Big Brother 16 – Week 9 Veto Plans: He Wants To, But He Won’t

The Power of Veto Ceremony is coming up later today on the Big Brother Feed and after days of waffling the Hitmen have a plan. Well, Derrick has a plan and Cody is going to follow right along.

Cody Calafiore has a plan for the Power of Veto
Cody Calafiore has a plan for the Power of Veto – Source: CBS

Jump to 3:00 AM BBT Cams 3/4 last night on your Live Feeds using Flashback. Get the Free Trial now to watch it using the rewind feature. Derrick and Cody are discussing their next steps and how to handle the Veto meeting with Donny and Nicole as the current nominees.

Cody tells Derrick that in a perfect world he would renom Frankie and send him home. Okay, so why not, Cody? Why not do it right now? Because Cody doesn’t have the guts to do what he wants as we’ve seen week after week. Unless Derrick gives him the go-ahead then he will not do it.

It was just this past Friday when Cody told Derrick he wanted to go after Frankie but Derrick told him that while he could, it’s not something he should do. That was that. No contesting it or arguing. Cody just rolled over.

Keep in mind that this latest discussion takes place in the context of Cody having just heard the fan yelling that Frankie was the Saboteur and neither Frankie nor Christine were to be trusted. All these flags are flying up around Cody, but he’s got his Derrick-blinders on.

This time around Derrick convinces Cody to not go after Frankie by asking him if he’s more comfortable with Frankie and Christine in the house or Nicole and Donny together in the house. Cody says he thinks the rest of the alliance would go after Nicole to “appease the alliance” and only if that fails would Frankie and Christine come after Cody and Derrick.

So Cody shows he’s thinking there’s a risk and even says if both he and Derrick are on the block then he (Cody) would be the one to go. Yet he’s not worried enough to go after Frankie now.

Derrick tells Cody that they need to get Donny, then Nicole, then Christine, and then Frankie. That would leave a F4 of Derrick, Cody, Caleb, and Victoria. Cody agrees to Derrick’s plan. Good for Derrick.

The guys think they can at-will evict Frankie at F5 because they don’t want him in the F4. Hey guys, what if Frankie wins HoH that week? What if he wins Veto that week? There are so many possibilities that they’re being too cocky and confident in their game to consider.

My guess is that Derrick isn’t worried about the plan failing and Frankie staying because he’s got the Team America bond that he thinks would keep him safe over Cody. He’s probably right. This is a fair plan for Derrick and a risky one for Cody.

Alternatively this may be a BB-hit that Derrick wants for himself and not Cody. Could Derrick be pushing Frankie’s deadline out to the end of the list so he has more chances to win HoH and blindside Frankie with an eviction? It’s certainly a feather I’d want in my cap when I stood in front of the Jury.

The guys agree that Cody will not use the Veto today. Donny and Nicole will remain on the block and Donny will be evicted this week. Frankie dodges another eviction plot.


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  1. Last week, Zach went over scenario’s in the house as to why he shouldn’t be put up on the block against Donny. He even made comment’s about who could win the HOH and yet no one listened (Derrick) to him then. Cody needs to play the game for Cody and not Derrick. The thing I find funny is how no one has even played the game to consider jury votes, not even Derrick. By saving Donny this week, he could secure another vote in the jury house for sure but Derrick or Cody neither one can think that far ahead. Sorry but I hope someone yells out that Derrick is a cop and it ruins his game, that will teach him to get all over Frankie’s case about lieing to all of them plus it out’s him for saying he hasn’t lied to them (flash back to when Frankie admitted his Sister is famous, that is when Derrick made that comment).

    • I said that yesterday at this point neither Cody or Derrick have votes with those in the jury house I do believe that Zach will reserve his vote to the very end after all is said and done..

    • Derprick has been counting them and he’s worried but he’s obsessed with getting Donny out. I’d love to see Derprick walk out before VapidVic. Bet jury would laugh their butts off at him.

