Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Week 6 Double Eviction Live Recap

Tonight on Big Brother 16 the spoiler results for this week’s eviction and Head of Household competition will be revealed as two HGs will be sent home and another will take the top power.

Double Eviction on Big Brother 16
Double Eviction on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

Not one, but two Houseguests will be sent home as the HGs race through an entire week’s competitions and ceremonies in just one hour. These are typically the most intense shows of the season and with all the flipping and blindsiding expected we shouldn’t be disappointed.

If your local CBS station is playing football right now then stick with us on this post for updates.

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Julie Chen confirms that tonight’s two evictees with be the first to head to the Big Brother Jury and there will be nine Houseguests on the BB16 Jury.

We’re getting caught up on what’s been going on the past few days. Namely, Detonators turning on Zach and planning to vote him out tonight, but how long does that plan last? Hmm… Not long. We see the Detonators have decided to keep him.

Julie reveals we won’t have a Battle of the Block tonight, but it’ll return after tonight’s Double Eviction. Another bombshell: Julie says that just because you’re in the Jury doesn’t mean you’re out of the game. Sounds like a Jury member will come back!

Big Brother 16 Week 6 Votes:

  • Donny votes to evict: Zach
  • Caleb votes to evict: Jocasta
  • Christine votes to evict: Jocasta
  • Derrick votes to evict: Jocasta
  • Cody votes to evict: Jocasta
  • Hayden votes to evict: Zach
  • Frankie votes to evict: Jocasta
  • That’s it! Zach is saved & Jocasta is evicted.
  • Victoria votes to evict: Jocasta

By a vote of 6-2, Jocasta Odom has been evicted from Big Brother 16!

Hayden and Nicole did NOT know before the vote was revealed that the house had flipped against them overnight. Nicole was scratching her head. Literally.

Big Brother 16 Week 6.5 Head of Household Comp – “Mathcathalon”:

  • Round 1: Exactly – Only Caleb, Christine, and Zach remain! WOW!
  • Round 2: Less – Zach eliminated. Caleb & Christine remain.
  • Round 3: More – Both right.
  • Round 4: More – Christine eliminated. Caleb wins!

Wow! Caleb wins HoH! His noms are coming up right now!

Big Brother 16 Week 6.5 Nominations:

  • Hayden Voss
  • Donny Thompson

Who do you think will go home next?

Now time for the Veto comp. It’s the standard Double Eviction Veto comp. They each have lanes & have to find three ducks in a ball pit.

Christine, Caleb, Zach, Hayden, Donny, and Victoria are playing in the comp.

Big Brother 16 Week 6.5 Power of Veto Comp – “Best of Duck”:

  • Zach gets his first duck
  • Donny has his first when Zach gets his second!
  • Donny has number two!
  • Caleb has his second.
  • Donny has his third & wins!!

Donny has the PoV win and will definitely save himself. Hooray! He’ll use it. Watch for Nicole to go up in his stay. I’d predict Hayden gets evicted.

Big Brother 16 Week 6.5 Power of Veto Ceremony:

  • Donny saves himself. Obviously.
  • Caleb renoms Nicole. He says for her to “sit next to your boyfriend.”

Hayden’s turn for a speech & he starts throwing people under the bus. Frankie & Christine mostly.

Big Brother 16 Week 6.5 Eviction Votes:

  • Cody: evict Nicole
  • Christine: evict Hayden
  • Derrick: evict Hayden
  • Donny: evict Nicole
  • Frankie: evict Hayden
  • Zach: evict Hayden
  • That’s it. Hayden is evicted.
  • Victoria: evict Hayden

By a vote of 5-2, Hayden is evicted. Called it this morning. He was the bigger target against the bigger alliance.

Nicole started yelling at Zach then Christine as Hayden was walking out the door.

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Don’t stray too far because we’ll have a LOT more Big Brother updates very soon. Friday I’ll have interviews with tonight’s evicted HGs. Then later on Friday we’ll get the nomination results. This is the game that never rests and neither does our coverage!


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      • I’m not talking about eviction. I know Jocasta is going. I’m sure you’re happy. Lol. I’m talking about HOH. I hope Hayden or Donny win. It’s going to be a show full of drama tonight. I was so upset watching the feeds kSt night and also today. Hayden and Nicole have no idea. And I think someone was in Derricks ear. Too many things happened every time he came out of the DR. Which was a lot.

      • totally agree with you. it seems to happen a lot that he goes into dr with one decision and comes out either doubting himself or with his mind totally changed. but boy, this kid is so paranoid

      • Caleb is not too bright. He did what he was told. He will continue to follow orders until it’s his turn out the door.

      • Actually you are a dumba$$! I said Caleb is turnin g into a real a$$hole,. Not saying Caleb is a a$$hole. He won HoH!

      • Lighten up cowboy. Have fun. Quit being so immature. You would argue with a wall. Don’t bait me. I promise you want win.

