Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Who Won Final HoH Round 2?

Round 2 of the Final HoH is over for the Big Brother 16 Houseguests. Two players faced off for a shot to guarantee their seat in the F2 next Wednesday night, but only one of them would move on to Round 3.

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Julie Chen has the Big Brother spoilers – Source: CBS

After Wednesday’s hang gliding competition we had one seat determined for Round 3, but tonight’s comp decided the second. Find out whether or not the Hitmen have complete control of the game heading in to the finale. Read on for the spoilers.

Big Brother 16 – Week 13 Final HoH – Part 2:

Derrick won Round 2 of the final Head of Household competition! (Read Round 1 results.)

Derrick and Cody celebrate their win

Derrick completed the challenge in roughly 15 minutes while Victoria required 30 minutes.

That means Cody will face off against Derrick come Wednesday night on the season finale at 9:30PM ET/PT. Whoever wins between them for Round 3, held live on finale night, will get to pick who moves on to the F2 and who gets sent out the door to the Jury just shy of the glory and a chance at the cash.

Keep watching your Feeds to find out if anyone cracks their F2 deals as the pressure continues to mount ahead of next week’s season finale on Wednesday, September 24th.


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  1. Victoria will be in the final two….make no mistake…these boys are in it to win it…loyalty is not a factor!

    • Loyalty be damned at this point. Bringing the right player to sit next to you is crucial, could mean the difference between first and second place….

      • I almost think Cody will be crazy enough to take Derrick. I don’t know, just a feeling I have. Derrick however, has no plan to honor that deal – basically because he has no honor but also for game moves. I am not convinced Cody couldn’t beat Derrick though.

      • I believe you are right that Cody will bring Derrick, (fool move) Derrick won’t do the same, but then after reading the overnight report, he still is talking that he will honer their deal. He was going to tell Vicki that he had to cut her loose at this point. But that all might just be for Cody’s benefit.

      • Derrick will try to get Cody to tell her he is not taking her and Derrick will tell her also but then get her aside and tell her he had to do that to fool Cody.

      • Yeah, kind of what I was thinking. Of course all of this means nothing if Derrick can not beat Cody in the final round.

      • Redroses, I really don’t no if either Cody or Derrick are 100% certain who they want to sit next to! I’m sure they are conflicted, money vs friendship…
        Having been around for a long time, my guess is that greed will override friendship in the end. At least for Derrick. Not so certain about Cody

      • I agree. A 3 month friendship doesn’t compare to a life-changing amount of money for your family and loved ones. I don’t see it as greed, unless all HGs ever cast on any BB anywhere are called greedy.

      • It’s not greed, it’s love of family, focus, determination and strategy. It’s a game. Greed is when you defy a friendship for money, not beat a competitor.

      • That IS the purpose of coming on BB, to win….friendships developed over the season will continue no matter what, you can’t live in a house for 90 days and share the experience of a lifetime and not stay friends!!

      • Exactly. The HitMen was ONLY for Cody to take Derrick….and Cody to BELIEVE Derrick would take him.. Derrick has fought hard to keep Victoria and train Victoria to make it ALL of the way, so she can LOSE next to him. Cody should take note. He couldn’t win final HOH against Caleb, so he had to go. But he needed those HOH winners ALL the way til it could be just him and Victoria….

      • Seriously, you don’t play for “honor” in the finals…you play to win, and if you don’t then your reason for playing the game is null and void, and a waste of time!

    • Wouldn’t it be something if they took Victoria to F2 and when it came time for her speech she tells the jury that it was her game plan all along to look weak but loyal while attaching herself to the strongest player in the house?

      It’s a very long shot but it could work.

      • THIS WOULD BE THE BOMB DIGGITY… Doubtful jurors don’t like floaters…but I agree. And you’ve heard her say it to the camera…she plans to sit next to .derrick and win the money.

      • She could try it and it would probably be the best strategy she could use. I know you are not saying it is the truth, BUT….As viewers, if it were true, I think we would have seen some indication of it, at least in the DR sessions, but then again, DR could be covering this up for her so the viewers will be shocked ( Expect the Unexpected). Or, could Vic actually be smart enough to be hiding it from DR, also?… hmmm

    • And won’t it be hysterical if the jury votes for Victoria to win it all because either chose Vic to sit next to them instead of the one that worked the hardest to get there?

  2. Just like I predicted, going to be interesting to watch Cody and Derrick battling it out head to head. No way will Derrick take the chance and let Cody make the F2 decision, if he can at all help it. To ensure his win he must sit next to Vicki in F2. Same deal for Cody. So this should be an interesting competition, and fun to watch.

    • If Derrick takes Victoria to the final too? Then it will show how truly weak he is. To show he is a great player and still win he should take Cody!

      • Matter of perception, in any other situation I would agree with you whole hardedly, but this is about money, a lot of money. None of us could be certain of our actions placed into this type of super stressful situation, totally isolated from those we love, with a promise of a whole pile of money at the end

      • I agree with you. If either Derrick or Cody took Vic and I was on the jury, I’d vote to give Vic the win because taking her was such a cop-out move. Derrick and Cody deserve to be there together – and let the best gentleman win.

      • The only one of the F3 that “deserves” to be at F2 is the winner of the 3rd comp. The other person at F2 is strategic or blind loyalty. I think the more strategic move is for either of the guys to take Victoria and I’ll be disappointed if they don’t. Examples: Last season of Survivor, Woo picks loyalty and loses. Last season of BBCan2, Jon picks strategy and wins.

        If neither choice is a better strategy, then loyalty is a better move. But, when one is clearly a better strategic move, then loyalty is a liability.