    • Really is funny people don’t want a cop to win yet when someone’s shooting at you and your defenseless you sure call one to rescue you seriously people cops are people too. Get over yourself already Derrick is playing them all and they are buying it.

      • Derricks being a cop to me is just another profession.. while his undercover work may be helping him in the game Its his bullying attitude in some instances that I don’t like..

      • Derrick being a cop has nothing to do with him in the game. I don’t like his game play that’s it plain and simple. Nothing about being a cop!

      • To me this is exactly like ppl that are saying we don’t like Frankie bc he’s gay. Neither have anything to do with the other. So annoying!

      • I don’t think people are saying they don’t like Frankie BECAUSE he is gay. There are always those who will do that, but for myself, it is the way he uses the fact that he is gay to justify taking liberties with people which others couldn’t take without outrage, making disgusting inuendos, speaking graphically about sex, and the vulgarity he uses, just to name a few. He isn’t the only one guilty of bad behavior, but he is the only one that uses his gayness to vindicate himself. Everything he does is ok because he is a flamboyant gay and people love him. So it isn’t the word gay that is is the way Frankie defines the word with his behavior.

      • Sorry to bust your bubble but Derrick is really playing the game more than the rest minus Donny. Being a cop has nothing to do with it just like Frankie being gay has nothing to do with it. Their attitudes towards the other HG’s has EVERYTHING to do with it. Go back to the the day that Frankie admitted who his Sister is and listen to Derrick say he hasn’t lied about who he is or what he does for a living. That is my point, someone yelled last night about a cop and Derrick got paranoid thinking they yelled Frankie was a cop. Come clean Derrick and see if the HG’s will accept you for who you are. For the record, I do not have a problem with Derrick winning the game either.

    • Why would Derrick save Donny or a jury vote? When keeping him he may not get to the end for the jury to vote, Donny is the only one in the house that is on to him and could potentially ruin his game. He is Derrick’s biggest threat right now. I am a Donny fan as well, but I think that Derrick is playing a great game. Cody wouldn’t win with Jury up against Derrick or Donny so it would be his best game to get rid of one of them.

      • But there wouldn’t be enough votes to out him either…so it would be a waste this week to make that move….renoming Frankie would be the better way to go or even Christine for that matter!

  2. This is really a mistake on Derrick’s part. Do not for a second think that if Frankie wins HOH next week that Derrick will not be sitting on that block. Nobody but Frankie would put him up. If Derrick was smart he would go with Cody’s gut and take Frankie out now.

    • I disagree. Donny and Nicole are gunning for Derrick right now, Frankie is not. Christine is closer to Cody than Derrick, Frankie is not. I hate Frankie too, but Derrick is being smart.

      I doubt Frankie would go after him this week before Nicole who is definitely after him.

      • unless I have missed something Frankie has not said who he would nominate He is not being real vocal and upfront with that info…

      • So lets say Frankie was voted out. And Nicole won HOH. Derrick may go up on the block but the HG would not support it. Frankie puts Derrick on the block. He has Caleb in his pocket and Crusty. Derrick is gone.

      • And that’s probably why Frankie isn’t talking much game right now until Nicole or Donny are out and he can compete in HOH next week! Hence, the Broadway show to distract them from this.

      • He doesn’t have Caleb in his pocket. He doesn’t really have Christine either. Both can be very easily manipulated, and would be by Derrick

      • I believe Nicole said (so don’t quote me on this) last night that her tow main target’s are both Derrick and Cody.

      • She did, only because Hayden put that bug in her ear before he headed back to the jury house, but in her post interview with Jeff, she said if she were to return her main target would be Christine.

      • Frankie has already said he wants Cody and Derrick gone. And what happens if Nicole wins HOH or POV. Get Frankie out now. Smartest move for Cody. And I believe Cody is the HOH not Derlick.

      • You may say it’s Cody’s HOH and not Derrick’s, but do you really believe that?

        And I doubt Frankie will pull the trigger on going for Cody and Derrick before Nicole.