      • And you “won’t” win either. Spelled that wrong, maybe I do need to go back to school. You need to take what you dish, seriously. You said those words to at least two people in the past day”what show you been watching” and I took the words right out of your mouth. Don’t be a butt. k

      • Woah woah what’s happening Keith. KSJB has been pretty respectful to almost everyone in their comments, but you’re jumping all over them… I’m sure you’re a great guy too but let’s keep our insults for people in the game like Victoria who will no doubt believe anything the detonators tell her. Afterall she believed her mom’s story that a 2lb bird was able to carry her away at the beach when she was a baby.

      • refer to the joethehobo/keithm post on the Aug7@1100 blog( which the only reason I noticed was because I had a post in conversation) and the “allies” blog with you and me…Funny how using the words that he has used to others, makes me an a-hole. Sometimes it is the only way to make people think about what they say to others. Thanks for looking out for me.

      • No worries, you know that you will always have my support and heck I’m not even afraid to do my best and explain your perspective. Hang in there. :)

      • You need to go back to school so you can learn what there, they’rethey’re, and their mean.

  1. Ok warning ya’ll ahead of time, if I misspell words I’m already on beer 3. Celebrating DE. LOL Captain you watching on the computer or do we need to update you?

  2. Hi everyone. hope everyone continues with thw mantra of Hayden/Donny for the win. Let’s do some damage, get this party started and turn the house upside down.

    • so we’re looking at a final 2 (instead of 3) then with one person leaving the jury house and coming back…

      • sounds about right… my guess is that the producers will want America involved in the ”which good guy gets to come back” decision though.

      • Isn’t this something?..we were just talking about this subject….I see the ratings spiking up. lol

      • Yup almost as if the producers are trained professionals in the tv industry and know how to make their show more watched. lol. ;)

      • I just read an interesting article about how they analyze minute to minute trends on Nielsens live TV ratings and tweets. The Media Industry has better understanding now on how to cause more viewership.

      • Yup, one of the things I do when it’s downtime (for personal interest and also to help me improve my knowledge base) is attend inside industry training on profiling and analytics. Fun stuff the things you learn about. Suffice to say, the people who are in the business are master level manipulators of their products and services.

    • How so? If anything, I see them setting it up so that one of the showmancers or Donny manages to get back in the game because that’s who we all love. Is this what you mean?

  3. Why doesn’t Frankie remember this talk when Derrick went to him last night saying it was all Hayden and Nicole.

    • True. He & Cody are driving the bus… they won’t be letting any pigeons take the wheel in their place! ;)

  4. Thank you Julie…so Hayen or Donny could come back…if everything goes awry.

      • Relax Lavedar, this is actually a good thing. Production is giving our faves a good security net. When they go, we’ll get to put one of the showmancers or Donny back in the game near the end! I’m happy they’ll do it this way! :)

  5. Big Brother is supposed to be on right now. It is currently 9:16 P.M., E.S.T. (8:16 P.M., C.S.T.). But it’s not on? What gives? Instead of Big Brother it’s a football game. It’s the Kansas City Chiefs vs. the Cincinnati Cardinals?!


  6. Like Jocasta has a prayer to get back in the game. She would have to win something. Bible quotes?

  7. Oh how I’d love to be on the inside right now… What’s going on in there!! I

  8. Why in the heck did Hayden and Nicole go right over to Cody and Derrick. Those two asses are going to talk there way out of it.

  9. Looks like Caleb or Christine is going to be the next HOH! Nicole, Donny or Hayden will get evicted after Jocasta. Looks like this season is over pretty much and the Detonators all six of them will roll into the finals.

  10. Worst nightmare…silver linning both play for veto…and can get back into the game. I still want to punch Caleb.

    • One of them, Donny or Hayden will be sent home and if one wins POV, Nicole gets put on the block. There is no good outcome left.
      There is too many of them even if Nicole or Donny or Hayden wins the next HOH. The most they can hope for is to send one or two Detonators home if they are lucky to win HOH back to back. This is worst than last season.

  11. Caleb probably has the names of who to nominate on his left hand or something. I could see him making a mistake lol.

    • Imo if Donny goes they should disband TA. that is the penalty they get for voting a member of the team out

  12. so sad….. but if donny goes, and its a vote to get back in, donny will be in for sure… ugh this just sucks soooo freakin bad…

  13. I can’t believe I’m doing this so shoot me now. I remember during BB15 how I wanted Elissa to survive the double eviction and it didn’t happen. The rest of the season was just too predictable after that point. I’m hoping that doesn’t happen this season. Time to try and forget about season 15 again :(.

  14. If Hayden stays, look for an endurance HOH competition and look for him to win it. The Detonators will be scrambling hard if that happens!

  15. Hayden is way more of a threat than Nicole esp with endurance comps coming!! Sad to see Hayden go, but definitely the bigger threat.

