Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Who Won HoH Last Night? 08-28-2014

Following the latest eviction on Big Brother the Houseguests competed in the first endurance competition of the regular season. Now we know who won HoH last night and have a glimpse at what to expect in the coming week for nominations & targets.

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Julie Chen has the Big Brother spoilers – Source: CBS

It was not a big surprise to see Donny evicted though I’m sure many fans were disappointed, but with Nicole staying in the game we had a chance at a power shift. Did she pull it off or flop like she did in the boxing comp for HoH last week? Results below.

Big Brother 16 – Week 10 Head of Household:

Caleb is the new HoH for the week. Congrats to Caleb.

The competition lasted over two hours and was the slide & fill your bowl comp. I have a full rundown of the comp with details and pictures here.

As soon as Caleb won he dropped to the ground. Christine was just seconds behind Caleb and pulled her ball out just after he did. Frankie was in third place.

Derrick was the only player to go for the $5K prize and he was successful. That means he’ll get 5,000 “dollas” and we’ll all get 5,000 “hollas.” The “hollas” are loud shout outs to Derrick throughout the day, even when HGs are sleeping. These will go on all season thanks to viewers voting for that option over having Derrick wear t-shirts for the rest of the season as the punishment. They will continue until the season is over or Derrick is voted out.

Nominations are held on Fridays and should be official that evening so check in for those results. From initial whispers it sounds like Caleb will stick to nominating two girls.

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Keep watching your Live Feeds to find out who could be going up on the block. Are you excited with the Heads of Household this week? Share your thoughts!


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  1. Love how whiny frankenstein was wining and complaining about how loud the applause was for Donny on BBAD maybe he realizes he is not well liked as he thinks he is?

    • I don’t think he’s capable of understanding that. He’s such a star in his own mind that it will take being out of the house for him to know. How much more exciting the game would be if Nicole or Christine had won.

      • They voted him out AND THEY are still talking smack about him (Fankenstein and Crusty)

      • You’re a bad person. Isn’t there something of substance you can bring to the discussion?

        I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The more and more people criticize Frankie’s sexuality and not his gameplay the easier it is to defend him. There are plenty of things about Frankie’s personality that we can hate. Him being gay shouldn’t be one of them.

      • I don’t like Frankie cause he is a snake in the grass, The fact that he is “using ” being gay is what is distrubing me

      • are you referring to the cuddling? I’m not a fan of seeing it, but if the other guys in the house feel comfortable cuddling with another man then whatever. If he were a woman doing the same thing with the guys (unless she was a married one – Christine) .. You’d love every minute of it.

        PPl always use their sexuality in this game. Derrick even told Cody that that was a disadvantage that he had being a married man playing vs a single man.

      • What do you mean “using being gay”? I’m actually impressed with how he managed to integrate himself into such a macho male-dominated season.

      • I have to say this: I’ve been an actress for over 30 years…theatre people are different. I don’t like Frankie. Period. But the way he flirts, kisses, pets, and cuddles with the guys wouldn’t be happening if it really bothered any of them. I actually send out kudos to the guys in the house for not getting freaked out. This is 2014, and I would hope that people don’t view being gay the same way they did even 20 years ago. Saying that he’s “using being gay” isn’t worthy of you—and I don’t even know you. I don’t think you meant it the way it sounds.

      • The point of the game is to WIN they all lie to each other it’s a game what do you want the to do sit in a circle hold hands and sing Kumbaya????

      • I have brought the liveI feeds this year and I don’t even bother watching them. I was so bummed last night when Donny was evicted but excited for him to have a guest role in the Bold and the Beautiful. I am def going to vote for him as favorite player. It’s going to be priceless when the other guest lose American’s player. Is this the first time when an evicted player was told that a different show whats them to have a guest role in another show? I hope that Christine and Frankie are put up today and then next week both are gone. Christine is so stupid, why would you say those mean things to the people that are going to the jury? I thought she was a super fan. And I also hope that she gets a lot of bad feedback from her family and community with what she is doing with Cody. I know that it takes 2 to tango, but not when one of them are married. She is very disrespectful to her husband. Even if Cody is hugging her and stuff, fault. he doesn’t need to control himself she does Just saying.

      • He’s a “media mogul,” don’t you remember? Him and Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch.

      • Frankie Grande is a narcissistic jerk. Knowing that Nicole was a HN…she only had one hour to go last night until she could eat, so what does Frankie do…he cooks dinner for everyone before that hour was up. I blame them just as much for sitting down to eat it. I hate these people.

