Big Brother 16 Live Feeds: Week 10 Thursday Night Highlights


It was a busy night on the Big Brother 16 Live Feeds as the endurance competition played out live. After that, some HGs found themselves sucking up to the new HOH and talk of nominations has already begun. Find out what else happened on the Big Brother Feeds in the house yesterday.

Big Brother 16 Live Feed Highlights – Thursday, August 28, 2014:

7:01 PM BBT – Feeds return after live show. HGs are slipping and sliding back and forth to fill up their snowmen.

7:48 PM BBT – Derrick is now going for the cash.

7:53 PM BBT – HGs mostly quiet as they continue to the challenge.

8:40 PM BBT – HGs still going. Nicole and Frankie are close but he’s pulling ahead.

9:07 PM BBT – Derrick won the $5K and the “hollas.”

9:23 PM BBT – Caleb’s snowman is full. He grabs the coal and is the new Head of Household. Frankie of course runs to Caleb to throw himself all over him even though Caleb is in pain.

9:27 PM BBT – Feeds cut.

10:03 PM BBT – Feeds back. Confirmed that Caleb won HOH. He’s in pain. Guys already talking about who to nominate.

10:05 PM BBT – Derrick comes out of DR with instructions for everyone to drink water and take a hot shower to recover from the competition.

10:20 PM BBT – Frankie saying everyone (America) must be obsessed with Donny. They talk about how much applause he got when he was evicted.

10:23 PM BBT – Derrick and Frankie help Caleb to the shower.

10:30 PM BBT – Caleb thinks he’s too injured to be able to compete in the veto competition.

10:54 PM BBT – Frankie has been really stroking Caleb’s ego since he won (saying he’s going to get Beast Mode Cowboy tattooed on his chest and that he will give him $25K if he doesn’t win the $500K just for winning this HOH). Now he’s saying he deserves a duet with Ariana Grande.

11:00 PM BBT – Frankie is visibly upset that America likes Donny. He can’t understand why and says he didn’t do sh** in the game. He thinks he must have some secret still.

11:05 PM BBT – Derrick apologizes to America for the challenge. He says they got the message loud and clear.

11:30 PM BBT – Christine is trying to talk crap about Nicole with Frankie but he’s backing off from it, surprisingly.

11:34 PM BBT – Despite them now realizing America likes Donny, Christine is still trash talking him.

11:44 PM BBT – Cody is warning Christine about talking to the girls this week because Frankie has people paranoid the girls have teamed up.

12:05 AM BBT – Caleb walking around and stretching his leg. Earlier he needed help, but now he’s walking on his own. Caleb says he may not compete in Veto if it is physical.

12:20 AM BBT – Frankie tells Caleb not to confirm his nom plans as DR gave Frankie grief for doing that.

12:25 AM BBT – Christine mentions the “apple pie” question and thinks it was weird. Frankie plays it off about how little he was a Have-Not.

12:40 AM BBT – Frankie admits the fans of the show don’t care who his sister is. Derrick agrees.

12:45 AM BBT – Derrick says he was told the “hollas” will be at night and in the mornings.

12:48 AM BBT – Derrick and Frankie discussing their Team America missions. Frankie thinks they’ve accomplished 4. (It’s 3.)

12:50 AM BBT – Frankie says they lost this challenge because America isn’t ready for a man in drag. (No, Frankie, stop lying to yourself.)

12:55 AM BBT – Frankie says he’s hated because he’s a huge star. (Frankie who?)

1:00 AM BBT – Derrick and Frankie are sad about the “overwhelming” rejection of their task. Julie didn’t just say no, she said “overwhelmingly no.”

1:30 AM BBT – HoH room time.

2:50 AM BBT – Cody alone in the kitchen says to himself that he hates Frankie & might have mumbled that he should have put him up.

3:20 AM BBT – Christine admits to Derrick that Nicole gave her the slush tip about digging deeper in the pool for the thicker muck.

3:30 AM BBT – Nicole is campaigning to Caleb in the HoH room. She promises total loyalty to him.

3:40 AM BBT – Nicole tells Caleb how Derrick and Cody betrayed her and Hayden with their alliance (Rationale).

3:45 AM BBT – Nicole argues that her returning isn’t a second chance to win but really an opportunity for the players who remained.

3:50 AM BBT – Caleb tells Nicole she is not a big target for him, but she’s good at the game so she is still a target.

