Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Finale Live Results – Who Won Big Brother Revealed

Tonight on Big Brother 16 the season finale reveals the last HoH of the summer and the Jury’s reveal of who won Big Brother! Stay tuned as cover it all starting at 9:30PM ET after the Survivor premiere.

Big Brother 16 Live Season Finale
Big Brother 16 Live Season Finale – Source: CBS

Last week’s cliffhanger left us with Cody, Derrick, and Victoria preparing to enter the final Head of Household competition of the season. Endurance was up first with a mental and physical challenge not far behind. Both of those rounds are already over (spoilers) and now we await the third and deciding round held live during tonight’s finale.

Not only will we get a series of competitions but the season’s Houseguests return! We’ll see the first five HGs back together on stage along with the return of the Jury and their roundtable debate hosted by none other than the excellent Dr. Will Kirby.

Can Derrick win over the Jury with his masterful game play and best Cody or could we never find out and one of the guys flips on the Hitmen to take Victoria to the end? We’re about to find out!

Big Brother 16 Final HoH – Round 1:
Endurance competition with a hang gliding theme. Victoria is out first which means the Hitmen control this round’s win. As soon as Victoria drops the guys start debating what to do.

Derrick says he’s worried about beating Victoria in R2. Later this conversation comes up and Cody gets upset as we see in his DR here. Derrick hangs out awhile longer and then… drops.

  • Cody wins Round 1

Cody will now move on to Round 3 while Derrick and Victoria must compete in Round 2.

Big Brother 16 Final HoH – Round 2 – “Ancient BBgypt”:

Much like last season, the competitors had to place face plates high on a wall while attached to a harness. First player to get the sequence correct will move on to Round 3.

Derrick completes in 15:29. Victoria finishes in 30:03.

  • Derrick wins Round 2

Derrick and Cody will now face off in Round 3 of the Final Head of Household comp. “But first” it’s time to hear from the Jury at their Roundtable discussion with Dr. Will.

Big Brother 16 Jury Roundtable:

Nicole is being a champion for Derrick saying Cody hasn’t done much. Donny says Derrick betrayed allies (secretly referencing Team America, I’d guess) and Frankie agrees that Derrick used the death of their grandfathers to create a bond. Jocasta says Derrick fake prayed with her so she will not be giving him any “sugar.”

Dr. Will asks them to name a big move by Derrick, but no one can come up with anything. Did Derrick play too behind the scenes? The debate continues. Jocasta says she’d vote for Victoria in the F2. Caleb says if Victoria gets there he will too. Hayden points out that would be a personal move.

Julie Chen hosts Round 3 of the Final HoH

Big Brother 16 Final HoH – Round 3 – “Scales of Just Us”:

  • Round 1 – A – Derrick gets a point
  • Round 2 – A – Both get a point
  • Round 3 – A – Both get a point
  • Round 4 – B – Cody gets a point
  • Round 5 – B – Derrick gets a point
  • Round 6 – B – Cody gets a point
  • Round 7 – B – Neither gets a point
  • Round 8 – B – Neither gets a point
  • Tie-breaker – How many seconds was Round 1? Cody wins

Cody is the Final HoH after just barely beating out Derrick with his estimate of 3120 vs Derrick’s 3013. The correct was 3671 seconds.

Big Brother 16 – Final Eviction:

Cody is ready to make his decision on who to evict. Will he stick with the Hitmen?

  • Cody votes to evict… Victoria!

Cody will now face Derrick in the F2 before the Jury Q&A in a moment here.

There are a lot of tough questions from the Jury but things look to be leaning toward Derrick. Victoria gets to ask the last question and she gives a softball to Derrick about if he would have betrayed her. We already know she’s promised him his vote regardless, but this was a great chance for him to get the last word. The Jury nods approvingly to his answer. I’m saying this one is Derrick’s. Let’s find out.

Before Jurors cast votes there is an opportunity for Cody and Derrick to argue their points. Cody says he sent all the “beast” players home and got the Hitmen to the Final which should be considering a puppet “in any play.” Derrick says he kept his key out of the nomination block all season and won 4 HoHs. It’s now time to vote.

As they load the key block Zach shouts out that he likes Jersey, but his heart is with Rhode Island. Hah! Julie reminds the Jury to not reveal their votes like that. Okay, all voting is complete and locked in.

Time for a few big reveals as Julie tells the HGs about Team America. Everyone is shocked and Zach see how he was repeatedly used and targeted by TA for their missions. He’s shocked, but I think he’ll get over it quickly.

Now Julie lets Derrick tell everyone he’s a cop and was an undercover one who came in with the plan to profile the other HGs and work in the background. We’re about to find out if it was a successful operation.

Big Brother 16 – Jury Votes:

  • Jocasta: Cody
  • Hayden: Derrick
  • Zach: Derrick
  • Donny: Cody
  • Nicole: Derrick
  • Christine: Derrick
  • Frankie: Derrick
  • That’s enough! Derrick wins!
  • Caleb: Derrick
  • Victoria: Derrick

Big Brother 16 – Finale Results:

  • Derrick Levasseur wins Big Brother!

Big Brother 16 – America’s Favorite:

  • Top 3 vote-getters: Donny, Nicole, and Zach
  • Donny wins America’s Fav!

Thanks again for joining us this summer. Now get ready for Big Brother 17! CBS has confirmed the series will return in 2015 plus again for an extra season the following year! Join us on Facebook, Twitter, and by email to receive casting and season updates. We’ll see you again soon.


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    • I voted for Nicole, but to be honest, any of these three getting the America’s Favorite money will be fine with me. They all deserve it. It was hard to pick just one.

  1. I hope to hear Frankie get boo’d so loud. .

    Also, still hoping Nicole gets fan favorite but I love Donny and he’s probably going to get it but there’s hope.

    • Its only because he is CBS golden boy. Unless they pull the same thing like last year when they gave it to Elissa. There is noway America voted for her.

      • Nobody on season 15 was as likeable as most of this season’s cast members. I can’t remember liking any of them as much as I liked Caleb or Zach this season. So I really don’t doubt Elissa got it.

  2. They showed Donnie getting a trim. I’d love to see him clean shaven. I liked his beard, but it seemed he was wanting it shaved earlier.

  3. the worst part is having to see and listen to Frankie. at least it will be the last time, because i sure as heck am not watching the Talk tomorrow!

  4. the worst part is having to see and listen to Frankie. at least it will be the last time, because i sure as heck am not watching the Talk tomorrow!

