Big Brother 16: Houseguests’ Most Memorable Moments

I’ve spent the Big Brother summer dissecting and judging the game and its players, but now as the season wraps up I thought it’d be fun to look back at what’s made these HGs memorable. Sure, I’ve given them plenty of grief, but overall they’ve done a great job and given us lots to discuss.

Big Brother 16 Houseguests get ready to get wild
Big Brother 16 Houseguests get ready to get wild – Source: CBS

Tossing tomatoes at the Big Brother stage is part of the routine but the season is almost over so let’s give them a round of applause and look at some of their best moments of Big Brother 16.

Joey Van Pelt – Oh Joey, you were our first goodbye of the season and you went out in grand fashion. It’d be tempting to say her “Alex” adventures were her moment, but I have to go with her decision to make a full head-on attack at Devin.

Joey pulled Devin in to the Hive and explained to him his fate, according to Joey. Caleb had said he’d evict according to the House’s wishes and in her eyes the House wanted Devin gone. She told Devin in no uncertain terms that she was gunning for him and he’d be going home. It was a bold and daring move but oh boy did that turn out poorly. Joey was gone just a few days later, but she went out swinging.

Paola Shea – I thought Pao Pao would be our firecracker this season but her time was cut short in the second week. I nearly went with her swing performance in the first Battle of the Block, but then I remembered that other comp.

Before there was “technotronics.” Now there is “caltoru.” Paola’s attempt at spelling during the Veto comp left us scratching our heads but laughing along with her the whole time. It was memorable enough for Pao to get a (questionable) tattoo and enough to make our list too.

Devin Shepherd – Devin came to win with loyalty and honesty. Instead he left Week 3, but not without some serious entertainment for us. Yes, the #DevinHasADaughter became a thing and we heard about it every thirty seconds, but he was a heck of a competitor and his house meetings were crazy. I think Devin would have made a huge splash on the season if he had stayed longer, but it didn’t work out.

Devin’s tearful House Meeting was a standout but my favorite memory of Devin has to be him hiding behind the HoH door as Joey’s “Alex” rampaged through the house. His wide-eyed scared look over someone half his size was hilarious and showed he had a fun factor to offer up too.

Brittany Martinez – I can’t believe Brittany left all the way back in Week 4. Was it really that early in the season? Wow. She was a last minute addition to the cast and new to the BB world but she played her heart out. Maybe she played just a little too hard though when she didn’t know how to keep her head down and soon her overactive gaming made her a target for Derrick. We all know what happens when Derrick starts to worry about you.

Top highlight for Brittany has to be her 2400 goals in 24 hours. No way did I think she would finish it nor did I think she should considering she was a lock for eviction. All the same she did it, silenced her critics, and I think we were all thoroughly impressed.

Amber Borzotra – As the season’s typecast model I didn’t think her odds were good, but I never saw this coming. Despite having three comp wins to prove her competitive abilities there was no way she could overcome the obstacle of Caleb’s obsession.

Amber’s game was effectively ruined by Caleb’s non-stop staring, dreaming, conversations, and eventually his retaliation over a fictional betrayal. Rather than pinpointing a single event I’d have to say Amber’s memorable highlight would be how she handled the bizarre situation. Caleb pushed and pushed but she never gave in, repeatedly said no, and still never got pissed off. I don’t know how she did it.

Jocasta Odom – Jocasta didn’t get a lot of featured time on the show or on the Feeds, but she was an interesting character all the same and especially when she wasn’t feeling ill. Of course that didn’t leave much time otherwise.

Favorite thing about Jocasta would have to be her expressions. She gave us some hilarious looks in the season’s “Face Off” competition whether it was her eye-rolls or the classic “not judging, but totally judging you” expressions. She was a gif-er’s dream come true.

Hayden Voss – Had he been pulled in to the Bomb Squad sooner we might have a Derrick and Hayden finale instead of Cody, but he ended up on the other side of things and then got distracted by Nicole. Overall though Hayden was a cheerful, happy, shiny Houseguest and that’s rarely a bad thing.

Hayden’s Teddy Spanks was my favorite memory of him from BB16 even though it’s a character that existed well before that. Too bad he didn’t consider sharing that when I asked him what he’d bring to the house that no one else would. Now if only we could have done something about his screaming voice.

