Big Brother 17: Becky Reveals “Vanessa The Chameleon” To Austwins

The Austwins are all floored. Julia says her “mind is blown.” Austin says they can’t target Vanessa now, but they’re “in too deep” with her. He has an idea though. Austin says they could keep Becky to go after Vanessa. As I joked earlier, they need to keep a mongoose to get out a snake.

This flip would mean JMac has to go home this week and they’d have the votes between Austin, Julia, James, and Meg to make that happen. Flipping to keep Becky over Vanessa’s expressed target of John will be a big move and undercut Vanessa’s control over the Austwins. Once that happens she’ll know and move fast to correct. Austin says Becky has to still be the pawn against John, but they can make a deal with Becky that they’ll vote to keep her if she keeps them off the Block next week.

“Sorry, Vanessa, but f**k, are you kidding me?” says Austin as he’s clearly had enough with her. Stack this on top of her paranoid attack at him last night accusing him of trying to help the Goblins prepare for the comp and it’s all just pushing him over the tipping point. The twins aren’t happy either.

Liz says that James didn’t come up with the plan to throw that comp himself, he was told to do it by Vanessa. Julia says she could tell Vanessa didn’t want to be HoH that week so she knows the pieces all add up. “You have no idea how livid I am,” says Liz. She’s furious that Vanessa never told her when her game was on the line and was kept in the dark while being used as a pawn. Austin doesn’t want this getting back to Steve since he knows they’re close.

Over the past few days we had seen Julia start to pull up to Vanessa’s side and they had even discussed maybe splintering off together as Julia knew Austin and Liz were growing closer. I was very anxious to see if Julia would just run this info back to Vanessa, but I don’t think she will. Julia says she thought she could trust Vanessa but now she doesn’t. She appears sincere.

Unfortunately Steve shows up and crushes gametalk as he tends to do. Steve asks if it’s been the 5 minutes of waiting that they had asked of him when Becky left. No, it’s been two minutes and there’s a clock in the kitchen, but come on in Steve. Sheesh. So that’s that. But there’s one more interesting part.

Vanessa arrives soon after Steve and asks the Austwins what Becky had to say. Flashback to 3:23/4. Nothing much, says Austin. No game talk and they didn’t give Becky any information in return either, he tells her. Oh yeah? No game talk? Interesting, we say. Austin quickly changes the discussion back to naming their alliance and things move along.

Okay, so the Austwins are on to Vanessa and their trust in her is deeply cracked, but they won’t risk making a visible enemy of her with a nomination. Things could change by Monday for a renom scenario, but that’d have to be a lot of shifting for us to see that. Oh Vanessa is going to lose it if they let her know Becky is staying because they’d have to have a motive to do that and it’ll be obvious what it is. Once again, the Feedsters are about to win as someone in there is about to lose.


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  1. Does anyone see the parallel between Vanessa and Frankie now? Last season Frankie was not necessarily a dumb player but once the Bomb Squaders fought amongst themselves he was one of the first to lose support of his former allies. Same thing with Vanessa, going into next the HOH competition, she is on everyone’s hit list now

    • Not to mention they’re both celebrities whose popularity obviously went to their heads in the house! Just saying!

      • Vanessa isn’t going around chanting “I’m a millionaire poker player so you plebs better watch out”. I think her gameplay is like Amanda’s actually, except this time these houseguests aren’t afraid to crush snakes and call out the rats.

  2. I still don’t like recruits and think 99 out of 100 times they’re useless. Becky, however, seems to be that 1 out of 100.

    • She gets props from me for that. I can’t believe there is not a full cast’s worth of BB fans who are also eye candy who they can cast next time. And not all super fans; a mix of fans and superfans.
      My real only gripe with Becky this year is her being a mole for Clelli. Other than that time, I can be on board with her. She’s figuring things out and laying it out for others in a calm, convincing way.
      Kudos to Becky!

      • I completely get her “mole” days. People labeled her a rat (which she was) but she was a complete outside with zero knowledge of the game. She came in, stayed low-profile, got some (or at least her idea of) protection and stayed quiet until she’d picked up enough knowledge to act. – Pretty smart I think. – What has Meg done?

