Big Brother 16 Week 11: Veto Scenarios & Eviction Ideas

The Power of Veto competition will be held on Saturday afternoon in the Big Brother house and with just five Houseguests left in the race there aren’t many options for what could happen next. All the same, HGs are plotting and scheming even if none of it matters at all.

Cody Calafiore on Big Brother 16
Cody Calafiore on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

Only two Houseguests remain “safe” and off the block this week with two more nominated and one sitting as HoH. Should either of the “safe” Houseguests win the Veto today and decides to use it then the other one would be forced into becoming this week’s renom.

Last night Derrick spoke with Cody about that very possibility and how they should handle it if the opportunity arises.

Flashback to 9:11PM BBT 9/5 Cams 3/4 as Derrick and Cody chat in the bathroom. Derrick wants to know if Cody thinks it could be the right time to go after Caleb if Derrick were to win the Veto, save Cody, and force a Caleb renom by Frankie. Derrick wonders if it’d be better to get Caleb out this week or do they need him to go after Frankie.

Derrick is feeling Cody out for a run at breaking up Frankie and Caleb. Which I’ve been expecting since it’s likely Derrick’s ideal situation for going in to the F4. Caleb might take Derrick on to the end, but I think Frankie has a much better chance of making that choice.

Should Derrick get to the F4 with Cody, Frankie, and Victoria then he’d be practically set for making it to the F2 as as none of those three trust each other and all have strong connections to Derrick.

Of course none of this really matters as anything more than a test run of what could happen Wednesday night. The Rewind twist is in effect so these results will all be wiped out and redone at the next live show, but if the tracks are laid it’ll make it easier on the HGs to say they’re just doing it again rather than upsetting another Juror.

What do you think of Derrick’s idea? If there was no “Rewind” twist, would it be better to get Caleb out next or wait and let Victoria go? Share your thoughts.


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  1. A question: When the game resets, will they be playing the entire week in one night? Will it play out like the second eviction on a double eviction night? That could get very tricky for Derrick to work his magic with no real time to work the house guests.

    • Right, it will work just like that, the whole week in one night. I think Derrick has a pretty tight grip on most of the other houseguests at this point. Victoria and Cody, in the very least, would just go and ask him what to do.

    • If you read Julie’s comment’s about the rewind button, she clarified it and it is online now Derrick will not be able to play in the redo of this week’s HOH. Only those who competed in the last HOH can compete in the rewind. Derrick could very well be on the block and going home if he takes Cody down forcing Frankie to replace him with Caleb. Oh my how the plot thickens.

      • September 6th.

        That’s how long it took for me to see my first “the game is rigged for player-x” comment.

        Stop. The game isn’t rigged.

      • It would make sense that Derrick couldn’t compete, it would be unfair to the other house guest’s but then again in this game nothing is fair.

      • Even if by some miracle Derrick actually got to feel what it was like to be on the block, they don’t have the votes in the house to get him out if he was sitting next to Caleb, Cody or Victoria. He has Cody in his pocket; he has Victoria in his pocket. If Caleb wasn’t sitting on the block next to Derrick, he also would probably vote to keep him. Unfortunately, it’s pretty much a “win-win” situation for Derrick at this time unless Big Brother production has something else in the works to prevent that from happening; but I seriously doubt it.

      • Nothing is win-win for Derrick until Frankie leaves in my opinion. Frankie isn’t taking anyone to F3 but Caleb and Victoria I think.

        Frankie’s targets go a little something like this:
        F2 – Frankie/Victoria
        F3 – Frankie/Victoria/Caleb
        F4/F5 – Get Cody and Derrick out

    • It will depend on who wins the HOH.

      If Victoria somehow won then either Caleb or Frankie would go to the jury, because she would be the tiebreaker and would send out whoever Derrick told her to.

      Cody wouldn’t vote out Derrick either.

      Caleb is still convinced that the Bomb Squad is in play and he would send Victoria out.

      There is no telling what Frankie would do if he won the HOH again but I think he wants the all guy final four.

  2. Frankie needs to go. He is just disgusting to say nothing of his sexually harassing and groping the male contestants. CBS needs to boot him.

    • If he was straight a doing it to the girls left in the house, do you think the situation would be handled differently by production?

      • He complained earlier in the season that Victoria was doing the same thing. She got called out on it in the DR. Why can’t production call him in the DR and give him the same treatment they gave her. Of course he did complain and so far no one has complained about him yet.

      • I thought I read both Caleb and Cody were pushing Frankie away, trying to get him to stop, maybe because they have not gone to production about it nothing has been done?

      • Why were they all in the same bed anyway is what I want to know! Surely they had to be aware Frankie would try something!

      • Absolutely! Production would have stopped it immediately! But because he’s “gay” and hitting on the guys, he gets a pass. Which I think is ridiculous. Sexual harrassment is valid no matter who the victim or perp is. He should have been punished or evicted or at the very least, called out on that behavior. I won’t even go into his violent assertions against the women in the house, which should have been dealt with immediately as well. They call hgs out for talking about production but not violent intentions? Who’s running the show? Caligula?

      • The production will not say or reprimand Frankie, because CBS doesn’t want to be labeled as a homophobe. Why should Caleb and Cody have to say something, hello they cameras in the house. They know what the HG are doing.

      • Caleb and Cody won’t say anything because they are afraid they will be labelled as a homophobie!

      • Guess they want to avoid any libel suits. But the families sure could press one against Frankie if they so choose!

  3. The thing about this rewind is that someone is bound to tip their hand and when the rewind kicks in they will be hung out to dry.

