Big Brother 16 Live Feeds: Week 9 Monday Daytime Highlights


Cody decided to not shake things up in the Big Brother 16 house during today’s Veto Ceremony, so there wasn’t a lot of daytime action on the Live Feeds. Find out what else happened on the Big Brother Feeds in the house today.

Big Brother 16 Live Feed Highlights – Monday, August 25, 2014:

9:05 AM BBT – Feeds are out. Wake-up time.

9:18 AM BBT – Feeds come back. Victoria and Donny are awake.

9:35 AM BBT – Donny asks Victoria how she is feeling. She says she’s feeling better.

10:07 AM BBT – Nicole up getting ready.

11:10 AM BBT – Feeds cut for veto ceremony.

11:44 AM BBT – Feeds return. Cody did not use the Veto. Nicole is embarrassed over something that happened. Donny says he’s been on the block the entire season. Donny and Nicole agree they’ve had it the worst in the house.

12:06 PM BBT – Victoria tells Nicole there’s no way the votes will change this week. She says Donny is going home and Nicole is staying.

12:20 PM BBT – Cody and Christine are talking about what happens if next week doesn’t work out to where Nicole goes home. Christine says Victoria goes. They both seem nervous about that actually happening.

1:05 PM BBT – Victoria is making tofu and Donny is making slop. Donny is asking Victoria questions about her making slop and she seems to be getting offended. She asks why he’s so negative. 2:08 PM BBT – Most HGs are napping and doing nothing.

2:59 PM BBT – Victoria telling others that Donny was rude to her and that she called him out for it.

3:15 PM BBT – Nicole and Donny are talking. Donny talking about how his social game was mild because he didn’t want to “rule the roost” with all the stories he has. He tells Nicole he really liked Hayden and Zach.

3:20 PM BBT – Donny tells Nicole he’ll whisper to her his advice for targeting when he walks out the door. She says she’ll do the same if it’s her going.

3:35 PM BBT – Derrick thinks he got positive feedback from the DR about their flop of a “Broadway!” play that HGs didn’t want to do and required production to call a false lockdown to force HGs in to doing it. Yep.

3:40 PM BBT – Donny continues to work Derrick about keeping Team America together. Donny reminds him he didn’t nominate anyone from their group when he was HoH. Derrick does not give him much hope in response.

You can expect some Donny pleas from now until Thursday, but I don’t know if you’ll see him get anywhere. Unless Derrick changes his mind. You can watch all of these Big Brother 16 events using the archives flashback, the DVR-like feature of this year’s Live Feeds which means it’s always live, even when you missed it! Sign-up now to get the free trial to watch it all live & uncensored.

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    • People just want to ignorance and Derrick is playing a damn good game!! People dislike him because he is a cop get over it TEAM DERRICK ALL DAY!!!!

      • I love Donny but I have said many times Derrick is playing the best game and if he makes it to F2 he deserves the money against anybody else.

      • I don’t know about that… If Donny stays this week, he kind of planted the seed in Frankie to save himself after all. That would mean Donny actually manipulated them a bit with his compliment that boosted their egos a little more… Just saying. Kindness kills sometimes (:

      • Nah — the double HOH twist made this an easy season for anyone who formed a big alliance. With two HOHs and tons of shots at vetoes and BOTB comps, it was too easy for a big alliance (like this year) to dominate the game. And, Derrick did not start the big alliance — Caleb and Frankie basically started the ball rolling with their first week HOHs where they worked together. Too much love for Derrick (who hasn’t won anything yet!) going on in some people’s minds. Nothing to do with him being a cop. Who cares.

      • The main problem with the twist imho is that the winners of the Botb were given automatic vetoes. Someone screwed up on that decision. Another interesting possibility may have been to separate the HOH’s from each other and the rest of the house until nominations to make it hard for the hoh’s to pre plan the outcome.

      • I really don’t like it when someone says people dislike certain hg’s because of one reason. I don’t like or dislike Derrick and if I did dislike him it has nothing to do with him being a cop. I do dislike Frankie and it’s been suggested that I don’t like him “because of his fame and his awesome sister.” No, if I don’t like someone it’s because of who I see them to be on this show and I’m sure alot of other people feel the same way. Not trying to speak for everyone, but it annoys me when people pick out one thing about someone and says that’s why they’re so disliked.

