‘Big Brother 16’ Spoilers: Week 9 Veto Ceremony Results

Ready to find out what happened in today’s Veto Ceremony for Big Brother 16? The Feeds have returned and the results have confirmed this week’s final nominees who will face eviction on Thursday night’s live show.

Power of Veto competition on Big Brother
Power of Veto on Big Brother – Source: CBS

There had been rumblings this week to possibly shift things around, but considering the source and the leash around his game there weren’t many fans holding out much hope. Did he come through?

Read on to find out the latest Big Brother spoilers and discover who is now on the block.

This week’s Veto winner, Cody, did not use the Veto despite wanting to renom Frankie to get him evicted this week.

Derrick did not give Cody approval to follow through on this move so despite calling it his “perfect world” scenario, Cody keep the nominations the same. Today was another win for Derrick, or at least for Derrick’s plan.

The final nominations for Week 9 on Big Brother 16 are Donny Thompson and Nicole Franzel.

There will be five votes this week and Donny is in a very bad spot. This is his seventh trip to the block and I do believe it’ll be his last. He’s put up a hell of a fight, but as he told Nicole, making it to the end was an insurmountable obstacle.

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    • He has a business degree from college. He’s not dumb. If they don’t get Donny out he might win HOH and then they’re in real trouble. Donny would win if he got to end. They all have to turn on each other soon. It should get exciting then.

      • He’s dumb when it comes to interpersonal relationships, but left with his text books he’s probably smart! :-)

      • I personally HOPE that Donny goes to the F2 ( I can dream can’t I ? ) …. Cody, Derrick, Christine and Frankie all need to GO !

      • Dumb in the context of playing Big Brother. His business degree isn’t helping him much in that regard!

  1. Unleash Pandora’s Box, make someone get the Coup d’état and put up Christine and Caleb.

    • Yea that way, you can make them heroes like bb did Jeff and Jordan when it reality, they was getting their tails whipped just like Donny and Nicole is doing now….. i guess the owe saying win at all cost is very very true

      • Why because somebody nice won? She also won comps and won the final 2 HOH’s. Doesn’t have to always be someone hateful or a floater that wins. She was VERY deserving!

      • No, I like nice people, as most people do. She is one of the least deserving because she was one of the worst gameplayers and did effectively nothing all season. Winning competitions is also entirely meaningless.

        She’s essentially Victoria, but she was unintelligent in a much more likable way and she’s a better person. Both did about equal nothing in terms of playing the game though.

      • Yea so did rat face Andy from Last Year and so dod Adam from season 9… They wont great players either….. A lot of the time the best player just dont win

      • have you thought about getting your GED? I don’t know what the hell you’re trying to say with your ebonics and 2nd grade education, but you sound like a complete moron. dumb people like you are destroying America. please leave

      • Not at all, Joni. I enjoy your replies. I’m very corny, and a “little” sarcastic. I forget people don’t really know me and won’t know how to take me sometimes. I’m sincerely sorry if you felt that way.

      • I’m laughing..and being sarcastic too…so I get sarcasm when I see it. I was being sarcastic in return..LOL

      • did you know that this is the internet, so capitalization isn’t important? you still understand what is being said. however, when some moron(I assume he’s your gay lover) can’t spell simple words correctly or use proper grammar(ebonics isn’t a legitimate language) then the person should be called out for it. so go back to sucking him off.

      • being a Fat slob that sits around the computer makes some people think they are intelligent when in reality, they are simply dreaming. Put the sandwich down and breathe and you may feel better…. Take a bath also, i smell you…… FUNKY ONE

      • internet tough guy. typing all of that is the extent of your toughness. congrats.

      • Guys keep in mind, English isn’t everyone’s first language. Not trying to defend his/her pov, but just sayin’!!!

    • I am betting that is going to happen because I get the impression BB wants Donny to stay in the house.

      • I think we would have already voted for a coup de’tat, but I’m hoping the same thing.

    • God I hope not. That’d be such BS blatant production interference.

      Donny and Nicole shouldn’t rewarded for not being as good as Derrick.

      • Uhmm, do the odds of 2 to 6 sound like fair to you? At least they could level the playing field, lol.

