Big Brother 16: Top 10 Events – Part 1

The end of Big Brother 16 is here and it’s time to say goodbye to our sixteen Houseguests and their journey that kicked off way back in June. It’s been the longest season of Big Brother and while there hasn’t been quite the same level of fireworks as in the past we’ve still had plenty of big events.

Big Brother 16 memory wall
Big Brother 16 Memory Wall – Source: CBS

Yesterday I ran through some highlight moments for each of the Houseguests, but today it’s time to start in on the season’s highlights with our Top 10 Events list. This was a hard one to narrow down, as they always are, so I’m sure there will be disagreements on the rankings and especially what made the cut and what didn’t. Our list is just that: ours. Read through and then share yours too!

#10 – Devin Calls a House Meeting – Tears Ensue

Devin Shepherd gets emotional on Big Brother

I do love me a good House Meeting and while we didn’t have much of that this season Devin did not disappoint in his three weeks on BB16. Devin called the HGs together on July 2nd at 11:19PM BBT and offered up a confession. He wanted to revolutionize the way Big Brother is played by doing it with honor and integrity. Oh goodie, that usually works well.

Devin confessed to misreading Donny and failing to be the good role model for his daughter that he wanted her to see when she looks up this season of Big Brother in twenty years. The HGs was left scratching their heads and unsure what to make of this guy other than he seemed a bit off his rocker.

Following the meeting Frankie observed that all Devin had managed to do was unite the house against him. Caleb was upset because Devin took credit for his nominations and no one does that to Beast Mode. How’d it all work out for Devin? As soon as his HoH was over, he was the next Houseguest voted out.

#9 – Brittany Kicks 2400 Goals in 24 Hours

Brittany kicks 2400 goals

There are punishments and then there are Big Brother punishments. Brittany Martinez encountered the latter when she lost out in the Week 4 Power of Veto competition and was challenged to complete 2400 soccer goals in 24 hours or be banned from competing in competitions the following week.

Well it turned out she was the target that week and it didn’t really matter since she couldn’t compete from home next week anyway. But Brittany was determined and even though she saw the writing on the wall she stuck to it and completed the challenge with plenty of time to spare. Flashback to 5:10PM BBT on July 20th to watch her complete the challenge.

There was nothing easy about that challenge and her opt’ing to go the more tasking route on her methods only added to the difficulty. Hard not to say this wasn’t impressive and it gave Brittany something to hold her head high when she was evicted just days later.

#8 – Caleb’s Amber-session

Caleb Reynolds cross-marketing on CBS
No, I didn’t photoshop this. It happened. Seriously.

From the very start of the season we saw Caleb Reynolds fall head over heels for the beautiful Amber Borzotra. Unfortunately for Caleb, or rather for Amber, things didn’t work out and it just got weird.

Caleb spent the first five weeks of Big Brother watching, staring, watching, and more staring when it came to Amber. When Caleb wasn’t watching her in the backyard from behind the tinted glass he was non-stop talking about her. Caleb discussed how their encounter was a plan from heaven, he contemplated their marriage and life together when they’re 80, and eventually he discussed her eviction when the guys convinced him she was coming after him.

Many of us could see this was not going to end well for one of them and Amber came out on the losing side of that battle. I can’t help but wonder how much different either of their games might have gone without the other. Amber might have stuck around a lot longer and Caleb honestly could have gone sooner if he hadn’t been so distracted from the game and seen as a tool for their means.

The whole thing was overly uncomfortable at times and some worried about how far Caleb might take it. Other than standing over Amber while she slept and secretly watching her from afar things mostly melted away with her eviction. Of course he does still think she’ll leap in to his arms on finale night and give him a big kiss. Yeah, we’ll have to wait and see.