  16. I’m happy that this happened actually (ducks and hides from tomato throws). Nicole never should have nominated Jocasta (an ally or potential ally) if that wasn’t her target. I don’t understand why she was so scared of the boys, it was her HOH week and she really blew it and sent an ally home. Jocasta was horrible in challenges but that was a number for Donny/Hayden/Nicole. I thought Victoria was on their side as well (Hayden saved her and everything) but nope. Smh what a season. I just want to see how this alls works out in the end since my favorite player Amber) is gone and now it looks like Nicole (my second favorite player) will too but at least Donny is staying but I fear, with everyone against him, he will not be there for long.

  17. Well production I hope you’re happy. Another week King Derrick controls the house. Same thing week after week.

      • Not blaming Derrick in the slightest – I still like him and am still rooting for him. I just can’t believe either Hayden or Nicole is going before VICTORIA!!!

      • LOL Victoria might slide all the way to the end….
        It has been done many times before.

      • He made a HUGE risk outing Nicole and Hayden, but fortunately for him, it paid off. Damn right he’s playing the game.

    • Caleb is another one who can’t think for himself. doing exactly what Derrick wants him to do

    • LOL!! You do realize that Donny or Nicole could win tonight’s HOH (the HOH way later tonight) and immediately everyone in The Detonators becomes vulnerable.

      • There is two of them. The most damage they can inflict is win two HOHs back to back and nominate and get rid of two Detonators before they are evicted! And that is the best case scenario. If they do not win HOH, they are on the block and only POV will save one of them. The other will get evicted. Then, the next week, whoever remains of Donny or Nicole gets put on the block with Victoria. It is over for them. Detonators will roll into the finals. Only question is who of them will end up in Final 2. I don’t care to find out anyway. Atleast, Amanda got booted out last season. This season is worst with the Detonators floating from beginning to the very end!

      • So I guess you must love watching one person control the house. Oh wait two people King Derrick and production. Why watch the rest if the season lets just write a check to Derrick now and end it. BORING

    • Yeah, that’s kind of the point. If you’re good at the game, you should win. Are you seriously blaming them for not influencing the game to allow weaker players to win?

      • Well gee let’s just write Derrick a check and be done with this season. We already know what is going to happen week after week. I guess you like BORING and predictable.

      • Yes, I do like watching someone who is good at the game. In fact, I watch the show entirely to see good gameplay. That’s why people like Dr. Will and Dan Gheesling, because they were GOOD, and it isn’t boring.

        Go watch Real Housewives if all you want is a fake show with morons and needless drama.

      • Dan and Will didn’t control the whole house week after week. You didn’t know what was going to happen. That makes things less boring. This is predictable and boring. Like I said write King Derrick a check and move on. Oh and Derrick is not even close to Dan or Will’s gameplay. All Derrick does is make alliances with everyone and lie. What else has he done?

      • Did you watch BB7? Will completely owned that game from start to final four. They were all his puppets.

        “All Derrick does is make alliances with everyone and lie. What else has he done?”

        What the hell else do you want him to do? That’s playing the game and what you need to do in order to win. He’s the best manipulator this game has seen in a very long time.

      • I’ve watched every season. And obviously you didn’t understand my comments so I will write slowly. When Will played and Dan played you never knew what was going to happen. It WASN’T ONE SIDED. The house shifted. Dan was on the block several tones and so was Will. Derrick controls everyone with his 500 alliances and we as viewers know exactly what will happen week after week. Like I said BORING. And I’m not the only one that feels this way. Don’t bother replying because I’m finished with this discussion.

      • I’ve watched every season. When Will and Dan played the house shifted from week to week. They both were on the block several times and got themselves out of it. It wasn’t a ONE SIDED game like this season. Derrick has 500 alliances and throws all of them under the bus. He’s a dirty player and can’t win anything. We as viewers know exactly what is going to happen week after week. VERY BORING. And I’m not the only one that feels this way. If you don’t get it then too bad. I’m not going to argue this point with you anymore. I want to see unpredictable game play and you don’t.

      • Season 7 was incredibly one-sided, and Will also had alliances with everybody. Being a dirty player is being a good player, and he’s already won an HOH; more competitions than Will in both his seasons (Not that it matters, because winning competitions is totally pointless). And you want bad gameplay, I don’t,

  18. Oh, this is just so depressing. Who wants to watch paint dry? The only question left is who is getting evicted. Nicole or Hayden.

      • I hope they play HOH tonight on the feeds. I’m so bummed I don’t know if I even want to watch the feeds. Did you see as they were going off the air Derrick already in Victorias ear and Cody in Donny’s ear.

  19. I think a new rule should be if you are on the block and you win the POV, you should be automatically off the block and can either chose who to put up in your place or you chose to take the other person off too.

