Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Week 9 Nominations

The results are in for the Nomination Ceremony this week on Big Brother 16 and we have the latest spoilers on which Houseguests are now on the block.

Big Brother 16 Nominations
Big Brother 16 Nominations revealed – Source: CBS

Now that the season’s Battle of the Block twist is over we’re back to just one Head of Household and one pair of nominees as we’re used to seeing in past years. This week the choice was clear for the new HoH and won’t surprise anyone inside or outside the house. Read on for the latest Big Brother spoilers.

Big Brother 16 Week 9 Nominations:

Big Brother 16 - Week 8 Nominations

  • Cody nominated: Donny & Nicole

Like I said, no surprises here. The real deciding factor this week will be the Power of Veto competition on Saturday. If Donny can win that then he’s safe. Otherwise, that’ll be the end of the road for his chance at the half-million dollars.

What do you think of the nomination picks for Big Brother 16 this week? We expect the Veto to be held on Saturday so keep an eye out and share the results soon!


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      • I hear Nascar calling. I’m going to go watch the cars go round and round…more excitement.

      • LOL. Yeah that’s what I am doing too. I know everyone says great game but from viewer IT STINKS BIG TIME! Andy did last year. Helen, put up Judd. Ok Andy. Now let me get the blood off. Elyssa, put up Spencer. Ok Andy. Let me clean my hands. Judd, put up McCrae. Ok Andy. Well, McCrae, we need to get Helen out. Ok Andy…It sucked. Andy who you want to go to F2. Well, GM can’t win. Let’s do her. Great game Andy. This the same thing. We can all recite it before Derrick dictates it. And they all say. Ok Derrick. You should win anyways, you need the money. Oh Derrick save me from the HGs. They scare me. Ok Vic, just make sure you do what I tell you and vote out Donny.
        Now with a little luck someone win the veto or HOH. Moree than likely Frankie, sorry folks but he wins comps, that’s why Derrick has kept him. But its close now, no one else to pick anymore. Derrick gets BD. I just hope to God Victoria is already out. …Ahhhhh wet paint is loud this year. Oh wait, that’s Christine’s trill of laughter at Victorias explanation of how she has played her game so well.

      • I hate when people say that! If just sounds ignorant. Stop watching big bother and go watch cars if you really think THEY JUST GO ROUND & ROUND!! Ha

      • AHH…poor baby.Did I hit a nerve?lol Obviously, a lot of other people have a sense of humor, as do I.

  1. No suprise here….. None of these people think for themselves and want to better their game. Its like none of them have ever seen survivor or other seasons of bb where the person or people that say ‘i stayed true to _____’ NEVER, EVER win.

  2. NOW would be the time for the DOUBLE power of veto!!! ;) Wouldn’t that be something else (providing D or N won) they would both be off!! One can wish…

    • Or a Pandora’s box bringing forth another week of battle of the block. Once Cody/Nicole/Donny are safe we can watch the rest scramble and splinter their alliance.

      • Yes! I can’t remember all of the things BB throws out. Diamond POV, Pandora’s Box, Coup De Ta, I’m sure there’s more! But something… has to happen this week :) If nothing does, it’s inevitable that it will just be detonators left… and you’re right…it will be great fun watching them all turn on each other :)

    • Or something new, like giving America or the live feeders a 2nd POV this week. For example, Donny wins POV and takes himself off the block. America then votes to save Nicole. Cody has to immediately name her replacement right before the vote.

      This was done on BB Canada, season 1.

    • That would be horrible. Production should stay out of the game. There’s been enough stupid twists. I love Donny as much as the next guy, but the person who plays the best game should be rewarded and not punished by twists.

      If you can’t work yourself out of a jam in this game, you deserve to go home.

      • you are right, production should stay out of the game but they don’t. they manipulate it as much as they can. so in that case if they do it for people we don’t like, than they can do it for the people we do like.

      • You say “we like” like everyone likes the same people. They have already been doing it for people you like—-like bringing back juror.

      • Be smarter than everyone else. Or if that fails, win the competitions. If you can’t talk or win your way out, it means someone else is playing the game better than you and you don’t deserve to stay there.

      • Thanks Davet & Ronnie….This is only my 2nd season of watching this. Didn’t think of it the way you explained it.

      • You should go back and watch some of the older seasons; way more entertaining in my opinion. 2, 3, and 7 were my favorites. 14 was also very entertaining for recent seasons.

