Big Brother 16: Derrick & Cody Breakdown Their ‘Hit List’

After a long Big Brother 16 night for The Hitmen where we saw Zach pursue the idea of keeping Nicole, Derrick and Cody settled down to wrap things up with a run through their “hit list” for the weeks to come.

Cody and Derrick on Big Brother 16
Cody and Derrick on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

Alone in the backyard Cody and Derrick were able to speak freely about their next round of targets and what order would work best for their game. Derrick gave Feedsters a preview of their list. Flashback to 6:09AM BBT 8/13. Get the Free Trial now to watch along.

“In a perfect world for the Hitmen,” says Derrick, “we get Donny out next week. Victoria out the week after. Or Christine. Victoria or Christine. Whoever we can get up there [on the block]. One of ’em gotta go. Preferably Victoria, then Christine. Then we gotta go after…”

Cody cuts in asking if they wouldn’t want to get Frankie out before Victoria or Christine. Derrick says he would if they could get him up there. “If we can get him up there, then I’ll send him home,” says Derrick. “I would rather send home Frankie before Victoria,” adds Cody. “So let’s do it,” agrees Derrick.

Derrick runs through their revised list. Donny, Frankie, Victoria or Christine with whichever one doesn’t go home that week would go home the next, then Zach. That would leave them with Caleb. Cody questions whether or not they could beat Caleb in a F3 round of competitions. Derrick thinks they could, but Cody is hesitant. Okay, so Derrick offers another option. Wait for it. Wait for it.

Derrick’s alternative to Caleb with them at F3 is… Victoria, of course. Hah! Well done, Derrick.

Just as we saw above, Derrick offers up Victoria on the same level as Christine and even says she can go home before Christine. He’s careful to show them as interchangeable because Derrick does not want Victoria going. He’s got Victoria in his pocket but Cody doesn’t realize just how deep she’s in there or how nicely he fits in to Derrick’s other pocket.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll probably say it again, but so far it’s almost like Derrick is Memphis’ing Cody and Danielle’ing Victoria. Derrick’s HG control is trying to be two seasons of Dan Gheesling’s moves combined in to one. Of course the big question is can he keep it rolling as far as he needs it to go?


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  1. Considering Cody has no mind of his own, he is putty in Derrick’s hand to mold as he wishes. Now, if only Donny can win the next HOH and put both Cody and Derrick on the block, maybe, just maybe, the status quo can end! Atleast, we can hope, right? Donny is the last chance to take out one of the Detonators, preferably Derrick or Frankie.

      • Donny and Nicole blew their HOH because they nominated Victoria and Jocasta. Had they put up Derrick, Cody, Frankie and Christine then, there is a good chance that one of them would have been gone. Since, Christine won POV, Caleb could have been put in as replacement. One of the guys would have gone home.

    • Donnie can always say that since Derrick and Cody have never been on the block before that is why he’s nominating them.
      But with the BOB I suppose the HOH has to consider if angering Derrick or Cody could end up with them losing HOH and going home instead.
      Derrick has milked this new HOH situation to perfection I’m afraid. Anyone who nominates him is afraid of going home instead with the rampant throwing of the BOB competition to oust the enemy HOH.

      • That’s what good player do though. Like last year Amanda knew she had to keep Elissa around for MVP so that she could control at least one nomination every week. Once production caught on to this they flipped the script and America selected the nominee. You may disagree, but Amanda was the best player last summer. She won no comps but for the first half of the game it went her way every week and had Mccrae wrapped around her finger. By no means was she my favorite or did I like her by the end of the summer. I can recognize a good player, but that doesn’t mean that I like them.

    • In a perfect world, Nicole will go home tonight, Donny will be the winning HOH next week and he will have two of the detonators on the block. He will also fill Caleb in on what’s what’s and who’s who in the house… Most of these people are loose cannons.

      • I really do hate to see the Det. calling Nicole such a liar to each other but I believe Donnie has a better chance of surviving longer in the BB house than Nicole would. If she is evicted I hope Hayden will be the returning HG for the same reason.

  2. The sad thing is we don’t know if Derrick is truly THAT good of a player…or if he just looks so good because he’s playing against a lot of clueless houseguests.

      • sarcastically it was, but Derrick is that good of a player, his choice of words, his actions. He definitely has “The Mist” technique patted down well.

      • I never said Derrick WASN’T a good player. He obviously knows his way around the game, but comparing him to Dan….?

        In BB14 Dan had to deal with 3 other previous BB players as coaches, plus Boogie’s nearly unbeatable sidekick, Frank. Dan also managed to get himself off the block AFTER spending 24 hours in solitary confinement by “calling out” his biggest ally in the house.

        So yeah, Derrick has been doing a great job so far, but aside from Donny and Frankie (this one’s questionable), he’s dealing with a veritable flock of sheep that, IMO, are much easier to control than most.

      • I’m kind of with you on this one, he’s had an easy ride so far, putting out little fires of dissension here and there but he’s never been in any real danger. I’d kind of like to see him in trouble,just to see if and how he’d wriggle back to safety.Then we would see if we have a really good player or a great one.

      • It would have been nice to have gotten to see that early on just so everyone could put this to rest, but it didn’t happen and now we’ll never know because it is getting a little late in the game. Now is a different ballgame compared to what it would have been 2-3 weeks ago.

      • I think staying off the block for this long is quite an accomplishment and proves that he is a good player. We will get to see him fight soon.

      • the reason hes not in real danger or argumentive situations is cause hes not putting himself in those situations by using correct wording and word tracks,hes obviously mastered the art of speaking to people and having them agree with know matter what hes saying,its all in the word tracks and hes dam good at it

      • Derrick, imo, is way better than Dan wver was. Most saw right through Dan as the huge liar that he was. In Derricks case, his fellow hg’s are oblivious to his manipulations.

      • Dan won and made it to the end the second time. I’d say that’s pretty good playing. And Derrick will probably be going soon. Quite a few players have mentioned him. In fact I hope Donny wins and puts him and his boyfriend Cody up and he goes. Good chance he won’t win POV because he really can’t win at anything. I’d say Derrick isn’t in the same league as Dan.