    • Dang, don’t make fun of me because I can’t edit…I CAN”T EDIT!!!..the word is choose not chose.Dang it!!!

  20. Rough night for Nicole, but as a BB “superfan”, she needs to get her head in the game. Without Hayden, maybe she will. Question is, is it too late?

  21. I think they’ll evict Hayden now. Nicole can’t play in HOH, so Donnie is on his own.

    • She just got blindsided and she’s about to be split up from her boytoy. What do ya expect.

  22. Next season, they’re needs to be a twist that somehow prevents the house from voting with each other. Last few seasons have been predictable because of big alliances or the house afraid of going against each other.

    • BB Canada Season 2 did something neat to change up the game. They had Canada be the HoH for the week and it completely changed everything. It was awesome.

    • They can remove big alliances by giving penalties with the contests. If you choose a prize, you should not be allowed to play for HOH. If you take a penalty, you should be rewarded with an advantage in POV for instance. Even Survivor has twists that choices has consequences. The trouble is nobody wants to play and just float in one big alliance from beginning to end. That is nonsense!

    • What is the use of calling them out? Everyone is on their side. Who is going to care? Donny and whoever is left will be put on the block next HOH unless they win it so, there is no one left to fight this huge bunch!

      • but they stayed true to the detonators in the end and derrick was the one to turn things around so i don’t think it will do much. if frankie wises up to derrick running the show and flips they might just have something but who knows…

      • It magnified Frankie”s target though. I really think Frankie/Christine has to lead the uprising. They have no choice.

    • Team Nicole all the way!!!!

      Granted, I still like Derrick, and Frankie and Zach make me laugh week after week, but she totally got the raw end of the deal this week. And Derrick and Frankie are gonna have to quickly come up with an explanation for Donny as to what happened tonight.

    • Vic will do anything that Derrick tell her to do. remember they have a final two alliance. i guess that she hasn’t thought that he may have 4 other alliances that do not include her.

      • well he might take her… no one would vote her over derrick since she’s done nothing… i guess it depends on how cody continues to play….

  23. Why do they always say that they are sad to evict the person. they aren’t sad and the whole world knows it. if your are going to be ruthless you might as well be honest

      • Same goes for all the fake hugging after nom ceremony. I don’t get it. I love hugs when they are appropriate. But there is a whole lot of inappropriate going on in this house. Just my opinion. I’d probably already had Frankie kneed a few times if I was in the house.

      • Oh I know. It makes me sick also, how he goes around hugging everyone after he talks to them(Frankie) and says I love you as he leaves the room.

      • OH, Lord, don’t get me started on Frankie. Because of him, I DVR all the BB shows and watch them that way so I can fast forward on anything that doesn’t look like it involves game strategy and does involve Frankie. He annoys me greatly. I don’t understand why no one tells him “NO”.

  24. In a sense… Its kind of the opposing sides fault for voting with the house and not forming alliances early on :/ Only person i truly like in the detonators is Derrick because when he makes a move, its to best his game. I liked Cody too, but when he put up Donny, instead of Caleb, it showed he was there to play Derricks game.

  25. My local boy is out for now…I am sad for now. I going to drink a glass of optimism for Hayden. The feeds are going to be icy forget how cold it is in the have not room.

  26. BOTB? Wow that means only 3 people won’t be nominated. I would LOVE for Nicole and Donny to win it. I wonder if they’re playing it tonight on the feeds.

      • me neither. thought it was gone. yuck! well Matthew he likes BOB, which I like too but not with so few players.

      • I agree I thought it would be over. But then I thought about it and they have nobody left to put up except their own stupid alliance number 100.

      • I like it. You know they will for sure have Victoria, Zack, Caleb, Christine.. Shots fired from all over. I hope Fakie keeps being over confident and sit in the orange chair. I am gunning for Cody and Derrick in the orange chairs first.

    • It looks like Frankie is already scheming. I think he’s gonna lead the other side…. This is gonna be good. Got to be Derrick VS Frankie

  27. Did anyone else see Zach tell VapidVic his vote as she came into the DR. He should get a penalty nom for that!!

  28. Was Donny hurt? He was breathing hard, he needed help getting back into the house, and someone was panting heavily when Hayden was leaving the house.

    • I thought the same thing. I hope he was just out of breath, but it sounded like a panic attack or worse.

      • Yes, I was scared for Donny. He was happy for the win but genuinely sad that Hayden was on the block, then the kicker Nicole next. Donny sees the writing on the wall.

  29. Vote for Mission B that will mess with them. If its Mission A they’ll just put up VapidVic and send her home

    • Yeah, would be nice to see TA get a mission they can’t easily weasel out on for a change, much like when Donny put his foot down with the last one.

      • Not saying Donny has to be willing to agree to anything – I just wanna see them actually have to sweat it out and not take the easy way out.

