Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Who Won HoH Last Night? 09-04-2014

Following the double eviction on Big Brother the Houseguests competed in another HoH competition. Now we know who won HoH last night and have a glimpse at what to expect in the coming week for nominations & targets. Unless that Rewind button twist throws the whole week away…

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Julie Chen has the Big Brother spoilers – Source: CBS

No one should have been surprised by the first eviction of the night, but the second one probably caught at least a few HGs off guard. The remaining players moved on to the backyard after the show and now we have a new HoH. Results below plus an important update on the Rewind twist.

Big Brother 16 – Week 11 Head of Household:

Frankie is the new HoH for the week.

When Feeds returned the HGs were racing back to the button room and a new message awaited them. The screen read they had a choice, but it’d only take one push. They debate then push it!

Frankie rallied to get the HGs to push the button and by doing so he has wiped out his reign as HoH, but he doesn’t even know it yet. Oops!

Derrick, as the outgoing HoH, was not eligible to compete. That left Caleb, Cody, Frankie, and Victoria fighting for the power in a face, late night challenge.

Before they went in to the comp Caleb told Derrick and Cody that Frankie was contemplating throwing it so he could participate in the next one. Caleb said he would push for Frankie to do that. Clearly that didn’t work out.

Nominations are held on Fridays and should be official that evening so check in for those results.

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  1. Hopefully, production doesn’t tell them that eviction nights have moved a day earlier for the rest of the season. I like to see the look on their faces with a double whammy.

    • It basically wipes off someone’s HOH week clean as if it never happened so everything is up for grabs within the hour: HOH, and POV

      • Thank you,I thought that’s how it great, Frankie HOH is no big deal,he is acting so high and mighty right now….

      • That would be my exact guess. He’ll not show his cards right away on who he really wants gone. One of the guys has to go up with Victoria and I definitely think it’s Cody before Caleb or Derrick. I want to say I hope Cody wins POV but right now it really doesn’t matter thanks to the button being pushed. I almost wish I didn’t read that spoiler, but it’s too late now…

      • I think this is a pretty interesting twist! I think Caleb, Cody, Derrick and Victoria will go after Frankie and hopefully get his butt out of the house. I can dream can I?

      • Indeed you can. I would love that too. Frankie and Victoria are my two most disliked left in the game. Realistically though, nobody’s targeting Victoria, so I feel like I should just turn my hopes to seeing Frankie evicted. If not for the button, those hopes would be dashed this week after he won the first (and now meaningless) HoH.

      • Whoa lol. Definitely can’t agree there, I think it would be shameful to see Victoria win this game at all, let alone over Derrick who’s played well and deserves it. No problem though, thanks to you as well for the chat. =)

      • I know Derrick will win the 500K. He is the best BB player ever and I just started watching 4 years ago.

      • He isn’t the best player ever… He is just in a house full of eunuchs … No competition whatsoever.. No balls u get me? No one has ever played that game this season except Derrick and I don’t care for him and I watched since season 1… Sorry :/

      • I can understand people wanting Derrick to win and I can understand anyone taking Victoria to F2, but it would be horrible to see her win $50K for doing NOTHING. Maybe this will be a new strategy-act as dumb and useless as you can and get carried to F2.

      • I completely agree. I would hate to see Victoria even win $50,000 for, like you said, doing nothing. I really would love it if the guys made it a “best man wins” scenario but it’s too tempting for them to keep an “easy defeat” of Victoria around. It’s unfortunate but I understand it. They celebrated F4 today and sadly I think that was all for show (to each other). I wish so badly they would actually honour that, but I don’t expect that for a second. That would shock me if they actually did.

      • Won’t happen. No one likes floaters (Victoria). And players that have been evicted really don’t like floaters. Derrick has played this game the best, probably because of stupid houseguests. But he deserves to win.

