would be Steve and Vanessa final 2 but I wouldn’t count out either Liz or John just yet. One will go home and the other would still have the chance to win a HOH and maybe not take Vanessa or Steve.

      • I hope Steve is not in final 2 now. At some point in this game you must start making decisions for yourself. My goodness! !

      • Or it could be JMac (who’s not ever won an HOH) and Vanessa if Van decides it’s time for Liz to go bye, bye! Need to review what she tells JMac today!

      • He was lashing out. Not a good look. He’s overestimating his sway with the jury.
        He’ll chill. He’ll probably apologize on the air.

      • I finally saw his true colors of his core that I predicted early on. He’s a sore loser and believes he’s entitled to the point of delusional. You didn’t see how much of a sore loser he was when he lost comps until he could no longer be there to win or lose them.

      • Obviously, he’s incapable of playing his own game and he shouldn’t be there. Time for him to go home. .

      • Yes YesYes, OMGH!!!! That is the problem!!! Doing all, that V has planned!!! Once again, there was a chance for a change!!! You can give her a clue that you are listening to her bc…….as soon as there is a crack in the door, V will go for the kill!!! Dang!!!

      • You know, I wouldn’t have been that surprised if Steve had cut Jmac at F3 and took Vanessa to F2, out of some misplaced, misguided sense of loyalty and honor to her, for their “alliance”.
        But to hand Vanessa the knife to cut Jmac at F4? Noop. He can blow it out his trombone.

      • How is this guy a scholar of the game? Not once
        has he ever made a decision on his own. Please
        Steve,’s mum call him in for supper. Game is over
        Sorry JohnnyMac carried this lame ass for so long.
        Cry all you want your personality is not tied to Vanessa (My integrity is all I have. Swear on THE
        BIBLE! Maybe she should realize how slimy this is
        My mother,girlfriend,tea cozy lady who makes my
        hats.) If this game is fixed for Vanessa CBS have
        you made enough money? Are you tired of this
        franchise and want it to end?Jessie(The Michelon
        Man looks better, Frankie(Ariana) you out gayed
        everyone) Terrible season!!!!!!

      • Austin probably would have done the same thing though. He said he planned to take Vanessa to the final 2.

    • IRS got to be one of the tip 5 stupidest things Steve could have done. I have to believe he did it on purpose, because NO ONE IS THAT DAMN STUPID!!

    • I partially agree – the dumbest move was by Marcellas Reynolds (one of my fave players ever) in BB3 -he had the Veto and used it on his friend Amy. He thought she was headed out the door and figured he would save her. He ended up walking out instead. Much too nice a guy.

    • I’d argue that Marcellus not using the veto on himself (way back when) was the dumbest BB decision ever.

      • I think Vanessa will take John, as Liz has two absolute given votes to begin with. She would only need 3 more to win it all! Nobody has to fear the Bully any longer.

      • Isn’t the problem with taking John that Liz, Julia and Austin will likely vote against Vanessa? In which case she’d need 5 of the remaining 6 votes to go her way. Isn’t Vanessa better keeping a negative vote off of the jury?

      • Van won’t care by then who doesn’t give her the votes. She’ll feel she won just as much as Steve or JMac will…with the mindset she doesn’t really need the money, just her integrity which is everything to her, remember? hahaha

      • This is a game and Vanessa from day one has been putting forth amazing strategies…..she definitely knows what she is doing and what she is capable of…She deserves to win with the amount of work that she has put into planning….whining and crying are parts of her strategy….All the more power to her

    • Best season ever. We witness one of the best players. I can’t wait for Sunday. Vote count:

      Liz: Vanessa
      Julia: Vanessa
      Austin: Vanessa
      James: Vanessa
      Meg: Vanessa
      Shelli: Vanessa

      Winner of Big Brother 17: Vanessa

      • That would all depend on what Austin tells everyone in jury. But I agree that Shelli would vote for Vanessa and the Austwins vote could go either way. As for the rest, that is the biggest wonder of them all.

      • They’ll see it for themselves on DVD.
        The twins are catty acting but they hate Steve (&Jmac) so I think they’d probably vote “anyone but Steve”.
        Austin will change his tune by then. He had a moment but he will get over it. I think.:)

      • I know a lot of people that can hold a grudge, Austin may be one of them people. If it comes down to Liz and Vanessa he will do what it takes to make sure Liz wins.

      • I think Jackie & Becky vote for Vanessa, too.
        Wouldn’t be shocked if Jmac did. He gave her props before.

    • Despite them taking the summer off, I did enjoy the show, as the cast was entertaining, made lots of dumb moves, etc, but the producers were not very creative. That freakin’ robot has to go, I hate it, can’t understand it, and fast forward that segment!

  2. I will have to watch tonight’s live eviction including the veto comp to see what really happened. But nonetheless, I don’t believe in throwing comps, so it is what it is. Beyond that though, even if Steve had won the POV, I don’t think he would have voted out Vanessa. He has had over the last month or so to do it and he hasn’t.

    1. Now I wonder who will be evicted?
    2. And I was surprised last night with Austin being evicted, what a move.

    • My gut tells me Johnny Mac will be gone after tonight unless Vanessa thinks she can beat him in final 2

    • I agree, though at least he would not have had to listen to her BS for as long as the regular schedule would allow. I think that’s why she survived so many opportunities when she was the logical choice for nomination, the weak did not want hér harassment.