      • Well Nicole just confirmed what we already guessed. Talking to Christine she was saying when she would go in the DR they would ask her if she’s sure about certain things. Flashback about 20 minutes to the BH room.

      • I feel so bad for Nicole. And Derrick is already all over Victoria. They’re starting to turn on each other already. Nicole telling Christine about her alliance I love it. Caleb doesn’t trust Frankie and Christine. Derrick telling Zach that Hayden tells it straight and look how he threw Christine and Frankie under the bus. He’s telling the truth. Yep already after each other.

  30. Jocasta might not of been the best player but she did get far in the game it was really time for zack to go home this week but I guess it was not his time to go his just lucky

  31. Joey is probably laughing that nearly all the women were picked off at the start.

  32. Donny really should had put zack back on the block seat him next to Hayden and sent zack home

  33. Awwww… so sad to see Hayden go. Happy that Donny won the veto and is saved. Yay Donny. Nicole is pissed! Derrick could get the $500,000 now, he went right to work on Victoria (knowing she may align with Nicole). Come on Donny, time to win the HOH and put Derrick and Frankie up, the others rarely think for themselves. Ugh, silly two HOH is still going. Bring Hayden back campaign, when will start that?

  34. So for once I got to see some of the show… looks like everyone kinda knew this was happening. BUT… hey, there’s a chance to get back in the house so watch out everyone, Hayden and/or Donny will be back if we get our say in this! :)

    • Too late… but I’m not so sure about Caleb. I think he’s actually 4th on the list to be honest. I think once we’re down to the alliance members, we’ll see Zach & Christine out first, then Frankie & Caleb next leaving Derrick & Cody as the lone survivors.

      • Frankie will strike Derrick firs if given a chance. Although I see Derrick milking that Team America thing

      • Oh I think Derrick has more weight than Frankie does. Derrick can easily pull upon Cody & Caleb which is more formidable than Frankie relying upon Christine and/or Zach

    • possibly, but I have a feeling that the alliance really wanted to break up Hayden/Nicole as fast as possible. Keep in mind that Donny has been flapping around on his own for the most part and is still somewhat attached to the Team America notion that they might help each other sometimes…

      • I think Derrick and Frankie would ditch Donnie if they had the chance. All because Donny didn’t want to take the easy way out with the last mission.

      • not sure that’s why they want to ditch him (vs him just being a good competitor and not in their alliance). But I’m saying they would use him as any smart person would to ensure they can successfully flip on the other half of the alliance. Then Donny becomes expendable yet again. Either way, Victoria & Donny’s days are numbered unless they somehow manage to do something impressive with Nicole and stage a coup.

      • Derrick one time told Frankie that he doesn’t want any backlash from the viewers of voting him out since he was America’s pick, but don’t have any problem voting out Donny. I think he was lying to Frankie. He’s a smart guy, I think he’s more uncomfortable voting out Donny….btw Donny is #1 on America’s fav HG.

  35. the main 2 who was sent out of the house got a chance to come back
    and play again may be this time they will make smarter moves n get to the enause there out don’t always mean its the end for them

    • If Caleb had to win an HOH, I am so happy it was this just so he wouldn’t be strutting everywhere all week. A week of Caleb may be the straw that broke the camels back.

      • He is still strutting a little. Can’t stop talking about his win. So glad he doesn’t have that room for the whole week..I would not be able to stand it!!

  36. BB has to step in. Both Zach and Ratine told their votes on the way out of DR. Zach told Vic and Christine told Derprick. Its one thing for production to do things to influence the game but this is a clear violation of the rules. Go to cbs(dot)com/feedback and demand penalties. This is basic to the rules–You can’t tell how you voted until after the eviction.

      • ”live” tv usually has a 2-3min time delay to prevent any mishaps that could make the broadcaster liable… it used to be only in some circumstances they would do this (if there was worry about something happening) but then the Janet Jackson thing made it standard across the board….

  37. All I have to say is that Donny is a POV comp beast! He worked hard for that win and as of now, he is the most deserving to win BB16!

    • Most deserving how? By failing to to create a good alliance for himself??? He needs to team up with Frankie/Christine and Possibly zach to try to take out Derrick if he knows whats good for him.

  38. Just now watching it on the DVR, can they please vote out the biggest Fruit Loop Dinkis Frankie. What an attention whore! He’s only on there because of who is sister is. What a waste.

  39. Derrick is so good at this game. Even upon eviction, Hayden still doesn’t realize who is running the game, Now even once someone comes back, (which is the dumbest and most pointless thing any show can do) Derrick is probably STILL set.

    • That silver tongue. He may lie and manipulate, but he is good at it, he could hold a class on it. Now Frankie just has a two-forked tongue. All he could give a class on is “How to be an annoying little leech”.

      • That’s cute. Be nice if production took a few suggestions and tried them…see how long it takes the HGs to figure out what’s going on.