      • However there is not one of the Jury members who would vote for him he has done everyone of them wrong.

    • Julie Chen thought the twist of the double HG thing would shake up the game but it backfired and kept the sheep in the game who otherwise would have been evicted sooner and BTW it kept Donny on the block the whole season too. Julie’s gotta go.

      • I know! I’ve yet to stay awake during an entire BBAD this year. Sometimes I wake up just as it’s ending. ;)

      • I wonder if CBS intentionally picked this bunch to allow for a “cool down” from last season. Last year was such a bad, bad group that maybe they wanted to go to the other extreme with these HG’s. I do hope things (game play) will get back to the way that made this show such fun to watch.

      • Not at all, I was simply saying that maybe after such a controversial season that maybe CBS was trying to give us a more subdued season. I meant as a group, not the individual players…

      • I disagree, I think this year was the worst in my opinion but to each their own. Last season had more ‘character’, people thinking for themselves but… this season has been too predictable for my taste. I’ll take vile over predictable any day.

      • All you idiots asked for this though – OH LETS HAVE A FRESH NEWBIE SEASON! No vets! Just newbies! NEWBIES ARE BORING. These last 2 seasons proved that well. But hey, keep asking for all newbies. Keep having it predictable and boring. Not even team america can save these seasons.

    • This is what you idiots get always asking for a brand new cast. NEWBIE CASTS ARE BORING. Drill that into your thick skulls.

  1. Julie Chen told us to expect the unexpected.
    But I was unexpected by the expected.
    So boring.

    • I watch this show with interest and for entertainment, nothing so far has made me angry–until BBAD last night. There is Cody and Christine and Frankie lying in the HOH bed talking casually. Cody brings up Donny and says that he saw Donny get emotional and thought it was because Donny knows he is going home this week. Frankie, lying there in full drag queen makeup, shakes his head and says of Donny, “so weird.”

      How utterly outrageous! Most everyone who knows they are leaving has tears, both male and female. But, if Donny sheds a tear, he is so weird? And compared to a man in drag, good old big hearted Donny is weird? Next to Frankies whose blood is cold as ice and who is ready to stab anyone in the back, Donny who is genuinely kind to everyone is weird? Next to Frankie who will do anything for attention, Donny whose thinks about others is weird.

      And, of course, Cody and Christine nod in agreement.

      These people are really beginning to disgust me–even Derrick.

      • Literally, Frankie’s blood is as cold as ice, with his circulation problems. I really think that is why we haven’t seen the endurance comps this season. The media mogul can’t handle them. He may get cold and start shaking and he would fall off…wouldn’t that be a shame? There have always been at least two endurance comps by this point in the game.

      • But , of course, they are blaming the lack of endurance comps on the ‘old man’ being in the house.

      • If Donny does anything, it’s wrong. If he tries to talk game, that’s wrong, if he cries, that’s weird and wrong. If he refuses a TA mission, that is so wrong.

      • It always happens, every effing season. Why can’t they just be nice and polite to the HG’s that are going to be evicted. They always go to the dark side…..all the time.

      • As soon as Donny opened his mouth and starting talking game, it’s like they all turned on him. Everything that came out of his mouth was right..this bunch is just too stupid to see it. Except for Nicole, and she’s on the way out again.

      • Frankie needs a hot pepper enema. Then we’d see what weird looks like..Oh, better get the one with the big tip.

      • ROFLMAO! Oh the imagery…. I was going to leave and try to get some sleep. Gee thanks, Karen! LOL

      • I’m still laughing too hard to sleep! I actually got tears from laughing. :)

        Have a great night!

      • Christine is just as bad. All she ever says is “I hate Donny”. What has Donny ever done to her for her to be so hateful.

      • What did I say that was anti-gay? Do you think all gays have extreme antisocial personalities like Frankie? I think we know lots of gay people who are nothing like him.

    • I’ve noticed that whatever Julie says… We can expect the opposite.
      Example – last year’s “no floater season”
      This years most twisted season ever. I have to say… besides BOB nothing has happened. I was expecting something new like when Pandora’s box was introduced (bring it back!) or an extra veto somewhere or something. geez. One twist. wth? & TA is a joke. If they all get $5K for that ridiculous play… I feel like CBS is just looking for somewhere to throw their money away.

