Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Week 12 Live Eviction Results

Tonight on Big Brother 16 we’ll see which Houseguests survive the Final Four eviction show and move on to the season finale. By the end of the night there will be just three players left in the season as they head out to compete in the first round of the Final HoH comp.

Julie Chen hosts Big Brother 16

Julie Chen hosts Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS[/caption]

After last night’s elimination of Frankie we saw Derrick take control as HoH and secure both his seat in the F3 and the security of having never been nominated through a season of double nominations. Who else will join him? We’ll get the official results tonight with the Nominations Ceremony, Power of Veto competition, Veto Ceremony, and eviction vote. Yes, it will be a very busy night.

Join us tonight here for a live recap and discussion of the latest Big Brother show plus you can find us on Facebook and Twitter for even more updates as the game plays out in real-time on the Feeds.

Tonight’s show opening with Frankie getting evicted. Before he was sent out Derrick warned him, as he often has done this season. Frankie warns all the guys that if they do that he will be the most powerful HG as a Juror who will decide who wins. Frankie’s ego can barely fit inside the room. The guys tell Frankie he’s delusional. That was absurd of Frankie, but completely in character from what he showed the HGs all season.

Derrick has to pick his nominations. Victoria is a given as he’s pretending to be against her still. Cody says he doesn’t want to go up so Derrick tells Caleb he has the Veto as a chance to secure his safety.

Big Brother 16 Week 12.5 Nominations:

  • Caleb
  • Victoria

Caleb jokes around at the ceremony and leaps from his chair with a “Judy Chop!” at Derrick. Now on to the most important Veto comp of the season.

Going in to this everyone thinks Derrick has his or her back, but Derrick tells us he is planning to throw the comp since it gains him nothing. Good plan.

Big Brother 16 Week 12.5 Power of Veto:

  • Cody

This win secures Cody has a spot in the F3, but it also means he’ll have to cast the sole eviction vote.

Big Brother 16 Week 12.5 Power of Veto Ceremony:

  • Cody cannot use the Veto as only HG left

Julie asks Victoria for her 9th nomination speech. Vic hasn’t made it to eviction night nine times though, but nine noms is definitely a lot! Caleb gives a very nice speech.

Cody has the sole vote and has to do it out in the open. Cody reveals the Hitmen alliance before casting his vote.

Big Brother 16 Week 12.5 Eviction Votes:

  • Cody votes to evict: Caleb

Caleb tells Julie he is closer to Derrick, but also more disappointed in Derrick even though Cody did the evicting.

Big Brother 16 Final Head of Household Comp – Round 1:

  • Endurance comp is live right now! Live spoilers here
  • Julie announces this will be shown on Friday’s show (8/7c)

Jump on your Live Feeds NOW & watch to find out what happens next! When the Feeds return we’ll hopefully be watching the big endurance competition of the season. Sadly last year it stretched out for about twenty minutes and started at 12AM ET, so let’s hope these HGs do a bit better. Tomorrow I’ll have our interview with tonight’s evicted HG to share as well.

Don’t stray too far because we’ll have more Big Brother updates soon. This is the game that never rests and neither does our coverage! We’re planning plenty of post-season coverage again this year so don’t forget to keep checking back in with us.



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  1. I hope Victoria goes….just to dodge the boring feeds until finale nite…3 men left in the house to tear one another apart would be decent viewing material…

  2. Matt great interview by the way, especially with what you had to deal with. I could tell from his answers he was not liking some of your questions.

  3. Where did all the zach votes come for in the poll all of a sudden? Donny was kicking but every week till now. Nothing against Zach bit personally I would rather see Donny win AFP but if Donny doesn’t win I would rather zach win than frankie

    • Matt thinks he got hit by Zach fans. He said over 10,000 votes and he hasn’t had that many before.

    • If Zach wins AFP Frankie will take credit for it.
      Frankie will say that Zachs popularity is because “Zankie”. Keep that thought till finale nite. I mean Frankie ranks himself up there with Jesus…..go figure…

      • Who cares though? If Zach deserves to win and he does then I don’t care if Frankie “takes” credit. Once, they’re done with this they’ll see that Zach won it alone.

      • I’ve been to the ballfields on weekends to watch as many as six games(grandchildren) and I have parents who are older and one is sick. I feel bad about things I have let go and I’ve got to get some perspective back. I know you were out with your husband the other night when we were all here( you were on facebook posting, I think) Priorities, are just that, aren’t they Emma? Hope all is well.