  3. as Helen said Its too soon… Derrick should know that nothing in BB is guaranteed and if Frankie stays he wins comps and stays another week and so on and so forth until its too late to get him out.. Cody better go with his gut instinct . I don’t say that just so he will keep Donny I say it cause its the best for his game not Derricks. Production should make him think about the scenarios that are best for his game since they like to interfere on occasion…

    • But Derrick isn’t the one in power to make that happen, only suggest it. He suggests other things too to see if they’ll take him up on it, even though it may not be something he’d do if he was in power! He did make what he thought was the right moves for himself when he was HOH, even though it wasn’t enough for him! It is fun to see how he outmaneuvers others when things don’t go his way…he’s just a bit more subtle about it than others are is all! :-)

  4. Did anyone else catch the HGs looking at the Memory Wall and discussing who had changed the most, and they all said it was definitely Derrick. Frankie even said we don’t know the person in that picture. You would think it would dawn on them that he has created a different persona for the house and is not who he says he is. Amazing!

    • Yep, clueless! It’s Frankie that’s changed just as much without his blonde hair peroxide (too many fumes) and only a tad of his pink spray left. I seriously don’t see Derrick having changed other than putting on a pair of glasses from time to time…and a hat.

  5. My thoughts still stand true, “ask Derrick what he should do…Derrick KNOWS everything!” And I feel Cody’s mind is made up to not use the veto, per Derrick’s plan.

  6. At this point, Cody should renom Derrick, only because I think Derrick has realised Cody can win comps, is liked by houseguests (potential jury votes), and this means Cody will soon become a target of Derricks.

  7. “And I thought you were just some dumb kid” Donny hit the nail on the head and NoBallsCody’s 92 IQ score couldn’t grasp the concept of Think For Yourself!! Can’t fix stupid.

    • I never laughed so hard when I heard that…and then Cody later talking to the “alliance” justifying why he’s not as dumb as Donny said he was cuz he “gradgiated” college with a degree in Business. Well…hate to clue in the others that life experience does help in ways college alone can’t! I used to tell my kids, “you can have all the book sense in the world, but if you can’t apply it, what good is it?”

      • So what I’m hearing is Cody is getting insulted for having average intelligence?

        That’s grasping at straws…

      • Donny was smiling when he said that on the show last night, he was just trying to be funny. The other hg’s are so clouded by their hate for Donny and their paranoia, just as it has been all season, they take things way out of context and blow things out of poportion. SMH!

      • Do you even watch the show? lol There was no “they”. Donny made the comment in jest…see comment above.

      • Oh wait he said it. He was telling the fratbrats how smart he was and bragged about his IQ being 92.

  8. Do you all get the same feeling I got with Victoria’s illness…that it kept her from competing in a comp? That maybe she faked her fainting since she got to return to the house after her medical trip? I’ve never actually saw her open her mouth wide to the other houseguests to show her wisdom teeth trying to cut through. That would be my only proof she was in severe pain.

    • If she faked it its unlikely the viewers will know till the end of the show. The fans /viewers would go ballistic. Can u imagine the rath of the million + viewers exploding and hitting the CBS Network??? hmmm hmmm would be soooo awful….sooo much chaos…

    • I think she fake it but not about the comp. She’s been coming on sexually to Derprick and he’s been pulling away. But he came running when she was on the floor didn’t he? And now she’s talking about visiting him when get out, how she likes older men, sex slaps!?!? I think Mrs Derprick is going to have to put the smack down on VapidVic.

      • The cop in him (CPR/FA cert – first responder) wouldn’t permit him to do anything less, knowing he could do something about reviving her if necessary.

      • I’m not talking about his intentions I’m talking about her’s and why she would fake being so sick.

      • Her wisdom teeth are coming in. They aren’t infected or impacted so swelling and fever are normal.

      • Swelling, fever and the same pain a baby goes through when their teeth come in is not enough to put someone on the floor curled up by the toilet. She didn’t have an infection or impacted wisdom teeth. They were just coming in. Drama Queen wanted attention.

