Big Brother 16: Caleb Reynolds Closing In On ‘Backdoor Frankie’ Plan – Update

Well look at that. Tonight on the Big Brother Live Feeds we saw some serious action on the plan to Backdoor Frankie Grande. Here’s what’s going on and if there’s a real chance of coming together.

Caleb Reynolds plans his big move
Caleb Reynolds plans his big move – Source: CBS

After watching some interesting conversations earlier in the day as Caleb prepared for Monday’s Veto Ceremony there was a return to his previous arguments and this time he didn’t seem to be backing down. Could this finally be the end of the road for Frankie?

Flashback on your Live Feeds (get the Free Trial) to 8:45PM BBT 8/31 as Caleb has pulled Cody in to the HoH room to discuss the scenario. Both agree that Frankie is a threat and they believe Nicole would be easier to beat in the remaining comps than it would be to beat Frankie.

Cody makes an important point that Frankie will turn on them soon, they know that, but with so little time left he’d likely do it at his very next chance. Cody does not think Frankie would wait another round. There’s no time left and they need to take the same perspective.

At 8:56PM BBT Derrick arrives. Would he shut down the conversation? Caleb proposes the plan to BD Frankie and if there’s a Double Eviction (they speculate on this every week) then they could get rid of Nicole. They also suggest that if something goes wrong and Nicole wins that HoH then she’d likely go after Christine. Then as long as two of them aren’t nom’d, they can control the results.

I’m surprised to hear Derrick say he’s down with the plan. He warns them though with some devil’s advocate talk and adds that if they put Frankie up then he absolutely must be the one to go this week. They can’t keep a vengeful Frankie in their game (my thoughts, not their words).

Derrick wraps the talk up with “Ready to do this, boys?” Oh my, oh my. This could happen.

9:04PM BBT Frankie arrives and that’s that for a long time.

The talks continue off and on all night. Derrick and Caleb resume their talk at 9:55PM BBT and while Derrick is hesitant Caleb is more and more in to the idea.

Derrick asks him if he’s leaning toward Backdooring Frankie. Caleb confirms he is. Derrick seems to concede, at least for the moment. “Alright. Alright.”

Frankie pops in, again, and shuts down the talk, but Derrick isn’t done sorting this one out. At 10:33PM BBT Derrick and Victoria start talking. He tells Victoria he’s working on something to keep her off the block. Derrick wants to know if Nicole is coming after him. Victoria assures him Nicole is not and she knows this because Nicole told her she’d be going after Cody. Uh oh.

The information Victoria is providing could cause Derrick to derail this plan. If he’s worried about Nicole messing up his master plan then he’ll shift Caleb back to keeping Frankie and getting Nicole out now while he has her locked for eviction. Derrick even ends their conversation saying he needs to go work on this plan but he doesn’t think it’s going to work.

Veto Ceremony will arrive on Monday around noon BBT so there is time for this to shift back and forth. Considering these HGs will probably be up for 6+ more hours tonight who knows where this will end up. We’ll keep an eye on what happens next. My goodness, what a night.

What do you think will happen? Will Derrick turn against this plan? What if Caleb goes for it anyway? If Frankie is on the block it may force everyone’s hand and they’ll have to send him to Jury. We shall see. This could be a big one on Monday.

Update: After hours and hours of overnight debate the guys go to bed with the plan to keep Frankie and evict Nicole. Flashback to 4:40AM BBT. Derrick was actively pushing for Backdooring Frankie but Caleb folds. He’s worried that Frankie is actually loyal, but Nicole has never worked with them.

There has been so much back and forth on this that we’ll have to keep waiting and watching. If Caleb was more secure in this idea I’d say we’d have a chance of seeing it happen, but with this much wavering I’m not confident at this point.


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  1. To be fair to Derrick, it does make sense for him to keep Frankie. I’m sure he trusts him a lot more than he trusts Nicole, who we KNOW said she’d be going after Derrick and Cody. Whether that’s changed or not, I’m not sure.

    But dang, how much fun would it be if Frankie got blindsided??? Come on!!

    • Yeah, it wouldn’t be bad for Derrick’s game if Frankie stayed, but at some point Derrick does need Frankie out.

      Earlier Nicole told Vic she was going after Cody, not Derrick, but that surprised me & could have been a lie if she senses Vic is close to Derrick (as we know they are).

      • Right. I’m sure Nicole has an idea that Vic and Derrick are close. And even if she feels they’re just friends, she would gain absolutely nothing by telling Victoria that she’s coming after Derrick.

        I get the feeling Derrick really doesn’t trust Nicole not to put him up if she were to win HOH, and that’s the reason he’s not fully on board with this move.