4:00 AM BBT – Nicole leaves & Derrick and Frankie arrive in the HoH room. Caleb tells them everything Nicole said.

4:10 AM BBT – The guys again agree the noms should be Christine with Nicole so Christine can’t win the Veto and use it on Nicole.

4:15 AM BBT – Downstairs Nicole is upset at her situation and knows she’ll have to keep winning Veto to stay.

4:20 AM BBT – Cody arrives and gets the details. Cody suggests he’d “go off” on Nicole. I guess she better get in his “go off” line then.

Everyone just expects Nicole to go back on the block, but now that Donny is gone, someone has to sit beside her. Who will it be? You can watch all of these Big Brother 16 events using the archives flashback, the DVR-like feature of this year’s Live Feeds which means it’s always live, even when you missed it! Sign-up now to get the free trial to watch it all live & uncensored.

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  1. Frankie is such a green eyed little monster. Donny is the only who hung on to a moral code in the house and he won just as many comps as Frankie. I can’t wait till Frankie finds out how disliked he is. Maybe before Frankie starts promising to give caleb 25k he should wait to see if he actually wins.

      • That’s a lot of covering. His ego is way beyond what she can do to cover for him.

      • I was just referring to the $25k. Nobody knew who Frankie was before Big Brother, nobody will remember him after Big Brother.

      • :-). Okay. I think more than the money, Frankie was hoping this would be his big break into stardom. He was hoping that he would be America’s favorite and the breakout star (so he could stop riding his sister’s coattail).

      • Um, Matt did a Frankie follower count in an article a while back. Frankie doesn’t even come close to a million followers. That count is another of Frankie’s delusions. And I think Frankie said 1.5 million.

    • He’ll just justify the “dislike” with the help of his family and sycophantic friends. His head would explode if his brain actually processed that he was not well liked by the American public.

    • & that’s def against the rules. Come on production. Frankie promising Caleb part of his winnings. Give him a penalty nom or something. or make him a have not. geez! why have rules???

    • 1) Who cares about a moral code? This is Big Brother. Have you watched the show before? 2) Donny tried to scheme and manipulate just as much as Frankie, the only difference being he had no one backing him up. He played a HORRENDOUS social game. No effort to make friends or alliances, constantly blaming his age. That’s why he is gone. 3) I agree, Frankie is just the worst.

      • Completely agree! Donny had no social game besides trying to be nice to everyone. And when he schemed it bit him in the butt because he definitely had no one fighting with him. Needed to make a true alliance once he started talking to Hayden, but never happened.

      • Donny had no chance at a social game. He was shunned, ignored and made fun of by the youngsters. As much as he tried to integrate himself, he was continually shut down. Those people are shallow, selfish and self-promoting egotists, especially Frankie. And, Derrick asking viewers to send artwork that he will return signed is delusional. We’ll remmeber Donny as being gentle, respectful and honorable. We’ll remember Christine as being a cheating, loose woman who disrespected her wedding vows and finds everything hilariously funny.. Cody as a bubble headed pretty boy with no cajonies who seduced a married woman and played his game for a secret cop. We won’t remember Victoria at all. Caleb? Concieted, man whore. Frankie…LOL! All of the above plus he’s delusional.

    • I’m sure Frankie had 25k before he even came into this game. And for the record, Frankie wanted to vote out Nicole and save Donny! Yes, everyone loves Donny (including me) but why is everyone disliking Frankie? Derrick is the back stabing DICK!

      • Wether or not Frankie tried saving Donny has nothing to do with why everyone hates Frankie. Do you watch after dark if you do you would see how nasty and vile Frankie is. Last night he kept spewing hate for Donny. Not to mention his comment about how gad he was that Donny was gone.

      • Frankie was dead set against saving Donny, until he realized that he was most likely the next target after Donny.

  2. Oh and Frankie is delusional nobody is bothered by a man in drag we thought your play SUCKED. Also Americas hates you because of your egotistical, braggart ways, and because you are an attention whore who is gross and disgusting. Frankie is only a star in his own head. BTW Branden loved your comments on the timeline you nailed them on the head.

  3. Poor little Frankie can’t take it that people don’t give a rat’s ass who is sister is and that people don’t like him.

    Wait until he gets out of the house and he realizes just how much of a dirt bag that people think that he is, people actually think that he is a far worse word than a dirt bag but I will try to keep it clean.

    Caleb is going to waste his HOH too by taking out either Nicole or Christine instead of making a move on someone bigger.

