Big Brother 16: Team America & The Mouse Hunters [PICS]

After facing some more challenging missions, well kinda challenging, Team America ended up with a gimme $5K in its lap this week when viewers sent them a new task.

Frankie sees a "rat" on Big Brother 16
Frankie sees a “rat” for Team America on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

Derrick received word on Friday night that America had assigned them a mission to spot a fictional mouse and keep the rest of the House, three other people, awake overnight in hunt of the interloping rodent.

The details given to Derrick and relayed to Frankie explained they couldn’t let anyone fall asleep before 6AM or they’d “risk” failing the mission, so no not really. They were also told that they could start it whenever they wanted as long as they reached the 6AM marker. Sheesh.

After HGs were allowed to sleep until late afternoon they started discussing staying up overnight. Bingo. Easy peasy $5K. Derrick and Frankie decide to wait until 3AM to give it a go which means they just have to keep eyes open for 3 hours. Yeah.

Flashback to 3:22AM BBT 9/7 as Frankie lets out a shriek and the mission is underway. HGs suggest it’s a mouse or a rat. Cody freaks out and jumps up on the bar stools as he’s terrified of rats. Of course he is.

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HGs make their own mouse traps and production even plays along when they go in to DR and ask for real traps. Derrick even gets back out the headlamps they used during the Saboteur/Screw-Zach mission from the other week.

Caleb is determined to catch the mouse and stays on the hunt with Derrick. Victoria starts to fall asleep but Derrick pulls her back to the task and she returns to hang out in the kitchen.

6AM BBT rolls around as Frankie and Cody play pool while Derrick, Caleb, and Victoria all head in to the DR together to record a segment on their efforts. And just like that the mission is over and I’m not really sure what they did, but the money is theirs on this one and CBS has a new segment to run on Tuesday.


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  1. “Cody freaks out and jumps up on the bar stools as he’s terrified of rats. Of course he is.”


    • I hope so! Someone else asked on another article. We don’t know, but the general consensus seemed to be that it’s probably not part of the rewind. Guess we’ll find out on Wednesday.

  2. I asked the same ? jjbro.. hope its part of the rewind..I guess Julie will have to clarify this also…

    • If this question has been answered I apologize but on Wednesday when Julie tells the house about the rewind (the button) will Wednesday night then be played as though it were a double evict and all things played Wedsesday night? HOH, 2 on the block, VETO and vote to EVICT?

  3. I would like to see the mission voided. Can’t believe people voted for that one. I voted for the other which was harder. They would have had to stay awake for 24hrs o make sure Caleb and Cody didn’t eat.

  4. Imaginary mice? This season just keeps getting shittier by the day. Can something big happen soon please? Backdooring Frankie is a good place to start.

    • I agree and who voted for these missions wish no one had why they wanna keep up these dumb missions waste of time actually to reward money for whats already easy doing for them. season of expect it you already know it… disappointing isn’t it. hahaha

    • I agree, in order for this mission to be considered a success, they should have had to stay up 24 hours period. They sleep all day and are up all night anyways. Of course, making them stay up all day would have been just as good as long as they are sleep deprived.

  5. This was waaayy to easy. The HGs are up all night anyway. I don’t believe this was the one that won. Nobody wants to see Derrick and Frankie win money. TA should have been over after Donny’s eviction.

  6. Why shouldn’t everybody know Derrick is a cop?are they trying to say cops are unscrupulous ??

      • He’s in a position of authority, power (and some might even argue privilege). Derrick is smart enough to know how an ”image” of somebody, valid or not, impacts how a person is seen.

    • Derricks Choice!!! He said his job was to blend in, get people to trust him and then he BUST them! I guess he USE TO WORK UNDERCOVER!!! Now do you see why he didn’t want the other house guests to know what he did for a living!

    • I firmly believe she is heavily medicated. How did she ever get picked for BB16? I mean, she’s probably a sweet, innocent girl in real life, but as a contestant she’ s almost non-existent. Could have had someone interesting playing. Maybe that person would have stood up to Frankie and made the others guys act like men instead of kids on some kind of high school team. Just dreaming……….

      • Again, anyone who has us talking (even if it’s extreme annoyance) CBS has in fact done their job. I found myself annoyed by Victoria from day 1 simply because they presented her as an overly spoiled, out of touch money spender who thinks the world is hers to buy… I don’t like this character portrayal and how Victoria seems to fit the mold which is sadly the reason why she was perfect to be on the show… Good guys and bad guys the cast is cast.

      • Yes Matt ! They have to throw a Victoria in the cast, and I totally get it. She is a character and we’re talking about her, So, it’s working.

      • You got it. I still find it funny how people don’t understand that the more annoyed they are with a character on the show, the more it proves the casting team did its job well. We ALL want to see the people we dislike get something ‘done’ to them – eviction, backdoored, or in some extreme cases people want to find solace is calling them evil… But this only boosts the show’s ratings because we watch, and wait, and hope for this to happen.

  7. I think it should rewind too…It is part of the game….And it is rewind week…I would love …love…love It….It would be the best thing so far this season…hahahaha….BB made it in their favor to win anyway…It was done after the competitions and dairy room (they had them up for 3/4th of the nite)…team America did less than 3 hrs work…I sure do not consider this wearing down the competition(the competition was in NO way, shape, form or size worn down)….BB implied that the competition would come after the mission by the way it was worded….Instead they should have said… wear the other HG down…I know it would have changed how I voted…I voted for mission B…to make it an equal playing field for all..My thoughts were I didn’t want Derrick and Frankie to compete in a competition that was just in their favor because the other house guest would be hungry…REWIND …..

  8. Does anyone know there’s a petition to kick Skankie out of the house? Google it, sign it and even if it does no good, CBS will ultimately know how America feels about that vile, puffed up slug. I think the petition is called, “Evict Frankie.” Please go sign it

    • I think CBS has people that read many of these comments and opinions of the viewers. They are aware of it and because we keep mentioning Frankie and how much we don’t like him, they’ll try to keep him. So we will watch and have something to type in these forums.

      • Absolutely, Frankie is gold to CBS….love or hate him, we are all talking about him…which means we are watching…which is good for the ratings…

      • BBN is not letting me give the address so I’ll spell it out
        the petition site (one word) dot com and search, remove frankie from big brother

    • We Must spread this to All sites and threads…..every one Needs to know about this Petition! Cannot wait for Frankie to find out how much he is Hated!

  9. Such a stupid, childish mission. They practically handed Frankie and Derrick the money. Frankie’s too disgusting to get another penny.

  10. They should have taken out “Frankie the Great” before Donny or Christine.
    He’s proven his ability to win comps and his ego has become annoying. He and Derrick have grabbed up a sizeable chunk of cash but not their buds, Caleb and Cody who have been instrumental in their success so it is Caleb and Cody that I want to see in the final 2.

  11. This does seem like a fun to watch mission but then it’s easy money in their hands. The mission could’ve at least been stay up until 11am. Like seriously? TA don’t deserve free money!

  12. Wait a minute. I just thought of something. The HGs hit the BBRewind button. That means everything that happens this week is moot and everything returns to the way it was before the HOH comp. So then, not only would Jeff and Jordan not be engaged, but the TA “Rat Patrol” never happened.

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