    • Bringing back someone is ridiculous. Like dude, you already got evicted. Stay away.

      As for Derrick, he’s ALREADY misting Nicole and getting back in her good graces. What a guy!

  40. Bringing back evicted houseguests is so stupid. It’s unfair to those who weren’t evicted, and completely pointless. The person who gets brought back is never going to win. How could they possibly get votes when they already lost once and the person next to them hasn’t? And if they did win it would just be a huge injustice.

    Bringing back people who lose, is a lose-lose scenario and needs to stop happening.

    • Do I get a vote. I am not happy Hayden is gone. I am still kicking and screaming. I will get over my tantrum when Hayden renters the game.

  41. JaCuusie said that ghot wanted her to be evicted. Really, Jacuusie you mean God, the guy who created the universe, cares about you or BB!

    This girl is dulisional with her fake religion!

  42. If you don’t have the feeds, you’re really missing out! Everyone saying that this would make everything boring were way off. Major dissension of the Detonators, everyone is trying to win over Zach and they’re basically ratting eachother out.

    Not sure who Zach is with at the moment, but I’m thinking he’s still with Frankie, really hard to tell though.

    • I posted today before the show started that this is exactly what would happen. I hope he goes with Donny.

  43. Has much has I hate Christine, and not a huge fan of Caleb, they would be smart to team up with Donny, Nicole and hate to say it Victoria, and go after, Frankie,Zach,Cody, and Derrick. Christine and Caleb are at the bottom of their “alliance”. However, Christine is a rat and Caleb is to far removed from reality to realize their team members will cast them aside quick. Of course you also throw in production “fixing” things, this would never happen.

  44. One last thing form me for the night. Will anything really happen to Christine and Derrick for talking about who they voted for?

  45. Nicole won HOH..there is redemption…get em guns blazing Nicole. Christine won too, blah.

    • sadly Christine will just nominate Donny and one alliance member who purposely loses the battle of the block to keep Donny up there knowing the votes go against him. sigh…

      • derrick already has it all planned out. has told all to nominate one of the other side and Victoria and has convinced Vic to throw all the bob comps so the others will stay on the block and can be voted out. of course, Vic is loving the attention and so excited that this will be her contribution to the game

      • Well when you’re dealing with a genius (and self proclaimed best looking woman in the house) like Victoria, we might as well just hand her the money now. ;)

    • As much as I hate Christine, she and Nicole have the best chance to seriously do some damage. I hope they realize it.

      • Unfortunately, Christine will waste it. Thinking she is good by going after Donny. Bad move. The house of Derrick zombies will vote Donny out. I do hope TA B happens.

    • sadly unless Nicole herself nominates Donny, he would be heading out the door this week… Christine needs only to have Donny and one alliance member who throws the BotB competition.

      • and being the very intelligent and strong person she is, I’m sure she’ll think ”Wow how great that people think I am so powerful and smart!”

      • Zack is talking to Victoria, she is now thinking yes, I will go up “of course….but who with she says.” that is her game move. Ugh.

      • It all depends on if Nicole picks first. She may
        Put up Victoria herself so she can stay HOH.

      • yes but in doing so, Donny gets nominated by Christine with one other alliance member who purposely throws the competition to keep Donny on the block.

      • I would almost play a bet that for sure. Christine nominates Donny. Lame game play.IMO

      • Yeah very disappointing. BUT… thankfully production is setting up for this by making sure somebody gets back in the game (presuming Donny). They’ll pandoras box him back in or make it a vote by America – either way, they know that it’s highly likely Donny will come back in as the 5th player which is the perfect time.

      • You do know there is another TA mission. Being that Derrick and Frankie like money, he just might get to be around. I need Frankie to be thrown under the bus and the lies being pinned on him. So, Nicole puts him up. She will hopefully, put the Caleb on the block as a back door.

      • we have the same dreams my dear friend… sadly I think we’ll find out they’re just dreams. Don’t worry, production has this all worked out with a potentially good outcome for Donny! :)

      • One of the TA choices was convince someone to get nominated as a pawn then get them evicted. They could do that with Frankie.

      • Christine really wants Cody gone so she may work with Nicole for this one. Just have to wait and see after nominations. I hope Nicole locks the HOH door.

      • until Frankie says something like: ”You know what would be fun? Let’s go make stupid face pictures for the HoH camera! ….You know what else would be fun Christine? Let’s get Donny out this week and next week we’ll flip on the alliance with Nicole in our back pocket!”

      • Well I wonder if she will listen to Frankie. Christine pretty much does what she wants. When Frankie wanted Zach to stay Christine wanted him gone. Before Derrick flipped everyone. I can’t wait to see nominations.

      • i don’t know that Christine would jeopardize the position that she thinks she has with the guys.

    • Me too. Zack is throwing that lame rhyme to Nicole. Derrick is work all angles hard. He should just have a cloud of mist where ever he goes.

