Big Brother 16: Veto Scenarios & Nicole’s Chances In Week 10 – Update: Veto Players Picked

The Power of Veto competition is arriving soon on the Big Brother Live Feed and, just like last week, with one main target the results will be critical in project the week’s outcome.

Nicole Franzel upset on Big Brother 16
Nicole Franzel upset on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

Nicole knows she’s in the hot seat. She tried to strike a deal with Caleb but when the Have-Not assignments arrived and he went back on his word Nicole knew she was on her own. Now with just the Veto between her and eviction she’s ready to fight for her survival.

But is a Nicole Veto-win the only option for her to dodge eviction? Let’s take a look at what all could come out of today’s competition from Nicole’s perspective as she is this week’s big target.

There are seven HGs left and six of them will compete, or at least six will be selected to compete. Caleb seriously stressed and injured his knee during the HoH competition to the point that he’s repeatedly said if it’s a physical comp he will not participate.

Of course last week’s standing still stay/fold comp wouldn’t have been an issue, but will they get another one of those today? If it is physical and Caleb doesn’t compete then Nicole is down to four competitors as Caleb has a designated seat in the comp as this week’s HoH.

Along with Nicole we’ll see Christine guaranteed to compete as one of the week’s nominees. Christine has an okay comp record and beat out Nicole in the comic book Veto comp by just a nudge to shut down a chance at a Frankie Backdoor way back in Week 6.

Nicole’s best hope is to either see Victoria’s chip drawn or to get the HG Choice chip. In talks with Victoria last night Nicole seemed to strike a minor alignment with her and there was some talk of watching out for one another. I’m not so sure Victoria would use the Veto on Nicole, but maybe she wouldn’t get in Nicole’s way to win it. Maybe.

I’d say worst case scenario for Nicole is Frankie getting pulled. Donny may have been the Veto king, but he’s gone now and Frankie’s comp record is very strong. If Frankie plays and wins then not only would he not use the Veto on Nicole but he wouldn’t be eligible for a renom should something drastic take hold later this week. Not that I think it’s likely, but this would remove any chance.

That leaves Derrick and Cody as the alternatives who could also end up competing. Cody has pulled off a series of wins recently and won’t hold back with so few options for renoms and the fear of ending up as a the replacement should either nom win the Veto and come down.

Derrick has not won a Veto yet this season and honestly he doesn’t need to unless he wants to prevent his pawn Victoria from going up on the block as a renom as Caleb has suggested he would do. Derrick wouldn’t be renom’d by Caleb and if he’s willing to risk a Victoria renom then he’d be wise to keep his head down and let this one play out around him.

The Power of Veto competition will arrive later today on the Live Feeds and we’ll see if Nicole can pull off the win. If not, the odds of her returning to the Jury House are high and the game will likely carry on with the core alliance maintaining its control and numbers.

Update: Veto players were picked & Nicole is one lucky lady. Four HGs were up for the three spots and only Frankie was not drawn to play. He was pissed off when the Feeds returned.

Nicole will face off against Christine, Cody, Derrick, Victoria, and, if it’s not physical, Caleb. Caleb has said he’d sit out to spare his knee if it looks physical & could get him hurt again. Frankie will host.

With Frankie sitting on the sidelines there’s technically a chance that he could be Backdoor’d, but would Caleb be so bold? Maybe, but we’ll have to wait and see.


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  1. I’m hoping for Nicole to pull this off, for Frankie’s name to not be pulled and for Caleb to be sitting out of this comp if it’s physical. If all these factors come into play we can all be seeing a shakeup we’ve been itching to see in this house all summer, again we can all hope right?

    • Wouldn’t it be great if the feeding frenzy started earlier and Christine was evicted rather than Nicole? That’s what I’m hoping for anyway.

  2. The way these HG’s are treating Nicole, except for Derrick and Victoria, is so wrong. Nicole can’t help that there was a returning jury member who came back in…give that to production…she won the comp…she comes back..they are treating her so bad right now I almost want her to leave on Thursday. They are a bunch of piranha’s in that house right now. She is totally alone..there is no need for them to treat her like they are. Frankie and both are repulsive individuals, who when you get out of the house, you will soon find out. I hope you both fade into the sunset never to be seen or heard from again.

    • I know it bothers me a lot the way they treat her like they’re in Defcon 4 and she’s a bio threat to their health when in reality they’re a bio threat to themselves. Last night Derrick was going around the house finding cups dirty cups that have been lying around since week 2?? week 2?? Now that house needs to demolished, fumigated, and burned when they step out from what I see and the blame is going to “Frankie” which I actually don’t doubt, you hear about the nail clippings in the living room where they sit on live every Thursday, nasty, downright nasty.