      • I agree production should stay out of the game…that’s just never been the case, I believe. I’m not a conspiracy theorist – I don’t take it to that level… but I do think they have their hand in regards to manipulating certain aspects…

    • That would be awesome to save both of them and have Cody put two Detonators in place! Big Brother messed this season up by allowing this huge alliance to float right along! They should not have allowed that and can have made things more interesting by
      adding twists like Pandora’s box, Diamond Power of Veto a long while, ago. That is why Survivor will remain number 1 because more than one person plays the game! They are not afraid to make big moves because those that do not like Kaz last season who was hoping to float to Final 2 got evicted! Good for her. And she had multiple chances to make big moves and passed on it! Instead, floated on Tony’s back.

    • Sammie2shoes, that would be the best back door this whole season. Yessssssssssssssss…..It would keep a few of us awake watching and happy that BB is finally something fun to watch!

    • yes cant stop yawing either the only satisfaction is when they find out how really people feel about them and view them bunch of sheeps

  3. I guess the only thing we have to look forward to is after Donny and Nicole are gone and these morons have to start turning on each other.

    • I doubt that will even be the case, everyone will turn on everyone BUT Derrick. It will likely just be people week by week as he wishes and… pretty much it.

    • “Ohhh what shall we do now..let’s go ask Derrick…he KNOWS everything!” is what they’ll all say when they have to turn on each other. They’ll turn to him! :-)

    • Bring it on!!! Hope Frankie goes first. He makes me sick the way he back-stabs everyone and then gives them gushy hypocritical going-away messages. Good tactic for jury support but what an a**hole.

  4. If Donny leaves this week, I think I’ll be turning my TV off. Zach leaving was bad enough… If Donny leaves, I hope Victoria wins just for laughs. Watching Derrick repeatedly trying to convince Donny he is his friend is pretty pathetic… you would think he’d give up by now? Donny is not falling for it… let’s get real.

    • That’s the reason I don’t like Derrick. I know you have to lie in this game, but he takes it too far.

      • true, but most of them own up in the dr. Derrick still tries to play it off to america like he likes donny

      • I’m sure he really does like Donny, but he knows not to let that stop him from winning this game. Plus he’s also got to try and campaign for the jury vote.

      • I agree Derrick is just really strategic doesn’t make crazy lies or anything just playing it extremely smart.

      • The first words out of Derricks mouth in a conversation are “to be honest with you”. I’m surprised he hasn’t choked on those words. Especially since an honest word hasn’t come out of his mouth since day 1.

      • Any time a person opens a conversation with the emphasis on “to be honest with you.” that is what you call tell…meaning he is a compulsive liar, and is trying to choke down his own words.

      • If you’re a compulsive liar you don’t have to try and choke down your words, you just do it naturally. That’s kind of what makes it compulsive.

      • and this guy is a police sergeant!!! scary for the suspects on his beat…….. everyone depends on what’s written on the police reports, the suspect can say, “that’s not what I said,” til the cows come home. who do they believe?

      • Omg get over it! He also said he worked a lot if UNDERCOVER and was going to use his skill IN THE GAME! Stop trying to cause trouble for a good man! til the cows come home my ass…

      • But didn’t you know saying to be honest with you automatically makes everything you say true. In case you didn’t notice that was sarcastic

      • I figured you and most others on here would but I thought I would make it clear for anyone else

    • I’m sure Derrick is aware he isn’t either and that’s what will be Donny’s downfall now!

      • He was aware of this after Donny mocked him to the cameras after the BOTB competition last week when Nicole threw it. He is pretty much insulting his intelligence… it would make me mad if I was Donny. I’d blow his game up if I was on my way out, best believe it.

    • I totally agree… I’m not watching anymore if Donny leaves. I’m so sick of hearing the whining of what a bad guy he is etc etc… I can’t believe this house is a bunch of cry babies. And Derrick is the worst. I hope he is not as bad a cop as he is a ‘player’. He is a horrible person to try to lie to someone as nice as Donny. I can’t wait till they all have to throw each other under the bus. That may be worth watching for satisfaction.

      • Why wouldn’t he keep lying to Donny when all the other HG follow him like he is Jesus. I love Donny but he has played a too” nice “of a game and Derrick has been pretty smart. If Donny or Nicole cannot win I hope Derrick does before any of them other dumb___!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • He’s an excellent player, and his past says he’s a great cop as well.

