Big Brother 16 Episode 39 Recap: A Trip Down Memory Lane


In what I’m pretty sure has thrown the universe off balance, a Friday episode of Big Brother 16 took us down memory lane and kicked off the final Head of Household battle between Cody, Derrick and Victoria.

The episode picked up right after Caleb’s eviction. Derrick is reminding us that the other two people in the final two will both take him to the final two. And Victoria is all “sorry Cody, but Derrick and I” are the final two. But Derrick heads off to talk to Cody and tells him they’re heading to final two.

I will say, I’m pretty confused about what Derrick’s true intentions are. He’s not like most house guests where he tells us the truth in his Diary Rooms. So he can do anything and I wouldn’t be surprised. That is if it’s up to him to decide who is in the final two.

And now it’s time for the silly little flashback montage where they all sit down and read lines they were fed that lead to some earlier clips.

We get to see the forming of the Bomb Squad on Day 2. And then we’re reminded that Devin made his first horrible move and brought Christine and Amber into the Bomb Squad. And that’s eight. Half of the house into one alliance.

Up next is a Donny montage. We’re reminded how alone Donny was in the house. He was always up before everyone else, had no alliances and was a constant target.


That’s followed by the beginning of “Haycole,” back when it was just innocent flirting to the foil ring proposal to their first kiss.

And of course that leads to the Caleb/Amber stalkmance and the Zach/Frankie bromance. And then we are reminded that everyone decided Frankie wasn’t who they thought he was, including Caleb, who decided to throw the Battle of the Block competition. Of course Frankie won it on his own. And of course that was followed by Frankie and Zach’s biggest blowout of the season.

And since the rest of the season was a bore, we just get a lot of silly flashbacks like Victoria’s bad comp prowess and Caleb’s judy chops.

Oh wait, forgot about the Frankie J. Grande show. Of course he has to get his own segment. And of course we have to re-live his big reveal that he’s Amanda, sorry Ariana, Grande’s sister.

At least we also get a Zach montage that showed just how entertaining he was. When no one else was bring any drama, he was there to do just that (with some ridiculous dances thrown in).

And we finally get to see footage of Izzy the dog in the Big Brother house. And since she wasn’t in the Bomb Squad, she got evicted fast.


Thankfully, this memory lane bit comes to an end and we get to see the start of part one of the Final Head of Household. And it’s finally a pure endurance challenge. The three of them have to hang from hang gliders. And of course there’s rain. Check that comp spoilers results here.

And that’s it until the Wednesday season finale. Who do you think will win Big Brother 16?


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  1. Awful episode, I did like Cody and Derrick saying they called their alliance “the hitmen” on day 2, and then the segment showed them coming up with it Day 27

    • They just knew all season what was going to happen with the comps and none of them were right. It seemed to be a year of always being right. Or thinking they were.

  2. Pros:
    I was glad to see all 3 HGs give Donny kudos. That and there was at least 5, maybe even 10 minutes of new footage (of course it was so spread out it was hard to tell!)

    No Jury footage!!! I forgot my bucket for the Grande show. I should have known better. smh

    • Did you see him the night he and Victoria were in separate beds but he was trying to ‘urge’ her to consider oral sex rather than intercourse as oral is not sex? That and the night he lay on top of her was very disappointing to me.
      And so I wish Victoria would win $500,000. I don’t know if the poor girl understood all the sexual comments made to her. She seems naïve and sheltered, other than her F bombs. Have other men before this year been as vocal re sex talk? This is my first year watching.

      • Don’t know how Derrick’s wife is going to feel about the “advice” he gave Victoria. Why in the world would he ever talk like that to a young girl he knew was a virgin? Since the Clinton administration, I don’t believe there’s anyone left in the world who thinks oral sex isn’t sex.

      • I found on youtube Derricks conversation w/Victoria. Was trying to find his laying upon her. I had a difficult time imagining him, being law enforcement, doing anything of that nature. sadly mistaken and disappointed.

      • Other than Frankie’s vulgarity, this has probably been the season that sex was talked about the least. This has also been the season with the least nudity on AD, which surprised me, since Christine said she loved being a nudist preseason.

      • Wow! I must go back and watch previous years. I have a friend I wish would try for BB. A trained investigator. They seem to do well.
        But nudity? and more sex talk? That would make it less boring.

      • That stuff doesn’t make the cut for the show. It’s on Live Feeds and was on After Dark, when After Dark was on Showtime.

  3. It shows that Derrick has played a great game — but not an all-time best game compared to Dr. Will. It shows him saying that the alliance that kept him off the radar was not a good idea so early. Well, Derrick — wrong. It is why you are where you are at. the double HOHs helped his game, too — diluting the power of the HOH this season. Looks like he’ll win, and did great…but don’t compare him to Dr. Will who talked himself out of eviction EVERY week. We never had to see Derrick pull that off since he was never nominated (again, helped along by the double HOH twist).

    • And just to add to that: The large alliance that Derrick criticized kept him safe because the alliance was HUGE and therefore always dominated the HOH because they had two HOHs every week this season. It was impossible to “attack” that large alliance because its sized allowed a member to always have a hand in nominations. Caleb and Frankie started that alliance, and Derrick went in reluctantly, saying it was too early for that alliance.

      • Devon started that alliance with Caleb, Frankie and Derrick saying OK. Caleb and Frankie were the HOHs and Derrick just happened to be in the room. Derrick was reluctant and Caleb seemed to hesitate. Then they brought in Cody and Zach, which they discussed initially. After that, Devon brought in Amber and Christine on his own. Devon created the BS alliance, IMO.

