Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Who Was Evicted & Who Made Final Three? 09-17-2014

Wednesday’s live Big Brother episode delivered the second eviction of the week and took us from the F4 down to the BB16 Final Three HGs. One of these players would win the half-million dollar

Final Three on Big Brother 16
Final Three on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

During the live show we saw the PoV events completed and confirm the final noms of the week. With just one eviction vote cast the pressure was on for this face to face elimination. Would Derrick’s plan work out or would he go in to the F3 with a stronger competitor than he hoped?

By a vote of 1-0, Caleb Reynolds was evicted from Big Brother 16 by Cody Calafiore’s decision.

Caleb Reynolds evicted from Big Brother 16

Caleb falls just short of making it on to the season’s three-part Final HoH competitions. The F3 of this season is now Cody, Derrick, and Victoria and they will battle for a spot in the F2.

What do you think of these eviction results? Did the HGs make the right choices? Who would you have voted out if you were a BB16 Houseguest?


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      • Someone who has respect, kindness, & full of grace something that Frankie has been new to mental problems.

      • ? Soooo… are you agreeing that Victoria isn’t deserving, or are you starting a new thread that I don’t fully understand? I agree that Frankie isn’t a person I feel is deserving – but then again, I wonder who is truly ”deserving” out of this year’s cast. Donny perhaps. :)

    • She has grace, respect for herself & being sweet as she is should get her near the end, look at that 32 year old called Frank should at his age be call Frank , he calls his mother mommy, he is not a respectful gay person with a real life he is a queer & very sick in the head, he has no feelings and his face is blank & his eyes are deep, there truly is something very wrong with him , CBS allowed him to get away with a lot & they sat the games up for him, Julie & CBS are all shameful and after B.B is over for this year I will not return to B.B next year, Frankie & the disgrace CBS allowed him to get away with was enough to last me forever. Frankie is nothing but a molester & believe me he only wants to build schools in Africa so he can get his hands on innocent little boys. CBS should be taken off TV.

  1. Oh my god,could not believe this stuff that came out of Frankie’s mouth tonight,he is beyond delusional…more like insane…”i am the most powerful person” the others sitting there listening to him did not drown in BS is a mystery to me..,,Zach,for the love of god please run the other direction from this person!!,he will do nothing but drag you down.

    • be careful what you say his million followers might come after you and he has full control of the game and will determine the winner so watch out

    • Cody’s eyes were full of contempt as Frankie spouted his deranged remarks of how powerful he is even if he is evicted. I loved Cody’s comeback at him too. It took both Cody and Caleb to shut Frankie down.

      • Depends how you judge ego… One could say that Victoria does – but again, it really depends ”how” we’re looking at the person.

      • Frankie for sure and by a lot. Caleb is a dreamer and has a lot of fantasies about himself but he does not have a huge ego. Is he confident when it comes to physical comps? Yes, and he deserves to be. He is a beast in physical comps.

        But at the same time, he is capable of self-deprecation and laughing at himself.

        Caleb seems like a person who came from nothing. $5k is as good as $500k but all he wants is a big truck. He didn’t play a good game at all but I respect him for his service to his country.

      • Amen Prince, thank you Mr. Caleb Reynolds for your great service to our Country your a true man inside & out. You could see & tell you were having fun in the B.B. house after your service to our Country you had all the good fun & times coming to you with all the joy & pleasure’s. One thing Frankie couldn’t do is ” Fight for his Country now could he “? He’d take all day feeling up the guy’s until someone shot him.

      • Caleb was having fun with all of his viewer’s & house guest all during B.B. Frankie was putting his hands on men & getting away with it, that 32 year old man acted like a 6 year old , but then again a 6 year old wouldn’t be dressing like a clown with clown make-up & all. He has such love for himself that the world only holds him. His Mother who at 32 calls her mommy really should look into getting him help. He is far from a good looking women & really far from ever being a good strong man. He is a very sick person I just wonder what his pain is inside because he is far from normal human being.