      • Glad I kept quiet on my opinion about Becky. I just needed another week to make sure she was trustworthy. I think this week I can absolutely say I was glad she was a mole when she was! :-) She gathered lots of info from Shelli (who gave her info on Vanessa too). Now she can use it to her benefit (since most of it’s true) by giving that intel to Liz, Austin and Julia! So they finally can make an informative decision to get Van out of the house as she should have been before Shelli!

    • Becky has pleasantly surprised me. I remember the first week I was wondering why she was even cast and kinda ruled her out of making it far in the game. Then she kinda slowly grew on me with her train story and now she’s made one of the biggest moves in the house and i’m loving her game style. You’re kicking ass Becky, keep it up! Definately would love to see her on an all-stars season!

  3. I bet this somehow gets back to Vanessa. Maybe through Steve saying he was asked to give them 5 min or just a slip up by one of the Austwins. I hope she finds out and shoots it down.

    • Wouldn’t it be easy for Austin to say he has a headache and can’t deal with Steve’s ramblings right now? Have you heard how Austin talks to Steve? He’s not very nice to him sometimes. I think Vanessa would get that. IDK. She’s paranoid so just a hint and she’s sniffing out a conspiracy theory though.

      • You made me smile, thanks I needed that lol
        It does make you wonder if she’s this paranoid and intense in real life. I can kinda picture her as one of those people who thinks everyone is always out to get you and that aliens control the media :P

    • Vanessa is a snake.. she cries when she is on the block then tell others they are prawns.. she can dish it out but can’t take it.. people like her don’t deserve a second chance and she should be gone.

  4. I’m loving this season. LOVING it. Vanessa has been running
    things her way since the beginning and no matter how many times it looks like she’s one step away from defeat she just takes a side-step and keeps moving ahead.

    It’s like watching someone sit in the middle of a ring of cobras with a
    tazer. She keeps tazing them while they sleep and you keep EXPECTING one to turn and bite her but they never do. It’s awe-inspiring. Hate her all you like but after last week when she was put on the block as the intended target and two evics later she’s STILL here?

    You don’t have to like her, but you definitely have to respect her. She’s a Player.

    Her time looks like it’s coming to an end with Becky’s pretty genius reveal last night but if Vanessa manages to escape trouble THIS time she’ll be remembered forever. She’s kind of amazing.

    • Vanessa might find Becky harder to control than the other HG’s.
      So glad Becky is getting her revenge and I can’t wait to see those 2 fight it out.

      • Vanessa has ZERO power/sway/influence over Becky. That’s why I’m saying if she survives again this week it’ll be impressive.

      • Becky’s had a tough week but I’m glad to see her still fighting. I would hate to see her or JMac leave next week.

      • Sorry but it looks like JMAC is gonna wind up as collateral damage in order to get Vanessa out.

      • God, I pray they won’t put up both, JMac and Becky, so one of them can win Veto and save the other one.
        Not gonna happen, but one can always hope… :D

      • The Austwins are whispering that they want to keep Becky around to get rid of Vanessa. So if JMac wins Veto maybe they’ll put James up instead. There’s still hope!

      • I hope JMac and Becky are the last ones standing instead of James this week. It would be fitting considering JJM’s stupidity in letting Vanessa stay over Shelli.

      • I’m all for a JMac/Becky final 2. I don’t even think James and Meg have figured out that saving Vanessa was a really bad idea yet. But thank goodness Austin and the Twins are there to save the remaining Goblins :(
        I’m hoping that Vanessa has another episode of Insanity so that Liz will backdoor her instead.

      • Yeah, it really is. If Vanessa wants JMac gone that’s probably what will happen. I wish the Goblins had gotten rid of Van yesterday.

      • Becky and JMac tried. JJM just pointed the loaded gun Becky gave them and pointed it at their collective faces. Kinda like the old adage–you can lead an animal to water, but you can’t make them drink.

      • The whole scenario was mindboggling to say the least!
        I’m so sick of Vanessa’s pathological lying. I’ve never seen anybody in my life this horrid and it’s nauseating to watch her anymore. She’s not even entertaining now. She needs to go.

