Big Brother 16 – Week 10 Nomination Anticipation

A new Head of Household is set to bring a new round of nominations today on Big Brother 16. Last night on the Live Feed we were able to listen in and see who was heading to the block.

Nomination Anticipation for Big Brother 16
Nomination Anticipation for Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

The odds were against Nicole though she worked hard to win that endurance competition, but now that she’s lost her chance at power she knows what’s coming. The real question is who will join her.

Once Big Brother After Dark fired up but before the Feeds turned back on we saw the guys gathered around Caleb who was laid out on the couch resting his injured knee (from during the comp). The guys were all agreeing that Nicole would go up but instead of Victoria they wanted Christine with her.

Now I’m somewhat surprised by that. All last week we heard Caleb saying how he wanted to keep the alliance (that hadn’t been an alliance for how long now?) together so they could reach F5 and say they had the biggest group to get that far.

So what happened to make Christine a consideration for nomination? The alliance had already been worried that with Nicole returning there might be an attempt to form an alliance along the sex-line. We saw in last night’s show how Frankie was already paranoid about that so what happened during the comp only pushed that farther along.

Cody told the guys that he could overhear Nicole telling Christine to scoop to the bottom of the pool to get slush and help fill her bowl more quickly. Flashback to 10:29 PM BBT 8/28 to hear Cody retelling the story to Caleb. They took this as the girls working together and that was all they needed to make the pair a set of nomination plans.

Nicole made a push to avoid her nomination when she visited Caleb this morning at 3:30 AM BBT. She tries everything she can including telling Caleb about the Rationale alliance. Nicole swears she isn’t trying to work with Christine considering Christine is the one who betrayed her. Her efforts fall on deaf ears as Caleb immediately retells all of this to Derrick and Frankie.

The alliance’s worry here is that if Christine and Nicole are working together, but they’re not on the block together, then Christine could win the Veto, use it on Nicole, and then a guy would have to go up on the block. They’re not going to take that risk.

There’s no Battle of the Block anymore so Nicole will just have the Veto to try and keep herself safe, but maybe the guys will see this as an opportunity to get Christine out and move ahead with the isolated Nicole still in the game. Could be an exciting week after all!

What do you think of Caleb’s nomination plans? The official ceremony will be held later today and we’ll keep you posted with the spoilers as we get them from the Live Feeds.



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  1. I know its a long shot, but Victoria and Nicole have gotten so close lately and it would be funny if Victoria won veto and used it on Nicole and that meant that one of the boys would have to go up. I’m sure Victoria won’t win and even more sure that if she does, Derrick will convince her not to use it.

    • Even if Victoria somehow won POV, Derrick will tell her not to use POV on Nicole so, it accomplishes nothing. Would be nice though if
      Victoria does win POV and does the unthinkable which is take off Nicole from the block. Now, that would be something! Hoping for that slim chance.

      • I wish Nicole could convince Victoria to break away from the control freak, Derrick. She needs to make her own decisions..let Nicole help her with that!

      • If Victoria had done one thing this season that Derrick didn’t want she would be gone though

      • Very true. The moment he does feel he has complete control over her, is the moment he is willing to evict her.

      • That wont happen as I feel Derrick has a solid relationship w/with Victoria. The way Victoria looks at him shows she is completely enthralled w/Derrick. Seems they all are really.

  2. Why is Victoria still a non-issue? She’s going to win it all because everybody is forgetting she is still in the house.

      • I agree. She might make it to the end, but I don’t think she has the competition wins or the oratory skills to convince a jury to give her the money.

      • Random House Guest: “Victoria, why should I vote for you to win the $500,000.”

        Victoria: “Because I manipulated Derrick into thinking he was controlling me, but in reality I was just using him to get me further in the game. So I had no reason to win competitions and get blood on my hands.”


      • Oh god, that’d be hilarious… Veronica turning out to be some manipulation mastermind in the end. Hahaha

      • Veronica is not that bright. It would be a fair strategy for someone to do, but they would want to make it clear in their DRs that they aren’t really stupid. She doesn’t, which means she is THAT stupid. Her heart is going to be broken when she sees how much she’s been used by everyone this season!

    • So far she will not win, unless she makes some awesome moves. She is a floater and won’t win other wise…..I get a feeling though that she can win and maybe she is doing this to get as far as she can and then wham…She suddenly a game player?????

  3. It would be hilarious to me if Victoria goes to F2 and jury gives her the win just to piss off these nasty, rude and arrogant jerks..not talking about you, Nicole!

    • Those are my exact thoughts. They think by taking her to the end they would for sure win. But then it backfires and she wins.

  4. Caleb will not make any big move unless Derrick talks him into it.

    Caleb has the chance to make a big move but he still thinks that he is in a good place with his alliance when he actually isn’t and either him or Christine will be the first one to go and Derrick will work his magic to make sure they both go out before Victoria does.

    • He is in a pretty good place, because Derrick feels he can control him and Frankie needs to have someone to partner with vs. Derrick and Cody in final 4. He should try to get Christine out, because I do think she would target Caleb if she won HOH next week.

  5. Really? Is there any anticipation for the nominations? Caleb will do as Derrick instructs because the Bomb Squad is still tight (poor delusional idiot) and put up Christine as the pawn and Nicole as the target. Nicole will have to win POV or it’s going to be another boring, predictiable week! If any of them had an original thought (i.e. something Derrick didn’t plant first), I’d seriously pass out!