      • It doesn’t show weakness it shows intelligence. Why groom and carry someone the entire game just to abandon your strategy right before you reap your reward

      • You make it sound like he was taking care of a dog?
        Derrick is weak, if it was not for those beast that carried him through the game Derrick would not have made it this far. Victoria is the weakest in the house, so by taking Victoria he is claiming he beat the weakest person. Why not take Cody and then say I beat one of the strongest players to the end?

  3. Too bad they’re gonna turn this into another humiliating segment of Victoria sucking at comps. with stupid music and all, It’s not like she doesn’t try, the editors have always been out to get her. She’s actually really sweet and fun, they never put it on the show.

    • I think you’re being too generous. There are 15 other people who deserve to be in that house more than she does.

      • Nobody deserves to be in the house more than anybody else. That is what I have always thought was so stupid, the only weak players or bad players are the ones who walk through the eviction door.

      • Not in this case. Derrick chose Cody and Vic for the same reasons. They are not smart and weak. Now Cody can get a comp now and then, but Derrick was easily able to CONTROL Cody and Vic. He thought about others but he could not control Nicole, Frankie, or any of the others like these two at the end.

      • Jean obviously you’re watching the same show as me. Vic’s low key style appealed to Derrick…Cody was winner enough to make the right decisions…derricks decisions…and so on. Caleb coulda beat him.

      • Right on Ray, that’s the spirit, it’s a game and everyone has different thought about how to play it.
        Getting tired of those jealous Victoria haters. Yeah, I know all you hating on Vicki the Floater could have done much better then her bla bla bla.
        Final three, she is still there 13 others are not duh…who is weak…

      • The only person that didn’t deserve to be in that house was Frankie, IMO. A. He’s already wealthy. B. His sister and production gave him an unfair advantage.

      • How exactly does one become wealthy from being on youtube? He deserved to be there as much as anyone else. His sister is wealthy, there is a difference.

      • His estimated wealth is at $1.5M. He lives in a huge, beautiful apartment and has a maid. I doubt if he makes much doing youtube and his couple of years as a chorus dancer on Mamma Mia certainly didn’t make him wealthy. But, he’s been a producer on several broad way shows, too. He certainly isn’t poor or even middle class.

      • He had 1.5 million followers, not dollars. Is that what u are referring to? When he said 1.5 million followers? I haven’t looked up his net I don’t kno? But you do not need to be wealthy to have a maid. It’s an expense like any other in your household. I think Vic has more wealth…or money, not necessarily wealth.

      • No, the 1.5M followers was the lie he told. Matt already broke down how many social media followers he had (before Ariana’s latest follow Frankie campaign.) It wasn’t anywhere near that number. I’m talking about his dollars. I agree that you don’t have to be a millionaire to have a maid, but you do have to be rich to have a large, beautiful apartment in NYC.

      • Wait…do you mean family wealth? Possibly, which is why he was donating to charity. And admire his skill of networking …he was interviewing for jobs. Such as some of Ryan Seacrest’s jobs…or any host. This was an interview for Frankie. But pop singer wealth maybe, maybe not? She ain’t Beyoncé. Or anything even close, doubt she’s making money yet…sure she’s still in the red. Maybe? But she’s not so well known. Lots of wealthy people have played. Much more than him.

      • No, I mean his personal wealth. Whether he got most of it from his mom, she is a CEO, or his sister or through his broad way productions, IDK. I just read a break down of his assets and where they totaled up to ~$1.5M. Although, I will admit that the source was unverified.

        I don’t remember any other millionaires playing. Who do you mean?

      • Love him or hate him (and let’s face it, we all hate him) Frankie played the game. Hard. He left his mark on the game and didn’t just sit back and do as he was told. He did deserve to be in that house, whether we liked him or not.

      • It’s just my opinion that millionaires don’t belong on a reality competition shows, like Big Brother. I also don’t think that celebrities should be allowed, either, even though they’ve never had one so far. The only way I could change my opinion is if all of the house guests were rich, celebrities playing for charity, like other reality competition shows have done.

      • Could you imagine if after Frankie told about Ariana, Derrick one-upped him and said he was Beyonce’s brother. Just the thought of that makes me LOL and Frankie would be calling foul really quickly.

      • That’s interesting. I disagree. I think it’s important to have a wide range of people. Adding a millionaire to the mix just brings another layer of gameplay. A millionaire might play the game completely differently than someone who is poor. I don’t think they would particularly have any advantage over someone who is poor and it’s interesting to watch.

        I’m one of those heartless people who watches Big Brother for the gameplay. If someone needs the money and makes it to the end that’s great, but the personal financial situation of each houseguest has nothing to do with who I root for.

        I’m not saying you’re wrong and I value your opinion. It’s interesting to talk about!

      • I read the his sister has tweeted to her 18 million follower to vote for Skankie as AVP. That will be very sad if he wins it thinking America likes him. Vote Donny as many times as you can to block Skankie from getting AVP.

      • Frankie may have money, but he was playing BB for charity. Therefore what he’s worth has nothing to do with it . Actually money shouldn’t matter anyway. Look at Survivor several well to do people have competed on there, and it’s for a million dollars. They chose contestants by their skills & personality not by their wallets.

    • There’s really not much to edit on Victoria. They just add that stupid music and you have a ding-dong character. lol..

      • Sometimes I can’t tell if your post is sarcasm or real! LOL I’m hoping sarcasm. Yes, she was a bit of a diva with her princess attitude and yes, she is very naive and sheltered, but I still think that production gave her a raw deal on editing. They overplayed her being a ding-dong character. She may not have been exposed to much of real life, but she is bright and has a keen photographic eye. Her photography is quite beautiful.

