‘Big Brother 16’ Spoilers: Week 10 HoH Endurance Competition Results

Here we go! It’s time for a new Big Brother 16 Endurance HoH Competition! We just saw tonight’s eviction play out so it’s time to crown a new Head of Household in tonight’s comp!

Big Brother 16 - Week 10 Endurance competition
Big Brother 16 – Week 10 Endurance competition – Source: CBS

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Big Brother 16 Week 10 HoH Endurance Comp Results:

  • 6:50 PM BBT – HGs preparing for the endurance comp
  • 6:53 PM BBT – Nicole is going for the HoH bowl, not the $5K bowl
  • 7:01 PM BBT – Live Feeds return! That was FAST. Thanks, CBS.

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  • 7:05 PM BBT – Lots of falling & flailing. Caleb doing very well.
  • 7:07 PM BBT – Hard to see who is ahead at this early stage.
  • 7:10 PM BBT – Caleb might have a little lead. Nicole is very steady.
  • 7:13 PM BBT – No one is going for the $5K bowl
  • 7:16 PM BBT – Victoria had to get a new scoop after dropping hers
  • 7:20 PM BBT – Looks like Frankie might have the lead. Long way to go.
  • 7:25 PM BBT – Caleb is not far behind Frankie.
  • 7:30 PM BBT – Hang on there. Christine is going strong too.

  • 7:35 PM BBT – Cody says Caleb, Frankie, & Christine are in the lead
  • 7:40 PM BBT – Long way to go. All still after HoH bowl.
  • 7:42 PM BBT – Derrick continues to fall a LOT
  • 7:48 PM BBT – Derrick is going for the cash now
  • 7:53 PM BBT – HGs mostly quiet as they continue to race
  • 7:57 PM BBT – Nicole wipes out HARD, but tells her mom she’s okay
  • 8:02 PM BBT – Nicole takes another big fall, but is making good progress
  • 8:06 PM BBT – Few mins of Fish as production checks in with the HGs
  • 8:10 PM BBT – Victoria has no chance of winning, but still going for HoH bowl
  • 8:15 PM BBT – Derrick is falling a lot, a lot but keeps going for the cash
  • 8:20 PM BBT – Feeds cut for a moment & Derrick received proper size shoes
  • 8:22 PM BBT – Nicole hit her 10K steps on her FitBit
  • 8:25 PM BBT – We haven’t had a good view to compare in a bit. Grrr.
  • 8:28 PM BBT – Frankie has a solid lead over Nicole
  • 8:30 PM BBT – Christine is making good progress too, but Caleb may be leading
  • 8:35 PM BBT – Frankie says his fingers have turned blue
  • 8:38 PM BBT – Caleb & Christine are really close
  • 8:40 PM BBT – Nicole & Frankie are close. Frankie a bit ahead of her
  • 8:45 PM BBT – Derrick is getting close to the $5K, but he better hurry
  • 8:50 PM BBT – It’s very close, but Christine may have a slight lead
  • 8:53 PM BBT – Christine is leading, but it’s whoever can reach the ball
  • 8:57 PM BBT – Caleb says he’s getting close & Feeds cut for a moment
  • 9:00 PM BBT – Derrick is nearing the $5K but wants to know if he can grab it
  • 9:03 PM BBT – Derrick wants to know if he can reach in & grab, but BB won’t say
  • 9:05 PM BBT – Frankie tells Derrick to grab the ball. Feeds cut for a moment.
  • 9:07 PM BBT – Derrick won the $5K + “hollas.”
  • 9:08 PM BBT – Derrick is done & sits out. He volunteers to be a HN.
  • 9:15 PM BBT – Christine is getting close, just ahead of Frankie. Can’t see Caleb’s.
  • 9:20 PM BBT – We finally see Caleb’s & he is way ahead. This is his to lose.
  • 9:22 PM BBT – Caleb reaches for it, but can’t get the ball. Goes back for more.
  • 9:23 PM BBT – Caleb has it! He is the new HoH! Congrats.

Nominations are coming up on Friday. Will Caleb take a swing at Frankie or stick to the plan and get out Nicole? Considering all his talk of wanting to keep the alliance together until F5 it’s unlikely we’ll see a surprise move from Caleb. Then again, the next eviction is a long, long ways away.

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What do you think of tonight’s Big Brother 16 HoH results?


