Big Brother 16: Caleb Makes His Decision On The ‘Backdoor Frankie’ Plan

After a long, long night of debate Caleb Reynolds continued to waver between targeting Frankie or going with the status quo of avoiding big moves this season on Big Brother 16.

Frankie and Caleb talk on Big Brother 16
Frankie and Caleb talk on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

The plan had been for Caleb, Cody, and Derrick to talk about things again in the morning before the Veto Ceremony. That didn’t happen.

Derrick slept in until just before the meeting. He completely squandered any opportunity he might have had to work on Caleb. Instead, Frankie took advantage of that very same quiet time to work on Caleb and reassured him they were safe and sound together.

At 10:35AM BBT Caleb went to wake up Derrick, less than an hour before the meeting, and told Derrick he was not going to go after Frankie.

Jump to 10:47AM BBT to find Caleb and Frankie alone in the HoH room. Caleb is telling Frankie way, way too much information and mentions how he talked with the other guys and considered all the possibilities. Yes, that includes sending Frankie home this week.

Frankie must be fully tipped off at this point that they were going to come after him. Caleb tells Frankie today would have been the day to go after Frankie since he was vulnerable and would have gone home. Given the chance in the Double Eviction on Thursday I wouldn’t be surprised to see Frankie take a swing just as the guys worried he might.

Derrick joins them at 11:16 AM BBT. Caleb gives him the latest that Victoria is going up and Nicole should be evicted. There will be no surprises at today’s Veto meeting.

The Backdoor plan has failed yet again as Frankie moves closer and closer to the end while the last chance to Backdoor him slips away for the rest of the season.


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    • A golden opportunity flushed down the toilet. I had high hopes but Caleb has proved, again, that he is an idiot. Enjoy your 499,995K Frankie (I’m sure he’ll donate 5$ to charity).

      • Only people he can beat are Christine and Victoria. And no way the guys let that happen in the end. This is still Derrick’s game to lose. Frankie hasn’t done a thing to earn jury votes; his game has been atrocious.

      • When Nichole goes to jury again there will be 5 no votes in the jury for frankie there is no way skankie is going to win $500.000.00 and when and if victoria goes that will be 6 but 5 is all they need .

    • Caleb is afraid that the viewers will hate him if he puts up Frankie. So wrong! Now we are going to dislike him for thinking that him and Frankie are the best players ever, and not putting Frankie up. Oh how his bubble is going to be burst when this show is over

      • This could be said for just about all the players this season. More worried about their images/popularity than just playing the game.

      • Worst move of the season. If Frankie wins HOH tonight I will be so fed up with this so-called alliance and the show.

        I still don’t quite understand why they think Nicole is a big threat.

    • I’m not caught up yet on everything that’s been happening but if Caleb did accidentally reveal to Frankie that the other guys were considering a backdoor Frankie option this might blow the game wide open. Finally Frankie is aware of his poor standing in the alliance and Derrick might not be such a trustworthy guy after all.
      Derrick and Cody might have waited too long to strike first and if Frankie wins HOH next week he may be gunning for them, if he can keep his mouth shut that long without revealing his intentions.
      If Frankie is aware of the true state of affairs he has to know getting rid of Victoria instead of Nicole is much better for his game since Vic is Derrick’s pawn.
      It might not be such a horrible idea for Caleb to keep Frankie since I don’t think anyone else is really considering taking Caleb to the final 2 and it will be a miracle otherwise if he makes it there. So this might be the best move for Caleb even if it doesn’t benefit Derrick.

  1. NEWSFLASH…Caleb and Frankie were just taken to the ER. Caleb had a bowel blockage and Frankie couldn’t breathe.

    • Even though I’m not a Frankie fan, if Derrick, Cody, or Caleb get evicted during the double eviction at the hands of Frankie, they totally deserve it. Especially Caleb. You don’t tell someone you were thinking of backdooring them. That’s Big Brother 101.

      • I hope this happens. Then get rid of Frankie. Problem is I also want Christine gone. I don’t even know who I want in the final 2 because they all make me sick.

      • what i would love to see happen is all the jury refuse to vote and then tell production that nobody deserves the money and they would prefer that the money goes to the jury,s favorite charity,which they would then vote on between 2 charities.

      • It would be even more hilarious of Victoria wins HOH and puts two of the guys up for eviction. If that happens it would literally make the season for me and be the funniest thing to watch.

    • I hope so too. I can’t stand Frankie but I want this to backfire on the guys. Then Frankie can go.

      • Derrick’s reluctance to confront anybody head on rather than behind their back might be his first and only mistake this week. Especially if Frankie figures out D’s real intention was to backdoor Frankie. We might finally see something exciting this season if the battle lines are finally drawn. I’m hoping that this will happen.

