Big Brother 16: Zach Campaigns To Save Nicole

After a day or resigning herself to eviction, Nicole has decided to stand up and fight. Last night she told the Feedsters that she’s in a bad spot and needs a miracle, but good Big Brother players get themselves out of these situations, so she’s going to try.

Nicole and Zach on Big Brother 16
Nicole and Zach on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

With the odds stacked against her, Nicole needs a hero like Zach had Caleb last week. Could it be time for Zach to repay that favor?

After a long night of considering her options and checking around for votes Nicole settled in to the Hive with Zach and Victoria. Flashback on your Live Feeds to 4:34AM BBT 8/13 (get your Free Trial now to watch).

Zach tells Nicole that it’s very possible for her to stay, but he doesn’t want to be the one to layout the plan. She needs to be the one to suggest it so it can’t then be blamed on him. Nicole says Big Brother isn’t fun if you don’t take risks.

Nicole promises Zach that if he gets them to keep her that she’d never put him up even as a renom. Zach wants her to tell him everything she knows to help him with ammo. She questions whether or not he just wants the info. Eventually she tells him that Donny is coming after Cody. Zach says he’ll use that and lie saying Donny told him directly.

Speaking of lying, Zach tells Nicole that everyone keeps saying she’s the biggest liar in the house. Nicole seems seriously offended by this and says she’s not going out of the house seen as a liar. She promises to “blow up” to keep from being seen as a liar in the game.

At 5:04AM BBT Zach goes out to get Derrick. See they think if they can get Derrick and Cody on board then Zach’s vote & Victoria’s vote would be enough for Nicole to stay and avoid a tie-breaker. They don’t know there’s no chance of this working.

Derrick joins them in the Hive and Nicole stumbles around without just asking Derrick for what she needs. Finally Zach takes over and says they need to vote out Donny and keep Nicole. Derrick is very non-committal. He doesn’t say yes and he doesn’t say no.

Finally after more talk Nicole flat out asks him. Derrick says if she has the votes to stay then he’ll support her. Zach and Derrick say they’ll go talk to Cody, but each guy has a different plan.

They find Cody and agree to go talk outside. While Zach is in the bathroom Derrick tells Christine that he’s going to “quickly squash this.” Outside Zach states his case for keeping Nicole. He says Nicole isn’t coming after him and they don’t know where Donny is aiming.

Derrick and Cody let Zach spin his wheels for awhile before they bring the hammer down. They tear apart the idea and again turn it around that Nicole is lying about everything. Eventually Zach gives up and says fine, he’ll vote to evict Nicole.

Here’s what appears to be going on. Zach knows he’s isolated in the game and Nicole would be a strong ally. Unfortunately for him, Cody wants to get rid of Nicole so he can have Christine to himself in his pocket like Derrick & Victoria. Meanwhile Derrick is likely keeping Team America in mind and he doesn’t want to risk having a Haycole reunion should Hayden win his way back in to the house.

Nicole will continue to campaign and hopefully blow up as she’s promised, but it’s an uphill battle that I don’t see her winning at this point.


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  1. If good ol’ Donny can stay alive until Hayden returns, that would be worth watching. I like Nicole fine but I just don’t think she would come back as resilient as Hayden would. Hayden told Julie: It’s Derrick & Cody! Nicole may screw his head around during her week or two in exile, combined with whomever #4 is, but once Hayden returned, Donny could sit on him and remind him he was right: It IS Derrick.

    • Or it could be possible that two of them return, so we could have both Hayden and Nicole returning. If two of them return, that means there will be at least one more DE – and BB loves the DE. Jacosta has no way of winning her way back into the house.

      • That would be fun! And I’m not a conspiracy theorist nor would I be surprised – or care – if Production “influences” outcomes – duh – but if Jocasta returns – BB has officially jumped the shark. Noone would expect THAT unexpected! Smh. Lol

      • I watched Jocasta’s interview with Jeff and she has the will and said she would lie this time, however saying that she is NOT physical enough to make it back and if it’s questions she would have a hard time beating Nicole and Hayden.