      • She won’t last much longer. If she owned all the lies and BS that has come out of her mouth, maybe she’d have a chance. But all the waterworks and play the victim routine has run out of steam.

      • Wishful thinking on steroids. If JMac saves himself tomorrow, take a guess who goes up as the renom? It won’t be clueless grandma, so that leaves…

      • I so hope they won’t suddenly turn around to vote her out.
        If the final noms are Becky vs John, Vanessa and Steve will vote out Becky, James and Meg will most likely vote out John & it would be up to Julia & Austin. I do think they’d keep JMac though.. they never stick with their first plan.

        Becky vs James.. Meg, Vanessa and Steve will vote out Becky, JMac will vote out James, leaving it up to Julia & Austin again. Not sure how they would decide…

        JMac vs James… That might actually end well for JMac. Becky and Steve would most likely save him, so would Vanessa. But again, it will be up to Julia and Austin, they could take it to a tie…

        Those are the most likely combinations. Doesn’t look good for my Team JMac/Becky

      • I agree. Of those three, I’d rather see James walk. Clueless Meg will sleepwalk her way to F2 where she’ll be a sitting duck for the eventual winner.
        Everyone left would beat her.

      • Vampire Dentist and Becky are the power couple, most people don’t see it coz they always underestimate them.

      • Unfortunately in one way or another the Austwins see it so we will probably lose one half of Jecky :(. I can only hope John is saved and James becomes the target because James doesn’t seem very willing to work with Becky.

    • She is mesmerizing all right, when she starts talking people eyes get all glassy and they stare off into space her magical hypnotic powers take over and when you wake up she is still sitting there talking. I just can’t figure out why the HG’s don’t have the ability to think for themselves, James and Becky are the only 2 that have dared to go against her. I really don’t think she sleeps at night, her brain never shuts down.

    • Yes. But the sand in her hourglass is running out. I’m not sure when she goes, but she won’t win. Everybody wants her out now. Can’t dodge bullets every week

    • I admire certain aspects of her gameplay but I don’t respect her as a player overall. Her gameplay is completely unsustainable and she has no chance of winning. If she played BB in 10 alternate universes, she would lose all 10 times (might come 2nd place a few times).

      As much as I’m entertained by her ability to “taze the snakes” and not get bitten (yet), I reserve my “respect” for players like Derrick who are smart enough to turn the taser off

      • Derrick’s not playing this season though.

        Each season is a different mix. You’re more than welcome to not appreciate her as a person, I understand that fully. I also never said she’d win, mind you. I just said I’m impressed she’s gotten this far in the way she has.

        If you don’t respect someone who escapes eviction when someone comes at her full force with guns blazing and she STILL manages to talk them out of it, then we don’t agree on who deserves respect at all.

        I’m talking about her as a player. I think you’re talking about her as a person.

        Those are two very different things to me.

      • I think after this season, I need a break, a long one to grieve the goblins or gremlins

  5. Anyone who has a chance to watch the Becky “Fruity Pebbles Power Point” on Vanessa………………watch it you will definitely have a new respect for Becky as a player and probably be that much more piss – off at James, Meg, and Jackie for screwing – up her HoH. Nobody 4 MORE!!!

    • Like I said earlier, had Shelli just had given them (Goblins) the full scoop on Vanessa and 6th sense, that and now had Becky just given them the same presentation she just did to Austwins then Vanessa would have gone to jury first. Well that and the promise to keep James safe for a week or two. With Steve winning the HOH it wwould have still been anybody’s guess as to who would have gone in the second eviction. He was close to Vanessa and he could have had James sitting on the block instead of Jackie or Meg.

    • Come to think of it. When becky wears her hair up in a bun, she looks like pebbles flinstone, Fred Flintstones daughter

  6. Well, maybe, Becky can pull a rabbit out of her hat yet. Still, worried about Johnny Mac, I hope he wins POV and Liz puts James as the replacement nominee and they all vote out James. That would be the perfect scenario because both Johnny Mac and Becky would be safe. James is clueless and useless in this game anyway, with his dumb moves. He only managed to blow up his game, Jackie, Meg and Becky and Johnny Mac’s game as well! There will be less interference for Becky and John if James is in the jury house!

