Team America's next mission

Team America’s next mission – Source: CBS

Team America has its latest mission and gee, guess who is going to be its punching bag yet again. That’s right. Watch out Zach Rance, you’ve got America + three HGs looking to send you home for $5K. Good grief.

There were two mission options for viewers to select from this week:

Mission A – Work together to convince someone to go on the block as a pawn and then get them evicted.

Mission B – Have each member of Team America create and name a fake side alliance with the person they trust the least.

Earlier this morning Frankie was called in to the Diary Room to receive Mission A for this week. He tells Derrick first and then talks with Donny later. The rules for this one are that all three of them have to be involved in the process.

So guess who they’re targeting for this? Zach, of course. Derrick was upstairs working on Nicole to get Zach on the block and that he’s a “snake in the house.” This came shortly after Zach and Nicole had reconciled and agreed to work together. So much for that.

The house is in chaos after the wild Double Eviction, but now thanks to this mission whatever was naturally going to happen has been scuttled in favor of three HGs earning $5K. Unbelievable.

Did viewers want Zach nominated and tricked in to being the evicted or did they just not realize he would yet again be the target of this mission. We’ll keep following the events to see if it works.

Update: Wow! Caleb has now volunteered to go up on the block so Nicole will use him instead of Zach. Hah. Derrick was sitting right there as this switch happened, no doubt grinding his teeth at having this slip away from him.

I don’t know if Team America can switch their targets now, but I wouldn’t be surprised. All the same, the house wants Frankie gone so this mission could cause some real problems.

Update 2: Derrick told Frankie that he doesn’t think this mission can be done. They don’t have the power to make it happen, he said to Frankie.

We’ll have to wait and see if Derrick is using Caleb for the mission or to further his game this week and support the house plan to evict Frankie.

Wait, no, the more I think about it this should not count. Caleb appears to have volunteered himself without provocation by Team America. Just because a pawn goes up doesn’t mean this should count. Put that $15K back in the bank, Big Brother.

Later this morning Derrick continued to encourage Caleb’s idea of being a pawn with talks of delusional grandeur, but again, this wasn’t Derrick’s doing in the first place. It was Caleb’s idea.


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