      • I was out to dinner with a good friend. I was in dire need for help and sounding board, and sanity. I wish I had a husband. I have slum lord problems. My mail and medication were stolen in front of my face. By the owners step daughter “hitler and her thug BF.” I have issue with habitable living conditions. I have just been crushed and the script flipping and was told to get rid of Blu my recued cat I have had since May. I follow all the rules. Saturday was a party and my entrance was blocked in. My gargoyles smashed, plant filled with beer, my priceless carnivore plants moved… Mind you I had asked that my entrance be cleared and asked for the tables to be moved. This is all done out of malice. I almost got beat up for asking for basic common courtesy and etiquette. I am very ill myself, on my own, on a fixed income. I am friends with a lot of people on this site. yes, we do FB trust me they know what is going on. So, I wasn’t ditching the group for dinner.

      • Emma, I just awoke and started checking to see what happened during the night because I went to sleep as my meds kicked in. I think there was a misunderstanding about my post. I was actually complimenting you because whenever it was that we were posting the other night and people were asking where you were, someone posted they thought that you were out to dinner. Maybe I assumed it was with your husband, but I thought that was so special because you had your priorities straight as far as family first. In no way was I questioning your priorities…maybe mine. I have to leave right now for physical therapy and when I return, I hope I can find the right words to make you understand that my intent was to give you props for putting family first over BB. I am so sorry for my poor wording that made you feel otherwise. Please accept my apology and I am sorry for what you are having to endure at home. Please reply because I am very heartbroken about this.

      • Thank you for your kind words and apology. I have been really going through a rough patch. I have been very sensitive. My apologies for than. I consider you my friend. I have enjoyed your post. you keep me laughing.. I am sorry for physical therapy you enduring. I just had a Corzine inject to walk and in physical therapy My self. I may have to go back to epidurals in my spine to walk. I feel for you..

      • I’m so happy you understand and realize I didn’t word things in the best way possible. My shoulder problems stem from working a very physical job for 20 yrs after having to give up a 15 yr nursing career due to a voice disorder….that and getting older. lol I try to laugh a lot and being on this site has been fun this summer. Emma, eventually, there will be something positive come your way. It may be just around the next corner. The sooner the better I know and I will have you in my thoughts and prayers. PT is no fun!! but I’m glad they are there to help us.

  4. ha..I made it..Frankie’s little shorts is on Ebay. Watching the bidding war. It’s up to $1.10 now.

  5. Last night the comp was Foggy Memory, now it’s Stalker?.Caleb should have won these two comp. haha

  6. Ivdo not like Derrick. I thinks not trustworthy and a sleaze. Actually listening to all of the men the are full of themselves.

  7. OMG !.. I didn’t think this was gonna more interesting reaction to watch than Frankie’s last night.

    • The only date she’ll have with him is if he’s on the other side of a set of bars, handcuffed and shackled to a chair.

  8. Julie, please. Seems like the hgs we’re playing your we can’t hear you bs…… this really live.

  9. So why isn’t anyone questioning Chenbot or Fakie about his vile behavior? Let’s see…Fakie’s sister has a manager (Scooter Braun who also happens to manage Bieber) who is the Executive producer of the CBS show Scorpion. Guess that answers the question. CBS you S*CK!

  10. Very gracious Caleb. Nice that Julie said no boos. Sad he still says he is not the brightest crayon in the box.

    • Yeah, I was wondering if Derrick was a little upset about that. But at this point, I don’t think it can hurt him. Victoria will not win HOH. Cody might win it, but Cody already knows about his alliance with Derrick. :-)

  11. So what does Victoria think now about Derrick? Will she be pissed or once again forgive Derrick for everything?

  12. Wow, did you guys see what Frankie said in the HOH room to Cody, Derrick and Caleb? Just when I thought he couldn’t get more disgusting, he somehow managed to prove me wrong. God, I cannot stand him. I can’t help but feel sorry for Caleb though and I’m glad he said Frankie didn’t deserve his respect cuz it’s true. I’m still team Derrick, my fave!

  13. Caleb left the BB house with class….and his interview was done without being bitter except to slam Frankie… Good Show…

  14. Watch out America, Caleb will be America’s Next Top Model, America’s NinjaWarrior, American Idol, Beast Mode Voice, The Bachelor, everyone will be knocking at his door. Not the last you are hearing from Caleb.

  15. So I wonder if they won’t start the first part of the HOH until tomorrow or Friday? I thought maybe they’d play it tonight. Usually they start the endurance part and we get to watch it play out on the feeds. Doesn’t look like it this year.