      • Well they formed a strong alliance and actually won comps. If production stepped in to give special powers to players because people felt sorry for them, I don’t know; that just kills the purpose of the game and craps on everything the detonators have accomplished all season. I hope Donny somehow survives but I don’t want production to fix the game for him

      • I think being liked by America is a strategy too. They know that America votes on things like this.

  2. I am just so frustrated as a viewer. They have a 5 person alliance, they all can’t win. Someone needs to see they need Donny and Nicole to get rid of their alliance members, because no one wants to get “blood” on their hands.

    • That is game play Kyle21, but the hg’s and CBS production are too blinded by Derrick and Frankie for that~

  3. That’s really sad….

    Derrick: Sit, Cody.
    Cody sits
    Derrick: Beg, Cody
    Cody raises his paws.
    Derrick: Speak, Cody.
    Cody: Woof!
    Derrick: Good boy! Here’s your treat. Go fetch.

  4. I’ve been pulling for Cody and Derrick since Day 1, but man Cody is such a wimp. That’s twice now he’s wanted to backdoor someone (Caleb, now Frankie), but can’t pull the trigger.

    May work out for him in the end, but man is it boring.

    • Do you remember when Cody said his brother would be real mad at him if he made the wrong moves? So, Derrick is “thicker than family” as the saying goes. Yep, I do see the neon sign saying “Stupid” Cody”. This was the crucial week for Cody to make the power move that would get rid of 2 power players and next week he is out the door. Thank you Derrick…..OMG

      • You think Cody is out the door next week? No one is targeting Cody. Derrick is targeting him. Caleb isn’t targeting him. Christine isn’t targeting him. Derrick wont let Victoria target him.

        The only person that might target him is Frankie.

      • Derrick isn’t targeting Cody next week..but eventually he is if things go his way!

      • Yeah, like Final 3 when it’s him, Cody, and Victoria.

        Lets say Donny goes this week and Nicole goes next week.

        That leaves Cody, Derrick, Frankie, Caleb, Christine, and Victoria.

        No one is going to target Victoria. Everyone wants Christine out.

        Frankie will go after Derrick. Caleb has a final 3 with Derrick and Cody, and we’ve already seen how loyal he is.

        Cody is sitting pretty to make it to Final 3.

      • Not everyone wants Christine out before Victoria…only Derrick does and is trying to get Cody to be on board with that.

  5. Derrick Jr. is to much of a coward to go against his daddy’s wishes.

    Can’t wait to see the look on Derrick Jr’s face when his daddy boots his ass out of the house and takes Victoria to the final two.

      • I see your point, but this was their opportunity to get him out. As much as I dislike him, I can’t deny that he’s the best competitor left. I would be willing to bet that he wins HOH on Thursday. After next week… Everyone plays in veto.

      • A lot of assumptions. I’m saying that the people remaining really aren’t slouches in comps either. We’ll have to wait and see, but at this point, I don’t see Frankie in the F2.

      • haha. It was a slow day at work yesterday. Plus, I just keep thinking about it bc I feel that he’s such a great competitor that they won’t have a chance. Hopefully this week.

      • Yeah, but they still have to shoot each other! Victoria already owns seat number 2 so, they are all fighting for 1 seat!

      • In my opinion, it hasn’t been a greatly entertaining season, but good gracious, the ratings are supposedly very good. That is due to loyal fans. But as bad as I hate to admit it, I use to be a RHW of New Jersey loyal fan. Even loyal fans only go so far.

      • I know right. There’s so many people the house is so crowded. Not even enough beds.

      • Are you serious right now? 7 people left. 5 more evictions. Theres a lot of game left…

      • If you are watching the Super Bowl, the score is 30-10 with one minute remaining, and your team is winning, do you stop watching?

      • OK. It’s essentially midway through the third quarter, and Frankie isn’t even in the lead at this point – Derrick is.

        Do you guys think the finale is tomorrow or something? Good lord settle down… 1 minute remaining….

      • Just a scenario, Gellie. Make up your own numbers, but you know what I’m saying. You’re ALWAYS so stubborn.