        And if Nicole does end up staying, Derrick has already started to try and cover his tracks. He’s basically telling Nicole that he’s working on something and he’ll let her know tonight if anything pans out. As in, he’d make Nicole think he (Derrick) is the reason she’s not getting evicted anymore. Building trust.

      • Think, if Frankie’ is way more of a threat then Nicole. Do think if Frankie wins HoH he could put Derrick on the block a long side Christine.

      • Any of these people can win HOH and nominate Derrick. Doesn’t he see that? Derrick has to be willing to cut ties with more of them sooner rather than later.

      • Finally!! I’m glad someone else out there thinks that way. It’s a game, and the HG’s have got to know they play the game and make moves without Derrick’s permission.

      • None of them make moves and think for themselves and its super annoying. But it also bugs me that none of them seem to notice Derrick is making all the decisions.

    • I think Derrick after hearing the yelling in the backyard is not so much believing Frankie anymore. Cody doesn’t trust Frankie and after Cody telling Caleb about Frankie throwing him UTB well we may see Frankie walk out the door. Wow after all the disgusting things he’s said and done I’m praying for this. And would love to see Julie humiliate him.

    • You assume that Frankie will not put up Derrick up and when Nicole is out and Frankie is HOH, guess who is getting put on the hot seat? Of course, Derrick would probably still be safe but, his minions Cody and Victoria will be picked off one by one! There is no one left now. It is either play or get played! Atleast, now this sham of floating from beginning all the way to Final 2 will be put to rest and these ninnies evicted as it should be! These fools who do not want to make any moves at all deserve to be sent to the jury house!

  2. Caleb needs to grow a set of balls and start thinking for himself and get Frankie out of the house regardless of what Derrick thinks or it will most likely come back to bite him in the butt.

  3. I still have a hard time believing that Caleb can pull off a big move like this and actually think of winning the game over getting the alliance to the F5 all together and making BB history. Beyond that, I do hope Frankie not only goes up on the block, but is evicted. This is the time to do it.

    • After they evict Nicole, there is nobody left in the house except Victoria which is also, technically part of their alliance. Whoever makes the first move has a huge advantage. Those who get evicted first are the losers as the ninnies they are, refused to make the big moves when they had the chance! Now, they can go to the jury house where they belong!

  4. On finale night, I sincerely hope Julie tells Frankie this:
    “Frankie, your Team America winnings has been reduced by 99.9% and will be given to dance charities in South Africa. In addition to that, the remaining $15.00 will be given to your already rich sister. In fact, why did you even audition for this show, when could’ve just asked your sister for $500,000 yourself? Ah, maybe you’re just tired of living in your sister’s shadow, like The Zingbot said.”
    That’ll teach you not to joke about rape.

  5. I hope Caleb follows his gut and back doors Frankie. I want him out of that house so bad! A girl can dream right?

  6. If Victoria screws this up, then SHE should be the one backdoored this week.

    Regardless, after hearing what he heard from Victoria, the smartest move for Derrick would be to have a serious talk with Nicole and try to get her to open up about her targets. I have a feeling that, after everything that’s gone down, Nicole’d be willing to work with Derrick and is probably gunning for Frankie herself.

  7. Oh Victoria keep your big mouth shut. I’m praying this works and Frankie gets backdoored. That’s one POV I can’t wait to see.

  8. Who does Derrick think Frankie will be going after if he wins HoH? Not Victoria. Not Caleb. Not Christine. I’ve been pulling for Derrick all game, I hope he lets Caleb go through with the BD plan >_<

  9. Illl respect Caleb a lot more if he goes through with this haha. I’m glad tonights episode showed who Frankie really is.

  10. Victoria might not of derailed it but helped the plan. She never said Derrick or Caleb she said Cody & Christine and that is who Derrick wanted her to target last week. So while Caleb started getting nervous, strategically this is best for Caleb’s game. Cody/Caleb should try to get to the end together and clearly Derrick does not want to be the third wheel out. But I am going to keep my fingers crossed Caleb doesn’t take the easy route and evict Nicole. Having Frankie spend the next 4 days knowing he will be evicted next to Nicole is karma on an epic level.

    • Fakie will lose it. He doesn’t have anymore Guess Who My Sister is surprises. And they all know that if he goes up he has to go home because he is vengeful. If they don’t get him out now then they are all bigger idiots then I thought.

  11. Oh, Caleb, puhleeeeeeese get rid of Frankie. When the season started, I thought Frankie was hilarious, but it took so little time for his true character to show. Along with 99% of other viewers, I’ve been frustrated, horrified, pissed-off and disgusted at his behavior. If they don’t backdoor him soon, he’ll for sure win an HOH and get one of them. If it’s Christine, that’s OK. What would be hysterical if Victoria, by some absolute fluke of nature, won HOH and got Frankie out. She won’t realize the irony of this until the show is over.