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  1. Only Hope Nicole Wins. If not and she gets into the Jury House I am not watching it. . unless something interesting happens. Still hoping for DPOV (if she wins HOH) No one else should get DPOV

    • Every season there’s comments like this. Essentially “If I don’t get my way I won’t watch”. It’s a game/reality show in which the nature is there can only be one winner, and thus right from the beginning, the percentages that your favourite player or even 2-3 favourites winning the game, are low. I’m not trying to criticize or be rude, but this is a fairly immature way to look at it. My favourite was Zach, he left and didn’t win his way back in. I’m still watching.

  2. Nicoles game is done… as much as I want her to win there is a double eviction next, so if she wins HOH she cant play on next one. she has to win and make some good deals.

  3. Well i think big brother cheated that week Hayden went home after joacosta double eviction caleb was on block with Victoria they couldn’t have precipitated in the hoh because of the no hoh punishment Hayden shouldn’t have been evicted

  4. This is likely to be an unpopular post, but can we please dispense with all the “If so and so leaves, I’m done watching this show”? CBS isn’t likely to read your comments, nor are they likely to give a hoot even IF they do. It’s rare that the most beloved contestant ever wins — it’s the same every single year. It’s time to get over it and just simply enjoy watching the rest of the season play out.

    • I think the biggest issue is that the remaining contestants, sans Nicole, are a million times less likable than the final two of Survivor: Thailand, and the fact that production interfered to make it easier for Frankie to stay and they won’t do it for an actual, popular player.

      • I was curious about that myself — I don’t care for production interference (as I stated above) but admit I am a bit confused as to how production has exactly helped Frankie…

      • Remember the comp that Frankie won by himself when conveniently was easier to win by oneself, they took much longer than usual to set up that comp which was pretty cheap in design compared to others and they wouldn’t allow Caleb to participate when he wanted to come back in.

      • I can’t recall which comp it is you are speaking of and you don’t say if it was a POV or HOH comp — but I really do think it’s a crap-shoot; let’s say — just for sh!%# and giggles — that production really wants a certain player to have an advantage for ratings sake, there is truly NO guarantee that said player would even win. It’s hard to say what strengths and weaknesses a player will even possess once a competition gets on its way. Again, it’s a crap-shoot and I think would be a big waste of production’s time and energy. Now, to literally HAND a player the Diamond Power of Veto, that would be a different matter and quite hard to argue.

      • I never said it was a shoe-in, I said easier, also it was the BotB comp (the football one), also the fact that they wouldn’t allow Caleb to participate after he just sat to not help Frankie. Frankie is easily production’s favorite as he constantly sings and production doesn’t tell him to stop, he’s the only person who hasn’t had an episode without a DR.

      • Regardless, I think you’re stretching a bit — besides, from everything I read, see, watch, hear… Frankie isn’t exactly ANYONE’s favorite anything anymore. Donny and Nicole seem to be the golden children this season (*see also America’s favorite) and Nicole came back in from the jury house on a competition she won by what seemed to be a bit of skill generously peppered with some pure luck, certainly NOT by any manipulative design. When you have an alliance as big as “The Detonator’s”, things are naturally more likely to go their way.
        Yes, if I had my way, Donny would indeed still be in the house…however, that’s not the case and I’m not going to cry foul over it.

      • He’s production’s favorite, because they most likely believe that he could bring good ratings because of his sister’s followers. But, that whole week was a gray area, especially with the comp, it was most likely just correlation rather than causation, but the Caleb scenario is just odd because there isn’t any precedent to compare to, and we don’t have direct access to the rule book. I’m sure there’s some true towards the middle.

      • I liked Frankie in the beginning quite a bit but his popularity seems to have taken a tumble…I would think production knows this, but…who knows. Again, I would hate to see interference from production for ANYONE, even someone I would love to see win. After last season’s horrid casting fiasco, I would like to think production would just be grateful to not have any bigotry in the house and leave well enough alone.

      • I can see your point, but let’s face it without it BB11 could’ve ended with a final of Chima/Jessie, or in BB 13 Adam/Porsche. It did mark down BB8 though with Dick basically given another week to wreak havoc.

      • Ahhhh, memories! Evel Dick gets to wreak havoc in a new house this year; he’s going to be on the upcoming season of ‘Couples Therapy’ on VH1.