      • I was thinking the same thing, Another DE! I don’t even know why Jacosta wanted to play.

      • We know at least 10 of them were recruited in the last few weeks before going into the house. Since I can’t see Jacosta applying for Survivor, I’m willing to bet that she came out of the pool for Amazing Race applicants.

  2. Last night Derrick and Cody also confirmed that Caleb tried to sabotage Frankie during BOB, but BB wouldn’t let him join in again. While I don’t think the timing or the challenge is fishy, I do think the fact that they wouldn’t let Caleb rejoin to sabotage Frankie is proof that BB wanted Frankie to stay.

      • Big Brother topped AGT in the 18-49 Demo last week for the first time in it’s history – People are watching despite Frankie – He will be around for awhile

    • I thought it was the stupidest thing when I saw Caleb sit on the ground during that comp! It was clear that it was a comp that one person could win alone and did not actually require 2 contestants. While watching I was yelling at the TV for “Stupid Caleb! Stand up and interfere!!!” Now, I know why he didn’t!

    • So during the BOB Caleb tried to start playing, and they wouldn’t let him?! Yeah, that’s a little shady. I was just telling a coworker today that Caleb shouldn’t have sit it out, he should’ve played, but played horribly to ensure that they lost.

  3. Will and Janelle (Derrick and Victoria)
    Boogie and (Erika?). (Cody and Christine)

    Of course, the players themselves can’t really be compared, but still.

    • Of course you can, casting did. But I would think I would trade out Will and Janelle for Dan and Danielle.

      • Yeah, I just used the All-Star’s reference since Cody is Derrick’s right hand man. But Victoria definitely favors Danielle! :P

      • Oh, NOW I see what you did there. I just thought that equating Janelle to Victoria was a little insulting to Janelle. Now that I think of it even equating Danielle to Victoria is insulting.

      • But just remember…Victoria has won more competitions than a lot of BB Players. Even if they were given to her, lol.

    • You’re in trouble now! LOL was reading yesterday where Ariana Grande came to the defense of Frankie because someone supposedly used the words”that homo”on Instagram. After saying how fierce, intelligent, kind-hearted,etc., etc., he was , she said, and I am quoting from the article I read,”that homo gets more ass than you will ever get in your life”. That she is loyal to her brother, whom I’m sure she loves, you have to give her that. The ignorant words she chose to use just reinforce the fact that something was not taught to or learned by these two siblings that enables them to have a conversation without some vulgar, lewd, indecent, insulting,comment being made. Our society is going to the dogs.

      • Half* Siblings.

        Also, have you ever tried having an intellectual argument/debate/conversation with a non-intellectual? It gets you nowhere.

      • Why does it matter if Frankie is Ariana’s half sibling? What does that have to do with anything? I guess they should only care about each other half as much because they only share one parent – Ignorant comment and a low blow

      • That’s a lot of assumptions getting tossed around for me just correcting someone’s word. Calm down, bro, calm down.

      • Stop with the “half sibling” semantics – Your “correction” was meant as a slight – Everyone knows exactly what you are implying – I would hate to see what you would say if Ariana or Frankie happened to be adopted

      • Again with the assumptions! If they were step siblings, I simply would’ve stated Step* Siblings as well.

        You seem to be having a very bad day. Grab an ice cream cone, maybe some candy. I’m not even sure if you noticed the rest of my comment that was actually defending Ariana’s response. I think you got stuck on the word half…lol

      • She defended her brother against someone making a homophobic slur – I see nothing wrong with how she replied – Hate is hate and ignorance is ignorance – I’m sure she’s just as fed up with it as many others are – Frankie’s sexuality has nothing to do with his game play

      • So, you bash cops on this site deplorably and you defend gays. You will never find where I said Frankie being gay had anything to do with his gameplay or my opinion of him and it doesn’t. You, in your desire to invalidate my post, made you ignorant to the entire point of the post.

