Big Brother 16 Live Feeds: Week 11 Thursday Night Highlights


The Big Brother 16 HGs had a busy night after their busy DE night as they played another Head of Household and decided to go ahead and push the Big Brother Rewind button (even though they don’t know what the button does). Find out what else happened on the Big Brother Feeds in the house yesterday.

Big Brother 16 Live Feed Highlights – Thursday, September 4, 2014:

7:05 PM BBT – Feeds return.

7:10 PM BBT – HGs are talking about Christine’s eviction and how they’ve never heard so many boos. Derrick thinks she must’ve been “crushing” them in the Diary Room.

7:15 PM BBT – Frankie also thinks she was bashing people in the DR, especially him, and that’s why she got so many boos.

7:20 PM BBT – Frankie and Caleb are now saying the boos might have had something to do with Cody and Christine’s relationship. Everyone now joining in telling him he did nothing wrong, but she just really had something for him.

7:27 PM BBT – Frankie asks Cody if he ever had sex with Christine. He says no.

7:28 PM BBT – Derrick is now worried about his relationship with Victoria. He doesn’t want anyone to confuse that. Frankie tells him its not even the same thing as Cody and Christine.

8:03 PM BBT – HGs talking about how Christine left the house and didn’t hug anyone or say goodbye.

8:05 PM BBT – Frankie is convinced that Christine was booed because she talked about his family and said “horrific” things about him.

8:28 PM BBT – Feeds cut. When they come back the HGs are all at the rewind button. The sign in the room says “The Choice is yours.”

8:45 PM BBT – Caleb and Frankie think they should push the button. Derrick thinks it won’t be a good outcome.

9:10 PM BBT – Feeds are down for the next HOH competition.

10:23 PM BBT – Feeds have returned. Frankie won HOH.

10:24 PM BBT – HGs are now able to push the button if they choose. They decide to push it. After the pushed it, the screen changed to a countdown. They now suspect there will be a live show on Wednesday.

10:40 PM BBT – Frankie is planning ahead and blaming production in case the button results in someone they don’t want going getting evicted.

10:57 PM BBT – Frankie, Caleb and Derrick are discussing noms. Caleb and Derrick are working on Frankie to not put them up.

11:27 PM BBT – Frankie tells Derrick he’s putting up Cody and Victoria but might tell people Derrick is going up since he’s never been up.

11:30 PM BBT – Derrick pumping Victoria’s ego, telling her she’s the best girl from the season as she’s the only one left.

12:07 AM BBT – Derrick gets his HOH basket and isn’t happy about the photo he got. He won’t show it. He got new photos (Twitter speculates that it was a photo that revealed he’s a police officer). Cody sees the photo and asks if it’s his brother. Derrick says no and that’s not a great photo to show.

12:15 AM BBT – Derrick tells Victoria his photo was just really blurry and you couldn’t even see it.

12:30 AM BBT – Derrick is talking about his photo problem, but BB keeps cutting, not letting us know what was wrong.

1:15 AM BBT – Derrick has new items from home after a swap. He reads a poem from his wife.

1:35 AM BBT – Derrick goes to look at the Rewind button and says he hopes it’s not something that will ruin his game.

1:45 AM BBT – Big Brother surprises the HGs with new “Holla!” messages. This time they get one from Zach calling them a Froot Loop Dingus, naturally.

1:55 AM BBT – Frankie’s HoH room has arrived. Everyone heads upstairs.

3:10 AM BBT – HGs wonder why Christine was so heavily booed. Cody is adamant he will not get booed for what he did with her.

3:50 AM BBT – Caleb asks Derrick if they’d be better off evicting Cody and taking Frankie to the F3.

4:30 AM BBT – Frankie confirms to Derrick and Caleb that he’s going to put Cody up as they discussed just after the HoH comp. He hasn’t changed his mind.

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  1. After what Caleb did last week, and in the past, Derrick would be smart to continue acting dumb and evasive when it comes to game talk with him, especially anything against Frankie … as, he mentioned last week, Caleb and Frankie supposedly have a F2 from Day 2 …
    I am sure that Caleb believes that, but knowing Frankie, he will have no second thoughts about throwing Caleb under the bus, as he has done to his previous BFFs in the House ….
    As far as Christine is concerned … I think this was the first time all season, during her exit speech with Julie, that she did not cackle once … As for the posting in other threads, re: not going to Jury House, etc .. would she not forfeit her stipend, as it would similar to a self-eviction from the game ??
    Anyways,Go Victoria Go !!!! Ha !!! :)

    • I haven’t heard of this. I really felt for Christine last night. That would suck and her being a huge fan just makes it that much worse. I have defended Christine all summer on this site it seems like & I don’t even like her. That was harsh. She was booed worse than Aaryn (which I thought was unnecessary bc she was a good player. not person. but BB player.)

      but as big of a fan as she is I dont think she would do that. but you never know

      • I read that she stormed off the stage asking to be taken home, instead of the jury house. Guess we’ll have to wait for jury house footage to see what happened.