      • I was trying to imitate her monotone vocal tic, but for some reason it didn’t print the entire sentence! It rambled on for quite a while.

  5. Darn it! Victoria lost AGAIN! Golly jeeze, shucks. Still hanging on to hope that she wins where it counts, the entire game. Victoria, Victoria, you are the gal. (Side eye, wink, wink).

    • The only person that was sillier than Frankie was Jocasta. Why did she have to do all this fake talking on the phone business, she is not Dr. Will. It just made her look silly, and she was the worst crier that I have ever seen. She was so loud.

    • I think he’s upset about Derrick not coming out and being honest with him remember when Donny lied to Derrick he already knew about Derrick’s lies from zach the skittle draw

    • Hey, it took her three days to pick out that dress. she is probably just happy that it still fits

  6. Is anyone else just getting a black screen with no picture or sound? Really CBS…I want to see the finale!

  7. Guess we can expect Cody and Derrick in the Final 2. I’ll be surprised if he goes against his fellow Hitman.

  8. So what we have is the smartest player in BB history going up against the dumbest jury in BB history. Why oh why do we become holier than thou. Every single player deceived in one way or another including Jacosta and even Donny, even if it was a lie of ommission. Hopefully they will have listened to Will let the game play prevail. Not their personal feelings.

    • Yes I saw his sister. Then he starts his dancing when he walked out. Wonder what Rachel thought about the floater Victoria making it to third.

  9. Ewwwww. Her voice. How did you play and fought? What exactly was her game play? Yeah, Zach was right, she is not so smart.

  10. Not a wise move Cody. Watch Derrick kick his ass on his speech to the Jury. I like to hear how Cody sell himself…..this will be interesting because of what I heard from the Jury.

  11. The finale show moves too slow. It would be nice to hear more from the winner and jury, after the win.

  12. Look who’s sitting with Jeff and Jordan. Arianna Grande. Figures she’d be there. He’s not even a finalist. Still hope they boo him.

  13. Come on Derrick!!!! It won’t be a sweep but I hope that the jury can get past their hurt and see that Derrick played the best game this season. Of course Christine will vote for Cody but Derrick has Victoria so that offsets…..
    I am curious about how everyone is gong to vote after Derrick and Cody defend their actions and choices.
    Go Derrick!!!!

  14. Cody, should have talked about winning comps. What is this “we” stuff?

    Derrick still playing the jury…. “my man Zach, Zach. Attack!”

  15. My connections go out a lot. Anyway, Looks like Cody did horrible on Q&A from the Jury? I right?

    • I know, right? Question someone else’s spirituality/religiousness based off of a game and whether they go against you? She needs to look at herself and how she judges others. She doesn’t have a monopoly on god.

  16. Disgusting. Another fake audience with no booing for Frankie because his sister is in the house. Gross and wrong.

    • Hahaha. Another loser complaining. Frankie will have a wonderful life while u keep whining about Tv show ont the internet and go on with u little existence in which u put yourself up but pulling others down.

  17. Some of these jury members are very bitter it is BIG BROTHER I think they thought they were play Big BEST Friend

  18. Cody made the huge mistake taking Derrick, he as good as handing him the money. Well all i can say is now Derrick can have that ugly nose fixed LOL

    • It’s probably more of a time thing. We’ll have to wait and see what happens during the interviews AFTER the show concludes.

  19. There goes your friendship, I would question everything now. I bet some of the jurors want to change their votes now.

  20. Don’t think that Cody is going to get his student loans paid off. Christine for Derrick? i think i am surprised

  21. It looks like what happened with Woo and Tony repeated itself again. This is a result I can agree with, while the one with Woo on Survivor had me upset for days.

    Congratulations, Derrick, and I hope you spend the $500,000 in good health.

    • Personally.. I don’t think its anything at all like Tony and Woo as Woo blatantly ignored all good sense(including his own) in taking Tony. Its almost like the guy didn’t want to win.

      In the case of Cody, Derrick had Cody convinced that Cody could beat him based on gameplay and that if he took Victoria, Cody would face a bitter Jury for backstabbing his core alliance(heck Cody pretty much convinced himself of it).

      So I simply see it as solid gameplay by Derrick as he didn’t really let on just how strategic he was playing and you could really see Cody seeing the light only after the votes were cast and the reveals were being done(particularly Team America).

      He simply had no idea Derrick was that good at the game and could keep something like that from him, or he never would have taken him. Woo KNEW how good Tony was at Survivor, and took him anyways.

  22. Did Amber bring bodyguards? Gosh, was expecting a decent finale…. are they going ask about a real date? Where do Harden and Nicole see themselves after this? How is Devin’s daughter? No audience question?

    • This is the one and only time I’ll ever name drop…I know Derek Jeter! I’d give anything to be there to see him play. He’s one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. And, he’s not a cheater (coughA-RODcough). I lived in NC when he played on the Yankee Farm team when they were known as the Greensboro Hornets. That was a looong time ago.

      • Derek Jeter is the classiest ball player ever. He earn respect from everybody that ever meet him. He will be missed.

    • Julie said there were 10 million votes and then she said that the winner received 5 million, so it wasn’t even close. So glad Frankie was not even mentioned for this. Poor Caleb though, he really thought this would be his.

  23. Donny – What a bitter jury member. I expect a clueless Jocasta to vote for Cody, but for Donny to be so bitter that he got duped by Derrick… and he calls himself a superfan. PSH!

    • Yeah he got boo’s but they tried to mask it with cheers and claps by getting the next person to come on stage quick, you can play it back and notice how each HG’s came one right after the other so they would avoid that which was a smart play on their part to be honest. My favorite part though was when Julie announced that 3 people who were in the running for AFP didn’t include Frankie and that when they announced it to be a 5 million vote decision to be Donny you can see Frankie’s mouth open wide in shock that it wasn’t him since it surpassed his so called over 1.5 million following, Congrats Donny well deserved as I voted for you and my player to win Derrick, Congrats as well, you played the game like a pro and deserve that win hands down for the effort you put it in, #DerrickBB16Winner.

      • Damn that sucks but he got a wake up call for sure, watching his face in shock when Donny won was all I needed cause now that they’re doing their interviews he won’t be able to dodge the questions that are gonna be coming to him like “Do have anything to say to the family of Victoria or Victoria herself for the comments you displayed on the live feeds?”