      • Well comparing a house with 7 people left to 1 minute left in the superbowl might be the worst comparison i’ve heard on this website… I mean, no offence, but come on man…

      • You could not offend me. I don’t know you. The point, which you seem to miss completely, is a fan is a fan, even with a minute left and you are getting skunked or are the skunker. Now make sure you get the last word because you usually do.

      • I just think it’s stupid to assume the game is over and Frankie’s at this point when nearly half the cast still remains in the house. People are losing their minds for no reason…

      • Well I’m not, are you? It has had me irritated to the point of not reading any blogs for a day. I just disengage for a while, but to each his own. It doesn’t bother me if anyone wants to “lose their mind” over a game

      • That is never my intent. I love to listen to other people’s opinions and never think what I have to say is better or more important. Maybe she will speak to me again. I hope so.

      • In another post, someone called her a he and Gellie replied with she, if I remember correctly. I always try to remember those things so I want make that mistake. It is difficult to discern that from posts a lot of the time and from names used. I’m a woman and have been called a dude, man, he..it doesn’t bother me in the least, though.

      • Sorry Gellie, but I’ve heard her say Dude a lot to other guys and found that to be a “guy thing” for one guy to say to another guy…not a girl saying that to a guy! LOL

      • I say “it”. And I don’t like people that always contradict everything you say and make it personal. They can’t have an educated discussion whether they agree or disagree so they take it to a personal level.

      • You mean kind of like the show with the Frankenstein’s and Cousin IT, the hand that was always coming out of the box and scaring people…creepy!

      • Sorry girl not a dude. And I’d appreciate if you don’t tell me what to watch. Once again you have nothing valuable to comment so you take it personal.

      • Because jokingly calling me Helen, or Cody’s family is a valuable comment after I raise a solid, up for discussion point… You just don’t know how to talk with people that don’t agree with you.

        But how can you expect to have social skills when you’re watching live feeds until 5:00 am… ;)

      • I hope you don’t mind if I ask you a personal question. I’ve observed that the majority of your posts tend towards the negative, argumentative and insulting. Are you that way in real life or just in this blog? I’m not trying to be mean. I’m just curious as to why. Is there something you’d care to share that would help me understand you?

      • I don’t want to be mean or insulting to some of these guys, and I do genuinely try to generate discussion, but a couple of people here (I guess) find it insulting when someone disagrees with them, so they’ll throw accusations my way. That’s fine, but don’t get mad at me when I respond…

      • I don’t think anybody minds when someone’s ideas are different. It would be really boring (no pun intended) if everyone thought the same way. I personally don’t find it insulting when someone disagrees with me. I’m more curious as to why the name-calling, insults and sarcasm. To me it points to negativity. However, I’ve also seen some of your posts as insightful, even when I don’t agree with the idea. Any way you could tone down the insults? Anything I could do to help?

      • I honestly dont see defending myself or a couple of the houseguests as a bad thing. If they come off as insulting, then so be it, but I think this is a two way street.

      • OK, thank you for taking the time to reply. I do appreciate it. I just noticed, because yesterday you called me old, delusional and a dude when I had a different opinion. I debated the issue with you, but didn’t call you any names. Today I saw a couple of more arguments. I just thought I’d try to reach out to you is all. :)

      • That the typical definition of a “troll” on the internet.
        There’s a saying:“If you fight with a pig, you’ll only manage to get muddy, and the pig likes it”

      • I’ve never called you Helen or Cody’s family. I said ASK Helen. And you are the pot calling the kettle black. Like I’ve told you before you can agree or disagree with me and I’ll go back and forth with you with my opinion if you have an intelligent comment to make. But you always have to make it personal. Just like the comment you just made to me. Everyone has told you of their dislike for you but you can’t take a hint. Please don’t bother replying to me because I’m done with you. You’re not worth my time. Have a wonderful life.

    • If Frankie wins next week’s F7 HOH, and he sends home Nicole, he is screwed. He can’t play in the F6 and would have to win POV that week. He’d have to win F5 HOH or POV. If he’s F5 HOH, he can’t play in F4 HOH.

