Meet The Big Brother 17 Cast – Houseguests Bios & Details – New CBS Photos Added

Meet the Big Brother 17 cast as your new Houseguests for the 2015 season as they prepare to head inside their new home and keep us entertained for the next three months.

Big Brother 17 Cast of Houseguests

Today I am sitting down with each of these BB17 cast members for our preseason interviews, available on Wednesday at 1PM PT, but this morning CBS is giving an exclusive video reveal to Live Feeds subscribers. Want to watch the sneak peek announcement? Get your Free Trial now & start watching!

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No need to wait for all that though. We’ve got your full list of the Big Brother 17 Houseguests right now and you’ll immediately notice just fourteen members this year which has my senses tingling. I passed third grade math, mostly, and can recognize 14 HGs across 97 days does not add up. Hmm. So what’s going on? We’ll have to wait on the upcoming twist reveal just around the corner.

The BB17 cast has 8 men and 8 women with some BIG personalities. Here they are, your new cast. Click each cast member’s picture or name for a full bio write-up:

Audrey MiddletonAudrey Middleton (25) – Bio & details
Hometown: Villa Rica, Ga.
Current City: Villa Rica, Ga.
Occupation: Digital Media Consultant

Austin MatelsonAustin Matelson (30) – Bio & details
Hometown: Woodland Hills, Calif.              
Current City: Woodland Hills, Calif.
Occupation: Professional Wrestler

Becky BurgessBecky Burgess (26) – Bio & details
Hometown: Denver, Colo.
Current City: Denver, Colo.
Occupation: Retail Manager

Clay HoneycuttClay Honeycutt (23) – Bio & details
Hometown: Dickinson, Texas
Current City: College Station, Texas
Occupation: Graduate Student (Texas A&M)

Da'Vonne RogersDa’Vonne Rogers (27) – Bio & details
Hometown: Inglewood, Calif.
Current City: Los Angeles
Occupation: Poker Dealer

Jace AgolliJace Agolli (23) – Bio & details
Hometown: Dunwoody, Ga.
Current City: Venice Beach, Calif.
Occupation: Personal Trainer

Jackie Ibarra on Big Brother 17Jackie Ibarra (27)
Hometown: Las Vegas, NV
Current City: Las Vegas, NV
Occupation: Dancer

James HulingJames Huling (31) – Bio & details
Hometown: Sumter, SC
Current City: Wichita Falls, Texas
Occupation: Retail Associate

Jason RoyJason Roy (25) – Bio & details
Hometown: Fall River, Mass.
Current City: Swansea, Mass.
Occupation: Supermarket Cashier

Jeff Weldon on Big Brother 17Jeff Weldon (26)
Hometown: Tampa, FL
Current City: Tampa, FL
Occupation: Account Exec

John McGuireJohn McGuire (27) – Bio & details
Hometown: Scranton, Pa.
Current City: Jefferson Township, Pa.
Occupation: Dentist

Liz NolanLiz Nolan (23) – Bio & details
Hometown: Miami
Current City: Miami
Occupation: Marketing Coordinator

Meg MaleyMeg Maley (25) – Bio & details
Hometown: Collingswood, N.J.
Current City: New York, N.Y.
Occupation: Server

Shelli PooleShelli Poole (33) – Bio & details
Hometown: Marietta, Ga.
Current City: Atlanta
Occupation: Interior Designer

Steve MosesSteve Moses (22) – Bio & details
Hometown: Gouverneur, NY
Current City: Gouverneur, NY
Occupation: College Student

Vanessa RoussoVanessa Rousso (32) – Bio & details
Hometown: Las Vegas
Current City: Las Vegas
Occupation: Professional Poker Player

CBS will release its cast interviews at 8AM PT this morning on the Live Feeds with our video interviews following tomorrow at 1PM PT so get ready for lots of Houseguests!

Update: CBS has shared a new batch of high-res, professional photos of the cast.


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  1. I think I’ll wait for interviews before I judge too harshly LOL! Interesting… I guess we’ll have 2 returning players?? or something of that sort.

  2. It always takes a few days to get the names and personalities down with the HG’s. Just at first glance, Jace and Audrey caught my eye…we will see!!

    • Jace seems to be cool, but we have a screamer here name John. He will be so loud in DR like Joe the chef..OMG!

    • yeah, it takes me a few days to get them straight. Since I have the live feeds, it is easier than waiting for the episodes to start. I hardly ever watch it on TV unless it is the live evictions.

  3. Too few people to cover a 97 day-season. For sure CBS is holding out two more people. Lots of blondes on the women’s side while the guys is lacking eye candy which is supposedly a must for every season. That’s weird.