      • seems like they would show some footage on Wed. if there is no vote and they don’t play it out live like a DE would then they’ll need some filler.

      • Wednesday should be similar to last night… quick HOH comp, new noms, quick Veto comp, and then the eviction and maybe start of next HOH comp. It’ll be a busy night.

      • Really? She may be surprised at her reception at home. I would have gone to the jury house and try to clean up my image there and then go home.

        This is what happens when you hang out with the “popular kids” and try to be someone you are not. Always be yourself. (Or is that who she really is?)

      • I think this is a mess of her own creation. Regardless of how good or bad she played the game, she spent all summer rubbing on Cody and rubbing on the nerves of viewers. Alot of folks are offended by a married woman openly engaging in that sort of behavior. On top of that, she completely betrayed her BFF in the house. While part of the gameplay involves betraying others to advance, it didnt help her that Nicole was so well liked by viewers. Being downright hateful to Donnie really dug her a hole she wasn’t able to climb out of! We all know how wildly popular Donnie was. I am not sure the HGs have (even yet) realized how much the good-natured Donnie was liked by the public. This girl could have stormed through the comps with handcuffs and a blindfold on. The fact of the matter is that she made herself unlikable to alot of viewers and they opted to voice that dislike when she left the house. I get the feeling that there will at least be one other boo-filled exit like Christine’s…..if not more!

      • I read that, also. I’d say if that happened, production probably knocked some sense into her by reminding her she would lose her stipend.

      • Seriously? Christine was a good player ??? For a SuperFan she sure did not play smart … She threw her non BS Alliances under the bus way before she had to ..

        And, not to mention hear goodbye speeches to new Jury members …

      • She was dumb. Having two alliances, she was at the bottom of the totem pole at the Detonators while, she had a 3 person alliance with Nicole and Hayden. Two trustworthy people she betrayed multiple times! Julie asked her that question and she said she made the wrong decision! And she is a super fan? To be fair, Nicole who is also supposed to be a super fan and has watched Big Brother a lot of times kept blabbing her mouth all season which sunk instead, of helped her game! No one outside of Derrick seemed capable this season of storing info in their heads instead of blabbing it out for all to hear! That in a nutshell is the reason Derrick has full control of this game.

      • Having 2 alliances isn’t all that bad – it worked for Andy last season. She really couldn’t go with Hay-cole because they were never in power. She stuck with the power like Andy did last season. She just played the 2-side alliance wrong. Instead of playing with Cody, she should have mixed in more game talk. Any conversation she had with Nicole after re-entry she should have shared with the alliance, gain their trust, rather than allowing paranoia set in and be bitter about the “boys club.” She played a really good first half of the game and a really terrible second half.

      • so totally agree and what baffles me is that they were ZINGED by ZingBot and told what was thought of them, which is what zingbot does, and with Nicole she was so afraid of not being ‘liked’ by America and what America thought of her it ruined her game, and she could not keep her mouth shut!!!

      • I could not boo anyone like that, but I couldn’t feel pity for her. The “thing”with Cody is just a part of the reason she is so despised by people.

      • I’m just hoping that Frankie gets the same treatment. It would be a shame for Christine to get booed that way and not him. As he is more “hated” than she is.

      • I can honestly say that I don’t “enjoy” the booing, but I understand it. I think if people can clap, they should be able to boo also. And there is no doubt that Frankie would be the most deserving of it.

      • I don’t enjoy it either. Last season was the first time that happened to my recollection. Correct me if I’m wrong. I seriously felt for the girl last night.

        Frankie needs to be brought back down to Earth where the rest of us live though. So I think I might enjoy his. Although when/if it happens, I will prob find a soft spot for him as well bc I genuinely am not an evil person. I Don’t think.

      • I am not evil and I can’t wait to hear the boos and mostly watch his ugly face when he hears the boos.

      • LOL, Jessalli, it is obvious from past and present posts that you are far from evil.:) I am known in my family to be very(sometimes overly) tenderhearted and have even been laughed at for it. I cry at sad movies or circumstances and feel great sympathy for others. But for some reason, I felt no pity for Christine. If you happen not to find a soft spot for Frankie if he is booed, I wouldn’t let it ruin my day.

      • What will make Frankie’s exit so satisfying for me, is that his huge ego allows him to believe that Christine probably got booed for speaking ill of Frankie and his family! No way does this little slimeball believe that the whole world doesn’t just love and adore Frankie Grande! I cannot wait to see how “Miss Thang” handles America’s complete disgust! I can’t believe that Christine was nearly as much disliked as Frankie has been…

      • I have a feeling we won’t get to see this. They’ve left him in too long. I fear he will be F2 and prob win.

      • I think I would have been more uncomfortable if she had been met with very little applause or silence. The “boos” seemed to make sense to me. I honestly didnt see anything this girl did all summer that made her deserving of even polite applause….

      • I agree. If they ban the boo, then silence is better than clapping. Unless it was my job and I was getting paid, there is no way I could have sat there and clapped for her.