    Derrick, Jr. will you please shut up about you should have taken this person out or that person out after the fact, everyone knows that you are Derrick’s little boy and he will tell you what to do

    • Cody… all I can do is shake my head. The man has had ample opportunity to make huge moves. Yet he always goes the safe route and second guesses himself after the fact. That alone is reason enough he shouldn’t win even if he makes it to F2 somehow.

      • Could this be a set up by Derrick. I know he would love to drag Victoria to the end, but if he can make Cody seem like a weak player even though he won comps he could still take his boy to the end and still win the money.

      • Definitely. I’m sure Derrick sees that angle. The more options he has for the F2, the better.

      • So agree ! I wish BB could film the moment Christine’s husband meets Cody. But first to see Christine’s 1st moment w/hubby then Cody and hubby.

      • I think Derrick will take in 2ndplace his least competitive person, Victoria. As no one would/could choose Victoria over Derrick. Unless, as someone mentioned, if Victoria presented that her ‘non game’ was in fact her game.

  4. Ho Hum….Yeah, some excitement we have this week. Nicole put on the block and evicted! Let us get the POV and eviction done asap. You can bet Big Brother will have the Detonators flip flopping their votes again only to vote out Nicole at the end! Anyone dumb enough to fall for that ploy? If Big Brother wants to end the boring, no game play, float from beginning to end, we should have a double eviction week this week. Atleast, that would force the Detonators to “finally” eat one of their own. Zach would not have even been evicted if Donny was not able to save himself. I am still rooting for Nicole to win POV but, if she loses again—-I would not bother watching on TV because it would be another wasted week! After Nicole is evicted though, now the Detonators finally have to go after each other because no one is left! That is the time I will watch Big Brother again. Next season, I will wait to watch Big Brother when it is down to 5 house guests. Chances are pretty good, we will have another huge alliance formed at the start and another boring season yet, again!

      • Did not even bother watching the TV show as I already knew Donny was being evicted despite, the so called numerous flip flopping of votes. If it is a double eviction week then, good. Atleast, one Detonator is going to the jury house and next week would be loads better as the Detonators forced to decide who among them gets evicted next!

      • I get ya. I’m getting sick of these anti-climactic unanimous votes too, but I had to watch just to see the reveal of the TA mission vote.

  5. Cody is a little B****! He has to have the other HG’s make his choices for him! Congrats to Caleb! However I still don’t trust that piece of cowboy crap! As for Christina she needs to get a life and stop talking s*** about the other HG’s! And Frankie that pink haired fruit loop! Needs to stop acting like his sister and start acting like a man! Well somewhat of a man! LOL! Derrick want some doughnuts! I mean that is what cops eat don’t they! Yes HG’s Derrick is an undercover cop! Victoria glad your feeling better now play the DAMN game you freaking loser! And Nicole try to win the POV! And Cody stop messing around with Christina! She is not your type! She needs a nose job!

      • That’s your opinion! I like everyone on BB16! I just don’t like rats snakes nor cheats! I have been a BB fan ever since the show started. So I know how the HG’s play this game!

  6. Frankie it’s not coz America’s not ready for drag, we just don’t like how you are, you are not funny but annoying. Good that you got the message, now you please get over yourself you’re not famous!

  7. Frankie, have you ever heard of RuPaul? Living in NY, have you ever been to SoHo? Media Mogul, please. People don’t like you because you are YOU! A vile person. Green is not a good color on you, ick!

    Cody, hush son. You are not going to “go off” on anyone! You should have used all that gusto to put up and Frankie, the one you “hate so much”. You wasted both your HOH. Your step-dad, Derrick is proud of you and may give you a little more on your allowance (from his winnings). Man, this group talks so much. Nicole made sense and Caleb rather than thinking it over, just blabs it to the other competitors (they keep forgetting this is a game to win $500,000). Frankie cannot promise Caleb stardom when he himslf can’t even get it. UGH!

    Christine, UGH! ICK! YUCK! She is so nasty. What a rude awakening this bunch is going to have when they are back in the real world.

  8. Off the top of my head, I can recall Cody saying that he will call out Devin, Caleb, Brittany, Amber, Hayden, Frankie, Donny, and Nicole. Am I missing anyone?

  9. So, Cody is going to “go off” again? This guy is such a weasel. Why is it OK for the guys to get together and talk game, but, girls aren’t allowed? I hate this bunch of ego maniacs, arrogant, nasty and rude bunch of males. I’m happy that Donny is out of that house. I am sure he is much happier now at the jury house.

