Big Brother 16: Caleb & Cody Agree – Derrick Over Frankie For Final Three

After weeks of the Big Brother house majority running the game we’re closing in on the time when they’ll have to start cutting their own allies. This better not disappoint.

Caleb Reynolds on Big Brother 16
Caleb Reynolds on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

Late last night on the Feeds, Flashback to 1:39AM BBT 8/25 Cams 1/2 (Free Trial), Cody and Caleb are alone in the HoH room when talk turns to who has to go from within their own alliance.

First up: Christine. She’s got to go, the guys agree. Of course that would come after Nicole heads out next week following Donny’s eviction this week. But they want Christine gone before Victoria.

So I guess that whole “I’m not here to play for 5th place” won’t be an issue after all. Sixth it is! Well, of course that’s if things go to the guys’ master plan. Heh.

The discussion continues between Cody and Caleb as they arrive at moving on to the F4 and F3 scenarios. Caleb surprises me when he says he wants to go to F3 with Cody and Derrick. Frankie is not part of their long-term plans here. Was Caleb swayed by what he heard yelled by a fan about Frankie being the Saboteur and not to be trusted?

Both of them agree that there is a fear of Victoria lasting long than they’re planning as Cody notes it happens every season. There’s no mention of that happening as part of Derrick’s planning or even a suspicion of it. If they’re worried about Derrick cutting one of them to keep Victoria around, then they’re not mentioning it here.

Their talk trails off, but they both again agree that their Final Three should be them with Derrick. Cody and Caleb are confident that they can run the remaining competitions and make that happen.

It’s not impossible for the guys to remain strong and fight down to a Final Four together, but if they think it’s wise to keep both Derrick and Frankie together as they enter the F4 then they’re in for a world of hurt for their Big Brother game.



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  1. Ugh!
    Cody needs to be thinking about his long game. Blinded by his trust for Derek.
    Donny is a wonderful guy, yeah, but his social game really hasn’t stood a chance against this huge group of people. They may be unbearable, but they’ve been loyal.
    My fiance just gave in and started watching this with me this year. I’ve promised him it gets better so I hope things get changed up.
    I love this blog by the way! Excellent work.

    • Much Big Brother Better Blog ( aka a b-quad ) than others ::ahem..because you’re addicted..ahem::: More current, more thorough, more analytical. I agree, great job on this.

    • I agree, I would like to see him win, He is doing a pretty good job of covering his tracks! I would like Frankie gone ASAP!

    • He is a great player, everyone put out of the house has been at his hands and he still doesn’t have any blood on his hands for doing it.

    • I have to agree, Derrick has played the game very well but we must admit, other than frankie, no one else in this season has a clue…. Most of them had never watched it until bb made them watch 2 seasons…. I think nicole and christine had watched it but they have been weak game players up to this point.. Hate frankie or not but he has played the game and understands very well… If zack had a clue, i think frankie would have already went after cody and Derrick but he has to play along now til he get an opportunity… Derrick has made less mistakes but he also has been attach to people he could control

      • Frankie doesn’t have a clue either. He’s done so many dumb things so far it’s ridiculous.

    • He’s on pace to be top 5 easily; possibly even top 3 if he gets to the final.

    • I wish they’d yell Derricks a cop and the biggest liar in the house. That’s all they would have time to say before BB makes them go in so the next night they could yell Derrick has a final two with everyone but Donny. Lol

  2. And what Gane is Cody playing??? Let me think and then do whatever I’m told by Derrick. Hrs really no different than Victoria. He is a guy floater who hides behind Derrick, Frankie and Caleb!

    • Exactly what I said to my wife last night. Cody is just another Victoria other than he’s won a couple of comps, but he’s not playing the game at all beyond that.

  3. I am so disturbed by the vulgar, mean and disgusting talk that goes on among most of the HGs and have you noticed that Derrick is joining in more and more and, I am sure, only to tell us later that it was all “undercover work” .. really?? .. how convenient .. and I hate that he and Frankie use the DR to lie to the TV audience to make themselves look better than they are … they really think they have America fooled … I don’t like the idea of Derrick winning regardless of how well he took advantage of some really dumb players, I mean fruit loop dinguses.