      • I think he’ll nominate Caleb since Derrick couldn’t participate and he has final 2 with him…and whoever wins POV, they’ll nominate someone else (maybe Victoria if she doesn’t win?)! I cannot wait to see how it all plays out!

      • They’re speculating and Derrick got one of his guesses right. But they will know for certain by the time the timer in the former HN room goes to zero.

      • The spoilers from here on will tell you that Frankie winning HOH will be as if he didn’t win it come eviction night! That’s my understanding. And with Derrick having been the HOH at the time the button was pushed will not be able to compete in the new HOH comp before the rewind.

    • So what happens Tuesday? Tuesday and Wednesday from now on right? I’ve got to back and read all this stuff again. I’m confused.

      • Sunday they show the HoH competition and win by Frankie, and his nominations. Tuesday they play the Veto and have the ceremony. Wednesday they get ready for the live vote and eviction but then it stops in its tracks and all of the aforementioned becomes meaningless lol. Game is rewound, new HoH competition, new nominations, new POV comp, winner and and ceremony.

        If I’ve made any mistakes, anybody please feel free to correct me.

      • You got it all correct. What we don’t know for certain if everybody’s eligible to compete, including Frankie.

      • I think he’ll be able to compete because the rewind will be as if he didn’t compete at all. The one that won’t get to compete is Derrick if I’m understanding the rewind twist!

      • I just wonder, since they are going to rewind it will Derrick be able to play in the HOH? He didn’t play in the one that Frankie just won and now it will be rewinded as if it never happened. Would that mean Frankie can play and not Derrick or can Derrick play and not Frankie or can all HG’s play in this one? It wasn’t really clear on who could play or not.

      • I don’t know about that as the button was shown to them before the HoH comp…so Derrick was still the reigning HoH at that time and can’t compete in the next HoH comp due to the rewind.

  2. If it’s been pushed then I guess Friday’s BBN revelation of nominations will be kind of irrelevent…unless of course during the rewind it somehow plays out exactly the same. I didn’t want Frankie in power because my guess is he’ll go after Derrick and Cody (my favourites) over Caleb or Victoria, but here’s hoping the rewind actually gives a different result, a different HoH, because if Frankie just wins it again, obviously he won’t make different nominations. Damnit I knew this would happen. I loved the result of the Double Eviction but I knew after loving that I wouldn’t like the next HoH winner. Sometimes I don’t want to be right…

      • I have a feeling Frankie will be able to compete, and it’ll be a complete rewind, to where he’s not outgoing HoH because it’s as if his HoH win never happened. I want to be wrong but I’ve got a bad feeling I’m not.

      • Then that means Derrick can’t compete then because he was the prior HOH tonight. But if we’re to relive BB14’s reset scenario, everyone left can compete.

      • Good point. I’m not sure what will happen but for some reason, whether it’s fair or makes sense or not, I can see them letting everybody compete in the post-rewind HoH competition. I’m not a Frankie fan but he’s emerging as the top competitor left in the house, so I’m nervous he wins it again, or just wins POV if he doesn’t win HoH. I really wish the guys would evict Victoria and make it a case of ‘battle of the best’, a group of four good competitors battling it out, best man wins. But I know the chances of that happening are slim. It sucks, because that’d be a BB dream come true for me. It’s the reason I respected Ian in BB14, his mentality of “Gotta beat the best to be the best”…even though I think he shouldn’t have won the vote over Dan…

      • These guys, especially Derrick, don’t want to go up against the best. They want a sure win. I guess, in a way, it makes sense, but it doesn’t make for a good season.

      • If it rewinds to the time the button was pushed, Frankie is HOH and would not be able to compete according to the regular rules. The button wasn’t pushed when Derrick was HOH. How clear they were as to when the rewind started? That will determine the whose is allowed to compete. Unless BB decides to let them all compete. They would do it anyway they want really it’s their show.

    • Do you think he could nominate Caleb because of Caleb’s reveal that he thought of doing it to him? I have always said if anyone is the first to strike at their alliance my bet is on Frankie.