  12. P.S. I’m watching BBAD. Is there some psychological condition that would account for Christine’s constant and inappropriate cackling? Is it a nervous condition? Oh God, it’s turning into the Frankie show again. Someone, please have the balls to tell him what a creep everyone thinks he is.

    • I’m not a psychiatrist, but I’ve played one on TV. Nervous laughter is a physical reaction to stress, tension, confusion or anxiety. If you notice HOW she’s laughing—it’s not from the diaphragm, it comes through her throat. It’s Christine’s way of dealing with her stress. It’s her only way to have control–kinda like OCD.

      • Burying this far far back for you to see… feel free to look up my contact info (for facebook or email) on my website of www (dot) MattSilver (dot) ca

  13. Is there some psychological condition that would account for Christine’s constant and inappropriate cackling? Is it a nervous condition? I’m not being sarcastic, I’m serious. I feel sorry for her, because she must get on everyone’s nerves at her job. Any psychiatrists out there?

  14. I wish I knew why Derrick is against sending Frankie home at this point. What’s the deal with him? We all know he’s the puppet master in the game but I don’t get why it’s so important to keep Frankie. It’s a double evict this week so both of them could go, unless Frankie wins POV. I really wish these people would think for themselves and quit letting Derrick run their game.

    • Derrick is one important HOH eviction from wrapping up a perfect game. Frankie is the biggest fish in the house with the amount of times he has won. Derrick wanted Frankie on his resume for jury votes.

  15. These ninnies will flip flop until they decide to vote out Nicole. You just watch. It is too scripted for me to believe any of this crap. The next eviction would be “real” though, because they “can no longer avoid” evicting one of their own. I see Frankie winning the next HOH and putting up Derrick and Cody. There is nobody left and Frankie will put them up this time out.
    Now, who is going to get evicted in the 2nd eviction? Looks very likely that it will be Cody unless, he wins POV. Cody and Derrick are like Judd and Helen in like season, now is not the week to take out Amanda! You and I know that Amanda lasted way longer than those two! And if Cody goes off, it is going to be Christine sent to the jury house! These ninnies deserve it though!

  16. If Caleb(and the rest of the dumbanators) was really smart; he would backdoor Derrick. It is hard to believe all these players do not see that Derrick is the “snake” in the BBHouse. (Of course, Derrick, is not as good at comps at Frankie…Notice how Derrick…took the 5K…wake up people!

    • I don’t think it could be done this week.. But it is possible it could happened as the second evictee during DE if Christine or Nicole win HoH. Otherwise forget it, he’s in F4.

  17. Sure would be great if someone came out swinging and got rid of Derrick. Then it would be interesting. So boring when one person runs the game.

  18. Was anyone else ticked off at the way Derrick treated Victoria last night? She was trying to get her opinion out and he bulldozed her! Every time she started to speak he wouldn’t let her. She looked scared. That is no way to treat a supposed ally. He showed that he cares nothing about her or her opinions.

    After Saturday I had lost 99% of my respect for Derrick. Last night took away the last shred of respect I had for him.

    • Derprick has done this all season to VapidVic. You can see the cop in him when she even questions anything. I think her family will have to work very hard to help her get over this experience once she sees this.

      • Hopefully her family can open her eyes. She seems really naive. Perhaps she’s been too sheltered all of her life.

      • She is still traumatized from having been almost picked up abd taken away by a crow when she was a baby …

        Well, in reality, Derrick has been this way to almost every one this season, just a bit more discreet than Frankie .,, Ha!!

      • He’s more subtle with the guys. He lets them voice their thoughts, then he steers their thoughts where he wants them to be. He just railroaded Victoria without any consideration for her.

      • Just remember that he is in an alliance with them, whereas he has also treated her as a pawn and a vote to him ….

        Even last night’s show, in the hammock, while Victoria was complaing about Christine’s constant cackling, she even challenges him about him not paying attention to her as he was just doing what he was doing looking at everywhere but at her, but them respond that he had been listening to her and could repeat everything to her if she wanted him to ….

      • True, but I still don’t like the way he’s treating her. I could understand it (but not like it) if she was the enemy for his game.

      • Absolutely, then again, no different than how they have been treating those who are on the jury and not part of their alliance .. remembering, Derrick had ordered everyone not to talk to Nicole aline, or they would be then one targeted next …

        I wonder if Caleb’s nomination speech towards Nicole will comeback to haunt him, if he makes it to Finale Night and Jury Q&A? I can just see Nicole asking Caleb a question then finishing with .. “no real need to respond/defend yourself to the Jury on why you deserve to win …blah blah blah, as it will just fall on deaf ears ..” Ha!!!