      • Yes. Why Nicole I keep screaming at the TV like she can hear me. I mean Derrick should just walk around the house in a cloud of mist. He is shady. He is talking to her like a fish to lure, and she is biting.

      • Does it yell anything back? Now that would be good entertainment that even CBS can’t provide! ;)

      • Lol. Matt, you cannot hear me and Lavendar yelling?I have the West coast covered, she has East Coast.

      • My son just married a Canadian in April. What a long process for her getting a visa and she still doesn’t have a permanent one.

      • Yeah it’s pretty brutal the other way around also… A few friends who married non-Canadians had to wait for up to a year sometimes before they could get their permanent resident status here.

      • She applied last year in April when they got engaged and went through all kinds of paper work then finally had her interview in Montreal in April of this year and she got what is called a one entry only to US. So as soon as she moved over they got married right away because she needed travel documents so she could go back and forth to her job. It will be another year before she gets a permanent green card. Lots of money and paper work.

      • well it appears our Canadian govt aren’t the only scammers who love to bog people down in administration costs and process. sigh. Sorry to hear things are this way on both sides of the border.

      • We kind of take things for granted because we can be in Canada in 10 minutes. Sometimes I forget it’s another country.

      • Well our two countries really are pretty identical in most ways. And heck there’s all kinds of stats like it being the world’s largest unguarded border, the world’s most travelled border, the world’s most commercially used border….etc, etc, etc. Whereabouts are you located? I’m only a hop, skip & jump away from the border also (Toronto). Most Canadians don’t even believe that being from Toronto qualifies a person as being Canadian! ;)

      • Michigan. I live in a suburb south of Detroit. I can get to the bridge or tunnel in about 10/15 minutes. My daughter-in-laws Dad lives in Toronto. In fact they are going to see him in two weeks. I’ll have my son drop by and say hi. Lol

      • But, being the super fan that she is i cannot believe that tonight she would trust anyone., i know she feels that she is alone in the house now, but she needs to take some time to process the whole thing.

      • She may be just playing that way for now because she has nobody. But I don’t think she trusts anyone.

      • Agreed. She might (might) trust Donny, but sadly this double HoH thingy doesn’t work well for them this week…

  46. I know this isn’t gonna be a well received idea, so don’t crucify me too much :) but I dig the idea of Nicole working with Zach.

    • All I want to happen is off with there heads…for Nicole. She needs to play Derrick hard core…and mist him.

  47. I am sure this will not be a popular post but tonight is why I hate DE night. Yeah its dramatic and thats good but it is inevitably someone leaving I like. The only good thing about tonight is maybe Nicole sees there is an alliance but I don’t know if they will figure it out.I didn’t like anything that happened tonight. And the idea of bringing someone back is a nice idea but it never works. They just get rid of the person asap.And not at all happy about the cheating in the DR hallway.

    • well we’d all love that. but sadly even Donny’s advice can’t save himself this week… I wish it could, but it can’t.

      • So, who do you thinks she’s going to nominate? Does she have to coordinate with Christine? Can she trust her?

      • Who knows anymore. I need to go back to be just a viewer and remember it’s a stupid game show. I’m getting to stressed out over this. Lol.

      • I really don’t watch the feeds for very long. Never during the day. But on eviction night and after HOH and POV I like to watch them because then you see all the plotting. In fact last night I wasn’t even going to turn them on but I thought I’ll just check them out for a few. When all that was going on with flipping I couldn’t turn them off. I was yelling at my IPad too. Lol. And it’s funny because as soon as the season is over you forget about all these people so I don’t know why I get so involved.

      • I really don’t watch the feeds a lot. Never during the day. I like to watch them after HOH and POV to see all the scheming. In fact last night I wasn’t even going to turn them on but thought I’ll just check them out for a little while. Well all that flipping was going on and I couldn’t turn them off. Had a hard time getting up this morning. Lol. But when I do watch them I get so involved. Which is funny because as soon as the shows over I don’t think about these people or the show until next season. BB sure knows how to pull you in. I even yell at my IPad. Lol

      • Hey, no more Christine patron goggles for you, my friend. I was cutting you off. lol

      • I went to Rob has a website for in depth analysis of the episode. I stopped watching the feeds. Everybody is lying. Just found out the good news here. Nic won. yay

      • I know but too bad Christine won with her. Hey you don’t really think all those dirty players are going to tell the truth. Derrick is the biggest liar of them all. Telling Nicole I have your back until the end. Then five minutes later saying the same thing to Victoria.

      • It’s hard to tell because she really has nobody. I think she may trust him a little or she’s just pretending for right now.

      • Oh now be nice he’s just the kingpin of his alliance. You gotta appreciate the fact that he’s sitting pretty. I wish it were Donny in the lead spot, but sadly it isn’t.

