Big Brother 16: Veto Plans In Week 10 – Will He Or Won’t He?

Here we are again this week of Big Brother having the same discussion from last Monday. The HoH wants to get rid of Frankie but will it happen? The big difference this week is that Derrick is actually pushing to make it happen, but did he wait a week too long?

Cody and Caleb debate evicting Frankie
Cody and Caleb debate evicting Frankie – Source: CBS

Overnight the push continued from Caleb for support from Derrick and Cody to evict Frankie if he were to be renom’d at Monday’s Veto Ceremony. After getting Derrick fully on board and the support of Cody it looked like we had a wild week locked down. But now we’ve got enough waffles in the HoH room to open an IHOP.

I broke down all the details and timelines last night already over here, but by the time the guys were going to bed we had heard both “okay, let’s do it” [BD Frankie] and “let’s just send home Nicole.”

After wrapping up their hours of debate Derrick had gone back downstairs when he suddenly returned to the HoH room. Flashback to 4:35AM BBT 9/1. Derrick comes in and tells Caleb that Frankie is the bigger threat. We Caleb jokes that Derrick just now figured that out Derrick says he is smarter than him and needs to listen to his strategy. That didn’t work.

They continue to debate and finally Cody closes it all with “f**k it, let’s send Nicole home.” Derrick immediately adds “done!” Now I don’t think that means Derrick agreed but rather that he saw this was slipping away from him and didn’t want to continue to press until later with a fresh attempt.

Caleb, Cody, and Derrick all agreed to regroup in the morning when the wake-up call music arrives. Most HGs do not get up at this point so they’re hopeful they can get some quiet time again to talk between the three of them. Watch for Derrick to renew his push for evicting Frankie at that time.

Caleb is hesitant and worried. He points out that Nicole has never been with them but Frankie has. Even though Frankie has repeatedly betrayed Caleb’s trust, Caleb said he hasn’t done it again since the last time. Heh. Caleb even thinks he could get “millions of haters” if he BD’s Frankie.

Everything is worrying Caleb and if he’s this wobbly at the moment then I really doubt he’ll go through with it. He needs something to tip him over the edge and I’m not sure he’ll find it in time. Derrick will try again if he doesn’t decide to just give in and let this go.

Why would Derrick push for it this week but not last week when he could have controlled Cody in to doing it? One possibility is this way Derrick can let Caleb get the evict credit but then he can evict Caleb and inherit the credit while keeping Cody. If Cody had gotten the credit for evicting Frankie then Derrick might be more worried about sitting next to him at the end. Who knows for sure.

This is the one and only, very last, no other at all, chance to Backdoor Frankie. Once this week is gone and the next round of events happens every single player will be involved in the Veto competition. You can no longer Backdoor any player once we move past today’s meeting. Will they take advantage of it?

I’ll watch for the morning debate between the three of them if they can get Frankie to leave them alone and stay out of the HoH room. Once we know more I’ll post more updates. The Veto Ceremony is usually over by noon BBT so it won’t be much longer. The clock is ticking.

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    • Frankie’s game: aggressively flirt w the guys he’s attracted too. Assassinate the character of everyone just before they get voted out. Impugn the motives of anyone who is friendly w someone about to get voted out.

      This a man without a soul.

      • He’s your typical homosexual who gets cast on a reality show. They always seem to look for the bitchiest screaming queens to cast as the token gay guy, while there are countless normal, likable, masculine gay men out there who could be chosen. The fact that guys like that never get cast results in opinions like the one expressed above. That pisses me off.

      • I agree. Typical gay that gets cast is all. Certainly no representation of any gay man or woman, or straight man or woman, or person in general.

      • Not so at ALL! This desperate, vile character is certainly NOT a typical representation of any gays….male or female. He is a lone freak who is an abhoration and embarrassment to gays everywhere!! I am a straight Mom of 5 grown children and have years of interaction with all sorts of folks. There is always an asshole in every group. Frankie happens to be that guy! If you open your eyes or get some life experience under your belt, perhaps your viewpoint wouldnt be so narrow…

  1. Even if Frankie IS the renom, it’s still a long way ’til Thursday. Expect the plan to flip-flop multiple times between now and the live eviction.

    • They wouldn’t renom him and NOT vote him out. If he’s nominated, all trust is gone and any relationship they had has been burnt.

  2. With all this backdoor talk, Caleb might get himself in trouble if he doesn’t pull the trigger. If Frankie finds out they were trying to get him out, it could potentially be easy ammunition for Derrick and Cody to use if Frankie were to get an HOH. They could easily put it all on Caleb and say he was pushing for it. Caleb could obviously do the same and put it all on Derrick and Cody as well.

    They just need to do it. Hopefully Caleb had a good sleep.