      • Oh you know very well that’s not how it’ll go… Frankie will keep insisting that he is the fans choice and that his millions of followers, plus his sisters millions of followers is all he needs. And let’s be honest, more people will probably know the name Ariana Grande than they will Donny in a year’s time from now. What makes me somewhat happy is in knowing that people will ALSO remember Donny as a much nicer and better person than they will Frankie from this show! ;)

      • and as with all the rest of last years final three, oh whatever i said was definitely taken out of context.. one of the most used excuses on the planet.

      • It is my steadfast belief that Mr. Frankie J Grande will not be held accountable for one single disrespectful, repugnant, bigoted comment or action during BB16. I hope I’m wrong. One thing I’m absolutely sure of: Frankie is a miserably sad, sad person. I honestly mean this—I hope that one day he will learn to love himself.

      • That would seem the obvious conclusion. But narcissists are incredibly lonely people. If he truly knew how to love who he is, he wouldn’t be so over the top with his attention seeking behaviors. As much as I can’t stand him, I have the same amount of empathy and sadness for him. And as we all know, Karma is a big ‘ol beyotch. I honestly feel sorry for him. I mean think about it…he longs to be a ‘somebody’…but he never will be. He’s a chorus boy who says that he produces ‘Broadway and off-Broadway shows. Puh-lease. An old trick to pad a resume, is to say you’ve worked off Broadway. What they don’t say, is that it’s 1,000 miles from Broadway! Actors with a successful career don’t have to resort to tricks. He’s miserable. Again, as much as he bugs me, I have the same amount of empathy for him. Wow…talk about a long winded response! :)

      • Oh yes don’t get me wrong, in the therapeutic sense I know this poor guy is dealing with some serious insecurity issues (then again most of us do in some fashion or another but we are blind to our own weaknesses)… I do hope that he doesn’t use people for fame but rather he engages them and see the value in OTHER people’s thoughts, emotions, and need for respect. :)

      • Yeah but he can unfortunately ”shelter” himself a little bit and use the negative attention to his advantage. Sadly people won’t be able to hold back giving him more of exactly what he wants… hits to his site! :(

      • Andy said, it was rough for about a year, and he was fighting with fans on tweeter and other BB sites.. He had slowed down and a frequent guest on BB Podcast. I noticed he’s changed a lot.

      • The difference unfortunately being that Andy & Frankie are very very different. Frankie will use any and all attention to further his aspirations of being famous like his sister. Sadly our society continues to prove that bad publicity is still good publicity…

      • What I would love to watch is Cody rewatching the season and just being shocked at how outplayed he was by Derrick and how little in control he really was. That would be priceless. Because really, he just had no clue and I honestly believe he thought he had it won. Pretty much the most brutal blindside of all was his dawning realization with the reveals after the votes were cast.

  24. The big news isn’t the winner of the show but that Donny won Americas favorite ! And nicole made the top 3 also. Suck it Frankie what happened to your 1 million followers ? And Ariana’s 10 million plus followers didn’t give a f… about the show

  25. It took until the last possible moment…but Derrick finally sat on the block. I dunno, I found that funny.

  26. Well got to give props to Derrick. He just played a perfect game on a show that it is very hard to do so. Never nominated, Team America didn’t hurt him, the last 4 people would all have taken him to the end etc. The only thing he was missing was Dan’s entertainment factor. Definitely on the Mount Rushmore of the game. See everyone next year.

    • Ya.. but Dan didn’t win that season he pretty much did everything but start shooting people to make sure they were evicted before he was. The entertainment factor pissed way too many jurors off, as it was often at their expense.

      Derrick is probably the one guy i’d be most interested to see in All-Stars, and how he would modify his gameplay(if it all) now that his secret is in the open. I think if he could get past the first couple of weeks he’d have a good shot to go deep, but he’d need to get traction.

      Sadly, I have the nagging suspicion that they would include Frankie in that, even though he couldn’t even make Top 4. I also think Frankie would align with Derrick knowing that he could use the trump card of not having won the game if they ended up in the final 2.

  27. Oh no. I hope Frankie’s family have his therapist ready for him. Survivor, please call Caleb soon, I don’t want him too crushed. Cody may just really go off… on himself, for being a dumbarse… sorry, loyal.

  28. cbs (dot) com/shows/big_brother/news/1003181/

    Frankie will be on the Talk tomorrow with Derrick. As far as I know this is the first time the 5th place loser will be on the Talk. Please leave a comment on the above article to tell CBS how you feel. Thank you.

  29. Put some pants on Frankie. He’s wearing a blazer, nice shirt, bowtie, and then he has short shorts on? Gay, straight, whatever, that’s not what this is about and I’m not taking shots at anybody. He looked ridiculous. Those little poses at the end trying to be a camera whore didn’t help either.

  30. I’ve lost some respect for Nicole. Before talks even begin with the jury she’s bashing Cody. She very much sounded like she was influenced by Hayden. When she won her way back in she was talking about going after Christine and Frankie, but then Hayden hugs her and tells her “Derrick and Cody” and suddenly her targets are Derrick and Cody. Then Cody gets accused of being a puppet? Take aim at Nicole if you want to be fair on that front. It was so predictable that she and Hayden’s votes would match each others. She didn’t show to have a mind of her own a few times this season.

    • but you have to expect that she & hayden will vote the same way… Nicole even said to Julie’s question: ”I don’t know that’s too deep a level of thought I wouldn’t usually do…” Nicole is sweet and cute for sure, but she’s no Einstein…

      • Might be partially someone named Nicole. Last night on BBAD Cody said if it weren’t for Hayden he’d love to date Nicole.

    • Cody wasn’t a puppet. He’s the reason Donny, Frankie, and Caleb got evicted from the house. Sure, he laid low during the first part of the season, but came on HUGE down the stretch. Against anybody else, I’d say he’d be most deserving. Cody played an awesome game. He just happened to be up against one of the best players in 16 seasons.

      • Agreed with both philly cat and wiggy. Very nice to see people on my page with this. He wasn’t a puppet at all and Donny, Frankie and Caleb were all big players, and very capable in competitions. This is another thing Cody didn’t emphasize enough when speaking to the jury. He did call them all beasts, but I think he should’ve driven that home even more, as well as mentioned he won 3 HoH’s, 3 Veto’s, and the final 2 Veto’s and final HoH, so 3 very pressure-packed competitions. The vote should’ve been closer than 7-2 but I still think Derrick deserved it. They both did for their own reasons.

