Big Brother 16: Who Won America’s Favorite Player?

While the main attraction was finding out who won Big Brother 16 there was a LOT of interest from fans to discover which of the HGs would get America’s Favorite Player.

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Julie Chen has the results on Big Brother

The race for winning Big Brother’s Favorite Houseguest looked to be between Donny, Zach, and Frankie who received some major support from his family. Who would take home the title and the $25,000 check with it? Julie revealed the news at the very end of the Big Brother season finale on Wednesday.

Julie revealed there were over 10 million votes and the winner pulled in more than 5 million votes was:

Big Brother 16 America’s Favorite Player:

  • Donny Thompson

Joining Donny in the top bracket was Nicole and Zach, though we don’t know their order or % of votes earned. Wow! That’s a great group of Houseguests picked by viewers and all three should be very pleased with the honor.

What do you think of America’s vote? Did your fav get the win?

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  1. I wonder why nothing was mentioned about the bonus 50 grand if americas player made it to the end?

      • I actually found that strange – they used to ask each of them at least one question.

        Mind you – I don’t mind missing that part since they actually did all 3 HOH comps on this show – last year it seemed like it was a really long 90-minutes of filler. So this was actually preferable for me.

      • Jeff interviewed each of them afterwards on Finale night. Was great to hear from all of them again, including the jury members!

    • Although Derrick did mention about the additional 50k on one of his last DR sessions that aired before the jury vote.

    • I think they went way over budget this year and are hoping no one will notice them forgetting to payoff derrick his extra 50 k team america bonus.

  2. they spent way too much time on the final HOH’s and not enough time with the cast. i really want an “after the final housekey” type of show to get everyones reactions to things…. thanks for messing that up big brother.

  3. Did you see how frankie was trying to hog the spot light standing next to jul. he thought sure he won Americas fav, his face was priceless when he did not. Thanks to all those who voted for donny,and the others it over powered all of frankies fans and his sisters to the the point that he never made it in the top three,

    • I wished July would have given all the standings for AFP, he would have been crushed to find out just where he ranked…

    • 60 votes a day for Donny for 4 days. Would have done more, but I’m not quite that dedicated. And I’ve never voted on a Reality Show before. That just shows you the power of Frankie J Grande. He was an inspiration and extreme motivator, so I went Grande
      so he could go home (without being in the top 3).

  4. Omg Frankie was glued to Julie from the moment he left his seat. Getting all giddy thinking he was AFP. Than that fake smile with his mouth stuck open. As everyone went and congratulates Donny he wanders back to being next to Julie to be on camera. I AM SO HAPPY FOR DONNY! I still would like to know what Frankie thought of The Bold and the Beautiful offering Donny a part on there show. Think about it, $25,000 for AFP, at least $200 00 for Team America and money for the acting gig. And any opportunities that are going to still come his way. He is a true example of an honest good hearted man. That is why all this happened for him. Still would have liked him to get to the end. But with the bomb squad alliance, after Donnys friends left the house his social game suffered. So he still did well and depending on the pay and future offers, he did as well if not better than 2nd place. IF DONNY SEE THIS. ….. YOU ARE AWESOME AND A GREAT GUY. STAY THE COURSES AND NEVER CHANGE. ☺

  5. Do they always announce the top 3 in the voting before revealing AFP? I was really, really, hoping they did this to let Frankie know that not only did he lose, he wasn’t even top 3.

    • Depends if the votes are either close, the gap between the runner-up and the winner is huge or the amount of votes casts was record-breaking.

  6. season was big boring ever eviction vote , no one went against the house to stir things up, hope they change things up a big way next season to easy for to players to learn from past seasons comps.

    • That’s why Derrick’s victory was great, but not excellent like a Dr. Will’s. Maybe the houseguests, as a whole, were too young. Not experienced enough in life. Other past casts would have sat back together and thought through exactly what Derrick was doing.

    • I agree, Donny was not an interesting houseguest to watch. He was quiet , laid back, made no moves, had no alliances, did not fit in, went to bed early every night. I actually hope they never cast another Donny type dim light bulb again !!!

    • He was a down-to-earth nice guy. Yes, I know, .many people unfortunately do not “get” that. Plus, as for gameplay, he was the only one “onto” Derrick — but unfortunately he was alone because he was the “old” dude. Even Derrick knew Donny was buying none of his BS, and Derrick stated that in many DRs.

      • He was a nice guy, saw Derrick’s BS, but didn’t know how to use that knowledge to his advantage. He only seemed to make alliances with people on their way out of the house. Part of that was the tight dominant alliance. Derrick had the reigns pretty tight on them. But he just didn’t know how to interact with people who stay up late (wasn’t that one of the questions about what bugged him in the final HOH). Don’t think people are going to change for you. YOU change to fit in. Derrick did. Dressed younger and grew a semi beard. Shaved it off when it didn’t matter to fit in as much. That is called game playing.

    • He seemed so surprised when Julie said she was going to announce the Top 3, like he couldn’t believe two other people besides him even got votes. It was the best moment of the season!

  7. Zach looked genuinely thrilled for Donny when Julie announced AFP, I thought that was so classy and showed his true colors.

  8. YAY! Goes to show that the voting power of genuine BB fans can stop cheaters, like the Grandy family, from “buying and bribing ” their son a win that he did NOT deserve! Yet again, Frankie managed to make himself look like the pathetic personna that he is. He all but stood on Julie’s feet trying to grab as much camera time as possible. He probably was hoping to be close at hand when Julie announced him AFP!


    It’s a shame they didn’t present him with a rubber dog turd and pronounce him America’s Most Forgettable Loser. So long, Frankie. It’s time to revert to the actual Grandy sur-name, as there is nothing “grand” in your personality and behavior. If there is a God in heaven above, I hope you are never to be seen on National Television again.

    My whole hearted congrats go out to Derrick and his family, Cody, and Donnie. It is great to know that the man with a heart full of compassion, a gentle spirit, and a personality that was genuine won America’s favorite player.

    • That was an overwhelmingly NO for you Frankie, sorry about your luck but your NOT AMERICA’S FAVORITE PLAYER.

      • Just looked at the picture above LOL, while the rest of the cast was cheering Donny, Frankie had a pruned up sour face and looking in the opposite direction, well Joey was looking forward but still she was cheering.

      • Frankie just looked bored, if not about him, he’s not interested. What about the look on Caleb’s face.
        Bless his heart, he was really shocked. Zack was sincerely happy for Donny and it showed. I was glad to see that.

      • Did you see Calebs interview with Jeff? He was shocked and even said so. He still thinks he’s the best. Even when talking about Derrick winning Caleb had to bring up how he smoked Derrick in the comps. So full of himself.

      • yes yes and yes yes, one side of Caleb can be so good and sweet, then he opens his mouth and says how great he is and I just want to tap him on the forehead between the eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • and VICTORIA, she still thinks she MADE it to the final 3, I have run out of adjectives to describe her, WOW, hope the media feedback will help her grow up, she is ?????????

      • Victoria was revealed as being extremely naive when she was talking to derrick and cody. I think she has led a very sheltered life and has near zero life experiences. What an airhead to think she actually deserved to be there at the end… whew!!!

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