    • Note what happened to the last person who tried to get him out. She, Nicole, was sent packing and is now the biggest target. If they are talking about it, it better happen cause some fruit loop is going to tell him for sure. If not Christine, the Nicole will blab it.

  3. Last chance to BD Frankie, don’t let it slip away into the abyss. If it all works out the way they think, then Christine will in the second eviction of the night and then Nicole will go next week. One can only hope, otherwise it looks like Frankie could go all the way to the end. After this weeks comment’s, mostly by Frankie you would think production would be willing to cut the ties that bind him there and let Caleb send him to jury.

  4. OMG these guys do not want to play this game. They will not pull the trigger even when there’s four left. Terrible game this year.

  5. Once again, yet another huge opportunity squandered. I really hope Caleb had nightmares last night about Frankie turning on him and decides to go ahead with the BD – but probably not. He’s obsessed with his 15 minutes of fame yet to come.

    Otherwise, we’re stuck with another predictable, boring week, listening to Victoria whine, Christine’s passive aggressive love/hate with Frankie, Cody’s empty assertiveness, and Frankie’s over the top paranoia. After Nicole goes, Derrick deserves to win purely by process of elimination as the least unlikable of the bunch.

    • But what he doesn’t seem to realize that if he does put Frankie up and they evict him – there is his fame for making the big move and to date would be the only move

  6. Remember the ratings too. Put Frankie Grande on that orange chair, and watch the ratings shoot up. CBS are you listening?…not to mention his eviction……………’highest rated episode”

    • As strategic a game as Derrick has played, I can’t for the life of me figure out what he is thinking by not trying to influence BMC more regarding getting Frankie out. There has to be something we don’t know because up until now,even though I haven’t liked some of his tactics, Derrick has played a very smart game. It is baffling to me. So unless something “unexpected” happens, I fear you are right on target about Nicole and Christine.

  7. Yeah, didn’t think it was gonna happen. It seemed almost too good to be true. Kinda curious what’s gonna happen during the DE, though. That’s really the only excitement left to look forward to this week.

  8. this is going to be the first time Frankie has been backdoored since before he came into the Big Brother house!!!

    • He’s been practicing hard on the BD maneuver with all of the hot male houseguests all summer, though…..everytime they lean into a pool shot, bend over to tie their shoes or pick something up, etc! Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s capable of tripping them then beating em to the floor! The BD is a gameplay with Frankies name all over it…..

  9. NOW is the time to back door Frankie. I hope these guys have the ba**s to do it. Up until now they have all played like wimps.

  10. Man…I have waited nervously for various moves on BB since the first season! Waiting and hoping these hapless HGs put ole Frankie the Fake on his orage throne of shame has got me sizing up the fingernails I worked so hard to grow this summer! Come on, guys! Make my week and help me save my nails! LOL

  11. This has been one boring season!! No one has the balls to play the game except Nicole. If Caleb doesn’t BD Frankie today…he will surely be one of the ones going home in the DE on Thursday…when Frankie finds out! Come on Caleb…GROW A PAIR!!!!

  12. I feel bad for Nicole like how I feel bad for donny last time, are there gonna be any twists this season that will favor the fans. I hate frankie, it irritates me when he just jumps on the guy kiss on the neck or back and says I love you, surprises me no guy has punched him yet, if it was in the outside world he already got what he deserves.

  13. Regardless, of what Caleb does today, he may want to lock the door to keep Frankie out of his HOH room tonight, let alone the rest of the week ..

    As may may get lucky with Frankie if he doesn’t BD him and/or get all Fatal Attractioned, if he does … Ha !!!

  14. I am praying that production puts the hint into play to put this narcicist on the block. Peoples true colors come out after about 8 weeks, I am hoping the hose sees that. And reading this I thought they locked the door so that Skankie would not keep interrupting them. Why they let him in IDK

  15. I don’t think Caleb will renom’d Frankie. It will be Victoria! The body line is none of HG know how to play the game!

  16. Production is the only one who wants Frankie to stay!! They will do everything in their power to keep him!! Frankie and Christine will clean out the house, and the jury will be forced to give one of them the 500K. Oh, how stupid they will all feel, for squandering all these wasted opportunities!! It is time to reunite Zankie in the jury house…NOW!!

  17. Ya know…..This could be Derricks way of getting rid of Victoria….The man is always one step ahead in his thinking…Derrick only makes moves that benefit him.

  18. Here is what I hope happens. We the audience know its a double eviction. So what I hope happens, they stick with the plan to evict Nicole. Then Frankie wins HoH nominates Vic and Caleb, Frankie wins veto, and he possible uses to save Caleb, puts up Derrick, and Derrick somehow goes home a stretch because Derrick has the votes to stay, but just a thought. And I hate Frankie, but it will show they should have backdoored him.