    • Someone has to make the first move. It is either play or get played!
      If you do not make the move when you have a chance, it will be too late for you when you decide you want to make that move! Remember Judd and Helen of last season, now is not the week to take out Amanda, the following week, now is not the week to take out Amanda. We all know the rest. Amanda took both Judd and Helen out before she was taken out! Frankie is a better competitor than Amanda is the huge difference. Chances are pretty good, he will win HOH again. This time, he might now pass on the opportunity. If he does, then, he is just as dumb and deserves to be evicted! You cannot win hoping someone else takes you to Final 2 except, if you are Victoria. When you are evicted, you are done. There are no more 2nd chances which Nicole got!

  6. I think Cody did the right thing. It’s not that it’s too soon to go after Frankie, but Nicole & Donny want Cody & Derrick out. Both moves are risky for them, and we’ll have to see if he made the right one.

    • Actually, Nicole wants Christine out because Christine backdoored her & sent her to Jury the first time! Now that Nicole’s back, she wants revenge on Christine for doing that!

  7. They need to change Julie’s phrase from expect the unexpected the “expect the same ole s##t. Derrick is going to find out he made a mistake. Who are the leading HOH comp winners – Frankie & Nicole. Who will be competing Thursday – Frankie and Nicole.

    • I always hate when ppl say this, but I totally agree. This season is starting to remind me more and more of last season. Waiting for the “right moment” . OMG. Make a move already… & The HG might not be racist but they’re just as disgusting & hateful as last year’s. At first I thought they were all likeable, but the longer they are in the house, the more their true colors are shown.

      Even wonderful actor Frankie can only act for so long.

    • You act like Frankie would target Derrick. He’s made no indication that he’s coming after Derrick. That wouldn’t change if he won HOH again.

      • He’s going to have to get some blood on his hands regardless (someone’s gotta go up next to Nicole and I doubt he’s going to put up Caleb or Christine), so he may as well go big at this point.

  8. Cody is pathetic. He sits up in his room like some badass trashing others, but doesn’t even have a mind of his own. He’s been riding coat tails jsut as much as the people he puts down. You suck Cody.

  9. Matt, is that tweet for real? Did Cody just tell Christine that she is safe this week because he drew STRAWS to determine using the Veto or not?

  10. Derrick didn’t give approval. ppfftt Can’t they think for themselves? I was trying to think of all the HOH’S this season how many did what they wanted and how many were told what to do.

    • “Derrick did not give Cody approval to follow through on this move so despite calling it his “perfect world” scenario, Cody keep the nominations the same.”
      This is what is wrong with this season! Derrick’s opinion of everyone has shaped this entire game. He got his opinion of Donny wrong, and now because of the way Derrick played the game he can’t backup on it…it will cost him in the long run. I hope it does!
      On another note, I can’t remember a season(and yes I have watched all 16!) where one hg was so vilified, who didn’t deserve it, other than Donny. For me it is like good vs. evil. I wish for once one of the good guys could advance for a shot to win! CBS did the coup d’etat for Jeff, wish they would do it for Donny!

  11. Assuming Cody did flip and decide to put up Frankie in place of Donny, then what? He would have done it without Derrick’s “permission” and gone against his other alliance members…and still not have the votes to get Frankie out (because this season has shown everyone sticks with the pack). This would just paint a bigger target on his back next week since he’d be
    on the outs with the alliance—and not be able to compete in the HOH
    competition, either.

    Can’t say it’s a cowardly move to stick with the original plan at this point—although it would have made for MUCH better TV if he did put Frankie up! If Cody’s smart (what’s that about him having a business degree?), he’ll stick with Derrick up until F5 or F4, then get him out for a chance to win. Because let’s be honest, Derrick is the only real winner/game player in this game. A true master manipulator. Are we sure he’s not a hypnotist?

    • They would definitely have the votes had he put Frankie up. It would have been Derricks plan so you have his vote, Victorias vote and the person they saved from the block. Then you have a new ally to help you go against the rest of the alliance. Pretty simple really… Caleb would move over to their side as well, he’s done with chris and frank.

      You;re right, everyone sticks to the pack… which is really just whatever Derrick says goes

      • But Derrick didn’t okay the plan, which is why Cody didn’t rock the boat. Just thought I’d give Cody some credit since people are lambasting him for being spineless (I don’t totally disagree with that statement), since it is a practical move to “stick with the numbers.” And it’s a smart move for Derrick to keep Frankie…to keep the target off himself. It’s working, after all.