Nicole Franzel – “I don’t knoooooow” how to narrow this one down. Nicole was a lot of fun but the extending words out an extra five syllables got to be a bit much at times. All the same Nicole was adorable and a heck of a competitor. Nicole fought her way back in to Big Brother but no one was willing to work with her except Donny which was as effective as jumping off your sinking ship on to the Titanic.

For Nicole I’d have to go with her costumes as her highlight. She “earned” both the Frogtard and Germitard and owned them both. I’m not sure anyone else in there could have pulled those off as well as she did and as a superfan I bet she secretly loved the opportunity.

Zach Rance – Easily the entertainer of the year for most Big Brother fans. Zach knew he was there to put on a show and he went full bore even when it was sinking his own game. Of course many of those moments were as a tool of Team America pocketing cash as the cost of his survival. Grrr.

Hard to narrow things down to one event, but Froot Loop Dingus is a phrase any fan of the season will know and remember. At first a silly, over the top attack at Nicole the words became his catchphrase and even part of his return to the house. Nicole cheerfully gave him a box of the colorful cereal and he poured it all over the room just as he did upon his eviction exit.

Donny Thompson – Donny won over America and he kept winning over the Vetoes. He shocked me and most of the house with his constant Houdini escapes from the block as they tried and tried to get this super genius, military general, and ninja out of the game.

There were many fun moments with Donny even though he wasn’t on the zany level of Zach. I’d have to narrow this down to Donny’s defining moment where he not only won the Veto in Week 3 to secure Devin’s fate when the rest of the house couldn’t but he went on to rescue Jocasta to save her in the process. This event showed he was a strong competitor and had a huge heart, a perfect combination to make him a fan favorite.

Christine Brecht – Christine took a lot of heat early in the game and it took me awhile to figure out why. I didn’t find her gameplay very interesting so I just wasn’t noticing her much but I soon saw the “mean girl” reputation in action. She claimed to “hate” nearly everyone while flipping on her close allies at every turn to support another alliance that cut her the second they didn’t need her.

Christine will likely be remembered for her constant pawing of the young, good looking Cody though she later claimed it was all part of her strategy… While I’m fairly sure that’s how Christine will be remembered it’s worth noting she did have several strong wins this season including a Veto victory that shut down one of the early plans to evict Frankie. What a shift in the season we might have seen had Christine not kept herself and possibly Frankie out of danger that week.

Frankie Grande – When I first met Frankie I thought he was a little over the top, but potentially entertaining. By the time he left the house I couldn’t get him off the Feeds fast enough. Frankie tried to turn the entire season in to the Grande Show promoting his sister and her fame while claiming to be an entertainment mogul himself. It undoubtedly earned him fans, but was too much for many of us.

Frankie will likely be remembered for the “overwhelming no” his Team America apple pie and “Broadway!” play received, but Frankie also had a huge string of competition wins this season especially his BotB win that kept him safe in the second straight week of HGs targeting him for eviction. Yes, his numbers were inflated by the opportunity the BotB gave for back to back HoH comps and BotB participation, but his drive to win and success rate were significant and quite an achievement.

Caleb Reynolds – Caleb could have been remembered for his fierce loyalty and silly delusions combined with a strong competitive record. Instead he threw away the first half of the season in pursuit of Amber who didn’t want a thing to do with him.

From even before the time Caleb entered the game he was Amber-sessed. Having seen her at the airport he prayed to have 90 days with her in the game. But forget about the game, he came here for love and it made a fool out of him while demolishing Amber’s own chance at the game. Once she was gone Caleb said he was free to be himself and I wish that was the Caleb we had in there whole season. That Caleb I thoroughly enjoyed with his Judy Chops, crazy stories, and endless Beast Mode moments.

Caleb’s highlight moment would likely have to go to his Battle of the Block sit-out where he tried to sabotage Frankie’s game but instead ended up easing the challenge for Frankie in the process. It was a valiant effort but failed miserably and put Frankie on high alert that he was now a major target.