  2. Victoria really has not played the game but the last 2 or 3 weeks have grown to like her,she is harmless fun that helps balance the show.

    • True (and I hope to hear more good stories about her), but I still have a hard time accepting people with a diva and/or elitist attitude while spending their parents money as a hobby.

      • She seems like an OK person, I just can’t stand the fact that she thinks she still around because she’s played well

      • Victoria did play well, she done what she was told followed through well & she’s the last gal standing, I’m giving you Miss Victoria a ” Standing-O” by god no other gal in that house did it now did they? Grads again beautiful young respectful Victoria <3. I'd be proud if you were my daughter :). I'm 71 & I do have a beautiful daughter & a beautiful granddaughter who is Homecoming Queen tomorrow night & her boy friend is King. Victoria your family has to be proud of you & how they raised you.

      • Victoria runs her own successful business outside the house and has been very respectful to everyone on elimination nights despite being put up on the block (saying there are no hard feelings if she goes home, it’s all part of the game)

  3. Frankie’s comments re: Being the most powerful person in this house, and I can sway the jurors votes..really??? I do not think so! I did gain some respect for Caleb, for standing up to Frankie and basically telling are full of bullcrap! Victoria, is sickening! She is the least deserving of any be in the final three; she is the worst floater in BB history. Her day is coming real soon…Donny for America’s Favorite Player!

    • How is she a floater? She stuck with Derrick the entire game. She didn’t go from power to power. And did she asked to be drug along? No. Was she supposed to say okay I didn’t win I’ll go on the block and you guys can vote me out. Actually if one of them take her to the F2 in hoping they win I hope she wins.

      • Did you really say Vic wasn’t a floater?! That is as delusional as Frankie! She doesn’t win anything, because she can’t (not as a strategy) and is used every week as a pawn. On top of that, she’s clueless about it. She’s the BB definition of a floater.

      • Duh floater means FLOAT!!! She has stayed with and been loyal the entire game to Derrick! Just because you don’t win comps doesn’t make you a floater. Frankie was more of a floater then her. He won comps but halfway through he would snuggle up to the power. He wanted Nicole to put Cody and Derrick up. Then he’s loyal to Derrick and Cody. That’s floating. Why do you think he spent the entire season sleeping in the HOH bed?

      • I thought floater meant not winning that many comps and always safe from being evicted.

      • He slept in the HOH bed so he could feel up the real men after they were exhausted & fell asleep, did anyone notice how Derrick never had cover’s on him when Frankie was in the room or laying on the bed. Frankie would be the first person to run into the rams of the new HOH winner & touch his face & kiss his neck, if he did that to my son he’d kicked him in the balls so hard he’d have to have major surgery to get them down again. And….and if my son didn’t kick him little old short 5 ft. me would. Then I’d have to lay him flat someone would need a Medic Vac. & CPR for him if he made it.

      • Lol I agree. My son would also kick him in his peanuts. I could just hear my son saying what the eff are you doing.

      • Exactly what Lavendargirl said. Does she deserve to win no but I don’t think Cody does either. They are both playing Derricks game. One’s winning comps, ones not which makes Derrick winning all the time. Guy is good.

      • Are they? Or is Victoria playing Derrick now? It looks to me she is playing Derrick pretty well. Remember back to her conversations with Nicole about trusting Cody and Derrick? Remember she found out once before Derrick was in an alliance without her. I think she realized by hanging on to Derrick she could be sort of a mascot to the alliance – and it worked!

        As for Cody, if he wins the final HOH and doesn;t take Derrick, it won’t matter if Derrick played the better game because he will be gone. Let’s wait and see what happens at the end.

      • Wrong Jimbo, Victoria is not a floater. She stayed true to Derrick the whole game. Just because she didn’t win comps doesn’t make her a floater. If you want to blame someone for her making it to the final three, blame the boys, especially Derrick. I hope Cody wins final HOH and takes Victoria and she wins.