      • In BB14 Dan and Danielle were on the chopping block together and the only way to ensure his/her safety is to win the Golden Power of Veto. Unfortunately, neither of them accomplished that goal. Well, we all know what happened. Dan single- handedly flipped the house and put all the power back to the palm of his hands without even winning the POV. The level of difficulty he’s in was so high, it maybe the all- time greatest move in BB history. Derrick is a good player, but I have to wait for the season to be over to say…yes he’s better than Dan G…right now..nope.

      • I’m with you he’s playing with idiots. Bring him back for allstars and he’ll be out the door before jury v

      • Yeah but in all BB seasons, they’re not all smart and some are just str8 clueless so if your looking for people to blame, the finger points at CBS.

      • Oh, absolutely! But that doesn’t change the fact that nearly everyone, including former HGs are comparing Derrick to BB greats like Dan. I even say he’s playing a Dr. Will’s game, as most of us will recall in his first season, Will avoided the block up until the halfway point, which is where we are now 14 seasons later.

      • Mark my words, he is that “Good” and he will be in the next Allstars hands down. Reason why Derrick’s game play is being compared to Dan’s is cause he had pawns as shields for his protection while he went and did the dirty work behind the scenes. Dr. Will had Mike Boogie who is a strategist as well not a pawn and worked with him to knock down all the other HG’s, see the difference. I’ve been watching BB since season 1 and when will came into season 2 I knew he was gonna win and that his game play would revolutionize BB for the rest of the other seasons. Derrick in my eyes is playing a combination of both Dr. Will and Dan’s playbook but that’s just my opinion.

      • Will also never won a comp in season 2. Which Derick hasn’t won many. We even saw him throwing them. A friend of mine that is a huge fan, though he does not watch feeds or look at spoilers thinks that BB altered the game when they told Frankie about his grandfather. (when houseguest sign up they agree to be separated from the “real world”) I agree to an extent but in this case, I believe Derick would have thrown that HOH anyway. Doing it the way he did he got to look like a hero. which only benefited his game.

    • I think Derrick’s game is super. In all the years I have seen BB, he is at the top. He do not trash talk regarding any one, but playing a super game. He needs to bend the truth a little as this is BB. He told us clearly that the only alliance he is true to is TA. As far as Donny is concerned I have no respect for him. Every opportunity he gets he puts down Derrick. What did do in the last couple of days to save himself? Frankie and Derrick worked very hard to keep him and he should thank them.

      • If frankie is evicted, production will just bring in a new member of TA…. hey they already did it twice, once after powpow left, then again after joey left.

      • I do think Derrick is playing a good game, and for the most part I respect the way he’s playing it. That said, he’s not really being challenged by the rest of the houseguests.

      • Tracy you need to stop looking at the flock and look at the game for how it’s supposed to be played. If he can get the sheep to move and eat pasture then there’s no doubting that Derrick is by far the sheep herder and these HG’s are his sheep regardless of what season they are playing.

      • So, if I beat a team of tee-ball players, it’s okay for people to say I belong in the Major League Hall of Fame??

        Just so we’re clear. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with the way Derrick is playing the game. He’s got mad skills, but it’s sad that we don’t really know how well his technique would be working if he wasn’t in a season where half the people were recruits who’d never even seen the show before.

      • I see where your coming from Tracy, and I actually agree with you but you can’t fault him for that. He’s that good but CBS put him in season with HG’s who don’t know how to play the game like him. He uses a combination of his knowledge of BB and his profession outside the house to get the job done, can’t fault him for that just gotta point the blame on CBS for unleashing his skills on a group of HG’s that won’t know what hit them which is why he nicknamed his F2 with cody, the Hitmen.

      • But what you might not be hearing in other people’s point Tracy is that Dan (and even Wil) also had an easy ride. I think people commonly confuse ”entertaining” with ”good”. Is Dan a good player? Yes. So was Wil. But what they were both (that Derrick isn’t) is *entertaining*. They weren’t ”nice” people, in fact they were extremely immoral people. Dan swore on his cross, on his wife, on his marriage ring, on his dead grandfather….etc to manipulate others – and we the fans loved it! We clapped, we laughed and many people now sing his praises like he’s some form of god. But he was no more a manipulator than Derrick is now. Again I am not saying Derrick is as entertaining, or charming, or charismatic… I’m just saying he is equally (if not moreso) a good player at manipulating others. Heck he hasn’t even defiled God’s name, his wife’s name, or any dead relative’s name to do it. Pretty impressive if you ask me!

      • Well herding sheep isnt that difficult, im mean come on, dogs do all the work, you just gotta feed the dogs. Derricks good, hes not great. I really need to see him in a percaireious situation in order to give a full assessment

      • Your not seeing it from a game aspect, you should go and do your history and find out how Dr. Will won his season and if you still don’t believe that Derrick isn’t great at manipulating these HG’s then review Dan’s season 10 win and see how he Memphis’d all the way to the end and won.

      • That’s the aim of the game, people lie, cheat, deceit, and the most efficient winners manipulate their way to the end and build a reputation as being a dangerous player, and that’s what Derrick, people just need to get past the emotions like Tom Gouzoules down there with his post and focus on game play and what show we’re watching which is Big Brother, an actual “Game” that’s been running for 16 years.

      • Josh….I love your “all you gotta do is feed the dogs”. And that is EXACTLY what Derrick is doing. He learns all their needs, and feeds them accordingly. As in Victoria being afraid people think she is stupid, her “food” is Derrick constantly telling her how others are underestimating how intelligent she is, etc, etc. They all need a “food” and Derrick is shoveling it in.

      • Lol i wouldn’t go as far as thanking them.. They certianly aren’t doing it for donny as a favor

      • IMO. Derrick is a master manipulator. He has planted every single seed of doubt, causing major paranoia, then he disappears when it hits the fan. Notice, he is never around when all the fighting is happening?

      • Hey Tom you need get off this game being all emotional and start remembering that Big Brother is a Game dude. What Derrick is doing is actually seen as one of the best tactics used to win the game. If you can’t see that then you might need to take a break from Big Brother and come back to reality and remember we as viewers are seeing it from the outside looking in and that inside that house you would have no clue how to operate unless you can interpret to yourself that it is just a “Game” and that tactics like that are used in order to achieve results and get you closer to the end goal of 500k.

