‘Big Brother 16’ Spoilers: Final HoH Round 1 Endurance Competition Results

Here we go! It’s time for a new Big Brother 16 Endurance HoH Competition! We just saw tonight’s eviction so we’re ready to move on to the end of the season’s three-round Final HoH battle.

Final 3 Endurance comp - Big Brother 16
Final 3 Endurance comp – Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

Whoever wins this competition will automatically move on to the Round-3 portion while the two who fall behind will face off in the second round. Lots of pressure here with a chance at a half-million dollars on the line. Before the comp Derrick was reaffirming his F2 deals with both Cody and Victoria.

Normally I would normally suggest you grab a trial of the Feeds to watch along, but CBS went and blocked new sign-ups, so stick with us for all the results as they happen right here on this post.

Big Brother 16 Final HoH Round 1 Endurance Comp Results:

  • 7:55 PM BBT – Feeds finally return. Theme is hang gliding. All still in.
  • 7:58 PM BBT – BB turns up the fans & HGs prepare for water.
  • 8:05 PM BBT – Derrick was joking that Caleb would have crushed this.
  • 8:06 PM BBT – Big Brother turns the rain on. It’s pouring down.
  • 8:10 PM BBT – Rain continues. Flash of light & Cody freaks, “is that lightning?!”
  • 8:15 PM BBT – HGs tilted allll the way out. Everyone still in.
  • 8:20 PM BBT – Raining is pouring and lots of tilting, but all look strong.
  • 8:21 PM BBT – Derrick tells Cody, “I’m hurting.” Hmm, is he going to throw it?
  • 8:23 PM BBT – Victoria already asking how long they’ve been up there. Thinks only 10 mins.
  • 8:25 PM BBT – Rain stops. Victoria suggests Frankie would have never survived due to the cold.
  • 8:30 PM BBT – Everyone still hanging in. They’re all very quiet.
  • 8:34 PM BBT – Victoria says she’s slipping & can’t keep her hands on. Guys encouraging her.

  • 8:37 PM BBT – Victoria is grunting, whimpering, and then she’s down.
  • 8:41 PM BBT – Derrick asks Cody if he wants this one. Cody does. Derrick says he’s not confident.
  • 8:44 PM BBT – Derrick again asking if Cody wants. Kinda says he’d (Derr) would drop. Kinda not.
  • 8:45 PM BBT – Derrick suggesting Cody would do better in events/dates for R2. Cody is good at that.
  • 8:50 PM BBT – Derrick continues to offer to drop, but then he doesn’t.
  • 8:53 PM BBT – Guys comparing how their hands are going numb.
  • 8:54 PM BBT – Derrick drops! Cody wins Round 1. Congrats, Cody.

Now that Cody won Round 1 he’ll face off in Round 3 against the winner of Round 2, between Derrick and Victoria. Derrick should have that, right? What do you think?

What do you think of tonight’s Big Brother 16 HoH competition?


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      • I’m glad they didn’t wait until midnight. They figured, people on the west coast are watching the show, not the feeds.

      • I just happened to check the feeds and was pleasantly surprised to see the comp. And what’s with Victoria? I know she hasn’t won much of anything but all she kept talking about for weeks is her wanting an endurance comp so she could kill it. I really thought she would do well at this. Guess she fooled me.

      • Really. You believed the “Entitled Princess” would be able to last more than 35 minutes in a endurance comp. No offense, but if you had noticed her constant zombie stare off into another reality, you would never have given her claims a second thought. It is so difficult to believe she really thinks she has done something other than be used and objectified. Too bad that crow was not around to keep her hanging on for this comp.

  1. I don’t think Derrick would throw it at this point. That would just be stupid. Cody would be an idiot to take Derek, even though he almost certainly will, but if I were Derek that would be in the back of my mind the whole time. At this point you have to take your future into your own hands. He’s played such a perfect game, you can’t do all that hard work, then rely on somebody else to take you to the end.

