Big Brother 17: Vanessa Offers Audrey Final Two Deal – Ladies Chilltown

We’ve seen a lot of deal making and strategy talk with Vanessa Rousso this week as the surviving HoH on Big Brother 17. Overnight she made one more and this one’s supposedly to the end.

Vanessa Rousso making deals on Big Brother 17
Vanessa Rousso making deals on Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS All Access

Late at night Vanessa sat down with her ally Audrey Middleton and pushed aside all their past differences (See: Week 1) to make an offer that would override all these other group alliances and agreements she has built up with half the house.

Flashback on your Live Feeds (start watching with a Free Trial to discover more Big Brother) to 2:14AM BBT 7/14 Cams 1/2. Vanessa and Audrey are alone in the HoH room and start going through their current arrangement. Vanessa thinks if they stick together they can make it all the way to the end as a Final Two. She offers a ladies version of BB2’s Chilltown. Audrey is excited about this idea and accepts.

Both Audrey and Vanessa realize they’re partnering up with showmance-ish couples in Chelli and Liz/Julia/Austin though I really wouldn’t count the latter with Austin in there and without him they’re only sisters. Though I’d be more worried about sisters than I would Chelli.

As for who they’d want to get to the end with, Vanessa tosses out Jason as one option but Audrey doesn’t think he’d work with them. Then there’s James, but Vanessa detests James and Audrey knows he’s a competitor even if he did muck up that BotB comp.

Vanessa worries that if it got to the end with her and Audrey in a F3 then there’d be a temptation to cut the other and head to an easier F2. Audrey promises this wouldn’t be the case. Vanessa suggests a F3 companion like Austin would be better because then neither would be tempted to take him. Hmm, that makes me think Vanessa might be hiding something on that plan.

Actually, the whole thing has me wondering how honest Vanessa is about this. She had a very bad very week with Audrey over the whole “ladies alliance” rumor and yet here she is telling everyone she can’t possibly imagine targeting her since they’re both part of the LGBT community. It seems like a cover and part of her “we’ve got to rehabilitate your image” plan, but we’ll just have to see where it goes.

What do you think of the chances Ladies Chilltown can survive to F3 much less F2? Couldn’t they both be topping a lot of target lists starting Thursday night?


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      • Totally agree with that statement from the beginning. But he can be played? At least they can’t use the “you never talk game to me” excuse to nominate James again. And maybe Austin will slip up & reveal more than he intended?

  1. I hope that if one of them wins, they’re at least better with their money than Boogie.

    • Vanessa might still be able to win if she plays her cards right… But at this point I think we can all agree that Audrey’s not going to win the money

  2. If Audrey wants allies in this house, she should start by voting out Jeff this Thursday… No more hinky votes!

  3. Vanessa has torpedo’d her game this week. And if Audrey manages to slink her way to the end…honestly, at that point she deserves the money. But Vanessa has turned super sketchy IMHO.

  4. Honestly Matt anybodt that makes it to F3 will be a miracle. I have never seen so many alliances made and broken in BB and we’re not even halfway.

  5. Hahaha this is so funny. Especially since neither one of them can be trusted. What is this alliance #350? Also I don’t even think they will make it to jury if they keep playing like this.

    • They definitely won`t and you think audrey if backed into a corner won`t divulge this F2 to save her skin….at a heart`s beat !

    • I disagree. Audrey is going to win. Everyone is so heavily focused on not kicking a person out of the LBGT community off this season. Audrey is going to cruise on through to a $500,000 payout if things don’t change.

      • We have to wait and see what happens. Audrey was supposed to be gone since week 1 and she is still there.

      • I’ve heard Jeff and James talked about that subject a little bit yesterday, but that’s not the ongoing reason why she’s still in the house. HG’s don’t have any problem putting her on the block…Jason will do it in a heartbeat.

      • I hope Jason or the opposite side of the house does it quickly. These floaters and the pawns are becoming more dangerous.