      • No, but wouldn’t that be awesome if it WERE Danielle? Those two, I would ASSUME (but you know where that’ll get me!), likely still need to bridge that gap between them. What an awesome concept: father and daughter in couples therapy. Alas, Wikipedia states that he is entering season five of ‘Couples Therapy’ with someone named Stephanie Rogness- FIscher. That season begins on Wednesday Sept. 10th on VH1.

      • I don’t think Production understands that America is made up of more than 12-13 year olds. His sister is a little girl. He is a media whore and loves the attention and production is feeding into that. I guess when you have a show that is like watching paint dry any distraction is better.

      • Don’t think so. That was a BOTB comp. It was very difficult to win. Caleb sitting up actually helped Frankie. That’s also the week they went to the NFL camp. The BOTB comp was football themed and that had to be planned before the game even started. I’m not a Frankie fan, but I don’t think production helped him on this one.

      • They helped him by not allowing Caleb to participate in the competition after he decided to try to let Frankie fend for himself, I don’t believe there was any rule in the matter, therefore Caleb should’ve been allowed to participate as much or little as he pleased.

      • If you’re talking about Caleb not being able to participate, the house guests talked about it after the fact. If you’re talking about the rules, it’s just a hypothesis, but we can’t be sure because there wasn’t a precedent and we don’t have actual access to the rule book.

      • Well, I think if you decide to sit out a comp in the beginning, you shouldn’t be allowed back in.

      • I can see your point, the whole situation was just an odd gray area that should’ve been shown or elaborated on by the producers. I don’t believe there are any rules or else I think the house guests would’ve brought it up, but it is what it is, I don’t believe Frankie can beat anyone not named Victoria anymore.

      • I think prod makes up some rules as they go. They are trying to make this show interesting, but epic fail so far.

      • Absolutely a set up. No way he won that alone. Frankie was also heard telling house guests last week that DR told him he would win veto and guess what, he did.

      • I will say that I don’t care much for interference by production whether it goes my way or not.

      • To be fair production clearly tried to get Donny saved too; it just didn’t work as well, because he waited too long to start playing a social game.

    • I’m pretty sure this is a public forum. Therefore, anyone has the right to post at their own will. Your comment is unnecessary. Thanks!

      • The fact that she said its a public forum and anyone can post on it then in the same sentence says Jo’s comment is unnecessary

      • yeah im not taking sides im just saying that she is right he didnt need to go out of the way to be mean like that it’s like looking for drama. im not saying anything bad im just saying they both has points to what they said so this is all very childish on BOTH sides.

      • First of all, “he” is a she thank you very much. Second of all, IF I had singled out Tiffany and had called her out by name in my original post, then, yes, I can see her feeling as if she’d been personally attacked.
        However, there was more than one person on here crying “boycott” should their favorite house guest go home.
        My comment of “get over it” is what I would hardly call vitriol.
        I think you and Tiffany both need the same medication.
        See? Now THAT’S mean. Get the difference now?

      • Here is my original post. If you can show me where I supposedly singled Tiffany out, I’ll apologize (not really, but here it is just the same): This is likely to be an unpopular post, but can we please dispense with all the “If so and so leaves, I’m done watching this show”? CBS isn’t likely to read your comments, nor are they likely to give a hoot even IF they do. It’s rare that the most beloved contestant ever wins — it’s the same every single year. It’s time to get over it and just simply enjoy watching the rest of the season play out.

      • Good grief. Just trying to bring a little levity and silliness into this situation (it was only belated because I just saw the “childish” comment).

      • wow that’s so immature lol good for you as long as you feel better. all i said was i think you were both being childish. so maybe you should get over it. nobody wants this drama.

      • Apparently no one here is a Daniel Tosh fan as some of you CLEARLY didn’t get my “Nana-nana-boo-boo…” Tosh.0 reference but instead went on the attack. What a shame.
        I’m, personally, finished.
        Wishing you ALL a peaceful and blessed night.

      • You have to do a refresh. With those that post as guest, the name doesn’t always shows as the right one until you refresh the page.

      • You have to do a refresh. With those that post as guest, the name doesn’t always shows as the right one until you refresh the page.

      • Apparently no one here is a Daniel Tosh fan as some of you CLEARLY didn’t get my “Nana-nana-boo-boo…” Tosh.0 reference but instead went on the attack. What a shame.
        I’m, personally, finished.
        Wishing you ALL a peaceful and blessed night.

      • Nothing I said was ill-tempered? I was simply saying that I’ll be really upset if Nicole leaves. You unnecessarily went out of your way to place a personal attack.