      • I’m not much for prayer, but I sure am hoping Derrick wins the whole thing. He is the only one left who actually deserves to win based on strong game play.

      • Derrick didn’t have to play strong. He had a bunch of dumb house guests to play against which made his game really easy. He would never have stood a chance with Dr. Will, Dan Gheesling or Evil Dick. He would have been long gone by now.

      • Thank you, Dani700. Nice to see another poster who isn’t enthralled with the tactics Derrick has used throughout this game. I agree Derrick has gotten away with it because the other houseguests are lightweights. Evel Dick would have eaten Derrick for breakfast.

      • Agreed, a bunch of rats and big mouth house guests (besides Donny and Derrick). Zach was a big mouth, but he was actually entertaining… can’t say the same for much of the others.

        Derrick does deserve the win out of anyone left in the house though, I don’t think anyone can deny that — I’d be surprised.

    • YES! That’s exactly what I’m hoping will happen too. I want to see Derrick win Veto and take Cody down since Caleb is the only person left to nominate. I wonder at the rewind if Derrick will be able to mist himself out of that.

    • Unless Caleb wins POV and doesn’t do anything with it, or Derrick wins POV and doesn’t do anything with it, instead they just try to get votes for Victoria to stay as the ultimate F2 partner.

  4. Julie : HG since you pressed the button w will not be doing a live vote Please head to the back yard for an HOH comp and new nomns to follow. Then we will have a POV comp and then the live eviction. Frankie: What the fk?

  5. I’m hoping for questions that Victoria has studied and she wins HOH. Watch the guys cry then.

  6. As long as the scenario works out where Frankie goes home once and for all, any other scenario will be a waste! :-)

      • I am 99.99% sure Frankie is gone if he loses HOH and POV. Derrick wants to send home Frankie and then Caleb, not the other way around — he could definitely use Caleb’s help to get out Frankie if he makes it past this week.

  7. They are going to have a very little time to try to come up with any kind of strategy.

    Caleb could make a very big move and put up Cody & Derrick and got Frankie to agree to vote one of them out but I doubt that would happen and Victoria would get sent out unless she won the veto if he only put one of them up the other won the POV took the other down which would force Caleb to put up Frankie and Frankie would be toast.

    Cody would finally make a move and put up Caleb & Frankie and one of them would be gone then it would be three against one.

    Frankie is a wildcard but I think that he would just redo his noms instead of taking out Cody or Derrick.

    Victoria would do what Derrick told her to do.

    • It’s been Derrick’s plan all along to keep Victoria so he can take her to the final two. He figures it’s a sure win for him sitting opposite someone like Victoria who has done absolutely nothing but managed to stay in the game.

  8. Honestly, it shows how well Derrick is playing the game that he has managed to pull strings all along but none of them know he’s behind so much of what’s happened. It’s one thing to manipulate, but it’s another to manipulate well enough that people think his ideas are actually theirs.

    • Only Donny and Nic know what Derrick has done but they may have told jury by now- The way they address jury has a lot to do with the votes- Bitter jury? lets see who makes the final and how they explain their game.

    • That could be his downfall though. The Jury might not realize how great he has been and not vote him to win. Then they’d watch the season and feel like dummies.

  9. I wonder anyone’s thoughts on why BB hasn’t aired the ‘rape joke/conversation’ on the broadcast? They addressed the racism last year, but not this? Not making a judgement on its severity or sincerity, just curious. I never prescribed to the production favoritism of Frankie but this does cause me to scratch my head.

      • Exactly. Maybe that’s part of Frankie’s problem, I don’t think he understands how he is portrayed because he doesn’t get how his words and actions look to other people unless he gets called out on it. I actually don’t think he is a bad person, just unaware.

      • oh i think you are right when he is slapped in the face with the reaction of the viewers he has no choice but to care but that is too late….he just is so arrogant right now it will be good for him to be knocked down a little

    • The issue could have been addressed in the DR and we don’t know or are not supposed to know it. When Caleb told Nicole that he would punch her and then hit her with a chair he was called ASAP into the DR. Like it or not some things that go on in the house are things we are not privy too.

      • I don’t care about that much, I think they probably handled it on their end like you said, I was just curious why they didn’t address it like in past seasons. There was so much coverage of it I wondered.

      • As with last year’s racist comments, if these rape comments does not in any way affect gameplay like say, Victoria got a wind of it and made a big fuss about it, as she should be, then that’s the only way it could make it into the primetime episodes.

  10. You know that they’re worried stiff, when they continue talking about Christine’s booing. Now they’re saying it’s because Christine didn’t hug them before she left….lol

  11. Derrick wants to evict Caleb, Frankie or Cody because he only wants to keep Victoria cause he knows she won’t get the votes. I personally hope they all vote for Victoria to win. They have all carried her because they believe she won’t get the votes.

  12. If Derrick goes ahead with this idea the rewind will be an incredible event in an otherwise boring season. He will be exposed to Caleb and Frankie, and maybe even Cody will wonder if Derrick’s plan is to take Victoria to the end.

    If Caleb or Frankie wins the HOH redo Derrick could be the one going home. Frankie nominates Derrick and and Victoria. Unless Derrick wins POV the voters will be Caleb and either Cody or Victoria. Caleb evicts Derrick creating a tie vote which would then leave the eviction to Frankie. Derrick goes home. The same would be true if Caleb wins the HOH.

    The only wrinkle is if Cody or Victoria – whoever is not on the block – wins POV and takes Derrick down. Then Frankie is forced to put up Caleb and then Cody and Derrick vote out Caleb.

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