Big Brother 17: Clay & Audrey Work On Their Plan While Audrey Works On Clay

It’s our first full day of Big Brother 17 Live Feeds, but the Houseguests are on Day 9 and some of them are working hard at the game. Clay Honeycutt & Audrey Middleton have been plotting & planning with a revealing game talk this morning.

Clay & Audrey talk game & next moves
Clay & Audrey talk game & next moves – Source: CBS All Access

Jump on your Feeds Flashback and go to Friday 6/26 at 10:15AM BBT Cams 3/4 to watch as Clay and Audrey run through their strategies and continue to build what looks like a potentially strong alliance between the two. Here’s what they discussed.

The current plan is to Backdoor Jace but Clay wants to make sure they’re in a good position when that happens. He knows Liz and Austin are tight with Jace so they’ll need to pin this plan on someone they don’t mind seeing go next should the power shift. Smart move because fans know the power loves to shift on Big Brother.

Audrey seems to test the waters on another concern she has that Clay might be getting too close with Jeff. She suggests keeping Jace and BD’ing Jeff instead. Clay says he’s down for that, but then Audrey pulls back so she might just be gauging his response.

Most interesting part from this was when Audrey starts to push a triangle alliance between her, Clay, and Shelli. Audrey presses that she’s worried Clay with screw over her and Shelli, but he promises he won’t do anything like that.

Next Audrey “dares” Clay to steal a kiss from Shelli. So is this just friendly interest in seeing allies couple up? Nah, this is all part of Audrey’s plan. In our preseason interview Audrey told me she wanted to encourage a Showmance and then hide behind it as a “meat shield.” That’s exactly what she’s trying to put in place here. Watch the clip below that starts at the point of interest.

Clay & Audrey’s conversation lasts uninterrupted for over thirty minutes and it’s worth watching. Audrey seems a little paranoid, but this could work out well for both of them in the long run.

There is no doubt that Audrey is playing the game hard, fast, and early. She just better hope it’s not too early. Want to watch what happens next? Get on your Live Feeds or get the Free Trial signed up now and start watching!



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    • That’s a good question. I can’t wait for the veto competition to start. ::making my lemonade now::

    • Targets, alliances, general strategy. The article above details out their conversation highlights. You can’t just sit there waiting for a twist each week & then start to play.

      • I suppose..but the twists will take strategizing to a whole new level!! LOL

  1. Is it just me or is it too early for Audrey to be playing this hard. People on the big brother reddit are saying once the hgs start talking Audrey’s dead

  2. After this discussion, Audrey’s game started taking a nosedive. Playing way too hard. And Clay, Jeff, and James just made a named alliance: “High Rollers”

    • Okay, this seems more natural to me. Men play better with male teammates because all the sexual tension is absent. When they get into mix alliances, men lose their judgment.

  3. Well, Audrey better slow down..because according to Da’Vonne and Jason, they want her gone and they say the whole house sees what she’s up to, playing both sides. Da’Vonne doesn’t mess around..that girl is tough!

    • I thought she was in an alliance with Audrey. Audrey is not playing smart. You cannot play everyone. They talk to each other

  4. I kind of love that the first transgender houseguest and the resident jock are allies.

  5. R.I.P. Audrey’s game.. She will be out within the next 3 weeks. Most of the houseguests have caught on to what she is doing.

  6. What I think is happening in terms of alliances correct me if i’m wrong:
    Liz, Austin, and Jace are together + out of the loop
    Audrey is all over the place and starting to become a target.
    Jason and Davonne are all over but aren’t making people mad.
    Steve, Vanessa, and Jackie, Jmac all seem to be loners.
    James, Jeff, Clay Shelli, Becky, and meg all seem to be in a large informal alliance

      • Your welcome. It is at least what seems to be happening but i’m not feed watching 24hr 7 and missed 9 days. so hard to tell

    • Thanks Mike! They had so many going, I couldn’t keep up. What’s wrong with Vanessa crying on After Hours/feeds. Girl, you’re supposed to be this tough poker player, and you are sobbing about people being mean to others?

      • I think BB cast her so her instability would cause drama. Seems she is gonna crash and burn before the game gets started.

      • Your welcome. It is at least what seems to be happening but i’m not feed watching 24hr 7 and missed 9 days. so hard to tell.

    • That clears it up for now, thanks a lot. It’s hard to put things together watching it on TV, even with the captions you can’t hear too much.

  7. I dont like this at all. Women over many years have shown themselves to lack loyalty. Clay would do better to reach out to Jeff. Audry knows this and is trying to manipulate Clay away from Jeff who is his most obvious power ally. But, Clay is an idiot, and doesnt know he’s being used.

  8. Can someone explain to me how the supposedly professionally game-faced poker player loses her poo on the first night of BBAD? Did BB intentionally cast a basketcase for the drama? If so, next season they should cast someone who can last at least a few more weeks before melting down for hours at a time for the most abstract of reasons. Sheeh. She’s as unstable as a can on nitro on vibrator.

    • Oh heck, I just asked same question below. She was a mess. I was watching live feeds last night and she said people being mean about others in the house

  9. I like Audrey, I think she’s a smart and observant player. But what I’ve seen from her on the feeds, she appears to be doing a little too much talking and not enough listening. Every game talk she has, it feels like she’s always giving instructions, and that’s an easy way for people to pinpoint you as a player. I think she’ll need to tone it back a little if she wants to go further.

    That being said, I love her idea of setting up Clay the way she is. She’s fortifying herself behind Clay and that’s a smart move.

    • She really needs to tone it down. It’s too early to be trying to boss others or box them out

    • Just a matter of time before the mean girl syndrome kicks in and fries Aud up for breakfast. The guys will benefit by passively going along with it. Woe to any guy (or girl) who tries to white knight for Aud. At this point I dont see any who would.

  10. Steve won POV! James just said “Steven didn’t just win he beasted that s***” It was apparently some kind of spelling competition.

  11. You know thats a pretty good plan, although it only works so long as both parts of the couple stay. After that, then what? I admire that she has a plan and seems pretty smart about it.

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