  2. Please, I hope Derrick and Cody convince the lil dummy,,,oops I meant Calob to put Frankie and Christine on the block. Make a big move now dammit

    • Word of advice: If you’re going to call someone a dummy you should at least learn how to spell their name.

      • Looked up how to spell “Caleb”? A pretty common name that’s just two syllables that we’ve been seeing 8+ times a day in the write-ups on this site every single day for the past two and a half months? Bet I didn’t.

      • is he the only one? He currently has the most HOH wins if you’re counting who stayed HOH and wasn’t dethroned. Caleb actually has a good resume. He’s been growing on me lately. I can’t believe I’m saying this. lol

  3. “HOPE” that won’t bite u n ur CUTE butt Cody?! Christine….SO tacky; CONGRATS 2 Donny & “SAVE” it Frankie/time 4 some BIG moves Caleb!!

  4. Frankie is so jealous of Donny that it’s funny. He says on BBAD that America must have been voting like crazy for mental comps to keep Donny in the game and America is obsessed with Donny. What a little green eyed monster

    • What none of the Nut Jobs in the House Realized>>>Donny will have the final say when it comes to the winner. All the people in the Jury house will Listen to Donny when it come to the vote at the end. I hope he gets to see what back stabbers the Other 2 team american Dips where. I see (Donny’s Jury)Voting for the underdog!!

    • OMG I love how jealous Frankie is. I literally think he walked into this house thinking because of who his sister is, that he was going to be the most loved player in the house. And now that he is realizing that it isn’t true, and that the favorite and most loved player is Donny, he just can not stand it! He doesn’t know how to take that. Maybe if his personality didn’t suck and he wasn’t a nasty, backstabbing liar, he would be liked by more people. He can chalk his way of acting up to the game all he wants, but I really believe that is how he is. If someone comes in and steals his spotlight (that he evidently feels like he should own) he feels intimidated, jealous, etc…and he will do whatever it takes to get that spotlight back on him. When he gets out of this house and realizes just how unliked he really is by the majority of America, maybe that will be enough of a wake up call.

  5. Notice that everybody got messages from their families but Frankie is the only one that can’t shut up about it. He keeps going on and on about his sister

  6. I hope Caleb puts up th HO F R A N K I E He has to go all he does is hang on all the other guys or whatever
    So sorry to see Donnie go no one else deserves the monet

  7. Wouldn’t the Greatest Twist of the Game, go like this???Donny gets invited to re-Enter the Big Brother House.(Voted By America) Now this would be the biggest Curb Ball of the Game. Team Donny!!!!

  8. Congrats to Caleb. Hopefully he nominate Frankie, we all know Nicole will be on the block. I hope she wins POV and he is forced to put up Christine, though he may put up Victoria.

    I see Frankie snuggling up to Caleb and Caleb may eat it up with hopes of meeting celebs.

    • Frankie won the veto last week and saved Caleb by pulling him off the block, but no, they think “snuggling” is all Frankie is doing to remain in Caleb’s good graces. It’s amazing what people on this site choose to acknowledge or not. Listen, I get it. I don’t like Frankie either, but we don’t have to lie about him in order to get our frustration out. There’s plenty of true things we can make fun of.

      • i agree. and if anyone has read any of my comments you know that I cannot stand this guy!! Also not a fan of ppl talking about his sexual orientation. There are enough reasons to dislike him without bringing that into it.

        with all that said, Frankie actually is playing a decent game at this point. He was the # 1 target a few weeks ago and was able to get back in good graces with most of the HG. I wish that Cody would have taken him out while they had the opportunity. I feel that he will weasel his way to the end now.

      • That’s EXACTLY how I feel, jessalli. I feel like the atmosphere for Frankie with 99% of the commenters is so delusionally negative that I have to play devil’s advocate and actually end up having to defend someone I don’t particularly like. There’s so much misinformation going on that whenever someone sees something negative about Frankie they just automatically upvote it and it starts snowballing and snowballing more and more until fiction becomes fact.

        I will say, though, that I truly believe the fact that Frankie is gay isn’t why the majority of the people hate him. I think it’s his personality that really grinds on peoples’ gears. Fortunately, people like bella are few and far in between. But that still doesn’t change the fact that people look at his game irrationally because they hate him so much.