    • If he wins though he risks losing the vote of Victoria and possibly losing to Cody, or losing Cody’s vote and possible the respect of the jury (which shouldn’t happen ever in this instance). I think he’s got it no matter what though

      • He can afford to lose a vote to be guaranteed standing at F2. It he’s standing next to Victoria, it will likely be unanimous, if he’s standing next to Cody, Cody might get one or two thrown his way. If Cody is standing next to Victoria, it won’t matter. If I were Cody, I’d be thinking really long and hard about taking Victoria over Derek. Remember Derek telling the story to Caleb about Woo choosing honor over guaranteed win on Survivor and how that turned out for him…. If Cody heard that, it should be bouncing around in his head at this point.

      • The problem for Derrick is that Cody is not going to stand there and let Derrick take credit for everything that happened in the house. Remember Cody’s goodbye message to Caleb? He made it clear he had a deal with Derrick and he also made it clear every move was made together. Later he said to Caleb, there was a lot going on that you didn’t know about – as if Cody was in total control.

        The jury doesn’t see what we see so as Dan G. said, Derrick is going to have to convince them that he was the mastermind while Cody was a bystander.

        Either way, I don’t think Derrick will take Cody is he wins HOH. He made it clear the only back he has is his own.

        I think the only one guaranteed to make it to the final 2 is Victoria.

      • They just showed the jury discussing the hgs last week. Every single one of them knew Derrick was the puppet master in the house, and praised his game play. Were talking about someone who could very likely be in the F2 without ever having been on the block. It wont take much convincing.

      • But none of them knew about the Hitmen. With Caleb returning to the house to tell them his story it could change a few minds especially if Cody wins the final HOH.

        In any case, I don’t think we will see a Cody Derrick final 2. Derrick is NOT taking Cody and I think Cody will do the same to Derrick. Anyone in that position has to think about what the perception would be if he took the other guy and lost. They also have to think about how they will feel walking away with $50k instead of $500k.

      • The problem with that though is that Derrick has Cody convinced that taking him would be an easy win.

      • You don’t know that. Derrick may have TRIED to convince Cody of that, but you can’t know whether he was actually convinced of that yet or not. I don’t know why so many viewers this year assume things they can’t know…

    • Throwing it would be a risky move, assuming Cody would win Part 1; Victoria could beat him in Part 2. Heck, stranger things happen all the time.

    • I completely agree. I am VERY surprised Derrick didn’t hold out longer and really try to win this comp.. LIke you said, he has played a near perfect game to throw it all away like that and expect to be taken to the finals.

      • Derrick told Victoria that he did not throw that comp he said he could no longer feel his hands! TRUTH??? Who knows!?

      • He couldn’t hold on any longer but made Cody believe he was giving it to him. Then he will expect Cody to do the same on the 3rd round. Master manipulator.

  2. Well since neither wants to come down it tells me that they clearly don’t trust each other…..not surprised

    • Not necessarily true at all. When you are at this point, even if it’s a husband and wife team, it’s just natural to want to take the future into your own hands. Looks good to the jury too.

  3. a lot of us on the west coast have east coast feeds on Direct TV – get to watch early and then watch in the house stuff from 6PM on

  4. I was a little worried about the Hit men’s alliance when Derrick told Cody he didn’t feel confident enough to drop. What the heck? His buddy from Day 2 and he doesn’t feel confident enough to let Cody have the win? I guess that’s Big Brother. You want to trust but if you’re smart, you won’t … at least not 100%. Still, I want to see Cody and Derrick in the final two. All I want to see of Victoria is the back of her head as she heads out the door. If there was ever a prize for the biggest floater, she’d win it … hands down.

    • I don’t think it was trust I think Derrick thought he might not do well in part 2. He told Cody don’t be mad if I lose to Victoria.

      • I didn’t have the feeds on. So you knew they were going to show it? I turned them on right after they started the comp.

      • Here’s the transcript: Cody: “Is he f****ing scared to lose to Victoria, is this some kind of f****ing joke”

      • OK, everyone, I’m sorry but I’m confused. What happened to piss Cody off and what could the result be?