    • If Steve was really sincere about he and JMAC making it to final 2,he wouldn’t have thrown the POV to Vanessa. He would’ve taken JMac off the block put Liz up and sent Van packing.

  3. I think he just an entitled loser and can’t stand to get beat. Spends way too much cam time trying to convince HG and feeders that he ‘threw’ things. That convo with Van to ‘build trust’ was beyond bizarre.


    • Why did Steve put up JMac he didn’t vote against him I will bet he was mad at Steve I guess he wish he voted him out and kept Austin instead but
      anyway I am through with this show this year waiting for Survivor and The
      Amazing Race to come on see you until next year maybe you all have a great holiday it will be here before you know it good bye.

      Did you have a nice holiday season?


      • Sorry to have poked you. Wasn’t intended to harm, was pointing out the irony of someone saying something and doing just the opposite.
        I hope you stick it out with the rest of us and when holidays do roll around I hope they are great for you and yours.

  5. I’m of the opinion that SOMETIMES throwing a comp may be in your best interest. Perhaps you have a secret alliance with someone who is on the block and you throw a veto to them so as not to expose your alliance. Or you have a faux alliance with someone on the block and they’d expect you to use the veto on them but you wouldn’t want to/it would put a huge target on your back. Instances like that I can see myself throwing a comp if I were in the same position. But to throw ANY comp in the final 4 is so dumb. So disappointed in Steve, a self-proclaimed superfan would know better.

    The amount of comp throwing this season though has been obscene.

    • Throwing a comp in final 4 is absolutely insanely stupid. Especially for Steve who is complaining that his resume isn’t as good as Vanessa’s.

      • Exactly! Not only did he hand is competitor F3 on a silver platter, he boosted her resume at the same time. He has won quite a few comps, but still not as many as her, and this veto would have been a great addition. It may have been a little more forgivable if, say, he threw it to JMac in return for Johnny voting out Vanessa, but if Steve won the veto he could just as easily pulled JMac aside and told him he’d use the veto on him if he promised to evict Van.

    • I hope BB never brings him back, except to use him as a bad example of a Superfan. Liking the show and playing it are totally different. Maybe they could bring him back with his Mommy!

      • Agreed! They could always bring him back with the likes of Marcellas and Lawon and have a Bonehead players season of BB.

      • They show up at the wrong house lol
        Lock themselves out of the house lol
        Comps take forever because they keep throwing it to each other, no one wants to figure out the puzzle.

  6. He should go to Vanessa and find a way to talk her into keeping JMac. That is his only hope for JMac to win next HOH and take Steve with him to F2. Otherwise I believe JMac will go tonight.

    • Doubt Vanessa has any second thought of who shes sending out. She had John going out not Asstin yesterday, and will put John out today. Doubt even Mel could convince her to keep Jmac, so Steves chance are beyond slim to none.

    • I think that Austin might not want to vote for her, but I bet both twins still vote for her if Liz isn’t in the final two.

      • I don’t see Vanessa worried about vote count vs any of other 3 or 4 prior to Asstin leaving.
        She’d give up the twins and his vote, they are only 3, she feels she has the rest. She probably does.

      • She should worry about it. If she were foolish enough to get rid of Liz, she might lose all three of their votes. Sitting next to Steve he would most likely have Johnny and Shelli’s vote, if not at least on of the Goblins. Same with sitting next to JMac, he would only need 2 more votes, easily coming from Becky or one of the Goblins.

      • Assuming Jmac is out of picture to be sitting in finals, I think she still has the votes.
        I think only votes she loses are twins and Asstin, and I’m not even sure she loses all of those.

        As for Steve. His only chance of any redemption for himself is winning final HOH and taking Liz along with him.
        In his rants it seems he came to realization that he can’t be Vanessa in F2 and if he happens to win HOH, he may put on his big boy pants and drag Liz or John if slim chance hes still in.

        Liz wins HOH, I’m pretty sure she is unaware of who she can or can’t beat and without help of sis or Asstin, she will likely take Van with her. Just my thoughts, but its played into Vans game pretty well.
        If Van wins final HOH, she will have chose who went to f2 with her while 5 people still were in house and was deciding power on final 3 evictions.

      • My statement was all about Vanessa foolishly voting out Liz tonight. That would still put JMac in contention for final 2 and Liz would not be there. If she votes Liz out tonight, there is a very real chance that she loses all three Austwin votes. Then it only takes 2 additional votes to win the game.

      • Understood. I don’t see her having any reason to keep Jmac especially since her goal was him gone last night not Austin.
        I’m going out on limb to say Jmac is as good as gone, but as they say expect the unexpected.

      • I totally agree. The only way that changes is if Vanessa gets herself paranoid enough to talk herself out of it.

      • I’d said before it was gonna take Vanessa to remove Vanessa from game.