      • I agree victoria is a floater, but if your talking along the same lines, cody was also a floater, he didnt make any big moves in the game, yes he won a few comps but only did what derrick wanted him to do, Cody! your an idiot. cody is a piece of crap. hope derrick takes victoria so i can laugh at him.

      • The typical Floater social strategy includes joining no alliances or joining many but having true loyalty to none. The Floaters goal is to stay out of the way as be seen as a non-threat while the Leaders and the
        Gamers take themselves out of the game. The typical competitive strategy choice for Floaters are selective or passive.

      • But jimbo look were she’s at. She’s a hell of a lot smarter then all the other gal’s now. She deserves to be right were she is. I’m not saying she going to win but wouldn’t it be a knee slapper if she did. She kept her mouth shut & she is were she is at because she was the :) FLOATER :) that’s pretty darn smart now isn’t it, she didn’t even have to win crap, that’s not a stupid person now. Funny how Derrick new she was smart to he 1000% trusted her. God bless them both.

      • She is a floater, but was one lucky floater to have Derrick by her side, convincing others to keep her safe!

    • Go Donny all my 20 votes go to him each day Vote Donny an wondering what there going to do about the little trolls remarks about the rape during the live feed about Victoria why was he not kicked out ????? Why were they allow to tell the players ahead of time about there evictions….lots of why’s here an CBS produce the record for his sister an not only d you hear about this on BB but also on The Talk because of Julie husband for 3 days been hearing about her she is just obnoxious as her brother she just said ” She wish al her fans would die”

  4. I used to think that taking Victoria this far is an insult to the game. I guess I still feel that way, but now that she is there, the winner of the last HOH has to take her to the final 2. Why would anyone not take her? It guarantees the HOH the $500,000 prize money.

      • They might not think about it right now, but they will have plenty of time to ponder it and I have a feeling that will happen.

      • Who to say what the jury will do. Once they figure out Derrick never told them he was a cop (not that it would matter a whole lot) they may just vote to give the money to Victoria to make a point of using the weakest player and using her as a pawn every week. I think I would consider it. Caleb will see to it that Frankie doesn’t sway the jury to vote his way. BTW: Go to CBS.COM to vote for DONNY as America’s Fav player.

      • That would be awesome. Who would have known the last 2 episodes would be the best of this season. lol

      • That would say a lot about Cody’s game and elevate it in my mind. I just doubt it though. I think there’s a good chance Derrick will take Vic but almost no chance Cody will. Derrick’s looking very good right now.

    • Here is how I see it in percentage of going to final two. Derrick as final HOH: Both Cody and Victoria has a 50/50 chance of going to final two. Cody as final HOH: Derrick has about a 65% and Victoria has about a 35% chance of going to the final two. Victoria as final HOH (okay stop laughing): Derrick as 100% chance of going and Cody is sent to jury. Anyone else has their percentage’s already.

  5. To all the people who worship the “best player in the house” each season, and want Derek to win, Cody could easily win the Final 3 HOH, and choose to sit next to Victoria, and the jury may just give her the win or hold their nose and vote for Cody, while Derek sits on the jury, then you can remember that winning this game has little to do with who is “the best player”, and more to do with a set of unforeseeable circumstances that worked out of one person over all the others. ;)

    • Derrick said tonight that the only person’s back that he has is his own. So that tells you he will take Victoria to the end if he wins the last HOH. I think Cody is thinking the same way. If Cody was willing to stab Caleb in the back I think he will do the same to Derrick in a flash if he is the last HOH.

      If it comes to that, Derrick may regret dragging Victoria along to the end.

      • I think Cody is more loyal than Derrick. That’s why I think Derrick may throw the final comp (part 3) if he wins 1 or 2 because he knows Victoria and Cody will take him. I don’t think Derrick wants to screw Cody but still wants to sit next to Victoria.