      • this kind of happens every season with the BB house. it always get ripe and stinky towards the end. I believe the author of the reality blurred blog did an article about that a few years back.

      • Kathy Griffin said the house smelled.
        when doing an interview she was asked about the guest appearance

      • It’s actually a studio on the CBS lot. They have it close to the front hence the yelling sometimes. The people are actually on a sidewalk outside the CBS area. Not very loud because they really aren’t as close as people think. They need to move it to the back of the lot. Maybe they could get rid of the ants that show up every year. I know some good poison that works. Really surprised they don’t have roaches as dirty as it is.

      • This group of morons gang up on one person each week. Now that Donny is gone it is Nicole. Let’s see if they gang up on each other as they did to these two. I agree this house if filthy. I cannot imagine the stench in the house. They may all shower but then they lay on dirty sheets, use dirty towels and sit around in a house that smells. DISGUSTING

    • Derrick is only trying to get a jury vote. He knows he is in for a smooth ride unless Frankie catches his and Cody”s azz

      • Yeah, the same Derrick that called her a liar multiple times.
        Derrick is trying to win a jury vote. I want Derrick voted out because he is too smug and arrogant.

      • Sorry guys but I rather take the unsanitary one (Frankie) out before Derrick not only for his previous actions in the house but just cause of his recent one of threatening to punch a girl in the face, do we want a repeat of Willie Hantz except I actually think this egomaniac will do it from how he was talking last night spewing all that hate.

      • Wouldn’t it be fantastic if the two at the end would be Victoria & Nicole! Wouldn’t that put a cork in the others rear ends!

      • Didn’t any of the other so called men say something to it when it said it would punch her in the face? Cody? Who used to always be a over her telling her he adores her, loves her, wants to meet her family. Where was he. Hope both it and the skanky whore go in the double eviction. Frankie & Christine

      • frankie thinks he is a girl so punching a girl in the face would mean nothing to him,he would think it was a cat fight.

      • In for a smooth ride??? Derrick is good at hiding his true feelings. I believe he’s going to have an ulcer when he gets out. He is constantly thinking and playing out scenarios in his head. Which is why he often has a quick answer when somebody brings something up. He’s not great at comps and he has 3 other guys who can take him out at anytime.

    • This season is BB Mean Girls. They did the same to Donny, treated him worse after they saw they were getting him out.

    • Yep at least Derrick is being nice to her face. I’d like him a lot more if it wasn’t fake. He’s doing it for jury votes. He pumps her up and then goes and talks crap behind her back.

    • There is just no excuse for Frankie’s cruelty towards Nicole, I don’t care if she did nominate him for eviction when she was HOH.
      What a brat!

      • Frankie thinks he is a gift to the world,and everybody should love him because he is the perfect princess,and should be able to say whatever the hell he wants because he is perfect,[-perfect a$$hole]

      • My gosh Frankie certainly isn’t taking having been put on the block by Nicole with any grace at all is he? Sniggering over her being made a have not wasn’t very mature either. How does he not realize that the audience is just not ok with this is beyond me. I’ve never seen such a bratty adult at his age either.

      • he always gets mad when he doesn’t get his way. Chances are he did not hear the word NO too much when he was growing up

    • That little weasel frankie is the leader on this one. I can’t believe how cruel he is to her. And I don’t think much of the wanna-be cowboy for putting her on slot 2 weeks in a row!

  3. Even if Nicole wins the VEto and if she does not win HOH thursday she will be leaving the house thursday.So, Nicole is going to be evicted thursday.

    • Now see the Pessimistic view of yours is why she won’t win HOH in your world but only give her a chance to the win the Veto like your offering a life line to her. Douglas the key emphasis you need to focus on is “Hope”, just cause you go to sleep every night and wake up every morning doesn’t diminish the hope one has to being it a good morning unless you live in the dark your whole life, we can only hope which is what we can all do.

      • But you have to admit that her chances are very low.I want Nicole to win but the scenario does not favor her.She’s Donny this week.

      • No I won’t admit till I actually see it, here’s a scenario for you, if you go to sleep at night and there’s no snow on the ground and in the morning you wake up and your shoveling snow, then obviously it snowed. Ask yourself has it snowed yet? (metaphorically speaking which I hope you caught)

      • Hope saved Donny?There were snow in the ground when Donny woke up?So no, Nicole is going to same route.However I admit that she can see another week but odds are against her.