      • I think that’s possible, but I unfortunately see him going for Cody first. Derrick is probably safe, even though Frankie wasn’t happy with him during a DR session on Thursday’s episode, but he still seems to trust him and still seems to be sticking with him due to Team America. Caleb got Frankie thinking that Cody was the first to mention the idea of backdooring Frankie, that he masterminded it, and I didn’t see any sign of Frankie not believing Caleb on that. So I agree that Frankie would probably be first to go after his own alliance, but I think he targets Cody before Caleb. I really hope I’m wrong.

      • Hahaha. I like Cody but I can admit that was a good comment. I think he’s a better competitor than people realize, and wasn’t participating in many comps where I think he could’ve done well. When he hasn’t won, he’s often done well in the comp and been right there, eliminated late, etc. (except for the mentioned comp that won him the dino suit…). But I definitely agree, unbiasedly, that Frankie should be targeting Caleb first or really, even Derrick, who’s my other favourite. They’re bigger threats. I really want to say he should be targeting Victoria, but I’d be lying to myself, I just really want him to target her because I don’t like her lol.

      • She is not my fave either. I think she will be greatly disappointed when she sees why Derrick saved her for so long and how the guys have talked about her. I feel bad for her in that respect.

      • I agree, but honestly, why else would she be thinking Derrick has saved her and kept her around so long? If she doesn’t think it was selfish and to further his game, she’s kind of delusional. He’s married so she can’t be thinking it’s because he has feelings for her. I do think though, game aside, he does care about her. And really, I think that’s all she can ask of him. If she thinks he just really wants her to win some prize money, 2nd place and $50,000, and not that he just thinks sitting beside her is his best chance at $500,000…then, again, delusional.

      • She does seem kind of delusional though or naive maybe. I mean she came in the house saying she was the prettiest. I believe she thinks shes a good player but I don’t know for sure. She could just be that inexperienced and naive to believe it. Or I may be wrong and shes aware.

      • I don’t know if she’s playing it up for the DR and because production wants her to play up the ditzy angle, but she constantly makes references to malls and shopping, and annoyingly saying “I’m over it” to further the valley-girl persona who’s more into looks and material things than anything. Saying she’s the prettiest though, I think that’s actually part of her, and isn’t what role production wants her to play. I don’t think she’s some awesome actress, so her being believable in this role, I think it’s at least partly because it’s part of who she actually is. I’m sure she thinks she’s a good player, she once (through tears) laughingly said “I keep winning so why do they keep putting me up” or something along those lines. But just about nobody else, fellow players or fans, thinks she’s a good player.

      • Thats kind of why I feel sorry for her. Maybe seeing the tapes will make her grow up some, maybe not. I don’t think I have seen anyone ever say shes a good player. The ditzy angle is super annoying and why I prefer strong female players which this summer was short on.

      • I think Brittany and Amber were the best bets for strong female players. I’d have preferred them in a heartbeat to still be around over someone like Victoria. Unfortunately though the guys identified this, and got them out early. I agree the ditz angle from Victoria is eye-roll worthy, I can’t stand it. I actually turn away from my screen, reach for the mute button, or contemplate throwing something at the TV lol

      • Well thats 1 reason this summer has been so hard to watch. The women never got it together and formed an alliance and worked together.I think Amber and Brittany were strong but poorly executed their ideas and too little too late. And Brittany was a bad social player. Ambers downfall was Caleb but that was not her fault.

      • I think Joey could have been strong, but she played her cards just a little too early and they came down on her like a ton of bricks. At least she saw the writing on the wall where the guys were concerned. They could see that she had the balls they all lacked so she had to go.

      • I think that she is going to be a little broken hearted and definitely feel betrayed by Derrick as she is clearly a bit infatuated with him. I think the worst will be because he lied to her over and over about not being in an alliance. The last couple of days he has been trying to soften the blow by telling her that she will find out some stuff about him, but it is only a game, I think she will have a hard time for a little while

      • One of the first dinosaurs to become extinct BEFORE the extinction event. Only the smartest survive, sorry Cody.