      • haha I like you Red..It’s unfortunate, Production saw this kinda dingbat character and they ran with it They did that with Caleb to almost half of the season. An ex player said, in DR there are hints that you can pick up on how you are being portrayed, so you have to be very attentive. I don’t know how she is outside the game, but they usually recover during Julies interview. …I think she’s a good person. and I still want them to take her. lol

    • She IS sweet. And a good sport. And doesn’t mope, whine or complain. But she’s a total casting flop. And that’s on casting, not Victoria. This is going to sound awful but I think production was looking for a Jewish yenta, a slightly less objectionable version of Amanda to keep things shrill and fractious in the house. What they got instead was a very sweet, naive girl who was never in it to win it, she was there just for the experience, a casting flop.

      • Doesn’t mope, whine or complain???? That is ALL she does. And constantly. Imo Derrick should get the $500 just for all the stroking and esteem building he has done with her, she is one needy gal. Derrick must be exhausted dragging her the whole way.

      • That’s why he said overnight he was going to cut her loose soon, because he can’t deal with her for the next five days.

      • I’m afraid Vic has been pouting and crying practically nonstop after losing the 2nd HOH to Derrick. I don’t blame Derrick at all for breaking the bad news to her early.

      • He didn’t break any news to her. He told her that he was undecided, that he thought of her as a little sister and Cody as a little brother and that the decision may not be his to make. There is a transcript of most of their conversation @ Joker’s Updates.

      • Yes, he’s trying to break it to her gently and every time she flat out ask whether of not he is taking her to the finale Derrick back tracks and says I can’t say, or I might not win the final HOH. Their talks or more or less going around in circles and I can certainly understand why Vic is pouting or crying due to her disappointment. She is really upset that Derrick didn’t tell her how close he was to Cody all along but D. is doing a good job of *misting her. Hopefully by the finale Vic will have all her hurt and disappointment out of her system if she isn’t picked for the F2. This is probably the kindest way to proceed.

      • I’m pretty sure Victoria feels as if she’s been stabbed in the back by Derrick and being so young and innocent it must be heartbreaking for her.

    • I agree… she’s a real sweet girl. and she’s not as bad at the comps. maybe in the beginning.. but she has improved.

  4. Though I’m of course rooting for Derrick to win the game, I wouldn’t be upset with Cody one tiny bit if he decided to take Victoria to the final 2. Cody has played a great game and if he decides to take Victoria over Derrick to the final 2 he will have earned every bit of that $500,000.

    Note: I’m not saying I want Cody to win over Derrick. I’m just saying whoever wins that final HoH should take Victoria and I’d be happy with either guy winning; albeit more so if Derrick wins.

  5. Que’lle suprise. Meanwhile, that doesn’t look so much like a congratulatory hug between successful paid asasains as it looks like Cody weeping into Derrick’s arms in the throes of an all out panic attack as the realization that he was going to have to rely on himself with a brain that had atrophied over the course of the summer from an acute lack of use, hit home – HARD. Bwahahahahaha!! Bwahahaha! Bwahaha! I swear, that even with the tiniest amount of imagination you should be able to hear Cody’s heart make that “fwoooo, hooooo, PLOP, SPLAT,” noise that always accompanied the poor coyote after the road runner had once again successfully sent him sailing over the edge of the cliff. Bwahahaahahaha!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Team Derrick. He got my grandson and brother name. So it’s Cody and Derrick. Derrick played the best game ever in the history of big brother. He is the only player to make to the end, and never be put on the block. Qudos to Derrick. Best big brother player ever. He should also win the money for favorite player.

    • Arianna Grande’s twitter devotees notwithstanding I’m pretty sure Donny’s got the lock on favourite player. Derrick doesn’t even come close on any online popularity polls. Regardless of the outcome, Derrick is hardly walking away with nothing, he’s got a nice chunk of change coming to him courtesy of his Team America missions.

    • He played a great game but no where near the greatest player. He played with a bunch of fools that didn’t know the game. Which made him look better then he actually was. Bring him back for allstars and he’ll be out week one.

      • God, so, so true! If he’s brought back for Allstars he won’t be able to play the sly, cunning, back-stabber’s game again. He’ll actually have to compete. Allstars means GOOD players, not the ones who ended up in F6 – immature, delusional little boys and a seriously game-challenged young girl.

      • Oops GMaG, I just said the same thing above not realizing you’d already said this. There is no way any All Star player would be stupid enough to trust Derrick. Unless they bring Caleb back too.

      • I think derrick would have been a great player regardless of who the other hg’s were. its his technique and soft spoken manipulation that is his success. that’s not dependant on anyone else.

      • It’s totally dependent on the other people. He wasn’t able to mist Donny and although he was initially successful at misting some others, they caught on to him. If you’re confident in yourself, then it’s more difficult to fall for brain-washing.

      • If he thought he was so good at this game he would never have brought Vic to the end to have a weak player sitting by him at the end.

      • He brought the 2 players that fell for his brainwashing the most. I believe Derrick when he said in his DR that was his plan. Of course I’m paraphrasing what he said and may be misinterpreting.

      • He better keep those “sister hugs” limited to one hug, after he’s awarded the $500,000. His wife will be there and he needs to dump Victoria asap to get to his wife in the audience. I can see Victoria becoming a stalker type (like Caleb) after the show is over. If I were Derrick’s wife, I would make sure to put a “block” on Victoria’s phone number, on Derrick’s cell phone. No calls, no texts. And yes, I am sure a lot of them exchange phone #’s and addresses once the finale is over.

      • Her dad will put a stop to it. All he has to do is show her the infamous clip of the 5 of them. I think any contact with Derrick after the show will be in a courtroom.

      • Then CBS could have a new show! “BBCRD!” (Big Brother Court Room Drama!”) I would love to watch that unfold!! Lol!

