Big Brother 16 – Week 7 Nomination Anticipation

The Big Brother 16 house ramped up last night for the Double Eviction show and things never slowed down for the Houseguests. The new HoHs had one set of plans, but things are shifting quickly.

Nomination Anticipation for Big Brother 16
Nomination Anticipation for Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

If you missed the HoH spoilers get caught up on that first. Now that you know who is in power this week, let’s move on to their targets. These have changed a lot as the night rolled on.

Flashback on your Live Feeds to 11:42PM BBT 8/7 to find Nicole and Christine in the Hive. Don’t have the Feeds? Get the Free Trial now! They get a solid thirty seconds before Frankie rushes in to the room as he often does when HGs try to talk game without him.

Once Frankie finishes pleading his case he leaves and the ladies get back to the topic of their nominations. Nicole has brought up a promise that she will not renom Christine if she promises the same to her. They agree to not do that to each other.

After much discussion they settle on Nicole nominating Caleb and Victoria while Christine is going for Donny and Zach. Cody is floated as Christine’s renom option.

Later in the night Team America received their latest mission to get a pawn on the block and evicted. Derrick took charge and went to Nicole throwing Zach under the bus as the “biggest snake in the house” and pushed to get him on the block. Derrick suggests she puts up Frankie and Zach. That falls apart thanks to Caleb.

Caleb comes up to meet with Nicole & Derrick. Nicole admits to Caleb that Frankie had her lie to him about the Amber situation. That was the last straw for Caleb. Here comes the plan change.

Caleb says to put him up on the block with Frankie. He promises to throw the BotB competition to make sure Frankie stays on the block. Caleb says he will sit down when the comp starts and tell Frankie he did this to himself. Wow!

Earlier the guys learned that Frankie had gone to Nicole & Christine with the suggestion that Cody, Derrick, Zach, and Caleb go up on the block. Everyone is upset at Frankie and it looks ready to come back and get him.

So now Nicole plans to nominate Caleb and Frankie instead of Caleb and Victoria. Christine appears to be maintaining her Donny and Zach plans.

If things go to plan (HAH!) then Donny and Zach should come down off the block later on Friday and Frankie will be the main target. Should Frankie escape via Veto, then Nicole has agreed to renom Christine, going back on her promise not to do so. What do you think of all this?

Update: Yep, things look bad for Frankie:

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Cody & Derrick agree: The plan this week, evict Frankie. #BB16

— Big Brother Network (@bigbrothernet) August 8, 2014


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  1. Anybody else smelling another double-blindside with Donny potentially being evicted ???

  2. If you believe in the conspiracy theory that Production wants Frankie to win this season ….. Frankie will either win the POV and/or will take advantage of the possibility of returning to the Game, now that the door is open for one of the first 3-4 Jury Members to return to the Game ….
    Just like last week, if there is a remote possibilty that Donny is stil on the Block, you can bet your sweet pickle that the House will take advantage of this …
    Have to admit that it was kinda fun to seeing Donny kick as in the POV last night against all those young Pups … Even though, he almost died in the process .. during BBAD they were describing Donny’s face as “Ghost White” in colour …

    • Ooops .. meant Caleb … as he is not really in another Alliance that is true to him … Remember, it is still about the numbers … Ha !!! :)
      That is, would Zach actually risk throwing the BOTB to blindside Donny?
      Wouldn’t it be fun to see both Caleb and Zach attempting to throw the BOTB?? Ha !!! :)

    • Production doesn’t give a crap if he wins, but they’d certainly enjoy it if he stuck around until the finale. That said, there’s only so much they can do about it.

  3. I’m not sure production wants Frankie to win,just keep him around longer for “better TV” all he is, is a media whore who cant stand that his sister is better then he is. Also, not sure they will allow Caleb to “sit down” never happened before, but would be cool if they let it happen and it does happen. So yes if all the above goes right (Ha) Frankie, will win Veto and production will win again this week. Again I understand good TV, but it seems the good people (Donny and Nicole) always get screwed by the “snakes” (Derrick, Frankie, and Production) to make for better TV. Of course I will still watch…lol

  4. Lemme guess this week
    Victoria + caleb on block b/c caleb through
    Victoria loses pov
    Victoria goes home
    Nicole blows another hoh

    • Caleb and Frankie on the Block
      Donny and Zach
      Zach gets sucked in by the TA to throw the BOTB …. and Donny gets evicted …
      Nicole blows another hoh … Ha !!!

      • I don’t think that will happen. Zach now realizes how close he was to being evicted. I would love to see Christine blindsided this week. But Frankie is a close second.

      • The question is to what extent Nicole has bought into Christine’s talk last night. Before yesterday she had pretty well given up on Christine, but all last night she was acting like she was buying what Christine was selling, so we’ll have to see how much of that was just playing along…

      • I think for Nicole it is more a matter of options. She doesn’t have a lot of options for people to work with. I don’t think she is buying what Christine is selling, because at one point she mentioned hoping to pull the 2nd egg so that Christine won’t know Nicole’s nominations. Either way, its good to see everyone scramble.