        As for Austin’s vote. He may have seemed bitter at exit, but he quickly said he was “judasd” by Vanessa. With him recognizing that he got beat, he may vote game play not emotionally. His rant at exit to her may have only been attempt to help his gal pal Liz open her eyes or put a fear into Vanessa that she will need Liz in finals to assure an extra vote. This would have had him putting his gf into a better chance of second prize.
        I don’t see jury being bitter and over looking what she has done, especially with her comp wins. If she had no wins or far fewer, than bitterness may out weigh the game play, but the wins alone should speak for themselves.

      • If the jury is filled with fans of the game, then they won’t vote bitter, because fans hate when that happens. But a lot of the jury is consisted of recruits, and recruits are unpredictable in their voting. Giving Austin a week to cool off, might help Vanessa. But if she dumps Liz in final 3, I could see him being upset at that.

      • I think Austin will settle down. Once cooler heads prevail, with him burning to carve out a career in lala-land, Vanessa has the hookup. I think he’ll play nice. What’s Steve going to do for him if he wins big money? Vanessa may not do much but she’ll be better positioned to hang out with, as he pursues his dreams. (This is how I think he’ll view it.)

    • Please that was all acting on Austin’s part. The game is over. Believe me. It will be Vanessa and Steve in final 2. Vanessa has liz, julia, austin, james, Meg and shelli for sure. Just like BB Canada this year a Lesbian rules. It’s not hard to figure out. You can complain all you want but Vanessa played a brilliant game. Once James decided not to evict her weeks back it was game over.

    • Like everyone from BB1 onwards are? They’re all are a little crazy for their own good, which probably makes them perfect housemates.

  7. He really just handed all the power this week and next week to Vanessa. If she keeps Liz, Vanessa is guaranteed final 2. Both Steve and Liz will take her if they win. Whereas if he got rid of Vanessa, he would have a much better chance of making it to the final 2.

    • Yup. But it’ll be interesting to see what Steve does if he wins the final HOH. He’ll be throwing up on live tv over the stress of the decision.

      • As a Vanessa supporter, I hope so. But he has been contemplating who he would take to the cameras. He’s at least considering sending out Vanessa.

      • On a personal level, I don’t like Vanessa. But on a game level, she’s played the best game. I’m more excited to see the look on the Austwins face when JMac wins America’s Favorite, since they were so sure it would be one of them.

    • His best bet would have been get rid of Van at F4, then send Liz packing in F3 if he won the last HOH. The three HOH’s at the end, key veto wins for himself, booting the big baddie, and taking the first shot at the Austwins would have been a landslide win over JMac in terms of resume.

  8. Sickening. Just sickening that someone so completely gutless, spineless, ball less, whatever less has made it to the final three. Plus, I still hear/read people still comparing him to Ian, which if I was Ian, I would be highly offended by that.

      • Ian was a great player. I don’t think Steve is out of his diapers yet. It will be great to see my Vanessa win. It’s to bad to see Steve win $50,000. I would rather have seen Johnny Mac win the $50,000. At least he will win $25,000 as America’s favorite. Just don’t let it be James. Never liked him.

  9. I can’t stand any of them except John! None of them are likable on any level. Wait until the idiots let Vanessa win the big prize and they find out she’s a millionaire! I’m sick of her crying, begging, and cajoling! Wait until she finds out how much people dislike her on the outside. But she’s so self centered, she won’t even care! The rest of the show is too painful to watch. I’M OUT!!

  10. Lets be real now…. anyone who watches the feeds lost all respect for steve. at this stage of the game you dont throw anything and this just goes to show the kind of player steve really is… He was trying to be a bb great but he will end up being a total joke and shouldn’t be invited back to play bb ever again

  11. Have to admit Austin giving credit where credits are due in his exit interview with Julie … Judas Got Judas’d !!! Ha !!!
    Sorta knew that was going to happen as Vanessa’s entire weekend as HOH was stressed out about which couple to break up, amongst her two alliances …
    Which, would make more sense for her to vote out JMac this week, so that the remaining HGs are not necessarily in any alliances … well, Vanessa would sorta make amends with Liz and former alliances if she evicted JMac … and, overnight on BBAD, Liz and Steve appeared to be making nice on how to move forward …

      • So, who’s gonna go out and pay Big $$$ for Judas Pro Wrestling Shirts and Swag now? Especially, now, having gotten b*tch slapped by Vanessa all season ?? Ha !! :)

      • My mom and I were joking around that he didn’t get to take his hat with him, whatever will Judas do without it?!

  12. If history repeats itself, based on what Steve has been saying to the cameras and him sandbagging comps and supposedly being all emotional and crying about having mistakenly made decisions, etc … One would suspect that he is pretending again to be week, and having doubts, re: throwing POV to Vanessa, in hopes of getting sympathy from the HG’s …

    That, and, he sure has been scoring a lot of hugs in the past several weeks …
    While watching the tailed of BBAD this morning between him and Vanessa, he did not seem one bit emotional/stressed at all …. Actually, it seemed to be more like the conversations that Vanessa and JMac had this past weekend when she was HOH and JMac won POV … they both know that they are guaranteed F2, so lets try working together now for an F2 deal .. regardless on who stays or goes … an F2 between Vanessa and Steve would be an interesting show down…

  13. This is why people think it’s fixed for Vanessa to win, are the HGs really THIS dumb? From what I’m seeing she isn’t working too hard to get them to do what she wants. She just asks and they say “ok”

    • She is good at lawyering them. She talks in circles and throws accusations followed up by playing on their emotions. They are either blinded by her, or scared of her. She has ruled through fear this whole game. While not particularly admirable, it is still effective.