      • I wondered about that too but I honestly can’t see Derrick throwing the last comp. I don’t think he’d risk that (for his wife and daughter’s sake).

      • Exactly. I think he’d rather 100% FOR SURE be in the Final 2 while potentially losing a jury vote than but his fate into somebody else’s hands.

      • I think all of them are more loyal than Derrick. The problem is, they don’t know that. Caleb just found out tonight.

      • Hey hey so is Victoria… its just unfortunately she’s playing jeopardy and still waiting for the questions to pop up on the wall monitors…

      • Caleb’s fate didn’t rest in Derrick’s hands though. Even if Caleb didn’t get put on the block, Cody still would have won the veto, and then placed Caleb on the block, and then vote him out. Caleb’s downfall was not winning that last veto challenge, as well as not being eligible for the Final 4 HOH competition. It had less to do with Derrick’s loyalty in Caleb’s case. If Cody is stupid enough to win the Final 3 HOH competition and go to the final 2 with Derrick, he will never live that down for as long as he lives, and he will have made his past Diary Room statements that he’s only in this for himself, into a bunch of lies…

      • I’m only saying he’s a loyal person. That’s all. He has nobody to blame but himself for his eviction.

      • Caleb’s mistake was putting Frankie on the block last week. He didn’t have to know Derrick was a back stabber, all he needed to know was that he could not be the HOH. Had he kept Frankie safe he would have a least one person loyal to him in the game this week. He should have known when Derrick came up with that lame story about Frankie using the veto on Victoria to put Derrick and Cody up together that something was not right. That scenario only benefitted Derrick and not Caleb.

      • But Caleb said his decision was based on Frankie’s character more than his being loyal or winning comps. I applauded him for saying that as that’s something a lot of us viewers were commenting on as to why he needed to go.

      • Caleb is an conundrum. Just when you think this guy is the dullest knife in the drawer, he says something else that is so sharp and cutting that it makes your head spin! He might be the only one so far who actually is SMART enough to figure Frankie out!

      • Well let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I think what Caleb is (that people don’t give him credit for) is self-aware! I think he knows he is made fun of, mocked, and yes even intimidated by….but he likes the attention so he keeps going with the image. I personally felt he was being maligned too much by some of the ”fans” on here – but again, each to their own… I wish Caleb the best of luck in life.

      • I was actually routing for Caleb or Vic to win out of the F6. I want Vic to win now, just to prove to Allison Grodner how terrible her TA/BOB/Extra $50k/Frankie and Derrick casting/and multiple other terrible missteps were to this Season 16. How I long for the good old days of Season 2 and Dr. Will.

      • Loved his exit comment of, “my Mama always told me I wasn’t the brightest crayon in the box!” LOL

      • Wouldn’t it be totally crazy if Victoria won the last HOH! It could happen…but the comp would have to catered for her to win it. However, I can’t think of any comp easy enough for her to win! lol

    • It is 2 out of 3 for the Final HOH so, you have more than a fair chance to win it! If you still fail to win the final HOH then, you do not get to dictate to the winner who to take to the Final 2! Derrick has manipulated everyone in the Big Brother House and Cody will probably still take him to Final 2. However, if Cody ends up winning HOH, he should take Victoria because that guarantees he wins!

    • If what you say is true how did I pick the winner of ever bb I have watched the first day? There is some things a player can do that assure at least a good chance at winning. Many of them are based in psychology. A guy like Derek with professional training as a police detective give him a huge advantage. Thats what I said day one when I picked him to win. It is a bit unfair. Why not put a psychiatrist in bb? They would have an advantage for certain.