      • When he went into the FR…he was pissed at Derrick for saying that Vic might beat him..I thought that at that time a light bulb would go off in his head and he would think..Hey. are those two working together too!!

      • That would be awesome if Cody wins the Final HOH and blindsides Derrick and brings Victoria to the Finals .. after his whole speech to Caleb about loyalty to Derrick with their F2 since Day 2 or whatever … And, if asked what his best move/game was … he would respond … Evicting the Master Jedi, Derrick, at the end .. Ha !!! :)
        I do not have online feeds and just watched the last bit of BBAD this morning, so find it interesting that Cody/Derrick (well, mostly Cody) playing out their whole season to Victoria, and yet, Derrick and Victoria has continued their secret F2 pact from Cody ..

      • Thanks Lavendargirl. That might be it. I would like Derrick and Cody to take this thing to end but I realize this is Big Brother, the game where you lie, deceive and stab each other in the back, in order to win. I’m still trying to adjust to the whole premise of the show. This is the first season I’ve actually watched from start to finish. I’m not sure if I’ll be back for another one. My favorites are always evicted early and the worst make it to the end. It’s a world gone mad! lol

    • calling her a floater is an insult to all the other floaters who have gone before her. She’s in a class all by herself when it comes to floating!

  5. Did it seem like Derrick threw it or was close to dropping anyway so acted like he was going to give it to Cody?

    • And, during BBAD Derrick apparently got really p*ssy at Victoria for asking (implying) to him “Did you throw it …” immediately after Cody won the comp … instead of saying “.. congratulations ” … ” awesome job for hanging up there for so …” etc … then went on to qualify it by suggesting that he could not compete against someone 7 years younger … let along stronger, leaner, etc., as Cody is … blah blah blah …
      So, yeah .. if he makes it to Round #3 of the Final HOH Comp … he would have to finally beat Cody on a head-to-head comp to guarantee F2 .. otherwise, if it were to be Derrick and Cody … Cody would have the larger resume to argue to the Jury, as the best competitor and deserving …

  6. Whatever happened to these endurance comps that would go for hours and hours? These wimps didn’t last an hour. Anyone remember Evil Dick and Zach’s endurance comp at final 3? Dick was what 50 and a smoker and that went on forever.

    • Cody suggested during BBAD that, had it been Caleb still in the game and up there, it would / could have been interesting with the Battle of the Beast Mode Competitors …. but, as a Super Fan, he would have known that this to be a physical/endurance comp and chose to evict Caleb …
      He did acknowledge, however, that he made it to F2 that he could not contend to either The Jury nor to Caleb that he was the Comp Beast, as he and Caleb had never gone head-to-head during a physical competitions ….

  7. No wonder Cody is pissed…If Derrick loses to Victoria Cody may go home…But Derrick wants Cody to send Victoria packing or Victoria to send Cody packing
    either way he still has their votes…

    • If Derrick loses to Victoria then she will face off against Cody in the final round. What are the chances Victoria beata Derrick and Cody back to back?

  8. I’m sorry but I don’t have live feed. What happed to piss Cody off so much and what could the result of it be?

  9. If its even possible… Derrick now needs to lose round 2 to Victoria without looking like he threw it. Both Victoria and Cody are dialed in on taking Derrick. Do it that way and whoever wins round 3 and votes out the other gets the blood on their hands(which I would die laughing if Victoria won that final competition which can be a tossup). Either way.. there is like <1% chance that Derrick isn't winning it all. He would have to seriously blow up his own game at this point to lose, and that's not going to happen.

    He's pretty much played the perfect game. Never been on the block in a season in which 4 players weekly at the start were being put there. Picture perfect social game to the point that literally every other person in the final 4 were happy 'Derrick had their back' (lol). Has managed his multiple alliances to a T and pretty much everyone from Donny on down is who he wanted to go home.

    • Derrick is not going to throw this comp. If he does, he will regret it. I am not certain Cody will take Derrick to final 2.