  48. Caleb makes my brain itch. So he will take his biggest fan hunting, and sees it as a charitable gift? Wow…yeah, just wow.

    • Dumb as rocks Caleb…I just tune him out. The hunting idea is bad, because he is the stalker of the house. All women beware.

      • Ok I have to admit I think hunting is an outdated and inhuman form of entertainment, but, it would be cool to learn some of the knowledge he has about survival & ranger skills in the wilderness.

      • I respect his prior military service, but he creeps me out something fierce. The delusions of grandeur make me nervous.

      • I do wonder why he is the way he is? Narcissistic complex, yet poor ideology about women.

      • PTSD is a very real and very sad thing. It affects people differently. It’s not outside the realm of possibility.

      • Maybe.? I have PTSD myself. Since he is ex military he should have gone through EMDR. It helps.

      • Maybe he’s just a friggin weirdo and it has nothing to do with PTSD at all. Lol. Jim Morrison said it…People Are Strange. Lol

  49. here it comes, Frankie is looking to flip and go with Nic and Christine, but Frankie thinks he has Vic and she will vote his way. i don’t think so

    • I know…this is insanity. Nicole think liar…you know he is a weasel. BB please play pop goes the weasel song now. I can not listen.

    • LOL @ Frankie thinking he has Victoria. From the conversations I’ve seen between Derrick and Victoria, she can’t stand him (Frankie). Victoria is going to do what Derrick wants her to do. Frankie has nominated Victoria twice already too if I’m correct. IMO Frankie is mistaken if he thinks Victoria is with him.

  50. Frankie…please stop talking. Nicole he is lying…well he just exposed the other side of the house….really?

      • Wow he just burned himself with Christine since their both HOH’s and then she’ll tell her more about the Detonators and we got ourselves an old fashioned “He say, She say” lol while my dude Derrick is walking in a mist ha I love his game can’t lie he has this game on lock adapting to all situations.

      • LOL! So true. He must have bought some of Dan’s mist before he came on the show. Doesn’t matter who the HOH is lately. Derrick’s name never seems to come up in the “who should our target be” conversation. It’s always someone else.

      • He also said he has been tight with Christine since day one, and Christine confirmed. Frankie is playing the guys are done with me, I have no one., card.

      • Wooow that’s gonna back fire on him hard, my money is on Nicole telling Derrick that and then him realizing Nicole was telling the truth about Frankie the whole time.

  51. Shut up Christine putting up Donny…stop it. Wow, Nicole is going Caleb/Victoria Christine is Donny/Zack…

  52. What the sam skippy hell…saying you don’t have anyone else to choose from??Hello? Um, Frankie, Cody, Derrick.

  53. I sure wish Hayden was there celebrating with Nicole. Has there been a juror brought back the last three, four years? Not sure. I know Brendan came back short lived to help Rachel. Last year, most of the girls threw the comp to go back to jury house. Hopefully, they will bring Hayden back to help Nicole. You know how much CBS love the chemistry between Nicole and Hayden. Two weeks ago I would have never said go Donny and Nicole F2

    • I personally hate the bringing back people idea because they just get voted out again right away. If they do it I think they should get safety for 1 eviction. Otherwise there is not much point.

      • Agree. DE always leaves me with a headache. Always ends up being a like able person. And then you throw cheating, allegedly, it seems to never go right.

  54. Ok I know this is old news, but I have also been yelling at the Tv screaming how in the world did the Princess get away with not cutting her hair? Why was it Caleb had to do all 3 punishments but she did two? If anything they should have made her wear a bald wig for a week. That would have been entertainment.

    • The show said a girl could not shave their head. I agree she should have had to do something and a bald wig would have been priceless.

  55. I have to say I know some don’t like Nicole but I think she is great. She shows dignity and self respect.She kicks butt at HOH comps including showing how smart she really is. I mean she was being ridiculed tonight and then went out and won HOH. She is not afraid to make a big move. Yeah it did not work but who else even tried? She is a genuinely nice person who has not made a million alliances. But best of all she is not afraid to just tell people off. She is on her own and may go to jury soon since she is very outnumbered but for my book she should win.

    • Totally agree. Hope she doesn’t have too much confidence in Christine. I bet she also wishes she had listened to Joey, Britney and Amber. Those boys must feel so proud. Those big mean men are getting rid of……..petite women and floaters. They should feel proud. LOL

      • It drives me nuts the girls could not see what was going on and get together.I swear if I was Joey on reunion night I would have the smuggest look and say told ya the first chance I had on camera.

  56. It would be awesome if Christine’s letter from Tim told her to stop rubbing all over Cody. She is so disgusting.

  57. Nicole needs to start an anti-dentonators with Donny and Zach. They have ammo to get Caleb on their side if you think about it. Zach can tell caleb that his alliance pretty much kicked him out of the bomb squad to create the detonators. Then if they go to Victoria, they could have the numbers for sure.

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