      • Like last season Aaryn getting viciously attacked by Julie in the exit interview whereas Spencer, Amanda, GinaMarie and Andy got away with nothing more than a brief comment… I’m not a feminist by any means, but I find it suspicious that Dan Ghesling can lie on the Bible, lie on his wedding ring, lie on his dead grandfather’s grave and be so loved by the BB crew and fans whereas a married flirtatious person or a racist and homophobic person are zeroed in on and attacked mercilessly by the BB Team and fans. We really do pick and choose when to exercise our morality… I also hope that the same measure that was set for Christine gets set for Frankie at least.

      • This is what confuses me. Spencer with his child porn comments last year was worse that Aaryn if you ask me. That’s right up there with Frankie’s rape joke. But, I may be more sensitive to Frankie’s comment since it relates more to me.

        As far as Dan swearing on the Bible. IDK. I don’t know if I would be able to do that. or swear on my kids..

      • No I totally agree! Like I said on this forum many times, I am really confused how we can feel so good about crucifying Christine or Aaryn, but people like Spencer get less mention and less vitriol from the Big Brother community. Yes people disliked him and were disgusted by him, but the overwhelming volume of hate was directed at Aaryn (even by Julie Chen herself)…

      • Matt, could the thing with Aaryn be that her racists remarks were geared toward an Asian person and therefore Julie felt that more than even the child porn talk or even the talk of tying that one other girl up and knocking out her teeth and CBS choose to focus on Aaryn because of this and then the whole pack mentality took over and America focused on her as well? Or could it be that Aaryn was the one first noticed to be doing this and as it appeared to be that she was chosen to be the “golden” girl for that season and the fact that on her facebook page or something like she talked about how she was against prejudice and seemed to be portraying herself as something she wasn’t then turning around and showing us something different have had an effect on how she was treated? Just a thought.

      • Oh I think you’re quite right. These are wise observations and yes Julie (I assume) is more prone to anger if somebody makes an Asian racist remark vs. say a Caucasian racist remark. Also there’s a very old saying that is true: ”The Media controls the message” (which is a fancy way of saying the only truth we can claim to know is the truth that other people tell us is truth)…

      • I’d bet $100 you arn’t an African Amerian so thats why Aaryns comments wern’t bad to you smh

      • While I know that I can’t speak for jessalli, she didn’t say that Aaryn’s weren’t bad, she said that Spencer’s child porn comments were worse and in this case I have to agree. Racism is real and it hurts, but the sexual abuse of children trumps this no matter the race or age of the child.

      • No. I’m not. I’m not asian either, or homosexual so like I said, that may be why I’m more sensitive to Frankie’s comments having experienced something similar to what he suggested Caleb and Cody do to Victoria. That was not funny in the least bit. However, with that being said, I have experienced ppl treating me different in a negative way bc of my race and ppl of my own race saying degrading things to me for associating with the opposite sex of another race.

        So yea… Calling someone shaniqua vs talking about taking both of someone’s virginitys without their concent and making gestures and laughing about it is way worse to me.

      • Well for one, DAN was LYING to get ahead in the game. He told the people he loved prior to coming into the BB house that he would say ANYTHING to win BB. On the other hand Aayrn, Gina Marie, Amanda…etc they were being themselves…and the racist and homophobic comments where actuall how they REALLY felt. It wasn’t a game move. It was just a real live moment of their ignorance coming to the surface smh.

      • I agree. when it’s for game it’s different. Those houseguest were just mean people. & as far as Christine goes… Obviously Cody did not give 2 sh**s about her.

      • I definitely hear you Whitney, but for me just because Dan told people ahead of time ”I’m going to lie on the Bible and on my wedding ring and on my dead grandfather’s grave to get ahead in the game” doesn’t make it any more ”moral” in my opinion. In some ways I have more sympathy for those who are immoral out of their natural character than for those who ”plan” to be immoral to get what they want in life… I know some are fine with the distinction of which immorality is justified, but I simply cannot make that distinction and judgement.

      • Totally agree. Someone said they get to judge and pick who is righteous. Maybe no one should be booed. I certainly don’t want to see people bullied to a point of harm, and that is what we are talking about. Hate Frankie? We don’t know Frankie. Beat up his family, that’s disgusting. When it becomes hate, that is when its destructive criticism. I think of Robin Williams daughter recently, posters ran her right off the internet and no telling what mental damage she is dealing with. I am happy that twitter and all the main sites are putting in new rules so it will stop the bullying. I read all your posts, but I can’t see why you hate. Frankie is flamboyant, obnoxious and all but who cares. He is in our site for a very short time.

      • Those are great examples Jean! I was also upset to hear of people’s lust for judgement in the case of Robin William’s daughter. And in the case of Frankie, I’m the odd ball on this site (like you perhaps?) who is always trying to stop people from using words like ”evil” or ”hate” when describing somebody else. I do admit I dislike what I see of Frankie, but I cannot claim to know enough about him to judge (nor do I have the right to judge anyways).