      • I was the VP of Marketing for a major motion picture company for 26 years. I know reality within the show business arena. My comment on Derrick’s skills were honed while as a cop are not emotional but factual. “You have so many more opinions when you don’t have the facts”. BB is a irrelevant pseudo reality show. Derrick is not the ultimate example of a “game player” but as a failed person….as a detective whose daily skills are to maneuver and manipulate people whether right or wrong.

      • Your response to my comment of Derrick being a great player leads me to believe that the key word “Was” VP of Marketing meaning you got fired or was found expendable like a stunt double on expendables 3. Dude your comment is purely emotional calling him a master liar and attaching that to “All Cops” is prime example of it. If you can’t tell the difference between a cop, a lawyer, and reality tv game then it just shows me how much of a failed person you are and how you let your emotions cloud your judgement on issues not relating to the topic. You fail to grasp the aspect of the topic and this being Biiiiiiiig Bruuther!!! lol stay tuned reality might smack upside your head and help to realize it’s for viewing pleasure cause it sure ain’t a movie Mr. VP of Marketing, it’s called reality TV not real life.

      • Wow…you love the inane snarky commentary. I retired after 26 years and the company was sold to Disney.
        When in law school, I interned at the US Attorney’s office/RICO division and can tell you from experience the Feds/cops were more crooked than the crooks.
        YOU appear to draw conclusions as if you are some sage from high above. Well, your aren’t and your deductions are silly and flawed.
        We are beating a dead horse so the conversation is at its end. Enjoy BB, for me its TV at its worst as the screen fades to black.

      • Why are you even on this site if you can’t even fail to grasp the meaning behind BB. It’s a game dude, you need to stop comparing it to the real world hence the term “Reality” which it is not. Since you assume Feds/cops are more crooked then the crooks themselves, then I assume that you think Politicians are angels sent from the sky to help us maintain balance in our society, try beating that horse and let me know if that Sh*t don’t hit the ceiling.

      • Im not a Donny fan but he is telling the TRUTH about Derrick and is able to see through Derrick. Derrick has been good but REALLY not all that good. He is dealing with quirky players. If someone else gets HOH, he and Cody will be up on the block and I would enjoy seeing them go…

    • Hopefully we get to find out in an All Star’s season 20, where he returns looking for his second win.

      • No way in hell would Derick do as well a second time. If the houseguest knew his profession they wouldnt buy into his BS.

      • Ehh, people said the same thing about Will and Dan, minus the profession part. The fact that he’s a cop really doesn’t matter; the dude knows how to talk to people and make them think what he wants them to think, without them realizing. He gets everyone to not only do what he wants, but to want to do it and think it’s their own idea.

    • So true…he does not win competitions and most know he is the guy pulling strings. If someone else wins HOH Derrick and Cody will be put up on the block.

    • I agree COMPLETELY! Last night Derrick told Victoria that how she should know there isn’t a guy alliance in the house is because all the girls are going home…huh?? Does she think twice about that? Nope..she just takes it as Well, of course, Derrick, You are right! I’m sorry, I don’t think Derrick’s position is a reflection of great game play, but a representation of some really clueless hgs! Pretty much everyone has admitted working with Derrick, yet not one of them has been able to realize that he is playing all of them! Donny seems to be the only one who really has Derrick’s number, but unfortunately, he is also in stupid Team America #TAFY

  3. But hold on… Let’s take stock here. Cody ALSO did the same thing (but nobody seems to have noticed) with Christine. He offers her up as equal to Victoria, but then buys her another week by saying: ”I’d rather Frankie go home before Christine”. I don’t think Cody is as dumb a playboy as he looks. He’s a good follower of Derrick, and if Derrick isn’t carful, he’ll find out that Cody followed him a bit too well!

    • I agree. They both name the girls and say either or, however as they continue to talk the girls move further down the list. I don’t think Christine is a bad player. I think she is banking on the guys wanting to take her to the end, and she’s done little enough for them to possibly do it, yet she still has a little blood on her hands. Plus everyone knows that a woman has never won when she was sitting next to a man.

    • Also, Victoria isn’t as horrible at competitions as everyone makes her out to be. I’d like to believe that she is smarter than she is leading on. She knows that Derick is controlling things and is really in a great spot to be carried to final 2. She is a little clueless, but maybe that’s for show too. Probably not, but I like to believe that there is a good gamer in everyone. I would love to see Victoria do something big and shock everyone.

      • What would be awesome is Victoria to make last 3 with Cody and Derrick, win 2 out of 3 competitions and evict Derrick. That would a huge move and should be enough to earn her that $500,000 check. She can claim that she just laid low seeing how Derrick trusted her fully and took him out when she had a chance! That would be the biggest move of the game. Cody has done nothing but, float on Derrick’s back. I see her beating Cody if Victoria both are final 2 with the proviso that it was Victoria who evicted Derrick!

      • i dislike the floater game, however it’s the most effective. Think about past winners or runner ups… I’m sure Vicoria knows that she would never win, but $50,000 is a good chunk of change too.

      • Andy sure surprised us all last year. I see it coming again. The ones that think its all theirs get as Hayden put it, get boned. Even Dan with Ian.

    • Yes, Derrick, I’m afraid, before it is over,may have made many enemies if everyone figures out just how much he had to do with everything and if that happens, Cody may get the votes if others vote from the aspect of anger instead of gameplay. Therefore, the follower wins.

      • True. Derrick is a superfan and as such, I would assume he hates a bitter jury. (as i as a superfan do) but… most of the cast are not fans.

      • I want this to happen so much! Once Derrick is exposed for being the mastermind that he is I’m hoping he will be denied the win.
        But remember what happened last year…Dr. Will was brought in to tamper with the jury, telling them they more or less had to vote for Andy or else they weren’t cool like Dr. Will is.

      • I wish I could say I remember…the only season I haven’t watched because both parents were sick, but I’ve got plans to unless something happens to prevent it!

      • I don’t know KSJB, maybe it’s better than you don’t watch it – it was really the worst BB season in memory!

      • I’ve been told to watch just so I’ll know what everyone is talking about and I’ve been told not to waste my time. It’s not a life priority at this time that’s for sure. Thanks, Foxfire.

      • Unless you enjoy watching a bunch of psychos, don’t bother. BB15 made me really appreciate the much calmer cast this year. Some say this season is “boring.” I think it is a relief after last year. (Big Brother PTSD anyone?)