      • At least everyone will see Frankie’s cards and when it rewinds and everyone is safe then whoever he nominates will target him.

      • The guys know he has to nominate one of them, and thus he will alongside Victoria, probably with a backdoor idea in mind all along. But you’re right, since the rewind is set to happen Wednesday, after Tuesday’s Veto (going on TV schedule, not feeds schedule) then even if Frankie has “the right person” (for his plans) win the Veto and he’s executed the backdoor he’s wanted to, his cards will indeed have been shown when the rewind happens post-Veto ceremony. I can’t wait…in that case he either wins the rewinded HoH, wins the POV, or he’s done. Sadly, he’s capable of winning either or both of those…

    • I’m thinking Frankie will back stab. & now I’m hoping he does. So they will have no problem when one of them wins HOH saying Frankie, It’s time for you to meet JUlie. & then he gets booed worse than Christine.

      • So much for the plot to save Frankie, it might just kill him. Altough he could probably still win HoH again, the odds are against him. And now he card will be on the table. That could be a big chink in his armor.

  3. I will not be watching feeds much cause I have to mute when Frankie is on camera… and there are only 5 people and he will be on all cameras

  4. Nothing this week will be official, Matt. The HGs may think that they have this week in the bag, but they don’t. And it’s all because they pushed that button.

  5. I’m really tired of CBS casting fools with delusions of grandeur! Donny was refreshing to watch with his humbled mannerism and savvy game play with feeling he didn’t deserve it more. I miss Donny! As for Frankie? His statements are as offensive as that little blonde chick who I can’t remember her name. Just because you are homosexual and chose to do a drag skit for a mission LOL and FAILed doesn’t make America anti-gay it makes us of weary of you! Your self-deluded pretentiousness. Mission doesn’t equal a semi funny play. I do not appreciate the rape jokes either. Rape is not humor, it’s a crime. Franke is disgusting. I didn’t even know who his HALF sister was. I had to Google and even then it was brief lol. Snooze. CBS has to learn, it’s not the silly twists that entertain us, it’s the Houseguest you blindly choose. Everyone they choose are fame-hungry and convince themselves they are Americas fav. Bring back the genuine, humbled IGNORANT of the game. Let us see people that have no idea what they are doing excel in this now-boring reality show. If Frankie wins this am over it all. I prefer Survior anyway lol

    • Thanks for the well-written rant! Thanks! I feel so much better now (and I didn’t even have to type it myself)! Wow….I really hate Frankie. I’m going to immensely enjoy seeing the look on his face when his Hoh is taken away. I like Survivor too.

    • I agreed until you said ignorant of the game. That is what is ruining the game. Cast 16 people who really know the game and WANT to be there and play, and stop recruiting.

  6. I had three favourites this season; Cody, Zach, Derrick. There was one time one of them was guaranteed eviction, with Cody and Zach up against each other. The HoH that week? Frankie.

    If Frankie is the HoH behind Cody and Derrick going up, post-rewind so there’s no button to save them…I’m going to dislike Frankie even more than I already do lol.

    It’ll be a toss-up then, who do I dislike more, him or Victoria…right now Victoria is still worse to me. At least Frankie is playing the game.

      • Hahaha. I’m starting to wonder if she’s thought of strategy for a minute. It feels like she just agreed to play to have a Summer vacation. She cries whenever she’s put up, even though she’s never even close to being sent home, because somebody’s trying to end her vacation lol.

      • I don’t think I have seen her talk strategy really.When Nicole came to her she just agreed with what Nicole was saying. She has had a good vacation. Daily tanning, eating, sleeping.