      • A personal attack!? Did I mention you by name? Did I say; “Tiffany, you’re — quote/unquote — ill-tempered”? Did I say “Tiffany” ANYWHERE in my original post? Were you singled out!? I simply stated in general to “get over it”. I suggest you do.

    • If I stuck it out last year, I can certainly finish this year even if things aren’t going my way.

    • Oh, let people whine and moan that they’re going to quit watching. Then the next time they post to complain about something else on the show, laugh your butt off at them. :D

    • +1 Jo!!! Most the people who say this clearly don’t understand the premise of the show because if they did, they’d know how assine it is to stop watching just because one of your favorites leave. Don’t let the door hit ya on the way out ya big babies!!

  5. I’m rooting for Derrick to win, not because I love Derrick or anything, it just amuses me to see everyone throw a temper tantrum about a game.

    • Nicole is not going fast enough, but she seems to have found a groove, she’s catching up a bit. Caleb, Frankie and Derrick are ahead.

      • I hope Frankie wins and puts up Derrick and Cody. I guess I’m dreaming in colour!!! I switched camp since Frankie really tried to save Donny. Derrick’s goodbye message saying he tried to save him. What a f..ing liar. At this point, I hope he gets F2 with Victoria and she wins the 500K.

      • Gotta. Be. Kidding.

        You agree so heavily with wanting Victoria to win? To get $500,000? Discussion ends there. That’s incomprehensible if you’re any kind of fan of this game. Derrick actually did make an attempt to save Donny, it’s just arguable how hard he tried, and fair to say he didn’t try hard at all aka gave up on it too quickly. Donny sunk his own ship when Derrick spoke with him one-on-one and Donny basically gave him the cold shoulder.

        Complete bias, from both of you, philly cat and Denise. Switch to Frankie’s camp only after he tries to save Donny. Mad at Derrick and want him on the block because you feel his goodbye message to Donny was a lie. Gee, I wonder who your favourite player is, or at least one of your favourites. Wanting Victoria to win the game when she’s so mind-blowingly undeserving is just a joke, especially over a very-deserving Derrick, just because you don’t like him.

        I guess you both would be bad jurors, maybe pull a Jen from season 14 and not vote for Dan, “just because”.

  6. honestly better for nicole not to win this hoh because of the double hoh plus i feel this will be the week were detonators turn on one another

  7. like if christine wins that isnt that bad, like she may put up nicole but itll be a waste to send her home like shes one and a number, i hope frankie leaves. like nicole needs the double eviction win

  8. I don’t want Nicole to win. Before you tar and feather me think. If she can win POV (if she’s put up) she’s safe. Next week is a dbl evict. She won’t be able to play in HOH if she wins this one. Which means they would get her out 2nd next Thur.

    • Hmm, yeah, good point. It’ll be better for her to try for that DE HOH. Besides, from what I saw on the feeds earlier, Christine might be looking at a bigger fish to fry, so it’d be better if she won this week.

      • Another point would be is if she won veto instead, she would force the detonators to draw a line in their team. Where as if she was HOH they would just go majority vote come eviction time.

  9. Victoria should try for the 5K because the running for HOH is between Caleb, Frankie, Christine and Nicole. (PLEASE NICOLE) well at least Victoria is trying something. . about time too.

  10. you know Frankenstein will get hoh ,its rigged for him,im so sick of victoriless and bristine ,if I see one more Frankenstein outlandish episodes im going to puke

    • Fine, let him get it. That only makes him even more vulnerable during the DE next week, when he can’t play in the HOH.

    • Fair question. Wondering if he requested new shoes simply because this is a long, drawn-out endurance comp; perhaps his “dogs were barking” and he thought a bigger size might be less painful…

  11. If Caleb wins, which is looking like a good possibility right now, do you think he’s got it in him to back door one of his bro’s this week? I know he’s told Cody and Derrick he wants to go to the Final 3 with them over Frankie. Would he pull the trigger this week? Or play it safe and target one of the females?

  12. Production helped Frankie by casting a bunch of fruit loop dinguses who have no game skills. 10 of em together had one thing going for them; a lame duck dynasty wannabe beard.