      • Ya Cody won the HOH and Veto to send Donny home, the veto to send Frankie home, and the veto to send Caleb home. That’s ridiculous!! Derrick did the manipulating, Cody did the heavy lifting.

      • Yep, exactly. Derrick was the brains and Cody was the braun I guess. Derrick made Cody be the one to get the blood on his hands, directly when it came to Caleb and Victoria. He and Derrick both voted Frankie out after Cody won that Veto. Cody as you said was HoH and Veto winner when Donny left.

        Great duo that’s all I can say. The Hitmen deserve to be talked about in high regard.

      • And he also happened to be worked by one of the best players in 16 seasons. Derrick always kept him on point the same as he worked anyone else. Donny was shoved out the door by Derrick, not Cody.

        At no point could this be better seen than when Nicole was the target and Derrick went out of his way to make Christine the target.. Cody went along like a puppy. Then Nicole made her infamous Dan remark and Derrick reversed the whole thing and got her sent packing. Cody went along like a puppy.

        So he can think all he wants that he was the reason, it isn’t the case. I do give him props for winning the competitions they HAD to win, but he was at all times being worked by Derrick and kept on point, all the while not realizing he was being worked to the point that he thought it was totally him and that he had it won by taking Derrick.

        Not easy to do, and Derrick was a total pro completely through and through. Even in the end Q&A plus final speech he was never at all confrontational. To say Derrick deserved to win is an understatement.

    • Nicole is a superfan, I think she based it on who played it better, wasn’t surprise coz before she left the second time she was close to Derrick and he was the only one who talked to her after donny left.

      • Nothing. Many of us hoped that Frankie’s first exposure to a live audience would have been a bit rougher so he could see the fans’ reactions… Sadly it just wasn’t meant to be I guess.

      • Most audiences are paid to be there and so the producers might’ve thought it better to not give a negative reaction to Frankie

  31. Why is Frankie going to be on The Talk? Is he going to talk about donating his Team America earnings?

    • Why will he be on The Talk? Pretty simple – because people will watch. Like him or not (I personally don’t care for the care), people talk about him. He’s polarizing. Look at how many posts are already about him. Nobody else garners the reaction he does, which is exactly why he’ll be on The Talk tomorrow. More eyes will be on the television as they say…

      Everyone needs to stop acting so naive.

  32. Hard to complain, Derrick and Cody were my favourites all season long, and they were the final two. But I have to admit, I was disappointed Cody didn’t remind the jury that he won 3 HoH’s and 3 Vetos compared to Derrick’s 4 HoH and 0 Vetos. Cody also won the final HoH and the final TWO vetos of the season, in other words, three very high-pressure competitions.

    I liked the punch of his final speech, but he didn’t breathe a word about that his competition wins and that would’ve spoken to players like Frankie, Caleb, Christine, who all voted for Derrick. I’m not saying this changes things and makes Cody win, but it sucks that I’ll never know if that would’ve had an influence.

    Bottom line, Derrick was 1 of my 2 faves, and he was very deserving. Congratulations. 30-year old with a family taking 500 grand and a 23-year old taking 50 grand sounds alright by me.

    • Yeah I think Cody was a little flustered that the jury viewed him as a puppet. I’m sure he had a lot more to say, but when you’re on the spot like he was with emotions running high, you don’t always say what you want. I thought his final speech was fine. Puppets don’t take out three of the biggest gamers in the house, as Cody did.

      If they got taken out by a “puppet”, what’s that say about their game play?

      • I think they were both trying really hard NOT to through each other under the bus in fear that it might lose them a vote or two in a close race…

      • Also a great point. They were legitimately friends and they didn’t want to say anything bad about each other. I think Cody knew his chances were better if Victoria sat beside him but there was just no way he could betray Derrick like that, because the friendship was more than just being allies in the game. He probably felt even though it would be much tougher, he still had a chance against Derrick. I do believe Derrick would’ve taken Cody as well with the same mentality, “I can beat Victoria 9-0, but I can still beat Cody even if it’d be tougher”. I earlier predicted 7-2 or 6-3 so I’m not surprised.

      • I had hope after listening to Dr. Will’s session with the jurors. My 7-2/6-3 prediction was before the show began. I think it should’ve/could’ve been a little closer but it’s hard to argue with Derrick winning. I’m just going to take solace that the final two guaranteed me personally that one of my two favourites all season long was going to win the game, and the other was going to get 50,000 dollars. That’s never happened before for me and I’ve been watching since Season 4-ish lol

      • Great response. Couldn’t agree more. I can definitely see being nervous when you’re on the spot, and he was definitely flustered by the puppet comment. He not only admitted that but he kind of snapped back at Frankie. Not a puppet at all and like you said, what does that say about Frankie, Donny and Caleb who were all big-time players.

        It’s really nice to see people on these boards finally showing Cody some respect. I’ve seen a lack of it all season long. Not saying from you, wiggy, but from many others. From what I remember, I was on the same page as you a lot this season.

      • Thanks Gamma. The jury can call Cody a puppet all they want, but there’s a reason he won 50k tonight and they didn’t. It’s not about how many comps you win, it’s ALWAYS been about when you win them.

        Cody wouldn’t have been in the final 2 without Derrick’s strategic play, and Derrick wouldn’t have been in the final 2 without Cody’s comp wins. They were the perfect duo. Cody deserves credit, but he ultimately won’t get it because Derrick is simply a little bit better.

      • I can agree with that, Derrick being just a little bit better. He was no slouch in competitions, he won 4 HoH’s. Just funny that Derrick reminded the jury of his wins but Cody didn’t remind them when he won 6 comps lol. 3 HoH 3 Veto is nothing to sneeze at. We agreed though he was flustered and felt the pressure of the speech. Derrick absolutely isn’t at the end without Cody’s clutch wins, and Derrick definitely helped Cody get there too. The real plus with Cody’s wins was the timing, but it’s not like the number was small. 6 total is pretty good. Perfect duo for sure.

  33. I wish Cody had taken Victoria…when you are playing for 500,000.00..loyalty, in my opinion, goes out the window!! Cody deserved to win just as equally as Derrick did. Also, what happened to Julie talking with the non jury HG’s? Were they afraid something bad may be said about golden boy? Frankie is nauseating. Thank goodness I won’t have to look at his bird face again.

    • Yeah that was kinda pointless. I wanted to hear from Amber and Brittany, they seem like they would tell it like it is.

      • I know. Julie introduced them and made it sound like she was going to ask some questions, then a commercial, when they got back..nothing. I think Amber had alot to say by her facial expression.