    The rumors about a certain Tyler the Christian Model-Actor guy and Jeff from TAR26 will linger on until before the weekend. Hmmm….

    • My guess is they are going to make the viewers vote for the remaining houseguest.. or there will be returnees. Even with 16 houseguests it’s still not enough to cover the 97 days. I expect a buyback this season.

      • There’s a Reddit post made by someone who’s close to a member of production who stated that a return-trip twist is in the cards for the season (which was never in doubt, to be honest) while one pre-jury twist harkens back to BB14’s coaches twists which would probably mean two returnees.

      • There’s a Reddit post made by someone who’s close to a member of production who stated that a return-trip twist is in the cards for the season (which was never in doubt, to be honest) while one pre-jury twist harkens back to BB14’s coaches twists which would probably mean two returnees.

      • Uuuuugh, I think I’m going to hate this season. My only hope is that there are one or two gamers who can build a strategy I can sink my teeth into. The only reason I stuck with last year’s horrible mess is because I loved watching Derrick run circles around the rest of the scrubs in his alliance.

      • It made it a little boring. He had such game play the others didn’t even notice. Why was nobody ever really suspicious of him? Cody basically handed him $500,000. Foolish on his part to take Derrick to final 2.

      • I agree! They need more age difference! That’s what sparks differences–The cast looks more boring that last year’s cast. Frankie was the only interesting one last year, because he was such a vile person!

    • Also, Earth to Big Brother–they are all the dame damn age!! Boring cast. Big Brother needs a new casting director! I don’t think I’m going to watch. Of they look dull now–they are DULL!

  4. Anyone else notice something strange, besides the low number? The age range is 22-33. They usually have someone older … “mom” or “dad” type.

    • I thought the same thing. My first reaction was oh great a season full of recruits that know nothing about playing the game.

      • I just finished reading the quick bios. There are a few that either list themselves as a super fan or as studying previous guests. So, maybe not all recruits.

    • That was the first thing I looked at, ages. Probably just as well that no one older is cast. It seems that the older ones, most of the time, have an instant strike against them. I really felt bad for Donnie last season.

      • …”older ones, most of the time, have an instant strike against them.” ~~~ that may be true, but look how far Donny got last year.

      • I loved Donny (thanks, Cuddles, I misspelled his name on the previous post), and I was happy to see him get that far, but it was also agonizing in a way, for me anyway.We “older” people watch these younger ones all the time, but I wonder if they would watch an older group of HGs? They have no idea how entertaining that could be. Have they never seen “Golden Girls”?

      • I’d like to think the young ones would give an older (40’s to at least 60’s) cast, at the very least, a looksee. They’d probably be able to see similarities between cast members and their parents, aunts/uncles, and maybe even grandparents.

      • I would love to see some older ones just one season. They can mix in a few young ones. See how that goes

      • Me too, BHFan. As long as there are a few of them. One is like a sitting duck with a broken wing. He can’t fly away and is basically prey waiting to be picked off at the will of predators. That’s my humble opinion. Half and half would be a great show, I think. But no one asked me. LOL

      • Well they should ask one season what we would like to see. Let viewers vote on different ones

      • Me too! I loved Donnie. The whole season was he’s in the military. I can tell by the socks he wears leaving white spots. Military people have that from their boots. It was ridiculous

      • It boils down to the fact that certain people have a cruel nature that is, to a point, accepted and even defended and enjoyed by society. The sad thing about it is that it seems to be becoming the norm for many.Yes, BHFan, utterly ridiculous. By the way, howdy and nice to see .:)

      • Hi KSJB! Nice to see you, and excited for this season. First time with live feeds. I always check here and Pocket Big Brother. I bit the bullet and trying it. Never miss a season! After Dark – which I hate it’s no longer on Showtime!

      • Since I never sawAD on Showtime, I don’t have the comparison to make, which is probably a good thing for me. With grandchildren around so often(which I greatly enjoy), cooking, gardening, yard work, and all of my other time-consuming responsibilities, BB season is rough on me, but worth it. I’m not complaining, just saying it may be a few years before I will be able to enjoy live feeds. But I really hope you do. You can help keep me informed.:)

      • Me too! I loved Donny! He’s just who he is, and didn’t change. I was happy he won America’s Choice and got the money for the secret challenges

      • I went online to check out his twitter tweets(or whatever they are). He has regrown his beard. There was a picture of him where he met Survivor winner, Mike, and a few other pictures. I didn’t go very far back.

    • I noticed that too. Sadly as a 33 year old, I’ve clearly missed my last opportunity to live the dream…

    • But doesnt the mother/father role put a target on the aforementioned mother/father? For example, Shelly put herself into that position and got eliminated in the second week. Not saying that all people in that position do bad. For example, the grandpa from bb10 won HoH in the voting.

