Big Brother 16: Will Derrick Get Neda’d & Be Evicted?

Big Brother 16 has been progressing along a predictable path mostly because of Derrick Levasseur’s iron fist control of the game, its players, and the moves made from week to week, but could we be about to get a giant shock on finale night?

Big Brother Canada Season 2 finale
Big Brother Canada Season 2 finale – Source: Slice

On the last season of Big Brother Canada which is now busily casting for BBCAN3, we arrived at an incredibly similar line-up for the Final 3 HGs. Jon and Neda had worked closely and silently all season as the biggest power duo in the house while dragging along the isolated and effectively incapacitated Sabrina to the season finale. (Sabrina was a power player at the start of the season, so the similarities mostly end there for her and Victoria.)

Neda had been the mastermind while Jon acted as the brawn winning comps and doing the dirty work. F2 was on lock for the pair but when the final eviction came Jon completely shocked me when he turned on his closest ally and voted her out so he could go to the end with the easily defeat-able Sabrina where he did just that. It was a stunning move by Jon but absolutely the only way he could win and it worked.

Right now we’re looking at Derrick the mastermind, Cody the brawns, and Victoria the pawn. Cody and Derrick have sworn allegiance to each other as they prepare for Round 3 of the Final HoH. If Cody wins R3 and takes Derrick I firmly believe he will lose while Derrick should win against either Cody or Victoria.

Does Cody realize he’s the Jon in this situation and will he be willing to “Neda” Derrick? I don’t think so on either count. I really don’t. Cody is solidly Hitmen and has said a win for Derrick is as good as a win for him since it’d be the Hitmen winning. If Cody wins R3 he’ll make a $450,000 mistake and take Derrick with him to the end.

Should Cody wise up and cut Derrick then he fully deserves the win just as Jon did on BBCAN2. Frankie likes to think of himself as the biggest player in the house this season, but we all know it was Derrick. Taking out the top dog and using that player’s pawn as your own would be a huge power move and a defining moment for the season.

It’s not going to happen though. Cody and Derrick will march on to the end where the Jury will crown Derrick as the winner of Big Brother 16 while Cody looks on in confusion.


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      • Frankie’s mother is far too narcissistic to eat the mirror image of herself… old and irrelevant.


      • It isn’t he fault that Frankie turned out the way he did LMAO, I can’t even keep a straight face on that one.

      • Do you realize how often we give our age away by the terminology we use and discussions we have? I’m preaching manners on a thread and you’re using words like cantankerous, and stringy referring to kids( I haven’t heard that one in a while, but did a lot growing up). I mention my granny panties and you say knickers in a wad. So, with all my heart GMaG, you are special to me. Now let those young whippersnappers start some inappropriate rumor on us. It would just give us something to have a few more laughs about. I’d love to get together with some of the ladies from here and plan a day where we could all meet and get to know each other. I’ll talk to redroses( she’s into all this social media stuff)about it and see if we can find out if enough people would be interested. If there are some men interested also, hey we might just start a BB commune, have some orgies, nudist camps, all that stuff we got accused of in the day. Just Kidding young baby BBers. My Great Grandma who was 3/4 Cherokee, use to call us kids stringy and said we needed to be fattened up for the slaughter. She spit chew in a can that sat beside her chair and her hair was floor length when she died in her 90’s. I bet we could find a lot to talk about….ugh, oh, I was relpying to you….got off track. hehe. Your post made me lol.

      • Luv ya, KSJB! My grandkids tell me what a cool gma I am, but astute readers like yourself pick up on the little things that show my inner nerd! No matter how I try, I can’t escape my traditional English upbringing with an English police officer for a dad. Those old-fashioned words just pop into my brain and I’m powerless! I think I would have loved your great-gma, I love those down-to-earth women with the wonderful life stories to tell. Hope she told you a lot before you lost her. Treasure those memories.
        I would LOVE to get together with any of our fellow BB fans. I’d have to invest in some Depends first because I guarantee I’ll be peeing my pants from laughing so much. What a great summer we’ve all had. Thanks for the amazing posts.