      • I don’t kno this reference? Her dad, yes, got that. But the 5 of them? Which infamous clip? Oh. I think I kno…yes. It’s on YouTube I’ll go watch again.

      • Derrick would never be able to use the same strategy if he ever returns for an All Stars season either. Everyone would rightfully be very wary of him.

  7. I wish people would stop “bashing” Victoria….she played her part perfectly….”the weak damsel in distress”….she got the most powerful player in the game to take her under his wing….I think the gal is far from stupid or weak…..Derrick used her, but she used Derrick as well….and here she is…the best bet for either guy to take to the final 2!

    • How can you say she is not weak? She comes in last place in almost every comp. She has not one comp on her own. I guess she played a good game if her game is sucking so bad at everything that everyone wants to take her to the end. Her DR sessions they show on the live shows are comical. She is delusional if she thinks she’s played a game deserving of $500k.

      • I don’t think she is going for the 500k…but the 50K….and maybe she played as “weak” “I can’t win a comp, I am harmless, take me with you, I can only help you advance”..DR sessions are edited :)

      • You can’t be serious… nobody goes on this show to get second place. And while I agree that they edit things to make people look a certain way, there is no other way to look at Victoria except as useless. She didn’t “play her part”, that obviously IS who she is.

        The smart thing for either IS take her because they Will be guaranteed to win by ding that

      • Ummmm….sorry….she got this far….50 grand is more than the jury members are taking home….she did something right… yah, either guy is guaranteed the 500G’s , but she gets 50grand….not bad for a “useless” houseguest, eh?

      • She got this far because the others (smartly) bright her asking knowing that ant if them will unanimously win against her. No question about it. That isn’t “doing something right”… that is her playing a horrible game all around and being useless.

        You can’t actual believe that her “goal” was always to win second place… You submit can’t believe something that rediculous…

        Yes, if either guy wins, She should get 50k, not because any actual skill at the game, but because the others can easily beat her. Tell me you see that…

      • No, I agree, all go in with the goal of winning (even those “casted” as I believe she was….she was smart enough to latch on to the “master game player” of this season…Derrick… her “skill” so to speak, was finding the player that would take her to the end…I have watched BB from the first season, and here in Canada….it’s a tough game…but the fact is….Derrick was looking for a “weak” player and she was looking for someone to take her to the end….a win win for both….except Cody is coming on strong…..either way, she will be in the final two!

      • Are we trying to say the politically correct thing here, where everyone deserves a trophy for putting in effort, or are we trying to be realistic?

      • Ok, however for those of us that have never read any of your posts despite how “frequent” they may be, that doesn’t mean anything.

      • ok, so I suppose we’ll leave it that I have no idea if you are being realistic or sarcastic, and simply reiterate that she has zero chance of winning, and regardless of whether it’s Cody or Derrick, either of them should be taking her to the final because it’s as guaranteed a win as you can get.

      • GMaG, seriously,you made my AM, thank you, and back at you. Pretty sure I have strep, 2 of my grandchildren had it earlier. We all have our moments and yesterday I wasn’t feeling “nice” and should have just read and not posted. My plan for today, try to keep my mouth shut..more…but not completely. lol

      • I am sure that there are, but his comments regarding her don’t fill me with confidence that he is indeed one of them

      • That’s why it sucks to have her at the end. Everyone else was actually playing while she sat behind Derrick. Sometimes I watched her in a comp and everyones busting their buts and she is not. Every time she was on the block she was standing behind derrick calm as could be while Nicole or whoever was completely upset. She didn’t even have to stress. As far as her going for 500k, she said in one DR that she had played really well and should win the 500k. She said she had played derrick the whole way. She also told BB she was extremely athletic so she would blow them away! What a waste of any money. I realize Derrick wants the easy way by using her to win but man that is such an insult to all of the jurors and Cody.

      • That and Derrick cast her in the role of target shield. She played that role well enough to make it to F3. She also wasn’t a loose cannon with her knowledge very often.

      • I don’t think she came on the show shooting for second place. However, I think at this point she understands that is likely what she will get. I think she will still try to talk up HOW she got there as something she planned :) Odd things have happened before, but I truthfully think she deep down knows she has a good shot at getting $50,000. Not a bad deal for 3 months of doing nothing. Its more than I make in a year for actually doing something :)

      • If Victoria really wants to start playing BB and earn respect she probably needs to go behind Derrick’s back and start trying to make a F2 deal with Cody. Tell him that there’s no way Cody can beat Derrick in the finale but he can beat her. I will have a lot more respect for Victoria if she would stop weeping over losing the 2nd comp and get busy playing BB.

      • I agree. I also think that production gave her a raw deal on most of her editing all summer. They probably thought it was funny, but I failed to see the humor in it.

      • Shelley, For a moment when U where saying “played as weak “I can’t win a comp, I am harmless, take me with you” My 1st thought was of Derrick! Hasn’t that been part of his misting speeches?

    • Don’t get me wrong, she’ll be laughing all the way to the bank with $50,000 but if you play the game like a goat then you’ll be edited like a goat. The edit she got this season is completely fair.

      • No way, she really is just delusional. That’s why she calls herself the competition princess and a warrior princess and says she’s a force to be reckoned with. She has won nothing, if her game was really a social one that manipulated Derrick and the other players into thinking she was weak she would be saying that.

      • Maybe she was just being sarcastic. We don’t know what production said to her to illicit those responses. When she has said anything like that out of DR, which was rare, she seemed to be joking to me.