  2. Every comment is about how boring the season is.

    Gotta raise the question: why watch something you aren’t enjoying? I don’t get it…

    • They wouldn’t know if it’s boring if they didn’t watch perhaps??? I’m still too curious to see what happens when those ruling the house have to go against each other! LOL

      • well I am talking for me now in past seasons I never missed an episode and always recorded after dark this season I do not record AD and I am playing on the computer when episodes are on and I don’t care if I am in time watching them so yes boring sorry

      • I DVR AD now due to all the commercial breaks on TVGN…and I do FF through a lot of that if I see it’s too mundane to listen to every tid bit. I’ll probably want to see more once the dumb HGs have no choice but to turn on each other. Then I’ll watch the chaos erupt into nothing but fun, fun, fun for this viewer! :-)

      • OMG I could have written your post. I don’t even watch AD. The problem I have is I know what is going to happen on the shows. My husband doesn’t. So we watch the show, DVR of course so we can ff. But I find myself not wanting to watch. I am not looking fwd to Wed night’s show because of the veto outcome.

      • I only watch the live shows to see what the comp was, not who won it! Sometimes production shows convos I don’t get to see on AD during the live shows too. On those I had seen on AD, I fast forward through them too. LOL

      • I’m not going to spoil BB for u on wed. but I already know who won veto cuz I go to the BB Blog

      • The BBBlog is the best. I just pretend to my husband I don’t know what the outcome is. The blog also keeps me from wasting my time watching BBAD.

      • I’m with you DVR is a wonderful thing. I do watch the Thursday live show as it shows. I went to TVGN FB page and complained about the commercials (also went to the main page) which are more than last yr. I also went yesterday to their FB page and complained about the Frankie show. If he’s awake he’s on. I FF thru most of the show. I think I watched 15min this morning.

      • Don’t you find it odd that even when other people are talking, sometimes the camera is glued to Frankie and we get to watch his expressions, his lips purse, his eyes blink? And they make it obvious, I mean it isn’t just once or twice, but often. I use to DVR AD also, but I quit for those very reasons mentioned above. I just go to TVGRAPEVINE for 30min updates when I have time. I watch the live show while it is being aired, but I do DVR all the others except AD and FF a lot of it. I’ve seen enough of Frankie for two, three, 100 lifetimes!

    • Why are you commenting on a board where the majority of people don’t like you and your negativity commenting to the very people who you are always being negative too

      • Jeez Doug you and I surely have different definitions of positivity now don’t we!

        Nothing screams positive like insulting the players with name-calling and whining about how boring the season is!!! Just a pool of uplifting attitudes! Am I right?

        And I don’t care if people don’t like my opinions on the Frankie headhunting. I’m here to discuss. Don’t like it? Don’t respond.

      • I never said anything about your opinion I said people don’t like your rude a$$. So I was posing the same question to you. why are you here then? Just like you asked why do we watch if we don’t like what’s going on. The answer would probably be pretty similar. It wasn’t meant to insult so take a chill pill. It was a rhetorical question we watch hoping something will happen different we voice our opinions but we are still fans of the show. This is our way of saying we don’t like what they are doing. I know I don’t care what other people think of my opinion just like I am sure you don’t care what people think of you. You come here for your reasons. You state your opinions not caring what other people think this is where you go to voice your opinion. Notice this where we all go to voice our opinions. My point is just like you said if we don’t like it don’t watch if you don’t like our comments then ignore them. You have a habit of being rude when trying to debate with people and most of us are able to be adult about things and leave the rudeness behind.

      • Now tell me Doug, is calling someone a “rude a$$” rude in itself? I mean, I don’t want to bring up the ol’ “pot calling the kettle black saying”… but it might apply here…

        No where in my response was I rude to you, I merely pointed out the general negativity in the comment section. You have to be able to see it… I mean come on Doug…

        Believe it or not, Doug, but I do have some good discussions here with people. That’s why I come here. There are a certain group (you included) that for whatever reason can’t take an opposing opinion without being insulted. I like the show, and I like talking about the show. Do you and I share the same opinion on it? Obviously not, but that doesn’t mean we can’t discuss it. Problem is I don’t think personal insults against people in the house count as big brother discussion. Sue me. I’m going to voice my opinion on that.