      • I can’t stand him as in I think he’s a vile human being inside and outside the house. I think he is playing a good game, however, he could still be playing a good game without being sooooo nasty. I was very upset with how he treated Zach, but his attitude toward Donny is the most unsettling to me. That DR session that we saw on Wednesday’s show really got to me.

        I base this all on things I have seen myself on BBAD, live feeds, or the show.

      • I know! The guy literally was putting on makeup in the diary room and couldn’t be bothered to even look at the camera while he effectively killed Donny’s last plea to stay in the game. There’s so much about this guy’s personality to hate and we still have people bashing on the fact that he is gay? Come on, people, don’t let him off that easy! Get him on something he can at least control!

      • Unfortunately you are correct. Everyone in this house is delusional if they actually think Frankie is an ally to them. The first chance he gets to backstab someone, he will take it. I get that is the game, but he is just a nasty person who lives in his sister’s shadow.

      • Well that’s a little unfair. Frankie seems loyal to Caleb. As for whether he’ll backstab someone if he gets the chance, isn’t that true with any of the houseguests? I mean there are 7 people left and only 2 spots in the finale, (and let’s face it, one of which is reserved for Victoria) so aren’t they all going to have to backstab each other?

        I can’t wait! Divvy out the knives already! Don’t be shy, people!

  9. well it’s a good thing it was blocked out in are area, not shown live in area because of preseason football! that goes to show how boring this season has been when you get more people wanting to watch preseason football ! hint CBS who need to change things up ,so one group of people don’t control house all season long

    • Big Brother being preempted in certain areas for football has been in the works for almost a year now. It has nothing to do with how good or bad the game has been. Also, Sunday’s episode was the highest rated episode of the season so far, so that’s completely irrational.

      I never thought I’d see the day where so many people were openly endorsing production interference. What a shame.

      • I keep going back and forth on this bc I believe in no outside interference. do you think that a pandora’s box or extra veto would be manipulation by production? They have done these before and can’t 100% determine who wins. Unless it’s a popular vote which HG know is possible going in.

      • With a Pandora’s Box or a coup d’etat they do have control who it goes to. Pandora’s Box is for the HoH to benefit from. Production can choose which HoH they want to reward. And we all know the coup d’etat couldn’t be more personalized even if it was inscribed with the houseguest’s name on it.

        I believe in no production interference. Whether it benefits my personal favorites or not.

      • I just believe that being well liked is beneficial & that HG should know that. I always say that if I went in the house my main alliance would be the DR/America. In hopes that ppl would like me and when my back was against the wall that ppl would vote for me to have some advantage like that. I also would not vote with the house every week. (had to add that) I prob wouldn’t last long. lol

      • Hah! Well then for your sake I very much hope you make it into the house one day. Just make sure to not cheese the camera too much. We can see through that.

      • Just curious, do you watch Big Brother Canada? It’s the same rules of Big Brother but about once a season the audience does something that directly influences the game, like choosing who to nominate for one week during last season or who to vote back into the house on the first season. That goes along with what you were saying about houseguests being rewarded for being liked. If you haven’t watched them I HIGHLY recommend them. They’re great and you can find them for free if you search hard enough.

      • I’ve tried searching, but haven’t had any luck. So many ppl speak highly of BB Canada on here. I want to watch so bad.

      • You can watch them on the slice website. There are “ways” to trick the site into thinking you’re canadian if you look on google. The hola! app for google chrome is a good place to start. Be sure to watch season 1 before season 2!

  10. How about Christine with now she won’t have to put up with Donny in the morning when she gets up cause according to her she is usually the first up Donny doesn’t count I guess. Donny was the one that had to put up with the rest of them

    • If she was the first one up, why didn’t she do something like try and clean the house? They are so sloppy. I do now see why she is over joyed with the attention that Cody is giving her. Her husband is one ugly dude, and they would certainly have ugly rat looking children.
      A lot of guys wear earrings but what were those things on her husband’s ears.

      • It not nice 2 judge people by their looks n u don’t have 2 write mean things! This is just a game

      • True but you do have to admit that Christine is no model either. She’s pretty fugly.
        On another note Arianna Grande is so hot. If I was in the house I would be rimming Frankie for a shot a meeting her.