  13. I wonder if whoever wins hoh if it isn’t nicole will realize they don’t need to check with anyone ( by that I mean Derrick ) about who they nominate

  14. Caleb’s giving himself a pep talk – sounds like he’s picturing his drill sergeant, lol.

  15. Derrick just suffered another bad fall and called his sister out for probably laughing at him.

  16. Derrick just suffered another bad fall and called his sister out for probably laughing at him.

  17. Frankie’s limping, Derrick tells Cody that he landed on his mic pack during the last fall.

  18. Caleb’s in the lead, but Christine’s pretty close behind. This could come down to who has the longer fingers.

  19. So now Nicole will go up and have to win POV and hopefully win HOH on double eviction night….otherwise, she is gone.

  20. I won’t be surprised if Caleb considers Frankie for a backdoor. Nicole is alone, they could just as well continue wanting to keep her there for that reason. Christine or Victoria along with Nicole will be the initial nominations I think.

      • Derrick didn’t make Cody budge to want Nicole gone over Donny, despite reminding him of valid points like Nicole having been to jury and has been talking game after seeing video tape (which is immensely stupid and unfair by production, if there was to be a returning player, they should’ve been sequestered separately and not seen video). He may have manipulated a lot, but I won’t be jumping on the wagon of belief that Derrick manipulating every move is an automatic or a foregone conclusion.

      • I know it’s likely, very likely even, I just won’t think of it as an automatic. As mentioned, Derrick tried to sway Cody to want Nicole gone instead of Donny, and Cody didn’t budge. I’m just saying it is possible for someone to not go with what he pushes, even though it’s likely, and has happened for the vast majority of the season. Which I really don’t mind, as I like Derrick and his gameplay. Derrick and Cody are my favourites remaining. Zach was a favourite until he left.

      • I like Derrick’s game too. I like Nicole, just because. I hope your right, Caleb goes rouge and nominates Frankie & Christine. That would be a fun week.

      • I just don’t see him rocking the boat on initial nominations, not when he’s in a pretty good spot right now, so I expect the initial noms to be what we’d expect; any two of Christine, Nicole, Victoria. That whole Derrick controlling thing that I sounded like I was trying to refute, it probably does happen this week being that Caleb is HoH and Caleb has been a puppet many times this season…

        Only hope I see for a big move or a rogue mentality would be post-POV. Then maybe somebody has a chance of not listening to exactly what Derrick wants.

        I’d love it if Christine or Frankie went home but honestly, my most disliked right now in the game is Victoria. Sadly she has no chance of going home. Anybody beside her is a better choice to evict. Literally anybody.

      • I think you’re spot on. I would love to see those three go too…..and Victoria, ugh. She is the reason for ff on the DVR. Cant stand to watch her eat, and the mumbling. ok enough said

  21. I really hope derrick doesn’t waste his HOH on Nicole. Evict Frankie or even Christine for that matter.

  22. Just watched Donny’s eviction and it was the first time I was genuinely bummed :/. Good things are coming for that man!

  23. Lets see, maybe bitch mode cowboy can change the phase of next episode. Make it interesting to watch. Put some Big Guns on the block. Right?

    • If any big move is coming, I wouldn’t expect it until after POV and a possible backdoor. I expect Caleb’s initial nominations to be “by the book”. He wouldn’t be smart to rock the boat on the initial nominations. He’s sitting in a good spot right now, as almost nobody has him as their primary target.

  24. Donny on the Bold and beautiful and hopefully win americas favorite..Congrads Donny your the true winner this year

    • Which part will Donny be taking …. The Bold one, or the Beautiful one? :)
      I think his winning America’s favorite is pretty much a lock.

      • I just pictured this, complete with evil versions of his beard stroke that he does everytime he goes to the DR to vote to evict. Hilarious imagery.

      • What was the movie with Peter Sellers playing the gardener? As I remember it, he really wasn’t that bright, but ended up being some kind of political guru. LOL

    • donny really wasn’t a good player in the bb house as witnessed by his eviction. he couldn’t adapt to the social network inside the house. What exactly makes donny a “true” winner AceF ???

      • The fact that America loves him and he won alot of comps..and he tried to get along it was just the age gap …lets see Derrick isnt a good player Who do you think is a good player mikey Victoria??

      • Derrick deserves to win. He has masterfully manipulated everyone else and is careful never to show his true intentions. Makes everyone else “feel” like they are making the decisions. Incredible! Can’t wait to see when Derrick and Cody finally turn on each other.