      • Take it as being rude if you must. I was being sarcastic by that it worked you knew exactly what I was referring to. You know you quite often mix insults with your opinion. That is what I have issue with and I am stating that fact. That’s a side issue anyway we were discussing asking why people watch. According to you if they don’t like don’t watch. That’s the problem we like the show we don’t like how these people are behaving and are calling it out. How we go about it is our business you don’t like how we do it then ignore us. I thought that seen as how I hadn’t heard much from you last while maybe you could debate the point. Sorry I used the sarcasm but I thought you would understand it for what it was. Do I think you are rude no I think you can be when people don’t agree. Simply wishing everyone ( myself included I’m not perfect either ) would leave the personal attacks out. No matter who started it. Personal attacks have nothing to do with the show. You are one of the few I have gotten caught going back and forth with personal attacks. I’m saying enough is enough.

      • I will apologize for the ” rude a$$” statement I could have worded it better without sarcasm and without the insulting connotation.

      • “It” never debates or comments about the show. All “It” does is complain and bitch about our comments.

    • I haven’t watched recently. Just checked updates here a few times…turned it on for a few minutes here and there. Too predictable. After Cody won the last HOH, u knew what to expect exactly. Football season, thank god, will be Thursdays and Sunday nights now. At least there is a competitive game involved with football! Who knows — maybe Ill watch Wednesdays still.

      • I think it’ll pick up again once the main alliance starts to fracture. Probably another week before that happens though.

      • i have dementia too…every summer ive forgotten how bad production and casting is at getting competitive players for this show.

      • A while back, someone posted something to me about last season and I think they thought I was being funny because I had no idea what they were referring to. I never got to watch that season because both of my parents were ill. So at least I know now..HAHA

      • You weren’t missing much from last season. A lot of racism and sexual talk. But Cyril and I joke about David. He was a surfer dude and didn’t do anything and I think he was the first to go.

      • That’s what most people said, but then some said watch it.There are more important things right now. Maybe I’ll save that thought for a time when I have to stay still… surgery, broken bone, that stuff that just happens and when it does you need something to occupy your time. I saw a picture of David on the BB15 site yesterday. Kind of looks like a Hayden type.

      • Nah a sign of old age is something like….um…what were we talking about? Oh yeah last season Helen did the same thing and… ;)

      • On the lay lo with a lot of people starting to become abusive on the site towards one another. Even people who started off as regular posters starting to get a bit aggressive which is when the fun stops and I am reminded that I am not amongst those…

  3. Well this is the Derrick show. He makes all the decisions for every meeting for every player, weather they know it or not. After last nights comments from the public over the wall, Cody s/h put Skankie up as he’s the sabateaur. But Derrick said no. Why even have the comps, filler? I guess D&F don’t realize team America is no more. They don’t give a rip what we want as production has been laying out hint and they still don’t get it. Even a fake lockdown last night.

    • Because Derrick seems to know what’s best for everyone, including himself, than production seems to…LOL

  4. Well, Frankie is really pushing Derrick hard to keep Donny. He says it’s an extra 5k, and he hates Nicole. He is afraid Nicole and Vic are getting close. Derrick’s still not budging, but there’s time. Maybe?

      • Ohhhh really! Thanks for this little bit of insight I’m not seeing as I don’t do “live feeds”!!!

      • i don’t either. Paid for them last year and did not even watch them the last couple of weeks with those horrible people in the house. i depend on this site and joker’s to keep me updated. So thank you to all the people on here

      • Joni, check Jokers, I couldn’t believe what I was reading, lol, still don’t but I can hope!

  5. Frankie and Derrick discussing keeping Donny. Frankie wants to but Derrick doesn’t.

    • I know, right! Just posted that. Fingers crossed. I think production will really push Derrick to keep Frankie. Fingers, toes, arms, legs crossed.

      • Don’t get your hopes up. Production just needs something so that they can play the “let’s throw off the TV only viewers and say that one HG’s going home only for the other one to bet sent packing” crap.

      • Valid point and… most likely correct unfortunately. But I hope you’re wrong saturn0205, I hope you’re wrong! (:

  6. I think Frankie is now trying to keep Donny, he says to derrick that it makes more sense to keep him since America voted for him he can’t be bad… Haha maybe there is hope for Donny!