      • They don’t want to evict an LGBT person, but they’ve put Jason up twice themselves (their allies). And one of them had even suggested Jason as this week’s target, tho he was switched to James, then Jeff. Hypocrisy anyone?

  6. No doubt in my mind that production has offered big money to Vanessa. Not sure this season or this game will continue to hold my attention.

  7. The name is horrible. It’s such a rip-off of a greatness these two will never come close to. It’s so derivative, so cheap. We all know that production influences alliance names. CBS is desperate to make Aud important. They want this season to be epic and history making and must be so disappointed that Aud just isnt well balanced, a good player or well liked and even well respected. They are grasping at anything to make gold from this publicity manure.

  8. Um, I am just shaking my head. I hope Vanessa isn’t serious. I would be extremely shocked if they both make it to F3, heck I would be surprised if they both make it just a few more weeks at this point.

  9. I’m rooting for a woman… And if these hgs are stupid enough to try to get another player in (Julia), I’m rooting for one of the twins to win

    • This season started out strong, but quickly losing my interest. The remaining houseguests bore me. Wished Da could have lasted a little while longer. Still tryin to figure out why she threatened Shelli and Clay so. So she called them out on treating her like a black person in a dept store shoplifting… “follow her and see what shes doing” but Da got targeted… reminded me of that crap from last season.

      • Let’s keep race out of this. It has nothing to do with Davonne going home. Shelli and Clay are a shameful and disgusting showmance. Da was too outspoken and was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Those two assumed something and we know how that played out. Plus, what happened last season has no correlation to what’s going on this season. Don’t worry, karma works in full circles and the evil in the Big Brother House will be taken care of appropriately.

      • Well i think race is everything on this show and is why a black will never win it. Ive seen a lot of “outspoken” white people who went a whole lot further in the game. Only when you are black its bad for your game. Just my opinion.

      • At this point as much as i dislike Audreys game play i hope she win it alI or at best outlast shelli, clay, and vanessa for not taking the opportunity to get rid of her. That would be worth watching.

      • No it doesn’t TCloud. Race does not matter. Look at the President. On this show, people are just ignorant and narrow minded. They make irrational decisions based on false pretenses. Let’s get off the race topic because it’s not true and you know it.

      • And look at how the president is treated. People want their America Back because some people dont believe a black man should be in charge of america. But i was talking about this show. The contestants views on race dont change when they come into this house.

      • TCloud. Their views do change. People put aside their differences when they come on this show. You must be watching something else.

      • they didnt become ignorant and narrowed minded when they enter the house and that was my point and why a black person will not win. Im not mad, but this may not be the show for a black person to try to win when the odds are not in their favor. Out of 17 contestants 1 black person. Just sayin.

      • I dont know. Maybe or hopefully thats thats the case. I will remain hopeful but the attitudes in that mirrors society and thats why i watch. That even locked out from the outside without distractions and being able to meet and connect with people on personal should tear down walls, but they dont

      • You are acting like one of the producers on this show :) are you there during the selection process and screenings? Honestly speaking.
        if they are too many blacks, America won’t watch. I’m not discussing race no more after this. Cmon…Let’s get back to the game guys.

      • Are you stalking me? Every comment I make you seem to be right there contradicting everything I say. Read my comment again. I said MAYBE not very many try out. Where did I say NOT many try out. Get off my back.

      • Stalking you? I am making comments to TCloyd and you. You don’t have worry about me responding to you on here anymore. They are other intelligent people on here that provide intelligent and pleasent conversations with besides you. You are self-centered, egotistical and delusional with some of your comments. Please get off the high horse you rode on here with and leave me alone.

      • Clay is toying her emotions and Shelli is fake on the inside and as well on the outside like a plastic Barbie doll. That’s why. It’s hard to stomach them if you are a true fan of this show. I never thought I would miss Rachel and Bookie. But I do.