        And I agree with @jessalli about Derrick. Great player, but dull as heck. Donny is pretty dull, too, but occasionally he’s got these funny, insightful quips. I miss Zack—now that’s good TV.

  12. Of course he did not use it. The attempts that Julie makes each week to make the “live” vote more exciting has become almost too painful and pathetic to watch. If ever production should have created some twist to make this more enjoyable, this would have been the year. People always say ” I am never going to watch this show again”. Who are we kidding. I stopped watching last year when it seemed so obvious how it was going to end. Atleast last year I watched up until the final 4. This year who cares. The new TNT drama, Legends is pretty good. Also this season on AMC’s Hell on Wheels the acting and plot is superb. FX’s Son’s of Anarchy will be back three weeks. Now that will be something to watch. Never fear, there is exciting TV out there, it just isn’t on CBS!

  13. Getting Frankie out makes no sense at all this week. You have two people who are clearly gunning for Derrick and Cody so why take out someone who is in your alliance. I get it. Frankie is annoying and its hard to watch his antics. But its a game and Derrick is smart enough to remember that. If Donny or Nicole wins HOH next week, Cody and Derrick will be on the block and only one of them is safe. Donny is the bigger threat so he needs to go first.

    I like Donny too, but frankly, he has known what’s going on for a while and he waited way too long to do something about it.

    If Frankie win HOH next week, he will put up Nicole and Christine. Cody and Derrick as safe as long as Cody’s stupid plan is not made public.

    • Now don’t you go speaking logical… You need to grab your torch and get on the Frankie hate train. CODY IS AN IDIOT!!! see? I’m fitting in!

    • You’re spot on. The people complaining that Cody has no guts or only does what Derrick tells him to do are just bitter that their favorite house guest, Donny, is going home this week. Frankie has made no indication that he would backdoor or target Cody or Derrick when he has the opportunity.

      Donny has made it very clear that he’s coming after Cody and Derrick if he gets the chance. Cody would be foolish to leave him and Nicole in the game together. If Frankie wins HOH, you’re right, he’s putting up Nicole for sure and probably Victoria.

      I want Frankie out just as much as everyone else, but game-wise, it simply doesn’t make sense for Cody and Derrick this week.

      • When Derprick and Fakie were counting jury votes he realized that against NoBallsCody or Derprick he was in trouble. He’s already asked DR if the TA survives even if there is only one TA member left. And he knows Derprick has VapidVic and NoBalls while he has CrazedCaleb and Ratine. He’s plotting–count on it.

    • As much as I hate Frankie, he did backdoor his “best friend” in the house. He really did not make any big moves before that despite winning easy HoH comps. Despite his wins he had really has not done anything, but get in a big alliance that for the most part has held together. Having said that, he knows he has to get rid of his own alliance members just like Derrick knows he has to do the same. Sad thing is that Frankie, might strike first, and Derrick will be another Zach.

      • Do you really think Zach was his best friend or do you think he just said that to get Zach’s vote to win and America’s vote for favorite player?

      • If only Zach had let Frankie pop his cherry … Ha !!!

        now, he has Caleb as his beast Mode Gay Cowboy … Ha !!!

        Eta: yes, those words came from Frankie to Caleb … :)

  14. There is one good thing about this season. This blog hasn’t been boring! Love how everyone, me included, is so fired up about how bad things are this season. LOL

  15. What is the first word or short phrase that comes to mind when you hear the remaining HGs names? I’ll go first! Lol!
    Cody– Grow a pair
    Derrick– Gatekeeper/Master
    Christine– Cruella D’Evil
    Frankie–Disgusting/Liar, Liar pants on fire!
    Victoria– Duh!
    Donnie– Way to Nice!
    Nicole– Try & Try again!
    Maybe not my best post but I’m bored! Lol!

  16. Sigh. I bet Cody would jump off a cliff if Derrick told him to.
    Ah, well, you know what Judge Judy says: “Beauty fades, dumb is forever.”