  7. I’m excited, King Derrick is talking about keeping Donny. He talked a little to Frankie saying what Donny said was true that America picked them to play together. They love Donny which Frankie countered with they love me too and they love you. Frankie has already talked to Caleb and he’s on board but I am realistic also. It’s only Monday they could change their mind again before Thursday.

    • That’s good news. They know America loves Donny. Of course Frankie believes America loves him too. He heard it over the fence. TWICE !

      • Nope, I don’t you Frankie. Actually, tween America vkted for you because of your sister.

      • I do have a speech disorder but I’m concerned because that has never been a symptom..more BOTOX please. They shoot it in the vocal cords. Young looking cords though. LOL

    • Frankie told Derrick the DR was hinting for him to keep Donny. I love Donny but if it’s endurance he will just lose and the same thing will happen. Donny will go and it will be another predictable boring week. I think Nicole has a better chance of winning HOH. Then she could go after one of them and finally shake things up.

  8. Cody better watch out..Derrick is thinking about F2 with him..saying that Cody would win hands down.

  9. Derrick needs to start winning competitions because soon the rest of the demontators are goingto go after him. He hasnt won many and soon they will start pushing back. Frankie is good at the comps, Cody shows he can win, even Caleb can beat him (if it is a karate comp, okay, an endurance comp). Right now, I think he can only beat Victoria.

      • I would love to see him and Cody on the block together. But I do want the vile creatures out first. Frankie is a disgusting character, Christine is just nasty, hate filled, gross, mean spirited female.

    • I think it was funny how Derrick threw Nicole under the bus saying she hasn’t done anything for the Detonators. But what has he done?! He has got all of them to improve his game and went around the house playing best friend. Christine won HOH, sent home Nicole and Derrick threw one HOH comp to let Frankie see his Grandpa pics.

      Derrick is not that big of a physical threat and I hope it catches up to him soon.

      • Haha my thoughts exactly! It was very ironic when Derrick said that Christine wasn’t pulling her weight with the detonators ^^

      • He’s setting up the pecking order within the alliance because he knows that Christine represents a coup for him (she could partner with Cody or Frankie, but not Victoria or Derrick)…

  10. They’re ALL assholes except for Donny and maybe Nicole!! Frankie is a media mogul ass…plain and simple.

  11. Ok, So Frankie just told Derrick that DR hinted him to save Donny…They better save him then, or they’ll send one of their staff again to yell at them over the fence. lol

    • You think he possibly did that purposefully on BBAD for the larger audience to see just so the people that already dislike Donny would have even more reason to feel that way? Just a thought and it may be way off base. But if Frankie thought it would help him get another AFP vote or at least Donny a few less…

      • It could be anything. They’re all aware of the camera and playing with the viewers. The difference is, Donny is much more aware of how they’re being perceived by the viewers. A lot of them are really clueless.

      • You’re right but I think they’ll be going back and forth with this idea. A lot of things can happen in two days.

    • Frankie can’t stand Nicole anyway and could live with Donny another week. I think he thinks he can use Donny as a meat shield and if he won HoH, he could influence Donny to aim at Vic and Cody or whomever. Frankie feels safer with Donny right now.

  12. Well Frankie just admitted when he was talking to Derrick that when he was in the DR they were putting ideas in his head and hinting to keep Donny. Although I love Donny I don’t want Nicole to go. Donny will not win an endurance comp and I think Nicole could. So if Nicole goes Donny will just be gone next week. And guess who’s left? All the idiots. If Nicole stays she has a good chance of getting one of them out.

    • I thought about the Donny/Nicole thing earlier when the possibility of saving Donny came up again. Kinda puts people who love Donny so much, like me, between a hard place and a rock with that logic.

      • Yep. Same with me. But whoever stays I want to win HOH and I think Nicole would have a better chance. I love both of them. So yep it’s hard.

      • To bad Frankie doesn’t self evict. Hurry and get over to the lot with your bull horn and think of something witty that will cause Frankie to lose it.

  13. im really starting to think that “staying with my alliance” is the only reason these people (except derrick) can think of as to why they should win 1st place.