  2. Figures. Everyone’s afraid to make a move. They have been teasing us with some many good potential moves but we end up disappointed at the end. I think paranoia got the best of Caleb.. which isn’t that surprising actually. Caleb, like Cody, is keeping it safe more than he realizes as HOH. Frankie will win HOH either DE this week or next week. He’s good at this game. I predict during DE Cody might be getting knocked out if the right person wins HOH.

  3. Everyone who didn’t make a move when they could’ve deserves it when they get evicted. Nicole is the only 1 to really make a move (even though it failed, she tried) but she keeps being targeted. At least she has some guts.

    • That’s why they want her sent back to jury. And I don’t think Frankie would put up Caleb-Caleb didn’t backdoor Frankie and told him about it

      • We shall see. They have to turn on each other eventually. Getting out Nicole is the easy thing. None of them have the guts to do the hard things.

  4. Wow Caleb is indeed an idiot. If Caleb didn’t want to blindside him that’s fine. I’m okay with it. But, YOU DON’T GO AND TELL HIM ABOUT YOUR PLAN TO POSSIBLY BACKDOOR HIM. What a jackass. What could he have gained by telling Frankie that? Does he think Frankie is going to trust him more since he didn’t go through with it? Give me a break.

    Since Caleb didn’t want to do it, he should have put Victoria up and kept his mouth shut. What dummy. If Frankie or Christine win HOH, the three amigos are in trouble.

  5. Really Caleb? What were you thinking? Derrick wasn’t quite sure on the Back Dooring of Frankie but now both him and Cody might have to regroup (if they find out what you did in time) to save Nicole and send Frankie home in the DE or next week. Looks like all of you have not the skills to play this game or even realize how to play this game.

      • The problem this whole season is that none of these imbeciles can keep their mouths shut. they run and tell each other everything.

  6. Lame, boring, housemates! Seriously the only one playing the game is Derrick. I look to Cody and Christine to stick together, it’ll be Derrick, Caleb, and Frankie…..oh yeah and Victoria. Final four predictions Derrick, Caleb, Frankie, Victoria.

  7. I hope Derrick and Cody hopefully realize they should have backdoored Caleb in week 4 instead of getting rid of an ally Brittany. Caleb is more loyal to Frankie now so Cody is in trouble if Frankie wins HOH

  8. I can’t stand Frankie but I actually hope he wins the next HOH and puts two of them up on the block just to show how idiotic it was of them to save him this week. They had a perfect opportunity to send him out but were to scared too do anything about it.

    • They were yelling over the fence yesterday and Derrick told everyone to go inside. He was afraid they’d yell something about him but instead they we’re yelling about Frankie.

  9. Well Nicole was spot on when she said I make bigger moves than Beastmode Cowboy. She also told them in the DR she says this season is predictable. Ok production how about Pandora’s Box? 95% of viewers want Nicole to stay.

      • 85 % already have since Donny got evicted and skankie is so vile with his comments and actions i dont keep track of the feeds any more ,i cancelled them and this is my last season of watching BB after 16 seasons all this season has been is a promotion of Ariana Grande via her skankie brother

      • 85 % already have since Donny got evicted and skankie is so vile with his comments and actions i dont keep track of the feeds any more ,i cancelled them and this is my last season of watching BB after 16 seasons all this season has been is a promotion of Ariana Grande via her skankie brother

  10. Yep let’s keep Frankie. Just what the house needs a perverted, nasty, disgusting pig. He not only talked about the guys raping Victoria but last night on the feeds he was talking to Cody and I didn’t catch all of it because it made me sick and I switched cameras but some of what I caught Frankie talked about a rape scene and Cody said I wouldn’t watch and Frankie said you have to watch it. He has to go!

  11. I understand there’s people who aren’t happy with certain houseguests, but can we all calm down and remember this is a show? I just don’t understand how you guys can build up so much vitriol and hate for people who you’ve never met before and have done absolutely nothing wrong to you. Can’t we all go back to discussing the game and let the personal attacks and whining about who’s left cease?

      • I’m just over the personal attacks, the attacks on family, the complaints about who’s left… If you don’t like it, go away. Stop blaming CBS, Ariana Grande, the NYPD, and every other nonsensical BS I’ve read on here the last couple of weeks. It’s a game show. They are playing the game show. Everyone else is not. So if you want to discuss the way they play the game show, great. If you want to make personal attacks about people, I think you should call it a day and find something more worthwhile to do.

    • Agreed, Derrick is the only one playing a good game. I think he has the guts to make a power move, just waiting for the right time. I want him to win HOH and send Frankie out the door. Whoever wins the next HoH after that will not put up Derrick as long as Christine don’t win she will go out.