      • He seems like a really sweet guy to me and way more level headed than many husbands would be at this point even if Christine doesn’t deserve it. Do you judge people solely on looks alone? If so, I feel sorry for you because you are missing out on some wonderful people of substance out there…

    • Christine may not have to “put up” with Donny…but, we still have to put up with her. I’m just so sorry the women in the game became whimps from the beginning…the had ONE that was trying to get them fired up…that was blue hair. I can’t remember her name. But, the weak little women abandoned her for the “men”…. Brother. they wasted their season.

  11. I don’t ever remember in past seasons BB showing videos of family members. I thought it was so touching until Frankies family came on. That’s when it bothered me. What was the motive for that? Also, Caleb will never put Frankie on the block. That would ruin Calebs chances of stardom. Cody (and Derrick) blew their chances of getting Frankie out. It’s going to bite them on the butt.

    • “I thought it was so touching until Frankie’s family came on. That’s when it bothered me.”

      This seems a little unfair, don’t you think? I don’t like Frankie either, but come on…

      • What I meant was that he being related to a famous person was pushed to the forefront yet again which may sway some houseguests who are starstruck. Why not show just his mother and grandmother?

      • Oh, I see your point. You’re right, I can’t remember them doing anything like this from recent seasons. We’d be naive to assume it was for anything but Ariana Grande, but I thought it was nice to see Donny’s family and Derrick’s little girl. It was also interesting to see Christine’s husband telling her he loves her. I’m sure she was relieved! I’m sure Ariana Grande was a huge reason why they did it, but there was still value in the other videos to warrant the segment on the live show. Just my two cents.

      • I totally agree with you. I loved seeing their families and the houseguests getting emotional. Showing the families was such a nice gift to them and felt so genuine until Ariannas face appeared and then I got suspicious. On the live feeds, BB fans are saying that Frankie keeps bringing it up. He also mentioned to Caleb that maybe he could sing a duet with Arianna. I think having someone in the house related to someone that big gives that houseguest more of an advantage. Caleb wants to be a country singer/actor. He sees Frankie as his key to the big-time.

      • That’s an interesting theory. We’ll never know how much of an influence being the sibling of a celebrity has on the actual game. Frankie saving Caleb with the veto last week and pulling him off the block makes me think Caleb wouldn’t go after Frankie this week anyway, but who knows?

      • True, Caleb is loyal also. He won’t put Frankie up. But I remember how he was done with Frankie and how angry he was with Frankie and wouldn’t help him play the Battle of the Block. Caleb ended up forgiving him after Frankie told them who he was related to. Now they are closer than ever. That’s also when I stopped cheering for Frankie. I lost respect for him when he divulged his secret of who his sister was. I wanted him to play the game on his own merit. It would have been interesting to see how things played out if Frankie never told them. A comment was made after Frankie told his secret by Nicole(I think). It was something regarding how should they act and how should they go about treating Frankie now since he is related to a famous person. Derrick did tell her to treat him like they always have. It’s an unfair advantage.

      • All excellent points. I think it’s easier for the sake of our own sanity if we break up the game into segments. The beginning was Frankie and Caleb all the way. Then Caleb found out Frankie threw him under the bus and he wanted him out. Then they made up and Frankie saved him with the veto so they’re back together again. The game goes on and things change constantly. I think it’s safe to say that Caleb will try and protect Frankie and the same can be said the other way around since Frankie already proved that last week.

      • If they are starstruck then that’s their own stupidity. If he is close with his sister then he deserved a message from her just as much as everyone else did their families.
        By the way, I always look up as much stuff as i can find about the cast when they are first released & so i watched a few of frankie’s videos and his sis is in most of them bc they are BEST friends. As most ppl are with their siblings. I know I am.

    • They did it because Ariana’s album dropped on Tuesday and they are pushing her every way they can. Gotta hand it to her people, they got her name out there. Don’t think they realized the doucebag Frankie is and that she is now associated with all the negativity towards him but they definitely got her name out there…lol.

    • I am disappointed at the two faces of Derrick and Frankie what goes around comes around it’s going to be pay back . And as for that chicken face Christine suppose to be a Christians she is a andulteress and a teaser !! She is going to answer to God just to get the money . I hope she is the next one to get kicked off !! Have a bless day !!!

      • What an equally awful and comically ironic thing to say, Rose.

        And by the way, as for your “what goes around comes around” quip, Derrick is probably going to win the game, which means the people you say are going to “pay him back” are literally going to vote for him to win half a million dollars. So I’m not sure if karma is the right statement here. If anything it’s anti-karma.