Victoria Rafaeli – Victoria knew the Big Brother game but she sure didn’t know how to play it. Or at least how to win at it. Victoria made it to the finale but not by her own efforts as she claimed. Victoria managed to never, ever win a single individual competition. Not one. Not even that Veto which Caleb won and then gave to her in exchange for $5K. Derrick dragged his favorite pawn along the way and soon we’ll find out if he’ll keep her or have her sent to Jury.

We didn’t get much from Victoria but there were a few moments. Her medical emergency was a tense few hours but I’d prefer to give her highlight of the season to the crows. Victoria’s story of the crow that tried to steal her as a baby was just bizarro and a fitting “What?” sort of thing for her BB16 profile.

Cody Calafiore – I don’t want to say anything bad here about Cody because he might want to call me out over it. Nevermind. All season we’d hear tough talk but no walk from Cody. Luckily for Cody, he didn’t need to do more than talk a big game for most the season while staying under the radar and relying on a social game that was largely physical with the women and “brah” with the guys.

Cody played an overall strong game and lucked in to an incredible partnership with Derrick that helped get him far in the season and likely a seat in the final two. He managed to dodge the block until Week 8 and after that his game came alive with five of his six comp wins and a shot at the F2.

Is it safe to say Cody’s most memorable move was slapping himself in the face? That’s probably not a good sign. At least it was probably his funniest moment!

Derrick Levasseur – When meeting the entire cast preseason I was very excited about Derrick. Here was a guy who knew the game, came across very intelligent, and seemed to have a solid game plan. He didn’t disappoint. Having come fresh off Survivor I wondered how he’d play down his cop background following Tony Vlachos’s win and it certainly became a frequent topic outside the house but never inside.

Derrick will be remembered as the mastermind of the season. He controlled the game nearly every step of the way, but never let things get personal or directly ugly between his game and his competitors. Masterful Jury Management, solid win record, and plentiful strategic moves combined makes this one look like a lock for Derrick. Anything less will be a huge letdown for this fan.

It’s been one heck of a long, long Big Brother season, but the Houseguests made it through and they kept us entertained along the way. What else could we ask for? Sure some more heated exchanges and a handful of blindsides would have been nice, but I think we watched another great season of Big Brother.

What will be your favorite memories of the Big Brother 16 cast?


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  1. Nice article and I enjoy hearing your thoughts on the house guests. I think you’re SPOT ON with Caleb. Once Amber left the house, he very quickly became a favorite of mine. I don’t think anyone liked the jealous, stalker Caleb, but the goofy, way too into himself Caleb was sure fun to watch. I think he just lost perspective with Amber in the house and probably hasn’t faced much rejection when it comes to females before so he didn’t know how to handle it.

    Overall though – it was a solid cast. I do wish Big Brother casted more competitors who actually know the game, rather than just people who might do good for the ratings.

    I’d like an all-stars season soon!

    • A lot of that I blame on the guys. They filled his head with lies that Amber liked him. The only three from this season that I would want to see on AS would be Zach, Donny and Caleb.

      • LOL @ Zach, Donny, and Caleb. Why wouldn’t you want to see Derrick, the best player of this season, back for all stars?

      • You’re the problem with Big Brother. You’d rather be entertained than see great game play. Get a bunch of people who know how to play Big Brother and the game will be exciting.

      • THIS! I’m so over people looking for fights and low punches. They need to go watch Real Housewives and let the rest enjoy the intelligent game play Derrick brought this season

      • I agree with you, Wiggy! Derrick, played a flawless, game. Manage never to be put on the block, that was amazing. He was the puppet master, but he was given this, opportunity by the BB 16 HG, not thinking for themselves. Who wouldn’t have taken this opportunity. I loved Zach, but he was his own, enemy. As far, as Donny, he was a wonderful person, but had absolutely no social game. For Donny, being such a BB fan, he didn’t play it well. I would love to see him win ” AFP. ” I am #TeamDerrick!!!! All the way. I would hope, it will be Derrick and Cody, in the F2.

      • Seriously! For Derrick not to have been on the block ONCE even though you had double the chance each week with BotB, that’s insane! Great gameplay.

      • will you guys stop about this Donny donny business. I just cannot stand him. He acts like a 75 year old man, not that there is anything wrong with that. I do not know why all the players thought he was this wise man. Maybe they were thinking about their grandfathers.