      • so there is no real way to assume that the mother/father role grants you a spot to the end or into the jury.

      • I think it has more to do with the cast you’re with. Some are nicer than others, then mix personalities, it just doesn’t work out well. I think it’s luck of the draw

      • true, as renny in bb10 clashed with jessie the first few episodes.

    • That will be the death of Big Brother–Poor casting. No age difference–that is what makes things imteresting–do far, I’m not watching!

  5. Lol. Can’t say much about the cast. Will just wait for interviews. But I do notice it’s very whitewashed and quite young for the most part. Hmm

  6. Will they be teaming up? The occupations are throwing me off.
    Vanessa and Da’Vonne, Becky and James, Clay and Steve, and i guess you could say Austin and Jace? Maybe its just me..

    • Maybe they’ll be teaming up by look alikes, since so many look like at least one other person in the cast. I’m not sure how easy it will be to tell them apart in the beginning. LOL

    • Liz and Audrey, (Digital Media is just online advertising) so Advertising and Marketing would work together

    • I can’t decide until I see them interact. It usually becomes apparent early on. Some shift alliances somewhere along the way or try to play both

  7. There’s only 14 hgs! Maybe the Derrick and Dan rumor is true. Or there will be more than one hg returning after eviction?….somethings amiss. There are 97 days and not enough HGs to cover that timeframe. Either two more people added in or the coaches again, like Derrick and Dan. I did hear rumors about a guy from Amazing Race being on it, as his parents did a post on Facebook regarding him being gone for four months and then it was deleted and his own social media accounts are now locked, which is normal for the BB HGs.

    Maybe they’ll tell us with these interviews at 11?

    • although that would be interesting as they are in my opinion 2 of the 3 top players ever I don’t know if those two could work

    • You know I’ve had enough of Dan. Aren’t they tired of trotting him out? Derrick and another winner for a change. I think I may be in the minority. I know Dan is loved, so my apologies up front

  8. Maybe on the first night, the newbies go in, and then on the second night, 4 veterans return…?

  9. Thinking James John, or Steve has the best chance. Why is there only one black person?

      • Foxfire, you made it!! Happy to see you. I may be getting myself in hot water already,but, and I’m not going to say who, one of the HGs pictures kinda made me think possibly problem..maybe we have a transgender and a transracial team?

      • Well hello yourself KSJB! Glad you’ll be back for another season too.
        Not to get into hot water but I almost died laughing at your suggestion.
        I’ve heard rumors that one of the players is indeed transsexual and after looking at their photos I’m leaning towards Shelly from GA.
        So far I’m liking the Asian HG that identifies as a southern good ol’ boy. I’m thinking he could be pure gold – and hilarious.
        Austin Mattelson is also a medieval history scholar so I’m looking forward to seeing whether or not he will be someone’s knight in shining armor this season. Let the showmances begin!

      • Before judging, let wait and see. I’m starting to think this might be phony, you know, part of his stage persona. A la Stephen Colbert.

      • As always, love your insight. I haven’t gotten a chance to read the bios, just looked at ages and pictures. I’ll check out the ones you mentioned.

      • I’m behind too, I haven’t seen the interviews yet just read about them. Once I hear them talk though I might change my mind altogether.

      • In real life, I think I’m usually close to the mark at forming a good first opinion, but with BB, I have been wrong very frequently. I guess that means I wouldn’t be a very good player.

      • Right, they’re usually on their best behavior in the beginning aren’t they? But time will slowly but surely reveal the real person behind the mask and sometimes it’s not very pretty.
        I don’t think I would make a good HG either as I tend to trust people instead of going with my gut reaction to them.

      • I haven’t seen Jeff’s interviews, but I did see a little of each HGs interview with Matt.

      • Shelli isn’t the one I was thinking. But since you were brave enough to put a name out there, as soon as I looked at Becky, I thought she had features that made me think she could be trans, and I had no idea about the rumor at the time.

      • I believe you are right after I took a closer look. I heard a rumor that it was Audrey but I’m not agreeing with that at all.

      • Expect the unexpected. Chicka boom chicka boom don’t you just love it when someone throws the ole’ slogan at ya’? lol

      • Chicka boom Chicka boom – ah, that makes me nostalgic for the summer of 70′.

      • I saw the interviews and thought that of Audrey and I had not heard the rumor so I am thinking it even more so now. She almost kinda hinted it in her interview.. Imo..

  10. Only two people of colour and no one over the age of 33…. I guess I was getting used to the diversity of BBCAN, eh!

    • Well to play devil’s advocate, maybe there are not that many 40+ year olds applying for Big Brother or maybe they are just duds. You know CBS needs to put on a show. They don’t want any boring houseguests, they need to entertain the viewers.