#7 – Donny “Darko” Dominates – Fear The Beard

Fear the Beard - Donny Thompson

Was Donny a special ops mercenary, a rocket scientist, a Harvard doctor, or a simple groundskeeper? The Houseguests weren’t sure what to make of Donny but they definitely knew to Fear The Beard and despite Donny’s repeat alliance offerings and competition domination no one wanted to work with him. Donny because a nine-time nominee but he was no easy eviction.

Jumping back to Week 8 we saw Donny pull off an incredible victory in the Battle of the Block series. We had just seen the week before where Frankie overcame an attempt by Caleb to sabotage his chances, but this week took things to a new level.

Not only did Donny’s partner not help him in the completely dark “Black Box” bone-searching challenge but she actively worked against him. Christine gave bones to Cody and Caleb that Donny handed over and abandoned the ones she did find. It was basically three against one but they were no match for Donny and he defeated the majority alliance yet again before eventually falling to them the very next week. This was really the most impressive solo vs sabotage performance.

#6 – Apple Pie? “Overwhelming No”

Frankie Grande is an Overwhelming No

Team America was brought together as a bit of a sideshow to the main attraction on Big Brother 16. We saw Joey evicted before she could even get involved, but the rest of Team America did very well until things got very bleak for fan favorite Donny.

Luckily for Donny, production offered up an easy solution to create their own mission. Problem solved right? Team America could just come right together and campaign to get Donny off the block and back to safety. Done and done. Wait? What? Frankie has a better idea?

Despite Donny’s pleas for help Frankie decided for the group that what America really wanted was a play that he would produce to show off all his marketable skills to the talent managers out there. Aside from a few funny impersonations it was a flop. Heck, the HGs didn’t even want to participate until Big Brother called a fake lockdown so they were stuck inside with no other options. Seriously.

Given the opportunity to weigh in on Frankie’s decision America flat out rejected his attempt to steal the spotlight. Not only that but Big Brother broke its vow of silence and said they would inform Team America of their mission’s results. This was not done for any other mission all season long and should be noted that production knew it was a failure when they made that decision. Bringing in feedback from the outside world is not a frequent event and makes this event especially noteworthy for its rarity.

Team America had a covert mission to answer Julie’s question with a coded message to reveal their $5K’s fate. Julie opt’d to field the request for apple pie from Frankie before replying with an “overwhelming no.” Oops. This event was a turning point in production’s goldenboy edit of Frankie and viewers were seeing a side that Feedsters had been observing for awhile. It wasn’t always pretty.

Donny was still evicted that week and Frankie would later claim he tried desperately to save him, but the apple pie suggests otherwise. As for why they failed, Frankie explained that America just couldn’t handle a man in drag. Okay, Frankie.

#5 – To Be Continued…

Five more big events remain in our countdown to the end of Big Brother 16. I’ll have the rest of the list tomorrow, but in the meantime, share your thoughts and guess what makes the rest of the Top 10.


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  1. You guys are more into Amber then Caleb. The viewers got over guys, you guys need to move on too. Always wanting to BS Caleb for someone who’s entire game consisted of saying “my game” oh and saying someone ruined it. Glad she was evicted early. Maybe Judd can ruin her game now. Good Luck Judd

    • His fascination with Amber was weird. And creepy. And abnormal. And spooky. And unsettling to watch.

      • I know I’ve said this before (the unpopular opinion) but I really don’t think it’s as abnormal as you might label it as… In fact his awkwardness and seemingly creepy attitude is played out in tons of guys all across the globe. Caleb in my opinion is more awkward and has an outdated chivalristic perspective on courtship…

      • Matt. I really, really do get your point. I do. I know guys like Caleb. But when he’d sit with his hoodie over his head and STARE at Amber talking to Cody, all the while playing with that plastic knife, it was disturbing. He acted like some kind of predator–not so much a stalker. It was creepy. *shudder*

      • More to Matt…here’s what I wish: I wish Amber and Caleb had been in different seasons. I really liked Amber and wish she had stayed longer. And once Amber was gone, I started to warm up to Caleb and see him for the goof he really is! It was unfortunate that they were cast the same season. But the early days of the “Caleb and Amber Show” were disconcerting. I liked the ‘Judy Chop Caleb!