    • They have a lot of america fooled….. Most watchers dont have the live feeds and only see the edited version of it… They may not have use live feeders fooled but i would say they have the edited show watchers fooled and its 4 times as many of them than us

    • Can’t be possible that it really is a part of his game, right? Not like he’s been strategic with everything he has said and done all summer or anything.

  4. Cody thinks all the other guys will keep him. If you don’t let others work on your behalf, you’ll be the first to go. He doesn’t see the pecking order. He hasn’t figure out that people are more than in one alliance. He thinks Derrick is gonna take him? good luck !

  5. Think about it, Devin is the only HOH that ran his own week. All the other HOH haven’t done what they wanted.

  6. I would have loved to be a part of that discussion! I would have had to ask them both what in the World makes either of them think that Derrick is a good F3 candidate?! He’s never had to even remotely worry about being sent packing, no one can say a bad thing about him, and very few of the jury members have anything against him. But, yeah. Take him to the finals with you…great plan!

  7. The order is here, Donny, Nicole, Christine, (and no not Victoria). Anybody that takes Victoria to the final 2 will win over her. If anyone of the guys have half a brain they will take her. Caleb, Frankie, Cody… predictions: Derrick and Victoria. Lets see how right iam

  8. The only game Derrick has player is lead stupid players around who have no game and can’t think for themselves. Donnie has played the game by himself played a great social game (everyone loves him) won when he had to and is the only one besides Hayden that gets what Derricks game plan is. If they send Donnie packing this week he should win Americas favorite. If they give it to big lips ass kissing Frankie, then this game is rigged.

    • Everyone loves Donnie? What show are you watching? BB fans at home love him, but we don’t vote for the winner. While Derrick’s comp game isn’t strong he hasn’t really needed it to be. He has controlled this house without making enemies. It’s impressive to watch. He knows that taking Victoria to final 2 will cement his win. This is his game to lose.

      • Then why after each person is evicted, even Zach, say how much they love Donny? Just because he is a schedule person, that makes him unsocial? Why don’t the other HG get up at 9 and not 1:00 pm? There isn’t a time frame to strategize

      • Huh? His schedule didn’t come into play with his social game, or lack there of. It was his lack of trying to get involved. This is Big Brother, you gotta throw your hat in the ring at some point. He’s been nominated nine times. The fact that he is good at comps when his neck is on the line is his biggest asset. They call Caleb a comp beast, but he’s nothing compared to Donnie. The people that have been evicted were his allies, but even they weren’t totally positive about him. The only one who showed him loyalty was Jocasta and she was useless. Everybody left in the house trashes Donnie like a bunch of idiotic bullies. I applaud Donnie for trying to play this game honestly and he will DEFINITELY have my vote for the fan favorite prize.

      • I think (just my opinion) the only way Derrick loses will be by losing the final HOH…and that may not stop him. Lol. These people are either to dumb or to blind to notice that he is running away with the game. Who do you think willdethrone him?

    • America may love Donny, but few people in the house do, in part because of his lack of a social game (sleeping when he should be bonding/scheming with others, waiting too late to act, etc).

      I think it sucks that he’s out so soon, but I also think he had a few moments to try and make things happen (like back when Nicole was HoH and blew it) and he wasn’t able to deliver.

      Only reason I’m annoyed by the series of events is just because the rest of the house (sans Derrick) are so incapable of forming long-term strategies that now there’s only a 1% chance any big moves will be made.

  9. Unfortunately I will have to hope for a Caleb and Victoria final 2 then with Caleb winning. I hope Donny taints the jury house with a big reveal of Team America too.

  10. I can’t believe nobody is onto Derrick keeping Victoria around… Yes, it is smart because her next to anyone in the house would ensure that person a win, but i don’t even want her to get 50K. Ha!