      • It was also a lack of common ground between Donny and the others. Donny wasn’t interested in bashing everybody else like the rest of them were

  25. Sigh … I was so hoping Nicole would win, just to mix things up a little.
    I can’t deny that Derrick has been playing the best game, but still does not make me want to root for him.
    At this point I really don’t care who wins, as long as it’s NOT Skankie. What a phony-bologny dip-shit he is! I watched his impersonation of Joey during his “Big Show” on BBAD, and it sickened me.

    • You’d be ok with Victoria winning? That would sicken me. Luckily, her getting any jury votes, let alone five of them to win, would be an incredibly stupid and unjust decision. Her only chance is if the jury is bitter over what her opponent did to them. I wish she wouldn’t even make final two though. She doesn’t deserve $50,000.

      • Haha. Right on. I don’t want say, Christine to win, but I’d prefer that over Frankie or Victoria. I use the word ‘prefer’ there so insanely loosely…I really hope Christine doesn’t win either…

        Those are my three I don’t want to win and anyone else, I’d be ok with. Derrick, Cody, Caleb, Nicole would probably be my order of who I want to win, with Cody and Derrick maybe interchangeable.

  26. Do you think “Team America” would have won the bucks is they had chosen to try to save Donny as their quest?
    Speaking of Team America … what a bore. Give us back the saboteur!

    • Yes, I certainly would’ve voted for them to win the money if they would have chosen to save Donny! In fact, this was the first time I’d ever voted at all, just so they WOULDN’T. Frankie just wanted to go full makeup. ::eye roll:: and they just wanted to make fun of past players. Not cool.

      • I found very little entertainment in that “show”, it was just mean. And then Caleb went off as some “hood character” that was also very disturbing. Turned it off, and took BBAD off my DVR list.
        I will undoubtedly watch the show till the end, but this is a first year that I have felt such apathy.

      • I voted yes for the plan but only because I didn’t want Donny to be penalized for such a horrid plan. What makes me upset is that both Derrick and Frankie both had reconsidered sending Donny home at one point. So why didn’t they just make the plan to save donny and convince cody to use the veto? UGH, but I am happy that Donny was given the opportunity to be on a television show, it’ll show how much he was loved. Sure he didn’t have the best social game, but when his back was against the wall, he pulled out on top. I don’t blame him for losing this last HOH or POV, a person can only win so many comps before losing. The guy was tired

  27. I feel like both Cody and Zach would’ve done well in this competition. I’m not saying Caleb wouldn’t still have won, but I think both Cody and Zach would’ve given him a run for his money. It’s a shame this competition didn’t come sooner. Endurance has been too few and far between this season, and there’s been a ton of question-based competitions, and in a row as well.

  28. Frankie is freaking annoying and I am so over him. He is so far up Caleb’s ass that he knows what all of his small intestines looks like.

    • Actually, may bode well for Nicole, assuming she can survive this week’s nominations and/or win the POV, so that she is able to play in the HOH and avoid the second eviction episode …..

  29. this is the worse Big Brother ever. They are so afraid to do anything on their own, the only ones I even liked were Donny and Nicole at least they had the balls to do something on their own. None of them in the group deserve the money and Victoria needs to go, she does nothing.

    • In many ways, I agree with you…if would have been different if Donny and Nicole weren’t always in such mortal danger, we knew that they would have almost zero chance of making it to the end. This season was really bad just from the standpoint that there were far more DISLIKEABLE people than ones that we would tend to be rooting for! This season was controlled too much primarily by Derrick and then Frankie, to a certain degree – as bad as last season was, I don’t recall one person basically pulling everyone’s strings.

  30. i’m hoping CBS won’t cast a bunch of alpha males next season. Every year it happens and this turns into the same “boys” show.

    • How about casting some strong WOMEN instead of a bunch of wallflowers who are afraid of going up against the big tough men – women in the same vein as Rachel and Janelle, THEY wouldn’t have just rolled over and let the men control them the way that most of THESE women have done!

    • It looks like they casted more “in the closet” gays this year. If it was more alpha males maybe there would have been more alliances willing to go against the house. There’s only been one guy making all the decisions this year and everybody follows him, no questions asked.

  31. What a message we are sending the younger viewers who are learning how to manage relationships with others. If you want to be popular and really win “big” in life, you have to be a back-stabbing, two-faced suck up. Thankfully, Donny no longer has to live among such reprobates. I hope he does well with what’s ahead for him.

    • Wonderful response, Debbie, very well said! It really *is* a sad commentary, isn’t it…

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