  17. As much as I dislike Frankie, I hope that he is the first to strike against Derrick and Cody to show Cody how big of an idiot he was for not going against Frankie when he had no power.

    • I so hate Fakie but I want to see Derprick’s face when he goes out the door before VapidVic.

  18. I am done with this house full of losers. Not going to be watching this anymore once Donny is out. Can’t believe production didn’t find away to make them keep Donny like they did with Frankie. So over this show!

  19. I am so hoping maybe, just maybe there will actually be a real twist between now and elimination. Please. Please. Please.

  20. Well Cody has a bit of smarts … in keeping Caleb far, far far away frim his Sister …. Ha !!!

    Though, as for Caleb, he will be sticking with Frankie, as long as he has a glimmer of hope to meet and have a duet with hia Sister…..

    yes, Frankie, pimping his Sister to fuether his game … Ha !!!

  21. Ah whatever. I wish Nicole and Victoria were being evicted with Donny this week just so we can finally see the detonator alliance turn on each other. Everyone has been picked off week after week; it’s been boring

  22. This has been the season of the no brainer..or one brainer should I say. Only one house guest is allowed to have a brain at a time. And for a while now it has been Derrick..he controls the nom’s the vote’s and at times the veto’s..but the other HG are allowing it..or production is?..and the brainless HG can’t see how they are being controlled..I bet Derrick is very good at his job and it has helped him alot in this game..I can’t wait for the HG to get out of the house and go back and watch themselves be puppets for Derrick..boy are they going to feel stupid..but in the words of Forrest Gump “Stupid is as Stupid does”.

  23. Maybe Nicole will win HOH and get rid of Derrick…..That might be somewhat entertaining they will be like little lost puppies, bless their hearts..none of them (except Donnie and Derrick) have used their brains since they walked into the house….

  24. Can Donny rat out Derrick and Frankie as part of Team America and money won as he leaves the house?

  25. if Donny goes home im not watching the show ever again.. this has been a boring season and no Pandora box no double eviction, besides the one with 2 hoh. but i got to say im not happy at all with this season. don’t be surprised if big brother don’t get taking off the air soon .. save Donny if you want to keep viewers and that’s not just a warning from me.. i read a few good ideas, one was give Donny a get out of jail free card i like that but call it the get of the block free card or something.. i know big brother is un fair in nature but Donny is getting drug through the dirt make it stop at once BB!!!

  26. THey want donny out he door , he is the biggest threat to the alliance, but it will be interesting to see them turn on each other, if victor. had a brain she could do some real damage , but she is there for the ride , she does nothing wing nothing and has no clue what is going on. IF christine would have been true to her side alliance she would be sitting sweet right know. they could still have hayden nic donny and christine, and the dets, would be shattered,
    Donny will be gone, they are scared of him, and derrick is a good player, since being a cop is more than just eating doughnuts he must be able to manipulate others to get them to do and say what you want.
    It will be sad if donny goes but someone has too.
    IT is comming down to the wire and if not mistaken one more double eviction comming up very soon. they only have 4 weeks and on week four they have to have 3 left. so with all these people who think they know big brother inside and out better make a big move, quick or loose. Cody just messed his game up big time,
    week 9 donny gone week 10 nic if she cant pull a win, week 11 christine and caleb, DE , week 12 cody , that will leave frankie derrick and vic, to end off the season and either vic, will go with derrick or frankie, UNless they can boot frankie off then derrick that will change everything,

  27. Not surprised cody has been playing derricks game this whole season. I don’t even want to watch anymore if Denny gets evicted. Big brother is going to lose a lot of viewers if he does. Too bad!!

  28. When will someone get some balls and make a big move! They could have got Frankie out already, he is well kept and spoiled! No one ever thinks for themselves, it’s so planned and boring. They don’t want to use the veto either, so why play just sit out and let everybody stare at each other. Go Nicole or Donny, win HOH, so they can break us this hideous group!!!!! Plus they deserve time win…..

  29. Well I will def, miss tonight since it comes on a 2.00am eastern time, will not stay up like last time, last time was a waste, this will be no different, why stay up when nothing surprizing is going to happen,
    I will just read about it tomorrow,

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