      • You remember Nicole wanted Christine to use the POV so she can renominated Frankie.

  5. So originally the “bomb squad” was a get to jury deal correct? So is everyone fair game for the guys now?

    On a completely different note… I love this idea of Zach and Nicole working together. They are my favs and i hated seeing them against each other. How genuine is this?

    • I don’t know how genuine it is, but I think if both take stock of where they stand in the pecking order with their so-called alliances, they will realize that they have to work together at this point.

    • I agree. I love the idea of Nicole and Zach working together. I think if Frankie goes this week Zach and Nicole will be a solid alliance going forward. I think Nicole and Donny need to pull in Zach and Caleb to make a 4 person alliance. If the 4 of them go after Frankie, Christine, Derrick, and Cody that’d be quite the battle.

      • The half way point is the turning point in the game. I think alot of alliances will shift this week. I would love to see those 4 working together. This goes back to the first part of my original comment that the bs/detonators were only in agreement until jury.. so will caleb especially feel like he owes anything to the others? Plus did Caleb let zach know that he’s the one that brought up numbers and saving him?
        ONly problem is Donny and Caleb working together. IDK if that will work.

      • Well I agree that may be iffy but Donny and Caleb have been more competitors rather than outright enemies. With all the betrayel from former bs members I could see Caleb moving to the other side. Another thing this potential alliance would have in its favor is if a houseguest returns and its a challege rather than a “lets give frankie another chance” vote it’d most likely be endurance or I’d hope so anyway which would favor Hayden.

      • I think the key is Donny going along with it. When he nominated Caleb, he essentially said they were even. Donny has to be able to look past Caleb’s DE nomination and be willing to work with him, and the way Donny has played so far, I’m not sure he’ll do that.

      • I like the idea of the four of them working together, but Derrick still seems to have Nicole’s ear. I can’t believe that Derrick still isn’t anyone’s main target. The guy is good at getting people to trust him, at least enough to stay safe each week.

  6. I think any plan that involves putting up either Victoria and/or Donny as pawns on the Block may backfire once again on Nicole ….
    As you could use the same argument as last week when they saved Zach …. They realized that they could no longer trust Zach, nor Frankie nor Christine, but, in the end, continued to vote as the BS Alliance to flip the house/votes on Nicole …
    I do not think anything has changed, as long as one of the non-BS Alliance Members are on the Block (i.e. Victoria and/or Donny) …

    • I hope these girls realize this. They need two strong guys against each other come Thursday.

  7. I really hope that caleb and frankie are nominated by nicole and caleb throws it. I’m starting to like caleb more and more now that amber is gone and his head is in the game. He’s willing to take risk and i like that. I thought he was an idiot last time he threw the comp, but i think youre only an idiot if you go home. (For example, dick using the veto on daniele in season 8. had he gone home he would have been an idiot. but he stayed so hes a genius) If caleb pulls this off again this could be major jury votes for him in the end i believe.

      • That’s cause he was not really on air much this past week … Ha !! That, and, living on slop probably slowed him down a bit, emotionally … Though, during the BBAD, when he did not receive any candy or bars or whatever in his basket for being the HOH for all but 5 minutes … Apparently, as a “Have Not” .. a bit of the old Caleb personality came out ..
        Will be interesting to see how he plays out, now that he has been informed that Frankie was the influence as to why Nicole lied to him about, setting him to evict Amber ??? Hmmm !!! Will he still be loyal to the BS Alliance ??

  8. Frankie getting evicted finally or Christine would be brilliant if Nicole can pull it off! Go for it!

  9. Would it not be ironic now, if Derrick and Cody’s worse fears came through this week, should one of them be blinded and it was a result of Zach aligning with Nicole … after they saved his sorry @$$ … Ha !!!

    Cody had even stated on several occasions that he was in fear that Zach would be the one to take him out at his first opportunity in the game ….

    • After everything they’ve tried to do to Zach he’d be justified in coming after them. They did it to themselves.

      • To be honest, they haven’t really done anything to Zach, that he had not already had done to himself … Ha !!
        In actuality, they have saved him from eviction, at least twice already in this game …
        Having said that, hope he has toned it down a bit on his unwarranted personal attacks, especially towards the girls, and continue it on just the game level … His love poem to Nicole during BBAD was acually quite nice, until he was coaxed to ended with with typical Zach fashion from the other HG’s with a sexual comment .. though, Nicole expected it and appreciated it ..

  10. Caleb is still so wonderfully ignorant!! It sure does make for some good entertainment…lol

    • He would be awesome in his next reality show, albeit, Survivor, Amazing Race and/or The Bachelor, I bet .. Ha !!!

      • If he isn’t too busy playing professional Baseball, Football or Soccer, even though he has never played Soccer.