      • That’s good info. I haven’t really been bored yet except watching BBAD at times. Thanks, Beth.

      • The rigged ending for the Andy win just added insult to injury. Andy was the most annoying and irritating player I’ve seen and he made the season pure torture for me.

      • lol. I’m not a fan. I disliked him, but with what there was to choose from he deserved the win.

      • Would you rather GM win? To me she was the most annoying from day 1. and her obsession with Nick.. geez

      • As bad as it was… It’s still Freaking Big Brother. If you’re a superfan, then you’ll enjoy. Heck. I even enjoyed season 9.

      • I remember and I also remember how mad I got about it. Every time they said something bad about Andy he said something good. He let them know they were wrong without saying “your wrong”.

      • Last year was such a disappointment in so many ways. You know it’s bad when you want Spencer or GinaMarie to win over Andy. Andy was so extremely irritating last year with his constant interruption of every conversation in progress that I just couldn’t stand the sight or sound of him towards the end.

      • Being exposed as the mastermind at the very end of the game will not be seen as a bad thing, it will ensure his win !

      • Derrick has been a calming force in the house, that’s what they will remember. His behind the scenes manipulation will be long forgotten… Derrick is a lock to win if he can make it to the end. It will all depend on the comps.

    • They are all “cuddle bed buddies”. I did not hear Derrick say anything about a jury member coming back. So, really, his strategy is flawed. I do believe D & C are in for some trouble. Cody may be playing Dervic too. They are not gonna be able to do anything so easy anymore. Can’t wait.

      • Oh and to Jessalli’s claim that bb wouldn’t do that 2 seasons in a row? This is the second season that they will do it and he knows that which is why he is misdirecting everyone else, BB 14 had no jury comebacks this is BB16. You have to just know that Derrick has this planned out as a great strategist would. I’ll give you and example, in BB14 when Ian came into the house not much people expected much of him but when he started winning and ended up taking himself to the end and he won some people were still in shock on how he did it and thought it was just luck and also intelligence but that was completely wrong. His interview with Julie Chen on the Talk if you watch it Julie blowed up his master plan for everyone to see live on television and showed how strategic he was and it was really just genius. Even telling by Dan and Danielle’s reaction when they saw his plan they knew he ultimately deserved it because he played the game extremely well.

      • Thank you and vice versa as well, like minds think alike and I’m glad you appreciate like minds.

      • You remember more than I’ll ever retain about all of these years of watching. I think I need to start rewatching some seasons. You have brought to light so many things that I have forgotten. Love reading the posts about old seasons.

      • Ha thanks, I love BB for what it is which is a game and every year we watch to see who can make us love, hate, despise, adore, reject, want to castrate (just jk), and respect their game for us to say, “hey there’s the winner” regardless if it was a great or horrible season and that’s what I think some people have been forgetting about the game that it’s intentions are just that.

      • oh i know they will bring someone back. I saw Derick saying that to other ppl. and you’re right. he knows but doesnt want everyone else thinking that. I love to watch super fans play this game. And Ian was amazing. His goodbye message to Boogie is one of the best BB moments of all time if you ask me. However, I thought Dan should have won that season. They were both good so I wasn’t upset.

      • Derick is not expecting someone to come back as far as i know. I saw him telling some ppl that bb wouldnt do the same thing 2 seasons in a row and that there are not enough weeks left. That there would need to be 3 double evictions. So i think you are right. That could be his one flaw.

      • He was telling people what he wanted – which is for the others to think nobody is coming back. He is definitely planning on someone coming back, it’s come up several times.

      • He does seem to have a lot of forethought in his actions… Now is he all knowing? well of course not. But he is definitely a step ahead of the others inside the house this year.

      • Sorry to burst your bubble but he knows someone is coming back, go back to the feeds and you’ll see what I’m talking about. This is why he shut down down Zach last night with the nicole campaign. He knows there’s a jury coming back and he knows it will be Hayden which is why he’s getting rid of nicole now so he doesn’t deal with her when Hayden comes back.

      • I definitely agree that Derrick knows someone is coming back. He just isn’t sure when that person is coming back. All I hope is that they get Frankie out after a jury member comes back so he won’t have a chance to get back in the game.

      • Even if Frankie is playing in the comp return he won’t beat Hayden hands down I take Hayden to beat Frankie in whatever comp Production cooks up or rigs for any day.

      • If Hayden can go on a comp run once they’re down to a single HOH he can do major damage hopefully.
        Hayden for the win!

      • This is my first year with feeds. I guess I’m as naive as these house guest when it comes to Derick bc he had me convinced that he believed no one would return. He’s very convincing. Also, I can’t watch as much as I want to. So, I know I miss alot. That’s why I have all you guys though. Keep me straight on things.

      • They discussed the possibility of someone coming back, they basically said that whoever it is will be evicted as quickly as they can arrange it.

    • I believe that was another alternative choice scenario created by Derrick. Derrick got to push out a Christine / Victoria showdown. Same thing he did by saying they take Caleb to the end. Then Cody says “no, wait.” It makes his ideas Cody’s ideas.

      I don’t think Cody is dumb. I just think Derrick is the stronger strategist of the two.

      • Sorry, but I think Cody is dumb. Especially since he voted out Brit and Amber who would have been extremely loyal to him.

      • Derrick voted them out he convinced the house to get rid of them, Cody just didn’t know how beneficial they would of been to his game and Derrick made him see it his way, result “Mystified” lol

      • Since Cody is dumb of course he was able to be mystified* by Derrick and vote out potential allies and jury votes.

      • Well said Matthew. I have sit and watched Derrick do it (and know it was coming) and he would almost have me convinced.

      • Oh don’t get my wrong my friend, I totally agree with you that Cody is the minor partner in this deal. I’m just saying that he’s not a passenger in the alliance. I think he knows what he’s doing with Christine and he’s aware that he’ll need somebody with him in the final 3 (namely Christine) to help him knock off Derrick. I don’t think he’s playing the game for 2nd place.

      • Your right Matt, but what Cody doesn’t understand is Derrick understands that Cody won’t just sit quietly and I’m sure that’s why he’s planned for that contingency and is taking Victoria to the end and guaranteeing his win.