      • Nah Frankie buried Donny way before the Veto comp by flat out telling Donny his idea was stupid and his play was better plain and simple. When you have Frankie in the picture hope is thrown into lava pit and asked to swim to get it. It looks like Nicole maybe on the same route but until it actually happens it hasn’t which leaves room for hope.

      • Of course there is hope for Nicole even though things are looking mighty bleak for her right now. Maybe the alliance or rather Derrick will decide to strike first by taking out Christine instead. Nicole could become lost in the shuffle if the alliance doesn’t consider her as a very big threat.

      • Donny was on the block 7 times before he was evicted. So Nicole has a few more times in her.

      • One step at a time. She’s good at comps so win the veto then think about winning HOH on Thursday. If not maybe Pandora’s Box. I try to think positive until otherwise.

      • Agreed! Hopefully she will keep on winning, 1st up the power of veto, next hoh, after that power of veto again or diamond veto…she could do it and I hope she does!

    • yeah, it is a shame to think about, but her odds of staying past Thursday are not good. she has to win 2 major comps to stay until the next weds. at least.

  4. Caleb is right about one thing. Nicole is a strong player, physical and mental. She didn’t do good last week because she had already decompressed. She needs to talk to Derrick and Cody and try to work a deal for this weeks DE. She can tell them her targets are Frankie and Christine. Which is not a lie. Derrick is also but she can wait on him. Derrick will need her vote to get Frankie. A DE is the perfect time to get him. She’s strong. I feel Derrick has by far played the best game. Nicole’s biggest problem early on was trusting Christine. Not saying Derrick won’t backstab her because if it’s best for his game he will in a heartbeat.

    • Yea he does need her even though he has enough votes to get Frankie out watch DE come this week and shots start firing.

      • It’s very smart of Nicole to try to cozy up to Derrick and Victoria and I hope this strategy works for her. Plus her blooming friendship with Vic will help her emotionally cope with the abuse she’s experiencing from the guys and Christine.

    • That’s the scenario I played out in my head, if nominations remain the same and Christine is voted out. However, working with Cody and Derrick will only buy her a week if she wins HOH and ousts Frankie as the 2nd HG. As it stands, Derrick already has the votes to evict whomever he chooses with his vote, Cody’s and Victoria’s. If Frankie and Christine leave this DE, then Caleb or Nicole will be the only people standing in his way from the 500k.

      So, however you look at it, Derrick will only have 2 people to compete against after the DE unless something catastrophic happens. If Nicole stays and wins HOH at the DE and helps get out Frankie/Christine, then it would help Derrick even more! Nicole would be ineligible for HOH and Derrick would COAST to finish line. Derrick almost has the game in the bag, almost.

      Imagine if Frankie and Christine leave:
      Cody (Derrick’s Vote)
      Derrick (King of Castle)
      Victoria (Derrick’s Vote, incapable of winning HOH)
      Caleb (For the Alliance!)
      Nicole (Ineligible for HOH)

      Looking pretty good for Derrick always.

      • Matt that’s exactly how I seen it play out in my head last night, thanks for writing it down. I’m sure when they get evicted the house will be way more sanitary to live in, no more toe nails in the living room couch, no more cups lying around everywhere in the house, no more foul mouth insults from heart full of hatred, I can literally say the house will be a lot better with those two out of the house. Can’t wait for DE, just can’t wait, pending this scenario of course.

      • The only thing I’d like to see is Frankie exiting the house and being booed. I guess I’m a little sadistic but, oh well — it’s the truth in his case.

      • Nope it’s not sadistic at all when it comes to him cause like you said it’s the truth in his case and I actually agree with your statement and want the same thing. He needs a reality check not a reality cheque.

      • Caleb is another alliance member Nicole needs to evict soon if at all possible. His loyalty to the alliance and being such a physical threat in any comp makes him a lost cause.

      • He hasn’t won many comps and with his knee now messed up that’s going to limit him severely.

      • Hopefully so Brenda, but he’s young and he could recover quickly from the knee injury if it’s not too serious. Surely they would have taken him to the ER if the medic thought the injury needed immediately surgery or something. It’s more likely with ice and rest he might be good to go in a few days. I hope not though!

      • So you wish that Caleb has a significant injury that hampers his ability to compete effectively. Stay classy!