  11. Oh poor Caleb is in for a big surprise when he is sent packing even before Christine unless he wins a HOH and puts her out of the house.

    These suckers still don’t realize that Derrick is taking Victoria to the final 2, even Derrick Jr. doesn’t know it.

    Frankie is the only one smart enough to take Derrick out and he better not pass up the chance again if he gets another one.

  12. People keep talking about Donny not having social skills. But everyone that has been evicted have said Donny is the nicest guy. To me that is social skills. The ones that are still inside are the one with no social skills. They are mean.

  13. No one is talking about Derrick and Victoria because they have not figured out he protects her and would keep her. They aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed, But some are tools.I am not sure when/if they will realize they need to get rid of some stronger people in the alliance before it is too late.

  14. On Frankie’s Broadway Show mission, there’s already a #Vote NO. Watch Frankie having a major melt down when America decides “NO we didn’t like it”’s not good enough !.He will be devastated, and I think so as Derrick. LOL

    • Such a frickin’ joke. How on Earth would he even think that a Broadway Show mission is what America wants to see??? Frankie, please return to your sister’s shadow and hide in the darkest spot you can find. Thanks!

    • How could we not appreciate a show by the great Frankie?

      Did you know he has videos on YouTube and was involved with Broadway once?

    • This afternoon he was outside with Derrick and he said the cameras always follow us because we’re the most popular. Yep almost choked.

  15. Gotta ask what everyone thought of Frankie’s “TA Broadway
    Mission”? That had to be one of the most pointleas moments in a long line of pointless moments, this entire season! I certainly hope this ends up voted the epic fail I think everyone knew it would be! Lets stick some pillows halfway down our britches, slather on some makeup and make faces…thats worth $5,000! IMO, Frankie comes off behaving like a twisted version of Peter Pan and some back alley perv most of the time this season, but he cannot be so clueless as to believe this grand idea of his even came close to being a success! Judging from the expressions on his and Derrick’s faces, after this kindergarden talent show finally ended, they were quite aware that they blew it!
    What blows my mind is that Derrick appears to be intelligent enough to know that he was kissing 5 grand goodbye! Ok, so he wasn’t willing to go along with any version of a “Save Donny” mission. Couldn’t he have put his intelligence to work, take a little bit of time,, and come up with a mission that might have had a chance of adding 5,000 to his earnings? Is he so certain that he is taking home the big prize? I hope I am never in a position to be willing to kiss that kind of money away….

    • Derrick told DR that he is sure they will get the money cause Frankie’s sister’s fans will vote yes for it

      • I find it hard to believe that Ariana Grande’s fans, if they are watching BB16, would be anymore impressed by Frankie than anyone else is. In fact, if I were her fan I would have to admire her in spite of her brother. I honestly watched the VMAs, where Ariana was the opening act. She was nominated for two or three VMAs and took home the “Moon Man” for top Pop video (over Pharrell’s “Happy” which was a very popular spring/summer anthem!) This girl seems to be riding a wave to better and better things. Her new release promises to be even bigger than her previous ones. I honestly think that her troubled, attention seeking by any means, older brother will be lost in his sister’s growing shadow. People like Frankie Grande are forgettable compared to the Ariana Grande’s of the world. I just dont see him garnering much support from anyone, much less his sister’s fans who may fear he could be a liability to her. Just my thoughts….

    • Tonight on BBAD Derrick went as far as to say that Donny is NOT America’s Favorite and that Caleb will win it LOL, what a freaking joke. Maybe there is still some hope for Donny because Frankie was trying to convince Derrick evicting Nicole out this week would be better for their games.I guess we will see this Thursday if he was able to do just that.

  16. Someone please tell me how Cody is even in the running. When someone says he’s played a great game (mostly himself) I don’t get it. He whines about this and that and rolls his eyes as if he’s one of the best players. Please explain how he is such a good player. I actually don’t like most of them. Although I’m not a fan of Derrick’s he has played the game. I hope Nicole thumbs her nose at Christine when it’s over.

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