      • Maybe she has a low pain tolerance… I think your hate for her is blinding you. I think I’d be in pretty rough shape if my face was swelling and I was rocking a fever.

      • One question: Why did Nicole call out to Derrick in the first place? Wouldn’t it been smarter to call out to production for an medical emergency? Derrick after all has not told the HG’s he is a cop so why call him?

      • Everybody has to ask Derrick what to do. Honestly, I don’t get it but he has some kind of authority, if that is the correct word, over them. I’m not sure if it is out of respect or fear or both.

      • He must have said he knew CPR, FA, though to get Nicole to call upon his help. Don’t have to be a cop to know that.

      • That is true you don’t have to be a public servant to know that. It just kind of makes me wonder out of everyone in the house why Derrick. Heck I would have called Donny since after all they think he is a surgeon after all LOL.

      • Guess I missed it. And looks like ice was applied to take the swelling down because last night it didn’t look nearly as swollen anymore.

    • She didn’t fake it. If you watch the feeds she was in pain for 24hrs. Her face was so swollen she looked like a pumpkin. Can’t fake that.

    • I was wondering that myself, for someone that was needing an IV that bad, she sure as hell bounced faster than the roadruner.

    • I know she went to DR a few times but I have no idea what went on with those visits before the incident. She is so afraid of needles/IV’s that she may have just denied the suggestion of going to the ER and just waited too long out of that fear.

      • It’s just that when my wisdom teeth were impacted, I never fainted over it…not saying wisdom teeth aren’t painful…just that I think the fainting might have been going a bit too far….but I guess everyone reacts differently. Hmmmm…she just seems so “needy” is all.

      • Yes, that’s a good description, among others. What I couldn’t help but think about was, I think just the day before(don’t hold me to the time), she had went in to use that stall after Frankie and complained about the way he left it, and he said something to the effect that he didn’t want to hear it. I don’t believe there is any way that girl would have been laying on that floor unless out of pure necessity.

      • You got a point there…that said, you’re probably right…she wouldn’t want to be passed out that close to the john after his using it beforehand! :-)

  9. Derrick is a flipping genius!!! The only other one to do this was Dan! Make the other houseguest his puppets and never be on the block. Pahahaha

  10. Somebody needs to step up and make a move. I am not a Frankie fan, but at the moment Frankie looks like a winner to me and if he does make it to the end he deserves it. Derrick is going to regret not getting Frankie out now. Frankie is someone who can win competitions, they won’t be able to get him out when they think it’s time.

    • That’s what I was thinking too, Derrick only won 1 hoh and that’s purely good luck. He hasn’t been picked in veto comps so much so we really don’t see his competitor side. What if it comes to final 3 he don’t win and he will be voted out, then it’s his fault.

  11. Cody can’t put Frankie up as a renom… He doesn’t have the votes to evict him. If Cody were to put Frankie on the block whoever he replaced would vote him out and maybe Victoria but not derrick, christine or caleb then cody well he’d be in trouble next week.

    • I’m sure if Cody did use the Veto and renommed Frankie, the house could be swayed! But I don’t see that occurring…boring as usual!

    • He certainly does! There are 5 votes this week…if he took Nicole down w/his Veto & re-nommed Frankie, this is what I see happening: Caleb & Christine obviously vote to evict Donny. However, Derrick owns Victoria’s vote and that makes 2 votes to evict Frankie. Nicole is the final vote at that point & we all know that she’s been gunning for Frankie for weeks! Done deal & Frankie meets Julie Chen this Thursday.

    • Donny derrick caleb and Christine Victoria could vote Frankie out u know that Christine & Caleb are gonna follow Derricks suggestions/orders

    • But Derrick would sway the others to vote Frankie out over Donnie or Nicole…don’t be fooled into thinking he wouldn’t.