      • My Gramma (who was part Blackfoot) took in the hippies at her farm when the locals burned the “hippy farm” down. Wasnt long before she was carving her own flutes, making “Gods Eyes” and smoking something in her corn cob pip that wasnt tobacco. Can I come to the meet? NWPA

      • My grandma called it, chewing the cud, and I’ve heard stories about smoking “tobacco”. If there is a meeting, it would be a necessity for you to be there. You’ve got to help me with the NWPA acronym. I went online to see what it means and I had quite a few interesting choices, one being Northwest Women’s Pool Assn. ???

  1. @ Matt: (or really anyone)
    Do you know anywhere that I can watch Canada Season 2 online somewhere? I found season 1 right after it aired, but haven’t been able to watch 2. HELP

  2. Didn’t Jon and Neda swear allegiance to each other over and over? I think I remembering them, or at least Jon, saying that if the other won, it would be like them winning.

    • They sure did, but Cody’s camera talking during R2 HoH comp is what tells me he is not considering flipping on Derrick. He discussed being worried about the Jury votes but then said he wanted Derrick to win R2 so they could go to the end together. Why would Cody be lying to himself if he meant to do otherwise?

      • the hitmen have apparently been warned a few times about revealing any F2 decisions. At least that ‘s what they’ve been saying to stop victoria’s begging and whining… lol

      • And yet they’re still talking aloud to each other about it…so I have a feeling Production isn’t the ones saying anything at this point. What would be the point when all season they’ve been skirting the line on the rules?

      • The point of enforcing the rules would be to control the game properly and make it more fair. It kind of shows that “production” is a bit gutless as the enforcer. they should use tape reviewing to document rule violations and punish the HG’s as quickly as possible after they have ben caught. In bbcanada , on hg lost thier HOH after the comp was reviewed for “fouls”…. props to them.

      • Only in America! hahaha Oprah once said we talk too much! I believe she may have had a point! :-)

      • The only time i ever remember their being a consequence to a broken rule (besides being expelled) was when Jenn got penalty vote against her for eating while on slop. (Season 8)

        speaking of season 8… is anyone else watching couples therapy on vh1? I’m only watching bc evil dick is on this season.

      • I would love to see a season of BB where the strictly enforced the rules. Give them strikes for singing on camera, talking about production, etc. Imagine HGs baiting each other into rules infractions in order to get someone evicted? LOL

      • Heck, if nothing else, make them do specific housework. There is no excuse for that house to be so nasty. They should have responsibilities assigned to each of them and if they don’t do it, there should be penalties for that, also.

      • why enforce rules now? Frankie was offering part of his winnings (which I thought were going to kids in Africa) and let’s not forget the renomrule.

      • i’d like to see BB production asked in an interview about rule infractions, penalties, etc etc, then bring up the obvious infractions that they have overlooked like frankies bribes… BBcanada seemed to be on top of their rule enforcement.

      • Seems like that has been a double standard if true. Cody and Derrick have talked about it with each other, but they aren’t suppose to tell Vic. Something hasn’t been adding up with that.

      • One possibility is that you aren’t allowed to confirm the negative. I can tell you and John and Susie that I’m taking you. If I told you and John I was taking Susie then that’d eliminate possibilities.

        Cody and Derrick have told each other the positive (I’m planning to take you), but they’re being discouraged from stating the negative (Vic, I’m not taking you.)

      • Except that Cody has blatantly told Victoria that he is not taking her. BB didn’t announce stop that or go to fish. Or maybe they did and I missed it.

      • What about Donny mentioning that he didn’t camera talk bc it was against the rules? I’d never heard of that either until Donny said something. I assumed they liked that.