        And in this game, there are no morals. How is Derrick lying to Donny any worse than Donny stealing items and letting Zach take the blame? Donny’s a great guy, and so is Derrick; but lying in this game doesn’t mean you’re a bad person, it means you understand.

      • b/c Frankie doesn’t just lie. I haven’t seen/heard Derrick say anything disgusting or offensive about the other HG’s. Lying/manipulating is one thing… Frankie is malicious and seems to sincerely enjoy when he is screwing someone over.

      • Ridiculous narcissism and personal attacks that have nothing to do with the game mainly.

        I go by the Omar Little philosophy of “It’s all in the game,” meaning that everything that transpires in the game context is fine. When a player takes things to a personal level and out of the context of playing the game, then their true colors are starting to show.

      • Yeah as for satisfaction if Derek does happen to get evicted I will be saving that episode so I can watch it over and over again and see the look on his face

      • Talking in a friendly manner is different. The only time most of these people approach him, with the exception of Nicole now, is to just make fun of him behind his back and hate on him for no reason. I guess you’re trying to be sassy though, goodjob.

      • How about Derrick laying down the law about people talking to Nicole. And I’m not sure but I think he also is forbidding people to talk to Donnie as well but yet away He goes talking to Donnie

    • Ya can’t stop watching now! ;) When Donny/Nicole get evicted (it’s inevitable at this point, I believe)… that’s when the fun will start! The paranoia, the backstabbing. All the detonators think they are great friends and for some reason they all think they are going to make it to final 2… well…it’s called final TWO for a reason. It’s like the reality hasn’t hit them yet… stay tuned :)

  5. Derrick’s influence with Cody is showing once again! Sooo predictable Cody!

  6. If I was Donny and do not win veto this week, I would sit down everyone in the house but Frankie and Derrick. Tell them about team America and how Zach was not the saboteur… how each week they won several 5k mission prizes and let the house swallow that one. Cody and Caleb would not be happy… but maybe Cody will reconsider he doesn’t know Derrick as well as he thought.

    Donny is as good as gone if nominations stay the same anyways, he might as well have a stab at it, imo. Also, it would put taregts on their backs hopefully even if he leaves, Derrick would be sweating bullets and meanwhile, Frankie would probably be bragging…

    • But I fear Donny doesn’t like confrontation and will just fade into the mist like they’re wanting him to do.

      • I hope not, Donny has more info on Frankie and Derrick in the house than anyone. I can still hope though even though I agree, you’re most likely correct :(

    • Donny can only say he was with TA. He’s not allowed to out the others. If it would just be a penalty nom and he’s going anyway then I would blow them up. But they may take away the money he’s earned.

      • Ah, I didn’t know that rule… I’d still blow them up though, if it was me. Can surely understand why he hasn’t however

    • Yup Frankie would be bragging about how he was picked for team America because of how in his head he is beloved by America

  7. No surprise here! I hope Donny wins POV and takes himself off the block. The remaining hgs will turn on each other trying to figure out who to put up in Donny’s place. I’m hoping Derrick (I know, I know I’m dreaming) or Christine will be put up and evicted.

    • If Donny wins pov and save himself they may wind up fighting amongst themselves about who is going to go up as a replacement nominee but they will still wind up evicting Nicole don’t get me wrong that would suck

  8. The real question is… Did they go back to the old nomination ceremony or are they doing this new crappy nomination ceremony. I prefer to see keys being pulled..

  9. I like the idea of Donny revealing he was part of TA. He can reveal he wa part but cant name the other 2. If someone catches on doubtful) t the TEAM A then he can say “can’t answer that”. That will stir the pot. Once they start talking “who you going to believe’ when they say no.

    • I like that idea too but are we sure he can’t reveal the other members I don’t recall hearing that on then show. And if he can’t I think it’s stupid because team America is supposed to be America’s alliance. There’s never been a rule against houseguests revealing an alliance before

      • Matt says that is the rule—production has forbidden guests in the past who have been given special treatment from revealing—-ie. coup d’état.

  10. Why is everyone complaining that Cody put up Donny & Nicole. They are not in his alliance, they are coming after him and his alliance members, if Cody put up his own allies than his allies would come after him. It makes no sense for his game. Yes I love Donny & Nicole and I wish they would stay but honestly it’s in Cody’s best interest to get rid of Nicole or Donny.