    • Exactly, a true player wouldn’t just say “yeah okay Vanessa whatever you want” there has to be an incentive for them to keep her, whether it’s money, letters from home, etc. there’s something they’re being rewarded with. As much as America hates Vanessa, and should bc anyone who likes her needs a brain check, she’s what people talk about and she makes good tv.

    • Unforgivable to whom? You? BB Nation? Fans? Would it cause us to lose money? It’s his own mistake, besides he could still win it against Van Van, or he could lose it against Vampire Dentist in F2, we will never really know for sure.

  14. A respectable player is someone who admits his mistakes, and denying that they ever made one.

    At least Steve owned his mistakes and everything else he has done for his gameplay. Did Vanessa ever owned up to her own?

    • Is there a particular mistake you are referring to? Game wise, she has made very few mistakes. Especially considering she is almost guaranteed final 2.

      • I’m generalizing everything, not just the mistakes (hence “everything else”). The way I see with Vanessa and her moves is that you could have own at least some of the things you have done to make yourself transparent with the people you’ve trust and not just trying to play victim and swear that you don’t remember having this or that conversation.

        A simple acknowledgement from one of her DR sessions would have been suffice, but even there, she was trying to go all-Poncio Pilato on us viewers.

      • If vanessa’s DRs were honest and she owned up in their, id have a completely different outlook towards her. Maybe even some respect. Shes dominated the game but forgotten about the audience :(

      • Oh yeah. Even if you’re playing the villain, make me LOVE to hate you. Talk trash. Laugh maniacally while rubbing your hands together. Go Chilltown on me. Derrick did this. We knew what he was up to and were powerless to stop it.

    • She hasn’t had to own up to any mistakes cause she’s still on the inside and is in a good position moving to final comp. And her mistakes have been few and far between and she played through them.

      And I’m a bit confused. Respectable player admits mistakes or denies? Doesn’t seem like it can be both.

      • Acknowledging that they are aware of having made mistakes and owning them is what I would consider respectable, especially if that player is letting feeders know what’s running in his head while still inside the house.

  15. I’ve said it all season long, these players are awful. One of the worst casts ever assembled from a game/strategy standpoint.

  16. Cody taking Derrick to final two over Victoria was stupid on an epic scale. Steve can even screw up the best.

    • Derrick and Cody had a F2 from the beginning. They were loyal to each other and remained friends outside the house. I respect Cody’s decision.

      • The decision still cost him 450.000$^^
        Derrick would have turned on Cody in a second if Cody had been any threat to his game at any point^^

  17. Oh, dear heavens. Steve. “Allowing Vanessa to stay in the game was likely a losing decision for Steve and there’s no room for sympathy when someone has done it to themselves.” Matt, you are absolutely correct. At this stage of the game NO ONE should be throwing anything. You win or lose on your own. Steve knows that and did it anyway. We’ve had some loony-acting HGs on this season, for sure, but of all of them, Steve was the least emotionally prepared to take BB on, especially with a power player like Vanessa.

  18. I want to see the comp play out to see if he really threw it or if he’s convinced himself post-loss that he could have done more/threw it.

    But he’s right – he won’t win against Vanessa. If Vanessa is not in the final I have no clue where the votes will go…if she is I’m still not sure where the votes will go but while I know most of the jury is mad at her – are they mad enough to be bitter?

    • I don’t think they’ll be bitter (ok, maybe Austin but I think he’ll recover by next week, since he has Hollywood aspirations and Vanessa is the hookup). Seems like every one of them so far (in JH) has given Vanessa props for her game so I think they’ll vote on merit.

      Me – I’m a bitter viewer. Thanks, Steve.

      • So after watching the Ep I don’t think Steve threw it. I think he messed up in the comp (was maybe a little cocky even thinking that JMac and Van wouldn’t know the answers like he did so he didn’t go as fast as he should have) and then convinced himself he threw it to save face.

      • Could be, Katherine. I give up on Steve.
        His cam talking was live.
        His DR for the comp where he was talking about “I couldn’t think straight” and losing that comp, was a DR recording.

        I don’t doubt that he threw it (all you have to do is act befuddled and hesitate) and was maybe genuinely regretting it; then when they taped the DR, (if he knew he messed up), he might play it off like he tried but came up short, just to save face.

        Who knows? At this point, even if he clarifies on the finale, I’m not sure I’d believe him. He’s been saying one thing and doing another all season. Ha!

  19. I picked Steve to win two weeks ago–and said he would have the cojones to send Van out the door at F4 or F3. If this is true, and he really did chicken out–then he deserves to get beat. Maybe he can knock her out at F3 and take his chances against Liz in the jury vote. He might not win that either, but he’d stand a better chance that way. Looks pretty obvious that he’s another one of the casting mistakes Les Moonves was referring to in his interview. Meg, Julia, and Steve are on the list of six-I wonder who he thinks the others are?

    • My guess is Jason, TAR folk, Clay (I for one expected him to be more of a leader and not quit), and Audrey. I think they banked on her alot.

