The Best And Worst Of Big Brother 17 Week 7

It was one weird and all over the place week in the Big Brother 17 house. From Vanessa going to staying to the, according to popular opinion, horrible double eviction, this edition of Ewws and Ahhs you’ll either love or hate.


So lets get to my take on the best and worst moments of Big Brother 17 Week 7.

(Note: some of these things you might only have seen if you’re a Live Feeds subscriber and also, these are very biased as this is an opinion piece)

Ahh. Becky wins HOH and hatches the plan to backdoor Vanessa. Finally someone is going to do what any person playing the game should he ready to do.

Eww. Vanessa. She continues to think she’s the only person allowed to play the game and that everyone owes her something in the game.

Ahh. Becky nominates Shelli and Steve. Becky stuck to the plan and did a pretty solid job keeping Vanessa happy through phase one.


Eww. Steve wins Veto. My thinking was always that for Vanessa to go home, Shelli needed to come off the block and Austin or a twin would have to go up. But since Steve won the veto, things could easily go south.


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  1. Yes, last night was must see tv. Because if you didn’t see it, you wouldn’t believe it.
    Expect the unexpected…Especially this year!

    • I expected the unexpected when I couldn’t settle on any game plan that should be implemented with such an unpredictable group of players. It always seems to be a wait and see type of game than what it should be!

  2. How will Steve’s move surely go down in history as one of the worst ever? He’s still tight with Vanessa and austwins (and from the sounds of it, the austwins wouldn’t mind Vanessa going before he does). Also, the group of people he just shafted STILL want to work with him. They’ve already forgiven him and have pretty much ushered him back into their good graces. It doesn’t get better than screwing over an alliance who still doesn’t even have plans to target you.

    Just because Steve played it safe and WE the audience didn’t get the high drama we were looking for doesn’t mean Steve made a bad move. The writer of this piece just seems a little bitter that things didn’t play out the way HE wanted it to.

    Tell me who is targeting Steve over the next two or three weeks? Absolutely nobody. This move bought him time. I’m not even a fan of Steve but it really wasn’t a bad move for HIS game and that’s all he cares about. I for one thought last night was great. The goblins got exactly what they deserved.

    • A lot of people loved the Goblins despite their somewhat dumb move to keep Vanessa so I think that’s where the Steve hate is coming from. Going into double eviction last night, I was only crossing my fingers that Johnny Mac and Becky would both be safe. They were both safe, so I felt ok with the results. Maybe the BB Gods just weren’t happy with the Goblins decision this week and decided someone had to pay the price… It just sucks that Jackie, the smartest one of the three, was the unlucky victim

    • People get emotional about this game and project a lot of stuff on the boards but your argument’s spot-on. People don’t like Steve because he’s socially awkward and weird. And because Vanessa’s taken on the “Queen Villain” role and was let off the bar so easily people reacted. He had a shot to kill Darth Vader but instead chose to kill a lower level character that’s not nearly as threatening in the big scheme of things. – That’s why people exploded I think. (It wasn’t as exciting an ending for the “BB Movie” last night as people would have liked.)

    • Branden explained why it was a terrible move. Jackie and Meg aren’t really threats to any one and they weren’t after Steve. If he wanted to be safer, he would have gone after Becky, who he professes to hate, since no one be mad about her eviction. If he wanted to be a real force, he would’ve put up either the twins or Liz & Austin to break up the alliance that everyone is afraid to cross. He did neither, wasting the chaos of double eviction night and putting a target on his and JohnnyMac’s backs.

  3. The whole week was anti climactic and expecting the unexpected just means expecting the stupid to make stupid choices. I would actually like Steve and John if they were actually playing for themselves and not everyone else.

    • Steve doesn’t even know what his own plan is. John did play for himself last night by not using the Veto. He knew Becky, his partner would be leaving.

      • And yet should Shelli return he will go back to being her bag boy, in memory of Clay’s wasted game and Shelli didn’t even consider John an alliance member, til only after she was evicted. Steve right now is busy being Vanessa’s pawn, but sooner or later its everyone for themselves and that is the part of the game I am waiting for.

    • Give Steve and John a chance. It is the quiet ones who make the big moves not, the blowhards who do not have a clue! Actually, I see Steve and John with Vanessa going deep in this game. Let us face it, Vanessa does not have the numbers as of now to take out Austin and the twins, Liz and Julia but, with Steve, John and maybe, Meg, she will have the votes to evict them. When it goes down to 4 and say it is John, Steve, Vanessa and Meg when it becomes interesting. Will Steve stay with Vanessa or peel away and join John? If he peels away, it could be John and Steve in the Final 2. In my scenario, it makes for a very exciting finish. Let us see if it comes to fruition.

