Big Brother 16 Live Feeds: Week 4 Sunday Highlights


It was a pretty busy Sunday in the Big Brother 16 house. Brittany finished up her veto penalty kicks, renomination ideas were tossed around and a bored Zach came up with more horrible ideas that are going to get him evicted sooner or later.

Find out what else happened on the Big Brother feeds Sunday.

Big Brother 16 Live Feed Highlights – Sunday, July 20, 2014:

8:15 AM BBT – Brittany is waking up in the backyard due to her punishment. She’s got 1400 goals to go and is off to a very slow start with LOTS of misses.

9:45 AM BBT – Britt hits the halfway mark. Donny has been keeping her company. Rest are sleeping besides when Cody has to come down of his butt-kicking.

11:50 AM BBT – Britt reaches 1500 goals and takes a break. Long way ahead left to go.

1:50 PM BBT – Nicole is stressing the need to be fake in the game. She doesn’t think she can do it and knows it’s hurting her game.

2:20 PM BBT – Brittany using a new strategy. She’s reverse kicking with her heel after hurting her toes.

2:50 PM BBT – 400 goals to go for Brittany. She’s picking up the pace.

3:05 PM BBT – Donny working on Cody to keep Brittany safe this week. Cody says he’s thinking about it.

3:15 PM BBT – Cody and Christine talk game. Cody is torn between targeting Cody and Brittany. Christine suggests they’d be safe if Caleb won HoH, but maybe not if Brittany got it.

4:30 PM BBT – Brittany is down to just one hundred goals left. She’ll definitely make it.

5:10 PM BBT – Brittany is in the final stretch of her last 10 goals. Everyone cheers her own as she completes the challenge. 2400 goals in under 24 hours. Wow! She finishes it off by jumping in the pool.

5:52 PM BBT – Caleb and Christine are talking about most of the alliance wanting Amber out. They both hope that Victoria goes first or at least before jury.

6:36 PM BBT – Victoria tells Frankie she feels like no one wants her in the house.

7:40 PM BBT – Cody, Caleb and Amber are talking about putting up an alliance member instead of Donny. Cody doesn’t  know who. Cody leaves to take his penalty kick punishment and Caleb says he wouldn’t care to be a pawn because he knows they have the numbers.

8:10 PM BBT – Donny talking massive game with Zach and Hayden. He thinks Caleb should go up and go out this week. Donny wants to work with those two plus Cody. He tells them he is not aligned with Jocasta and Brittany. Zach is really listening to Donny and tells him he’ll talk to Cody about Caleb.

9:05 PM BBT – Nicole and Christine agree they won’t budge on voting Brittany out. They say she needs to go.

9:10 PM BBT – Zach taking the idea to get Caleb bout to Derrick, Cody and Frankie in the HOH room. Zach is pitching the idea, but no one is really catching it. Frankie is against putting Caleb up.

9:12 PM BBT – Meanwhile, Caleb is talking to Amber about backdooring Zach this week.

9:15 PM BBT – Christine and Nicole have joined the guys in the HOH room talking about Caleb. They are also saying it’s not a good idea to keep Brittany because she’s coming after them. Zach says Caleb is coming after Cody, so what’s the difference.

9:38 PM BBT – Amber comes in the HOH room and the talk breaks up. Amber tells Cody later that she’s not OK with Zach throwing her name around, saying he wants her to go home next week.

9:55 PM BBT – Zach is talking to Nicole about how people reacted to his thoughts. He’s angry that Frankie thinks he knows everything and that he thinks he’s never wrong.

10:06 PM BBT – Frankie and Zack meet up in the storage room. Zach asks Frankie if he hates him. Frankie says of course not, but he makes him nervous when he starts talking like that.

11:40 PM BBT – Zach has told Frankie and Christine that he wants to go on the block to stir stuff up.

11:46 PM BBT – Zach goes up to the HOH to float a horrible idea by Derrick and Cody. He wants to stage a fight and have Cody put him on the block. And then they act like enemies and Zach makes a final two with Donny and has Donny on the side. Zach says he’s bored and wants to do it.

11:50 PM BBT – Zach leaves and Cody says “I’m never going to do that.” Cody says it’s best he sticks to the plan to nominate Donny.

12:31 AM BBT – Hayden and Nicole finally make out. Nicole says she’s worried someone is going to come in. They go back to making out.

2:10 AM BBT – Brittany talks with Jocasta about her plan to get Cody to let her decide who should be the renom. Jocasta thinks it could be Donny as the renom, but Brittany isn’t as sure.

3:15 AM BBT – Brittany pulls Derrick aside to discuss her renom plan for Cody. She wants to suggest Zach to Cody. Derrick points out that Cody shares his bed with Zach so maybe that’s not the best idea. Derrick advises Britt to not even bring that up because Cody won’t do it and he’ll also know what she’s thinking. Britt suggests maybe Nicole as a renom and thinks her chances are better against her.

3:45 AM BBT – Brittany asks Zach who is her best chance against in the vote and he tells her Caleb.