      • Sorry to break the truth on this but production actually boosts her morale in the DR or in the words of Caleb and Cody, “They pump her up in there” cause they notice how she goes in and comes out of the DR a lot happier then she goes in. Kind of cruel IMO on productions part to play with her emotions like that instead of showing her what she needs to work on they feed her lines like warrior princess and competition princess both names given to her by production in order to keep her spirits up. Did you see last nights episode after Caleb was evicted she ran to the washroom to talk to herself and pumped herself up saying she can do it when I watched that I really felt bad for her hence the aftermath of her crying and sobbing all night after the loss.

      • While it’s true that production can utilize clever tactics in order to change the viewers’ opinions of people they can’t show something you just didn’t say. Victoria says things like Derrick is the Robin to her Batman. The girl is delusional and she played a great game to win second place.

      • Her editing was a raw deal. Even former HGs talk about how production edits according to how THEY want the person to look, rather than how things really are.

    • The guys are not taking Victoria to final two. Victoria was Derrick’s backup plan for F2 in case Cody got evicted or turned against Derrick. Cody stayed loyal. Derrick is not going to betray him for Victoria.

    • You’re as delusional as she is, Shelley. Victoria DID NOT get Derrick to “take her under his wing!” Are you effing kidding me??!!! She wasn’t “playing any part”. Let me do “REWIND #2″……It’s the day before the first show of the season. Production gets a call and a doctor tells them that his patient (Derrick) has fallen and broken his back and cannot possibly stay in the game. They (probably) have a list of standby’s and throw one more guy in to replace Derrick. The replacement drives a taxi for a living. (Nothing wrong with that.) Victoria would have been voted out (IMO) by week 4, or before. Hind sight is always 20/20. I believe if there had been stronger and smarter women in the house then they would have realized that forming an “all girls alliance” with Joey from the start, would have made this season far better than the one we had this summer.

      • I think she would have latched on to someone else. She happened to pick the right person, but she could have just as easily picked the wrong one. Obviously her strategy was more successful than 13 other HGs, since she is in F3 and they are not.

      • There were stronger and smarter women in the house, but Derrick got them all out. He latched onto Victoria because she was bad in comps and he knew he could play on her naïveté. He has used her this whole game. Don’t blame her, blame him. What was she supposed to do? Tell the guys to vote her out? She was hired to play a role and her DR sessions are clearly scripted. Again, don’t blame her, blame production. The rest of your analogy is just ridiculous.

    • That was dumb luck. She really is that useless. Derrick has all the control, she has no power in that alliance.

  8. On one hand, if Derrick throws this final competition, he’s guaranteed a position in the final 2, since there’s no chance Cody wouldn’t take him, and he gets to keep Victoria’s vote.

    On the OTHER hand, if he wins this last one, he’ll be the first person in Big Brother history to have made it to the final 2 without ever having the possibility of eviction, he’ll make BB history. But it also means most likely sacrificing one of his votes, and since Derrick is 100% game 100% of the time, I doubt he cares much about history.

    I’m thinking Cody will get this last one.

    • That’s why I’m hoping Cody wins the last HOH comp so that Derrick will finally be on the block against Victoria. If Cody does manage to wake up and decide to take Vic to the finale then Derrick’s first and last time on the block will be his demise. It will be the most shocking finale in BB history too.

  9. Derrick and Cody are talking up the Hitmen as the greatest alliance ever – even better than the Renegades. Does anyone else see it that way? The Hitmen were mostly unheard of for the most of the game because they were really part of a larger alliance.

    Frankly, this season was a little bit nutty with all of the alliances with the same people in them.

    • The “Hitmen” is not better than the Renegade. The Renegade had characters (loved their names, Meow Meow….) and they all played for the prize, the Hitmen was son playing for his step-father, Derrick. Granted he made to the end but Cody did not have a single thought of his own. Derrick was The HitMAN, orchestrated most of the house guests demise without them even knowing it.

      • I think you are referring to The Brigade when you are talking about Meow Meow. ( Enzo, Lane and Hayden.) Dan and Memphis were the Renegades.

      • Right, the Brigade, thanks. I loved those guys. I hardly remember The Hitmen. being an alliance, just Derrick leading Cody…

    • The Hitmen are definitely a great alliance, but they didn’t get a whole lot of air time as “The Hitmen.” I think had production known they would have made it to the Final 3, they would have made it more of a point to promote “The Hitmen” during their episodes. Instead, it was kind of an after thought because there were so many alliances this season.

      But The Hitmen did great. Derrick was the strategist and Cody won some huge comps for them down the stretch. They both played great social games and the only people who wanted to evict them were already evicted!! Hayden was the only person who wanted to target them but by the time he realized how good they were, he’d already been whacked! They also did a great job surrounding/aligning themselves with bigger targets – Frankie, Caleb, and Christine.

      Had they gotten more air time together, I think they could’ve been considered an all time great alliance. BB promoted the two of em like twice all season.

    • NO ! It’s an amicable group and very united alliance, that don’t like to disrespect Derrick by questioning him.His non-committal answer never raised a red flag to these players. Nobody compared notes here. Couldn’t think of anytime that he was in trouble that would caused him stress. I have never seen a strategic player go against Derrick. Can’t think of any single big move on this season. ,,,However, he was able to control the game that made up for his lack of showmanship.

    • Just read your comment while taking a gulp of coffee at the same time! Almost choked to death on it! That was a great line bb! Will keep my cup of coffee on the table before reading another post by you!! LOL!

  10. If Cody wins P3 he will definitely take Derrick. When he was alone he was practicing his speech against Derrick. He was also counting the votes against Derrick. Now if Derrick wins he’s got a hard decision but I think after listening to him talk tonight he takes Cody. Therefore I think Derrick will throw the last part so he doesn’t upset anyone. The only bad part is part 3 is a toss up. It’s a hard comp to throw. Can’t wait to see it play out.