      • Clay really likes her and even was talking to her about their relationship. And how is she fake? You don’t even know her. She seems very real to me. And I am a true fan.

      • Your preception of things bewilders me. How do you that she is real as she portrays herself to be? Have you met her before? If the cameras werent rolling 24/7, she would be totally different. By the way, she was on the live feeds this afternoon talking about their type A personalities and how Clay gives her space. In retrospect, Clay can’t stand her and he is just using her to get what he wants! I’m true fan, too by the way.

      • Have you met her or Clay? Has Clay said he can’t stand her? I watch the feeds also. So obviously you know her by stating she would be totally different. I think they care about each other and that’s just my opinion.

      • Has he said he loved her or wants to have a relationship outside the Big Brother house? No. Has he made a final two deal with her? No. As a matter of fact, he made a final two pact with Jeff. Not Shelli.

      • He just met her why would he say he loves her. And he has said to her lets talk about are relationship. Also he’s done with Jeff and him and Shelli have talked about going to the end together. Look this is my opinion. Think whatever you want.

      • Keep on thinking that. When he or she starts to turn one another, we will see if this showmance was meant to be.

      • WelI’m not a huge fan of Shelli or Clay but I don’t think he is playing with her emotions or at least more than she could be potentially playing with his. As for Shelli. I don’t think she’s a super nice girl but she’s probably not that bad outside the house either. With that said how she is outside the house means nothing to me since I only care to watch her as a player and I don’t care for her at all.

      • Watch more closely, Kenny. If he was really into her, his cues and behavior would be different.

      • I have never heard from any posters here that says “Shelli and Clay are disgusting showmance” “Shelli is fake on the inside and as well on the outside like a plastic Barbie doll” You said all these. lol…and you’re a true fan? lmao

      • I have heard MUCH worse about them and other houseguests on this website. I did state that because that’s how I preceive them on this show. I can see what side of the house you are on.

      • Wow. What was that for? Stating my opinion. You’re being totally disrespectful for no apparent reason.

      • I really thought you were giving me the middle (emoticon) that”s why I made one for you. lol

      • I was just making a face earlier but I changed it. I wasn’t trying to offend you. It’s all good.

      • A few days ago you asked me if I ‘downloaded’ ~ I said ‘no’. By download did you mean Google? Because I do that all the time.

      • lol oh no. You need an app/program to download a file from the internet and it stores to your PC to play/watch/listen. Example, songs or porn movies. lol

      • Oh, so it’s not Google. Thanx for clarifying that *Cy* ~ I couldn’t sleep not knowing what download means ((LOL)). So you watch porn ~~ hmmmm

      • NO!, NEVER! It’s against my religion. Plus, the quality is poor, so I buy them. lol

      • ROFLMBO! Thanx to you *Cy*, that’s the best laugh I’ve had in days. So, tell me about your religion and what kind of porn you buy.

      • I have never heard anyone approve of their casting or like them or their showmance EXCEPT for what I just read here. Twitter, the feeds, everyone hates them. Same on forums I’ve gone to for years. They are awful. Shelli admitted she wanted to go on The Bachelor, but this was all she could get. So she found her bachelor and tries to match up other couples. Cringeworthy. They must go soon.

      • When 2 southerners have a showmance and immediately whisper to each other that they don’t like the only black woman in the game’s “attitude” and she threatens them, I see race. Audrey–another southerner–lied her ass off about DaVonne, was called out and the entire house backed up DaVonne! Yet Clay went on to push his program to evict DaVonne. It makes no sense without racism entering the picture. Clay has not found anything suspect with any other player–he did not put the next threatening player on his list. Just the black lady. This is not the first season we have seen this either. It seems to be the rule, not the exception. The rural and southern players target minorities right out the door. BB should demand real reasons for nominations like BBUK does. Specifics. Not “attitudes.” I miss DaVonne–she was smarter than the other bears season 17. Kept people on their toes. I miss her already. Amazed me those HOH allies now think they figured the twins out. They were last to know tho they were closest to the twins. Hilarious.