      • Yeah agreed. In some ways I kinda wish Amber had taken a more proactive approach though and turned the alliance on Caleb when she both had the chance and good reason to! Devin & Caleb weren’t on good terms with most people in the aliiance for the first 3 weeks, so Amber could have worked Cody / Derrick into getting rid of Beast Mode.

      • Oh I TOTALLY agree on the creepy factor! I just tend to also get creeped out by those who put on their expert hats and diagnose him as a stalker which is not only a serious accusation, it diminishes those who truly have had stalkers in their life and had to have police intervention. I posted in one comment that it also doesn’t help when we keep perpetuating the Hollywood image of what a ”stalker” even is. Statistically over the past decade I believe that more women have been charged with stalking than men. I myself (as a guest speaker and presenter) once had a near encounter with one which was nothing like people think it would be… Caleb was/is awkward (and yes creepy), but until I see an actual sign of him being a real stalker, I won’t label him as such.

      • I absolutely get what you’re saying. It took me a minute. You’re right, unless you’ve dealt with a true stalker incident, we shouldn’t label someone as a stalker…it demeans those who’ve actually had that horrible experience. Right? I gotcha! (Missed you the last couple of days, btw)

      • If either of would like to hear my take on Caleb…from a woman who has similar, go over to the Sept 18, 5:00 thread, Eviction Interview. I saw a post by a lady who didn’t take anything Caleb did very seriously. I had to finally speak my truth.

      • Oh God, KSJB…I’m sorry. I wish I’d stuck with my guns and left well enough alone. I’m so glad you got out alive and well. I’m grateful that you DID speak your truth. You may have helped more women than you’ll ever know by writing what you did. Peace and love to you, my friend. You’re a survivor.

      • I seriously only wanted you to read that because if you know young people that are prone to have those qualities I had , maybe you could encourage them to stay away from certain type people. It happens to both sexes. It’s a scary situation to fall so in love with a man who adores you one minute and is crying at your feet begging you to forgive him for just choking you or/and taunting you with threats, and calling you every bad name he can think of because his clothes weren’t dry when he got home.(just an example). It’s a sad way to live and harder to get out of than you could imagine. And it happens to poor people, professional people, rich people, people of the cloth,etc. Thanks for took me weeks to get the nerve to write it.

      • Again, K…SO glad you wrote it. Seriously, you’ll never know how many women you may have helped by having the courage to speak. You are a brave and strong woman. And you love BB, so you’re really cool, too! :) !

      • Sharona, I wish learning about disturbing psychological characteristics was a requirement for everyone. It might open some eyes and save people of both genders from falling prey to those that don’t intend to harm them, but do anyway.

      • Indeed! But please do remember we never let our own experiences become the ”truth” of other people’s experiences. I hope the person who did this to you can be separated in your mind from a contestant on Big Brother (not because I disagree with you, but because I want you to have a real chance at living in peace and victory over this creep! Don’t give him any more power over you in your life…don’t let him hurt you any more!) As always, I remain your supporter and your friend.

      • That was really nice to say, Matt S. However, it doesn’t make you any less of an a-hole! A few months ago when I wrote about being an abuse survivor you told me to not take things personally and get over it. Since then you’ve needled me more about it. I had never talked to you in this blog or anywhere else, yet you attacked me. Well, your personal attack on me has finally caused the hurt that you were seeking. Congratulations.

      • Hey Karen, I know we’ve talked about this before, but I want to say again that I am so sorry you had to go through this. You know that I had a similar experience with a guy that had the same characteristics that Caleb has exhibited. I got out of the situation before you (after 14 months of engagement and living together), but the devastating psychological impact is still there. My niece wasn’t so lucky. It took him putting her in the hospital twice before she got out. It’s been 5 years for her and she still hasn’t attempted another relationship, even though she is still in her 20s. I hope she heals soon.