  19. well we may get to see Cody talking to Julie while wearing his Dino suit…Cody should have kept pushing to get Frankie out

  20. If Derrick wants it, it happens. And he didn’t push for it last week, because if he did he’d have to go up against both Donnie and Nicole still, which wouldn’t have been good for him. This week he can get rid of Frankie and likely keep the entire house on his side. Not to mention being able to evict Caleb who would get credit like you said.

  21. I honestly think they “change” their mind just for TV! They all know they have made this season dull! Unfortunately Nicloe will go home and I will continue to see “pink” for the rest of the season! I used to like Frankie, but his true colors are starting to show and I’m not talking about his roots!

    • Hmm, perhaps, Frankie and Christine could flip the House and save Nicole on Thursday, and vote out the renom, likely Victoria?

    • Waiting to see the look on Caleb’s face at Finale Night, when Frankie tells Caleb that he was lying and that no way in heck is he getting close to his Sister, let alone a duet and the $25k in lieu of AFP … Ha!!!

    • Since Victoria is going up..if I were Derrick and Cody, I would keep Nicole..she would help them to get Frankie out ..Victoria cannot win anything.

      • True, but Derrick has Victoria wrapped around his finger very tightly, so even if she can’t win, she’s still a vote for him and Cody.

      • Though, after last night, being rude to her, Victoria may have started to power up a light bulb and realize that Derrick may no longer be her puppet and be to her best interest s …

        Now is the time for her to stop sandbagging and throwing comps … she will dominate the rest of the comps this season, I tell ya …. :)

      • Serves Cody and Derrick right, for not giving in to Frankie’s advances last Saturday night .. Ha!!!

    • So much for Calebs reputation for loyalty and integrity. The fascinating part about BB is that you can remove individuals from society, deprive them of outside communication (except for the HOH blog), music, reading materials (except the bible) and stick them in a house with strangers, but the cams are watching every move 24/7.. Eventually, no matter how hard they try, these people always revert back to who they are in real life. The uglies always shine through…..

      • Well, if Caleb and Frankie had an F2 originally on Day 2 … and, technically, the BS imploded when Devin left and he was not officially part of the Detonators … Caleb has always been loyal to Frankie, in parparticularly after the Frankie’s funeral …

      • That was because Caleb was lied to, in that Frankie had pressured Nicole to lie to Caleb about Amber, re: All Girls Alliance ..

        ironically, in the end, it was better to play that comp as a one player game … Ha!!!

        Again, as I pointed out, they haves been loyal to one another since then ..

  22. Caleb is just trying to cover his own ass…short term for the DE on Thursday. He thinks Frankie will win HOH, and is making sure he doesn’t go up, since he can’t play!

  23. BD plan is off. Cody and Christine are in trouble for this week. Caleb just said that his alliance with Frankie that they made on Day 2 has been the greatest alliance since Dr. Will and Boogie…sorry, Caleb..Dan and Memphis were a much better was the alliance of four also made on Day 2. If I see Frankie sitting at the end I am going to throw up..I don’t even want him getting $50K. I have a feeling it may just happen now that he is staying..he can win comps.

      • Assuming that Frankie wins HOH ??

        it would make sense to strike now, if Caleb and Frankie, were indeed a F2, no??

        Nicole, afterall had expressed her desire to go after Cody according to Victoria ..

      • Right. That all hinges on if Frankie wins HOH on Thursday..especially the first one. I am not completely sure that Nicole said she wanted to get out Cody..I must have missed that part. I thought she was after Christine. You have to make the big move this late in the game. Looks like Frankie may pull the trigger before Derrick.

      • Hayden had told Nicole to go after Derrick and Cody before she returnes to the game, if I recall??

  24. Cody has got to be extremely pissed!!! I don’t blame him!!! Caleb may still be going home Thursday with Nicole, due to his turning on Cody & Derick. What an idiot!!!

      • The curse of the costume may ring true this week. Cody could be going out in his Dino suit. Poor guy! He had two opportunities to get Frankie out..he blew both of them.

    • I knew Caleb would spill his guts to Frankie. I was watching everything last night and I said to myself.”Caleb is going to rat them out as soon as Frankie confronts him today.” My words exactly!!

  25. Um… what happened to Caleb being “Mr. Loyalty?” So much for that! Caleb better hope Derrick doesn’t realize what he did.

    • A F2 with Frankie, likely more reasonable for win with Jury votes vs a F3 with Cody and Derrick … so, strategically speaking, aligning with the season’s goat may be his better endgame … but, think he should strike now as he cannot play in HOH and Victory has not proven to do much, as well … such the case, BD Derrick would be the better play …

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