    • L-girl~ By the way, Have You ever seen a group that spent as much time ‘practicing their speeches’? Between Skankie, Victoria etc. They even time the length of their speeches, like a bunch of politicians!

      • Lol I know. Even Caleb told Derrick he wasn’t going to practice his speech because it’s not real. He said he was going to speak from his heart and then what did he do for 2 days but practice a speech.

    • I don’t think derrick is that confident that he will throw a competition. He believes that both will take him, but not being 100% sure will most likely make him play to win. He came this far, there is no way he will throw it.

  11. Derrick taking the coward’s way out again by wanting Cody to tell Victoria! Why should Cody have to do the dirty work? He should tell Derrick to do it, but he won’t. I don’t think she’s going to take this at all well, but how she can think she deserves to go to F2? Derrick should never have led her on all this time, no matter what anyone says, he made her think he had her back. That’s how he got her to do everything he wanted. Wonder if she will even be friends with him when she watches the season?
    P.S. What two law suits of Victoria’s are you talking about?

    • I think that Victoria’s family will put the brakes on her remaining in contact with any of the 5 involved in the infamous incident, including Derrick. Her dad may fault Derrick the most out of the 5, since Derrick gave Victoria the impression of always protecting her. He sure wasn’t protecting her that day!!!

      • Victoria is a grown woman, I think she will make her own decisions when it comes to that. Besides Derrick is married and unless Victoria actually saw him like a big brother, she should have no contacts with him after the show.

      • She may be grown, but she is still naive. I’m assuming that her family still has a lot of influence over her decisions.

  12. I am Team Derrick and have been since about week 2. I hope that if he wins final HoH though that he brings Cody. (And likewise that Cody will bring Derrck) for a few reasons. While it may be a toss up, it would make for a great show.(well worth it for me being 8.5 months pregnant to stay up late on a work night to watch it live!!) And I just don’t want to hear Victoria’s responses to the jurors’ questions. I think any juror that would vote her is just bitter that they got played. The reality of BB though, is that you either need to be a player or you are going to get played.

    • Congratulations! I hope everything goes well for you and is easy as possible. Do you know if you’re having a boy or a girl? Either way I hope that s/he is a blessing in your life!

    • Just imagine what Victoria would say to jury to plead her case. She would stand up and say, “Derrick and I have been together since Day 1..and BTW, don’t I look pretty?” What a horrible ending that would be! Jurors would laugh at her.

    • I think the jurors are only bitter when they are voted out. Once they stay in the jury house and talk to the other players they realize that everyone wants to discuss who the best player is and not who do I blame for voting me out.

  13. Derek should win this hands down. If you are a true fan you have to admit he played a fantastic,strategic, brilliant game. That is what Big Brother is all about. Use your brain!!

    • I am a true fan and I do use my brain, but that doesn’t mean that I have to like what someone else likes. :)

    • Doesn’t mean we have to root for him to win. While I do give him credit for playing a good game, I don’t like his smug attitude.

      • Good point, I don’t care how good of a game Derrick may have played, I don’t want him to win simply because I don’t like him. If I were a juror, I would want revenge on the person I held responsible for my eviction, I certainly wouldn’t want to reward them with the win.

  14. I am constantly amazed by people who are apparently huge bb fans, yet constantly attack players for lying and manipulating …. in other words, for playing the game.

    • I don’t mind the lying, back-stabbing and even a bit of being two-faced. What I can’t stand is when a player is doing that to the viewers!

    • One can be a huge fan of the show and still wish for an anomaly to occur in that someone who doesn’t lie and manipulate has a chance of winning. If BB is indeed a true social experiment and this isn’t remotely possible, we are in a world of trouble for what it says about us.

      • Even though I would not want him to win, and I am repeating myself. I believe that Derrick is one of the best players in the history of BB. He was never on the block and nobody really considered him a big threat. Even at the end when Frankie mentioned it, Cody and Caleb didn’t see it. He was never mean to anyone in the house like other so called great players and if he does win he will be the #1 player. At least to me as a fan and viewer of the show.

  15. I think derrick got to know the houseguest more than cody did thus he might be able to ‘guess’ what they would say—-which is the last comp to win the top seat, and I also think IF derrick wins that he will take the guaranteed win with Victoria by his side, and NOT chance it by taking Cody, just my opinion

  16. Just waiting on who wins the last of 3 comps. That is likely the Big Brother winner right there! Have not been bothering to watch most of the last couple of episodes on TV of this snoozefest. I will read this blog though to find out if Cody or Derrick wins it! Thank God for Survivor.

    • True, we’ll have a new season of Survivor to hopefully take the bad taste out of our mouths that is Big Brother.

  17. I am disappointed in Victoria, just knew she was going to win something (really win). She is definitely a princess, Princess Pawn/Floater. I hope Derrick at least buys her a pair of shoes and a nice purse to match.

    • She’s NOT a floater. A floater goes from one alliance to another depending on who is is power. She did not do this mainly because there was only one alliance.

      • I think she showed a lot of loyalty sticking only by Derrick, even though he wasn’t usually the one with any power. She wasn’t privy to most of the alliance conversations. IF she had been a floater, she would have latched on to whoever was in power from week to week. She played her role as target shield and stayed loyal to her 2 person alliance. She is not a floater.

      • She was not voted out time and time again and it is not because she won any of the competitions. She was pretty much dragged along. Floater

  18. Cody can prove himself in the end by winning and making the biggest move of the game – getting Derrick out!! I hope that’s the case. If Derrick wins he is truly the best Big Brother player. The rest are absolute dumb asses because they didn’t see it and let him walk right to the bank!