      • They weren’t supposed to talk Game to the cameras so they made it a general rule…but they could do “shout outs” at home! That’s when I know some never had watched the show enough to catch on to that!

      • Yep! But I noticed that Cody did this when he didn’t get the time to talk in his DR sessions like Derrick did! LOL

      • We’d have to ask a HG on that. BB doesn’t make their rulebook openly available.

        Considering most HGs talk about their plans outloud I would be surprised that that’s against the rules. Though Donny was very considerate about following the guidelines, so who knows.

      • It could be that there are guidelines and rules, with the distinction being those things they’d like to you follow vs. those things you must follow.

      • What I meant…if I was an HG, I’d be concerned with production knowing my true feelings regarding anything right now.

      • True, I wouldn’t trust DR one bit. I liked when Derrick told Caleb to stop saying things like he’d take cash over the Veto way back early in the game. Derrick didn’t want production interfering.

      • Derrick is very intuitive and watches his words carefully so he knows Production will try and take them and twist them in a form of a question to other HG’s to try and throw his game off so for him to be so mentally strong and patient through out the whole game while they tried to attempt that this whole game is pretty sad on their part and extremely impressive on Derrick’s part. Example of that is how Frankie had no clue of Derricks game play until the rewind week cause he was too wrapped up in his Comp wins to notice how dangerous of a player Derrick was and relied on his TA bond as a safety net instead of making sure to keep up with communication and not so far up into his head.

      • First, your Mother’s coffee/honey remedy is superb for a sore throat. Thank you for sharing. :)Second, dang you are going to cause the death of me because I need a breath every now and then as I am reading. :( Now seriously, I think you have Derrick nailed as far as how much mental strength and patience have played in his strategy. He takes things in and lets them process. He has a knack for thinking ahead.

      • Ha niiiice I’m so glad you found it helpful please pass it along to someone else who might need it nextime and I’m glad to see you doing better now. Second your right he does have a knack for thinking ahead which why I probably see him in his zone thinking of scenarios when conversations usually die down or when he’s there just listening especially during his conversations with Victoria in the beginning most of the time.

      • That TA bond was fake from the very start. They never really had a bond among them no matter how many times both Frankie and Derrick told the fans through the DR that they did. They used it when they had to, but mostly disregarded it. I wish TA had never existed in BB16.

      • Yeah I agree with you there on that Matt, I think that’s what they’re trying to stop is them revealing to Victoria that she isn’t going and that they are taking each other but they can tell each other they are taking each other without her being present there.

      • When they told Brit it started off as them revealing they had an alliance from the start, then she pieced it together herself knowing that she had no hope. With Victoria she can’t piece it together and is an emotional wreck, example of that is her 3 day campaign on asking to be taken to F2 and even after they referenced Britt and the Brigade she still wouldn’t give up which I commend her for that and I really don’t blame her at all for it.

      • Plus it’s Productions sad pathetic way of trying to not spoil the surprise to an already unanimous conclusion of an already predictable season.

      • I agree with you. Cody seems determined to give away the money but I wonder if his tune will change if he wins the last HOH comp?

        I don;t think Cody has played much of a game this season but if he pulls off a big move like that at the end, it may change my opinion. Clearly if he goes against Victoria, he is the more deserving player.

    • I still think the reason Neda didn’t win is because at the very end when Jon was promising to take her, Neda wouldn’t do the same. Even though if given the opportunity she (more than likely) would have taken Sabrina, this is big brother! She should have lied and said she would take him to F2 as well

    • Do the BB Canada contestants always dress so nicely? They make our bunch (especially the guys) look like something the cat dragged in.

    • Nice can’t wait for that, I wanna see their reaction to Dr. Will telling them how much of a mastermind Derrick was this season and watch Frankie try and deny him that fact especially on national TV.