  14. I cannot wait til Crusty and Vanity go home and find out how much they were NOT liked on the show and when Caleb and cop boy find out Caleb and Frankie are not Americas favorite as they seem to think

  15. Nicole staying over Donny would be the better outcome bcuz Donny is alone and will be out next week if he survives. Nicole has a better shot if winning competitions and she already has swayed over Cody and sorta Christine. Nicole is the only one who can cause Derrick to get dethroned and get Fakie out of here.

    • Didn’t anyone catch Donny tonight, he was talking to Caleb ( I believe it was Caleb) and Nicole, he mentioned he just wanted to go home.

      • Yes, he is overwhelmed with love in that house. Seriously, I think they have worn him down. He needs to be near someone who cares about him, and can you blame him? It will be easier for him to last a few more weeks if he is out of that lion’s den, but I think it is still going to be hard for him even in the jury house. A game is a game, but I wonder if these people will ever realize the effect the shallow, cruel, self-centered behavior, that wasn’t necessary for gameplay, has had on Donny.

      • Perfectly put KSJB. Donny has become more and more depressed at how they’ve treated him. He tries hard to play it off, but you can see it in his eyes. He’s completely disillusioned. “Shallow, cruel, self-centered behavior”-exactly.

      • Notice in his dr sessions. His voice is getting deeper almost a angry tone. And now he is starting name calling in the dr. Donny is just saying what we are all thinking and saying regarding these people. I am still being a optimist. Go Donny and Nichole. Then Zach for AFP.

      • When you are human, and you are living with a house full of robots that have one controller with no heart, it will eventually wear on you, and Donny has been aware of this for a while. It’s a game, people keep saying, but it is not necessary to be heartless.

      • Fear leads to anger, Anger leads to Hate and Hate leads to the Dark side.

        I think Donny is slowly breaking down from his beliefs in the good of these people and forgiveness and that they cannot be saved ..

        That, and strategically, Donny has the jury votes if he makes it to the end, imo …

        As well, I have a feeling that none of the BS/Detonators would vote of a girl to win, considering their original goal of an All Guys Alliance …

      • There’s the ksjb I know! Wondering where you went for a while there! ;) Yes, Donny has been wanting (probably needing) to go for a while now…

      • Hello there, Matt. Sometimes, especially when I am tired..ahem.. my fingers type things before my brain kicks in. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. :)

      • Ooooh! Sometimes the truth stings a little, if you have a conscience, and mine is very active, which I thank God for every day.

      • He likes Hayden, Zach and Jocasta and Nicole so I think he’d enjoy a Jury for a couple weeks anyway…plus the atmosphere will be totally different, I’d think, since those there would have been humbled.

      • I’m sure you are right. At present, he has a broken spirit and needs a little healing, and he won’t get it where he is now.

  16. Interesting watching the final hour of BBAD this mornig between the F3 designates, Derrick, Cody and Caleb .. accordingnto them, with the 3 of them in charge, they will be unstoppable in winning the remaining competitions and pick off the remaining HGs …

    They also convinced Caleb that he would actually be better off as F3, so he would earn $38K, $13k stipend and AFP of $25k, in addition to whatever else he has won in comps … while, Cody and Derrick settle for the $500k and $50k … Ha!!!

    It appears that Caleb may be the dark horse playing both sides of the House with Derrick/Cody and Frankie/Christine, dependig where the power lies ..

    Interesting, to see that Victoria had her head on Cody’s lap during BBAD while Christine was on the other side of the couch/room, as well .. are they distancing themselves, perhaps, due to Zingbot, or strategically speaking, I wonder, as Cody has also be talking to Derrick/Caleb about Christine needing to go sooner than later … after Donny, Nicole, Frankie … Ha !!!

  17. I think donny deserves to go home at this point. He is very likeable and i like him but he is playing a terrible game. You can say he’s playing a good game because he has been on the block so much but that would be like saying spencer from last season was a great player. Which is simply not true. Derrick is playing the best game and deserves to win over anybody. People only hate him because he is lying to Donny, but you shouldn’t let your love for Donny make you ignorant to the other houseguests. My point will be proven about Donny come thursday night when he is evicted becuase of his lack of good gameplay. Derrick hasn’t been nominated once this season and that doesn’t just happen by luck. He is playing a good game and only winning when it is necessary and only lying when he has to to help his game.

  18. please get this season over with!!! can’t production just post on who is gonna win??? Bring on an all-star season with Donnie in the house again!!!

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