      • Mark, I too picked Derrick as one of my finalists for this season, but even though some players seem to have a good chance at winning, the social aspect of this game prevents ANYONE from planning an outcome. The best

      • Yup, just ask Nicole from season 2. She took Will over her friend/ally Hardy to the final 2 thinking she would for sure win against him and she didn’t. Before the vote, Bunky asked him how much of his winnings would be going to charity and Will is like “zero”. His final interview with Julie where he says in front of Nicole that he is going to “waste” the $500K, (gold chains and jet skis for all his friends). Amazing!

      • Which is the same reason why somebody like even Victoria can win this season… Ultimately you just don’t know how to win based on strengths alone. You need a combination of skills you CAN control alongside things you can’t control (like alliances and a strong social game). One could even say that Victoria played the best ”social” game this season because everyone wanted to keep her around and possibly take her to final 2…

      • “One could even say that Victoria played the best ”social” game this season”

        Well, I personally wouldn’t go that far but I also wouldn’t be upset if she did win. I do think Derrick played the best game and I would give him my vote but that is partly because I know things the jury doesn’t.

        I also don’t have a vested interest in the outcome like they may have (ex. hurt feelings/betrayals). We’ve seen seasons where getting blood on your hands or “making big moves” is seen as a negative rather than a positive when it comes time to vote for a winner (ex. Danielle losing to Lisa in BB3).

        I do think that this jury will award Derrick the $500K if he is in the final 2 though. Will he make it there though? If Cody wins, I’m not sure. The temptation to take Victoria may be too great (and smart).

      • I don’t think betrayals play a part in the jury vote. Andy got the votes of everyone he stabbed int he back last season. But I agree the jury does not see what we see.

        But Victoria has been a running joke in the house all season. If she is in the final 2 the jury will understand why the other f2 player took her.

      • That’s what I was saying the other night….I never wanted Andy to win last season because of how he kept flip flopping and not winning all that many comps in addition to backstabbing. The last few comps he did win were against only one other stronger competitor, GinaMarie!

      • They shouldn’t (it is a game after all) but the season 3 results (Lisa winning over Danielle) shows it does happen.

        As for Andy winning over Gina Marie, that was a tough decision as they didn’t exactly have a great selection to choose from (imo).

      • Well that really depends Prince. In the case of Andy, it was either him or GinaMarie BOTH of whom were despised (for different reasons) and many jury members did say they wish they could vote for NEITHER of them! Victoria could very well win this if people got it into their heads that they are hurt by Derrick (but he’s been very careful to make sure that ISN’T how the jury feels). Heck he even protected Frankie’s emotions on the way out.

    • Are you saying it’s not ok to think Derrick has been the best player in the house thus far, and we can’t be fans of his and root for him to win, cause there is a possibility that someone else may???? hmmmm ok.

      • you can think whatever you want to, Mandi, I couldn’t care less. What I am saying is that anyone can call someone the “best player”, and it’s merely their opinion, and a moot one if that player ends up sitting on the jury or doesn’t win the final prize. I’m more attacking the false assumption by many of the viewers that the most manipulative player is the one that is always “the best”, or the one that “should win” or even the one that “WILL win”. It *might*, but how great of a manipulator are you if you have to choose between Cody and Victoria as the last member of the jury to give the ultimate prize to?

      • I think she might just be making the same argument I was earlier today and yesterday. Derrick’s biggest challenge still lays ahead because Cody stands a better chance to win the final HoH comp which means he might pick Victoria (if he’s smart) to go to the final 2 with. Derrick would crush Cody in a final vote, so Cody needs to think about it if he’s in that position. I think Derrick vs. either of the remaining two is in a good position, but you never know because it really does depend on what the jury wants to do.

      • I still think Cody will choose Derrick over Victoria and make it harder for the jury to vote for, but he has to win the comps to do that! So far so good!

    • Hey I’ve been saying that for the past couple days now… ;) Though I must admit I’m not quite as upset as you sound about it all… if Derrick wins, no worries, cause I do think he’s played a heck of a game. But yes, I’ve been saying that Cody or Victoria have a great chance at winning this game still for the reasons you listed and more.