      • At this point it sounds like we can at least all agree Cody & Derrick are playing a similar strategy both together, and against each other. Ultimately I think we all know Derrick has the upper edge, but you never know what can happen.

      • As good as Derrick is (and trust me I think he’s this season’s strongest player) nobody can plan for a contingency based on a whole lot of ”what ifs” in the next 5-6 weeks before we even get to a final 3. Derrick is wisely building a very slow and methodical tower, he isn’t foolish enough to get ahead of himself… One week at a time. Derrick will eventually have to dodge a bullet (or Cody will) because nobody is going to just let themselves be up against either of them in the final 2 (unless of course it ends up being Victoria, who’s waiting for another magical bird to come carry her to the closest shopping mall)…

      • What’s going to happen when and if we get to the F4 and it is Victoria, Christine, Derrick, and Cody? Derrick’s going to want to keep Victoria and Cody is going to want Christine. Or is that when Derrick and Cody will go for each other? Of course, all speculation and we are far from that, but it would be an interesting scenario.

  4. Derrick better watch out! Victoria isn’t going to win anything. All he has is Cody. Christine is close to Frankie, Caleb is close to Zach. That’s them 4 against Cody and Derrick.

    Gotta cut off Frankie, make Christine float and you can control her to get rid of Caleb and Zach.

      • This guy clearly hasn’t been watching the feeds and has no clue about where Christine is siding with, she’s probably under the covers with Cody as we speak but Tigerbite thinks she has allegiance to Frankie still.

      • I’ve been hearing certain rumors………don’t know it they’re true or not though, not a feed watcher.

  5. Derrick will probably win this thing but that’s about the only similarity he’ll ever be able to lay claim to in a comparative study between himself and Dan Gheesling. Dan had to WORK for his win, as a viewer he was a joy to behold. Derrick’s about as compelling as a colonoscopy. Yeah sure, he gets the job done but it’s uncomfortable and everyone’s just waiting to heft out a hearty sigh of relief when it’s finally over.

    • A little dramatic. And Derrick didn’t choose the cast. He’s playing with what he has.

      • That doesn’t make him any less boring… He isn’t fun to cheer for. It’s a bummer.

      • Amen to that Chillopia, I should be cheering for him,he’s playing an really good strategic game. What’s missing for me is that come watch me play attitude.The fake phone calls between Boogie and Will,that sly smile Dan got when he’d gotten away with murder.He may have the house misted,it’s just not drifting on to me yet.

    • Don’t get your feelings involved, I’m sure if you were in this game you would have no clue who is manipulating you cause your clearly strung on emotion and the BB game is not played on that but rather strategy and deception.

      • What feelings? What emotions? If I were getting my feelings involved I would have scooped my eyeballs out with a melon baller after that unfortunate dry humpage scene between Cody and Christine. If I were getting my emotions involved I would tell you to quit being so bloody patronizing and condescending. You may know everything there is to know about Big Brother but you don’t know jack squat about me. Derrick will win. And deservedly so. But that doesn’t change the fact that he’s about as exciting to watch as counting the raisins in your morning bowl of bran.

      • Oh my. I know it may not seem it right now, but please do believe me when I think this ”emotions” thing has taken a wrong twist from the original post by bbfnorth… I think he may have been trying to say that the reason why he likes Derrick (as do I) is based on a non-entertainment based evaluation. I mentioned this in another post that we as fans (myself included) tend to associate ”good” players as being the same thing as ”entertaining” players. So Dan was a good player and an entertaining player. Derrick is a good player but not an entertaining player which I think is what you can both agree upon if I’m not mistaken?

      • I like this evaluation.
        So it’s like how Zach is an entertaining player but not a good one. Like Britney Haynes.

      • Yes another good example! So once again back to the notion that sadly we as fans so easily confuse ”good” with ”entertaining”. Dan is both good and entertaining – Derrick is good, but not entertaining, and Frankie is entertaining (for some) but not good.

      • Frankie was ok at first. His entitlement issues are what get to me. If his sister wasn’t famous maybe I would like him more bc he would be his own person and not rely on her success for his own (example: assuming he has already won fan favorite) As far as I can tell no TRUE BB fans like him for game play or entertainment. Honestly, I think he’s an arrogant asshole. & he thinks he’s famous. HA! If you have to explain to more than half the house who your sister is and how she’s famous… YOU aren’t famous.

      • Ah Matt, sweet Matt… blessed be the peacemakers… I do so appreciate your post, your sentiments and your loyalty toward your on-line BB buddy, bbfnorth. However… if your were to “do your research”… oh crap! pardon me one moment while I go retrieve my eyeballs off the floor, I rolled them so far and so fast they shot straight out the side of my head… Now, where was I? Oh yes, research… if you were to do a quick perusal of this individual’s comment board history it would immediately become evident that a strong case can indeed be made that bbfnorth is damn near a Jedi master in the twin arts of condescension and patronization. If you want to challenge my original post, please, by all means do so, I welcome it. But do so based on it’s merits. Explain or defend to me why it is you find Derrick so compelling that you can’t wait to get up in the morning so that you can catch up on the rabbits he pulled out of his hat and the magic he unleashed from out of his sleeve while you were sleeping. If, as an uber fan, watching Derrick strategically play the rest of the house is exactly why you find him so compelling then say that, it’s a valid counterpoint. I used to think that if you looked closely enough you could see the ghost of Machiavelli reflecting back out at you from Janelle’s eyes, well guess what? Janelle’s got nothing on Derrick. If that’s YOUR joy to behold then say that. But frik me, don’t come around intimating that I’m a sentimental lightweight with no concept of how the game is played because I’m “clearly strung on emotion”. That’s not going to fly with me, this cat snaps back when you step on her tail.

      • Now now no need to be insulting towards me while telling me your dislike for another person. I was only trying to mend bridges between two people that I have respect for, but if that’s where the both of you are at, then by all means fight away… As for my liking Derrick’s game, I don’t think it’s because I’m a man or any other such silly reason. I believe he is the strongest player because of his foresight, his playing upon people’s willingness to follow his lead, and ultimately the simple truth that he’s made it this far whereas others haven’t.

      • I only have a minute because I have to go pick my son up from work. Matt, I was touched by your effort to create peace. Truly. I apologize if you felt insult in my words, there was exasperation regarding bbfnorth but I was speaking in generalities not you specifically when I said defend your stance. We’ll talk more when I get back but for now, seriously, I meant you no insult.