    • Becky and John can’t vote things out alone though. If one of them is the HoH they only count as one general vote. Losing James to the Jury House is a big loss right now for them what with the Austwins being a 3-vote guarantee.

      • If James is out, Meg will most likely hang onto Becky. I can see Austwins working together with Becky to get rid of Vanessa..

    • What has James ever done to you? Sure he has said and acted a little foolish at times, but I don’t understand your great dislike of James. Is this, let’s hate the minority? I’m not sure why any minority would ever go on these game shows. You people rag on them in print, and the other contestants vote them out, and off. Has a minority ever won on any of these shows? Just saying.

    • Shelli was going to put James on the block if she won HOH. He was looking out for himself and convinced others to vote shelli out. Austin likes Vanessa so he thought it was a perfect idea.

  7. 2 seasons in a row that a cereal plays a larger role in the game than some of the HG’s. Last year it’s Froot Loops and this year, Fruity Pebbles.

  8. Why don’t they backdoor Steve? Aren’t they scared of his skills in comps yet? It might help them gain favor with the remaining goblins too.

  9. Vampire Dentist really has to win that damn PoV again! Game on! If he wins, Becky on the block and they renom Vanessa …

  10. I hope Steve tells Vanessa that they made him go out for 5 min to talk alone in the HOH

  11. Becky needs to shut up and go back to floating because something will happen and she will go home

  12. So they’re afraid to put up Vanessa this week in case she returns to the game? What else could it be; they have the votes to evict her in Austin, Julia, & Jmac. That’s 3 for the tie with Liz to break it. Plus they’d have James and Meg, too, with Vanessa against Becky on the block. So it’s a done deal this week, with Steve being the only hold back. If they knew she’d stay gone, I wonder if they’d go for a big trophy?
    BTW – Good job, Austwins, for not sharing with Steve. At this point, sorry but I’d keep Steve out of the loop on everything and lie lie lie to his face about goings on. Just keep him happy thinking Vanessa is safe and sound. He cannot be trusted.

    • That Twin block is dangerous. If it was just Liz and Austin I could see Vanessa maybe causing some doubt individually. But with three of them things are seemingly impossible. (Especially with Julia being the “scary” twin.)

  13. Those with the Live Feeds: According to Joker’s at 12:55pm Becky was talking with Austin about Vanessa’s powers of persuasion. Austin assured he they weren’t being controlled. – For those who actually saw the exchange, did you believe it? Or is Austin still very much controllable?

  14. Wow, so they’re onto Vanessa, an HG who plays the game. How about a Meg fruity pebble which would be off in the far corner twiddling its thumbs, yet as much of a threat as anyone else. The Austwins would be wiser sticking with Van than going after her in the long run.

      • I disagree. This bunch wouldn’t give Vanessa the win just out of spite. She plays the game that is for sure. But, I keep thinking back to Derrick..he was the “silent assassin.” Vanessa can’t be silent..and the constant lying..even to her own alliance doesn’t help matters either! She seems to be in a pretty good spot in the house and then she screws it up everytime..Now, she has the twins and Austin pissed off at her..I would not be a bit surprised to see another week of a Vanessa backdoor.

    • It’s hard to believe that Becky the only person to get Vanessa ‘ s game. Takes one to know one??

  15. So do you think my wish is going to come true? That Becky and Van will be nommed with the hopes that Van will be blindsided if she doesn’t win Veto?

    • I don’t see it happening unless Vanessa really pisses Liz off before the ceremony.

    • Sorry. Don’t think so. For all of their bravado, the lovers in HOH right now are petrified of van. They say they aren’t, but they are. They rationalize away their wimpiness by trying to keep Becky and say “the plan” is to have her do the dirty work. And they are proud of themselves for such brilliance.

      Only way Van would go is thru a backdoor this week. And that is highly unlikely unless van pushes SO FAR that they are ready to accept the firestorm that they believe would come from it. And the real firestorm would be 10X worse. Liz is too much of a summer camper in this game to want to create that drama

  16. I still say it is now the Austwins game to lose. One of those three, unfortunately, wins. Because of the stupidity of James & Co., I just may start to even root for them. Vanessa “allowing” the twins into the game = death.