      • I dont know…it seems to me that if Derrick was truely interested in finding a way to get Frankie on the block, he would have gotten his ass out of bed and made Caleb see the light of day. I mean, Derrick has schooled everyone in the game so far, and this time he could not spare some beauty rest to send a little mist around the HOH room? Its not like Caleb is the smartest lemming in the bunch…

    • screw you ,i,m tired of skankie talking about rape and promoting his no talent sister,some people thinks she is talented I DON,T frankie has even less talent, she has 0 but frankie has 000 minus 3 so kiss my furry a$$ how much did skankie frankie and cbs pay you to say that

  12. One last thing: For all of you who are saying this is the worst season/cast ever… If you could send me your comments from seasons 15, 13, 12, 10 and 6… That would be greatly appreciated. Just want to do a little quick fact checking. I swear. And of course, I’m sure you wouldn’t waste your time again on a show you hated so much, so I’m certain this is the last season I’ll see any of you on here complaining about how season ______ and houseguest _____ are the absolute worst.

      • I also find it interesting that people love to psychoanalyze the actions of a married woman flirting with someone on a TV show, but god forbid we begin a conversation about what it says about people that they would feel the need to harass people’s families because they don’t like what someone is doing on a TV show. It’s absurd to me. But either way, I’ve learned my lesson and will refrain from reading the comments. It just makes me sad anyways.

      • It is funny that most of us viewers are mad, but keep watching and/or threatening to stop watching and you are upset with the comments yet continue to read, and/or threaten to stop reading… just saying. We all love a good debate, we all love to put in our two cents ect. Part of the show is how we react, we are part of the social experiment of this game show. They produce this show to incite strong emotion. We don’t have gladiators anymore so this and sports are the new arenas.

    • I understand why last season was terrible..what was wrong with 13, 12, 10 and 6? 13-Rachel, 12-Hayden, 10-Dan, 6-? (can’t remember)

    • I both agree and disagree with your thoughts. I agree, stop complaining about how people are playing their game… but I do think that anything on the show that “supports” negative social behaviour should be called out. Talking about taking advantage of a drunk individual isn’t right no matter the reason. I am sure I don’t need to bring up examples of girls that have either taken their lives or have their lives turned upside down because they were intoxicated, taken advantage of, and the video or photo being posted on social media. This is an excellent opportunity to address this issue. Sad to say it that way, but it’s true.

      In the “rape conversation” individuals have pointed out that the contestants were laughing and thought of it as support. But we tend to forget that in awkward situations laughing is also a copping mechanis.

      It was a horrible conversation, that was aired to the public. Therefore, in my opinion, it should be handled publicly.

    • My thoughts exactly. And the I’m done watching if…… Those are posting the next day.

  13. Caleb will regret not B.D. Frankie. He just lost a chance at 500,000 With double eviction coming up Caleb might be seeing the jury house. Now his only chance is Frankie. If any of the other guys win HOH. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Frankie and Caleb sitting on the block.

  14. B.B. This is the worst season ever.I don’t know where they found this group but they are the worst H.G. EVER.

  15. Smart game move by Caleb. It may not be what people want, but Caleb is thinking for himself, as well as Derrick, If Frankie won, he wouldn’t go after them now. If Nicole won, she’d definitely go after them and cause chaos

  16. So I am one that hasn’t watched since the beginning….will they all try hard for this upcoming HOH or will they not want to win it because they would be out on the next one.

  17. This is by far one of the stupidest casts of big brother history..if frankie win next weekiI hope he put up Cody n Derrick because they should have put him up last week. A bunch of scared cowards.

  18. Caleb is stupid! Guess who is going on the block this week, Caleb, Derrick or Cody and they deserve whatever happens to them.

  19. What the heck! It’s now or never! Take out someone who matters! If Caleb only knew how close they all were to getting rid of him earlier in the game!

  20. I know Derrick has pet Victoria on a leash but if he were smart, d, c&c vote to keep Nicole and the four of them stack up and run the show. That leaves Caleb who can’t compete and Frankenstein They both go on double evict and it’s a free for all. At least w Nicole as a partner instead of Vick, he has chance of win. Production leak that little tidbit instead of stroking Frankenstein ego for a chance at a lawsuit.

  21. what a ball less piece of shyt watch skankie send his ass home on DE night because he will win HOH again

  22. I agree with the person that said they need to fire the casting director. I said it last year and say it again. The thing that bugs me is Victoria actually thinks she’s still there because she’s played the game. But having said that I’d laugh my “you know what off” if she went to F2 and they voted her to win because the guys ended up being such nitwits.

  23. There’s always chances to evict/backdoor Frankie. Say if Derrick, Cody, Victoria wins HOH. Then, Derrick would control putting Frankie up. He would now, I believe, for sure. Caleb’s afraid of making an enemy of Frankie and losing his “Grande” fame connection. Besides, for Caleb’s game, it is dumb to put up Frankie. Frankie is closer to Caleb than anyone.

  24. These people are so boring I don’t really care who goes home after Nicole their all worthless

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