      • You might want to re-read my reply – I never implied you were bringing Frankie’s sexuality into the discussion – If you took it that way I sincerely apologize – What I stated was that Ariana is more than likely fed up with the multiple messages she receives that reference Frankie’s sexuality in a derogatory way – What we disagree about is Ariana’s reply – She is defending her brother and I agree with how she responded you do not – Seems to me you are the one that has a desire to invalidate my post or you lack reading comprehension – I never said you had a problem with Frankie being gay

      • Thank you for the apology, I accept, and if I misunderstood, I apologize also. We may disagree about things, but I will respect that you have a right to your opinion.

      • so why are we having to listen to his sexual innuendoes all the time. They are there to play a game not hook up

      • Oh no! Not “Cat” from Sam and Cat and the other Disney (or Nick, whichever) shows she was in. She did not use that kind of language. Did the network read that? You know they frown on their employees (actors) portraying anything but being role models.

      • It was worse. I wish I knew how to put a link on here but I’m just wading into the tech world. But if you go online and just type in something to the effect of “Ariana Grande defends brother”, the article should come up.

      • Oh no a sister defended her brother against a homophobic attack – Stop the presses! Let’s blame Ariana and not the idiot that would write such homophobic things – Geez

      • Didn’t defend the guy who wrote the homophobic slur, but just wish Ariana had have replied in a decent way, instead of a provocative manner. The subject here is going over your head or something.

      • I read it. I can’t imagine her saying those things (especially in her Cat character voice (I keep up with the shows my children watch)) but I can understand being upset and defending her brother.

        I get what you are saying about her rising above the person who wrote the slur and responding in a diplomatic manner (especially with her fanbase being young children). This may not be the end of it. Her agent may say something about it, the networks may intervene and there may be another response apologizing for how she responded. The industry is strange and fickle. But I get it either way. When it comes to family…..

      • I wasn’t looking for anything about them. The site I use for my mail has different article headlines representing the days news and that was one of them. After reading it, I didn’t want to make a judgement based on a response done in justifiable anger and wondered if that was unusual for her to use that type language and went to her Twitter page. If you want an insight to that, check it out.

  4. I like Nicole but don’t want Donny to leave. It’s time for Donny to win another HOH. With so few left in the house he can eliminate a good target. Only problem will be if it’s still BOB. Donny already said he would put up Christine and Frankie or Caleb and use the other as a renomn. That’s what I want Frankie or Christine gone. Then if Hayden gets back in Donny and Hayden can get Victoria. She will believe Hayden about Derrick, however we have seen Derrick get his way out before. If Derrick survives the next 2 evictions I look for him to win.

    • Nicole hasn’t done Donny any favors. I get trying to save yourself. Just saying she’s been throwing him under the bus with everyone in her campaigning. Derrick is smarter than that but poor, paranoid Cody is as nervous as a cat. He reacts when his name is uttered; Derrick acts.

    • I have also heard him say that he would put up Derrick and Cody and if one comes off put up Caleb. I would love to see Derrick and Cody scramble for once.

    • I was very upset to hear Cody and Victoria say that Donny talks nasty about every HG behind their back. I have not really heard him say anything nasty at all.

  5. I’m really torn between who I want to see go between Nicole and Donny. I like both of them. I Really think Nicole may be best to stay only because if her and Zach team up with the possibility of Hayden coming back who knows what’s up with Derrick and Cody we could finally have a 3 person alliance that could start to dispatch Derrick, Cody, Frankie, and Christine. If keeping Nicole could start the reaction to send those 4 home over the next 4 evictions then sign me up. Really love Donny but I fear his ties to Team America might keep him from turning on Derrick before its too late.