  17. I really don’t care for Vanessa. She has to be in control of everybody all the time. This idiots don’t even realize what she has done. Also, if she had made that much money playing poker, she doesn’t need to money like the other people do. Just like Frankie last year.

      • That is just one reason why I think she should go. I am sure everybody needs money, but the way she tries to control and guilt people into doing things her way. When the shoe is on the other foot, it’s a different story.

      • Ikr??!! Nobody on big brother ever “needs” the money. Nobody on that show is below the poverty line.

        We need to have a season of only starving Haitian mothers and fathers just so nobody can argue that a contestant doesn’t need the money

    • CBS makes it seem like Vanessa doesn’t need the money, but she hasn’t won any money since 2011 and apparently is actually is in a lot of financial problems. Most likely she kept spending like she did when her husband and her were making over a million a year. I read that she can’t afford the mansion that she purchased and has friends living with her so it is not foreclosed on. Just because she and CBS claim she is wealthy doesn’t mean she really is.

      • I am sure everybody needs money. I think she likes the control of the house. But when somebody else has control she hates that. If she has “she doesn’t want to get any blood on her hands” one more time I am going to scream!!! But I understand your message.

      • Some people like to play a game and do everything possible to win just for the challenge of it. Whether she needs the money or not she is playing a good game and needs to go.There was a millionaire on Survivor who tried three times just for the challenge of getting to the end. Russell.

      • Isn’t she gay? I thought she said she had a girlfriend. not a husband.
        I was watching BB after dark and they put her saying that she has won over 4 million dollars playing poker. She said it herself.

      • Sorry. I would have responded earlier, but my computer was broken. She is bisexual. She is currently dating a girl, but was married to a very successful poker player. They got divorced and he died from cancer shortly after that. For a few years from about 2008-2011 she was very successful playing poker, made 4.5 million, and reached number 36 in the world poker rankings. However, since 2011 she has not played well and has spent far more than she has won on live tournament play. I am not sure how she has done online or if she is even doing much online now with all the regulations the US has placed on it. Although I am not sure if it is true I have read about her financial problems which would not be that surprising. It is very common for someone making large amounts of money to have financial problems once the money stops coming in. 80% of NBA players for example are broke within 5 years of retirement.

  18. It’s clear The Austwiins are the biggest obstacle. There are three of them you have to get out. You cant have one of them get to the end. That’s two guaranteed votes.

    • It’s also 3 possible “votes against” if they all get sent packing. No matter how you slice it, they matter now.

  19. She is a “millionaire poker player” therefore you guys should get her out of there and soon before she wins the whole kit, kang and kaboddle. Priceless, the look on your faces when/if that happens.

    • This whole “She’s a millionaire poker player” thing confuses me. I’m sure if you have a favorite Pro sport’s figure or actor/actress or whatever who’s got money, if they got a shot to play the game you’d love to see that because they’re a favorite you’re interested in. The whole theme of this game is to trick/fool/beat people so that you’re the final one standing. Why’s it only okay for “poor” people to play? Without Vanessa this season it would have been a lot more boring this far. – No?

  20. Vanessa is really a snake ! She managed to convince everyone to keep her and sends one of them to jury via Steve. Please Aus twins keep Becky so she can get Van out since there so chicken they won’t do it themselves !

  21. I don’t know what’s funnier: the fact that Becky had to use cereal as visual props to get people to finally understand how dangerous Vanessa is, or the fact that it seems to have been really effective.

    • lol. Becky is a lot smarter than people think and it could have been getting hit by a train that gave her that gift.
      The twins are not intelligent at all and they claim to have gone to college. Austin possibly has some brain damage from his wrestling.

  22. How can Austin’s not see that if vanessa is left up she be voted out 6-0. Even if she comes back she will be an easy target. Take her out now or sign the 500k check and hand it to her

  23. I doubt this worked, but I have to wait and see. Putting up Steve and removing John will be ideal since they won’t put up Vanessa.

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