      • I was very disappointed that there was nothing other than revealing TA and that Derrick is a cop. Maybe they should have sprung for the extra half hour of air time, but then again, they know we will all be watching anyway.

      • I don’t recall Julie calling out a HG before the winner is announced to tell what their occupation is..I wanted that time to go to non jury HG’s to tell the jury what they have been missing. Non jury HG’s have always been talked to before.

      • I would have been fine with one of them saying this..just to let you all know..Frankie is a douchbag!!

    • I don’t see how in any way Cody could possibly deserve the win as much as Derrick. After having watched the feeds constantly this season, it was very apparent that Cody pretty much just did everything that Derrick told him.

      • Had Cody sent Derrick packing he would have won BB and deserved it. Because Cody went to the final two with Derrick, he deserved to lose, not only because Derrick was the better player, but because Cody was too stupid to realize it.

      • I also have a really hard time thinking of Cody as stupid. He didn’t earn a lot of respect from people on here for much of the season, but lo and behold, he’s emerged as one of the season’s best players, overall.

    • Not sure I agree that loyalty has to go out the window when playing for money – for many people it does – but those aren’t the rules everyone plays by. I’m surprised Cody didn’t consider (or get tempted) by it more however.

  34. Derrick, Christine and Brittany were my picks to win the game. I am happy that one of my choices were correct. Derrick deserved to win 9-0, I think Donny and Jocasta were bitter.

    • Well for sure Jocasta was bitter… I’d put Donny more in the Christine mindset of being hurt by a relationship he trusted in the house, so he voted based on that. Bitter is a woman who doesn’t get other people to play by the same religious rules and then talks down to them for their sins… not cool in my mind.

      • Couldn’t stand Jocasta all season long and you just named another reason why. I predicted 7-2 Derrick over Cody (or 6-3) and I had Jocasta voting for Derrick and Christine voting for Cody. Surprised those went the other way around, but then I rolled my eyes at Jocasta’s reasoning.

      • Oh not at all! Christine (like Donny) was really really hurt by Cody. I thought Donny might let go of that hurt, but I knew Christine wouldn’t.

      • I’d definitely label Joke-costa my least favourite this season. Her preaching bordered on delusion, going as far as thanking god or jesus for things such as Donny winning her a veto…

      • Victoria seemed annoying on the broadcasts (especially in DR sessions) but came across quite nice on the feeds/BBAD. Much more bearable than Jocasta.

      • Well I won’t take it that far. I actually appreciate her faith, but what I don’t appreciate is HOW she lived it out in the face of others. There were other believers in the house (Donny for one) who treated people with kindness, respect, and for the most part honesty. Jocasta is a flawed human (like the rest of us) at the end of the day so I can accept her weaknesses, but I am a bit put off by her lack of accepting others.

      • Matt, God will never give you something that might hurt others. I am sure that God was not helping anyone in that game.

      • Well I’d rephrase that in the positive and say that God desired to help everyone in the game. But yes, I think we’re on the same ideal basically…

    • I don’t get why Donny voted for Cody over Derrick. I don’t think he has it in him to be bitter. He must have thought Cody played the better game. Derrick’s game was so under the radar that maybe he just didn’t see it. Jocasta? Whatever.

      • Donny during his exit interview did say that he wants to see either Caleb or Cody at the end and mentioned he thinks they have a good heart. Combine that with 6 competition wins (3 HoH, 3 Veto) from Cody, which I’m sure Donny factored in, and he felt justified giving it to Cody. Donny felt Derrick was a little too deceiving for his liking…even though this is Big Brother…

        I can respect Donny’s vote. I can’t respect Jocasta’s. I’m on the fence about Hayden’s and Nicole’s.

      • I know I am in the minority, but the first time I heard Derrick talking to someone I thought his real profession was used car salesman. He just sounded phony and insincere to me.

      • I’m thinking that Donny mostly just liked Cody more than he liked Derrick. Also, he could be holding a bit of a grudge against Derrick for not trying harder to keep him in the game (being that they were both TA members).

      • Donny is a pretty straight forward guy who’s open and honest with his emotions. He was hurt by both Cody & Derrick so his vote was based on some hurt feelings he couldn’t let go of…

  35. THANK YOU to everybody you showed up day in, and day out, on this site to argue, and share, and moderate, and just come to get a load of their chest. You made this site a fun place to hang out at. Hope to see you all again here next year.

  36. Sad the season’s over, but ridiculously glad I won’t have to hear Victoria say “I’m over it” anymore. Broken record. I hate that phrase when it’s used the way she uses it. It’s so valley girl.

    This was my favourite final two in the history of the show, but it’s too bad I only got to enjoy it for an hour or less since that’s when Victoria was finally officially evicted lol.

      • Exactly. It would’ve been tough to even keep the TV on lol. It may have come late but I’m just glad she was finally evicted, and didn’t win 1st or 2nd place prize money. She can have her 5 grand and broken necklace.

      • A sample of questions jury could have asked Victoria if she were in F2…”Victoria, where do you buy your bright red lipstick?” Victoria, How did you like wearing the Eve costume for a week?” Victoria, how many times a day would you say you picked at your face while in the BB house?” Victoria, what do you think the name of you and Derrick’s alliance should have been?” That’s all I can think of right now!!

      • Well try this then… just imagine a baby on a beach being taken away by a little black bird… no wait, it must’ve been a big black bird like a crow…no wait it had to be a really big bird like maybe…ummm I dunno a scarecrow. ;)

      • Ah yes, the good old fairytale that is the saga of Victoria’s beginnings on this planet….

        Just another reason I’m happy to never see her face on my TV again lol

  37. The show has been over for about 32 minutes now and I am guessing Cody feels a sense of depression coming on. I figure about 15 minutes ago it set into his little brain that he was played by Derrick and he made one of the dumbest moves in BB history to give Derrick the $500,000.

    Its a perfect ending to this season – a house full of stupid players completes its mission to give the top prize to Derrick while they all settle for the gratification of knowing they helped him make it to the end.

    I was hoping Cody might salvage the season by making one bold, unexpected move but like last year when the Rat won, I am disappointed again.

    Maybe next season CBS can find a cast of players who actually watched the show and have some idea of how to play the game -oh, and they all understand its about each of them making it to the end and not helping someone else get there.

    • Especially after he found out about TA..Derrick winning an extra 15 or 20K dollars…Julie didn’t mention that Derrick gets an extra 50K for a TA member winning. Bad move, Cody..but., he didn’t know.