      • Thanks Matt! I agree that it’s not my job to judge anyone. I simply find some behavior so off-putting that I try to avoid it. It’s almost fascinating to watch characters, like this Frankie, engage in such nauseating behavior and yet insist that he is the most popular and loved person on earth! It completely defies logic! I just happen to think the conspiracy theories involving production, and terms like “evil” and “hate” are over the top and even (Dare I say?) Unnessesary.

      • Sorry Matt…thiught you were responding to this Jean. I certainly hope that nobody reads any of my “Frankie Rants” as hate. I certainly don’t see any sanity in bullying families or threats of violence on anyone. IMHO, it isn’t the people that are disliked, on reality shows like BB, but certain behavior or vile language that people find so infuriating

      • I don’t really hate anyone. It’s a wasted emotion that normally hurts the hater way more than it affects the one who is hated. What I dislike is the message that someone like Frankie Grande puts out. His gross and graphic referrals to anal sex are unnessesary to win this game and definately reach the level of gut-churning! If he was chosen to represent the gay segment of society, then that is completely ridiculous! I dislike sneaky predators who move in on a drunk at a party and subject them to boundry-crossing behavior. I dislike egotistical behavior accompanied with looking down on or putting down others. I dislike any selfish, self entitled attitude. I dont hate Frankie Grande. I dislike what he portrays and appears to stand for. I don’t know him in real life. I would, most likely, avoid someone like that in my everyday life. Much like avoiding a coiled up snake or something foul and disgusting like roadkill. This man/boy just happens to be a contestant on Big Brother, and I am a fan. Contestants like him are the reason, I believe, that vieweship is declining on the show. I believe that Big Brother was far more entertaining when the contestants were just average people subjected to the great social experiment that BB was meant to be. The show was fine before casting decided to stack the deck with outrageous people that come across so vile and appauling that I find myself missing the censorship of TV years past. Hate is a pretty strong word and an even stronger emotion. I’m not sure I could employ the word to a badly behaved TV show contestant who is destined to be forgotten.

      • Thank you jessalli. I appreciate it when people put themselves in somebody else’s shoes like you have. I agree that as a person Christine may not be well liked (and Aaryn was downright horrid in many ways) – but to boo them as if they just killed somebody is over the top. I actually thought Christine handled herself very well in the interview with Julie despite knowing that Cody could (and should) have thrown a vote her way. Not only that but Julie kept poking back at her with comments (and even hand gestures of fingers rubbing together) about her and Cody to which Christine decided not to comment on. Again, I’m not arguing Christine is ”ethical” or ”moral” but I do think she is human and no less ”evil” than most of us care to admit about ourselves… The hardships for her will be dealt with when she gets home to her hubby, it is not my place to add to it with any judgement of my own.

      • Sorry, Matt, but I don’t want to be in the category of being “no less evil than” Christine. I was raised that all people, poor, rich, black, white, yellow, homeless…all people deserve respect until they prove otherwise. I hope to never be as evil as Christine and I have no respect for the vicious nature, that in my opinion, she has shown. I’m not speaking about Cody at all. Her goodbye messages were unnecessarily cruel. She was disrespectful, rude, ill-mannered, and crude. Plus, as a woman, I would have gotten up and walked out of that appalling episode with Frankie and the boys about Victoria, after a few choice words showing my disgust. Instead, she joins in the laughter, even started the whole conversation. I’m not blaming it on her, but she initiated the convo. I couldn’t muster up an ounce of pity for her. She needed a dose of reality.

      • Oh don’t get me wrong, like I’ve said a thousand times, she’s not a likeable person, nor do I see her as a ”moral” person. I think where I stop short (but others don’t) is I don’t feel the need to identify her as an ”evil” person. There truly are evil people in the world — ISIS for example who reportedly behead children in front of their parents then wait for an hour for the parents to beg for death, then they kill them too… To put the same word of evil to both Christine and those who are evil in the world just seems like overkill in my mind. :)

      • See, for me, there are different degrees of immorality, but not different degrees of ”evil”. So it’s just how we use the word I guess…

      • I think her low morals were evident and her evil intent was evident They are two very different things in my opinion. I respect the opinion of anyone if it differs with mine, but I’m going to be stubborn when it comes to this one. Still love hearing from you, Matt.

      • I felt bad for Aaryn and Christine. I get it though I guess.. they CHOSE to go on TV and be watched 24/7. There are ppl that are racist everyday in America.(a lot more racist than telling an asian to shut up and go cook rice) & There are ppl that cheat on their spouses everyday in America (and I mean actually cheat not cuddle and hold hands like they’re in jr high) but those ppl are not choosing to do it in front of America.

  2. Since, they pressed the button, whoever are the nominees will be safe. Probably Cody and Victoria. Now, Cody knows for sure that Frankie will go after him. This is a reset which means Frankie can still play for HOH? If that is the case, he can win HOH again? It shows his cards pretty much and if he wins HOH again and this time it sticks, he has to put up Cody again. If Cody wins HOH then, you know Frankie will be the target. Looks like Cody or Frankie could be the next target for eviction. Papa Derrick still pretty comfy and eating some popcorn.

