Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Who Won HoH Last Night? 08-07-2014

After Thursday night’s Double Eviction wild ride the Big Brother 16 Houseguests were left without an HoH. It was soon time to fix that with a late night competition to crown a new leader.

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Julie Chen has the Big Brother spoilers – Source: CBS

The HGs were on an indoor lockdown after the show while production tore down the Veto & HoH comps to make room for the next Head of Household comp. It won’t end there though because the Battle of the Block is back and the comps keep rolling.

Big Brother 16 – Week 7 Heads of Household:

Christine & Nicole on Big Brother

Christine & Nicole are the new HoHs!

They’re discussing nominations and we should know more soon. Are you happy for Nicole to go from the bottom to the top again? What about Christine getting power at this point?

The Battle of the Block should be held later on Friday once the nominations ceremony is over.

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Keep watching your Live Feeds to find out who could be going up on the block. Are you excited with the Heads of Household this week? Share your thoughts!


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  1. I pretty much hate Battle of the block idea and also that huge alliance from the beginning … there’s no one in the house to stop it… BORING!

    • Nicole and Donny could’ve stopped it, but they had weak players up and well, that almost got both of them evicted, and all they did was lose a potential ally (a useless one anyways) in Jocasta. It’s not that they can’t be stopped, it’s just that the other house guests are stupid. :P

    • It is boring now, but that is an investment in a more interesting second half of the season. The loss of the bigger personalities first would leave us with nothing to watch in the second half.

    • Pretty much every twist they’ve done seems like it’s been designed to make an awful season. Two HOHs, America having involvement, bringing back evicted houseguests, etc. All awful.

    • They will likely keep this for 2-3 weeks tops so once there’s now at least 4/5 jurors, that will probably the time they’ll end it.

  2. Nicole should put up two of the Detonators outright. Put Derrick and Cody.
    You got to figure out that Christine will put up Donny and Victoria to try and keep HOH. Nothing is guaranteed. Let her. If Donny and Victoria win then, Derrick and Cody stays on the block. If any Detonator wins POV and takes one of them off, put up Frankie to guarantee one of the big threats goes home. Detonators will now have to pick and choose who to evict from their own! Whatever they do, one of them is guaranteed to go home!

    • Sounds like Nicole will stupidly put up Victoria as one of hers. Is she going to make the same mistake two weeks in a row?! Last week and this week, it should be two of the guys. Break them up already! Last week, putting up Jocasta as a pawn just got her evicted! This week, Victoria will just get evicted! THINK! If you put up two guys, and replace them with another guy if one wins POV — youre golden!

      • Exactly. This might be the last chance for Nicole to take out one Detonator before Nicole is evicted. Victoria has done nothing to Nicole. Put the guys up and send them packing! It will all break them apart. Put up Derrick/Frankie or Derrick/Cody with Caleb and Zach as replacement nominees. Come on Nicole. Wake up! What are you thinking? Go after the Detonators. Your slim chance or surviving is breaking them up and making them go after each other. Put them on the block and hopefully, send one of the Detonator guys to the jury house.

      • I hope Nicole learned her lesson last night and doesn’t do that. She has to put up two major players immediately (my choice would be Derrick and Caleb). Christine will probably put up Donny and Victoria, but her better move would be to split from the Detonators and put two of them up, as well. That would, at least, level the playing field somewhat. Victoria really is a non-entity, and it really doesn’t matter at this point if she stays or goes.

      • I dont know how Christine working against her alliance (which is the only thing that has gotten her this far) would work for her game. Saving Zach was a big move that reinforced the bond between the Detonators. Christine will do as she is told, if she knows what is good for her.

      • Nichole & Donny should have put up the 4 strongest players, the season turned this week. Jocasta going home helped no one and the detonators are a few short weeks away from ending this game. …. Hmmm…anyone remember Joey trying to start an all girl alliance? Seems like that wasn’t so stupid after all

      • Except if she puts up two strong players they will win bob against Victoria, then she is no longer hoh and could end up getting backdoor’d.

  3. Happy to learn BOTB continues past this week, and why not? Nicotine in power and against each other? That’s the potential I’m sure the twist was geared for on the long term once lines have been drawn.

    Sad that Hayden got the boot (hoping he comes back though), I also fear Victoria and Donny will be used again as pawns this week.

    • Yeah I’m glad she win HOH, but if she puts up 2 of the detenators, they could win BOB and dethrone her. But really, if one of them win HOH next week she’ll prob be nominated anyway, so if I were her I would just take my chances and do it. And I hope she doesn’t listen to Christine either!! I would throw Derrick and Cody under the bus telling the rest of them that they were on board to BD Frankie even though they might not believe her. She doesn’t have much hope left to stay in the game. She needs to get a big player out.

      • It’s gonna be quite the task to even take one of them out. Just crossing fingers that Derrick’s influence be curbed at some point.