      As for Derrick managing multiple alliances, that really was not much of a problem – didn’t Cody do the same thing? Derrick’s alliances were all subsets of the larger alliance. They were not competing against each other until the end.

      That was the problem with this season. It was predictable because there was really only 1 alliance.

      • One of the subtle things that Derrick has done is that he’s actively gone around and made people feel that their game was far better than his. Hell, the guy has VICTORIA, one of the biggest floaters in BB history… think she’s playing a better game than him. Is it a bit of a risk… maybe, but at this point I truly think that Cody thinks that if he’s up against Derrick… he DESTROYS Derrick based on gameplay.. and kicking him to the curb by not showing loyalty is a great way to face a bitter Jury full of people he kicked out, with a viable option that didn’t.
        This is why he’s made a point of trying to bloody Derrick in revealing the Hitmen and how they ‘worked hand in hand and made the decisions together’. At the end of the day, I very much believe he thinks that they both got the blood, and that the Jury will then come to the decision that he played a better overall game.

      • They’ve already had clips from the Jury house where all the jurors were going off on how well Derrick was playing. The funny part is that say Derrick throws that 2nd HoH to Victoria and somehow/someway she pulls a victory over Cody in Round 3. There is no way she doesn’t take Derrick, and in all reality he’s already wound her up and stroked her ego… all he has to do is let her try to argue to the Jury @ how good she was at the the game and how she dragged him to the end lol. Then simply address personal issues(like how Nicole ended up screwing herself comparing him to Dan when he was trying to save her), and he can simply walk with the $500k.

  10. I am SO hoping that Cody get’s the ultimate HoH. If Derrick should manage a win in Round 2, it will be quite a competition. If some far away land, and Victoria, she may just get lucky in Round. That last Comp is completely a “guessing” game, one where the House-Guests have to choose how a Juror answers a This ot That. And, This year, I wouldn’t be surprised IF the Jurors answer the exact opposite of what they really feel.
    It Will be Interesting, for sure! I am rooting for My Guy, Cody*! He may not have the Comp wins, but he does have perfect Social Game, BY far!
    Cody does not the “blood” in His hands, but He does NOT have a single “enemy” in that Jury. He is everyone’s “best Friend”.

  11. Frankee made this season. Without him, I would not have watched or cared about these BORING folks. If I would have been in the House, I would have killed myself. Caleb should have backed up Frankee. What a fool.

      • Thought it was Julie Chen, but you might be right… Either that or it could be one of the pre-teen fans who think it’s hilarious when an opinionated gay man becomes a celebrity by saying as many nasty things as he can to other people.

  12. Whoa!! Victoria is giving Derrick and Cody hell for their past actions. she’s shrieking at them and questioning some of their actions. Man oh man, she’s shrill. I’ve never seen her this argumentative. Derrick and Cody keep trying to deflect her by telling her what an honor it is for her to be in F3. She’s not buying it so far. They’re talking blatantly about their Hitmen alliance. It’s a bit late in the game for her to wake up, don’t know if she forgot her meds, but it’s a lot of fun to watch. Victoria try your hardest in the next round of the HOH and shock them by winning, girl!

    • I can’t stand Derrick either but Victoria is being silly and naive suggesting Derrick should let her win they are all final 3 it would be stupid of any of them to voluntarily hand a comp to the others. All 3 should be giving it all they got at this point only 1 person can win if Derrick gave her the comp then he wouldn’t deserve to be taken to f2 by anybody

      • You’re absolutely right. I was just surprised to see her ask it, and then to have him hint that she should do it instead really floored me. I think my dislike of Derrick colors the way I respond to everything he does. I try not to do it, but so far not successfully! :)

      • He has Victoria so darn confused, bewildered, happy, mad….I think he has played with every emotion she has, and she has let him the entire game. I am hoping that Cody wins this final HOH..I really believe he would stay loyal to Derrick..if Derrick wins final HOH..no way he stays loyal to Cody..no way! This guy is cut throat and will get rid of Cody in a nano-second. Dan wasn’t afraid to take Memphis..Derrick should not be afraid to take Cody. I think Derrick would win against either one of them.