  20. I know they shouldn’t be throwing anything at this point, but the fact is Steve all ready made his way to F3, so it’s not over yet. If he really wants Vanessa out before F2, then he has to make sure he beats her in 2 out of the 3 comps. If she wins the endurance one, then she won’t play in the mental one, which he will do very well in, then it’s just that final comp to worry about. So, best case scenario is Liz or John, whoever survives eviction, winning comp 1, Steve winning comp 2, and Vanessa unable to compete in comp 3.

  21. I’m catching up on the feeds and after this cam talk session, Steve goes downstairs and finds Liz awake and starts talking to her. Vanessa is in the next room listening. Steve is smart by talking to Liz because that could make Vanessa nervous that there’s something going on with them and make her want to take out Liz. Essentially, if Steve wants Johnny Mac to stay, he needs to make Vanessa feel that he is teaming up with Liz now.

  22. Kinda hard to feel sorry for him. As a big fan of the show, he should know better. Not to mention he screwed John, who basically just saved him from elimination. Unforced errors at this point in the game don’t deserve our sympathy.

  23. I don’t have the feeds and I don’t know what’s happening this minute, so could someone explain to me why everyone is so sure JMac is screwed? Keeping Liz seems like a stupid thing to do. What am I missing?

    • Vanessa is the sole vote this week. If she keeps Liz, both Liz and Steve will take her to final 2. If she keeps JMac, Steve might be tempted to take JMac to final 2 if he thinks he can beat him. JMac might be tempted to take Steve to final 2 if he thinks he can’t beat Vanessa.

    • Vanessa had clearly been after John this last HOH and him winning veto pushed her to take out Austin sooner than she wanted.
      She probably thinks Johns the hardest win for her, and with already wanting him gone, she will probably send him packing. Id guess she knew he was out as soon as she won the veto and doubt she has given it a second thought.

      • But in the end she ended up working with him to make an important game move. I know he was the target at first, but he helped her split them up. Liz seems like the hardest to win against of the 3.

    • No feeds here either, hell I don’t even have cable for after dark. Luckily I’ve stumbled onto here and enough die hard fans out there have allowed me to gain insight into game.

      So thanks people who are watching and posting as you do.

    • I really think Vanessa was planning to take julia to finals if she had complete say and chose of matter. I think she feels Liz is almost as good as Julia at this point.

      • That seems pretty dumb. That means 2 votes immediately she can’t get, and Liz has done far more in the game than her sister. I don’t see the logic.

      • I agree, keeping Liz is ridiculous for a f2, none of them can beat Liz. She needs to keep john and take him that way she wins. Assuming that’s her goal.

    • She probably thinks Liz will take her to F2 whereas JMac would take Steve. She’s basing strategy on not winning the HOH — she’s worried about who will take whom, not whom she can beat.

  24. I think this was one of the better seasons, even though the players often made bad and no guts decisions. There was a nice balance of good vs. evil, even though it didn’t always play out that way. They should have gotten Vanessa and the 3some outta there long ago!

    • Oh yeah. Last year, Derrick was flawless. But the season was boring though Donnie was fun, others were fun sometimes. But lambs to slaughter.

      This year, lambs to slaughter but we could still hope. Power shifts, blindsides… This week having no idea how this would play out…
      And I did like all the HGs this year. Hated some of their gameplay but liked them all. It was an interesting season, though very frustrating. Put in another ‘very’ please.

  25. All I want to know is, what is it about Van that made HG blind?!?! Throughout this season, Van had some how controlled every HG at least once, then later they can’t believe they let that happen lol. Every Time All Season, she would do things the same way to get the control, use her emotions, she would become soooo extra senitive and delicate lol. All was to control each mind, smh! You would think by now, HG would’ve figured her out, Steve showed us, nope lol!!! Wow…..This is crazy!!!

    • It’s called CBS rigged it for her to win. Idk exactly what they offered the other house guests but them nodding along and doing everything she asks without batting an eye isn’t magically it’s sketchy.

      • Yes, you would think! Many times hg decisions would changed so fast. At 1st hg are so concrete on decisions, felt like secs later, their ‘concrete decisions ‘ been turned V’s way?!? Dang, stimes It happen that fast I had to rewind to make sure I didnt miss something lol.

      • Yeah, I was wondering when Clay got evicted.
        I thought they had votes to get rid of Shelly.
        Miss the feeds, miss alot sometimes, I guess.
        This was the first year I considered seriously getting them.

  26. Steve, your an idiot. I am sorry, i really do not talk like to this to anyone on a regular basis, but your decision making skills are non-existent. Why in the world did you put up JMAC? Steve has played a horrible game, and I don’t think it would matter who he sits next to if hes F2 because he has not played his game. Hes played Vanessa’s game this whole time, even when he thinks he isn’t. Foolish foolish little boy.

  27. Steve throw the veto?!!! What the… After this I’m rooting for Liz… And I don’t like her game!… I hope that if some of this houseguest gonna return in another season, could be the houseguest who had a better gameplay (Becky, JMac, Shelli, James).

    • A thousand upvotes! Maybe more!
      Me, too – I’m pulling for a Liz & Vanessa F2!
      Wasn’t a big Liz fan before though I respect her comp winning.
      But I am that mad at Steve. GO LIZ!