      • The host probably isn’t allowed to influence the jury too much with his own interpretation, but I hope you’re right! #TeamDerrick

      • They can ask leading questions and give their opinion when asked. They just have to cushion it with, “I could be wrong.” ;)

      • He did a little influencing last season I thought. He put on FB today that he was hosting and then asked if we had any questions for the jury. Hasn’t this already been taped though? Also, they will be talking about all 3 correct? Seems like last year he was asking about Spencer.

    • Dr. Will’s cockiness used to the frustrate and irritate me beyond belief when he was on BB, but now I can look back and appreciate him. Amazing the difference a few years makes. Maybe one day I’ll look back on Frankie with fondness. Yea, and maybe tomorrow I’ll wake up as a gorgeous 5′ 7″ redhead with amazing boobs.

  3. I don’t think Cody watched much BB. He said his dad is a huge fan, but wasn’t he instructed to apply for the show??If I’m remembering his preseason interview correctly?? I definetly think there is an advantage to knowing the game.

      • hey. I’m sure the guy can model some underwear well. At least he’s got that if he does get the boot on Wednesday. Poor guy would be the only one going home with no prizes or money at all. Even Victoria won $5k. Thanks to Hayden.

        If you’re not going to be smart…. at least be pretty.

      • So why was he stuck working for ADP as a sales rep instead? hahaha Oh I know…Derrick wasn’t there urging him along! :-)

      • Apparently he can dance, too. I was reading about the company he works for. Cody’s job is as a supplied dancer and crowd schmoozer to get the crowd on their feet. That job pays $200/event + tips, but the article said that Cody makes more, because he’s requested so often.

      • He is also an advice columnist for Seventeen Magazine…google his full name and Seventeen Magazine…he is one of a group of guys giving dating advice!

      • OH, I’m so so sorry to hear that Shelley. Cody? Dating advice? UGH! If any teenagers who read Seventeen magazine watched him caressing Christine (the happily married woman) all day and all night on BB, they’d know NOT to take any advice he was offering.

      • It is kind of funny….maybe he won’t be asked to give any more advice….seems more like a gig for Frankie….it is a teen magazine…and that is where his fan base is…..

      • I’m sure lots of gay gals and guys read Seventeen so maybe Frankie would be a good fit for giving dating advice. I believe he’s 31, perhaps too old for the gig.

      • Naw…thats where his sisters fan base is. I would be absolutely be terrified to have someone with his laundry list of personality defects offering advice to anyone…..particularly a group as vulnerable as teens.

      • He did a really good job when Frankie was showing him some dance moves. They looked awesome together. Holy fuzzballs, I said something nice about Frankie. Must be getting sappy in my old age.

  4. I hope so, it’d be nice for the very last game of the season to be a surprise, unlike everything else that’s happened. Plus thinking about the massive fan-rage that would come from this makes me laugh.

  5. Cast members for BBCAN3 will include a majority of people from the GTA, a few from Monteal, one from Calgary and one from Vancouver. And again, no one beyond Thunder Bay will watch. That’s what’s called Canadian broadcasting.

  6. I wonder if Derrick watched BBCAN? Another consistent seems to be the eviction voting, they tended to do that as a group as well here in Canada…if so, he studied the game and may indeed take Vic!

    • Derrick and Frankie seem to know who Kenny Brain is, according to a conversation earlier in the season, so it might be true.

  7. Listening to Cody and Derrick talking about why taking Victoria to the end makes me laugh. Now that they are down to the final 3 they are so concerned about taking the easy route by evicting the other and sitting at the end against Victoria. But isn’t “taking the easy route” exactly the reason why they evicted Caleb? and even Frankie?

    Its hard to tell what either of them are going to do because its clear neither of them would want the other to know if he was going to take Victoria to the end. But I keep thinking this is about a difference of $450,000 and that is just too much to throw away on a person you just met 90 days ago.

    I still think Derrick is taking Victoria. When she made a few comments to Cody about taking her Derrick got Cody and gabbed his ear off about it. He protested too much, If Cody is so concerned about Derrick’s wife and kid Cody needs to think that there will come a day when he has a wife and kid and he is going to wish he had that $500,000 to buy a house for his own family.

