Big Brother 17 Eviction Predictions: Who Is Going Home Tonight?

We’re nearing on finding out who is going home tonight on Big Brother as John McGuire and Audrey Middleton face off for the ten HG votes that are up for grab this week.

Julie Chen hosts Big Brother
Julie Chen hosts Big Brother – Source: CBS

There’s a chance of a tie-breaker for HoH Shelli Poole to weigh in but from what we’re hearing on the Live Feeds there won’t be a chance of that happening. Don’t count out the chance for drama though.

Austin Matelson is planning to throw a hinky vote to frame Steve Moses as America’s Player, an ongoing paranoia obsession inside the Big Brother 17 house. Well, actually Austin says he’d never do something like this, but Judas would. No, seriously, he told Julia that.

Unfortunately for Austin the house is on to his shady side last night after Jason Roy exposed his plans to bring both twins in then send Julia home so he could have Liz to himself in Jury. Oh yes, that’s a grand plan there Austin. Please proceed for our entertainment.

Big Brother 17 Week 4 Eviction Predictions – Audrey Middleton or John McGuire?:

Audrey Middleton on BB17
Audrey Middleton on BB17
Big Brother Access Audrey Middleton on BB17
Zap2It Audrey Middleton on BB17
We Love Big Brother Audrey Middleton on BB17
Big Brother Junkies Audrey Middleton on BB17

Who do you think will be evicted tonight on Big Brother? Share your thoughts below.


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  1. I don’t think there’s any chance that Johnny Mac will be going home tonight. But if Sixth Sense was smart they might re-think things. That house is a MESS with people who can’t keep a secret longer than the time it takes for them to hear it.

    As long as she’s (Audrey) in the house you have a built in super target for others to focus on.

    If people were smart they might think about SAYING they’re following the line but vote to keep her in anyway.

    Probably pretty hard to do what with her habit of blowing up alliances and revealing secrets but if you’re not a Sixth Sense member it could also be a nice Sneaky Pete move that helps rattle them.

    (A win win for everyone potentially.)

    I’d miss the heck out of Johnny Mac but the drama it causes could be amazing.

    • I agree.

      However Audrey’s pretty much given up, as nobody wants to play with her. So everyone’s pretty much putting her out of her misery. Besides John hasn’t had much impact on anyone’s game, so there would be no reason to evict him.

      Also while I agree that that’s a good move, keep in mind these are the same people who sent Mama Day home over Audrey. The only ones playing the game is John (though he needs to step up), Jason (though he needs to stop blabbering) and Shelli (though she needs to think for herself)

  2. When they’re down to 10 people…double elimination. 1st HG goes home and 2nd is first to go to jury house…who do you think will be the FIRST HG to jury????

  3. Now, what if .. everyone decides to do a “hinky” vote tonight ?? Wouldn’t that be a real hoot ..
    Ha !!! :)

    • I would laugh so hard. I know that Audrey has screwed herself pretty badly in this game, but I did feel for her (as I would anyone) when she said everyone else has someone. Clay comes off very cocky and rude sometimes.

      • It may sound harsh, but it’s not like she didn’t deserve it. She made enemies just for kicks, lied when she had no reason to, spread rumors, and showed no loyalty to anyone at all – even the people who were protecting her. It’s not like it’s her personality or her identity that people had problems with, it’s the way she played. If you can’t trust someone with the most basic of info, why spend time with them at all?

    • I would hate to see John go, but I love a good blindside.
      Anyone remember the year they did a season in the winter with couples? There was a girl (pretty sure her name was Natalie) who was totally blindsided. All I remember is her face was priceless. I asked someone to make a gif out of it for me once but I never heard back lol

  4. Is the show going to be live tonight? I’m hearing they are saying no anyone know?

    • Are you thinking taped because of Audrey? I doubt it. After what she was saying last night to Shelli that they have questions prepared I assume it will be live.

      • OK thank you some on live feed said they were taping it because they didn’t know what she would do

      • I hadn’t heard of that, but last year I wasn’t that into it…do you really think it will be a CBS E.A?

      • Those votes could be coming for Audrey’s family and friends, for all we know. They’d probably have hope for her, in spite of everything.

    • My first guess was people who don’t watch the feeds but then I realized they probably wouldn’t be on this site anyway soooo……

  5. What’s the “take over?” Putting those guys on white clothes? That’s not a take over…That’s embarrassing.

  6. I wonder if Julie will announce a penalty vote for Audrey like she did for Jen when she ate after she knew she was going home.

    • Doubtful. With the kid glove treatment that she is receiving, they won’t add to her misery.

    • Production gave Audrey a 36 hour window to eat after her ‘episode’. No penalty votes

      • Not according to Audrey on the feeds today. She was telling Vanessa she’s mad at Becky because Becky told her she could eat and production told her after it was a penalty.

  7. Truthful speaking here; I haven’t watched one episode of big brother this week. I had 3 hours of it (Thursday, Sunday and Last Night) Didn’t watch it. Just been looking on the feeds. I am kinda glad I didn’t watch it because It was boring (except when Jeff left)

  8. Can somebody wake me up when one of these HGs actually starts playing a smart game? Thanks.

    btw, it’s an insult to BB fans to have a guy like Austin on the show. Cares nothing of the game, only interested in followers for some wwe comeback and gettin some from Liz in jury

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