Big Brother 16: Zach Rance Faces Yet Another Backdoor Attempt

Just as Donny Thompson has been on a near constant run in Big Brother 16 the same seems to be happening for Zach Rance but it may all come to an end at the hand of none other than his formerly close ally Frankie Grande.

Zach Rance on Big Brother 16
Zach Rance on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

Heading in to yesterday’s Veto competition Donny Thompson knew Zach’s game was on the line and promised Zach he would try his hardest to help protect him by winning the Veto and leaving the noms the same. Unfortunately for Zach, Donny wasn’t able to come through on that help.

Frankie won and has the Power of Veto which gives him complete control over the final noms this week. He had previously told HGs that he would renom Victoria and send her packing if someone came down. He went as far as saying he’d save Caleb and renom Victoria, but now that he has the option his tune has changed.

Shortly after the Veto competition ended Caleb approached Frankie in the Storage room to ask him about Backdooring Zach. Frankie immediately warmed to the idea and said he had been considering that very option.

Later Frankie contemplated holding a House Meeting to let Zach know what’s coming in hopes of avoiding an explosive Veto Ceremony. Considering an early alert would give Zach more time to negotiate the situation, that would be a good thing for him. That hasn’t happened yet.

It seems Frankie doesn’t just want to evict Zach, he wants to really get him. Frankie described his desire as wanting to put Zach down with a slow drip like you would euthanize a dog. He also allegedly suggested putting Zach down like a baby and killing him. Frankie is big on the imagery as he prepares to send Zach to Jury.

Let’s be honest though, Zach has floated the idea of getting Frankie too so really this was going to come down to whoever struck first. However, we’re now seeing two weeks in a row where someone is sending out a former ally and that’s really not going to help either in the Jury.

I guess in hindsight it might have worked out a lot better for Zach if he had gone with the plan to be nominated with Donny. Maybe he’d be sitting with safety around his neck this week instead of having his allies plan his funeral. Looks like Zach was done in by that orange Skittle after all!

There are just five votes this week. He’ll need three and I don’t think Zach can get them if he’s on the block against Cody. Donny, yes, but Derrick, Christine, and Victoria will not vote out Cody.

Do you think Zach can rescue himself from yet another elimination plan? It feels like he’s had nine lives in this game but they’re about to run out.

Of course don’t forget about the returning Jury member. He’ll be on edge that night while his competitors may be softened from weeks of sitting around waiting. Should be interesting!

Update: HGs planning to tell Zach tonight after dinner. Frankie is coordinating it so you can expect it to be on BBAD and his seat to be front and center to the camera.


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    • I sure hope so. It’ll make for good TV, and hopefully he and Donny can create a power shift. And by the way, what a complete idiot Frankie is to put himself fully under Derrick’s control instead of seizing the opportunity to put him up. The only contestant I see being worthy of making it to the F2 with Derrick is Donny, and we know they won’t take eachother.

  1. Frankie needs to still to evicting Victoria, otherwise if Zack is evicted this week, he will be the favorite to return from the jury house, not saying its guaranteed, but he’s a favorite. And personally I am routing for Nicole to return.

    • Why Zach ?? Except being loud and not very does nothing for the game…On the other hand..Nicole on the other hand..would have a chance to do something big…she almost did. If caleb..instead of sitting out his battle of the block…would have played and sabotage Frankie…Frankie would be gone…

      • Just curious BBCanadaFan… what basis do you have for saying Zach is not very bright? Loud yes, but you have nothing to base your comments about his intelligence on.

        As for Nicole, I would be fine with her coming back in, however again using your words…. she ALMOST did something big, she couldn’t make it happen. BIG difference. In the end she got played.

      • She will again since she blames Frankie and Christine, Derrick will not have a problem convincing her he’s her friend.

      • The only thing is you can only get out one person. So to me if it’s Caleb, Derrick, Frankie or Christine I’d be ecstatic.

      • You are so right Brenda. On her exit interview Nicole said if she comes back, Christine is her target. As a super fan, she should know not to play personal. They are all so blind to Derrick. Except Donny, and no one is listening to him.

      • They are blind to Derick. Although, when Jeff asks them who they think will win… almost everyone has said Derick. Why do they not do something about it. If I was in the house, I would try to get out the ppl I thought would win.. DUH!

      • Based on her exit interview, she’s still blaming the wrong people. Frankie doesn’t control the house. He’s just another puppet….just look at his re-nom.

      • Caleb is so stupid he thinks he is still in the BS which has not been around since Devin got evicted,and thinks he is running the house.

  2. All Frankie has to do is get Caleb to swear/promise he will vote to evict Derrick if Frankie uses the veto on Caleb and takes him off the block. Then Frankie can easily get Donny and zack to vote to evict Derrick. Christine won’t vote to keep Cody after the Zing!! She just had, and who cares about Victoria. Caleb will have to break his alliance whether he votes for Cody or Derrick, and when Derrick pressures him to vote the other way he can use his “code of honor” to justify going along with Frankie’s wishes.