      • haha, I’m not upset. If Derrick wins, that’s cool with me :) I’m just tired of viewers feeling compelled to tag someone the “best player” before the outcome is even known. The worst part is when that “best player” doesn’t even win, and then all they do is complain forever about how robbed that player was, continuing their delusion…

      • True, I’ve been saying it slightly different but I think you’ll agree. I have been trying to argue the myth of playing the game ”the right way” is just that….a myth! If Victoria wins by doing nothing at all and simply by being the most clueless, most unaware, most naïve and least likely to offend others, then in my opinion that IS the best way to win this season (because she would have won with those qualities)…

    • Very well said! The only decision makers that matter in this game in the end are the jury members. They can vote for a person for any reason that they chose. I don’t care who is F2 or who the winner is at this point. However, it would be poetic justice for the whole jury to vote for Victoria and say, “we couldn’t vote against the house.”

    • Agree Angela. I have been saying this for a couple of weeks now, BUT Cody has to get his lips off of Derrick’s BUTT long enough to clearly ascertain that Vic would be the better choice. After Cody’s DR on Wednesday and his Goodbye Message to Caleb, where he kept saying that he is only loyal to Derrick (whereas conversely,Derrick actually said that he was only loyal to himself), I have to wonder if Cody is smart enough to pick Vic.

  6. I knew it was going to be Caleb because Derrick’s intentions was to take Cody or Victoria and now he has the chance.

  7. y’all people are saying Victoria isn’t “deserving” of final 3, but what makes someone more deserving than someone else? essentially Big Brother is a social experiment that aims to see who will survive in the house. not who will take down the others. Victoria’s floater strategy was flawless, and as valid as Derrick’s manipulative strategy. People mock her because of the show’s edit of her, but truth is that she won more competitions than derrick if you include the luxury comp.

    • I’m not sure the last statement you made was true, but I thumbed up your overall comment anyway, because it needs to be said more. I get tired of all the manipulated viewers who worship the person who may or may not have successfully manipulated the most houseguests. Manipulation means ZERO if you don’t win the game, so there’s no point in worshiping it anymore than worshiping the person who had the best floater strategy or had no strategy at all. I think when viewers worship any of the houseguests, it says more about themselves than it does about the houseguest they’re rooting for…

    • She didn’t win anything and it was Derrick who kept her all the way, by manipulating others to vote the other way. Her “flawless floater strategy” was no strategy at all. Poor girl is good enough to be a beauty queen or an actress she was great at that, but nothing else.. She was horrible at everything she did.

    • K.. couple things. 1 There was absolutely no strategy on her part. 2 You can’t edit something from nothing, she gave them every bit of material and 3 OBVIOUSLY a luxury comp that she didn’t play in doesn’t affect here comp win total.

      You’re Welcome

    • I definitely agree in part with what you’ve said. I’ve already stated a few times that a ”winning” strategy isn’t based on this mythical ”right way” to play the game. If somebody wins, then *that way* is the right way even if it doesn’t sit well with us. So it could be (not probable, but possible) that Victoria does win this season. Why? Because she was the most clueless, most naïve, most unaware contestant which is exactly what was needed to win – so….well…good on her! I don’t think that will be the winning strategy, but if it is, she’s got 500-thousand more reasons than anyone else as to why her game worked.

  8. Looks like they’re playing part one HOH tonight. They were getting their tennis shoes on and getting ready.

  9. I’ll be OK if Derrick wins (because I have no choice), although I can’t stand him, but I’ll cheer my butt off if Cody wins, and be quite happy if Victoria does.

  10. Vic is coming down on all the girl.

    Amber Borzotra ‏ just tweeted:
    If Victoria only knew that I NEVER had a problem with her…Smh. Girl, I haven’t said one bad word about you so stop talking about me!