    • Since Frankie will be the outgoing HOH for the rewind, he shouldn’t be allowed to play in the next HOH. He’ll still have a chance in the POV. However, since the rewind button shows up in the very week that Derrick planned to get Frankie out, I fully expect CBS to change the rules and rewind to Derrick’s DE HOH. If they do that, Frankie gets to play in the HOH and Derrick doesn’t.

      • I don’t know how it worked. If it is a rewind, instead of a reset, it seems to me that it would basically be just a replay of last night’s HOH comp… which could mean Frankie plays, but Derrick can’t. I think if they’re going to do some kind of game changing twist like that, it would definitely be more fair to just reset the week and let everybody play.
        Although the idea of Frankie sitting it out wouldn’t bother me a bit.

      • They pushed the rewind button AFTER Frankie won the HOH comp. Maybe it will rewind to that moment. That would mean no HOH comp, just another nom, Veto comp and renom before eviction. I hope that’s not the case.

      • What I got from Julie last night was that if anybody pushed the button any time during the week, the whole week would be wiped out. But who knows. We never know what spin production will put on it since they didn’t exactly share all the details before the fact. They can do just about anything they want with it now.

      • Exactly my issues with it. Since we weren’t made privy to the rules, they can manipulate them to get their desired outcome. It’s frustrating as a viewer and I’m gonna whine.:(

      • I think they pressed it before even HOH started. Whether it is before or after, I think if they replay it, Frankie will still be playing for HOH. All it would have been a wasted week because no one got evicted, just as for once this season, it was getting more exciting. This twist is a big letdown. Would have rather seen one of these guys evicted this coming week.

      • It was afterwards, but Adam just reminded me on his post that Julie said that those on the block could become HOH on Wednesday. So, it doesn’t matter when it was pushed.

      • My thought too. HOH was already played. If it is a rewind to the time they pushed the button, HOH will stay.

      • Julie clarified what will happen in her EW interview. Matt was kind enough to let us know that she said all HGs would play in the rewind HOH comp.

      • Julie said in an interview that ALL houseguests will participate in the HOH competition. Frankie will lose his HOH and there will be new noms and POV. Basically anything that happens this week will not matter.

      • Okay..mif everyone will be playing for HOH, I’m assuming that means the out-going HOH (in this case, Derrick) has a shot of winning HOH. I am hoping for some completely random sort of comp that absolutely ANYONE could win. Might throw some excitement into the game, rather than the carved-in-stone, totally unanimous, evictions we have been enduring all season!

      • As much as I despise him, it would be unfair if Frankie were not allowed to play.

        Was Chima allowed to play in the HOH after Jeff used the Coup de tat? The rules may be the same since her HOH was completely void as Frankie’s would be.

      • If I can recall, she did. Michelle won HOH after Chima but her reign was cut short because of Chima’s expulsion.,

      • I looked on BB Wiki and All HG were allowed to play after jeff used the coup d’etat. I assume they will all play when the game is rewound.

        But there is no way to be sure bc noone is being evicted. so idk. I think Frankie def will. NOt sure about Derrick.

        Though noone was evicted when the game was reset in season 14 and all were able to complete. But this is not a reset. It’s a rewind.

      • That’s my issue with this whole thing. What are the rules and will production change them until they achieve their goal? I’m so not enthused, redroses.

      • The entire week gets voided. Therefore, Frankie can play in the HOH, because technically his HOH didn’t exist.

      • Well either Derrick or Frankie aren’t going to get to play in the rewind HOH comp. I’d rather it be Derrick, especially since Frankie will get almost this whole week as HOH.

      • Frankie will play, not sure about Derrick but I doubt he will play. And Frankie will not have almost this whole week as HOH as his week is voided

    • Would it not be a hoot if Production added this Rewind Twist, in order to have saved Frankie from a potential blindside this week .. and, it may have backfired because he won the HOH … Ha !!!!

      So, as of now, the Prettiest Girl on Big Brother 16 remains in the House ….
      Also, while watching the last bit of BBAD this morning, it was funny that Derrick & Co were telling Victoria that she has made it to the F5, as of now and is on the same level as Britney & The Brigade … and, Britney came back as an All Stars …
      Woohoo … If / When Victoria makes it to F2/F3 and possibly Win BB16, we may get a rewind of her on another Season of Best Players Eva !!!! … Ha !!!

      • Those boys are prob laughing their *sses off. They won’t be when she’s in F2 with Derrick. haha

      • Britney was chosen for All Stars (I assume) because the was a good competator. Victoria, herself, admits that she sucks at comps. While she is probably a nice girl and her existance in the game has garnered lots of discussion, her social game was nonexistant. I doubt, very much, that she will have earned a slot in any future All Stars season. At this point, I am praying there will be ANY seasons to come!! Here is hoping that the lousy job they have done in casting contestants and a series of lame “twists” haven’t cooked my favorite reality competition!