    • I really like both Donny and Nicole and I don’t want either of them to leave this week, but I agree that Nicole has more staying power than Donny. I can see her going further than Donny. I guess I am rooting for Nicole to somehow turn her situation around and save herself, but I will be very sad to see either one leave the house.

  6. Even if Hayden is not the one returning he can still influence the others. Last year they were allowed to talk and tell information, so I’m sure this will be the case again. Hopefully either the returning player or someone else in the house will wake the hell up once they hear Hayden.

    • This is true. I really hope they have a similar setup so he can clue in the others on Derrick’s game.

      • I think they will. That’s the best part of bringing back jury members. More Drama!

        I’m actually thinking that a returning player will be HOH and one of the others will be an HOH.

      • Donny is hip to the fact that Derrick is calling the shots. I think he did not put him up when HOH was because of Team America. Frankie and Christine need to go too. With Derrick gone, Cody is dead and has no brain of his own.

    • It depends on who returns. Last year was fan favorite Judd but, he trusted the same guys who evicted him and got evicted a 2nd time just as easily. Whoever goes back in has only a limited time in the Big Brother House as Derrick and the others will target him or her that very week. So, try and win HOH and put up Derrick and Cody on the block. I just hope BOTB is gone by that time. If one gets off, put up Christine or Frankie as replacement. That guarantees one strong player evicted from the Detonators. If you survive the following weeks, rinse and repeat and take as many of them out!
      That is the only strategy that would work and trust no one!

    • I really don’t think Christine cares she’s married I think if giving the chance she would do Cody maybe the have an open marriage in her pre interview she said she loves to be naked

      • wait loving to be naked means you are into open marriage. WTF. lmao. Getting chummy with someone on BB don’t mean our going to have a showmance or anything like that. I honestly can’t stand her but come on now. My issue with her is how she is always using the phrase how everything disgust her. Looks like the others would catch on that when she says that it means she is lying. Cause 95% of time it means she has made something up and is over selling it. Derrick is playing the best game right now hen it is between Frankie or Donnie or Victoria. Donnie and Frankie or both mixing in wins and good social play while Victoria is socially good enough while I think they are under estimating some of her talents. She was right there with Nicole for that hoh last week. Now that we are about to get into the endurance comps. Victora may be at an advantage against some the bigger guys if she makes it to those. Whoever does come back will have a good spot cause house will be in chaos by time they do. Derrick told Nichole a smart thing your better to go out this week or next if you do cause odds are the one who does come back will after next week. So she may want to go ahead go out this week rather than next if it came down to it and have the entire week to rest up for a reentry comp,

      • Getting chummy with someone in the house isn’t bad, but dry humping that person when you are married and then apologizing to your spouse right after is pretty gross.

      • Christine is not pretty. At least Cody is too good looking for her. Christine’s flirting is to keep herself in the game, I don’t think she is interested in him.

      • if she is not interested him why does she tell him at least once a day if not more that he is the best looking man she has ever seen. And after the girls won hoh she was whining to nicole that cody hadn’t touched her in two days and was wondering what he was mad at her for

      • ok, I guess maybe she is interested and her husband will divorce her when she gets back home. I still think she maybe playing with his head.

      • Well then why in the world is he hanging around her? She is not pretty in any sense of the word. She looks and acts like a rat. Nicole is pretty but Christine is down right ugly……..

      • Cody is playing the women like Derrick instructed him. It is working pretty good so far with Amber, Brittany, Christine, Victoria all gaga over Cody. Even Nicole trusts Cody and more so, Derrick. These women have been played like a fiddle over and over and still have no clue! Both Derrick and Cody stay safe week after week while, everyone else does their dirty work. Even Derrick has Nicole misted despite all his lies which are easy enough to ferret out if one is using their head.