  4. I had the impression that something went terribly wrong at the veto last night. Johnny Mac and Steve were talking for a few seconds right before the veto meeting, JMac nodding in agreement. He then chose not to use the veto. Seeing the situation unfold, Steve became even more stressed than usual, and he was trying to explain something to Jackie (couldn’t quite hear him; apologizing maybe). I think that Steve might have had plan to backdoor Becky, but JMac surprised him by not using the veto.

  5. Disagree!!! This was a good move for Steve. If he had backed door Austin or the Twins, they would be coming after him. If he back doored Vanessa, she would be coming after him. Everyone but James and Meg would be ok with Jackie going, because it did not affect their alliance. Jon, and Steve can claim they kept them safe, making the numbers for them. Jon and Steve have a better chance at beating Austin and the Twins. Jackie was starting to play and make moves, she needed to go.( didn’t like her or Jeff in AR either). I would like to see final 3 Steve, Jon, Vanessa. They are the thinkers in the house, but have different styles of strategy, they are my favorites. If anyone remembers, it was Jon who spotted everyone else’s operation strategies, Steve who helped Vanessa keep Austin with the Derrick analogy. (not shown on CBS). I dislike Liz!!!!!!!!!!!!She has a foul mouth, and is leary of Steve and is biased against him because of his awkwardness.. Her sister Julia seems more friendly and a game player. Not a fan of Becky, but would probably like her outside of BB. Party with James as a friend, hang out with Meg, check out Austins tatoos, want Shelli as an Aunt for advice, send Clay to a speech therapist and get him an MRI asap, too many knocks to the head I suspect.

    • “If he back doored Vanessa, she would be coming after him” – I don’t think so. If he had nommed Vanessa she would have been gone. I think there’s little argument about that.

      • Yes, Vanessa would have gone, but I doubt Steve would have put her up. Also if she came back into the game she could be after him. So they have a point, just didn’t really state it quite as logically I think.

      • A lot of people use the statement: “If he/she knocked X out they could come back after them if they get back in the game.” – That’s a weightless answer I think because ANYONE evicted can come back at you if they get evicted from the game (once they’re in the Jury). If that’s a valid excuse NOT to possibly evict someone it applies to each and every person being evicted, no?

      • True – however, he would make himself a bigger target because she would be gone. The twins distrust him, and so dose the other side because they think he is sneaky. By picking 2 players from one side, he is letting the other know he was not coming after them. Both sides were coming together to get rid of everyone else. If I remember correctly – Vanessa and Steve made a F2 deal early in the game and are keeping it a secret.

      • In the first place, Steve is not going to nominate Vanessa but, even if he did, she stood a good chance of surviving. Her alliance of Austin, Liz and Julia will still be supporting her and I imagine James and Meg will spare her once, again. Remember, James said she was a good ally. Those two are hopeless and clueless. They blew their games as well as Becky and John for nothing. If it was Jackie on the block, she still would have gone home. Even James voted to evict Jackie if you were paying attention.

      • Fair enough. Valid point. But I don’t think it’s fair to say James voted for Jackie. He was painted into a corner. His two tightest allies were the noms so he had to make a choice. Had Vanessa been a choice though, in the heat of the moment with no time to be fooled or convinced otherwise I think people might have thought: “Now’s my chance.” But that’s all speculation. Maybe you’re right.

      • No way would Steve ever have nominated Vanessa, as she is the only one left in the House that allows him to hug her …
        It seems that Vanessa and possibly John, are the only HG’s that actually talk and spend time with Steve, at least from the limited airtime that I have seen, between the weekly episodes and daily splash of BBAD …

  6. I was rooting for Jmac to win Hoh, because I was very interested to see who he would put up. (My guess .. Vanessa & Austin)
    When Steve won I thought Becky would have been his go-to pick, but surprise, surprise he picks Happy & the KimK look alike. Shocked me!
    I was happy to see Jackie walk out, no more constant hair flipping … Yeah!

    • Jackie and Jeff were a waste this season, I honestly could careless they were apart of Amazing Race, they need contestants that actually know how Big brother works, it would make for much more entertainment and strategy.