    • The nominees will be safe only until they are re-selected after the HOH rewind. Poor Frankie won’t be allowed to play and will be nominated then sent to the jury house in another unanimous vote.

      • I just commented below that they may not have another HOH comp … just another nom, POV, and possible renom, before eviction. They pushed the button after Frankie won HOH, so the game might rewind to that point in time.

    • When did they say the noms this week would be safe? Seems to me, if they are resetting the game back to the point where Frankie isnt HOH, then all of the HGs should go back to that point, as well. In fact, it would seem that Derrick would still be ineligable to play, since he is the out-going HOH. Am I mistaken?

  3. I just finished re-watching last night’s show just to make sure I didn’t miss it. For the first time this season the TV portion of the show shocked me. There was ZERO mention of Saturday’s incident! No disclaimer about CBS not having the same views; no apology from Julie to Victoria’s family; nothing about the HGs being scolded; nothing at all.

    Shame on you CBS!

    • Agree with you 100%. I said this yesterday, Frankie will not get booed when he exits if it is before F2, which I think he will for sure be in F2…here is my thought: CBS/RepublicRecords/ArianaGrande=$$$ for CBS…they don’t want to lose that money they make off of her album. Who knows what those contracts say for both of them.

      • I would think the sooner they get Frankie and his digusting behavior off the show, the sooner that public opinion of Frankie Grande will fade and, perhaps, not negatively affect album sales. However, I just watched an advertsment for Beats Audio, featuring her hot new release. This girl is very talented and seems to have a rocket-propelled career ahead of her. Compared to his sister, Frankie Grande is a non-event! Lots of very popular celebrities have losers who are related. I doubt, very seriously, that Frankie’s position in this game matters very much to anyone, except for Frankie. Just my two cents, though…

  4. Cody will not get booed because of his fling with Christine. He will get booed because he’s as dumb as rocks.

    • If that’s the case, then people like Shane and Danielle from season 14 should have been booed out of the building. They were a lot more “dumb” than he is.

      • To be fair with Shane and Danielle, they did made strategic moves that benefited their game or else they would have otherwise get sent packing. Shane and Danielle’s original groups were decimated to the point it was only them left.

        Shane’s only wrong move was trusting Dan too much when they were at the point where everyone in the Quack Pack should be turning against each other. Then again, the blindsides wouldn’t be as exciting as seeing his armpits sweat through his shirt during that fateful night.

        As for Danielle, she’s a comp beast compared to Victoria thus she at least has as much of a chance to win her season had Ian picked her over Dan. She would have probably had guaranteed votes from Dan, Shane, Ashley and Frank.

      • You know, in hindsight, I really enjoyed that season a lot. I wasn’t as big of a fan while it was going on, but there were a lot of memorable moments there.

      • And there were a lot of moves made and some really big players were taken out like Janelle and Mike. So at the very least we should give some credit for BB14 for a lot of power shifts that occurred then

  5. Wow, how full of himself is Frankie!? He thinks the booing was because Christine trash talked him and his sister? He is going to be unbearable to be around when the season is over and they all go back to reality.

    I’m not surprised at all that Frankie both the Veto and HOH afterwards. That’s the way this game works a lot – the person you had a chance to take out (two weeks in a row!) comes in to power and knocks you out! Thank goodness for the reset button!

    • Cody is going to be really pissed when he ends up on the block this week. I wonder if he’ll stop listening to Derrick at that point.

      • Good! He had two chances to put up Frankie, his fault for listening to Derrick and playing Derrick’s game. Donny tried to warn him and instead of using common sense, the “dumb kid” used his dislike of Donny run and tell his step-father, Derrick.

        Even though Frankie’s nomination is not going to count, hopefully, it will be a wake up call for Cody.

      • Pretty sure if Cody or Derrick were HoH they’d be targeting either Frankie or Caleb anyways. Same in reverse for Frankie or Caleb. The ONLY person that doesn’t know what to do is….tada….our favourite shop-a-holic Victoria who just doesn’t want to go home because she really enjoys all these free samples the store is giving out.

    • Frankie is so full of himself. I wish they would vote him out and he would see how many boos that he receives. He was shocked at all the cheers that Donny received, and I want him to see how much more Donny is liked than he is. I just wish that he would stop being so silly. He’s a grown man for goodness sake, and I wish that he would act like it.

      • He will no doubt try to blame editing, but the truth is he got a sweetheart edit until they couldn’t even do that because he’s such a douche.