      • I’m going to tell you the truth and I won’t blame you for LMAOing me. I looked it up online after I saw it, because I have seen it before, but did not know what it meant. I have never texted. My phone and plan is so old that if I even receive a text, I have to pay for each one. There! I’m sure that will elicit some fun from people and I’m prepared for the backlash. When I started this blog, literally, that was my starting point. I’m branching out! You are my teachers; I am your student..enlighten me!

      • Sweet ! You’re funny and I’m so glad you joined as here. You’ll be a “Pro” on all these by the end of the season…..btw the “Cody like pretty girls” comment was (sarcasm) lmao

      • Thanks, Cyril for putting up with my corny sense of humor and being kind. Now I gotta’ go to my online acronyms dictionary and look up btw.

      • You completely lost me on that one. But don’t worry about using your time to explain it to me. Just chalk it up to ignorance on my part. Geez, I got a lot to learn. No wonder my granddaughter looks at me and shakes her head and laughs!

      • The light bulb came on. Just had to go back and read the above comments again. It has been too long, you know, STM and all.LOL

    • Hayden is to gullible, and so is Nicole, but Hayden will not vote for the guys as he hadn’t done before.
      I will like Nicole to come back if she leaves.

    • Why in the world would you want Nicole back in? She has played the WORST game of any contestant this year! Yes, including Joey and Devin. Nicole has had opportunity after opportunity to make BIG MOVES and EVERY SINGLE TIME she has FAILED!!!!

      Bad HOH decisions. Bad, petty and personal strategy. In the past two weeks, she has had two HOHs and in that time Jocosta (an outsider like her), Hayden (her BB boyfriend) and now Nicole herself will have been evicted! That’s a giant clusterf#$* of ineptitude.

      She’s totally blind to what’s going on in the house. She tells the wrong things to the wrong people at the wrong times every opportunity she gets.

      Take last night with Zach for instance. If she reveals Rationale to him AND Victoria she may have a chance to stay. The ONE GIANT useful piece of info she has and she’s too STUPID to use it!

      Seriously can any of you Nicole lovers give me a legitimate reason she should stay (or come back into the house). And don’t tell me because she wins comps, that’s useless if you don’t know how to THINK.

      She has a solid play here. Out Rationale to Zach AND Victoria. Stop hating Frankie, ell Zach on bringing Frankie in to get his and Christine’s vote (Zach is claiming Christine and Frankie are working together already) and share with Frankie and Christine what she knows about Derrick’s plans.

      Will it work? Probably not, but it might. However what she’s doing now and for the last few weeks sure hasn’t worked! The definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over and expecting different results!

      Nicole rant over!

      • I agree she lets her personal feelings guide her game moves. She needs to stop targeting Frankie and use him to keep her. She could tell him that all the guys were okay with her targeting him and Caleb throwing the comp to get him evicted. She really has not figured out that Derrick and Cody betrayed her, and that’s what is the most disappointing this about her game play, or lack there of.

  7. Before Zach came out to the backyard to campaign for Nicole, Cody had said in the backyard that he might vote to save Nicole just to see the look on Zach’s face. I don’t know if it is still possible at this point, but if Zach could convince the rest of the house that he hates Nicole and wants her gone, they may be able to get a majority of the house to decide to keep Nicole, thinking they are doing it in spite of Zach, and Nicole would be safe for another week. Zach and Nicole would have to keep up the act of not liking each other, but I think they could be a strong alliance together.

  8. When will they show the other houseguests family. That is one of my favorite things. I want to see Caleb and Zack’s family.
    I also like the jury house when Jocasta and Hayden will see who’s coming next.

  9. It’s strange how Nicole has become the HG that everyone thinks is the biggest liar..really? She has gotten screwed over this past week..first by Zach and Caleb with the whole BD Christine lie, then Frankie basically destroying her because she put him on the block, I guess that is a big giant no-no in Frankie land…I love the way she is trying to fight back to stay..but with King Derrick pulling the ain’t happenin’!!

    • Not to mention her entire HOH was a flop last week. Also with friends like Christine, who needs enemies?

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