  2. I’ll remember Frankie for winning the BOB by himself when Caleb refused to play. And for announcing to the house that Ariana Grande is his sister.

    I’ll remember Derrick specifically for throwing HOH so Frankie would win.

    Victoria collapsing in the bathroom is the single biggest moment she had this season.

    Devin pulling Brittany, his original target, off the block was unforgettable.

    Jocasta: talking in tongues after that BOB win.

    Cody worrying about his Zing stood out to me. He finally realized that there might be issues with the way he and Christine were acting (not that this stopped him from continuing in the same vein).

    Christine getting booed after her eviction was memorable. Nominating Nicole (her former best friend in the house) ranks right up there also.

    I can’t think of any memorable Hayden moments other than when he got blindsided.

    • what about frankie talking about gettin victoria raped , how proud his mom must be . i wonder if someone did that about his sister would he laugh or would the family sue cbs , i guess they would be ok with it because they are posting for votes for him foe afp

    • Hayden’s most memorable moment came when was back in the house for the luxury comp. I loved when he called Cody out and then kissed Nicole.

      • True, Hayden in the luxury comp was a standout. I’ll give him that one. (He was a nice guy, but he just kind of blended into the background for me in most episodes.)

    • Oops, a couple of the things I noted were not really positive.
      To clarify, with the Victoria moment, I think it made us viewers stop thinking game and instead just hope she would be okay. I was very impressed with Victoria when she returned to the house after her collapse. Another nice moment for her was when she was way behind in the “fill the globe” comp and repeatedly fell, but she kept trying anyway.

      The Jocasta “speaking in tongues” moment was because she was excited by the victory–definitely an unusual and memorable reaction. I also loved how she was so appreciative when Donny won veto and told her he was using it on her.

      With Cody, being worried about the Zing showed that he cared about public opinion. Another funny moment with him was when he was so scared by the possible rat in the house that he jumped up on a chair. :D

      I’ll add one for Caleb: being excited about the NFL outing. He was so happy to meet Jerry Jones.

      Christine getting booed was not a positive moment–I didn not enjoy it, but it was memorable in a bad way. Nominating Nicole, though, was a relatively big game move, a bolder nom than most of the other players had been making.

  3. Matt, does the order in which you listed them convey your opinion about who will be evicted next (Victoria), then F2 (Cody and Derrick), with Derrick being the winner.

      • You see that is my point. During the whole game, we all new the outcome of each episode. There were no surprises. Boring.

      • I’d agree with you … up until the last few weeks. I look at this season as a baseball game — The first three innings, not so much going on. The next three, a snoozefest since the pitcher (Derrick) was just cruising along. If you blinked you might have missed how effortlessly he took down batter/houseguest after batter/houseguest.

        And then we got into the bottom three innings, and the beauty of Derrick’s game started to shine. At this point, it seems almost a certainty that he’ll complete the perfect BB game — 17 up, 17 down, and without ever going on the block or even letting anyone in the house know that he was running the show … until it was too late for them. There’s a different kind of excitement in watching such an incredible player control this game from nearly start to finish.

    • I don’t know. All her squealing was already getting to me. She was cute though. I really liked Joey and Amber. They would have been fun I they’d had a chance to play.

    • The one thing that I remember Paola for, is her finger constantly up her nose. I wonder if she ever got that booger out.

    • Haven’t seen him around much since his buddy got the boot. Maybe he’s camping out at the studio hoping for a glimpse of his loser.

  4. Ill remember seeing the most unanimous votes I have ever seen..that to me equals..WIMPS…even Caleb when he wimped out on evicting Frankie…hes a bigger woman than Frankie in my eyes…everbody played safe and right into derricks sights as far as I am concerned. A boring BB.

  5. I hope next season they don’t bring back the double HOH and BOTB. They really favored the big alliance, and the women were doomed from the start. How many times were there four women on the block? I would also hope for more smaller alliances and shifts in power. This season was far and above better than last but very boring and predictable.

    • The women were doomed but it was their own fault. They could have made an alliance of their own and failed to just like they always do. There were 8 girls and 8 guys. What if the girls had gotten together? Not sure it will ever happen in the future of BB, but what if.. If would have a greater chance of happenng if they did not cast based on looks and youth and instead cast based on strategic minds regardless of age.