  10. Cody is such a freaking wuss! I’m a 5’3″ female and I could beat his a**! All talk and no game! All I can hope is that Nicole wins the POV but then it’ll be Victoria that goes home instead of one of the really annoying ones like Skanky, the Wicked Witch, or Wussy boy. Ugh! These people are insufferable! Derrick is just a big old douchebag liar too! I’m actually pulling for Caleb at this point unless Nicole can figure out how to stay.

    • I don’t know. If Derrick can play it right I could see Christine going home this week if Nicole wins POV.

      • I hope so but I really wish it would be Frankie! WORST HG EVER from the ones I’ve watched!

  11. someone please just deck this frankie guy, if any guy was to go around an play a s s grab on the girls in the house they would be arrested , so why can frankie say those thinks an play a s s grab with ever guy in the house , someone please do what america wants to see .

  12. please get rid of Frankie he is vile wish we could watch the jury house that would be more entertaining to me

    • Agreed! BB why not add an extra hour to the schedule? Or present half and half of each house?

  13. Yeah…NO, Frankie, it’s not that America isn’t ready for a man in drag. If America had a problem with anything, it’d be the way you drape yourself on, pet and kiss all the men! However, we don’t care and that’s not why we vetoed your idiotic Grande-standing, you big camera whore!! This guy is un-freaking-believable. Somebody please back-door the guy (insert your own joke here). Sorry, that was rude. Glad Derrick won HOH. (What? He DIDN’T win? He’s won every HOH comp this season, so I just assumed he won again.)

  14. So Nicole went to Caleb and spilled her guts. Told him her targets and why. I can not understand all the Nicole rooters in here who claim to know and love the game. The girll does not know when to shut up. She should have just said she wanted to pay Christine back but went into the whole Derrick and Cody betrayal. Of course Caleb ran right to Derrick and Cody with the info.

    • I’m new here but could Nic’s over the top expressing of her intentions be to keep them guessing as to what she is up to? To me it seems she is kissing up to people, especially Derrick, so that they wont fear her and get rid of her?

    • It doesn’t matter if Nicole talks, doesn’t talk, kisses ass, does cartwheels, promises her first born none of it matters. She’s the number one target and unless she wins veto and HOH’s she going to jury. She will be a target every week until she’s gone or it’s the finale.

      • She may be grasping at straws. She said that she’s trying anything to stay. I’m hoping something she says stick and they start viewing her as a non-threat, like Victoria. (Although she is nothing like Victoria, IMO!) That way they may start carrying her and targeting others.

  15. I love that Donny was invited to do a guest appearance on The Bold and The Beautiful! That alone will really slap the snot out of Skankie’s ego. I can just see him when he finds out. His mouth agape, eyes open wide…LOL! I guess now Skankie’s sister will put him in one of her music videos…or ALL OF THEM, to lessen the sting America inflicted on him. Don’t do it, Ariana or you’ll drag yourself down with him and watch your career plummet. His bad behavior on BB might just tank her career as well, by association. She needs to distance herself from him professionally. And, it’s very possible he’ll go from being media mogul to a media mongrel with his followers dropping like snowflakes in a blizzard. He’s acted so hafefully, jealously, so unbelievealy self promoting that I doubt anyone would want to be associated with him professionally after he showed all his dark, selfish colors. He gives gay men a bad name.

    • Why so hateful? It’s a game so get over yourself. Who are you too judge anyone? People get so into these silly things.

      • If anyone is being hateful, it’s Frankie, not me. He has no “game.” His “game” is to cuddle and suck up to people in power, bad mouth everyone behind their backs, mug for the camera so he gets all the “face time” he can and then blame America for his epic fail on that mission. Get over YOURSELF. His only hook is that he has a famous sister. Everyone here and outside the house think he’s disgusting because he is.

      • Ninah, could you possibly be………….Ariana in disguise?
        We will never know………

      • LOL..never thought of that. If she’s anything like him, I wouldn’t doubt it. I’d hate to think someone with actual talent would defend such a camera whore even if it is a sibling. No worries though, 95% of the people posting here see Skankie for what he is…a skank.

      • Have you watched him? You think his hateful, disgusting behavior is okay? He’s not playing strategic he’s playing mean and hateful. Prime example he was saying Nicole better not come crying to him or he’ll punch her in the face. Yep he’s a stand up guy.