      • Da was sharp, observant and unafraid of anyone. Shay is the exact opposite. I think fear drove them to target her.

    • The twins are cute but they are soooo dumb! They have zero game and can’t even understand when someone talks game to them. It’s just over their heads. They can’t win if they can’t understand what alliances are, how deals are struck, or how the game works. They don’t grasp nominations, targets, backdooring people, or powers of veto. Them winning would be like Victoria winning last year.

  10. I’m the breaking the ice. Both of these players are not my favorites. However, in the end, it could be a game changer. Hear me out. Vanessa knows that she can not play in the next HOH and she needs an ally that can help her under the radar. Everyone in that house keeps on saying that they going get Audrey but it is all speculation and nonsensical talk. No one is talking about putting up Vanessa either. Since they have no true alliance, those two teaming up could really mess up the numbers in the upcoming weeks. Lady Chilltown can have a dramatic impact in terms of evicting houseguests nominated by the HOH. Overall, this season is still ranking pretty low in terms of likability and high in stupidity. All of the likable houseguests have no true gameplay or strategy; they are clueless. The despicable and annoying ones are the ones scheming and taking over everything.

      • I would love for Jason, James, Meg, and Scranton’s best to win but I have a suspicion they won’t. If they do win, watch production whisper into their ears into someone else to nominate.

      • Didn’t you hear what Jason was saying on the feeds the other day? Production just asks questions they don’t try to manipulate you like he thought they did.

      • I’m aware of what Jason stated. However, production plays a critical role in what and how this game is played and you know it :)

      • They ask questions like “Have you thought about ….and then scare them to death with ideas of being hated by America, or of Audrey being America’s Player, or of secret alliances on the other side of the house that will target them if they nominate this or that person. All the old HGs say that. It’s just too early for Jason to be in a place where he needs manipulation.

      • If Vanessa goes up, it will be as a pawn. They have all agreed that she is not the primary target.

      • If James gets power, his first thought will be about the idiot who put him in harm’s way. Same with Jason or even Meg tho she needs to learn how to play first.

  11. This is the moment that I officially jumped the Vanessa ship. It’s funny to me, her initial strategy was to make everyone think that Audrey manipulated her into putting up Jeff, further instilling in everyone’s minds that she’s a weak player. By the end of it, Van actually was manipulated by Audrey.

    It took no less than a day for Audrey to throw Van under the bus to Clay and Shelli.

    It’s crazy to me that anyone would trust her after week one, but for some idiotic reason, Van thought Audrey had changed. Ughh, so disappointing.

    • Audrey is amazing–she cannot fight off the urge to mess things up, lie about people, stir the sh**. She just can’t. It’s fascinating to watch, horrifying to see this kind of person behind the scenes!

  12. Dang looks like day was right about Audrey.
    I hope Jason/Meg win hoh this Thursday!

  13. Sorry, but I don’t see Van and Audrey getting to that point…maybe Audrey if she plays her “own” cards closer to the vest…but not Van…Van is too flighty!

    • If everyone was on the same page, and playing the right way, the both of them would be gone in an instant. However, since there is so much flakiness with this houseguests this year, the likelihood of a floater winning is remarkably high.

  14. If Vanessa can start an only LGBT alliance and save players because they are in the LGBT group, then I will start a no gays alliance because that is an ok thing to do. Might as well make it no minorities either. I will save all the white heterosexual people because that is now ok to do. In all seriousness though does anyone else see it as a problem that a LGBT supporter is singling out players based on them being LGBT and not looking at them simply as players? The LGBT people that I know (although not many, so they may be in the minority) would like to be seen as players in the game and not LGBT players in the game.

  15. If you’re just here in the house to erk and be annoying then you need to go. Like everybody in this house is getting on my last nerves accept for Jason , James, and Jackie .

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