        I said this way back when Caleb was exhibiting his “creepy” behavior towards Amber. He has displayed all of the classic characteristics of a potential abuser. Whether or not he becomes one, is up to him, but I think he needs professional help beforehand. It’s extra scary when you’ve been through it and you’re watching what he’s doing and saying on unscripted TV.

        I do give him props for his military service and I have laughed at his antics and stories since Amber’s eviction. But, I’ve never forgotten those first 5 weeks.

    • Uh no, they’re not. Caleb’s obessesion with her was creepy and stalkerish. He DID ruin her game.

    • I am thankful that you’ve never been involved with someone like Caleb. But, if you had, you’d understand the intense emotional response to what he put Amber through.

  2. wow easily the worst season since season 1 nobody actually even played the game they all just cruised thru the summer…no big moves, the only people who may have shook up the house left early just like the first season

    • What game were you watching? There was a whole other thing going on that you seem to have missed.

    • Every season is the worst season for you so called “fans”. I thought it was season 9, Well it could have been Season 12, wait no season 13, or was it season 14, no I think it was Season 15. Damn I am very confused.

      • Well, season 9, will always be the worst, but 15 and 16 are both up there. At least 12 had some interesting characters in Rachel and Britney, 14 had some mix ups and the coaches were, aside from Boogie, good, and 13 was at least saved from a Porsche and Adam final 2.

      • I thought the season with Rachel Reilly was good TV. She was amazingly insecure but always entertaining.

      • Well now that’s true…. I think each season (since maybe season #5) has been a bit worse each time. New (and more) gimmicks each time, no more real players who actually applied for the show, and non stop manipulation from outside the game… sigh.

      • Well I think 6,7, and 10 were great, 8 and 11 were good, but 12 was boring, but with some good personalities, 13 had all the early favorites, of the newbies anyway, get axed, and without production interference we may have been left with a Porsche and Adam final, 14 was better, but only really because of the coaches and Danielle’s insanity, 15 and 16 are just much worse than even Survivor: Redemption Island

      • I still don’t understand how 9 was the worst. BB15 was good in my opinion. Aside from the racism BB15 was really entertaining. It had good gameplay but a horrible final 3.
        BB16 lacked a lot of powershifts which is why I had a hard time enjoying this season. BB16 was great in the beginning stages but towards the middle and end it kinda died down. But both 15 & 16 aren’t bad seasons in my opinion.

      • Try not to let it get to you Joey. For some people it might be the worst, for others not so much… for me, I’m always having a bit of a laugh when somebody is labelled as the ”worst (or best) player ever” until next season when the new cast has the worst or best player ever. Then there’s the debate on the most ”evil” person ever vs. the ”nicest’ person ever… so yeah it stands to reason that people will forget everything they’ve said and felt this year and come back next year with a whole new list of bests and worsts… It’s not the end of the world if people don’t see the pattern, just enjoy the ride. :)

      • Well the chief and foremost is Adam (winner of that season) who shortly after winning was convicted not only of drug possession but also of drug trafficking – yikes! Looks like Big Brother missed another sure fire gimmick: ”The Biggest, Boldest, Lock-Down season of Big Brother ever!” ;)

  3. Since this season is a big blur for me, I have to agree with your list. The funniest thing that happened was when Caleb decided to “lower” the awning.

  4. Insanely boring. Really an awful season. I actually missed Devin, that’s how bad it was. He was… different, kind of a scary time-bomb. He would have made things more interesting.

    One alliance completely dominated from the start so every week it was obvious what was going to happen

  5. Still not sure that indoor lockdown was “faked” during the BB Play thing for Team America. My friend swears up and down that BBAD revealed that there were voices coming from beyond the backyard that night, which started occurring the previous week when Zach was about to be evicted. Plus, she said that one of the HG opened the backdoor DURING the play while it was going on, which – again – was on during After Dark, and that was when she heard the voices coming from outside.