    • I don’t doubt for a second that Cody knew his path was easier against Victoria, but Derrick wasn’t just an ally he was a legitimate friend, and Cody had every right to believe that he had a chance against Derrick, even though it would’ve been so much tougher against him. I personally just think Cody left things unsaid that might’ve helped when speaking to the jury. I’ll never know if saying them would’ve made any difference.

      It’s a tough spot when you’ve been friends with someone for 96-97 days, living in close quarters, and then if you back-stab them at the end you’re not just not giving them a shot at $500,000 but you even take away the $50,000 and leave them with nothing (other than stipend money, competition bonuses, etc of course). I know this is Big Brother and that’s a part of it, but you still have a heart as a human being and it’s tough to do that do someone. Cody also knows Derrick has a wife and young daughter at home who could use the money.

      He showed loyalty and took his chances against Derrick. I respect his actions.

      • You must remember that these people just met each other……I would not give a hoot about a fake friendship that I made while in a house of lies.

      • 97 days, while it’s maybe not a long enough time to become “friends for life”, it’s still enough time to form a bond. None of us have ever been in a situation where we’re locked in a house with the same people for 97 days, 3 months and change, and we can’t leave the house, we can’t go hang out with other people, etc. Who’s to say how much closer you become to somebody when you’re in that situation? As opposed to say going to high school or college with the same person for 97 days, where you still get to go home everyday, go out, see other people, go other places, etc.

      • I think Cody is an all around nice guy..friendships, while they may be short, matter to him and he took his chances.

      • Agreed, that’s how I see it. He’s a good guy with a good heart and he took his chances. I have 100% belief that he knew his chances were greater against Victoria, but he couldn’t bring himself to do that to Derrick. He thought he had a fighting chance against Derrick and then in his mind, he might win without having that guilt on him forever of betraying Derrick. He took his chances and he lost but as he said it himself, Derrick was his “ride or die” ally. Die being the operative word here. I don’t fault Cody for thinking he stood a chance against Derrick.

      • This is where most hgs go wrong. They forget that they came to win the prize and not to form a friendship.

      • I agree with that, but I think while Cody knew his chances were better against Victoria, he still thought he had a chance against Derrick. He gets to keep his F2 deal and take his best friend and closest ally to the end and still maybe win the game. I can’t fault him for that. He deserved to win for his own reasons. I’m not saying Derrick didn’t deserve it, because he did, but I think they both did. If I’m giving an edge to Derrick it’s only a slight edge.

      • But that’s why Cody is stupid. He didn;t have “a chance” against Victoria. He had a sure thing against Victoria. He counted the votes himself the other night and knew it was a long shot if he took Derrick. The point is, why take the risk at all? Just send Derrick packing and go against Victoria.

        Imagine Victoria’s speech! OMG, her incoherent ramblings would have assured Cody a 9-0 victory.

      • Cody should have apologized to his fake friend and did what he needed to do to win the money. I highly doubt that they will maintain their friendship after all is said and done. Remember, Amanda and pizza boy thought they were in love, but where are they now.

      • I don’t want to be too judgmental but I am think you are right about Derrick. He came here to make money and not make friends. He and Cody have nothing in common out side the BB house.

        I am certain Cody is going to be kicking himself in the near future. Perhaps the punishment he received early in the season was a sign of things to come.

      • It’s hard to argue with that but in a way I’m just kind of smiling and shrugging and semi-shaking my head. That’s nothing against you, it’s more of a “I know you’re right, but…” kind of thing. I agree totally that it’s more than just a better chance if he takes Victoria. All I can say is I still respect his actions and I still don’t fault him for thinking he had a shot against Derrick. I mean hey, I was saying for a while, if Cody is that final HoH and he takes Derrick he’s giving up $450,000, and yet I still don’t fault him. That of course sounds like stupidity and yet if I met Cody tomorrow I’d probably just shake his hand, not berate him for a bad decision. I know that sounds strange but I guess it is what it is.

        BB14, Ian chooses Dan instead of a sure-win vs Danielle. He was saying “gotta beat the best to be the best” so he knew Danielle was more of a sure thing. I respected Ian for this too. For all we know Cody was thinking the same thing, not wanting an easy win or a hand-out. I’ll always respect not wanting things handed to you. Cody’s only 23 and of his age/generation that’s not as common as it maybe used to be.

      • Nah I’m with you. I think there is value in loyalty and that sometimes loyalty might (not always but might) win you the respect of others and most of all your own self! Now am I saying it’s ”wrong” to do the strategic (not ”smart” but strategic) thing by taking Victoria? No it’s not. But neither is it ”wrong” to do the loyal thing and take the person who helped get you to the dance. Each person has to make their own choice and live with the consequences. To foolishly believe there’s no consequences with either decision simply isn’t ”reality”. ;)

      • Exactly. I for one, if I was Cody and took Victoria instead, be it a game or not, I would’ve felt bad/guilty for a very, very long time. I’m not entirely sure that would’ve been worth it. I can justify it to myself by saying I’m at least getting $50,000 and I have a shot, a fighting chance, at $500,000 and I have all of this without the guilt of doing that to Derrick and leaving him with zero prize money by finishing 3rd. Like you said you have to live with your actions and there are consequences even if you are playing a game. Maybe Cody even echoed many fans’ sentiments in that it would be a travesty to give Victoria any prize money at all for doing nothing all season…who knows right? lol

      • All of your points makes sense in the real world but not in the BB house. Sure Derrick has a wife and kid, which he let everyone know every chance he got, but Cody could have a wide and kid 2 years from now and wouldn’t it be nice if he had a $500,000 bank account to use on a house for his own family?

        Its a game! If Cody didn’t want to win the $500,000 for himself then he should have stayed home. He maqde his pact with Derrick after knowing him for 2 days!

        And by the way, Derrick made it very clear multiple times the only back he had was his own. He dragged the Hitmen out of mothballs at the end to ensure Cody took him to the F2.