      • Yep, basically. That’s all she’s there for. She never even seems to have a mind of her own. Speaking back to Zach when he was going after her in the HoH room is the one and only time I saw her finish sentences coherently and actually have an opinion at the same time. I feel mean saying it but she’s such a waste of a spot for a contestant. It sucks that everybody wants to keep her around because she’d be easy to beat in the final two, in their eyes, because I’d really like to see non-players like her evicted.

        PS. I also just love when she gets that nasty, somewhat bitchy look on her face when she’s voting to evict somebody she doesn’t like, or in her goodbye messages to evictees…like seriously, you don’t even have any place having any attitude like that. Save that for people playing the game.

      • Exactly, who is she kidding indeed. I know every season is bound to have at least one (usually more) players that you’re destined to dislike, but she goes down as one of the worst in the show’s history for me. I’ve only been watching since Season 4 though and 5 was the first I watched “properly”.

      • we’re on the same page Code D. For some reason I’ve really disliked Victoria’s presence on this show. I understand that she was picked BECAUSE of her lack of awareness and her almost zombie like obsessions with hair & shopping. What irks me however is that she doesn’t understand that while people are mocking her and laughing at her, she truly believes that she is playing the game and is a strong competitor because she’s gotten this far… She’s like the waterboy on a football team who keeps believing the coach who says he’ll let him play in a game one day.

      • Great analogy Matt S, about the waterboy. We’re definitely on the same page lol. It actually slightly bugs me that she’s even still there, and not much bugs me especially on a TV show. I remember a while ago she was crying over a nomination and saying “I keep winning” and I wanted to spit my water out. She really thought her Battle of the Block comp wins was her behind the wheel, or that her Veto win wasn’t Caleb’s win who handed it to her because he wanted money instead. (Granted yes, she did well in that competition, she was a finalist with Caleb). I guess she’s ignoring how many times she’s been put up but not voted out and never even truly considered by others to evict over her counterpart on the block with her. But no, she hasn’t gotten this far because she’s been carried and because others want her there because she’ll be easy to beat…nope…she’s this far because she’s just a great player…dummy lol

      • She’s been carried this far by that darn mythical bird I tells ya! Best part is that she truly believes the story because…..wait for it….her mom swears it’s a true story! Priceless!

      • You have both convinced me. She is now my favorite player. I mean she got this far right. She is just awesome. I can’t believe I did not see it before.

      • It’s true. How can you not love a player who was mythically carried in by a bird who must be real because mommy said so…clearly it is her strong gameplay and competition prowess combine with the magic of her fairy-tale past that has gotten her this far in the game. “Mad respect”…

      • And the more we can show people how truly great of a player Victoria is, the more her mom can hold her head up high and say ”That’s my baby who was carried away by the scarecrow all those years ago! Look where she is now!”

      • Are you kidding me? Did you not see her AMAZING game play when she told everyone that she was carried away by a mythical bird when she was a baby? Brilliant! And when people caught onto that and said crows aren’t big enough, she quickly covered up by saying maybe it was a bigger bird like a scarecrow! lol… Oh man, you just can’t find good strategists like this anymore! ;)

  7. Oh my gosh, I can not wait for Frankie to think he is making a big move, and then finds out his HOH didn’t mean anything. It is kinda like when Chima tried to get out Russell out and then Jeff used the coup d’etat and wiped out both of Chimas nominees.

      • Chima exploded on everything anyways. I’ll never forget how they showed her grandma apologizing and feeling so ashamed of her granddaughter’s behaviour. She seemed like such a super sweet old lady and deserves a much better grandchild!

      • I couldn’t stand her. I was glad the show got rid of her and her diva antics. Frankie’s smarter than that, he won’t react the same way. Just a pipe dream lol

      • I think Chima was a bad sport anyway, at least as far as not getting over a twist is concerned. And her throwing her lapel to the pool and outright refusal to obey Big Brother’s orders to replace it was the nail to her coffin.

      • she really should have been booted before that… but there were so many issues as to why the producers didn’t want to boot her. I’m glad she kept challenging them to the point where they finally had enough of her.