      • I highly doubt that there’s not many people 40+ years applying…the odds that all of them that do are dudes is pretty damn slim too….but they cast who they cast for a reason…and maybe donnie being/feeling so alone last year made them decide ‘hey let’s not put a 44 year old with a bunch of people in their mid 20s to low 30s’

      • could always use more chicken george. My favorite chicken george moment was when will and boogie told him he was in chilltown and he replied, “The chill is in the towns” and the were both so confused.

      • This is my guess but perhaps there are more 40-year olds who apply who realized they don’t have enough credits to cover 3 months off from their respective jobs and too few who have such a luxury and still has something to come back for.

      • Of course, but saying 40+ year olds are boring? Donny was the most entertaining last season! I just want diversity in race and age.

      • I never said 40+ year olds were boring, I said maybe the casting directors FOUND them to be boring. Again production needs to also put on a show. They don’t want boring houseguests. I want diversity too, but maybe kasting found them to be boring for TV.

      • Good idea but Survivor tried that last season and it didn’t work out too well for obvious reasons.

      • But his mother(partner) could communicate with him in sign language. Unfortunately for the deaf Survivor contestant Nina, nobody knew sign language and communicating during the challenges was iffy at best.

      • she could have a partner in big brother if allowed it!why not do whole season crossover!like I’ve said ill say it wil any1 win cbs triple crown?like win TAR,bb and survivor?

      • I love the crossover idea personally and would definitely like to see more BB HG’s play Survivor.
        I’d even watch Brenchel on Survivor if they were cast.

      • im talon get survivor and TAR winner!no one will ever win cbs triple crown!

      • She could read lips and actually had been a hearing person until a few years ago. No excuse to allow herself become an outcast in her own group and use her disability as the reason she feels alienated when I seem to remember a deaf person in Amazon who lasted way longer despite being a PWD.

      • No James, Nina could not read lips very well at all since she had only recently lost her hearing.
        But we do agree that Nina expected special treatment due to her handicap and tried to guilt trip everyone when that didn’t work. She constantly accused her fellow tribe members of mistreatment because she was deaf.

      • I find that hard to swallow. Thousands upon thousands of people apply and they couldn’t find at least 3 older people and at least 3 people of colour entertaining enough for the show? Come on!

      • But they found a transgender from what I read. I guess it’s in the news these days. Not that there is anything wrong with that. LOL

      • Are you talking about the Irish-English girl group who formed in 1974 and are best known for their hit single “I’m In the Mood for Dancing”.

      • Haha, of course! Good on them but the amount of people of colour in American certainly outweighs trasngendered people. If they could find one to be on the show they could certainly add in a few POC also!

      • Keyword… several. That can mean 7, 15, or 184. Like I said maybe kasting found them boring.

    • I agree! I was so hoping that after last year’s crop of hamsters, that this year would be more diverse in age, race, background, physical vs. mental abilities, etc.

      ETA: Good to see you, Latifah!

      • Indeed! It would definitely make for a more interesting season! Although, I’m still excited for BB to start, regardless!

        Good to see you too! Let’s get the show on the road :)

      • Right, which is disheartening! The diversity adds to the show and, for me at least, makes it more entertaining.

  11. Liz & Shelli are hot. They will undoubtedly be the first ones kicked off as usual.

  12. So they are all young, there is a McCray and a Gina Maria, only one black person, and a poker dealer and a poker player?? Not sure this year is gonna be worth watching.

  13. My nicknames for the cast based on their bios:

    Audrey: The Consulting Fantasy
    Austin: The Wrestling Jesus
    Becky: The Competi-Diva
    Clay: The Hot Grad Collegian
    Da’Vonne: The Mama Poke-Your-Face
    Jace: The Southern Charm Boy
    James: The Asian Donny (not my words but yeah)
    Jason: The Sassy Cashier Guy
    John: The Dental Rocker (if he goes douche, then he’ll be the Dental Douchebag)
    Liz: The Pretty Brainy Blondie (PBB)
    Meg: The Flirter-Server
    Shelli: The Sultry Interior Divorcee
    Steven: The Boy Wonder Virgin
    Vanessa: The Poking Diva

  14. Watching Jeff’s interview now. A girl name Shelli. 33 yo, bubbly, seemed to be smart, wants to win but loved by the’ll see about that.

  15. Matt, to your knowledge, have any of the past or new HGs ever been posters on the BB forum? Not asking you to name them unless there would be no issue with that.