  11. If they want to give us more team america missions here is my dream scenario. Team America is supposed to be an alliance of Donny, Derrick, Frankie, and America. Well as we’ve all seen in BB, alliances turn on each other at some point most of the time. I’d love to see Frankie and Derrick on the block and Team America tells Donnie who we want voted out of our alliance. Outside of that I’d like to see Frankie go this week and lets please end this stupid twist.

  12. I’m thinking at this point, Caleb offering to throw the BOTB and Frankie being nominated with him, that TA has choosen to use Caleb rather than Zach for this mission. So Frankie might think its okay for Caleb to throw the comp, hoping that Caleb will get voted out and Frankie will make another $5k.

    • Well, Zach, sorta-kinda volunteered to be put on the block, as well, in his own way… but, as it currently stands, it would be by the hands of Christine … So, they may still be covered … Ha !!!

      • Only covered if that person gets voted out. I’m wondering if they make Caleb the target of the TA task, will Derrick try to save Frankie?

      • If Caleb has declared an all-out war against the Detonators and threatened to go after Cody/Derrick next week, or whenever .. then, I could see The Detonators continue to vote as an alliance, and have no hesitation to vote out Caleb, should he remain on the Block ….
        imo, Caleb is vulnerable, should he remain on the block, regardless on who is next to him, come eviction night …. such the case, she should not be stating his intentions, until after the POV …

  13. Not happy having Donny on the block. As it stands Christine will have Donny and Zack together. Nicole Caleb and Frankie, with Caleb throwing BoB Nicole stays in power. Ok. I am hoping the plan stays in tact and Donny and Zack win. Frankie in the orange chair is going to make good TV. “Pop goes the weasel Frankie show” will be all over trying to pin lies, yet he is the peter pan of lies in the house. I am happy that Victoria is not playing BoB cause she is in Derricks pocket and would throw BoB as per their conversation, and she thinking what a great player she would be. Ugh.. The idea that Nicole lied to Christine’s face and will put her up as renom, I like, my fear is Derrick. Nicole please talk to Derrick, but mist him….steal his cloud of mist he walk around with and burn him. I you catch wind of Derrick saying stuff, kick him back to reality and burn him and put him on the block, as the renom. I am tired of talk oh, I am scared of Derrick, oh and Cody too. Stop being scared ladies, played hard, open your eyes, ears and observe.

    • To be fair, this past week, both Christine and Nicole were playing each other, and it just happens that Christine was dealt the better River Card, in their poker match …
      Nicole had apologized to Christine, once again after Christine lied to her about Derrick/Cody forcing her hand to switch her vote in the last minute … and, now they sorta-kinda have an agreement to not blindside one another this week, as there are bigger fish in the water ….
      Will be interesting to see if Christine attempts to warn Frankie before the nominations ?? Hmmm …..
      Nicole will have to remember that she cannot play HOH next week, if she remains as the HOH this week, and Christine likely feels a bit safer in her alliance with the Detonators .. as he would have nominated Zach and Donny, if she is able to convince them that they were her p@wns, in order to blindside Frankie ?? Caleb ?? Hmmm ???
      She is a darn good liar, so it could be an easy sell … Ha !!! :)

    • You keep using this “mist” stuff, I’ve got a song for you, Black Magic Woman by Santana. Please don’t ever mist me(shuttering). Hey, what I don’t understand is why is it always someone else that has to go on the block to throw a comp or be a pawn. When does Derrick or Cody take their turn? Just another example of Derricks’ ability to lead the lambs to slaughter. They don’t even say stuff like”Derrick don’t you think it is your turn?” What the heck? Zach and Caleb both have took it for the team. Crazy, but this another reason why I think Derrick has had the best gameplay I’ve seen maybe ever. But for the thrill of it, I would love to see someone,preferably Donnie,step up and do something that knocks him for a loop. Then it would get good, as long as it isn’t Frankie the weasel!

  14. Well, that’s the plan now… lol. The plan early last week was changed last minute, so who knows what’s going to happen. But, I do hope Frankie goes. I’ve seen/heard enough of him.

  15. Alliances or No Alliances … from a strictly game play point-of-view … wouldn’t everyone agree that Donny is perhaps, the Biggest Threat in the House right now? He has proven to be a Comp Threat, Has a great social game and has won the hearts of a lot of the American viewers …
    He has played with some integrity, may have lied, but not as blatant as some others, refused to do a TA Challenge or two, as he was not comfortable and realized that it was also not in his nature / personality, even for $5,000 … as it would have possibly affected his end game of winning the $500,000 …

  16. if Nicole really does put Caleb and Frankie up together and Caleb sits down and tells Frankie he did this to himself. I’m gonna laugh my a&& off. If Frankie wins POV and Nicole actually puts Christine up….. I’ll dance a jig. Glad Caleb is learning the truth about “his” plan to scare Amber.

  17. “Cody and Derrick agree, the plan this week, evict Frankie…the plan this week may be BD Cody or Derrick.”

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