      • See I disagree… I think that Derrick wants to be the one to take Frankie out… He wants credit for that come jury time, when he is at final 2 with Victoria…. he will want to say it was his idea which is why he can’t go home now…. I’m hoping Nicole wins next HOH and puts up Christine and Frankie…. Derek wins VETO doesn’t use it then either one can go…

  12. I think this is a big mistake by Cody and Derrick. If you save Nicole and Donny this week and back door Frankie, you would then have two more people to possibly play for you in the HOH next week and Frankie would be guaranteed to go, as you would have Donny, Victoria and Derricks vote to evict. If they vote out Donny, Derrick has to win HOH next week or he has a good shot at being nominated or the re-nom. Victoria isnt going to win an HOH and Nicole would surely put him up as well.

  13. Maybe they will see that Cody needs to break free of Derrick and tell him what to do in the DR. They are calling the shots, I am sure. So, if enough people want Frankie gone now , it might happen.

  14. Maybe Derricks 1st mistake. Either Nicole or Frankie will win HOH this next week bye bye Derrick.

  15. Pretty body Cody is the most gutless houseguest. His HOH’s are really Derricks HOH’s. Derrick has won nothing but yet is calling the shots. Not a bad gig. Derrick is the one they should be getting rid of as soon as they can. It is obvious. Why dont they see it. Take Derrick down, then go after Frankie. Christine next as she is playing both sides of the alliance.

  16. Its not so much that Frankie needs to go as it is to get the show out of the dam awful “boring mode ” its in. There are no changes there are no disagreements and that stupid house voting together is out of fear of Derricks coming back on em Look at Nicoles HOH and how Derrick ruined it for her…Its boring cause we know whats gonna happen as to noms and evictions every week…Its boring….

  17. With all his winnings, Frankie has a good case now to explain to the Jury why he deserves to win. He should be taken out now. Can you imagine if Frankie puts them Derrick/Cody on the block first?…that would be unforgettable !

  18. Veto ceremony “spoilers” can’t get here fast enough! hahaha Going to go watch a movie and come back, unless a call comes through that I got a job I put an application in for!

  19. Evidently something is not setting well with Cody on his noms and getting rid of Donny. Could be the letter from home and his Dad telling him to follow his heart. Its in the back of his mind but he can’t put it together..

    • With the letter from home, maybe DR pressure, yelling over the fence..Come on ! What else does he need. Maybe another yell from a crazy fan using a bull horn for reinforcement? “YES backdoor Frankie” lol

  20. Cody could get burnt either way. I think he’s a little bit safer keeping Frankie (although I want to see him go) because Nicole wants to take down Cody & Derrick, and Donny wants to take down Derrick (and possibly Cody as well).

    • Who is gonna go against Cody & Derrick if he/they take Frankie out??? Are yall for real??? They would be scared crapless of being the next too go…please remember who these HGs are and their need for leadership

      • Nicole and Donny both want Cody’s closest ally out. If he goes for Frankie now, he pisses off Christine and Caleb, and sets the stage for his closest ally to potentially leave. All of the sudden Cody’s numbers go from 6 allies to 2. Voting Frankie out at this point is bad for Cody. 2 weeks from now? Good move.

      • Like I said by then there may not be another chance. It’s not like they have weeks and weeks to go after him.

      • There are 7 people left. Excuse my math, but that probably about 4 or 5 weeks. That’s tons of chances. You’re acting like the game ends next week…

      • but it’s not derrick.. derrick isn’t on cody’s side.. derrick is only using cody….Derrick wants frankie to stay!!! He is only using Cody

      • and also they can’t work with Donny and Nicole now… FOR WEEKS THEY wanted DONNY out and now they are going to say okay now we want to work with you.. uh no it won’t work that way.. if they don’t get rid of Donny —-Donny will come after them.. although frankie is scum and lies they trust him more cause they’ve worked with him

  21. This is my take…. Even though everyone on here seems to want to take Frankie out… Think about this…. Keeping Frankie for the final two is the smartest move any of them could make (except maybe Victoria). Derrick says he has a final two with Cody, but I wouldn’t bet on it. Since Frankie told them all who his sister is, no one in jury thinks he needs the money, and since he has thrown many under the bus, they don’t think he deserves the money. Therefore, whoever goes to the end with him is almost guaranteed a win. This is a game and although you may not like someone, you have to think about how the jury will see you over how they see who is left with you. In this case, Frankie, though decent at comps, personally has little to make him a viable choice to give him the win over anyone left. (The only reason I leave Victoria out, is because no one truly seems to like her and because of her lack of winning, they may actually take that into account.)