    • Not unexpected, considering that likely most of the family/friends in the audience were Nicole’s and Victoria’s, since they both were on the block for the 1st eviction …
      And, as others have said, Production may be more stricter on the remaining live evictions …
      If I recall, last year, did they not have a few non-live audience evictions and only had staff and soundtracks for cheeringin the audience?? So, likely no real jeering for Frankie, should he ever be evicted from the House …

      • All the way from Florida and Wisconsin (or whatever state Nicole hails from)? Really? I sincerely doubt that the audience was stacked with the girll’s relatives. I was not surprised at the crowd’s reaction when Christine walked out of the house. In fact, I think a large part of me expected it. Other than Donnie and Nicole, this has not been a very well liked cast this year. Frankie and Christine were the stand outs for their abhorant behavior, so the reaction seemed to make sense. Perhaps CBS will see “ratings gold” on the night Frankie is headed for eviction and allow him to meet with the audience greeting he has so richly earned. One can hope, anyway….

  6. This week’s TA choices are horrible!

    A – Punish the non-TA HGs with no food for 24 hrs, while Frankie & Derrick get to eat. (More difficult mission, but grueling for the other 3 HGs.)

    B – Punish the non-TA HGs with no sleep for a night. (Too easy, since they stay up all night anyway.)

    I’m voting for None of the Above!

    • Exactly, why would America vote to give $5K more to Derrick and Frankie, and make the rest of the House suffer, while giving TA an unfair advantage?? Somehow, I suspect the results will be skewed by Production for “A” …
      Yeah, yeah,I know … I am not allowed to discuss Production … Ha !!! :)

      • I would love for A to be chosen and then for Frankie and Derrick to be caught eating. Also I really don’t think they could convince Caleb and Cody to fast for 24hours. The houseguest have to go along with fasting and if they chose then I guess they get what they deserve.

      • Considering how much they all hated being have nits, I doubt they would volunteer for any kind of fast. Besides, Frankie seems to only be interested in f iur sh. The HGs would smell it a mile away. We all know TA likes to take the easy way out. I imagine they will choose B. Would anyone be surprised? Wish I could make 5 grand that easily….

    • Vote for a. There is no way they can accomplish that. Its not convincing them to eat only slop, but nothing at all.

      • Not to mention Victoria snacks every morning. The girl eats sweets and then goes back to bed.

      • Oh yea! I just recalled that we actually get to vote. I was still stuck on their “Pick A Pathetic Misson” mission. I hate to deprive Derrick’s family of the extra cash, but I think it should actually be earned. Silly me!

    • Besides, they have lived an entire summer with an infestation of ants .. so, why would 1 measely rat / rodent be a big deal … Ha !!!
      Unless, they are referring to an HG, as being the Rat ?? Ha !!!

    • no vote for A, cause how in the world would the be able to pull that off??? so no 5K for them this week!!!!! vote for the one that is close to impossible for them to pull off!!

  7. Can they find a game that Victoria can win? Can’t be a beauty contest, Frankie would beat her; can’t be a make-up contest, Frankie again; Diva/Divo to the Death, Frankie again; Mirror Mirror (who can stare at themselves the longest), Frankie.

    I just want her to win at least one competition (for real, not one that is handed to her).

  8. Here’s the fault in Frankie’s apparent logic regarding Christine’s boos: NICOLE was trying to get him evicted the week he “came clean” AND was concerned about his sister’s fans hating her for it. And yet, she got cheered BOTH times she was evicted!! I’m sure he thought of that – just didn’t share it with the others. He’s a smart guy & doesn’t miss much. I can’t stand him by ANY means, but I do think he notices the audience reactions to EVERYTHING on Live show nights.

    • Not sure if he would connect those dots. After all, he only thinks of things that puts him in a good light and blames others that put him in a negative light.

  9. I wasn’t sad to see Christine leave. I don’t think she really contributed anything to the game besides her annoying laugh and nose picking. Sorry, might be a little harsh, but her constant negative talk about Donny and her “thing” with Cody was getting extremely annoying. She was extremely cold and awkward in her interview with Julie an didn’t come across well at all. Doesn’t surprise me that she acted like a total baby after the interview and wanted to go home instead of jury. Good Riddance!

    • Well, karma bit her real bad because she was already being warned by the other side and she didn’t listen.

      • I wonder if the audience who booed her in that mean fashion for her being so foolish will receive their karma.

      • The audience there were supposedly told to just either cheer or clap regardless of who was coming out. I guess production scold them after that interview.

    • She even admitted to Julie about her knowledge of the Boys Alliance …and, should have expected that the Girls were there targets … don’t forget she and Amber were added in to the BS by Devin, and Devin alone ….
      I do not see Frankie would ever, and I say ever, vote to have given his Jury vote to a woman this season, regardless on who would have made it to F1/F2 …

    • Frankie doesn’t understand something not revolving around him. I only hope that when he gets evicted, the audience gives him the same treatment. Of course, I’m sure he will blame America being homophobic, like he did with the stupid play idea, or them loving Donny so much because he got a good edit.

  10. Frankie wants cody out cause Frankie is a diva and does not want anybody else to outshine him, LOL!! with him putting up cody he will be pissed and when the ‘twist’ is revealed —–watch out Frankie!! here comes cody!!!

  11. The only thing more annoying/appalling than some of Christine’s choices, is that none of the other house-guests appeared of have ANY clue why she would get booed. Perhaps it is so different in the house that they couldn’t see why she was so disliked, but Frankie is going to cry when/if he leaves and gets boos as well.