      • I hope that Liz wins two of the final HoH comps, because if Vanessa win the majority she could see Liz as a threat and could evict her. So please Liz, you can win this game!

      • Ughh.. I really dont want Liz to win. I can only imagine her with that kind of money and the waste to follow. But with that said, i prefer John to miraculously win, next in line id favor Liz, then satan.. I mean Vanessa, and lastly steve.

      • Trust me, of this 4, I really wanna see JMac winning this game, he had some chances if he can convince evil Vanessa to take him to the F3.

      • Vanessa already has big plans with Liz’s new found wealth – she’s going to take it to Vegas and gamble it all away.

      • I want to see Liz pull out a Rachel type win now too.
        Mainly, I just want to see Vanessa lose though.

      • If that were the case, Liz has the final vote, I would expect her to get rid of V because she tossed out her beloved Troll! On the flip side, she’s with V for an all girl finale. Hmmm, just don’t know. It makes my head hurt.

      • Im not a fan of Liz but at this point if jmac goes home because of that idiot move then im all for her to win.

    • I’m with you. If John leaves I’m team Liz all the way bc Vanessa is so evil and Steve is so stupid.

    • James had a good gameplay? What?! WHAT?! :D
      I like JMac but his game play basically started after he got evicted. So I wouldn’t call it good game play^^

      • Well, maybe not the best gameplay -coff coff keep Vanessa and take out Shelli was a dumb move coff coff-, but had his moments, put Clay and Shelli on the block was a good one, after that he lose my respect (as a player). And John blindside Austin… Maybe both them are not the best players, bah! I only wanna see Becky again in a future season.

      • Like I said, John’s game started after he returned (which is better than having no game… James -.-, Meg..). James didn’t put up Clay and Shelli as a strategy though, he just wanted to be the tough guy that broke up the showmance.^^

        I want Becky to return in a future season, too. She was smart. Her only problem was thinking that J/J/M had brains. I really hoped she’d win returning Juror, but oh well..
        If Becky returns in a future season, she might actually have a good shot because we didn’t see a lot of her this season. I mean, if Vanessa returned, they’d all know her Modus Operandi, nobody would fall for that.^^

  28. I call bull. He is not sincere. He’s playing for sympathy.
    Like his other cam talks that turned out to be misleading. Same old song.
    No sympathy from me. I don’t even want to see it on tv because it’s not real. He’s playing to the cameras.

    Anyone but Steve for the win – ANYONE!

    • I feel the same way. I can’t even put my finger on it, but I feel like he’s acting in his cam talks. And for some reason I just don’t want him to win, although I have a gut feeling he will.

    • If Steve really threw he VETO as he is saying he’ll probably tell the jury that Vanessa deserves to win the season next. NOOOOOO!

  29. LOL, hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha €:^{]}

  30. I don’t understand why John isn’t campaigning? Why doesn’t he just tell Vanessa what she wants to hear like that he’ll throw the HOH to her and she can take him to the end and win first place? It isn’t that hard, as much as I adore him it’s hard to feel bad when he isn’t even trying. I feel like him promising to throw it is all she needs to hear!

    • JMac could put Liz as threat for Vanessa, because between Liz and John (based on the HoH comps victories) Liz has more probabilities to win the last two HoH comps, but all depends of the paranoic mind of evil Iggy Azalea, sorry Vanessa.

  31. Steve claims to be a superfan…a superfan should know that you NEVER throw a comp in the final days of the game. I don’t feel bad for him at all. Kudos to Vanessa for getting him to agree. She deserves the win.

  32. If Steve really threw this POV then he will beat Marcellus as the dumbest BB move ever. Plus that means Sithe Lord Crazy Train will win. Steve You Suck!!!!

    • Yes ,i was thinking the same thing. Damn Steve your at the end,how could anyone be that stupid. UNBELIEVABLE!

  33. Thats why Van will get rid of John. He might be able to beat her and hes more likeable! But she should be more worried about Liz!

    • And that’s why John needs to talk to V … She is so UBER paranoid right now that this is the time to strike! Come on John, think of something to make V spiral and want to keep you!

  34. Why do these HG’s talk about how they need to get rid of Vanessa, then when they get he opportunity, they don’t do it? THEN, after the fact they cry, piss and moan about NOT doing it.

    • James and Meg are the ultimate idiots for voting out Shelli over Vanessa, and they screwed over Becky so hard in doing so. That’s why I don’t want James to win AFP.

      • Meg, Jackie, and Austwins were idiots for not getting rid of Vanesssa. It was a smart move for James and James only. He was Shelli’s public enemy number one.

  35. Haven’t read any updates about conversations about who is going home, anyone have a take on who will go tonight? Liz will go up next to JMAC. Getting rid of Liz could mean at least 3 votes against Vanessa in finals.

  36. This entire season has been rigged for Vanessa to win. A number of comps were skewed in her favor. And, wasn’t it interesting when houseguests would plot her eviction, only to change after Diary Room visits?
    Why? Because Vanessa’s getting her own show, “Poker Face,” on CBS. That’s why she’s been working out every day and getting in shape — to look good on her series.