  16. Seems like a typical BB-USA cast… a genius, a gay, a lesbian poker player, and a long-haired free living skateboarder from Venice Beach. Cast also seems so similar to BBCAN3’s super young, trendy group. Only 14 though, interested to see if we get two returnee’s

  17. is it just me or does it seem like production really wants a female winner this year? We seem to have an abundance of smart and or physical women hiding behind the eye candy lable (which to be fair, I think works better in productions head then it does in practice) and on the guys side its a frank (BB14) type (athletic, big personality and will be targeted around early jury), a overconfident jock type (Clay), a cannon fodder (James), a athletic air head (Jace), A doctor will wannabee who will get him self voted out within 3 weeks (John) and two male Drama queens (kings? is drama queen gender universal?) who were only cast for entertainment and not winning potential (Steve/Jason). Unless there trying to stack the deck for a potential returning player and we all know they would never ever do that……

  18. Retail Manager x Retail Associate
    Professional Wrestler x Personal Trainer
    Digital Media Consultant x Marketing Coordinator
    Poker Dealer x Poker Player
    Graduate Student x College Student
    Supermarket Cashier x Server
    Interior Designer

    Almost enough matches for a team-up game… Probably not though. And I’m hoping Dr. Will, Derrick, Dan and Jeff/Jordan come back! I have a feeling that maybe Ian could come back with Dan, or Jeff/Jordan as a duo. Hmm, gonna be interesting to see who it is, if it is anyone!

  19. A two night premiere and 97 days long for 14 houseguests? Something seems fishy here…

  20. A two night premiere and 97 days long for 14 houseguests? Something seems fishy here…

  21. One question: Why would BB only have 1 african American, and 1 Asian. After all the racist crap from the past 2 years you continue to get just 1 or 2. I know more people try out for this so why only 1 or 2. Why can’t it just be even. Just asking be fair and maybe they will play fair.

    • better than no token asian though itinit? Jodi will round out the black in house population to two..hahaha…(if we get a few returning houseguests it’s going to be second chancers…yeah…probably not…but still..could be D:)

    • note that there’s been only 2 muslims (kaysar from bb6 & bb7/allstars and adel from bbc2) from the north american region

      • I would just love to see an American Indian finally cast on BB. Oh wait, I forgot about Jeremy, wasn’t he the only one?

      • you’d have thought that big brother would have learned after 17 seasons and 15 years, but they clearly haven’t.

      • Central Asians have definitely been under-represented when it comes to reality shows!

      • lol..Seriously Karen, wouldn’t that be an interesting cast? A backstabbing lying monk.

      • When you put it that way, yes, that has a whole lot of potential to be very entertaining. I’m with you. We could take it even further. How about a backstabbing, lying, transracial, transgender, Tibetan monk? God loves us all!

      • We could go with a Digambara monk, they wear no clothes. Now that would up the ante a little.

      • I had to look up Digambara monk, and yes they wear no clothes. lol Just like my church.

      • Doesn’t that fly in the face of their beliefs? No way and they would be picked off in no time

      • Unfortunately not but I lived in VA before for a year when I was 10 before coming home. But I do have cousins living in California (LA and San Francisco).

        Last Filipino we had was Paola from last year and Dominic from BB13.

        So far here’s our Asian American stats on BB:
        4 Koreans: Jun, Jee, Angie, Helen
        2 Filipinos: Dominic, Paola
        1 Japanese: Kevin
        1 Chinese: Curtis (BB1)

      • I remember most of them, wasn’t Paola Donny’s only friend in the BB house? I hated to see her leave last season.

      • I didn’t know this- tell me more!!!!
        I would think the other side felt pretty bad after the way they treated him, glad to know they apologized. Especially Caleb with all his outrageous rumors.

      • I meant the other other side. Donny got along well with Jocasta, Brittany, Nicole, and Hayden. Derrick said in a recent interview that Donny hasn’t talked to him since the finale, “probably still mad”.

      • Isn’t Kaysar Arab-American? Technically, they can be considered Asians because of their geographic location so yeah, perhaps we could add him up as well. I can’t recall any Persians though.

        And there’s plenty of Muslim communities found in East and Southeast Asia as well (China, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore)

      • Me too! They look for who will fit or potential to stir some drama. I’m sure it’s tough casting this show. They have to stay locked in a house for 3 months. I don’t think I could do it

    • It would be nice to see a season where we have a cast of 14 black/hispanic/asian people and 2 white people.

  22. this going be like master chef use where they will need compete to get into the house i bet!

  23. I don’t watch based on age. I love the game of it all and to see what people will do for money or fame. Will they stay true to themselves and beliefs (no matter what that is) or will they sell out. My favorite players are those who will use stradegy while trying to be as honest as possible. There will always be lies, but not fond of hateful and harmful game play. No respect for racist or hateful people.