  7. Austin, Liz and Julia would have NO game if it weren’t for Vanessa. She totally dominates any conversation or game talk they have. ‘do this – do that – isn’t this great, guys?’ Yes, she’s annoying and people are idiots to have not gotten rid of her this week, but look at how far the “Austin’s Angels” have gotten with Vanessa at the helm. Good player. It was an underwhelming double elimination night, but BBAD was the great last night with plenty of game talk and closed door discussions.
    Was turned off my Liz’s smug “Hi Julie” shit-eating grin when she went in to vote out Jackie. Everyone else was as they should have been, concerned and torn by the decision. Liz just smiled, only thinking of herself as she sent an innocent packing.
    I’m over Becky. She dug her own grave this week by saying “no more deals, no more alliances.” Lady, you can’t play this game alone! Go home.
    I agree with you, Debbie. A Jon, Steve, Vanessa final three would be great.

    • Cookie, I totally agree with the Liz smug smile at Julie C. I almost gagged! Seriously girl!

    • I agree that V is the best ‘player’ in the house, but she doesn’t hide her deviousness the way Derrick did, it’s right there in their faces, and if some people (James, Meg, Jackie) are too stupid to see it , Oh Well.
      Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t V the only one that Becky told – “no more deals, no more alliances”? Smart move IMO, why listen to an hour ling diatribe of tears & recriminations from the dramatic diva?

      • And if Vanessa manages to make it to the end with all the other houseguests KNOWING her schemes…then she will indeed be one of the smartest players EVER!
        For a whole house to be on to your lies and deceit and disloyalty but they don’t make moves that get you out of the house OR you somehow convince them not to go after you….that’s one smart cookie!
        Vanessa is one smart cookie! She already flipped the house once and she didn’t really say much of anything. It’s just that James is extremely impressionable. He eats s h i t up.
        Vanessa can puppeteer the whole house again.
        However, I do admit that I’m a little concerned that the twins and Austin are starting to turn on Vanessa a little bit. That might end up being her downfall, but I hope not.

  8. This was a good week for BB.

    Reasons: Everyone was shocked at the nominees and the veto choice.

    Why: Because everyone expected Steve, Becky or Jon to be gone this week. (the so called weak players with no real alliance)(always beware of the underdog!!)(never underestimate your opponent) or a Vanessa backdoor plan(which usually fails).

    The Shock: Meg on the block, in tears in disbelieve(heart break), Jackie on the block who thought was sitting pretty, being a superior human.

    Twist: beware of the twins aka Austin’s Angels (a previous quote from another post)

    • My anticipation level for Thursday’s show was very high. So, I would call it a good week.
      I would call this the best season of BB in years!

    • Let people hate on this DE because it didn’t go the way they wanted it. I enjoyed it. Goblins got too high on their newfound power, got complacent, and got sucker punched. Give me more Vanessa. Give me more Crash TV.

  9. “Ahh. Becky nominates Vanessa. It’s not an actual backdoor since Vanessa played in the veto, but Becky made the bold move and deserves the credit for that.

    It’s not any kind of back door at all. It’s a front door with a big window in it so you can easily see who’s standing on the other side.

      • Steve sucks. I hate Steve. I really really really really hate Steve. I hate Steve so much. Steve is awful.

  10. Announcement!

    There will be a new show on CBS next year called “THE HUNGRY GAMES”!
    The players don’t really kill each other, but close.

  11. BB needs to stop having the nominated house guests give speeches, they’re a total waste of time and last night BOTH times they gave away who was going home! There was no suspense to the voting whatsoever. I’d like to see a twist or rule that prevents these agreed-upon unanimous votes where the person knows beforehand that they’re leaving. It makes the game so boring.

  12. Most MORONIC move in BB history – JJM flipping the vote. Might as well just hand the $500k check to Vanessa now and get it over with.

    • As much as I can’t stand Rachel, at least I can respect her as she actually played BB. Vanessa is just playing a 3 month game of Screw Your Neighbor.

      • Oh how time can dull the memory … Rachel was worse then Amanda ever thought of being. Talk about your “meltdown”! Jeez!

      • Amanda was an idiot. Loved her flight attendant skits, but other than that, she didn’t do much of anything.

  13. Vanessa only takes home the money IF the folks in the jury house vote for her to get it, will have to wait and see if she has cut one too many?!

    • Depending on who she’s sitting next to, yeah, but keep in mind, this is a house full of fans. They’r going to give credit where credit is due once they get over their bitterness.

      • This is actually a house of recruits not fans. the majority of players this season have never seen the show. There is a good chance they will vote for who they like not who played the best game sadly.

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