Big Brother 16 – Week 4 Veto Plans: As The Crow Flies – Update

Today on the ‘Big Brother 16’ Live Feeds the remaining HGs will gather in the living room for the weekly Veto meeting and while the target seems set there’s still a chance we could get a surprise.

Cody Calafiore on Big Brother 16
Cody Calafiore on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

Since the Veto competition played out on Saturday, check those Veto spoilers here, we knew something was about to change, but it would be up to Cody to figure that out.

Prior to the comp the Detonators alliance planned to use Donny as a renom if Victoria came down and a target if Brittany came down. They’ve held to that plan for the most part but some alternatives have been floating around especially on Sunday.

Last night the Veto bug bit the house and worked its way around with the Ceremony quickly approaching. Caleb told Cody and company that he’d be comfortable going up on the block as a pawn. Flashback to 7:45PM BBT. Future HGs, never say something like that. Derrick let him run with this for a bit before shutting it down.

Around the same time, Flashback to 8PM BBT, Donny was outside talking to Hayden and Zach about getting Cody to renom Caleb and voting him out. Hayden would love to get rid of Caleb, but Zach brings up the hitch in this plan for him: won’t Brittany go after him (Zach) if she stays? I’d say she would definitely use him as a nom if she were to win HoH.

Adding to the stupidity element, Zach says he wants to go up as a renom so he can rile up the house. He thinks it’d deflect their Detonators alliance as he could pretend to be angry but then come back to them when the week is over.

Early this morning, Flashback to 3:58AM BBT, Derrick pulled Zach in to the storage room and warned him to absolutely do not do this. Derrick explains if Brittany thinks there’s a chance she can stay over Zach then maybe there’s something they don’t know. Very simply, Derrick explains that if Zach is not on the block then he’s not in danger.

Why is Derrick so opposed to letting Caleb or Zach up on the block? He wants Brittany gone! Derrick does not trust her and so he’s made Britt everyone’s target. He knows that if Caleb goes up then Caleb will probably go home and that’s a vote he can control while Brittany is no longer in his pocket.

Later today at the Veto meeting Victoria will definitely use the Power to save herself and leave an empty chair next to Brittany. Cody will renom Donny and the final noms of the week will be set for Big Brother 16. Come Thursday I’d expect Donny to be safe and Brittany to be walking out the door.

What do you hope to see happen today on the Live Feeds?

Update: Wow! Flashback to 10:45AM BBT to find Donny coming up to talk with Cody. They have a long talk where Donny pushes Cody to use Caleb as the renom instead of him. It seems to have worked! Cody wants to use Caleb as the renom because as he puts it, Caleb is the reason he’s in this mess right now since he took the $5K over the Veto which Victoria snagged.

Frankie immediately went to get Derrick to talk Cody out of it which made Cody call Frankie “an F’ing weasel.” Derrick pushes Cody against the plan but says he he won’t try to talk him out of it.

Cody thinks Brittany will still go home, but I’m not so convinced. Caleb won’t be shocked though as he offered to go up as a pawn. But if we get a Caleb eviction on Thursday he will be shocked!


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  1. These HGs are proving to be just as dumb as last year’s. When is someone going to grow a pair and really start playing? It makes more sense for Cody to put Caleb up now, get rid of him and deal with the Brit fall out later. If Caleb wins HOH he.Will put Cody up and make NO apologies for it. If Cody fails to see this then he will deserve what he gets. I wish these HGs would start playing for themselves before they set Frankie the rat-snitch up for the win. Zach told Cody he needs to swing first at Caleb. I totally agree. He will get the votes he needs…it’s not like the HGs think for themselves.

    • Caleb has told Frankie that he knows he (Frankie) is playing both sides of the house….I don’t know if Caleb has shared this with other Hgs but he should..

      • TBF, I’m not entirely sure there IS an other side of the house. That implies a lot more organization than the non-BSers have.

      • Agree. Everytime I hear someone say “the other side of the house,” I am thinking..what other side of the house? They are mostly non-existent.

      • Same goes with whenever these HG’s always talk about going against “THE house”. I mean: What is this house? is the house itself alive? Where does the house vote? hehehe.

      • You have to remember, they don’t know what we do at home…that’s why they reference those that aren’t in the “big” alliance as “the other side” of the house.

    • If Brittany somehow manages a HoH win, she’ll put up 2 detonators.

      If Caleb wins HoH, sure, he’ll put up Cody, but he’s not going to put any one else up from the “Bomb Squad” because he still thinks it exists. So Cody would have the votes to stay.

      Caleb and all the girls are screwed in the long run.

      I’m thinking Christine and Nicole will be the last 2 girls in the house, and they might stick around longer, because I’m sure by that point the guys will start taking out each other.

      • Just wait for it, if Caleb wins HOH he’ll still try and find some way to get himself up on the block that week…

      • Agree. That’s why I feel like Cody needs to make a move for HIS game.

      • Getting out Brittany would be for HIS game. It would piss off the least amount of people, lol. Like I said somewhere else on this post, do you want to have one person going after you (Caleb) or the entire house? :P

    • Nobody has the cojones to do anything! The floaters like Jocasta, Brittney, Amber, Victoria, Donny, Hayden, Nicole should realize that it is in their interest to form alliances but, keep it in the down low! Don’t form an alliance then, blab about it! They are all targets by the fact that they have found themselves on the block repeatedly! If these guys still cannot figure it out—-they need a brain transplant! You are all on the outs, you have to form alliances and take the guys in power down! If you continue to just mosey along to get along—-you will eventually be booted out! You came to compete for that $500,000 then, go ahead and compete! If not,
      pack it in and volunteer to be put on the block! Save the oxygen for those who are still living in the Big Brother House!