    • In that game, between 18 and 35 doesn’t make much difference. Close enough. The interaction is different when they are older than 35. I agree with you, doesn’t really matter, but there is a point where age influence the interaction

      • I think the one thing about to many young people is the stupid stuff and talk. I am over 50(barely,lol) and stupid talk bugs me. But I guess any age can have stupid comments and actions.

  24. I think that, knowing Big Brother’s twists, maybe they’ll have twins or possibly bring back the saboteur idea from big brother 12? If it were to be returning houseguests, i would like to see Britney Haynes or Danielle Reyes come back, or even a comeback comp for the veterans on premiere night.

    • Clay is really the only attractive person this season so I assume there will be less than usual

      • but there are a lot of bachlorettes this season, so you never know

      • does it ever say whether they are married or not in their bios? i never saw any of them being listed as married

      • some said they were single in there bio, some are divorced, but I am sure there is at least one married person. Or at least I hope.

      • could it possibly be that this will be another rendition of big brother 9 with the couples and the two returning houseguests could be james and chelsia, from the aforementioned season?

      • could be but I feel like big brother would try to have as little season 9 as possible

      • i dont think they want to copy the same idea for a season twice, which is reasonable

      • evel dick could since he had to leave bb13 so early and the producers love him. Evel dick = ratings.

      • him and danielle ( his daughter) are arguably one of the best players of big brother ever.but on big brother 13, he walked due to personal issues, so it is unlikely that he will come back

      • was it actually I always wondered what the reason was but I could never find it. Although I agree that normally if someone leaves for personal reasons they should not be invited back I could see Dick as an exception

      • another idea i was thinking was having the “enemy” players come back (ones that weren’t actually kicked out) like Annie ( the saboteur ) and others i cant currently think of. xD

      • i think being america’s player got in his way of playing the game to be honest

      • definetly if i remember correctly he was looking to take out the donatos and couldn’t because of america

      • if he actually got a chance to play the game again, it could definitely benefit him in the end

      • I’m trying to remember him. Name is familiar, but don’t recall what he looks like

      • I would think given the circumstances of why he left so early, he could be invited back. I don’t know if he would, but I love seeing him play the game

      • Yes on another show, he found out from production from blood test results. Everyone thought drugs, but it was the diagnosis, and he had no idea. He left

  25. if they bring back any returning player it better be Devin, The twist is everyone is forced into bomb squad 2.0, Big Brother 17: One Alliance

    • the dynamic duo idea from bb13 could be a good idea, unless there are 3 returning houseguests, which would provide one extra player. idk haha

      • 2 returning makes the most sense. Could be the producers choose 2 or could even be like BB11 where they battle for it.

      • when i was on a big brother fanpage, the owner said that there will be 2 returning houseguests, which seems the most probable in this situation

      • I agree. Now it comes down to who is it. Do they take two from last season, or from seasons past. Maybe even someone from the earlier seasons. I personally would love to see dr.will and dan back because i know it annoys will that people say dan is better than him, but sadly know it will never happen.

      • both dr.will and dan have said they’re not doing more seasons. Dr.will said that he’s retired from reality television and Dan said that he has won enough to not go back

      • although will wont it would be interesting to have an contestant from the past come back that many of the players may not know. Danille Reyes from season 3 would be interesting and it has to bother her how she never won.

      • i think she lost just because the other jury members saw her personal diary room sessions and they were just bitter

      • yes after that they changed it so they don’t see them. Sadly a bitter jury costs people too often.

      • sure is. happens on big brother and survivor all the time and I always scream at my tv “I am never watching again” only to watch the next season every time

      • and at this point even if there is a season or two I don’t like I can say “well that was just a bad season” I will never be able to actually stop watching

      • big brother is an addicting show that gets into one’s mind-frame and pulls them in, kinda like metaphetamines lolol

      • both are addicting but there is something about big brother that is more addicting for me. Maybe after 30 survivor seasons it just doesn’t do it for me like big brother.

      • I agree! BB is the best. I enjoy Amazing Race. The places you get to see are amazing. I liked last season a lot

      • I watch and then don’t watch for several seasons. I’m tired of seeing the same challenges, rewards, etc. There’s just not that much about survivor that appeals to me. I’ve watched some good seasons and bad, but watching people be hungry, irritable, is just not that appealing

      • what if the two returning houseguests were 40+ ? donny is a fan-favorite and maybe shelly from big brother 13 would be cool

  26. Content about Austin Matelson

    March 12, 2015

    WWE trainer quits after being accused of homophobia

    Bill DeMott was also accused of telling a black wrestler to ‘go home to Africa’ and forced trainees to work out naked

    A trainer for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), has resigned after a series of serious homophobic, racist and physical abuse allegations surfaced.

    The allegations against Bill DeMott were made public on 3 March after wrestler Joey Ryan started a Twitter campaign to oust him.