      • One of the best players in the game was a Christian and swore on the Bible and no one cared.

      • lol, she upvoted her own botched fracture of a post.

        And you forget, jessalli, that Dan wasn’t “chicken faced” so he can get away with it, silly! And remember, only Christians that pass Rose’s personal ‘Christian Test’ count!

      • How do you know she upvoted herself or are you assuming cause you don’t think anyone else would have upvoted a partial post I don’t think anyone would either but who knows someone could have

      • When you hover over the upvote symbol it tells you who upvoted it. It says she upvoted it.

  12. This is the biggest group of whiny spoiled children you guys have ever had … One physical competition and they are all complaining! Where’s Janelle ???? I have been waiting for some physical comps and now looks like they are all hurting so that’s out!!!! What a let down….Christine must go!

  13. it’s funny how players fall for the same ole tricks every show. I see no way Frankenfurter can possibly win.

      • I’m a college graduate , i am gay and how am i a racist lol ur such a silly girl. Frankenfurter will not have the votes to win , duh

      • Haha awesome response!! Maybe next time they will think before they open there big mouth! LOL and I agree. Frankie may luck up and make it to the end, but I dont see him having the votes. He has pissed of to many of the jurors.

      • Haha awesome response!! Maybe next time they will think before they open there big mouth! LOL and I agree. Frankie may luck up and make it to the end, but I dont see him having the votes. He has pissed off to many of the jurors.

  14. CBS must have big plans for Frankie–he gets more ait time than others, especially DR time. Also, why would the straight guys continually allow him to sleep in the HOH bed with them? Has Frankie ever been a have not? It bothers me that he expects others to volunteer for distasteful (pun not intended—well, maybe) tasks.

    • There is supposed to be spin off show with Frankie as the star. I’ll watch him more if there is any chance at seeing Arianna Grande nude.

    • In Frankie’s dream. CBS watches and see what kind of self absorbed, selfish scum he is…. Donny has already got more offers than that freak will ever get… He will be sent home in a straight jacket……lol

  15. I cannot stand Frankie he needs to go, this season is so boring and predictable Big Brother needs to change up the comps so the HG wont know what to expect from week to week, and they need to make big moves and shake things up because this season literally sucks (but I still watch it because I am an addict haha)

  16. Yeah, I agree. This season really sucked. BB needs to come up with some new ideas ( good ideas, not the garbage they have come up with) to give everyone a fighting chance when a group gets together and starts knocking out players who are interesting.

  17. The only reason CBS is keeping Fakie safe is because of his “grande” followers, more followers= ratings. Plus they probably gave a donation “bribe” That guy is a loser hiding in the shadow of his sister. He is a wannabe that is nothing more than a mooching SOB. Poor Donny…Wait till Donny is voted AM Fave. Then will see Fakie’s true colors…Jealousy.

  18. Christine’s Husband OMG GROSS…How old is he? NO wonder she flirts with Cody!! From canned spam to steak.

  19. I am so glad that America voted down TA attempt at the play. I think Frankie was shocked that his play wasn’t a huge success. After seeing Christine’s husband??? I don’t understand why Cody would even want to touch her. She is bizarre and so is her husband. She must be GREAT in bed and Cody must put a bag over her head at night. Cody sure is thinking with the brain between his legs.

  20. All I want to see is that back stabbing married flirt Christine go…what she did to her best friend in the house, Nicole was messed up..I was hoping Nicole would have won so she could have pulled the knife out of her back that Christine put in it and give it back!!!

  21. Also no doubt in my mind that my main man Donnie will win America’s favorite. .I was so upset when he went home, he is the sweetest guy happy he got a guest spot on bold and beautiful. .who knows maybe he can get a reality show..I would definitely watch!!! Now he was alone and played a better game THAN ANYONE in that house…Derrick I suppose has a good social game..I bet he makes it to the end!!!

  22. I wouldn’t say no one cared – his 1st BB Dan was my favorite player but his 2nd BB I despised him for swearing an oath on the bible & then lying over & over again

  23. Ok so everyone is pissed at Frankie but EXCUSE ME he has been the only one besides Nicole to try and do anything big in the house everyone complains that this season is boring it is but at least those two have made moves. Do you not remember Cody saying if he dident make a move his brother would call him a byatch?? We’ll he is. NONE of the of the house guests left have done chit. I would rather let Frankie or Nicole who have actually TRIED to stir the pot win the the rest of the floater idiots

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