      • sadly no I didn’t receive any fb notifications but I’m sure the person who did has a smile on their face at the thought of having such an amazing new friend! Feel free to just look for my business website directly under my first name, then last name then dot ca…

      • Okay, finally, Im back. I’d hoped to wrap this up last night but as any devotee of BB can surely tell you, things don’t always go as planned or hoped.
        I don’t dislike or bear any animosity toward North. I respect North’s vast storehouse of knowledge as regards to BB and in fact would even go so far as to defend North’s right to wallpaper these comment boards with five thousand comments if that’s what s/he felt like doing. Big Brother only comes on once a year and it’s a pure pleasure to be able to come onto these boards and talk strategy and game with people who love it just as much you do. What I dislike very much, however, is being patronized. Drives me wild. And to my mind there just wasn’t any other way in which to interpret North’s reply. Now. Having said that, the internet is a great thing but it’s a great thing with limitations. Communcation is flat, it lacks the animation of face to face contact i.e. a cynically raised eyebrow, a smile tugging at the corners of the mouth, a Parisian shrug of the shoulders, a muffled giggle, a stamp of an impatient foot, a conspirational wink, eyes filled up with light and laughter. Communication is just words and a blinking cursor on a lit screen, I type my words in my voice and then you read them in your voice. Sometimes intent goes left where it should have gone right, miscommunication can happen and feelings can be ruffled or hurt. Matthew, I truly regret if my words left you feeling like I was trying to lob a backhanded insult. I sincerely apologize. It was never my intent.
        As far as Big Brother goes… the true irony in all of this is that while I have read quite a bit of North’s work s/he and I have two very different approaches to the viewing of Big Brother and while I do respect North’s thoughts and opinions it’s highly unlikely I ever would have chosen to interact with him/her, we watch through different eyes. I’m more interested in the human dynamic. Who are these people? What are their skills? What are their motivations? How do they parlay all of that into what is hopefully a game winning strategy? In brute honesty, I’m not that invested in who I think should win. Whoever wins, wins. ** gives a Parisian shrug of the shoulders ** And whoever loses? Loses. The world’s not going to fly off it’s axis, the sun will still come up in the morning and the moon will continue to rise in the evening, life will continue to go on in it’s fullness of time. Having said that, if Victoria wins you will probably have to bury me because I will drop dead from laughter. Won’t happen of course, Derrick keeps her around as a lucky rabbit’s foot and the rest of the house keeps her around because Derrick tells them to. The funny thing is that in her heart of hearts I think Victoria knows this and is okay with it. She wasn’t ever in this thing to win it, she’s there because the opportunity came up and she viewed it as a summer adventure, a diversion from the ho hum of her everyday life. And in that same vein… I kind of hope it’s Jocasta who re-enters the game from the jury house next week. You have to know that whoever comes back doesn’t have a hope in hades of winning. Simply not going to happen. So then… I absolutely hated Jocasta’s limp, passive, heeeey, why don’t you bring the game to me style of gameplay. Her time in the BB house was marked only by bobbing along on the surface until came the time for her inevitable eviction. But what she did bring was a calm, stabalizing presence to the rest of the houseguests. I’m thinking Zach and Christine could both be using a bit of that right now. Christine especially. I don’t judge. I couldn’t do it – be penned up in the house like that in a game of do unto others before they do unto you, they’d be carrying me out trussed up in a straitjacket, so I don’t judge. But Christine sort of concerns me, she’s wandered far, far away from the girl we first met. The girl who asked to be partnered up with another girl in the sharing of the double beds because she was married. The girl who laid rocking in the hammock with Nicole sharing her secrets, hopes and dreams. The girl who was jumping giddily with happiness with Nicole in the storeroom after winning their first BOB, safe for the next week from renomination and elimination. I’d like to see her find her way back to a bit of that.
        Okay. I think I’ve taken up more than enough of your time. Have a weekend filled with fun, family and fellowship… and then come back for some more of this guilty summertime pleasure, Big Brother.

      • Marianna, your words are both wise & eloquent. I consider the matter closed and look forward to chatting with you again! :)
        …Now having said that I think you’re completely bonkers in not liking Derrick’s game. ;) (please take that with the highest amount of teasing & playful tone you would say it to somebody you’ve known for years). ;)

      • You make my smile go all the way to my eyes.
        I watched my bedsheets line dry this afternoon. It was more riveting than watching Derrick lining his ducks up into obedient little rows… Sorry. I couldn’t resist. Feel free to throw a handful of virtual popcorn across our virtual livingroom at me. :)!!

      • sadly the virtual me would deem the popcorn too valuable to waste like that… now raisins? those I could throw at you. ;)

      • Ooooooh Matt!! Oooooooh Fellow Raisin Hater!! This may very well be the start of a beautiful new friendship. I LOATHE raisins. I consider granola to be a retirement home for aged grapes and pick them out of my cereal for the sole purpose of their one redeeming quality – slingshot fodder. Confide in me that you’re also a non slipper wearer and you’ll probably leave me swooning…

      • Well consider yourself courted then – who wants to live their life with raisins and slippers all over the place?

  6. I would like to see Frankie win HOH this week to see if he would make a move on Derrick before Derrick makes a move on him.

    • The only way that happens is if Production gets involved and knowing them they will but I’d like to see them try and cover up another comp like they did with BOTB.

    • Frankie’s extreme narcissism probably makes him unable to realize that Derrick is outplaying him by a mile here. Also, he probably thinks Derrick just loves him as much as Frankie loves himself. That’s always the downfall of the narcissist, they can’t believe that not everybody loves them.

  7. I think the police department should not have let Derrick play this game….it shows a sneaky manipulative side to a Sargeant that doesn’t look good for the image.

    • His undercover days are over, that’s why he chose to play the game and put all his eggs in this basket so he could give his family a better life, don’t fault a man for his profession, ask yourself if Hedge Fund Manager who steals, manipulates, and destroys lives but wears a nice suit is any different in reality compared to Derricks game play in the house which is technically not reality which why it is referred to as “A Game”… just think about it.

    • Steph, the guy is/was an undercover agent. Being sneaky and manipulative is part of his job description. How else would he infiltrate the communities he needs to in order to do his job?