3:58 AM BBT – Derrick gets Zach in the storage room and tells him to cool it down. “You’d be a moron to volunteer to go up this week. Don’t do it! Don’t do it!” He reminds Zach he’ll gain nothing by going on the block. Zach protests but then gives in.

So it looks like Donny will be going on the block today, but with Zach pushing for his horrible idea and Caleb being Caleb, you never know.

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  1. Why does this house want Amber out before Caleb? Seriously these people are such morons.

    • Because Amber is trying to build alliances against them. Caleb on the other hand is capable of being controlled, not to mention that Amber has proven that she’s a better competitor than Caleb.

      I don’t think it’s very fair to call these people morons for not wanting to take out Caleb before they need to do so.

      • But they are..they are takin out the ppl that others would target….if they kept Joey and Devin they would have a week of safety becuz everyone else that won hoh would target them for the weeks ahead…and by the time jury comes around and they take either 2 with them…ahhhhh..the possibilities!!!

      • Remember Evel Dick? “Oh yeah, I’m not going to take him out because he’ll be a bigger target than me next week.”

        LOL. How well did that plan work out for them?

        The safest thing to do is take out the “house target.” It’s safer to do that than it is to take out someone coming after you. I guarantee you Cody wants out Caleb, but do you want to worry about the entire house coming after you or just Caleb?

        But then the house wants Caleb around, because they know they’re safe because he’ll be going after Cody.

        Think about it before you call people morons. This isn’t tic-tac-toe.

      • Are we saying the house would care that Cody took out Caleb? They’d be annoyed at best that he didn’t listen to directives but nobody cares about Caleb. And when it comes time for jury votes Cody gets to be the guy who blindsided Caleb.

      • I’m not sure you’ve seen the past few seasons of Big Brother. If the house wants you to do something and you don’t do it, you’re the next target. Do I agree with that logic? Of course not, but that’s how it always tends to play out.

      • No that’s not true what about Chilltown keeping Janelle the whole season because she was a bigger target the.n them?

      • Janelle was easily manipulated. Also if Chilltown targeted her early on, they’d have the rest of the season 6 alliance to answer to (who were dominating the house early on).

        It had nothing to do with her being a bigger threat, it had to do with her usefulness, Chilltown looked at Janelle as someone who would do their bidding without getting any blood on their hands. She won the HOH’s so they wouldn’t have to.

        Caleb is a similar sort of situation for Derrick. He’s someone who may win a comp or two, and is easily manipulated by the people he trusts (Derrick). If Derrick can control Caleb, then that is good for Cody as well considering the F2 deal (which is real) between them.

      • I agree that this isnt tic tac toe its about knowin when to strike. Joey and Devin could have never talked thir way out of anythin. However, a lot of the players in the house are morons…throughout the yrs it has been known that you are never to make alliances within the first week of the game becuz you have no idea how that person will play the game…8 morons signed up for an dumb alliance without knowing how psychotic he was. Then the remainin 6 signed up for an another alliance between each other.Frankie doesnt do much at all but go around and stare the pot, Zack is a wild card, Cody is paranoid about Caleb 24/7 that he cant keep focused on the game, Derrick is the mastermind that has to calm ppl down from goin off the edge and a control freak, and Christine…welll what does she do but run back to the guys and tell them everythin? After everyone else is gone those guys are gone, who do you think they keep around?? Not Christine cuz she’s sloppy…she’ll vote out her so called bff in the house just because the guys told her to…and convince her how its better for her game..which = moron

      • If you don’t start an alliance week 1, what happens to you? You become a floater. Then the floaters get picked off. The only reason Devin went before another floater because he was power hungry and wanted to get rid of someone targeting him (aka Zach). You see how well that worked out? lol.

      • I guess that’s true. Amber isn’t lying down to die, which is the problem with Brittany and Donny as well. So I guess it does make sense to take her out, but I would focus on Caleb simply because while controllable he is a loose cannon.

      • Caleb a loose cannon. I don’t see that at all. Derreck easily control Caleb.

  2. When I hear these HG’s say “it’s too early,” I cringe. Did they not watch last season and what happened to Helen for waiting too long to take out Amanda and McCrae? I think that Cody is going to be sorry if he does not get Caleb out this week..if Caleb wins HOH, he will put Cody up. You can tell that he is seething inside when he sees Cody and Amber together at anytime. Wake up, Cody!

      • Altough Caleb is not part of their new 5 member alliance, he is still a former Bomb Squad. Their deal was to make it to jury and then it’s every man for himself. Personnally I rather that Caleb make jury than Brittany, or Jocasta or Victoria.
        As far as I know, it’s not official we have a 9 or a 7 member jury. If it’s a 9 members jury, there’s only 2 more eviction before jury. That’s not much. Caleb can wait. Get the rift-raft out

  3. So the men are plotting to get the women out. And the women are plotting to get the women out. Brilliant.

  4. Zach should just tell Frankie that Caleb wants to get him out, and feed Caleb’s paranoia about Amber and Cody and get him to blow up before POV ceremony.

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