    • I find it funny that Caleb’s reasoning for keeping Christine longer than Victoria is because he wants to be part of the biggest alliance that made it the furthest in BB history and beat the Brigade. I guess choosing to vote out Devin, Amber, Hayden and Zach don’t count to him. Brigade was one of the best alliances in the game because they stayed loyal to each other to the end. The only reason they didn’t make final 4 was because two of them ended up on the block mid way through the season. Whereas this alliance chooses to vote out its own members almost every other week.

  6. I am so confused. What is wrong with Derrick winning the whole thing. He is a police officer, they do not make near the money they earn. He has made great sacrafice to be away from his family. I realized that last night. He has kept his cool, open his mouth when needed, kept his opinion to himself when time was right, made friends, kept players in the game and protected them when they should had gone home. He has played the game well kept his marriage vows, respected himself and family. Why not Derrick for the win and one of the best players ever.

    • I don’t think you will get any argument that Derrick has played the best game. People are mad because I seems so obvious to us what he is doing and people cannot understand why the HG can’t see it. But former HG have said after coming out and watching their season, that thinks that seem obvious are NOT when you are in the house.

      • Derrick is awesome… let him relax… he has a stressful job so he deserves to sit back and chill

      • Too bad Derrick did not give that courtesy to Donny the past how many weeks? That poor man was terrorized by Derricks agenda every week. Yeah, Derrick is a real nice guy.

    • My problem with Derrick is his constant lies. He has thrown everybody under the bus, including Cody. He also could have saved Donny last week, but he didn’t. The rest of the boys were n board. I do think he is playing a good game, I just don’t like it.

    • Derrick’s game play has been near flawless. However, I have 2 issues with him. First, he lies to the viewers. Does he think we are all idiots and gullible? Second, he’s so over confident that I just want to see him knocked off of his throne. We don’t even know how he’d do under pressure, because he keeps throwing HOH and POV comps. The only HOH where he stayed HOH was do evict Devin, which was a no-brainer.

    • yea he has played a good game, BUT Vicky is starting to rub derrick like Christine rubs cody, lol

    • I agree completely, im a derrick fan because he is the smartest player and that’s what it takes to win, if this were survivor he would of outwitted, outlast and outplayed and I hope when the time comes whoever is sitting in the final they will vote based on who played the best game!!!!!!!!!go derrick,,,!!!!

  7. If Cody gets evicted during DE he has nobody to thank but Derrick…. If Derrick gets evicted during the DE he has nobody to blame but himself…Too little to late Cody to realize u should have played ur own game…Caleb winning the HOH was unexpected but they should have considered the possibility and that Frankie would be his co HOH and help make decisions concerning their fate…Stupid is as stupid does….Cody should have got rid of Frankie

  8. victoria and christine need to go up…..if veto takes one off replace with frankie

    • Caleb will not put a guy up. He will put Vic up. When Christine was hoh and he went to “persuade” her to put up Nic he said “us GUYS are sticking together”, which, of course, went right over Christine’s head

  9. I’m hoping Derrick or Cody will find a way to get in Caleb’s head about the possibility of possibly considering to back door Frankie this week if the opportunity is there.

    • I don’t think they’re going to risk anything like that…its been widely known that Cody/Derrick and Frankie/Caleb have broken off into duos. I don’t know how Christine isn’t more worried about her position, but she seems to think she’s as safe as can be.

      • I don’t know. I get the feeling that is more speculation. Caleb has been throwing Frankie utb a lot lately. He told Derrick and Cody that he was with them for F3. Caleb is a horrible liar, so I believe he’d rather stick with Derrick/Cody.

      • We are on our way to a very boring finish. Caleb, Victoria, and Cody have all lamented that they’d like to go to the final 2 with Derrick. Nicole, Christine, and Frankie are the only ones smart enough to know better, although Christine and Frankie would have trouble beating anyone at this point.

  10. Lets be honest, with a double eviction there is a very good chance both Nicole and Christine leave the same night anyways.

  11. I have a feeling that Christine is the real target this week, not Nicole. Derrick and Cody are trying to weaken Frankie, not strengthen him… (They don’t know that Nicole might be targeting them)

  12. We already know who will be nominated. Nicole and Christine. One comes down Victoria goes up. I’ll be shocked if anything different happens. Same thing every boring week. Nicole needs to win POV to stay safe. She will go up every week if she doesn’t win.

  13. It would kill Caleb for a girl to be in F2 and him in jury. I think he truly believes that women are inferior beings and don’t deserve anything more than to obey their man.

    • I think you’re right, rr. Here’s the thing, though…I stated in an earlier post how happy I am that the guys in the house aren’t treating Frankie bad because he’s gay. If his hugs, kisses, and other shows of affection bothered them, they wouldn’t allow it. So, it’s funny to me that Caleb is so open-mined about Frankie, but still holds onto the “Me Tarzan, you Jane” mentality. Weird, huh?

      • Yeah, I thought that was strange, too. If Frankie had been on the outs of the big group, I don’t think Caleb would have been so open-minded.

  14. Derrick is the bomb! And he should win..hands down, the best player, and the most deserved of the title.

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