    • What image? He joined a “game”.and you’re worried about their image. Have you watched the news lately?

    • This game has absolutely no reflection on Derrick’s moral character outside of the house. If anything it makes the police department look good for being able to train such an intelligent officer.

  8. Derrick has been playing this game since week 1 always staying steps ahead of other players with the exception of Donny. He carefully chose to pick her knowing she would be useful to the end just the same way Dan picked Danielle from the player selections. He has her so warped that when he does take her F3 she will stay loyal to him it’s classic danielle syndrome, Dan kept stabbing her in the back and from how I know how Dan played he knew she would stay loyal to a limit but he also knew that she wouldn’t take him to F2 after he evicted her showmance Shane so he had a backup plan like he did and made a F2 deal with Ian and that’s how he made it to the end because Cody is his backup plan or in this reference his Ian. People you have to realize Derrick came to play from week 2 and has been playing without taking rest, and if I know how he’s playing he is literally using Dan’s playbook from both seasons like Matt said in his article and it’s how I’ve been saying it all along to People, I’m just glad he was vocal about it finally so I can rub into the people who refer Derrick’s game play as not good or dirty? The man is playing for $500k and did we forget, it’s Big Brother, that’s the name of the game

      • I know Foxfire I understand that, not everyone can like the same person and everyone is entitled to their favorite player and their viewpoints on it which is why I can understand why you can’t stand Derrick, its the same as I can’t stand Frankie and prefer Donny over him to the end regardless of how much Production loves him any given day.

  9. My beef is I don’t like the predictability aspect the show has taken on…You know the story before u see it…It’s actually boring there is nothing new week to week..

  10. I agree w/ Matt 100%. As a fan of BB since season 2 and a fan of the truly great game players, Derrick’s game, thus far, has been a marvel to behold.

    • And I agree with you Steph 100% cause I’ve been a fan since then as well and his game despite to others who clearly are emotional about his game play to others don’t understand the game aspect of it and that they’re playing “A Game” called Big Brother.

      • And I agree with both of you 100%. People want sensationalism, but that’s not what usually wins a person the money. I fear everyone is so caught up in the drama, eye-candy, and cheap gimmicks of this show that we’ve lost the original intended purpose – to see who would outlast the others if 16 completely NORMAL everyday people (not models, not actors, not internet celebs, not professional athletes who just retired, not former contestants) were put into a house together for a whole summer. Obviously I want Donny to win, but if he doesn’t I think Derrick has done his best and played the others against each other really well and deserves the money. Good on you Derrick!

      • As a woman I admit that I view the game from more of a emotional stand point than a lot of the guys apparently do, but as we are all fans everyone is allowed their viewpoints of course even though we might have trouble understanding where the other is coming from at times.

      • Totally agree (have you not seen how consistent I am in defending people on here who are being bullied by others?) Did I say something that made you feel I was negating people’s right to an opinion? If so, I am both very sorry, and I have obviously chosen the wrong words to use in my previous point (about fans craving sensationalism)…

      • No Matt your pretty clear in your responses and I appreciate how you defend. see and understand both sides of the coin. Foxfire is right and that we are all fans and everyone is allowed their viewpoints, even if sometimes one might have trouble understanding where the other is coming from, you take it one step further and make it abundantly clear for both sides and I respect you for that.

      • Not at all Matt S. I just realized that my viewpoint was more emotional in who I liked or disliked and wanted to let the guys know why everyone might not like Derrick. It may seem irrational but Derrick’s tactics actually sicken me. I don’t like seeing people used and abused and that’s why I can’t get behind Derrick or Frankie. Whether they can win me over is yet to be seen though.

      • Not sure how we got onto the topic of your being a woman and how it affects perception (that’s what has me scratching my head and makes me think that I must’ve said something…?) I’m not even sure how we got onto the topic of your perception of Derrick. I’m ok with whatever your impression of him is. And heck yes, I agree everyone has a unique perspective…

      • Why? It seems the guys keep on insisting that Derrick is great and should win and aren’t able to see why others don’t like Derrick. I was just telling you why I don’t see Derrick the same as you and others do and why he is so disliked by many.
        So rest assured you have done nothing wrong or offended me in the least, I was just letting you know why others might disagree with your assessment of Derrick.:)

      • OH no, don’t tell me you also thought I was somehow speaking *against* people’s right to an opinion? sigh… I must really be worse at this than I thought.

      • No. ABSOLUTELY not. My woman to woman response had nothing at all to do with you.I was agreeing to the fact that women are more emotional and have trouble sometimes relating to certain responses. That’s all. WHEW! I need to use a little more clarity in my responses. See what I mean.

  11. They’re right about one thing – that is a “perfect world.” The only way to make that order happen is if the right people win HOH in the coming weeks. Not to mention that this order neglects to include the returning jury member, whoever he or she might be.

    • If you think he hasn’t accounted for that then you haven’t been watching the feeds, why do you think he wants Nicole out this week, cause he assumes he knows which jury is coming back and we all talk about it being Hayden but whoever it is, he has accounted for that, give the guy his credit and don’t hold it against him that he has the HG’s mystified by the spray called “Dan Mist” lol that’s not his fault, that’s just the HG’s falling victim to the Mist ha

      • Oh, I’m not saying he’s forgotten about it. I’m just saying they didn’t count it into their calculations about who they want out in what order, so they’re basically missing a week of game here.

  12. In a perfect world, yes, but Zack Attack is still in the house, Donny could win HOH, Frankie/Christine could strike first, Hayden could come back, etc etc….I mean.. sh*t happens in BB house all time.. To early to tell.

    • Agreed. And as we mentioned before, production will try their best to balance things out for the highest enjoyment of the viewer (not forcing a vote or a win, but doing everything they can to make sure that we are entertained and getting our favourites into the finals)…

  13. Cody needs to go soon. Everyone is forgetting about him because, well, he’s only on the show for the purpose of eye candy. Everytime I see him, he’s just sitting there with puppy dog eyes listening and agreeing to every word Derrick says. He needs to get his own game play.