  22. Donny needs to go to all individually and say “I’ve heard you say I’m smart, so listen-Derrick is the puppet master and you all do exactly what he says, figure it out!” Don’t know if that bunch of sheep will believe him, but worth a shot.

  23. Well everybody seems to have their opinion of what’s Cody’s best move unfortunately unless Cody does something to shock us ( ie think for himself ) Donny going home seems to be written in stone. I sure hope Cody goes against his puppet masters wishes and tries for either Frankie preferably or Derrick

  24. I can’t stand wimpy BB players like Cody. A terrific guy like Donny has to pay the price for Cody being such a wimp. I wanted Donny to win…at least he has a pretty good chance of being named America’s Favorite!! It’s just a shame that he has to go before Victoria.

  25. Smart move. No need to start depleting your numbers when there are 2 players in there that want your closest ally out.

    Get Frankie out later, but first use him as a number. 6 on 1 next week is better than 5 on 2 (with you unable to play).

  26. Everyone keeps saying Cody and Derrick. Cody needs to start playing for himself. Derlick sure is. Any pair that gets close are always Derlicks next target. That’s why he wants Christine gone before Victoria. He wants all his final 2’s to stay in the house. That way he’s safe with everyone left. Cody is making a HUGE mistake by not going after Frankie. Does he not realize the season is almost over. What’s he waiting for? He may not get this chance again. I will laugh if Frankie gets HOH and puts up Derlick and Cody.

    • That’s exactly what I was saying. Frankie is going to be hard to get out. He is going to regret it.

      • He sure will. People are so stupid that think he should wait. Duh wait for what? Finale night.

    • If he gets rid of Frankie now, he pisses Christine and Caleb off, and keeps the 2 people in there who are openly going after his closest ally.

      Would you rather A.) have a 5 on 1 in next week’s HOH, or B.) Derrick having to win HOH for you. I think you know the answer already…

      I know people want him to make this big move because it would be entertaining, but you can’t honestly say it would benefit his game…

      • Derrick has managed to sway people all season. He could get Frankie up and still be safe along with Cody.

      • That is a very un-needed risk at this point. Frankie also has a pull in the house and he could potentially turn Christine against them. That dwindles their numbers for next week’s HOH.

      • Christine has wanted Frankie gone. Caleb is delusional. And you don’t wait at the end of the game. If this were in the beginning but when you have a chance you take it. Frankie could win next week and go after Cody. Then it’s too late.

      • Frankie MIGHT go after Derrick and Cody. Donny WILL go after Derrick and Cody, and there would be a wedge in their alliance. Trust me I want Frankie out too, but at this point it’s a bad move for Cody. Play it by numbers. If you get Donny out, you have a stronger alliance with a better chance of winning next week. If you get Frankie out this week, you have a weaker alliance with a lower chance of winning. It just doesn’t make sense for Cody this week.

      • Nope. First of all this alliance is way too many people. If you don’t start now with so few people left than it’s going to come back and bite you. I’ve seen it season after season. It’s too late in the season to wait when you have an opportunity like this. Frankie has won way to many comps including HOH’s. And HOH’s are the ones that get you nominated.

  27. Somebody should try to work with Nicole since she will be alone in the game which makes her less of a threat. She wants to go after Christine and Frankie; and that would save the others from doing it. She may also go after Derrick, I don’t think she will touch Cody b/c he seems to be the only other person she’s friends with besides Donny

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