  13. I think Derrick has played a brilliant game but I just don’t like him for some reason. I haven’t liked any of the last 5 really. I guess at this point I am rooting for Cody! All I know is how is Frankie going to feel when he see’s his popularity? He is thinking he will win America’s favorite. I have noticed he has gone from 1% to 3%, I think he has peaked. Good riddance Frankie and if Big Brother ever brings that freak back I will not watch that season. Simple as that!

    • I don’t like Derrick either. He’s one cold, back-stabbing fish. I’d love to see him get left behind. He may have played a clever game, but he’s not a nice human being. I’m rooting for Cody too, although Victoria is entertaining tonight on BBAD. Will they tell the jury members what % of votes they received for America’s Favorite?

      • I hope Frankie finds out he isn’t near as close to being a favorite then he thinks he is, that will be priceless! 1-3% should be humiliating!
        Thank you,

        Larry Davis
        Oilcan Harry’s
        Via IPhone

      • in a word: no. They announce the winner of that poll but not the % of the vote for the other elligible HGs

      • You sound completely assinine. You think someone you’ve never met isn’t nice because he back-stabbed people in a GAME where back-stabbing is a huge part of said GAME? People like you are so simple it’s ridiculous. If you say you wouldn’t do the same thing for a shot at half a million dollars your either lying or stupid.

  14. go vic you are the biggest none player in the big brother history to make it this far by letting yourself be used as a nom 9 times, and derrick never ever nom, and made it to the final three,
    two records set that is a good season,
    derrick played one good social game , and was able to get rid of everyone who figured him out. not bad, the only ones that fell short were frankie and caleb, Christine screwed up by backstabbing her side alliance, her donny nic and hayden would have made it if they got rid of frankie a long time ago.
    this is big brother and it is almost over,
    It should be derrick and cody in the final test, but will derrick take cody, to the final 2 that is the question. Derrick has so far made it and vic and cody would take him, cody is loyal to him , but derrick is loyal to derrick , as donny once said he is playing big brother for himself not anyone else, derrick feels the same,

    • Exactly right, for $500k isn’t that what your supposed to do, play big brother for yourself, after all why would you play hard all season just to give it to someone else. Derrick is doing what anyone else would do if you were playing the game. In fact, you really don’t know what you would do in the same situation after 90 days locked up in a house with crazy people. You know they are so ready to be done! Sometimes you have to do and say things that you wouldn’t normally do. Let’s not forget, it is a game. At least Derrick is not the vulgar, narcissistic, disgusting excuse of a human that Frankie was. How can you even say that Derrick is not a decent human being. He has played a perfect game it’s not even a guestion, he deserves to win.

  15. “You are not allowed to talk about Production …” appeared to be the theme of this morning’s (err, last night’s) BBAD … Ha !!!
    What an arrogant SOB that Derrick was (and Cody) by telling Victoria that they carried her all Season to F3 . and, continue to go on how they both will crush it to the Jury together .. then, as a side, commenting with a side note, should Victoria somehow win and make it to F2 then, so be it .. yada yada yada …
    Derrick, again, told Victoria that they will need to talk after the game is over, as she may hear things that she may not like, and just to remember that it was a game and that he may have done/and said things, to better her position ….
    But, the best part was, him telling her that he would need to win Part 2 of the comp, in order for him/them to go to the Finals, as he would have a better shot at beating Cody in Part 3 of the Comp than she would … So, in essence, he suggested that she throw him the next Comp … and, used the perverbial words .. “Trust Me” and, he will do her right ..

    So yeah, it has been Derrick all along, holding poor Victoria back from playing and competing in this game, as he downgrades her abilities … So, yeah .. Go Victoria Go … You have perhaps one final chance “…. to win something … ” …. Ha !!!! :)

  16. Anyone else notice a change in a lot of people here? CODY IS THE BIGGEST FLOATER EVER to OMG TEAM CODY, WOOOOO


  17. During BBAD, Victoria made the observation/comment that the F3 includes the first group of HG’s to enter the House this season .. then, was promptly told by Production … “You are not allowed to talk about Production … ” … Ha !!!
    So, whether a coincidence or not, hopefully, Production will not retain this two part / day entry of the HG into the House, as it appears to possibly may have given an undue advantage over the second group .. Discuss away … :)

    • I think it’s definitely true that the first group of house guests had an advantage over the second group. They formed the Bomb Squad alliance and the second group became fodder.