      • I find that their reason to expel her, having had a list of rule violations from Day 1, was quite petty. If that was the case, then they should booted her out early on. If that was the case, we would have seen players past and presents get booted off for multiple rule violations.

        Just say to the audience that destroying show property is enough justification to have her undergo a forced eviction and get it over with.

      • Or just admit to what we already know to be true. That it depends on WHO is making the infraction and how much the general public wants this person to be gone.

  8. Can someone please explain, in terms simple enough for me to understand, what pushing the button meant?

    • Yes, the whole week of events gets reset. So just before the eviction vote – everyone will be informed that this week is null and void and they’ll redo everything with a new HoH, new veto, new nominees…etc

    • From what I understand Frankie HOH is not count so what ever he does will not count come Wed night..

    • It means that on Eviction night on Wednesday right before the eviction process everything stops and Frankie is no longer HOH and both nominees are off the block and they start all over again. New HOH, new nominees, POV. The slate is clean and they start over.

      • Thank you everyone. Wow, can’t wait to see Frankie’s face-maybe this game is going to finally get exciting. Fingers crossed!

  9. Did anyone else catch Derrik talking to Frankie on BBAD and saying “If He (Frankie) wins again, production will just say okay lets end now because this is just getting too boring” LOL Derrik just gained some brownie points with that line!

  10. I wonder if they get to vote off the person before time goes backwards… that would make for one helluva pissed off person

    • They said DURING the live voting – so I don’t think the votes will be made known to the nominees when they are advised of the rewind. Would be very interesting if they are though. Wow.

  11. Frankie was against pressing the button until he became hoh. So he thinks no matter what the button means, he would still be safe. Please let cody win the replay hoh. I don’t think caleb would target frankie.

    • If Frankie puts Caleb up for eviction later today, Caleb would go after Frankie if he wins the new HOH.

  12. i hope who ever crankie puts up, will win the replay of HOH , this replay button came about 2 weeks to late to even matter ,I think CBS has learned that it wiil lose viewers if they keep letting one group of people control house whole season long , they should rename show to BIG BORING!

    • I don’t care who wins as long as it isn’t him. I have no favorite list. My list goes worst to bad…swine, beast, snotboy, crowgirl, dicktator.

  13. Part one and two of my wish came true, Frankie won HOH then was the ringleader in the button being pushed.

    Now only if the rest comes true, he doesn’t win the new HOH, he doesn’t win the veto and out the door he goes.

    Unless they win the HOH or veto, I think that either Caleb or Frankie is going to get sent packing to the jury house.

  14. I hope that Frankie turns on the guys this week. That will be great. So they can see how he really is and then boom. REWIND and they get him out!

    He’d be stupid not to.

  15. So will they play the week out on the show on Wednesday like they do in a DE or will they actually play another entire week?

    • I’m afraid to say. I think they will make the rules up as they need to until they achieve the result they want. I’m sort of being sarcastic but with a hint of possible reality.:(

      • I’m hoping it plays out on Wednesday. Seems like it would be better ratings. There is so much shock value to doing it all live. Playing another entire week seems BORING as hell. Especially if Frankie were to win again.

      • It almost has to be Wed. If Frankie wins this season, either he IS the devil or production made it possible. I am just kind of numb to this season.I just wish it was over already.

  16. wow, a week that includes lots of happenings, who to put up, who gets pissed cause they went up, TA crap going on, more guesses as to what will happen on day 5, lots of time INSIDE up close togetherness while all this building for all these comps to take place, IF after all this weeks goings on there is no hard feelings—————-the rewind will be kinda boring,————-now if there are some pissed off people———lol–there will not be any time to run talk to who about what etc, it will like wham bam thank you 1, 2, 3, YOU ARE OUT!!! if derrick gets the next HOH Vicky stays, anybody else gets it, Vicky goes, UNLESS somebodies feeling are hurt!