    • I don’t think you can compare Derrick to Dr. Will. I think he is comparable to Danielle Reyes and Dan to a certain point. Dr. Will enjoyed putting a target on his back and trying to find away out of it. Derrick is a polar opposite. He did everything in his power make sure he didn’t have a target on his back. They both had completely different games and strategies that aren’t comparable. I think he is most comparable to Danielle Reyes and somewhat Dan. The main difference is that Danielle and Dan had great DR’s and as much as I like Derrick, I have to admit he is crap in the DR’s, especially when he lies. If he was great in the DR, more people would like him and probably ignore how bad his competition was, just like we ignore how bad Dan’s competition was.

      • did he ever tell the truth in his DR’s? it just felt like we are all as idiotic as the HG’s and he was trying to mist us too

      • Nearly everybody here agrees Production tweaks the game for reasons of favortism and television ratings. My point here is that houseguests are not just playing against each other, they are also playing against, for, or with, Production as well. My feeling is this is a simple fact. DR sessions cannot be trusted as 100% private.

    • The fact that Derrick was never nominated in a season that had two HOHs/four nominees most weeks actually makes his game MORE impressive, not less so. Why do you think that being nominated but not being evicted makes an HG better than one who was never nominated? Look at how many times Victoria was on the block yet didn’t get voted out–that fact certainly doesn’t make her a great player.

      • Because the large alliance always had a hand in nominations…and Derrick just happened to be in that alliance. The alliance could hardly be challenged due to the double HOHs. If, say, Donnie would have won an HOH, and been able to KEEP it and not lose it on BOTB, he would have gone after Derrick. No one wanted to put up someone early in the week for fear that they wouldn’t end up HOH by the end of the week! That he was never a “pawn” — big deal. Dr. Will was never a “pawn” — he was always supposed to get evicted but avoided it week after week.

    • (if he wins) I will remember Derrick as the player who has the most logical voice in the ‘majority” alliance. He played in their shadows.Never faced any adversity. He’s never fun to watch , I have to give him credit from a strategic stand point….but I’m cool not seeing him play BB again.

      • He came in with that strategy and did not seem to falter. The way he would stroke a persons ego and detract from his own skills. That is great strategy, as you say boring for sure, but never did he react or say anything that might cause any confrontation. He came thru smelling like a rose. He kept a low profile.

      • If he ever played again he would have lost his advantage in terms of the two-faced way he plays. The HGs would all be on to him and he’s not good enough at competitions to overcome that.

      • That and I don’t think he has Dan’s charisma, although I do give him props for his misting abilities.

    • Why must we compare Derrick to anyone? Seems to me he sized up the competition when he entered the house and quickly realized who he needed on his side and what plan of action to take. So what if it seems like Dr. Will or Joe Blow did it better? So what? It’s subjective. Derrick didn’t play those seasons. He’s playing this one and you cannot know how he would have played with a different set of competitors.

      • He did size up his competition as soon as he entered the house, but he was lucky enough to encounter players who didn’t have the wits or life experience to figure out his strategy. He wouldn’t have been nearly as successful with more mature and intelligent house guests. Dr. Will and the other truly great players would have compared notes, figured him out and booted his supremely boring butt out the door before he could even begin to worry about ‘blood on his hands’.

      • Why compare anything ever then, by that logic?! Who’s the best QB, outfielder, rock band, actor, movie, song, whatever! Such is life.

  4. A trip down ‘memory lane’ is always fun, sometimes painful, rarely a waste of time. That breakfast food sure looked good, didn’t it?

    • Breakfast did look delicious, I’d have been chowing down instead of talking and letting the food get cold.

  5. That was called a special episode by CBS, puhlease. Boring clips from a boring season. They could have shown more never seen before moments, the jury, more of Izzy or something. Its like CBS has no clue just how boring this is. I fast forwarded through almost all of it.

  6. I’m really disappointed that Big Brother STILL didn’t show the audience when Zach stole the pool cue ball during the ” saboteur witch hunt” the week he went home. Instead they just showed us how the house ganged up on him and unfairly dubbed him the saboteur of the season and then sent him on his way. It’s intentionally misleading the audience and it really calls into question the integrity of the show. I feel like rather than broadcast the same footage twice we could have actually seen that very important 2 minutes or so that would bring a lot of clarity and honest back into the show.

    I loved Zach while he was in the house but it’s self-destructive behavior like this that ultimately made his alliance lose trust in him and I think it’s a shame that Big Brother decides to trick the audience like that. This clip show would have been a perfect opportunity for them to come clean and not only did they choose not to take it, they re aired old footage just to reinforce the lie we already saw. Oh well. I’ve really enjoyed this season so I’ll be grateful what what we did get rather than what we didn’t.

  7. They didn’t address the cody/christine thing at all. I wanted a little more christine hate.

  8. Also, this episode seemed determined to repair frankie’s character. And not enough Caleb shenanigans/judy chops

  9. The thing I got from this episode is that the producers seemed to be promoting dear old Frankie, reminding us that he is “playing for charity”. Sorry for the language, but I call total horseshit too it all. I don’t believe for one second that he came in the house to play for any charity.. If he was, he would have mentioned it in pre season interviews. We all know that. I even doubt that he will give his winnings even since he stated he would. (He may surprise me and do it, idk..)

    • I agree. Every season production has a favorite and promotes them as better than everyone else. Last year it was Elyssa and this year it was Frankie. IMO, they picked the wrong HG to back this year and went WAY overboard on trying to make him look good. They failed big time!!

    • Probably he meant the 10% (or less) to charity as the Kardashians have done. they are still ‘donating to charity’ but not as much.

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