  11. Loved what Caleb had to say to Julie about Frankie’s character and the comments that Frankie had made the other night when they were in the HOH room. Caleb told Frankie to shut up! It’s was about time someone stepped up!

    • It is so obvious that Frankie thinks he is so above everyone else. That is what makes him an ugly ugly person.

      • No way in the world they’re going to let Frankie’s image be too tarnished. Too bad, it would have been fun.

      • I agree. Although they barely scratched the surface, I was glad that CBS did at least do some edits to show Frankie’s true colours.

        Ex. Frankie talking to producers in the Diary Room saying how America would never come up with a mission to save Donny while applying makeup like a diva made him look pretty self-absorbed/callous.

        Julie saying “overwhelming no” to the apple pie request, followed by #BBOverwhelmingNo at the bottom of the screen (haha!) They could have asked Derrick or Donny but since it was Frankie’s idea to put on the dumb play, they put him on the spot for the (overwhelming) rejection.

        This last episode, showing Frankie threatening Caleb, Cody and Derrick with his gazillion fans and his perceived ability to influence the jury. So laughable.

    • She cut him off as soon as he started to tell her what Frankie was really like over the last day or so.

    • I noticed that, and he even gave Julie a flower too, haha! People say that Caleb is delusional, and although that case can be made, I think he was mainly just entertaining himself in many cases. At the same time, I feel like I a lot of these houseguests could be called delusional. From Donny tearfully wondering why people would want to evict him after saying he watched “every episode of BB” to Amber thinking she was “loyal” to the Bomb Squad alliance even after she attempted to start a girl’s alliance in front of Christine. From Joey thinking that creating a bullish alter-ego named “Alex” would gain her votes to stay in the house to Frankie thinking that he could control all the votes inside the jury. From Christine thinking that snuggling with Cody all the time was not going to be viewed negatively by others, including her husband, to Derrick constantly crediting himself for other people’s actions, even when they were set on those actions before he ever talked with them. Sorry, I could rant all day, but there’s a lot to go around… ;)

  12. Yay for Cody telling Frankie he isn’t Jesus. I don think he realized this. And Caleb was amazing. Loved his interview with Julie as well.

    • Thought it was ironic that they were previewing the CBS show “Stalkers” with Caleb standing right there. Will Amber be cast as the first “victim”?

    • I was really pleased with the way Cody sarcastically cast his vote to evict “the showman” Frankie. Nice shade Cody!

  13. I really think that Victoria well win the game and that will be funny. Like Derick and all but because he has save Victoria from eviction through the entire game, and used her as his pond to take him to the end thinking he will win the 500k. It will be a shock to see him lose the money to someone that has done nothing at all. lol

  14. Kudos to Caleb for calling out Frankie during his exit interview. Boos to CBS for cutting him off while he was still speaking.

  15. Caleb, that was a gracious exit interview. Still think you’re a troubled young man, but there is obviously also a decent side to you. Good luck outside the house.

    • HOH? Darn, now he’ll take Derrick. Such a mistake………….

      P.S. So is Friday’s show just a bunch of flash-backs and “never before seens”?

      • No, Cody would have just won the first part of the HOH battle. Derrick and Victoria will have to battle it out in the second part and the winner of that will go against Cody for the final HOH position.

      • I just could not believe how Derrick was trying to make Cody throw the comp to him because he said he wasn’t sure he could win against Victoria. Thank goodness Cody had the sense not to do it.
        I think Fridays show is just past clips and should be very humorous. Hope I can remember to watch it.

  16. I had to work late and just watched the show so I am jumping in a little late to add my 2 cents worth. I was so proud of Caleb and Cody for not letting Frankie get by with the bs he was spouting off-geesh, the nerve of that guy! I enjoyed the look on Victoria’s face when Caleb said she was not loyal because she had not won any comps to prove her loyalty. I was glad Caleb wasn’t booed and that he went out with dignity. Did Derrick cringe a little when Cody was giving details about the Hit man alliance? I saw a video last night of Derrick’s baby girl saying “haala”, she is adorable. Loved getting to see Derrick here that.