    WWE’s HR department was made aware of the misconduct by Austin Matelson, aka ‘Judas Devlin’, who claims he was ‘constantly verbally assaulting our appearances, personalities, sexual preferences, injuries, and character,’ in a a memo sent 2013.

    • So Bill DeMott and Austin Matelson are the same person? This is getting very confusing.

      • no, but the wording in the last paragraph could be better, Austin was the one who made HR aware of the misconduct, not that the misconduct was being made by Austin.

      • That’s the way I’m understanding the situation too but alas, the commentator liberalbm is not able to get his facts straight. As I already told him below I’m finished with this particular conversation.

  27. Interesting…or not. Young group. It’ll be an interesting dynamic for sure, assuming this is it. Can’t see any really strong personality dominating the game (or from the shadows), more like pack mentality, but I guess we’ll just have to see!

    • i feel like showmances will bloom like a tulip in the middle of spring in the bb17 house lol

      • She and Jeff are on the current season of Marriage Boot Camp. They make the show much more entertaining.

      • watched the first episode, but i don’t know if i could handle the other “celebrities”

      • MBC doesn’t hold a candle to BB or Survivor. But Jeff and Jordan together are always good for a few laughs.

      • MBC is an entirely different genre. For instance, no one gets voted off every week, the people are couples seeking help in their relationships not individuals playing a game. Check out Google to read a complete definition of what MBC is.

      • Don’t tell anybody but I’m watching this for the first time since J&J are cast members. :D

      • Well don’t tell on me either. It’s my first time watching. I even watch the recap after with Aubrey, Tami and Mike.

      • What is up with Mike’s chipmunk cheeks? He may be on some kind of steroids is all I could figure out. He looks different, though, don’t you think?

      • They haven’t been featured much. Probably because they’re dull and their storyline is nonexistent. .

      • I think it’s hard for them to go deep. I’m surprised they havent talked about a lot. I think they really have a lot of work to do, but they need to loosen up

      • Well me too Foxfire! I’ve never watched before, but I heard they were going to be on. I laughed so hard I had tears first day, and J&J arrived, and Jeff introduced himself and shaking hands. Some were saying he can’t be that nice! I wondered if they never saw nice people before! It was funny. They love them now, of course

      • Yes, I started watching to see what was going on with J&J but then I started getting interested in the other couples. Audrey O’Day needs to get rid of that boyfriend ASAP as he seems to be thick as a brick. The guy doesn’t get it that he’s not perfect. His constant whining and complaining would drive anyone crazy.
        I still don’t understand why Hank won’t come clean to Kendra either. She needs to leave until he’s ready to be more forthcoming.
        Should be a great BB season this summer, I’m looking forward to it :D

      • So far I’m not at all impressed with their dynamic as an in-love engaged couple. MBC is not showing them much probably because they’re rather dull.

      • I simply love the wild-eye look that Jordan gets a lot of the time when something comes up that is “uncomfortable”. It has amused me that they can’t keep a straight face during the sessions. I don’t think I could either so I relate to that. They are not thespians and it is showing. The way it has played out so far, it is hard to tell if they do have serious communication issues or if they are just trying to keep it on the downlow. I’m anxious to see how it works out. Plus, each time I see them, they make me fondly think of BB.

      • Oh, they do have serious communication issues. I don’t think their issues will be worked out since neither of them is really open to the psychological help that’s available. I’m invested in the couples who really do work on their issues and are really open to the advice available.

      • But who has thus far? I enjoyed Tami calling Kendra out this week. I’m tired of her and Hank! I don’t think they’re there to do the work as much as promote their new season. Rise up! Rise up! I was laughing so hard I had tears

      • I agree! I would have a hard time not laughing. I think they do have communication problems. I think Jeff scratched the surface when he said he’s afraid Jordan won’t stay in LA. He has to be there for his work with CBS

      • I would definitely not last long on a show that is suppose to be serious because I get the giggles and can not for the life of me keep it controlled. I got tickled once a few years ago in a morning meeting with our Mill Manager. There were two other people that had seen me about to burst out laughing and they were about to lose it, too. I didn’t want to get them in trouble so I got up and left the room. I was on the naughty list for a couple of weeks. :( :)

      • I think it’s because Hank and Kendra, and Aubrey and her man just dominate with their mess. I don’t even know why Hank and Kendra are there. I’m bored with their histrionics

      • i think them and brendon and rachel are most likely the two best showmances that actually led to marriages in bb history

      • Of course, I’m sure you know that Jordan and Jeff are not married yet. I have gotten the impression from the first couple of episodes of Marriage Boot Camp, that they may have some serious communication issues. Who knows what is staged for the camera, though? If the issues are for real, I hope they can work through them because they are so cute together.