    • If Derrick was planning on taking Cody, why would he have talked into the camera when alone and told his wife to start making Hitmen t-shirts? He’s said other things when alone, too, that points to Hitmen being F2. Not saying he won’t change his mind between now and tomorrow night, but don’t think he’s taking Vic. Another thing, he knows that taking Cody helps to repair his image of being a constant betrayer in the juror’s eyes, since he’ll tell them he was disloyal to some of them because he had to stay loyal to his TRUE alliance, Cody. If he takes Vic, it does nothing to help repair his betrayals to them, and makes him look worse by taking the easy way out.

      • You can use the ‘Edit’ buh-on right below your post to make corrections. I do it all the time when I see my typos. Good post.

      • Edit button is only there when you’re signed in. If you post as a guest, then you can’t edit your post. It’s the main reason I joined. I have way to many typos! LOL

      • It is a betrayal to Cody if Derrick takes Victoria to F2. Unless they’re all bitter on their decision making, To me it shows how good of a gamer he is. Either way he wins if he takes Cody. Taking Vic is a sure win though and I would prefer that ending of this season.

      • And a betrayal to Victoria to take Cody. If Derrick is the decision maker for F2, he has to betray one of them.

      • Derrick might still be trying to throw everyone off his game. He could have told his wife beforehand not to pay attention to anything he says and does – that it’s all strategy. As much as he tries to control negative reactions to his moves, I bet his wife was thoroughly filled in before he left home.

  8. From what I remember on BB Can is that Neda had always said she wouldn’t want to sit next to Jon at the end b/c she was worried he would end up winning; so she was going to turn on him too

    • Yeah your absolutely right she was gonna turn on him and even admitted it on live on the finale so in the end he got the drop on her before she could pull the trigger which shows Jon wasn’t just all brawn which some people accused him of and he ended up being such a surprise and well deserved winner hands down.

  9. what has Frankies mom done? I have seen yall mention her on the comments before but dont have alot of time to look in to it. I am sooo glad he is gone and am curious how how his family is involved. I think he feels entitled and its sickening. #NoOneCaresWhoUrSisterIs

    • At like 3am on the last day of voting she tried to tell Ariana’s followers to vote for Zach and that he deserved it deeming “it’s only fair” cause both her son and Donny both got money through TA and that it be only fair for Zach to win when for a week str8 she’s been campaigning for her son to take it out of spite for how they evicted him. They only made this move to save face and use it strictly as a CYA tactic probably given to them by their PR reps so that they wouldn’t embarrass themselves on national TV.

      • Makes me wonder if Frankie hasnt managed to communicate with his family in some fashion. After all, Frankie did threaten to be “reunited with his followers” when the guys refused to take him any further….

  10. Derrick convinced Cody that Derrick is a weak player who will get beaten by anybody in the final 2. Yeah Derrick is that good…

    • I wish, LOL!!! Cody and Derrick have been so darned cocky and full of themselves on BBAD it makes me want to see a real one in a million chance come through and for Victoria to win. Course, she’s been really hard to watch too. Those last minute nerves aren’t any fun for any of them.

      • I just had a thought, what if Vic has been lying about herself as well….maybe she’s a rocket scientist with a MENSA IQ?…too far fetched?….ok….carry on!

      • Hey GMaG! I’m taking a break from BBAD and had to reply to your post. I so so wish … and I’m not kidding … that somehow, some magical way, Victoria wins. The two boys are so smug. And did you see where Derrick is talking about his ‘job’ ~ working for parks & recreation (wonder if he knows Amy Pohlar (sp?) the comedian). He’s such a practiced professional liar. Honestly I can’t stand him anymore, and his partner (baby Cody).

        SO, Vic…win it for us gals…PLEASE!