  14. My thoughts exactly, Matt – 100%. I “saw” that when I read that he offered up Victoria so early. I thought: Ok, so it’s CODY’S idea to keep Victoria (after Frankie)?? – I’m looking for the mist that is to come. And bam! There it is! And Derrick only has to get to Final 3 because Victoria takes him if she wins the final HoH and so does Cody. Unless Cody spawns both a brain cell and a backbone (perhaps with doomed HGs giving a last piece of advice before leaving) – and flips the script on Derrick after realizing he’s only playing for 2nd place – and takes V. Wow! But first – we have to take out the trash!

  15. And Cody is just sitting there settling for 2nd? As Ricky Bobby said “if you ain’t first, you’re last”. I hope he has a back-up plan to get Derrick out, something. At least Donny has Derrick’s game pegged… Hopefully, Donny wins HOH or veto when they decide to put him up.

    • I think Christine is his backup plan. Or Victoria. He could win against her. Christine… not so much

  16. Love Derrick’s gameplay. Hate to see Donny go home. Glad he at least would be leaving with alittle money, but not enough to balance what he probably lost from his real job.

    • How much do you think Donny makes? He’s already won $10,000 + $13,000 for making it to jury. I doubt he makes $23,000 in 3 months. That would put him making $92,000 a year as a grounds keeper???

  17. It’s Derrick game to lose. For once someones job outside the house is helping them inside the house.

  18. Wow! you hit the nail on the head there Matthew,I was wondering the other day If Derrick was Dan from season 10 or Season 14 ,then I realized, he’s both.

  19. If the HouseGuests show any sign of brain activity, then Derrick will be out the door next. But of course, they don’t, so, you know…

    • So you know… that Derrick is playing and extremely strategic game that you can’t fault him for if the other HG’s are just not that inept to his game play.

  20. the reason derricks not in real danger or argumentive situations is cause hes not putting himself in those situations by using correct wording and word tracks,hes obviously mastered the art of speaking to people and having them agree with know matter what hes saying,its all in the word tracks and hes dam good at it

    • Your absolutely right Steph and that’s what makes him so dangerous in the game, is word play and strategic use of it on HG’s who completely have no clue to his game play.

  21. I think an interesting relationship is seen in Derrick and Cody. I have a feeling that each thinks keeping their respective girls, while not letting the other know that’s the plan, is some kind of big game move to fool the other. They have a very intriguing connection to one another.

  22. Why do people think Derrick’s game is flawless? And to say he is like Dan? Dan’s funeral was a great strategy and plus he was up against three past powerhouse players. Boogie, a manipulator, Britney, a great social player, Janelle, a competition prowess and also a great social player. He also battled against Frank and Shane, both who were unstoppable in competitions (though production did rig some for Frank). I think his best one was that he controlled Danielle because she was his player. So of course, she trusted him. But after she won HoH and veto in the final four, he convinced her to use the veto on him and PUT UP HER BOYFRIEND. She actually believed he would vote to evict Ian but blindsided Shane and Danielle. Dan was in a house with people who were aware of things. Derrick is in a house of sheep. The only person who realizes he is controlling things is Donny and the people in jury. Plus, Derrick was in too many alliances, which will come to bite him back in the butt. If the cast were smarter, they would realize Derrick is controlling the house, not just Frankie. But Frankie is more of a human shield for Derrick.

    • Really? You’re going to compare season 14’s cast against this season’s cast and act like season 14 was superior? Give me a break.

      Shane was a moron. Danielle did anything Dan told her to do. Joe was clueless. Jenn-City did nothing all season. Frank was good at comps, but horrible socially. Ian was wrapped around Dan’s finger. Dan had very little to do with Boogie and Janelle getting evicted. They simply got teamed up on by a bunch of inferior players. And Britney is quite possible the most overrated Big Brother player of all time. She got played first by the Brigade, then by Dan.

      I’m not saying Derrick is as good as Dan, but please don’t act like Dan played against a superior group of house guests. That’s simply not true.

      • hahaha Tell him Wiggy, this guy always tries to come up with some lame fact-less bold statement with no basis and I’m glad you brought things back into prospective, Hey Nick you should pay attention and do your research before you come up with another post like this.

      • I agree especially about Britney! She was more annoying than funny. I don’t know what they were thinking bringing her in as a coach.

      • I didn’t say he played against a “superior group of house guests”. I’m saying this season was not as aware as BB14. Pretty much everyone in this season is a pack of sheep. BB14 did have clueless people too. Danielle was stupid to trust Dan, which is why I said, it’s great that he manipulated her into saving him and putting her boyfriend on the block. Derrick is controlling Victoria in the same way. You think this cast was better than Season 14? This cast is possibly one of the most naive, clueless and dumbest I’ve seen. Season 14 wasn’t all that smart, but they weren’t like this.

    • Dude in your whole essay not once did you mention Derrick was good, all your doing is finding excuses to not label Derrick being that Good, we call that Haterade your drinking and too much of that and you’ll get verbal diarrhea which by your long excessive rant I can tell you already have lool, need Pepto buddy?

      • “Haterade”? How old are you? Derrick is a good player, the best this season. I am saying that he is not like Dan. Anytime when someone doesn’t agree with what others may say, it’s always “You’re just a hater!” “You’re just hating to be hating!”. Well suck it up and deal with it. Stop being whiny and grow up.

  23. “He’s got Victoria in his pocket but Cody doesn’t realize just how deep
    she’s in there or how nicely he fits in to Derrick’s other pocket.” Hilarious and right on point.

    I personally think it would be AMAZING if Cody, Derrick, and Victoria are in the Final 3 (highly unlikely I know), and Derrick, after winning the final HOH, cuts Cody. He could tell him that he’s had a “hit” out on him the entire season. With Cody by Derrick’s side in the final 2, Derrick could potentially lose, but with Victoria by Derrick’s side, he probably wins 8-1 with Cody being the only vote against him. LOL!!

  24. Derrick is the best player, so far, since Dr. Will (but not as good and I don’t think he can be topped. Will did it with no alliances: Derrick has alliances galore). But, it has yet to play out — so we’ll see. For being behind all the moves, practically, it is amazing he has zero blood on his hands.

  25. They need to put Calob and Christine, Frankie and Zach up… Or Derrick and Cody can kiss their chances to go to the end good bye….omg I can not stand anymore TV time with Frankie in it……and what an idiot Calob is…he says he from Tennessee then he’s from Kentucky now he’s from Texas….which one is it….u moron

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