  17. What would really suck? If Frankie wins HoH again after the rewind. Zzzzzzzzzzzz

    Lets hope that doesn’t happen.

    • He will not be able to play. “Frankie rallied to get the HGs to push the button and by doing so he has wiped out his reign as HoH, but he doesn’t even know it yet. Oops!” hahahaha

      • Yeah, his current reign. It’s a rewind. Not a nobody gets evicted. It’s like going back in time right before the last HoH competition.

      • Yup and he wont be able to play. LMAO now would it not be funny if Victoria wins and breaks up the boys, and Frankie goes home.

      • He will be able to play. What part of rewind do you not understand? It’s going to be them replaying this week all over.

  18. Well, no need to bother watching now until eviction night seeing as how the button has been pushed.

  19. The twist is stupid and designed to unfairly screw the competition winners, which I hate. But… at least it’ll be Frankie that gets wrecked by the twist.

    • twist came 2 weeks to late, i think CBS knew it had to change things up or lose viewers for next season, this adding secret famous people that don’t need the $ should end , whats wrong with just normal average people that worked hard there whole lives, again another season of no one over 45? just young people an famous people, people thatnever had or are just starting to get in the work force

      • Age doesn’t really matter to me; just get people who know about and truly want to play the game. Stop the recruiting.

  20. lets see if CBS will ban my comments again if i say this seasons was boring,this rewind came about 2 weeks to late.BORING same people in control of house whole seaso long , like most seasons of BB, so each year they try to add some rich or famous person ,same as the other 2 shows CBS has, they were much more fun to watch as just average middle class an poor people needed the $ so they fought it out,

  21. Derrick or Cody especially Derrick better get up and start winning comps…Derrick is not in control even tho Frankie is letting him believe he is… Frankie has realized that Derrick has been the puppet master all along but don’t think he will say anything except in DR

  22. This rewind button is just another silly gimmick that BB threw in…and I am not a fan of it. What? Frankie’s HOH reign will be wiped out? Well I guess that I am a fan of the button! +1 BB rewind button

    • Lets just hope he done win again. I am sick of him and Caleb. by the way do you know the Camel in the Geico commercial’s name is Caleb how fitting. Happy Hump Day all.

  23. I can’t believe Frankie really thought the crowd was booing Christine because she bashed him/his family in DR. Whatever Frankie! Get over yourself. I’m over him and is acting/singing & those damn british accents or and trying to control everyones dinner or when/what they eat.

    IMO Cody went too far with a married unattractive creepy woman. I dont care if he’s single or not he was all over her just the same.

      • Oh I hope he doesn’t make it to the final two! I can’t wait till wed when the button kicks in to see what the heck happens. Are you also tired of arrogant Caleb like I am? LOL the guy thinks he is Mr Hollywood for sure and he is the FAN FAVORITE. I’m so embarrassed for him, he thinks he’s so cool and a super stud. (Although I do respect is military service) He’s so creepy how he thinks he’s going to date Frankie’s sister and hang out with Justin B. haha Frankie will dump is butt after the show is over. Oh and how Caleb is going to take his lucky fans that enter the BIG contest on a hunting trip. OMG I just can’t stop laughing… One more thing… I just read Caleb thinks he looks like Jeff from BB, like he could be his cousin and he want to color his hair salt/pepper to look more like him!! creepy little guy

      • He is just frigging weird period. And when they had the cop last nigh he said how can I forget my girl Amber, really. She better get a restraining order against him or she will have a nut case on her hands after BB.

  24. If they want to make a twist – they should periodically allow the POV winner to choose the replacement …. that would rattle a few cages … not every time – just sometimes and make it so something that the HG are unaware of – but America is aware of – and has to happen to allow it – like Americas choice – or an in house event i.e. like the refrigerator being opened 100 times – an occurrence – a word said so many times – or some other non competitive thing – that would keep them guessing –

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