      • BB needs to start casting women who are/were athletes. They could win comps and most colleges don’t give “special” classes to women athletes so the would have to be smart as well. They have learned to put catty differences aside and work together. And if its all about eye candy for BB take a look at the women athletes most are as beautiful as models.

      • I’d like that, anything is better than how they currently do it.I hate the stunt casting and picking people who never watched a show. If you wanted to be on why not do some research?

  6. I’d like to add 2 memories…

    First, I vote for Izzy as the cutest HG of the season! I loved the montage of him on memory lane night.

    Next, I’d like to give Frankie props for his eulogy to his grandfather when he was alone in the HOH room. It was touching and a side of Frankie that we only saw that one time. IMO, that was the best memory of him.

    Other than that, Matt and Alex have listed the other best memories! Thank you both. :)

    • I give props to TVGN for not interrupting Frankie’s eulogy to his beloved Grandfather … it lasted a good 35 minutes with no commercials! Unfortunately, it was a side we did see throughout Fakie’s game … being “on” … being the center of attention … being, well, just being self centered fake Frankie!

      • True. I was thinking of the softer side. Even though he was “on”, I think his sentiments to his grandfather were real. We never saw real soft emotion again… just acting and the dark side.

  7. I thought one of Cody’s finer moments, besides slapping himself, was when he made for that stool and looked like a woman on a mission to avoid that mean and deadly creature, a little ghost of a mouse.

  8. Zach’s speeches and calling out Frankie on his lies and back-stabbing were all very entertaining and memorable.

  9. I still feel sorry for Amber. Had there not been a crazy stalker in the house, she would have made it very far IMO.

  10. I’m on the fence when it comes to this season…I found it quite boring, but then again, I felt that the players weren’t as vile and disgusting as last season…I wish we could bring back some of the all-star players who not only keep us entertained but also show great strategy skills when it comes to the BB game!

  11. Overall a very week cast as far as playing the game is concerned. I still think CBS went out of its way to find less aggressive personalities than last year’s cast to avoid a repeat of the embarrassing moments.

    I was watching BBAD the other night and Victoria was playing Derrick in a game of checkers. Just watching her play as if it was her first game of checkers ever, with stupid move after stupid move, I realized it was a microcosm of BB this year. There just weren’t any real players in the game this season except for Derrick. The rest of them were at a frat party.

    • “There just weren’t any real players in the game this season except for Derrick. The rest of them were at a frat party.” — And that’s because production would rather cast someone who is entertaining than someone who actually knows Big Brother. This show has turned into a glorified Real World. It’s all about the drama and personalities rather than strong, strategical game play.

      Just look at Zach and Caleb this year. Caleb didn’t even know how a double eviction worked and Zach was there to cause drama above everything else.

  12. CBS if you read this blog – no more 2 HOH. Go back to food comps. Loved seeing them go for steak and beer, forgetting anything else. Great season Matt and Branden. Ya’ll did a great job!

  13. Joker says Victoria just asked this of Derrick: “What if Jana is your sister and Tenley is her daughter & you just brought that ring in…”……Derrick has got to realize he has his own personal stalker…..he has created a monster! ;)

    • Derrick has her vote locked in, why is he still obsessed with her, sweet talking to her late at night with whispers so Cody can’t hear? We know why she’s obsessed with him, he’s her hero and the only person she likes in the game.

    • No doubt, about that, Shelley!! If I was Derrick’s, wife Jana. It be a cold, day in Hell, that I would let (Derrick and Victoria) continue a friendship, after all, is said and done. She wants more than friendship.

  14. I will say that my favourite memory of all the houseguests was the premiere episode. Oh, how I liked all of the hamsters then! They seemed like such a fun interesting cast, especially after the human feces that made up last year’s cast!

  15. My very favorite moment of the season, was when Cody and Caleb shut down Frankie in the HoH room the day Frankie was evicted. I applauded Caleb when he said, “Oh shut up, Frankie.” And I squealed with delight when Cody told him he wasn’t Jesus.

  16. I enjoyed Zankie at the beginning, Caleb towards the end and Frankie getting booted out of the house. I really don’t care who wins since I am not a fan of the three left, but Cody should get the last laugh at the end.