    • There is no show Poker Face on CBS hosted by Vanessa Rousso. This is a fantasy created by a journalistic hack to create clickbait.

      • People believing whatever they want to believe is the most frustrating thing about these types of shows. I’m so sick of the “rigged” conspiracies each and every season.

      • It may be swayed. But a full on rigging is a little too bond villian to be completely true. Either way, who cares? It’s fun to watch.

    • None of the comps I’ve seen so far were rigged in Vanessa’s favour. Plus, Vanessa’s eviction has been plotted only once, by Becky, and that failed because James is stupid.
      Maybe production did influence James though..
      But here’s another thought: Maybe – maybe – she (like everybody else in the house) is working out to be fit for comps.

    • Again I have to point out that only 3 HOHs were not from the 6th sense alliance + Steve who has been aligned with them the entire game. And one of those 3 was the first week when Jace was evicted. Vanessa was protected by her alliance most of the game. The there side of the house was too weak and too stupid to defeat the 6th sense. And its not just Vanessa. Austin, the twins and Steve were all there till the end when there was no one else to evict except themselves.

    • Grow up. CBS could easily find another reality star to host that reality show. They might influence but are they REALLY going to pull off a MASS conspiracy to keep her as the host of the show? There are tons more successful gamblers out there that they could throw less than the $500k to win. By planting a false story about BB being rigged, CBS creates controversy and gains free publicity for both shows simultaneously, NO rigging necessary. There may not even BE a poker show.

    • Did you just resort to name calling? He,s studying engineering and is a musician, playing an actual woodwind instrument, not a computer programmed by someone else. He may be emotionally immature and sheltered but is, in now way, stupid or idiotic.

      • I don’t care if he is a Rhodes Scholar with a degree in Rocket Science—He is an IDIOT! You can have all the book learning in the world and still be idiot, when it comes to sense–and Steve is a certified IDIOT! He is also a whiny brat– which may or may not be an act, but he was not smart enough to play both sides of the house. I have a college degree and I can play a piano–so his accomplishments are good, but nothing special. What irks me is I don’t tell you what to think about anyone–why are you telling me how I should feel about. I could see all this “talking” he was doing, trying to look like he was in control, was going to blow up in his face–and it did–and nd that makes him an idiot!!

    • I don’t care if he is a Rhodes Scholar and went to school to be a Rocket Scientist–He is an IDIOT! You can have all the book learning in the world and still be an idiot–and that is what he is!! He is a whiny brat that doesn’t deserve a single penny of money. I have gone to college, too, and have a degree. I can play the piano and I have a heck of a lot more sense than him–so get a ladder and climb of my back. It’s my opinion, and I don’t need you to tell me what to think. You can admire him if you want–I’m not telling YOU WHAT TO THINK–so kindly allow the same for me!!

  37. Who really throws the POV this late in the game? I understand the strategy of laying low and not winning HOH and POV early in the game. However, by
    analogy, we are in the playoffs, ahead by 3 points and the quarterback hangs on the football, instead of passing to the running back and gets sacked, loses the football and the other team scores a touch down and gets the win! Dumb move yet, again! And Steve loses an ally, Johnny Mac for the very crucial best of 3 HOHs. Vanessa is probably laughing her head off!

  38. its not over yet only 2 people go to final 2, if they can beat her in the next 2 comps they can get rid of her still

    • Vanessa is probably good enough to beat both Liz and Steve so, it is not looking good right now. If Steve tor Liz win the best of 3 HOHs, they should take each other to Final 2. That is a no brainer but, these guys are not using their heads. Would not be surprised if Vanessa it taken to Final 2 by either Steve or Liz.

  39. How can any man allow a women to manipulate them. I saw it by everyone. They all aloud vanessa to manipulate them. But aparently the game is going the way the producers want it to. Vanessa wins the game thanks to producers fixing the game. That’s why you see so many stupid mistakes. Its a shame because it makes all the other house guests look stupid.

  40. When can you say…if he did indeed throw the Veto Comp then I would have to say this goes down as one of the worst BB moves . $500,000 was not a big not enough incentive to stand up to Vanessa? He’s hopeless.

  41. Wow steve you are a jellyfish…you just handed Vanessa the money and screwed your friend john in the process…idiot crybaby

  42. I am not a fan of Vanessa’s but she is gonna win if she gets to final 2 – why wouldn’t she. Vanessa has controlled almost every aspect of the game. I hope Johnny Mac stays but I doubt it

  43. Steve, smarts aren’t enough in life. You’ve gotta have a social game and at least a little guts. Smh.

  44. It’s not over yet, he and/or john can take out Vanessa in the final three as long as He and John wins rd 1 and/or rd 2.

  45. Steve hasn’t really played the game until the last few weeks. I personally believe Johnny Mac deserves to be sitting beside Vanessa in finals. Although, Johnny hasn’t won a HOH he has pulled himself from the block countless times and when it was needed, he was evicted and earned his way back in, he also threw many comps for AUSTWINS early on and even agreed countless times to sit on the block at their request! This guy is amazing! Vanessa is a mind player and can persuade very easily. She’s won comps and has earned her keep as well… My opinion these two in finals and jury will have a tough decision on their hands

  46. What bothers me is that JMac should have won the HOH. Steve claimed he forgot a zero so his guess would have been 6100 and not 610 and JMAC would have been closer. And now to add insult to injury Steve makes the move that will send him home. Smh

  47. Steve this is BB,not “The Crying Game”,you supplied others with the bullets and if given a chance they will now pull the trigger and send your 12 year old persona to the jury house where you belong.