    • I missed that. Where we get to watch those long Endurance Comp play out on Feeds…we’ve only seen one I think.

      • I know. I’ve only had the feeds for a couple years but I remember being able to watch them play out on BB after dark. The only one we got to watch was the snowman one. But they haven’t played hardly any endurance this year.

  16. I think cody would actually take Derrick to the end, poor guy. 66% chance derrick wins this baby :)

  17. That small scene of the guys in the HOH room and Frankie saying that he’s going to “single handedly choose the winner of BB16”!!!! WOW. They finally showed the true Frankie and I gained an atom of respect for Caleb about what he said about Frankie to Julie!

    • Yep. They started showing the true Frankie a few weeks ago instead of giving him the good edit he got most of the season.

    • He is so completely deluded, and honestly, I wonder if his ego will even be slightly tempered when he gets out of the house. He is a completely narcissist.

      • Perhaps I need to check out his youtube and see the comments. Poor guy (tongue slightly in cheek). Does anyone like him anymore?

      • Sadly, I don’t think it will. He said in the house that if he’s hated it’ll be fine because famous people get hate but he did also contradict himself and say he’d “kill himself” if he got booed and the amount of dislike people have for him outside of the house is worse than the boos so we’ll see.

      • I’m glad they didn’t feed into it! And I’m glad BB showed this one scene because they could’ve easily glossed over it to “protect” Frankie.

      • on the feeds and BADD I know exactly what was up…it was good for the edit to show what they did. what annoys me is he did not get boo’d as he should have. He was dirty nasty I love you getting away with bloody murder touching people and being in their space. Had Caleb done anything to Amber like hug her for example the house would have imploded on him. I have been angry that Frankie took up over an on BADD in the HOH room< which BTW was not his. Yet, Derrick did his loss with class.

      • Most people did but to all of the people who don’t watch BBAD or the feeds, they wouldn’t have. I agree with the boos, it made me mad that Christine got an enormous amount of boos and Frankie who said and did such horrible things got all cheers.

      • Most people did but to all of the people who don’t watch BBAD or the feeds, they wouldn’t have. I agree with the boos, it made me mad that Christine got an enormous amount of boos and Frankie who said and did such horrible things got all cheers.

      • I’m glad they didn’t feed into it! And I’m glad BB showed this one scene because they could’ve easily glossed over it to “protect” Frankie.

  18. The question now is, will Cody honour that final 2? The only way Derrick doesn’t win this thing is if Cody wins HOH and kicks Derrick to the curb. Otherwise, I think this is D’s game to win.

  19. Can I just say that the way the showed Derrick this episode is how they should have showed him the entire season! We got bits and pieces but unless you caught up with the live feeds you wouldn’t have truly gotten the just of how great Derrick was this season.

    Derrick is truly one of the best manipulators I think BB has ever seen! That one part when Caleb, Cody and Victoria all said they trust Derrick the most, haha, that got me!

  20. We got a glimpse of the real Frankie a few weeks ago when in a panic he offered up all the guys in his alliance to Nicole and then stabbed Zach in the back but tonight you got to see the full “raw” Frankie,the man is insane and in love with himself,Zach lock your bedroom door and swallow the key.

  21. hope Cody wins the last HOH and takes Derrick. It will sicken me to see Victoria in the final. I understand that Derrick wants to win but I don’t like seeing an undeserving player get handed $50,000. Just not right.

  22. Frankie, you’re wearing my shorts! I lost them at Woodstock in the’60s!! Didn’t have to worry about losing a top. I wasn’t wearing one. lol

  23. So sad to see it end without the three guys together..I don’t think my heart could do what cody did to Caleb tonight..

  24. frankie shouldnt have said what he said. But why is Cody overlooked? Cody is a prvileged pig who has been carried all the way by derrick. if he thinks he will win hes out of his mind, derrick is going to crush him

  25. I think Cody and Derrick’s loyalty to each other ends here. They will both take Victoria to the F2. Well…at least Derrick will because he knows she won’t win over the jury. Cody is probably too loyal to Derrick just as everyone else has been. I would like to see Derrick get the boot. He’s been manipulative and way too confident thus far. Cody has my vote to win this thing.

  26. The HGs calling out Frankie for thinking he’s good at the game was amazing. Possibly my favorite moment of the season.

    So unfortunate that the crowd wasn’t there to boo him; that would have made everything perfect.

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