    • Like Frankie, perhaps this is the real side of Derrick, that everyone assumed was, as a result of him being a cop, on his behavior and actions in the House, and he is now starting to feel the stress and losing a bit of control now???

  19. I hope Frankie doesn’t make it to next week, in the house, let alone finale. I hope the producers fire him from the show immediately, and truly set an example that rape is never a laughing matter. What he did was appalling.

  20. Poor Nicole, did not take her own advice to “zip it” in talking game with Victoria, re: Cody, unless she lied to Derrick ?? Hmmmm …

  21. On a different note from will he/won’t he be nom’d did anyone catch Ratine talking about how she’s going to visit NoBalls and his family after the show. She can’t wait to meet them. I don’t think they would feel the same.

    • I don’t think she would want to meet Cody’s sister..she was the only one who actually said on the air the other night that she didn’t like what was going on with them. His Mom and Dad didn’t seem to have a problem with it.

    • Perhaps, his family will also be applying for a Court Injunction Order against her, just as Amber may have already done against Caleb?? Ha!!!

    • What? Why would she want to meet his family? Are they her future inlaws? She is more than disrespectful, she is nuts.

  22. 99.9% sure this BD plan is not going to happen today. Which, would serve Derrick and Cody right. They had their shot and blew it. If Frankie wins HOH on Thursday, Cody, for sure, is going up. The DR got in Caleb’s ear.

    • I’m really ticked that production is screwing up the BD plan! Yesterday I posted a list of how I think CBS dropped the ball on Saturday’s fiasco. Add “6. Trying to keep Frankie in the house” to my list.

      • Pretty sure last night’s episode was already edited before what happened on Saturday.

        And, if they do backdoor Frankie with a renom at the POV ceremony today, then they may actually comment on this event/issue on Wednesday’s or Thursday’s episode, especially if the story makes a big stink on prime media reports …. so to avoid any flack from Frankie’s fans and supporters. ?..

      • I was referring to the fact that Caleb was set on back dooring Frankie, until he went into DR last night. They convinced him to not BD Frankie. That wasn’t on the show and it happened after the event.

      • It happened after BBAD. It was on the tweets, Joker’s Update and Hoosier mentioned above. I fell asleep during BBAD. This season BBAD has been great for my insomnia. LOL

      • I guess they loved all of the feedback they were getting from us over the weekend about what happened on Saturday. They have to know that it was all negative feedback, but, I guess they could care less..people were talking about it and I guess they figure that is good for the that was good, I will never understand.

      • Either that or they are catering to Ariana’s wishes, because they think that she’ll be big bucks for them.

  23. Everyone keeps talking about how Devin was rude to the women in the house and to some other people but he is no worse than the way Derrick treats Victoria or the way Frankie and Caleb talk about Nicole and Victoria. It is just painful to watch.

  24. just to see Frankie’s face when they turn on him!!!! Calab would get my vote for the money if I had one!!!

    • I highly doubt Frankie is going to be the replacement nominee because of the way things are going. Everyone is just a coward in that house.

  25. I was online during all of the talks and the back and forth “evict or not to evict”. The talks and the backstabbing started after the “megaphone man” yelled that Frankie was crushing Caleb Derrick and Cody in the DR.
    Frankie is aware that something is going that hes not a part of. Caleb was all set to put Frankie up.
    Frankie got in Calebs ear with a speech about friends alliances and not evicting them and Caleb waivered.
    Cody and Derrick shook hands and agreed that the plan to backdoor Frankie was a go. But they want it to be Calebs decision.
    Cody is really pushing for Frankie to be nomed. While Derrick is completely on board to oust Frankie he gives (Caleb) the outward appearance of being torn as to what to do. If u set and listen to the entire conversation u will hear Derrick planting more seeds in Calebs head of Nicole staying than Frankie. But as of 6am cst Caleb had not decided. If Cody stays in Calebs ear I believe it will happen and Cody is adamant that Frankie go this week.

  26. I wonder why, at this point in the game, no one is starting to analyze the jury and how that might affect their eventual win. The jury votes for people they want to win, not deserve to win, and bitterness can turn a group faster than Victoria can produce tears. And there is where Derrick is outshining them. He manages to keep up personal relationships, fooling them that he is a ‘good person’ and their ‘friend’ (I say this because I am growing to dislike him but it’s still a game so I won’t judge, much) Once one of them, hopefully, realizes this the game might get interesting and one of them will target Derrick. He deserves to win, but I don’t want him to.

  27. Why is derrick calling all the moves-why hasn’t derrick been put on the block?Frankie does need to go…..I love Nicole!

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