      • if he has an ACL or MCL tear in his knee he will need surgery and very soon ,knee injuries can be very serious,it took me 6 months to recover from mine.So if it gets too bad i,m sure they will pull him from the game and get it taken care of ,ice might not be enough,unless its just a pulled muscle then alternating heat and ice should do it,but that usually takes 3-5 days too.

      • Thanks for the info Gerald but since he hasn’t been pulled from the game or even had an x-ray taken as far as I know I tend to believe it’s not that serious. Of course if the swelling and pain are not helped by icing or Advil I’m not sure if he will be given a choice whether or not to seek further treatment. Since it’s so near to the end he might decide to just tough it out.

      • I agree. The problem is there’s too many to get out. Lol. I say target Skankie and Christine first then if she’s still in the game go after Caleb and Derrick. That’s if she wins POV. I’m praying to the BB Gods she does and disgusting Christine goes.

      • Well yeah, I never said she couldn’t win veto. The point of my post was to lay out how much of a comfy game he will still have if Nicole/Christine and Frankie exit at DE. Nicole may not even be in the house for that matter if she doesn’t win POV today.

        Even if Nicole makes it past DE and puts Derrick on the block, who is going to vote this guy out? I can’t think of anyone.

    • She’s grossing me out! Someone needs to show her how to cough properly—even kindergartners are taught not to cough into your hand or into the air. You cough into the crook of your arm. Sorry, but I have an autoimmune illness, so when people aren’t thoughtful of other peoples health, it pisses me off. Plus since it’s Christine, it grosses me out, too.

  5. If Nicole won veto, I think they would be wise to take the opportunity to back door Frankie….Derrick seems to be making good inroads with Nicole and Christine in case he needs to flip the house over

  6. So this is the most twisted summer right? (although I feel the coup d’état was the best twist yet) So I think after this double eviction, have the next HOH comp, then have them make their nominations, (and this is a fantasy of mine) and have the jury members (or a select few that are voted by America) ring the doorbell and return to the game for a week to compete for veto. Then on eviction they all go back to the jury house. Wouldn’t that be nuts? I wonder what would happen. I honestly doubt that’ll happen but I think that would make this summer really twisted.

  7. If Nicole can get some confidence back, I think she could win both the veto and HOH. If she can harness all the negativity toward her, and use it in her favor, she’s got this (veto and HOH, that is).

    • I agree. She does best when she’s fired up. I think that feeling defeated is her worst enemy.

  8. Nicole. Has to win that veto .and she needs to win that hoh so she can get Frankie out or derrick out .there. The ones need to go .they won alot of money .

    • It would certainly be a miracle if Nicole could manage to survive past the DE but if would definitely be the most exciting thing to happen in this season of BB. Go Nicole!

  9. It might be a long shot, but even if Nicole is still on the block come Thursday with Christine next to her, I can see Derrick/Cody/Victoria pulling a fast one and evicting Christine (although Cody might be tough to convince). Nicole would have to promise not to put them up if she won the next HOH.

    Then since it’s a a double eviction, it’d be 4 vs 1 in the HOH competition (Derrick, Cody, Victoria and Nicole vs Frankie – since Caleb can’t compete) with Frankie NEEDING to win. And if he didn’t, he and Caleb would get nominated, with one of them going home.

    I think Nicole would honor a deal like that, especially since they’ve all been predicting a double eviction this week. Derrick has sided with the numbers all season long. Maybe he’ll consider this. It also helps that he’s a have not with Nicole this week and they will have plenty of opportunities to talk game with no one around.

    • Both Derrick and Nicole being HN’s is certainly a stroke of luck for Nicole. I’m hoping Nicole will be able to pretend to be his loyal flunky and supporter to the end, then evict him at the first possible chance.
      The only way Nicole is going to survive in this game is if she has luck on her side.

  10. I don’t like Derrick or want him to win but at least he is a descent human being. Last season the winner was horrible. At this point unfortunately I doubt Nicole will win. At least Derrick is a good guy who only behaves this way for the game/money and will bring the money home to his wive and daughter.

  11. and now Frankie throws a hissy fit what a big baby…..he wont be safe one can dream

    • YES! Maybe Derrick can mist Caleb into putting Frankie on the block now. Especially since Nicole has told Vic numerous times that the only people she trusts in the house is Derrick and Vic perhaps Derrick will finally become impatient to begin the back stabbing.

  12. Caleb is so full of BS. Do you really think he won’t compete if it’s physical? No way his ego won’t let him sit out.

  13. Perfect opportunity to backdoor Frankie with Caleb as HOH…It has fell into Derricks lap
    lets see if he runs with it…

    • Frankie is so far up Caleb’s butt and stroking his ego I really don’t see Caleb back dooring Skankie.

