Big Brother 17: Counting The Votes In Week 3

In two short days the next Big Brother 17 eviction vote will arrive and the Houseguests will step inside the Diary Room to cast their votes. Who will it be this week?

Vanessa and Shelli counting the votes on Big Brother
Vanessa and Shelli counting the votes on Big Brother – Source: CBS All Access

The Veto Ceremony was held on Monday giving us the final noms of the week and setting us up to start taking a look at who is most likely to stay and who will go next.

Jeff Weldon and James Huling are in the hot seats after John used the Veto to take himself off the Big Brother Block. There are eleven votes up for grabs between the two which means it’ll take at least six to stay and there’s no chance of a tie-breaker. Vanessa’s role is over.

If the Last Laugh twist was out there this week then I’d say Jeff had a shot, but it isn’t and he doesn’t. He does have at least two votes and possibly a third from hinky-voter Audrey if she follows her regular trend.

Jeff’s two votes come from Jackie Ibarra, who has been honest in telling him he’s doomed, but she’ll still vote from him. Then the second vote will be from John McGuire. Flashback on the Live Feeds to 2:32AM BBT 7/14 Cams 3/4 to hear John explain.

Steve Moses is asking John what he thinks will happen in the vote. John volunteers that he expects it to be just him and Jackie voting to keep Jeff. He says it’s not an issue of James being disloyal to him, but Jeff has always been good to John so he’s going to see that through.

I don’t think this vote will cause problems for John. He’s well liked by the house and has done enough favors while being open and upfront about this choice that it shouldn’t come back to bite him. All the same, like he pointed out, it won’t be enough.

Should Jeff manage those three votes he’ll still be evicted from Big Brother 17 8-3 on Thursday night. What do you think will happen at this upcoming vote? Can Jeff flip the vote or is he done? Vote now in our poll below and tell us what you expect.



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  1. Way I see votes:
    Evict Jeff: Jason, Meg, Austin
    Evict James: Jackie, john
    Quite a few wild cards tho so who knows:
    Audrey is always crazy
    James did put steve up so he may want him gone
    Becky is who knows where
    Clay was buddy buddy with Jeff
    Liz was sleeping with jeff and has said she dislikes james.

    • Liz and Steve are still in Van’s back-pocket. They will vote what she wants, which is to evict Jeff. Clay, and therefore Shelli, will vote to evict Jeff. Clay can’t stand him. Becky has already stated that she’ll vote with the house to evict Jeff. Audrey is the only one we don’t know, but since she’s already done 2 hinky votes and she doesn’t seem to change her behavior, I expect her to vote against the house.

      • since when does clay hate jeff? i thought they were buddy buddy? Also with all the alliance flip flopping steve and liz could easily get out james. Most likely jeff goes, but still couple days to change things

      • Shay talking… “She calls Jeff a jerk and Clay says that really pisses me off. She said she doesn’t feel any sympathy to him anymore. He made it personal. Clay says yeah he made it personal when he was talking about coming after CnS.” @ 3:43 PM yesterday. Also, Clay has been campaigning to evict Jeff. He had a long talk with John, but didn’t change John’s mind. Shay is a lock to evict Jeff.

      • Clay has been against Jeff for over a week now. Around the time Slay teamed up with Vanessa/Austin/Twins, Slay decided they don’t trust Jeff and that he’s the male Audrey that has been lying to them all game.

      • Clay was tight with Jeff in the beginning until he found out Jeff was after Shelli. He wants him out for his game. But on a personal level he likes him.

  2. I’d like to see a change in the format… where the HOHs could not continue to put up the same pawn……who throws the comps. I am sick of the whiney sounding John throwing comps, bending over for the whims of the HOHs.

    • But I’m looking forward to John winning HoH so he can go after those that used him as a pawn!

      • Yes indeed. If that happens, he needs to find a way to split that other side of the house; especially Austin and Shelli.

      • That would be the ideal pairing for the HOHs to put up. I just realized that putting up Liz or Julia would be better to eliminate the Sixth Sense’s extra vote.

  3. I think your vote count is spot on, Matt. After catching up on what all happened yesterday, I counted 3 votes for Jeff and the rest for James. Jackie and John are the upfront votes and Audrey for the hinky vote, again. Wonder who she’ll blame for the hinky vote this time?

    • Who’s her next target – Austin? Will she try to get Van to suspect Austin? If Aud isn’t as crazy as she seems, she could “influence” the HoHs to get out those whom Aud considers big threats (against her/her allies), to clear the table, as it were, for when pickens get slim and she has to compete openly again. It seems like she will outlast for awhile; she’s a peripheral now, not a hard target.

    • Maybe the James Gang (James/Jason/Meg), since they suspect John may be leaking info, could “test” him by telling him they are all gunning for Aud because she obv is the hinky vote each week. Run tell that. Then maybe the other side will be less intense on gunning for J/J/M for now (or will “sit back”) if J/J/M wins next HoH, expecting J/J/M to b/d Aud.

      • Love that “James Gang” moniker. I saw you post that the other day, right after I was thinking the same name. :)

  4. Surprised John would be willing to throw Jeff a vote. Even if Jeff has been good to him, I’m not sure if it’s worth it. House-guests will use any ammunition they can to target someone, even if it’s something petty like a sympathy vote that really won’t affect the outcome of the eviction.

    John has played a solid game up to this point. I hope this doesn’t rear it’s ugly head.

    • It doesn’t look like anyone cares if John throws him a sympathy vote, since the vote isn’t even close.

      • That’s true. It is acceptable to them. They see him as an independent and a fair player. Not for long though, the other side thinks he’s leaking information, so he has to amped his game soon.

      • Yes, like Matt said, he’s upfront about it so I think he, alone, is no threat. They still have perceived threats to get out first, I think.

  5. One thing I have to say is that I just dont find Jeff likeable. He tries so hard to be a cool bro, but he just comes off as a dork. (I know, I cant believe I used that word either, but cant find a better one.) He isnt funny. His timing is off. He is completely dumb about women. From what I can see, he is tone deaf to life.

  6. One of my pet-peeves this season is all the women who play with & flip their hair all the time. I see Jackie as the worst offender. I would like to see her gone just for that.

  7. this game don’t make much cents you got 3 calling the game everyone acts like they scared of them or something they need to do something with these 3 Audrey Vanessa Shelli they get jeff

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