    • This is the right move for Frankie if he wants to win the game. If he puts up Derrick against Cody he breaks up the strongest alliance in the house and he potentially ignites an alliance with Donny and Zack. If Derrick goes home, even Victoria may come to Frankie’s alliance looking for safety. That leaves Christine, Cody and Caleb and I think they can get Caleb to their side too.

      Its a perfect opportunity to flip the house and from Frankie’s perspective, take control from Derrick and Cody.

      The problem is, no one seems to recognize the Derrick is running the house.

      • Frankie certainly doesn’t seem to realize that Derrick is running the house and told Derrick he trusted him completely. What’s it going to take? The DR letting the cat out of the bag about Derrick?

  3. It’s gonna be derrick that is blindsided. By setting Zach up now, no one will see it coming. No more game talk from them.

  4. Just watch Frankie close when he’s talking to them. It all changed. He knows Derrick will not stop, so pretend like he does. Can’t tell Zach although Zach did stay the night in HOH with Frankie. Donny is now breathing. A change is coming for Derrick. Since Vic, Der or Zach are the only options, in order to shut them up, he is saying what they want to hear. Frankie knows he can’t win now, so why let all Derricks blood dry on himself and let Derrick keep control? Even Vic is good choice, because Cody or Vic goes, but I saw Frankie give Derrick a couple of looks, and say some things and not like Derricks reply. He’s gonna give the houseguests a real chance. If he does, I hope they vote him out.

    • lol I don’t know what your watching but that definitely is not happening, you must be still dreaming, wake up, we’re in the BBN forum and your online now with everyone here, latest update, Zach is being backdoored sorry if I spoiled it for you but the writings on the wall.

      • It may or may not happen, we can never know for sure until it actually happens-they have said one thing but then do something else

      • Nah it’s actually happening, they’re telling him tonight and then blaming him for items missing so they can collect TA cheque, hows that for knowing for sure.

    • That might be happening in dreamland but not in the BB house. Although I would love it. But poor Zach is gone unless a miracle takes place.

  5. I don’t see Frankie putting up Derrick for 1 reason – he’s greedy and the TA money is adding to his stash. This will give them 20k apiece plus their 1k a week and he’s thinking the TA will stop at 4 or 5. He thinks him and Derrick can do it without Donny. Having said that though he may think he can win the 500k if Derrick and Donny are gone.

  6. If production has any kind of sway in this game they need to keep Zach he is the one person who keeps the house alive once he is gone it will be a boring house…Go Zach…if Frankie was smart he would play his own game not someone else…would love to see Victoria’s face if she were put up instead…,

  7. For someone who wanted to punch Frankie in the mouth a week ago, Caleb sure has made himself right at home next to Frankie..I believe he has taken Zach’s place as Frankie’s F2.

    • Yep, you should see them taking photos together in the photobooth today, both mouths wide open with a silver ring dividing them of some sort. If Zach saw that I think he would be heartbroken thinking, “We used to do that”.

  8. If Zack goes, he has a chance to come back. Frankie will follow and we don’t have to see him on feeds until the Finals….I think that’s a gift !

    • This meeting that they are having probably will be really late, I will have that flashback feature ready to go tomorrow!!

      • And they are setting him up and putting a message on a TA mission on the mirror about missing stuff, and he is lying about his missing gator shirt. It is going to be an insane week for Zack. Talk about kicking a guy when he is down. They are steam rolling him, frank suggested Zack patrol.

      • Frankie is not only blaming Zach for taking the stuff, but now he is trying to convince the house the Zach is the Saboteur and he is probably actually getting paid by BB. He is definitely raking Zach over the coals. imo this just is not necessary as they had the votes to get Zach out already. I am beginnig to think that Frankie is just a sick, sadistic person who likes to bring people down and then stomp all over them

    • Any scenario I do not have to see or hear Frankie will make me happy. Yes, that would be a nice gift.

    • I can’t wait until finale night when everyone comes back and the ones that watch it all can lay into these idiots. Caleb, Frankie, Christine oh get ready.

  9. I’m so sick of the entire house putting blame on whoever they want out as an excuse. They all lied about Nicole, made up crap to Christine to get her out. Now they’re blaming Zach for taking everyone’s things for this stupid TA. Good reason Frankie can use to backdoor him. I can’t wait until Frankie, Caleb and Derrick walk out the door.

  10. Hopefully Zach comes back and takes out Frankie, then just goes right back out since evicted houseguests returning is stupid.

  11. Time for a Pandoras Box! You KNOW Frankie will open it. He should get a punishment and Zack get the Diamond Power of Veto. Dammit, if CBS is rigging this, rig it right. I cracked up last night with Caleb’s monologue about Cody….didn’t lie to me, didn’t back stab me, never hurt me, blah blah blah. Cody is the ultimate floater and has done Nothing.

  12. Allison Grodner…seriously I didn’t think that Frankie was suppose to tell Zach he was going to be a renom…..everyone knows Zach keeps this house going really going to be a boring house with a controller and floaters left…you got to have a hand in Zach coming back in the house…the look on everyone’s face would be priceless….

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