      • You make good points too, but I just think Cody thought he had a chance against Derrick. I would bet anything he knew his chances were tougher against Derrick than Victoria, but thought I still think I have a chance to win without doing Derrick so unbelievably dirty. He probably even thought he’d lose Derrick’s jury vote if he did that, who knows. I do believe if Derrick won that final HoH he still takes Cody, even though his chances are also greater vs Victoria. I think their bond and alliance was legitimate and wasn’t going to be broken. Derrick knows he beats Victoria 9-0 but still beats Cody 7-2, 6-3 or at the very least 5-4. Cody probably thinks he beats Victoria 9-0 or 8-1 but still thought he could beat Derrick 5-4 or 6-3. I don’t think Cody is crazy for thinking that. He won 6 competitions and took out 3 major players (Donny, Frankie, Caleb). He just didn’t say all the right things to the jury, but that’s a lot of pressure in the heat of the moment, and he’s 23 years old.

      • Imagine how easy his speech would have been had he been up against Victoria? All he had to say was, I didn’t drag her this far, Derrick did, but as long as she was there at the end it was an easy decision to take her. I am here to win $500,000.

      • You’re right, it wouldn’t have taken much at all to get the jury to vote for him over Victoria. Might even win 9-0 but probably at least 8-1. That’s why it’s strange to sit here and tell you I don’t think Cody’s stupid and I don’t fault him. It sounds crazy I know. And yet, I still don’t think that and I still don’t fault him…

      • Yes but do you really think that because some guy would stab me in the back therefore I should just be ”smarter” and stab him in the back first? Well then if somebody were even ”smarterer” (love that line from the Muppet movie) they’d stab me in the back before I can do it to somebody else… and so on, and so on, and so on…etc. At some point you do have to trust people in this game. And for some people whether it’s real life, or whether it’s reality game shows, their word is their bond. I don’t think Cody has any regrets about his decision the same way Woo doesn’t seem to have any regrets about taking Tony to the final 3 last season in survivor. I’m proud there are still people like this around in our world.

      • Well said, Matt. It’s a game where trust is at a premium, absolutely, but at some point you do have to trust people. I can see Prince’s thinking that sure, do that earlier in the game to help get you further, but at the end of it throw it out the window, and that’s valid (if he was in fact thinking it, not trying to put words in anyone’s mouth). But Cody holding to his word to his one true ally is still something I can never fault. It’d be a bigger mistake if he had literally zero chance against Derrick, but I don’t believe that to be the case. He had 6 competition wins to Derrick’s 4 and it can be argued his social game was a little stronger (though that is admittedly debatable, since Derrick also befriended many). Cody was also instrumental in taking out Donny, Caleb, and Frankie; three huge players/competitors.

      • Yep I don’t fault him for taking Derrick. I think he could have played it better by selling himself as the stronger competitor while working WITH Derrick (because if their decisions are made together, then why not pick Cody as the stronger results finisher?)

      • That’s how I felt too. I felt like he left things off the table in his speaking with the jury, like he left things unsaid that really might have helped his case. It was frustrating and I was almost groaning at my TV, begging for him to include certain things, being a fan of him and wanting him to stand a fighting chance and make the vote close if nothing else. That being said, all I can really do is sigh, slouch in my seat, and shrug. Not only did Derrick win who I also liked, but I have to understand that Cody felt the pressure, the heat of the moment of “Oh crap I need to say just the right things and I don’t have a lot of time”. I also think he was flustered by the puppet comment/question from Frankie, as evidenced by him kind of snapping back, and then mentioning it again in his final speech. He probably focused too much on that instead of spending time talking about his 6 comp wins, 3 of which being very high-pressure; the final HoH and the final two vetos. He didn’t mention any of that. If he rams it home with the jury, like you said, that decisions were made together and his 6 wins edges out Derrick’s 4, maybe, just maybe, he wins this game. Because after all, the jury is also making decisions with not a ton of time to think about it. They can also succumb to heat-of-the-moment pressure.

      • I can only imagine how tough it is to be in that seat making those speeches. He probably tried to ”read” what was being thought about him and he wanted to respond. But as any good politician will tell ya, when you get heckled, you use the heckle to get back on your main point. You never veer off target and address what the heckler wants you to address.

      • Which is what separates Cody from politicians, I guess lol. You’re right, he shouldn’t have let that veer him off course. So in a strange way, I kind of blame Frankie for what happened here since Frankie’s an easy target for disdain and since he asked the question…

        Kidding (mostly) but I do think that hurt Cody. Him snapping at Frankie kind of got jury members going “whoa” and that might not have been a good thing. I did like the punch in Cody’s final speech, ending with “I don’t think that’s a puppet in any play”. That also got a reaction that I felt was a good one. But he was so focused and flustered by that comment that he didn’t take time to drive other points home that might have helped his cause.

        It’s unfortunate that I’ll never know if that would’ve made a difference. But if I was to take a guess, I think at best it makes the vote 6-3 or 5-4 and Derrick still wins. I think on finale night it’s pretty tough to get the jury members to go in thinking they’ll give their vote to one, and actually get them to change their mind within an hour, give or take. You can make compelling arguments and it’s still tough to change a juror’s mind last minute.

      • And after Caleb thought he was disloyal to him by choosing to evict him, Cody redeemed that he is loyal by staying loyal to the one true ally he had, by keeping Derrick. He probably thought that show of loyalty would go over well with the jury and who can fault him for that? He had a chance against Derrick, and he deserved to have a chance against him. I have no problem with what Cody did even though Cody was probably my favourite (slightly over Derrick) and Cody didn’t win. I think that’s saying something. Cody isn’t stupid and it’s nice to see people on this board showing him respect for once this season.

      • It’s like you took the words right out of my mouth…because I think you actually did lol when you said “finally people are showing Cody respect”.

      • He could have scored some more points, but he was ill prepared in front of the Jury. Derricks speech wasn’t the best either. I thought he could at least make a 5/4 and Derrick still win.

      • That’s how I saw it. Cody at best changes the vote to 6-3 or 5-4 but Derrick still wins. What I was more surprised with is that I wasn’t very impressed with a couple of answers Derrick gave to jury questions. His speech at the end like you said wasn’t amazing either, but I still felt it was better than a couple of his jury answers to the three questions. Didn’t seem to matter though, as it usually doesn’t. Usually if a juror goes into the finale thinking they’ll give their vote to one person, it’s extremely hard to change their mind last minute. No matter how great your speech is.

      • A lot of times they’re mind is made up, but these Jury surprised me when they’re deliberating. Just look at the swing votes. I thought they can be cracked.

    • Oh my… you’re ”excited” to see a fallout like that? I don’t think we get to see the fallout and personally I’m glad. There’s going to be a lot of hurt feelings and people’s lives changed forever as a result of what’s happened in their love triangle…

    • I would love to know if Derrick would have taken Cody to the F2. I know at this point he will never admit it if he was planning on taking Victoria but I will always believe Derrick’s plan was to stab Cody in the back and take Victoria.

