Big Brother 16: Week 12 Veto Plans

The Power of Veto Ceremony will be held later today on Big Brother 16 as the season’s Final Five HGs come together for nearly the last meeting of the season with an important choice to be made.

Caleb Reynolds on Big Brother 16
Caleb Reynolds and Derrick Levasseur on Big Brother 16

As the week was rewound due to the button-pushing twist the Houseguests had to compete again in all the same challenges and the pressure was intense. Their battle is over and the war is nearly won after weeks of passing up their opportunity to go for a big target. But would they let him slip away again?

Caleb, as this week’s Head of Household, has placed Frankie and Victoria on the block for eviction. The Power of Veto competition ended with Cody snagging the control to undo one of those nominations should he choose to do so. Of course that would mean Caleb’s only renom option would be Derrick.

Of course Cody will not use the Veto this week. He’ll let Frankie and Victoria speak their parts for the Ceremony but then he will 100% decline to remove either of them from the block.

The golden medallion will go back in the block and the HGs will prepare to evict either Frankie or Victoria, but there’s really no discussion left on the matter.

Frankie’s game ended the second he lost that Veto comp. He regrets pushing that Rewind button, but it’s too late now for him to undo the damage. The entire house is against keeping him and he strongly suspects the fate ahead of him this week, but don’t expect him to go out quietly.

What do you think of Cody’s plan to leave the nominations the same? Would it be better for his game to save one of the noms and put his closest ally in danger?

We’ll have the official results confirmed later today after the Veto Ceremony is held and the week’s noms are finalized with Frankie and Victoria on the block facing eviction.


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  1. I rarely disagree with you, but there is one tiny thing you said I disagree with… you say Frankie’s game ended at POV comp… I say it ended when he jumped up and down with excitement when he saw that big shiny gold button! Bye Bye Frankie!

    • Heh, yeah I thought about using that point in time, but even then he did have a chance to re-win those comps & gain safety. It wasn’t until he lost both that we knew he’d be going home.

      • Matt*! It’s been a while!
        My view on the Frankie screw up was The VETO.
        We ALL, I hope, would agree that the button would have been pushed without a doubt! Especially Caleb; he seems to add money to whatever the “Twist” may be. In my opinion, Caleb will be out next… agree?

      • Yeah, even if Frankie hadn’t have urged the group to push the button, someone else would have. It was too tempting. They were all over the place in theories about what it would do. They were too curious.

    • His game in the house may have ended because the the rewind button but I think his game with America ended because of his big mouth and egotistic behavior. His game ended with the female audience when he made comments about smashing Nicole in the face and “raping” Victoria!!!

      • America turned on Fakie the week he offered up all the guys in his alliance to Nicole and then followed by stabbing Zach in the back,that is the week we got to see Fakie true colors and he has yet to fully recovered from those actions. It was his “Rubicon” moment on BB and like Caesar,will not survive.

      • I wonder how many BB viewers actually dislike Frankie. I know that with the comments here most of us don’t like him, but not all of the viewers share the same opinions of him. Some may have found his disgusting comments funny. I don’t watch the feeds so I never heard him say those things and neither does a lot of the BB fans.

      • I did and it is pretty much the same as it is here. I think Frankie will get a lot of attention after the game is over and unfortunately he will have a lot of fans. I hope it literally lasts only 15 minutes.

  2. Matt, have you heard anything about the mouse TA mission being rewound? If it isn’t, then why was the Dino costume rewound, but not the TA mission? It should have been all things game related or just the comps and HG status.

  3. Frankie lost this because he passed on going after Cody and Derrick when he had a chance and he had how many chances to do so? In Survivor, you take out the strongest competitors with a view of beating them in the remaining Immunity Challenges. The same strategy would work in Big Brother. Removing the strongest competitors will make it easier to win HOH and POV assuming you are a decent competitor at least! You remove the bigger threats first and NOT leave them in late in the game! The obvious lack of cojones cost him! Had he taken out Cody or Caleb instead, of Nicole—-the results would have been different!

    • I agree with you but one major difference between the two “games” is the interaction that Jeff Post has with the contestants at tribal council. Not only is it part of the entertainment but it gives him time to stir the pot and put thoughts in the minds of the survivors. I assume this is part of the DR sessions in BB and what causes us to think prod is favoring certain players. Jeff is out front with his comments (and probably influences outcomes even more than BB) but we see/hear what he is up to. I don’t think Julie can stir it like Jeff does…

    • I don’t think they should have to re-do that particular mission – since no one else in the game knows about TA, it could impact that secret; however, I think they should have to do another mission, accomplish it AND the mouse one, to get the $5K

  4. I have a feeling that frankie in his mind just took it for what it was and thought the noms would stay the same, as he had, but surprise
    frankie did not go after derrick or cody but they inturn did not go after him they thought about it but derrick always came in with another target that was a threat to derricks game , smart moves.
    Derrick used frankie and inturn frankie used derrick in one form or another, that is what big brother is all about. game moves and plays,
    Frankie was never a real threat to anyone but floaters and the weaker ones, derrick cody caleb knew this , he only became a threat this time around and for good reason,
    this is the smartest move ever this year , it started gettting boring with the same noms week after week, but derrick and frankie had their motives for it,
    this next comp will be interesting , will derrick survive if he does not win hoh or pov, if he does not he will have no choice but be on the block,
    the whole jury after comparing notes knew derrick is the master mind , he has played the best game, with amazing results so far, the only person to keep him solid is vic, and cody somewhat , caleb is a loose cannon and cant think very well.
    if derrick wins hoh he may have set a record, never nom,

    • shhhh noxerboy lol … don’t say that last thing again lol… it’s like saying shutout before a game ends!! YIKES!! Although I hope you are right!!! Team Derrick here :)

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