    • everyone in the jury house knows Derrick got them there. If Cody eliminates Derrick, he will be their hero, get all the votes and none for Victoria

  19. Didn’t Caleb tell Jeff in the exit interview he would vote for Victoria if either of the guys brought her to F2? Jeff told him to wait till he was in jury and talking with the others. I think the first HG’s out would vote for Derrick in F2 over Victoria butt he last few may give it to her because they realize how Derrick played them all. And, yes Frankie will probably take credit for who ever wins.

  20. IF ever I were to play BB, I would do EXACTLY what Victoria did. Act like I didn’t know what I was doing, fail at everything, cry, mope, latch onto and pledge my loyalty to the very end, then let it be known at the very end that it was strategy all along. Of course the viewers would be unmerciful, but I’d walk away with at least something. What do I care what everyone else THINKS. I wouldn’t have thought of this method until this season. It seems to work.

  21. Why can’t Derrick go into one of his DR sessions and tell us for sure who he is taking to F2? I don’t get this guy..DR is the one place you are supposed to tell the truth and what your plans are moving forward. I STILL don’t know who he would take right now..last night I was for sure it was Cody, then he talks to Victoria and I think it’s her..he has the votes either way. Hey Derrick..tell the viewers, especially the feedsters, the ones you talk about alot, what the heck you are going to do Wednesday night!

    • I was thinking the same thing, until I watched an old podcast yesterday. A former HG said that you don’t want to tell too much in DR, because production might use that information. I tend to forget that production is always the first and last HG; the one we don’t see.

      • That could be, they may play around with the info he gives them, but, I don’t think they would divulge too much of his plans to Cody or Victoria. He has done this all season!

    • He’s been “undercover cop” the entire game. Get what you want without revealing anything. Get answers without anyone being wise to what you’re doing. He was trained well and is using that training.

      • He has for sure been using his cop skills, no doubt. I just wanted him to be more forthcoming in the DR.

    • Derrick is also playing the viewers. Many times in the DR you can tell he is playing with the viewers (especially when Donny was in the house). He is playing all angles, if he didn’t win the game, he was also playing to be AFP.

    • I also wish that Derrick would open up a bit more in his DR’s, but I’m sure he’s cognizant of the fact that the house guests will be watching every episode of Big Brother when they get home. I think he wants to save face and not burn any relationships once they’re all out of the house.

      Someone brought up the way he spoke about Donny during his DR’s. I found that very odd. Derrick had NO intention of saving Donny, but made it appear in his DR’s that he was going to give it his best effort and see what he could do. Strange.

      However, at least with Frankie, Christine, and Caleb, he’s let the audience know that they gotta go. Now, I just want honesty with Cody and Victoria and who he’d rather go to the Final 2 with.

  22. Derrick doesn’t plan to take Cody …Derrick plans for Cody to take him! Derrick plans to take Victoria. Derrick plans for Victoria to take him. Cody is the wild card…he may wise up and take Victoria….the hit men thing is for derricks benefit not Cody’s

  23. IF it is between derrick and cody it will be a tight vote, frankie will vote for someone just out of spite and caleb will also. but prod, does have the power to sway the jury, It all depends on what clips they show before the vote, Not just what is said in the DR but what was said in the house,
    Remember the house guest have no idea what all went on. in other rooms when plotting took place,
    And then the twist of the TA missions will be revealed, They should do that after the votes are done, since that could really sway the votes. But of course frankie can blow that apart in the jury house since he is a sore looser, cody should win the final comp. if he does not get nervous and slip up.
    Derrick chooses his word carefully in the DR , he is not stupid he understands that america hears all . and why give amo to blow is chances ,
    Derrick is playing derricks game , and it has worked, caleb may very well take derrick, But will derrick take cody, that is something we will never know until or if derrick wins the final comp
    this next round is the cut throat part of the game , someone will not go to the final 2, and usually the smartest move is to get the one who you can beat to go up agianst you to win it all. no alliance no nothing just the sweet smell of victory, as quick as possible.

    Derrick had better use all his skills to win this one, he has the power to understand others and how they think , he studied them, I always love the final comp. it looks so easy to us but the stress of the two standing there is great, I do not think derrick will throw this he will tell cody he may, that is only to cover his butt if he does not win it, ths way cody will have that feeling of an alliance to the end thing in his mind,
    we will see how it goes,

  24. I want Cody to win rd3 and take derrick; derrick for the win and Cody still gets something. He played a better game than Vic, IMO.

  25. Derrick will take Cody if he wins regardless because he’ll have that loyalty card in his back pocket just in case. He knows he’s beating Cody in the F2 so why not take him with you? Cody on the other hand needs to take Victoria and he knows that.

  26. Good thing Derrick won 2nd comp. If he doesn’t win the last comp I think Cody will do what’s best for Codys’ game, take Victoria. Cody showed his true colors in his eviction speech for Caleb. Derrick has played a good big brother game- do whatever and say whatever it takes to win the money. As a viewer looking in I wanted Donny to win, then later Caleb. Its like both of those players said honor and integrity stay with you, you have a clear conscience knowing there is a limit to what you will do for the love of money.

    • Why do you think that honor and integrity to people you got to know for a few weeks/months is more important than honor and integrity to your family and loved ones?

      • redroses, usually agree with you 100% but, in this case, I believe you either have honor and integrity, or you don’t. You don’t pick and choose when you’re going to be honorable or have integrity. Even when circumstances force difficult decisions upon you, you don’t have to be a ruthless, back-stabbing, cruel, conscienceless human being like Derrick has shown himself to be. A lot of people have won BB without leaving a trail of bodies behind them.

      • Great comments from both of you and I think they sum up the pros and cons of Derrick’s gameplay succinctly.