      • I believe he ended up telling her he was gonna do what was best for his game while reassuring cody he’d take him. I think that’s your answer.

  38. Congrats to Derrick, Cody stayed loyal, HIS FAULT, OH WELL!!!!!!!!!. I enjoyed you all this BB16 Season on this post. I did not type much, but I read much. There is back to back to back elections coming up here in Chicago, and I work for the Chicago Board of Elections. Govenor’s race this year in November, Mayorl race in February, 2015, and then the Presidental in 2016, and our overtime started in August. 7 hours 5 days a week went to 9 hour days and now 7 days a week, and the only days I’ll have off will be Thanksgiving day and Christmas. But I have kept up with my Favorite show of all time including BBAD every step of the way. As well as keeping up with the reading I do on here because I love to see what you all have to say about the players on the show each season. And from time to time I put in my 2 cents. I have been watching Big Brother since it first aired and have always wanted to be on Big Brother every since. I actually met last years Big Brother winner from last season Andy, who I know a lot of you strongly dislike. As well I did not like him and his game play last season either. But he was really sweet when I met him in person a few weeks back. I asked him how do you get on the show, I asked him what did he do, He said he went to a casting call and was picked from that. I am a soon to be 56 year woman who longs to be on Big Brother, so I guess I can say it’s on my bucket list now…lol, and yeah, I’m a little out of shape, but who cares. If they can have an 80 something like Jerry from seasons ago, a heavy smoker like Evil Dick, and a non athletic 40 something but sweet Donny on the show, surely they can have me on the show. I am going full blast and try out for BB17 and BB18 if I don’t make BB17. Wish me the best of luck in the hopes that by something wonderful that I make it on that show. Be looking out for CHERYL M. DAVIS. A 5’2 black woman from Chicago who got some weight on her but is still very energetic. I wish you all the best, and God Bless you all……

    • Good Luck! I would love to join you..I am also in my 50’s have been a BB watcher since season one! Maybe I will check out those casting calls as well! Look out for Lynn Donahue from Clarksville, Indiana!!

      • Ummm, much as I love the guy, I don’t think that will help in this case… but hey, say somebody that a 20yr would know and you’re set!

      • Right on Hoosier1158, if I am blessed enough to make it on that show I will be giving shout outs to you and as many names from here as I can remember.

  39. It seemed to me that Cody and derrick speeches were so short, theirs combined is shorter than ginamarie’s speech last year.

    • I have a hard time remembering most of the houseguests from last season apart from Amanda and McCrae. That’s how terrible it was.

      • Last season had what I personally felt was the worst final three and final two in the show’s history. This season had the best final two in the show’s history but again that’s a personal and biased comment, as Derrick and Cody were always my two favourites. I guess I can say things turned around, and quickly; only took one season. Yet I still haven’t forgotten how bad last year’s was. I legitimately didn’t want any of the final three to win the game. McRae was my last hope because at least I felt he deserved it.

      • And yet I found myself longing for last season every night I watched BBAD. LOL. That’s how bad this season was.

        This season had likable characters but it was totally boring, uneventful and predictable. There was basically one alliance in control of the house all season long and no one rose to challenge them or flip the house.

        Give Devon credit for the idea of creating a massive alliance that if it stuck together would have too many votes for anyone to take down. Give Caleb credit for making them stick together for so long.

        From a viewer perspective, I prefer Amanda going on a housewide rampage.

      • Yeah but I feel like nobody had any real strategy last summer, everything was strictly personal. And after all the cat fighting and dust settled, a floater won the game.

    • Agreed, and that frustrates me too. Makes me shake my head that they play the game for over 3 months, get this far, and with $500,000 on the line they’re not given more time to speak and try to influence jurors. I feel like production for a lot of this show doesn’t give people enough time to speak, be it on eviction nights or on finale nights. It’s disappointing, but I don’t think it’ll ever change.

      • Oh I think it has been changing….for the worse. They did have a lot more time in previous seasons, but because each season has a bunch of gimmicks and details to get through on finale night, good ol’ production wants to squeeze it all in. What they NEED to do is stop with the gimmicks!

      • Can’t argue with that. If I was a houseguest and I wanted to say things to maybe save my life in the game, and Julie asked me to wrap it up, I’d get frustrated. I’m here to win a life-changing amount of money, so please, let me say what I need to say. You’re right though, production and their need to include all of the explanations and run-downs of these gimmicks absolutely takes time away from players’ time to talk.

  40. Too bad I can’t post picture here. On twitter they posting pic of Zach with Rachelle from BBCan2. Seems like she buzzing around him a lot.

  41. I stopped watching eight weeks ago because it was clear Derrick would win. What a boring, predictable, season.

  42. Cody deserves to lose for being a fucking idiot, by taking Derrick to the final two instead of Victoria.

      • I think they were blowing smoke and/or joking. I have faith (although I question it sometimes) that Cody and Victoria as a final two, the jury has Cody win the game.

      • Nope, we won’t. That sadly is just my best guess, even if I am confident in it. It’s a scary and sad thought to think about the jury actually giving it to Victoria. Over anybody, let alone a deserving Cody or Derrick. For all of our sanity, let’s pretend they would never have done that. I might have been traumatized into staying away from this game for life if it happened.

  43. At first I thought “I guess fake praying does work” was an indicator that Derrick got her vote but nope

  44. Well, all my new friends, I’m going to bed. I’ll no doubt be posting on the wrap-up threads…if I don’t see some of you there, I’d like to thank you now for being so much fun to agree and disagree with! Looking forward to seeing you all next summer. Namaste—Sharona

  45. Why in the hell is Frankie going to be on The Talk?!! How disgusting. They may as well invite Aaryn from last season to be to sit next to him! Well, at least #anyonebutfrankie won.

  46. they spent way too much time on the final HOH’s and not enough time with the cast. i really want an “after the final housekey” type of show to get everyones reactions to things…. thanks for messing that up big brother. congrats to derrick for the win.

  47. I had unexpected company and had a lot of interruptions (of all nights, sob, sob) so I didn’t see if they showed Derrick’s wife and daughter. Where is the best place to watch a rerun of the finale?

    • My last answer got blocked for some reason so I will try to answer it a different way—-go to the network that it is broadcast from.

  48. We got to see big brother history someone won and never was nom, I thought cody would have gotten more votes though,

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