    • He needs to cry, but who knows if it would even be real; he is an actor as we all know. I do not get pleasure out of someone being humiliated. But I would get a degree of satisfaction if he left with a reality check that hit him like a ton of bricks. It would not only be beneficial to him if he “got” it, but it could benefit anyone that had the chore of dealing with him in the future. Not that I believe he would change, but he needs to understand that sometimes in life there are consequences.

      • I agree, I don’t like seeing people that uncomfortable (I found it even difficult to watch Christine squirm with Julie) but that’s what they signed up for when they agreed to do this kind of reality show. In the beginning I liked Frankie, because I like people that have the balls to be who they are regardless of what anyone thinks, but he appears a little fake now. Maybe it’s the house, not my place to judge, but the denial going around is more than a little alarming.

      • I,too, liked him at first. I thought he was entertaining and enjoyed first. Not funny how things change.

      • When during an episode, you hear me say go Victoria, you know this season has been quite a ride! Some find this season boring, and maybe they are right, but I find it fascinating. So many different characters and everyone is changing almost week to week.

      • Regarding Victoria, I made the statement earlier that she is now a prime example for me to never say never, because I never thought I would root for her or that she would be the last girl in the house.

      • Totally agree, but she appears so clueless at times I hate to want her to win it all. Maybe its an act, but somehow I doubt it. Regardless she’s there, and likely will get far, but I hope she can wake up and use the position others put her in as a way to claim her place in the game.

      • I’m actually to the point that I don’t care who wins, as long as it isn’t Frankie. As bad as I just want it to be over, I’m still watching.

    • Perhaps, they will just tape the eviction episode if they are aware, in advance, that Frankie is on the Block and risk eviction …
      Which makes next Wednesday a crapshoot, with the Rewind Twist, etc … there is no guarantee on who would be up, so not sure what family/friends in the audience will be in attendance ??
      Regardless, more than likely they will now enforce the “Quiet” and, “No Booing Frankie” signs … Ha !!! :)

      It is kinda ironic, if Frankie would have just played the Game, without all his theatrics and BS … I believe that he would have put himself in a better place, as he has proven to be a strong player and a competition “beast” …
      It was also kinda funny in BBAD this morning (err, last night) that Frankie even went so far as telling the rest of the remaining HG’s how proud that he is with himself since Frankie’s Funeral, in that he has been playing the game without having to fake himself and that he wished he had played it from the “Get Go” !!!

      • I was watching that this morning (BBAD) and I just shook my head with a ‘poor kid’ look on my face. He really doesn’t know how he is perceived. He like that kid on the bus that picks his nose and flicks it at people and laughs at his actions like he’s the king of the world, when the rest of us want to throw him off the ride.

  12. For a smart cookie, Nicole sure got schooled in the Big House … continuing to not “zip it” as she even said about blabbing her game and thoughts to everyone, and trusting the same people who have continuously backstabbed her, and when asked by Julie as to who she thinks in the House is in charge, etc. she just responded in a puzzle clueless expression with “I dunno !! ” …
    I guess living and being in a small southern country town, she may have been sheltered a bit more, as compared to these other bigger city folks in the House ….

    • She’s not from the south. She’s from Ulby, MI over in the thumb region. She is however from a small town. And most likely grew up sheltered.

  13. Caleb is all over the place. DB Frankie. Then not keep Frankie. F3 deal with Cody, not get rid of Cody. I am surprised Derrick has not concluded its time to get rid of Caleb because he is too unpredictable. He is acting like Devin.

    As for Christine, she had time to clean up her act after Kathy Griffin and Zingbot. Instead she continued her behavior with Cody. She also heard from other House guests about how her actions with Cody could be perceived. She ignored that too. People booed her, so what? Consider the humiliation and embarrassment her husband was feeling watching her antics on live TV. She made her own situation just like Aaryn did last year.

  14. With everyone wondering what the ‘twist’ is going to be, I think Big Brother should at some point change the message on the countdown clock to say “you have one chance to undo the twist, but it must be done before the clock runs out” I wonder if Derrick or Victoria would sneak into the room and hit the button without telling anyone else.

  15. I remember hearing about kabala when Madonna joined. Never heard of it before that and it’s not often in the news. It struck me as some sort of celebrity fad….

    • Madonna joined nothing –Kabbalah is not a religion and she merely is educating herself on different areas of cultures and religions as she build schools for girls in Islamic countries. Kabbalah taken from the Torah is info of principals and teachings of all faiths. She studied the Kabbalah Jewish esoteric tradition described in the Torah.

      Kabbalah means to “receive.”

  16. Being the twist comes on Wednesday since BB is now on Tues and Wed instead of Wed and thurs. which is something the HG’s do not know that the days are changed which takes the clock to eviction day instead of veto day then that could mean who ever they evict may just be saved. So if the evict Victoria bells could ring and she is saved cause they pushed the button really messing up the game. Yes??

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