  17. Matt I like honest comments you had on each of the HG’s and the fact that you found nice things to say about some (Frankie, Christine) I commend you for it. On an unrelated subject I wanted to bring up, did you guys check online on twitter how the Grande family now is playing CYA on asking to vote for Zach now cause they were tired of trying to gain support for voting for Frankie due to so much backlash and this is posting a tweet at 3am today, kind of sad, pathetic, and a little too late don’t you think?

    • Yeah, Jacinjax mentioned that earlier today. Jacinjax said it was due to an argument with Zach’s mom about Frankie already winning TA money and Zach hadn’t. It’s on the Finale/Survivor Premiere article’s comments. Too little too late.

    • Oh yeah, that was nice of them but most definitely a CYA move. Rather transparent of them and then Frankie will claim credit.

      I did have to re-write Frankie & Christine’s sections a few times as I’d start with trying to be nice and then ended up in the other direction. They all did have commendable game performance moments though so that’s what I settled on.

  18. No, amber’s mistake was NOT using Caleb. Hell, Cody used EVERY female. She could have played it SMART, and got further with Caleb. She was too worried saying “No” instead of using the love-sick puppy. Not wise.

    • Gross. She couldn’t even stand to be around his stalking, jealous self, let alone use him. She didn’t dare give him any encouragement. He didn’t let her play the game as it was. If he thought she liked him, he would have handcuffed himself to her so she couldn’t even go to the bathroom alone. And God knows how he would have reacted if he thought he’d been played. They’d probably have had to call in the National Guard!

  19. When Jocasta suddenly started talking in tongues, I was proud of the HGs’ reaction. Not a single one of them said anything negative about it, even though it was startling. Last year, I guarantee fun would have been made of her.

  20. Anyone who watched the feeds knew Nicole/Victoria/Hayden/Christine/Zach hated Amber. I think the reason why she stayed longer was Caleb. Some of it was females just being catty towards other females. Also people felt she wasn’t genuine and I agree with them. She was going to make herself a target either way due to her relationship with Cody. Also the fact that she was the one who told on Joey about forming an all girls alliance. Her inabilities to make decisions without crying for 3 weeks about people she really didn’t care about.

    I think Caleb played a part in making her a target but I also think she had no chance other then to shack with Cody to make it in the game. Derrick did not like her and her relationship with Cody would have made her a target in Derrick’s eyes. We know how that ended up for Brittany. Even Christine was targeted for having someone she preferred whether it was Cody/Frankie.

    Sadly for Caleb/Amber he did obsess with liking her, I think he is in love with the idea of being in love. Derrick explained it best she was the prettiest girl in the house and he felt like she was the best thing in the world. I think if she had given him some attention he’d probably would have ended running away. We want what we can’t have. Wish he had been Beastmode from day 1, he would have developed stronger bonds with people like Nicole and Donny.

  21. Overall this season was decent. It was great in the beginning with Devin acting crazy and all. What would have made this season better was some powershifts. It was just one dominant alliance running the show. Kudos to them but….
    I think the BOTB twist sound good on paper but what made the twist a fail was the same people going up on the block. Team America was just stupid… BTW in my honest opinion TA didn’t ruin Zach’s game. His attention seeking personality ruined his own game. He could have not made a fool of himself but instead, him craving attention and trying to put on a show screwed himself.

  22. I am so sick of everybody thinking frankie did so good in that BOTB comp by himself. Yes he won by himself against 2, but Donny won a BOTB by himself against 3 people in the big black box comp! Why is nobody ever mentioning that?

    • Because it’s always the first person that does it you remember. The second one gets kudos, but that’s about it.

  23. I read your article last night. I agree with others, you did a great job thinking of something good to say for each of them. And its true, Christine and Frankie won comps and a lot of them. However I won’t remember them for it as I will all the nasty stuff they said. I doubt I will remember any of this cast really as time goes on. I didn’t hate the season just because of the boring cast. I didn’t like the twists. CBS wants to call it the most twisted summer ever but the twists all fell flat for me. Which pretty much sums up the season, just flat. The best part of the season- I am so happy I found this site. I love it. The posts by Matt and Branden are great and thorough and the comments section is not full of people just causing trouble like on some sites. I wish I had positive things to say about the contestants but I don’t.

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