    • that can’t possibly have been true, because I remember Derrick entering with the second group. They previewed him at the end of the first episode.

  18. It is anti-climactic at this point. No drama, no nothing of a ho hum snoozefest of a season! The only question everyone is still looking to have answered is Derrick or Cody going to take Victoria to Final 2? I say yes, because it is the only smart move to make at this point. Ensure the win and that $500,000! This is the only season I have skipped watching episodes on TV because it is too boring to watch. Just interested in Final 2 and the eventual winner. It is about over, thankfully.

      • If he sticks with Derrick and loses it then, he has only himself to blame. However, the fact that Cody took pains to win the first of three competitions tells me he is serious. Derrick might be in for a surprise if Cody wins the third competition and takes Victoria! That would be something, the look of surprise on Derrick’s face as he gets evicted and becomes the last jury member. Now, that would be very ironic. All that manipulation for nothing!

  19. On a side note, I’ve never seen any of this year’s HGs smoking outside, while quite a few of last year’s HGs were smokers. Are any of the current HGs smokers? Just wondering….

    • Nope. Except for Donny who’s into chewing tobacco, none of this year’s HG’s are into the habit. Yey for clean living! :D

      • Thanks for the reply James. Yay indeed! Smoking is a killer for sure. I’m not surprised that Donny chews tobacco since a lot of guys especially from the south are into that.

      • caleb chewed too and devin had taken some of Donny’s saying he would repay him which didn’t happen and Donny was getting low on chew

  20. The way I see it, Derrick protected and in many ways carried Cody through the game, just like Victoria…not to make light of Cody’s competition skills, but his mouth would have gotten him into trouble and his reactive temperament, were it not for Derrick’s influence.
    I think Cody made a BIG mistake revealing the “hitmen” duo with Derrick during last night’s eviction of Caleb…that information is now, likely, on its’ way into the Jury House for dissemination. I think he was attempting to put a little tarnish on Derrick as his accomplice, but I think it will backfire on him.

  21. Derrick asks Cody if he wants this one when in reality, Derrick’s arms are giving out and he knows Cody will win. I suppose on the last comp Derrick will remind Cody that he gave him the first round and he (Derrick) would appreciate the final round between the two of them. Master manipulator til the very bitter end. If Cody falls for it, he deserves to lose to Derrick. Poor Vic just can’t win to save her life in this game.

  22. Derrick got tired on this comp and had to drop. Then he pretended to Cody that he let him have it. He will act like Cody owes him the 3rd round. Manipulator til the end. Don’t trust Derrick.

    • He’s just playing the game. They all lie at some point, you’re watching the wrong show if you want complete truth.

  23. all these people bashing Derrick are funny. Calling him a liar, etc.

    1) he’s a cop. So of course he lies. Am I right?
    2) he’s playing a game where dishonesty gets you further than honesty.

    • Both of your points are opinion based – neither proven right nor wrong, but I’ll go out on a limb and say wrong in this case. Your statement is rediculous.

      • The first one was a joke. and the second one has been proven right numerous times! 15 seasons worth of it plus examples this season. Joey (remember Joey?) was honest and fessed up: ‘i tried to form a girls’ alliance’…she got booted out week 1. Dan won season 10 and he wasn’t honest.

  24. I hope Cody win the final HOH, I would rather see him get the 50,000 for coming in second instead of Victoria, or better yet win the 500k. Derrick has played a great game, but I don’t want him to win the final HOH, because he will take Victoria and she don’t even deserve to win anything.

    • That’s called doing what’s best to win. How does he not deserve it? His social game was second to none.

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