Big Brother 16: Cody Agrees To Target Caleb In F4

Derrick had been planting seeds in Cody’s mind that the time may come when they’d need to turn on Caleb and instead take Victoria on with them to the Final Three for Big Brother 16. Now it’s time to harvest that yield, but would Cody come around to the suggestion?

Cody Calafiore worries about the next evictions
Cody Calafiore worries about the next evictions – Source: CBS

Late Friday night Derrick spoke with Caleb in more solid terms that they would have their best shot going against Victoria in the Final HoH 3-round competition. This would prevent the chances of Caleb pulling off a very reasonable win and splitting up the Hitmen. Cody initially pushed back saying he would feel “terrible” about crossing Caleb, but would do what’s best for him and Derrick to move forward together.

After a night of sleeping on it, Cody came to Derrick with his decision. Flashback to 3:04PM BBT 9/13 Cams 1/2 as Cody and Derrick sit alone in the backyard discussing the situation.

Derrick says if he wins the next HoH competition then he’ll “put up Caleb and Victoria, then if one of us wins the Veto…” Cody cuts in with “send Caleb home.” Derrick asks Cody if he thinks that’s the best thing for them to do? Is it the right move?

Cody is confident that it’s the right move and gives them the best opportunity to win in the Final Three. He says he’ll feel bad about crossing Caleb, but also knows he’d feel worse if they kept Caleb and Caleb split up the Hitmen ahead of the F2.

At 3:08PM BBT Cody and Derrick continue to justify this decision saying Caleb wasn’t even a member of the Detonators or with them at the critical decision points. They discuss how Caleb is only close to them now because they stole him from Frankie after Frankie turned on all the guys. Using him now to serve their needs would be no different, they suggest.

Yes, it sounds like this is a set plan for the Hitmen. There’s really no alternative if they want to maximize their odds going in to the F3 and on to the F2. The first two rounds of the Final HoH comps involve physical abilities and Caleb would absolutely be a stronger competitor against them than Victoria would. Unless you were okay having your F2 alliance at risk then there’s no justification for keeping Caleb. Cody sees this now and will go along with Derrick’s plan.

What do you think of Derrick and Cody plotting against Caleb? Had Caleb not agreed to go against his own F2 deal by targeting Frankie then he might be in a better spot right now, but as outgoing HoH he’s a sitting duck with only one Veto competition left to protect him. We shall see.



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  1. I’m rooting for Derrick to win, but if he won’t then any of the guys is fine, as long as Victoria won’t go to final 2, she’s the ultimate clueless floater.

    • It has to be Derrick in my mind. He’s played one of the best games ever and it’d be horrible if he didn’t get the win.

    • If Derrick can successfully pull off the win WITHOUT going on the block, that would be tremendously huge for a win.

      • Oh yeah, is there anybody in BB history who went this far and never on the block? I’ve asked this before but nobody answered.

  2. Oh Cody, you’ve been playing what’s the best for Derrick and not for your game. You have nobody to blame but yourself if Derrick dumps you for Victoria. Caleb, and you maybe next. lol

    • I agree with you. Derrick wants to take Victoria to the end so ensure he wins the $500k. He has dropped hint after hint about it.

      The only reason he is working with Cody on keeping the Hitmen together is because Caleb cannot be the HOH next week and Derrick thinks the POV comp will not be an endurance of physical comp. If Cody was the HOH this week, Derrick would be approaching Caleb about getting Cody out.

      Cody is not going to realize this is Derrick’s plan until Derrick send Cody packing – but yes, Cody – like everyone else – is play for Derrick and not himself.

  3. I’m really wondering what Derrick’s play is going to be if he has to choose who to evict between Cody and Victoria to go to the F2. What does he say to the evictee to get/keep their vote in jury? He should take Victoria to better his chances and tell Cody that – “if Victoria wasn’t still here, you would sit with me in F2… but this is a game move” ??

    • He is taking Cody unless Cody wins and Decides that taking Derrick will be bad for him. It will, but Cody does everything that Derrick wants.

    • While I can certainly respect the process watching Derrick plod his way to the winner’s podium has infused Big Brother with about the same level of excitement as it used to infuse us kids watching our dad back the 60 foot Winnebago into 62 feet of campsite. You just kind of stand around waiting for it to mercifully be over so that you can move on to more exciting business.
      Victoria is a sweet girl but her game is flat. She doesn’t ignite anything, she’s there, that’s it. Aside from playing “feely meely” under the sheets with Christine, Cody’s game hasn’t been all that much more than Victoria’s. Someone to sit around looking pretty for the most part. So for Derrick’s game it comes down to loyalty and I honestly think he’d score more points with this particular jury by staying loyal to his first alliance – Cody.