  48. And don’t forget when they were playing for the HOH, he admitted later that he forgot to put a zero in his answer and if he had done that, John would have won HOH.

  49. I truly, deeply hope that thid ‘sorry Mom’ stuff is a put on. I do feel sympathetic towards Steve. He’s emotionally compromised in some way. Vanessa took advantage of it.

    • That is no act,very real..clearly has issues,not sure who’s at fault here,does Steve cling too much to his mother or does she refuse to allow her son to grow up?,maybe a combo of both.

      • Who knows? Either way, he is not a stupid person. She sae his weakness abd exploits it. She’s done that with everyone but, in Steve’s call, it’s emotional cruelty and not gane play because his weakness is not a flaw (like Austin’s ego or Liz being overly flirtatious) but a real life issue. He reacts to her pressure like someone who’s been bullied for alot of his life and her behavior towards him is the ONLY reason I’d not be happy for her to win and it’s large enough and gross enough to turn me from being a fan of hers. I rooted for her from week 2 on.

      • On the other hand, without Vanessa pushing/pulling him forward, he may have been voted out a long time ago. Yesterday, she propped him up big time. Told him he had a very successful future ahead of him, etc. It was really beautifully sensitive on her part.

  50. Does anyone else think his “breakdown” in the HOH room was just for the cameras? He buried his face in his teddy bear every time he sobbed uncontrollably,..but when he would come back up and there wouldn’t be a single tear! Maybe I just missed it…I quit watching because it looked like he was acting to me. But either way, I agree Steve – dumbest decision you could’ve made by far!

  51. Atleast Steve seems to have actually enjoyed playing this game. Johnny seems disgusted by what he’s seen from these final 6 or so and Vanessa is like a shark focused on decimating everything in it’s path to a meal. Liz is on planet Liz. I’d give him the prize for just not being a drag.

    • For a few days now, Steve has been saying he’s over it; he’s done. He wants to go home. Not having anyone to talk to is wearing on him. OTOH, Johnny just seems to dislike everyone he has to live with in the house and he’s over it in a different way. Therefore, it seems to me, neither deserves to win the game, and neither will win the game.

  52. I am sick of all this throwing of competitions. I think there should be a penalty for verbally planning and actually throwing them. Beyond that man up people!!!

  53. I am thoroughly confused. As we saw on tonight’s show, he absolutely did NOT throw the comp. I could understand if he was crying about throwing it if someone else was in the room with him, but he was ALONE. Was he just trying to make himself feel better by pretending he had some kind of agency rather than just blowing it?

    • Steve’s ramblings are sometimes very difficult to understand. His mind works differently. I haven’t seen the show tonight yet (it’s on here in 25 minutes), but happy to hear it didn’t look like he threw it. The game belongs to Vanessa regardless.

    • More likely, the DR prodded him to say it and act out for the feeds to drive chatter. I agree 100 pct–he threw nothing. Maybe it was another one of his acting jobs for the feeds because he was bored and wanted to play watchers one final time.

  54. I can’t feel sorry for Steve. I’m sorry, I just can’t. First of all, he didn’t even start his little “cry fest” until he looked up to be sure the camera was on him. Not to mention the fact that during that entire “cry fest” he couldn’t even get his eyes to tear up even once, hense the continuous covering of his face, and wiping an unrunny nose! Vanessa may put on many “cry fests” but at least she can produce tears and a runny nose and hers look believable!
    Secondly, Steve can’t even be honest with himelf about his game. He didn’t “Throw” that POV comp. He just oyt right LOST it. He couldn’t figure out the correct answer! There IS a BIG difference between “Throwng” a comp. and just out right “Losing” a comp. He needs to “Man up” and at least admit the truth to himself !
    After BB17 is all over, regardless the winner outcome, hopefully Steve’s mommy can convince him to get mental health therapy! He obviously needs some! It’s NOT normal to scamper all night, talking to yourself, to be the age he is and still sleep with a teddy bear!
    I can NOT imagine how he can possibly cope when he is away at school ! He must drive his roommates Crazy!
    As the old saying goes” It doesn’t mean you’re crazy if you talk to yourself, it’s when you start to answer yourself, it becomes a problem!” Steve absolutely has a problem!

  55. He just followed big brother orders. It was all fixed. Will not watch another season again. Done with it forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Vanessa thinks she has the bigest fan crowd out in the real world! But she better keep that wig she got to used in Ariana Grande concert and hide her identity (herself) P.S vote for James to win the 25,000 bye luv from Canada and bb fan since 4 years ago, I was made in Dominican Republic and I love the game but I have to say the players of this year no one play the game, I have seen better puppets show ughhhhhhh I can’t stand Vancruella Deville. Bye

  57. I watched this episode on DVR this morning and I didn’t see anything that indicated Steve threw the VETO comp to Vanessa. Did I miss something? Or did CBS simply not air any of that?

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