      • I don’t know about Donny being the typical floater. Other than being able to win comps, he’s quite the observer of the house dynamics.

        Donny went to propose a side-alliance with some of the guys in the house. And based on feed spoilers, I don’t think he’s willing to work with neither Frankie nor Derrick beyond Team America because he knows he’s not in the initial alliance that continues to dominate and he’ll be in the outs soon when the twist is over.

        He needs to make a move very soon so he could at least guarantee himself a spot in jury. Lying low may not cut it if the rest of the house figures out that he’s a social and physical threat that they need to take out ASAP.

      • Their inability to keep anything on the down-low is comical. Worse than high school gossip whick kids do for FREE!

  2. It may backfire and Donny goes home…If the talk gets back to Caleb about Donny wanting him out….

  3. I think Cody is right in getting Brittany out over Caleb. Brittany has more of the brain power to rally up the other side of the house and get something going, Caleb does not. Caleb doesn’t have anyone loyal to him, not even his precious Amber. Derrick can talk Caleb down but none of them would be able to work with Brittany. I also think because Cody didn’t target or even use Caleb as a pawn this week he would take that as loyalty to the almighty alliance. He would think Cody and the other guys truly have his back and mostly target Victoria.

      • Victoria sucks she is so gullible…I dont even think she has ever watched big brother why would u throw a veto comp or apologize for winning if you are on the the block she needs to go.

  4. I keep going back and forth on what it says about Derrick’s game that he has to spend so much time convincing his allies to not self-nominate…

    • Trying to keep his alliance together is the least of Derrick’s problems. He has to make sure he fosters relationships with the non-alliance members in the event something goes awry with the Detonators.

    • Hmmm. Good point… or maybe we should question why so many of them WANT to self-nominate? If I was in there, you can be sure as HELL that I wouldn’t volunteer!

  5. Derrick is basically running the show here. If Cody puts up Caleb and the plan to get Brittany out backfires, Derrick will probably rage and make himself the next target for everyone else.

    I hope Cody does put up Caleb. For his game that is a big move, and maybe the rest of the house will vote for Brittany to stay.

    • No way Derrick is going to “rage” and make himself everyone’s next target. He’s got too much discernment for that. He’s one of the few people in the house who knows how to rationalize and keep calm under pressure.

      • Derrick’s got game – like him or not. He is clever and rational. I actually like him for the win…but this IS BB! I could change my mind in a minute…lol!

    • You must not watch the feeds. She is boring. Doesn’t bring anything to the value of the game. I want her out before jury.

      • I don’t have access to the live feeds, even if I didn’t, I wouldn’t have much time to watch them anyway.
        While I agree she isn’t really playing the game, I like her as a person. I always tend to root for the underdog and would like to see her play a little before being evicted. Cody and her could make a deal to keep each other safe; that way Cody can get Caleb out and Brittany stays for another week but I doubt it’ll happen.

      • Yeah, I had high hopes for her in the beginning but she isn’t getting it. Still. She didn’t get a great edit Sunday night either so I’m ready for her to be over and done before Jury, as well.

  6. Dweebs Inc. (aka America’s Team) better make sure a threat goes home. That would be Donny or Caleb if they want their 5K.

  7. Why aren’t Derrick and Frankie trying to keep Donny from going home? They need him for Team America opportunities, right? Will they just replace him?

    • Derrick and Frankie would be stupid to get rid of Donny when they are making $5000 each time for very easy tasks! They should be given a far harder task like make Cody make out with Victoria and at the same time make Amber make out with Hayden to stir the pot!

  8. *Sighs* Bye Brittany. I felt like Brittany would be the only person to put up whoever. Hope Amber, Jocasta, or Donny wins HOH next week so we can have a power shift.

  9. Everyone keeps saying Caleb will put up Cody if he gets HOH. I really don’t think he will only because he’d be going against his alliance and he doesn’t want to do that and make himself a bigger target. Everyone in that alliance is waiting for someone to strike first so they they can start going against each other. Problem is know one wants to strike first.

    • I think Caleb will put Cody up! You can see it in his eyes! He really wants Amber but, he is too dumb to see that being a wuss is not the way to get a woman to like you! What Caleb should be doing if he was half as smart is make out with Victoria for instance and ignore Amber altogether! That would make him attractive in Amber’s eyes. I don’t know why but, women validate a guy’s worth by being with another woman! Ironic but, true! Once, you are with a woman, you are one hot dude! LOL

      • I knew there was a reason Caleb was lying low this past week and last week too…he’s just waiting for his big opportunity to put Cody right where he’s wanted him! Next week should be a great week for this to transpire! Because of personal reasons, Caleb will go against his alliance, even though he shouldn’t let those interfere with the game. They already have, though as most have figured out!

  10. Looks like Donny convinced Cody to keep him safe and to put Caleb as the renom. Cody will justify if with Caleb choosing cash over veto, in other words he put himself before the alliance.

  11. I found it quite humorous when Victoria was telling Cody about not rocking the boat or “spilling blood” because she has to live with everyone, as if he isn’t having to do the same? hahahaha

  12. Like him or not, you have to admire Derrick playing puppet master on everyone in the house.

  13. I don’t think Caleb will put up Cody. Caleb still believe he is part of an alliance. This season is boring and so predictable.

    What is going on with the ladies? Come on Production, get it together!

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