    • If you remember, Andy from last year never won an HOH until the final one. Although it is highly unlikely but Victoria could pull a rabbit out of her arse and win that final HOH. If that is the case it will be interesting on who she will take to the final 2, most will bet it will be Derrick but maybe if she get’s Derrick out in the last round that could win her bonus point’s in the jury. Will it be enough to win the whole thing though>

    • You raise a good point Smitty. Can Derrick manage to get to the F2 without getting any blood on his hands? What if he has to backstab Cody or Caleb to get them out? Will they become extremely bitter jury members? I can’t see the egocentric Caleb appreciating being made to look like a humongous idiot on national TV and predict he will be bitter. I’ve been watching Cody but he’s still a total enigma to me, is he even capable of complicated emotions?

  4. Derrick will win if he takes any of the house guests left In the house, except for Frankie. He may win if he takes Frankie but it is not a sure thing as the rest of the HGs.

      • That is what’s so puzzling about this season Gary. Is the DR perhaps leading them astray as far as Derrick is concerned? Soothing their paranoia when doubting Derrick? Because this is almost too difficult to believe as far as Derrick is concerned.

    • Even if Caleb won POV, it wouldn’t mess up Derrick’s plan to go to final 2.
      At this point, after Frankie leaves, any of the remaining HGs would take Derrick to final 2. He has set it up, well in advance……like taking candy from babies.

  5. Right now is when the idiots in that house should be getting Derrick out on his ass but then again nobody in the house has known how to play this game all year so….BUt this would be the time to completely flip justs hows how pathetically weak the house is…. This show allways highlights one thing year after passive and weak the younger male generation has become… Theres no real MEN in this house ..there all pretty boy little pecker rubbers…..I mean its hard to watch these younger generations in general…. The men left on this show are absolutely pathetic and really have very little manly qualitys..Cody and Caleb might as well set with the girls and “talk shop”./.Cody is such a little “bitch boy” its unreal….Frankie ? Well that guys been there for his 15 minutes and is a disgrace to ANY gay person but he has shown more ability to stand up and be out on his own than either of the other two…. Derrick? Hes just utilized what the game has given him and its allowed him to come out smelling like a rose… when in fact that dude is NOT all that..nor has he been.,..hes just in a house with alot of buffoons!!

      • Agree with you both- On these reality shows why do cops not let them know what they really do? Loved it last night when Frankie and Cody talking about cops and Derrick pretending to be asleep

      • I don’t understand either. Did the winner last year (?) tell people he was a cop? I can’t remember.

      • Tony, this year’s winner of Survivor revealed that he was a cop when he wanted to prove that he was trustworthy. I don’t remember how far into the season, but I do remember him doing it. There were ~6 of his alliance members left to tell.

    • Amen Gary, Frankie is the only male left in the house who seems to have any testosterone coursing through his veins.
      Caleb can only manage to be aggressive when bullying women and putting them in their place.
      The soft and pudgy Derrick is playing a woman’s game, lying, gossiping and backstabbing which I find repellent.
      I guess the Beta males are easier for production to control though.

  6. My only question is how did Caleb live in the BB house all summer and not realize how close Derrick is with Cody and how close Derrick is with Victoria?

    • He was way too busy planning his smash country lip syncing tour, setting up his wedding with Amber in Germany, and side stepping Frankie’s ass grabbing. Caleb isn’t much of a multi-tasker…

      • Thank you JeanJeannie and I have to agree, Caleb is a perfect example of having a 1 track mind, which so explains his crazed infatuation with Amber. Once she left he was able to concentrate on more important things, like his future Country music career.

    • For the same reason that Caleb didn’t notice that the Bomb Squad had exploded. Narcissists don’t notice things that don’t effect them directly. As long as he wasn’t getting wind of being targeted, other relationships in the house wouldn’t occur to him.

      • That brings up another question. What exactly does he have to be so narcissistic about?
        But I like your explanation redroses, it does explain his baffling behavior. He’s the kind of guy that can’t wait for a person to shut up so he can talk about himself some more.

      • I have yet to figure out why narcissists are the way they are. Some studies link it to heredity and some to being so spoiled and always told that they are perfect as a child. I am the child of a narcissist, so I’ve done research on how to deal with it. The glaring answer is that you don’t. I do agree with the studies that say it’s extremely hard to get one to realize that they are. If they won’t admit it, they can’t change it. They honestly can not fathom things that don’t involve them or their interests.

      • Maybe narcissists tend to gravitate toward reality TV and that’s why it was so nice to see HG’s like Donny and Nicole this year, such a breathe of fresh air compared to Frankie and Caleb and ……..

  7. A bit off topic, but has anyone seen the video (on UTube) that Frankie Grande submitted in attempt to get on Survivor? It’s pretty much everything you would imagine, except for graphic references to anal sex.

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