    • Unfortunately Frankie will still have followers. Some people, not me, love to watch a train wreck.

  16. Isn’t it funny how Victoria isn’t even a conversation for eviction anymore? It looks like everyone has decided to just give her the 2nd place 50k.

    • If they drag her along until the end I hope they vote her the winner. Would love for it to backfire on whoever takes her to the finals.

      • IF Nicole goes back to jury, I’m going to be rooting for Victoria. And I normally can’t stand mean girls.

  17. Here’s what I liked about last night’s show:
    – Nicole remains in the house.
    – Donny’s exit interview was great, especially the part about the Bold & the Beautiful.
    – Remaining HGs heard loud and clear the audience’s applause for Donny.
    – Julie’s apple pie response … overwhelmingly no.
    – Tim’s very well worded disapproval of his wife’s interaction with Cody.
    – We found out that while Victoria’s medical emergency was real, she’s recovering nicely.
    – Nicole’s yelling for Derrick & asking him to get help so that she didn’t leave Victoria alone for even a second. Also liked that the majority of HGs showed real concern and tried to help with Victoria the best that the could.

    Here’s what I didn’t like about last night’s show:
    – Donny got evicted. I was hoping for a BB twist that would save both of them.
    – Both Derrick and Frankie lying to Donny in their exit interviews about how much they tried to save them. Frankie lying to viewers in his DR about the same thing. Derrick never tried to save Donny, except to Donny’s face. Frankie only started trying AFTER he realized that he might be the next target once Donny left.
    – After the commercial break when the HGs were still waiting on the couches, Frankie looked so dejected (assuming over no to the mission.) As soon as Julie spoke up, Frankie realized the cameras were back and immediately perked up with a huge fake grin. I just wanted to slap that grin off of his face.
    – Cody’s dad brushing off Cody’s inappropriate behavior with Christine.
    – Frankie and Christine missing from helping or showing concern for Victoria.

    I’m sure that there is more, but the above is what sticks out in my mind.

      • Before my Mom passed, I tried really hard not to do or say anything that I wouldn’t do or say if she was standing right there. If I was in front of cameras 24/7, I’d be EXTRA careful. And if I was a married Christian woman, as Christine say she is, I certainly wouldn’t be playing grab-ass with another man. That behavior would have devastated my Mom.

      • Her actions are repulsive to me. And this is why so many are disgusted w/them both.
        As her poor husband said, they should show a little respect to him and their marriage.
        I feel that my mom is still with me. Often ‘whispering’ in my ear reminding me of the person I should be. We certainly miss our moms.

      • abdala3, it’s too weird that you mentioned how you feel your mom …’whispering in your ear…’— Earlier this morning, I wrote a really mean post about one of the house guests. Right before I hit post, I deleted it instead. I got the ‘whisper’.

      • Wow! Our moms don’t leave us, how great. Soon after my mom died I had a dream, she was in it and tiles on the ceiling were falling down on me. Within a few days I awakened to tiles falling on me. My upstairs bedroom had ceiling tiles. It took my breath away and it was glorious. : ) Thanks for sharing with me.
        Now re BB, I have a strong feeling Christine will be gone in double eviction, what do you think?

      • Oh man, I hope so! I’m still crossing my fingers that somehow Frankie will get the backdoor treatment during the first eviction, although it’ll probably be Nicole. If Christine gets thrown out during the 2nd eviction, I’d be satisfied with that! Cannot stand her.
        Your comment gave me chills, by the way. :)

      • Well tonight we saw, once again, Caleb take the easy route putting up Victoria with poor Nichole. Love Nichole but guess I agree that she would be further ahead if she would not expose too much in her conversations. But I do love her.
        Maybe still Freaky will be eliminated, hope so. Again wish we could see his face when he learns who America loves, and dislikes.
        And so. will Nichol definitely be out on Thursday? And then afterward next person is named and sits next to Victoria? This is 1st year I am watching and not familiar w/everything.
        Can you believe Christine won this comp? It is so frustrating.

    • Did not notice Cody and Christine’s absence, but they were probably involved in ‘something else’ at the time. SOOOOOOO GROSS!

  18. I wish Donny’s brother or girlfriend would set up a local bank account for him so people may send in donations… that way, Donny would have probably more money than the actual winner…. I’m not well off but I would certainly make a donation if it was controlled by a local bank with all funds going to Donny..

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