      • is it physically possible for Derrick to say ANYTHING without waving his hands around???!!!

  4. Nicole needs to get it together. Last week she knew that she had to get out Frankie or Zach, and while it didn’t pan out – why on earth would she think that using Vic as a pawn is a good idea? Put up the people you want out – they’re coming after you anyway at this point, so there’s no need to worry about that!

  5. If I was Nicole I would put up vic and Donny forcing Christine to put up her teammates. Why let Christine put up vic and Donny put her in a bad spot.

  6. Nicole is screwed. Right after feeds came back I had hope. She was calling out Frankie and Christine and NOT backing down. Then Christine got her in the BH and that’s all she wrote. Christine and Frankie now have her convinced they flipped because of what Derrick and Cody told them. Wish it had been Donny and Nicole. After next week Nicole will be gone.

    • So Nicole is wanting to put up Victoria?! Even if she is mad at her, I don’t think that’s a good idea. And why on earth would she listen to Christine?? She already caught her lying to her. I’m hating the 2 HOH thing!

    • Nicole had no option. Even though Everybody lied to her she would be more of a target if she didn’t smooth things over. Don’t confuse that with her being okay with Christine now.

    • Nichole should have never told the WHOLE house that she wanted to backdoor Frankie…based on a 17% chance of the Veto being used the way she wanted it.
      Zack was going home until Caleb said “its about the numbers”

  7. If Nicole listens to one thing that comes out of Christine’s mouth..then she doesn’t know this game as well as I thought she did. She has been burned by Christine numerous times already and I hope Nicole does what she wants and does not listen to anything that Ratina suggests….C’mon Nicole!!

  8. Yesterdays double eviction made me sick to my stomach, Jocasta being evicted was obvious with the back stabbing of Cody, Derrick, Christine and Frankie, to me Christine is becoming the second Benedict Arnold in the house after Frankie who is always in everybody’s business. Hayden’s eviction was a big blindside. What Nicole need to do is use her brain, be calm, don’t make the same mistake she did last week if she becomes the only standing HOH, work with Donny and Victoria but be very careful about what she and Donny tells Victoria because it might get to the other HG’s, do not tell anyone who she is going to nominate and just nominate them, she should nominate Derrick and Cody go all out fighting and if she happens to win POV, don’t use the POV and let the detonators fight among themselves as to who they will save or evict. I thought Victoria was a person Hayden could trust but Victoria became the Brutus of the house, this is a person who have not being able to win anything, she is the Super Floaters of all Floaters in the BB House History so far. This is the time for nominating and evicting people no more backdoor plans, just send whoever is on your way packing,

  9. I will not be surprise if the Detonators trow the game at the BOTB competition so that they can make Benedict Christine Arnold the standing HOH, and then control her decision, this double HOH stuff should be stopped, it has not improve the game instead has made the competition very predictable as to who will be crowned as the only standing HoH. News flash, Christine, she will be use and shown the door by her alliance like the other Ladies in the house once they have no use for her anymore

  10. At the end of the day, Beast-mode Cowboy only has two things to say.

    –really tired of that guy. His monologue on BBAD was unwatchable.

  11. I really really really hate Christine I will now be referring to her as snat ( snake + rat )

    • Yeah, she has played some very dumb game. If you are going to lie, dont get caught. But, she will work to keep the big personalities in the house, which is a real plus. I had hoped that the Haycole/Derrick/Cody alliance would hold because I dont like Christine.

      Remember Christine is only in the alliance because Devin had a 3am brain fart on day 3. The more natural alliance would have been the strong guys, Caleb, Derrick, Cody, Hayden. But demonic Devin’s evil ways are still tainting the game.

  12. Nicole put up Caleb and Frankie, Christine put up Donny and Zach. Caleb said he would throw it. Everyone wants to get Frankie or Christine out. Nicole says if Frankie wins POV, she will put up Christine. So, hopefully, Nicole doesn’t make the same mistake as last week. I want her to win this so bad. Her or Donny. She needs to work with Victoria as well. She seems to be becoming the underdog Rachel in this season.

  13. I want Big Brother Canada every season has been amazing and full of drama and actually interesting twists, like all of Canada voted for who they wanted on the block one week or one girl had the option of giving everybody in the house a letter from their family or take $5000, she didnt know all the house guests could see her so she laughed and said something terrible about each one of them as she shredded their letter and took the 5000 ahhhhh it was soo good!!!!

  14. THAT’S FRACKIN’ IT, I’M DONE W/ BB FOR FRACKIN’ GOOD, FOREVER, “D-U-N” DONE, I am COMPLETELY CONVINCED that AG ETC changed what the BOTB was going to be/how it worked so that even if Caleb threw the comp that it would NOT DOOM Frankie & that’s why the BOTB was done way, way later than it should have been. Screw, AG/BB.

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