      • Hey,Cuddles! Well, we’re united in our dislike of Derrick, that’s for sure! I’ve been reacting negatively to him for so long, I feel as if people must think I’m an evil nut case, but he offended me on so many levels. A lot more people seem to agree with us now than a couple or three weeks ago – I wonder what the Chief of Police in his small town thinks of him? Hope he’s not proud of him. I can hardly stand to watch another night of Derrick and Cody on BBAD – all that chest pumping and high-fiving. I’m OD’ing on testosterone. I’m West Coast, so we don’t get it for 30 minutes, and I still have this tiny little ray of hope upon hope that he’s playing Cody, but think that’s probably wishful thinking. I guess could stand it if Cody managed to pull off a win, but Derrick? If he wins, we’ll have to put on our big girl panties and take it like the strong women we are, but we can always hope for a miracle!

      • Well GMaG, this is it!!! We got through last night/this morning with another BBAD being downright BAD! Geez, it takes Derrick 2 hours to cut his finger/toe nails! Cody is now proficient in shuffling cards in every which way imaginable … while constantly checking out his mini-package for reassurance that he is indeed a boy. Vic is … well, being Vic. As a woman, I really feel for her … She seems like a positive person and will take what happens tonight in stride. The best thing for her future … forget Derrick totally, completely.

  11. Thru out this season I have noticed more & more how very
    manipulative Derrick is (cop training) Much like a control freak. He has to
    influence/control every HoH, every potential evictee as well. For the HoH he wants them
    to do exactly, what he wants. But he makes sure to convince the HoH that
    it’s their idea. The evictee, he makes them believe that he is on
    their side, is trying to help them (even when it’s the opposite) so he
    will still get their jury vote. The same manipulation with his fellow
    alliance members, esp having F2’s with most of them. (‘m your
    bestee~trust me) Victoria reminds me of his ‘Trojan Horse’ using her as
    his shield/secret weapon. Maybe he’s had hypnosis training, because of
    how easily he uses the power of suggestion. Or if he’s just a natural
    at being a potential cult leader. Because of how he isolates the victim,
    totally befriending them & getting them to trust him explicable.
    (Victoria) Whatever the truth of the matter, he is quite CONvincing.
    (see def of ‘CON’) Peace!

    • Completely agree. What makes him a successful BB player scares the hell out of me for people in his real life. Can you imagine how he is with his wife when she dares to disagree with him, if she dares? People who are that manipulative, and are cops with power and weapons…no bueno.

  12. I keep telling Derrick to be quiet when he mentions Dan and Memphis to Cody… Does Cody not realize he’s the Memphis?

  13. I heard Allison Grobner (or whatever her name is) interviewed on EW radio today and she claimed that the American BB is the only BB where the housevguests are evicted by the other house guests as opposed to a popular vote by the audience. This simply is not true. BB Canada runs exactly the same way as the US version. Did anyone else hear that interview? Did I hear what she said correctly?

  14. Bank it. Derrick will never see it coming. It won’t make for good TV because Derrick truly deserves the money and everyone knows it. He played a flawless game but nowhere in the rule book is fairness written. If it does happen CBS has to reconcile the rules of BB are not well conceived. Fans want to be rewarded after a season of loyal watching.

  15. Yes, very likely. I feel like the Neda thing (and isn’t it funny, most of refer to it by her name rather than anything Jon did) almost was discounted with Cody’s conversation with himself on Saturday while he was alone in HOH and practicing not only his answers to questions from the jury (where geez, he’s lose on those grounds and might lose votes to Victoria) and then he started going over jury votes. He himself couldn’t see his way around Derrick winning. Took some time in silence and then said, Derrick better win this (the Part II comp). While Cody perhaps has had some eye opening during the week, Derrick has done nothing to dissuade his Hitmen to the end. And then Victoria herself has come to terms with it and was stressing over the questions for the boys (like that she was asking them what she should ask).

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