      • i don’t watch that show, so i guess i didn’t know they had communication issues. brendon and rachel are still together, and have been together since 2012.

      • I watched The Amazing Race when they were on. I’m glad they are making it work. Regarding Jordan and Jeff, last night on MBC, the fact came out that they hadn’t talked much about religion and Jordan made the statement that they had never discussed whether they would raise their children “Christian or Catholic”(just repeating what she said). It kind of got weird for a minute. There have been some situations that made it appear they have problems with communication, but it’s a “reality” show, who knows?

      • they seem like an amazing couple, and its great that they are working their issues out one step at a time. Also, the whole religion debate seems like something they should talk about if they are considering having children in the future.

      • Oh I think they definitely have communication issues. I think they never talk about serious issues, and that’s a problem. I’m hoping they can draw it out of them where they understand the importance of communication

      • That is definitely something they need to confront head-on. After the ceremony is not the time to be discussing very important, impactful issues such as religion and leaving the commode seat up. hehe

      • Lol, you know it. Feel like this season of BB is picking up where Amazing Race Blind Date is leaving off.

      • I enjoyed Amazing Race with blind dates vs existing couples. It was something different

  28. For what’s it is worth, it is still fun to read:

    reddit dot com/r/BigBrother/comments/39zn7o/possible_spoiler_for_this_seasons_new_twist/

  29. I think some returnee houseguest are back in the form of bb11 and I do not how they will be back by a competition or vote or the houseguest vote to comeback or the players pick a team and the winner comes back. It will not be the best players like dan, derrick or will check out bb11 does players were the suckiest players except michael. It was brian hart who sucked, bb8 jessica who was carried and strategy suck that is why she lost and could of put dick and danielle, and bb10 jessie who also had a bad strategy before bb11. I think cassie colvin is coming back check out her twitter because she has not been since may 22 and she tweets about every week or two weeks. Something fishy and probably howard, maybe enzo, maybe eric stein are back in someway. Even Zach rance could be back and is throwing off the trail since the tar rumors. Or maybe an older person from previous season is back since their is no older person in the cast in the 40s. People who has not tweet about the cast or has it lock could potential of returning.

  30. 7 men 6 women and 1 transgender. I’m not being politically incorrect pointing out the fact that one is proud and is inspired by Caitlyn Jenner. You can easily look it up, but I won’t give away her name.

  31. so two house guest are returning? I would want
    Shelly (BB13)
    Amanda (BB15)
    Zach (BB16)
    Brittnee (BBCAN3) and Neda (BBCAN2) I can dream…

  32. Sounds like the typcial cookie-cutter BB cast. How hard is it to have one or two players in their 40s or 50s? I mean, come on.

  33. I see 3 long haired blondes I will definitely be confused over which is which…. unless one has a weird voice or something.

  34. Wow, another boring season of mostly white 20 somethings looking to break into TV. Yawn.

  35. Man I don’t like seeing only one black person. Not for prejudice, but because that mean’s we’ll all be out by the second week. lol. I want to find out which one is the gay player. They always go very far because they play a good social game and don’t win challenges. This game just isn’t good for people of the brown skin. The women get catty with other women and get put out and the guys end up on the wrong side. Then there’s Devin just making himself into a fool and destroying his own alliance

    • I don’t know yet if we have a guy guy, but we already know that we have a gay women, the professional poker player from Las Vegas: Vanessa.

      • Jason said in his interview that he wants a all-girl and one-gay alliance, assuming he is the gay one in that situation

  36. CBS BB has a age problem soon all BB will have is 20-somethings for hgs. Someone like Jerry or Renny could never make it on the show these day there to old, even Donny is to old with the way the show is going. Ageism geting worst each season.

  37. wow whoever did the casting sure did screw up!audrey POSSESSION OF LESS THAN OZ MARIJUANA. James Huling Arrested for “Contempt of Family Court” on August 29th, 2014 with a $1200 bond

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  38. Once again–no age difference–just a bunch of vapid 20 year olds– Not one sounds or looks the least nit exciting! Big Brother needs a NEW CASTING DIRECTOR! My dog could cast better!boring!

  39. I hope there is lots of camaraderie and fights! Who are all of you? I bet you are big fans like me and all of my friends. We joke around just like you all do!!! Let’s have a super season. I hope Will and Mike come back!

  40. Some people are already judgmental – Mr. Obe. Probably going to call people names without knowing them! oH YEAH, YOU HAVE BEEN IN THEIR SHOES. What size is that? Pin head! Yahhh! Sorry. Didn’t mean that.

  41. Just every female on the 2015 cast is ugly. And the ones not ugly are barely average.

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