      • I agree that one does not leave all of their morals at the door once they enter the BB house – if they say that they did, then they didn’t really have them to begin with!

  27. Everyone’s talking about loyalty. Derrick has the right idea, this is a game and there can only be one winner. These hgs just met, the only ppl they owe loyalty is their families. Team derrick baby

  28. Derrick pretended to give the comp to Cody by asking him if he wanted it. In actuality he was done in the comp and couldn’t hold on any longer. He will try to tell Cody in the third round that he gave him the first round and Cody should do the same for him. Cody don’t trust the snake.

  29. Cody will not win against Derrick and he needs to forget about loyalty and choose Victoria. This is me predicting that Cody will win round 3.

    • Cody needs to backstab Derrick before Derrick backstabs him, Cody should see the simple fact that Derrick is a lying scumbag who is incapable of feeling remorse, all in the name of providing for his family – he certainly isn’t providing a positive role model for his child, is he?

      • Wow this is the most asinine post I’ve seen today. Why would anybody feel remorse for playing a GAME? A game where lying and backstabbing is a huge part of it. Jeez people like you are so simple. Like his 2 year old is really watching BB.

      • If you don’t ‘get’ what Doug is saying, then you probably have the same character deficit as Derrick. It’s the fact that Derrick is so absolutely cold-blooded and ruthless in he way he treats people. There are many ways to play the game without making fools of people who trust you. Also, he’s not saying Derrick’s daughter is necessarily watching BB, just that, in general he’s not providing a good example. Look at Derrick’s eyes – there’s nothing behind them.

      • I think Derrick played a great game and when I watch big brother I know that most of these people are not in their real lives the way they are on the show. There are a few exceptions of course, but Derrick seems like a real nice guy that went in there to play and win. This show is about backstabbing and lying and if any of us were in that house we will have to do it if we want to win, even if we tell ourselves before hand that we won’t. I always like the sweet people that play the game like Nicole or Donny, Victoria was just a floater that never really played well.

  30. Just think its rather disgusting that cbs produce her Album an that all you hear about Julie Chen On the Talk an then on BB all about the trolls sister no one else got that much air time just because her husband runs cbs how fair is that imaginary audience when he left. The kind of disgusting talk about Victoria on live feed about her being a virgin what the guys should do to her. Hope he gets sued for deformation an having a sister that gets out to a lot more tenny boppers how fair is this BB you should be ashamed GO Donny,

  31. Listen folk’s ” he got himself into a Real Pickle”!!!? Does anyone recall”?? Derrick is a police officer “?? He’s Main priorities is to be Loyal”An to be Honorable”!!!!? Etc’ So his Public perception as it pertain’s to the Public”???!? Is in Question “?!? Would You “Trust him “???!? If you Had to rely on him in a serious situation involving The Law”??!? Just Saying””?!?? It’s Something he Should thought of” Before deciding on how to play the Game”?!? But with that being said” it is Just A Game” !??” Think about it”!??? Before Judging from your High Horse!?!! Soap Box”!!? God Bless Everyone ” Pace Out ” Tommy McCown”

  32. Dude Derrick is the ultimate puppet master he played big brother to the fullest and got everyone to do his dirty work without getting blood on his hands

    • You guys are crazy if you think Derrick is a floater he played an amazing social game and manipulated everyone! Hello!!! Its Big Brother!

      • Derrick had a stradegy behind everything he whispered into people’s ear and got great results….!!! Best player this season he definitely knows how to play the game being a cop paid off!!

  33. I love these discussion boards? Why? Because it shows there are people who are too stupid to live! Anybody that would choose Victoria over anybody to win, would definitely qualify. Victoria hasn’t had to stab anybody in the back because she can’t win a comp to save her life! Even Donny, who is the sweetest person to ever play the game, wouldn’t choose Victoria over Derrick. Every smart move in this game has been orchestrated by him. Anyone who would choose Victoria over ANYONE probably shouldn’t be watching Big Brother. Please stick to Sesame Street or the 700 Club!

    • Yeah, remember when Ian won over Dan? Entire jury voted based for personal reasons (except Danielle). They didn’t care who played the better game at all.

  34. Cody will take Derrick with him if he wins HoH. If Derrick wins he will talk that best for his game s**t and send Cody packing.

  35. derrick and cody played a good game . maybe floater is not the correct word. derrick he would lie to his mother if it meant him moving up.hes not loyal to anyone

  36. Karma bites and I believe Cody will take Derrick while Derrick will take Victoria. I think Derrick lost the first round legit and couldn’t talk Cody out of giving up. Cody needs to question that- why would his friend try to talk him into giving up a final comp.? Derrick will win either way since he was part of the Am. Fav. team and second place takes money plus he took some money by giving up competitions. It would be a first if Victoria won because someone that stupid who didn’t win a single thing and was on the block the most might take the money! That would be the biggest irony and the biggest slap to the scheming guys! However, I predict Derrick wins and Donny takes the people’s fav. But beware- karma may bite Derrick.

  37. Think about this. If Victoria makes the final two, she can easily say she has overcome all odds to be there. Less athletic, intelligent, yet she used her lack of talent to stay a non-threat and stay in the game. Maybe not intentional yet very clever at the same time. Maybe she deserves the votes.

  38. The devil is a liar and the father of it…only the truth will set you free..these are real people with human hearts and minds and we can not judge them for we are no better just love them for who they were created to be….enjoy real life in a game of big brother is real in life and we are all in the same boat, some just take a step of faith to learn and grow courageous with sound mind and love..Thank you for life everlasting….Peace be still.

  39. Didn’t Victoria say something about her and Derrick being practically brother and sister? Could there have been a twist like this since we know Derrick is a police sergeant or something. He has the experience to be undercover maybe?

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