      • I do lol… Remember who we are talking about “Caleb” lol
        All Derrick has to do is feed him a line of making big moves and remind him that Frankie is the reason Amber left.

  14. Derrick needs to go first cause I don’t think it would be hard to get Frankie out. But this is all make believe cause nobody’s trying to play the game and they’ll do whatever Daddy Derrick say. See where trying to play the game got Nicole and Donny.

  15. please god dont let nic win this veto i would be happier if vic won over herwhat a big cry baby

  16. in my mind perfection would be Christine go now and Frankie go with the DE. They wouldn’t have to deal with his whining all week that way. Or better would be backdoor Frankie and then Christine on the DE. either is perfect for me :-)

  17. Come on, Nicole, get to work on convincing Derrick that this is his best chance to backdoor Frankie!

  18. Hope Frankie is not picked to play, can not stand him jumping around and squealing like a twelve year old girl…wait, he wears glitter and has pink hair, thinks he’s cute and American likes him. Evict Frankie, I’ve come to dislike him like Amanda with her Pizza boy (if I recall correctly)

  19. I hope Nicole wins the veto and they put Frankie up. Nicole hasn’t been doing so great since she returned to the house, so I am skeptical as to whether or not she can win this. I would love to see Frankie or Christine evicted this week. Then we would begin to have an interesting BB.

  20. Frankie needs to go…..the things he says about the women in the house….NOT ACCEPTABLE….I hope once he gets out, the “media mogul” has lost his “huge” fan following….I would think once they are out he will say he was “playing a part”….be nice if one of the boys punched him, but then they would be gone….

  21. Check out what Frankie had to say about his play, this is before they started the Veto comp.

    1:59pm Rock Room they are talking about BB Broadway
    Frankie “I’m the first man in drag that 90% of the world has ever seen because of me doing it on this show”

    ??Really is this guy living in his own fantasy or something? 90% of the whole world doesn’t have a connection towards Big Brother if you really sit down and think about it and he keeps mentioning “Drag” like he’s the first one to come up with it? Delusional definitely Yes it is official!

      • Or seen an epidode of Monty Python. Watched Hairspray, Mrs Doubtfire, or Tootsie. Or even heard of Harvey Fierstien.

    • Yesterday, I made the comment that I thought Frankie is a sociopath. I didn’t mean that in the sense he’s a serial murderer; I meant it in the sense that he is delusional. He shows sociopathic tendencies. He seems incapable of empathy. He seems entirely self serving. He is charming. He seems incapable of feeling shame or guilt. He seems to never be truly apologetic. He blames us for TA losing the money. Obviously I’m not saying that Frankie is a future serial killer! But the behavior he exhibits just goes to prove that he is one miserable individual. I feel badly for him. He’ll never in his lifetime, believe that he lost this game because of HIMSELF. He’ll blame it on us being intolerable of him being gay, or one of 1,000 other reasons.

      • Perfect profile of the little lizard , and with his hatred and jealousy of women if he did become a serial killer i am sure that he would start with his sister so that he can finally come out from under her shadow

  22. What goes around comes around. Nicole needs to think about her game and start talking to Victoria first….she is the easiest to sway. And promise to protect someone if she gets veto. You can’t just sit back and do nothing. And cry, get over it and start playing.

    • Yep. I’m so ticked off. Well we know Victoria will go up and she’s not going anywhere with Daddy taking care of her. Unless Derrick can mist Caleb into back dooring Frankie. But as far up Caleb’s butt Frankie is I don’t see that happening. Pandora’s Box maybe???

  23. here is some of the conversation frankie was having with cody and caleb earlier today

    Frankie: I think you both should double team her.

    Caleb: We would ruin her.

    Frankie: Take her..

    Caleb: There would be blood all over the place.

    Cody: hohoho talking about victoria

    • heres more proving just how vile the pos is

      Frankie: I think you should take ALL of her virginities in one night.

      Cody: Oh no. That is foul.

      Caleb: hehe

      Cody: Oh, that is so f’d up.

      Derrick: Her father right now is watching, and literally
      cringing. I don’t even know what I would do. I’d definitely break the

      Frankie: If you guys go..

      Derrick: I’d break the computer and instantly regret it. I’d be like, dammit! Why’d I just do that?

      Frankie: His beer goggles and me in full drag?

  24. Do you think they may put Frankie up or go the easy way with Victoria and sending Nicole back out again?

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