    Guess it doesn’t really matter which it was, though, faked or an attempt to get them away from more crazy fans, because it worked in Frankie’s favor regardless.

  6. Nicole and her wedgy to Zach.. and Nicole hitting a ball into Cody and making him fall to the ground. Need I say anything else LOL

  7. Matt I’m just hoping TMZ picks up number 6 on your list so we dont have to see anything else he produces. That should have been #1 on a list of worst moments in BB16. Looking forward to what else you have for us.

  8. I had fun with this season until the fun people left and we were stuck with the detonators. What if they condensed the last few weeks of the season with 2-3 eliminations in a week so we go from 5 to 2 much faster? I think the dragging out the end of the season leaves everyone with bad memories.

  9. Re #6: I kinda remember Derrick going to Frankie in the fire room and telling him Donny wants their TA mission to be saving him from eviction. Derrick went on to tell/ask Frankie to ‘come up with something else’ … Frankie said he’d try and Derrick left the room. I believe if Derrick hadn’t told/asked Frankie to come up with an alternative to Donny’s suggestion, Donny could have been ‘saved’ for at least another week.

  10. What a great idea!~ Thanx so much Matt ~ I’m eagerly looking forward to the top 5, especially #1 ~~ what could it possibly be??? ((the mouse or sabatuer (sp?) that wasn’t??)) On the edge of my seat!

  11. Why haven’t they shown footage of Christine and Frankie arriving in the jury house this year? Did I miss it?

    • I saw Christine….none of them even acknowledged her….it was funny…Frankie I either missed or they haven’t shown it.

      • I think they don’t want to burst the image Frankie created. Remember the promise / threat he gave: ”You’re all so dumb, don’t you realize you’re sending this season’s most popular player with millions of fans into the jury house? I’m going to single-handedly decide who the winner of this game is!” …I’ll laugh when Frankie gets there and finds a less than welcome response. Even more so I’ll laugh when Caleb’s right behind him saying: ”So I guess Frankie already told you that you’re all voting the way he wants you to!” ;)

      • They usually show the 4th & 5th place evictees entering the jury house right before the jury roundtable. Hopefully it will be part of the finale.

      • That was great, Donny was mocking her and she walked in. They were all laughing at / about her ,No body even acknowledged her. Right on the heels of that great BOO from the audience.She looked like a deer in the headlights. Didn’t see Freakie’s arrival.

  12. Ok gone for a couple days but now I’m back and whaaaaat? Crying, Kicking, Beards, Creeps & well…more creeps? Yup sounds like the Biggest Boldest, most twisted summer of Big Brother ever! ;)

  13. Derrick flips the house on week 2 and saves Zack putting him in the perfect position to move on with a better alliance.

  14. Amber thought she was playing The Dating Game or Love Connection. Anyone with rudimentary knowledge of survivor and Big Brother would die to have a love sick puppy on their side. If you are smart — Amber’s not, obviously — you’d use that to your advantage, not go out of your way to Just Say No. What superior player would not have used that blind love to their advantage?

    • She found him too creepy and repellant to deal with. If she’d encouraged him, she’d probably have disappeared from the house one night and he would have had her imprisoned in a deserted farm house somewhere, fulfilling his fantasy life as the woman of his dreams sent to him by God.

  15. And what also kind of happened from the play is that Derrick realized he was kind of on the bad side of the house, got upset, and then picked himself up and actually technically played a nicer guy game the rest of the way (no more bowing to the locker room bash sessions) and decided to stick with his Hitmen and Victoria alliances which were what he was doing before TA and resulted in what has to be the most pleasant and amiable final three in quite awhile (even if Victoria was annoying the crap out of Derrick for three straight days).

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