  17. Yay, Cody!! Please don’t take Derrick to F2, if you have any choice. You’ve really picked up your game and I want to see you win.

    BTW, did anyone see on Entertainment Weekly that Frankie hopes Zach is waiting for him in the jury house with a ring and bouquet of flowers, and that he wants to marry Zach? Run, Zach, run!! Sleep with your eyes open. Frankie does have a sense of humor, right? Let’s hope he’s using it.

  18. REALLY! How can someone be skankie when another skank is having someone pet them like a dog. Where’s the brush-Cody?

  19. Okay, I am just watching now and holy crap, Frankie is completely unsufferable. Yes, getting evicted sucks, but does he really think that threatening them with his “millions of followers” is going to help him? Or telling them that he’ll beat any one of them in the finale? Yes, even if I don’t believe you, I’m not going to take you at this point because you’re a jerk. So glad he’s gone.

    • I missed part of it (hit the wrong button on my remote) but I just rewatched it now. OMG! I have to give Cody and Caleb major props for standing up to Frankie and his ridiculousness. They both just earned major points from me for that. So satisfying!!

  20. Big Brother should start giving another prize away called America’s Favorite Floater. Victoria would win hands down, but then again, I don’t blame her cause she’s had Derrick doing all the work for her. If she is F2 next to Derrick, I kinda hope she wins 1st prize. If she had any sense in that brain of hers, during her final speech to the jury before they vote, she should say that this was her plan once she realized how Derrick was using her to have in his corner as a vote & he’s the one HG no one has ever nominated for eviction, plus all the HG trusted what he said. Then why not just sit back & let him carry me to the end without getting any blood on her hands. Who knows maybe that was Victorias plan all along?

  21. It’s a frigging game! Stop watching if you have such strong opinions about who should / shouldn’t win!! Or hey try out yourself so you can show us all how it’s done!! I mean Ian was a great rat who played both sides perfectly and he won did I like his game play no but I didn’t come on here and trash him or call him a lot of not so nice names! Respect the fact it’s a GAME and the goal is to win 500,000$ and if you make it to the end by being loyal (Victoria) great or maybe you won a lot of comps or maybe you are a great social player or maybe you blew smoke up everyone’s ass who cares it’s television entertainment enjoy it for it is! OK I’m done!

    • Though I might not say it with quite the same passion, I agree Ann. I think what I’ve learned over the past few years of being on this site however is that some people actually enjoy the debating, fighting, and extreme language sometimes. Personally I’m ok with debate without the expletives and extremist views, but meh, to each their own… I think in time you might also learn to appreciate each type of person that comes on here so long as they show a basic respect to one another (and Matt.B is good at allowing people freedom to speak so long as they don’t cross the line).

  22. Ok use to be a Derrick fan…..yes use to be. He is master manipulator that all……I think a good player is one that makes it to the end with targets on his back….not letting other people do it for him. Cody is only there because of Derrick along with Victoria. So we have follow the leader with his diminions. What kind of good F3 is that. I can honestly say if I was on the jury I would vote for Victoria because she had to put up with these idiots. Seriously hoping Cody takes Victoria and she wins. Would never hope for this in a million yrs. But Victoria has in more danger of going home these past week which is more than I can say for Derrick. And throwing the Veto
    comp that was pretty much tailored made for him pathic seriously don’t want him to win. He never had a target on his back so HE hasn’t played the game in that way. Terrible ending.

  23. I told everybody that Frankie is a pink hair freak that think he the king I mean the queen of the season like who care about his lame ass he pathetic he think he can bullying somebody that he going tell everybody how they should vote for he need to take a sit and suck zack

  24. I think Frankie is a poor loser and he lied about wanting to keep Donnie in the house. He pushed to do that stupid play.

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