    • They (and me) are complaining because they can’t see that they will be cut before the F2. Derrick will make F2 because he has a deal with Victoria, Cody, Frankie, and Caleb. All they have to do is talk to each other and realize it.

    • LOL they complain because things aren’t going their way. They want the underdogs to win and are bored of the Detonators running the show. Everyone says this is the most boring/predictable season ever, but I guarantee you it will be the highest rated Big Brother season in history.

      Obviously Cody is going to put up Donny and Nicole. They’re really the only two people who would come after him at this point.

      • It’s not really close to the old seasons in terms of ratings, and I’m not sure it’s better than last season even, so that’d be a bad guarantee.

        I’m fine with one person running the house though. That’s really how it should be; the best player should be able to dominate. My only issue has been with the absurd amount of horrendous twists

      • It is not going to be the highest rated because people will tune out and wait till the Detonators have to eat one of their own. That is at least, maybe 2 weeks more in addition to the weeks that they already wasted floating along. This is a game, Big Brother should be encouraging everyone to play it! And it is worst then, last season because we had Judd’s eviction, Helen’s eviction, Amanda’s eviction plus Amanda’s paranoia to boot! This season offers nothing except Derrick who is smart and playing. The rest just floating on these very huge alliance!

    • Not even is it in his best intrests after they are gone a target willappear on his back quick enough this would be the time for him to make a move if he is going to. He needs to either take out Frankie or Derek this week but now it is too late for that unless a miracle happens and both Donny and Nicole somehow come off the block

      • What target will appear on Cody’s back? Cody has Derrick, Christine and Victoria to protect him. Once Donny or Nicole leaves, Christine or Frankie are the next targets. If Frankie was to win HOH I think he would strike at Derrick first before Cody. Cody has protection since I don’t see him leaving anytime soon.
        If Christine was to win HOH this week and targets Donny or Nicole than it’s a bad move on her part since she is a target after they leave.

    • It’s not Cody’s best interest (IMO). Cody is higher up on the pecking order than be thinks. Obviously cody doesn’t realize how many F2 deals Derrick has around the house. If cody switched sides and aligned himself with the other side, he has a chance to stay longer & compete against physically weaker players (providing he got derrick or caleb out this week). Cody thinks he’s going to be protected & ride to F2 easily. He doesn’t know that as soon as the Detonators get a chance he is out (probably not before Christine though)…he is a follower of the detonators, he could be a leader of ‘the other side’.

    • lol you sound like Dan in Dan’s Funeral when he said those exact words to Danielle ha, thanks for bringing back those memories lol.

  11. I just cannot believe this bunch. Cody seems to know Derrick will win and is ok with getting the $50k,,,,but Derrick will never take Cody to F2′ he will take Victoria, if possible. Does Caleb really feel safe with Frankie having his back. How’d that work out for Zack? Christine is just redefined the word “clueless”. I want a double pov to save Nicole and Donny. They did it for Jordan and Rachel. And Nicole…..she’s still gunning for Christine. Everyone is doing all of the mop up for Derrick. I could just spit. Lol

      • It’s production’s job to put on an entertaining show and give the fans, who watch the show, what they want. These twists are fan generated. I’m sure they are monitoring the boards and know we hate how boring and predictable this season has been.

      • Newsflash dude, but feeders are a SLIVER of the fanbase. Chances are they don’t care.

        That’s why Zach is gone, and that’s why Donny/Nicole will be gone.

      • I’m not a dude, but a dudette. The real die hard fans, who pay for the feeds and make CBS tons of money, are on the boards. I guaranteed they are monitored. Also, while Zach’s fans have grown in recent weeks, he is not on the same level as Donny and Nicole.

      • I don’t think that CBS cares about fans on these boards as much as you think—they care about ratings. In spite of everyone’s complaining they have been pretty good—Google them.

      • If you think cbs’ primary income is from feeds subscriptions, you’re fooling yourself.

      • So did you ever think that maybe your opinion is the sliver of the fanbase. Guaranteed that feeders make up a fairly accurate portrayal of the general consensus. Except for the fact that the percentages are probably a little askew For example I would at least say when you have most of the feeders rooting for Donnie and Nicole this week that would probably mean the general consensus that a majority of the fans are rooting for them

      • They should stop recruiting players and putting in stupid twists; those are the real issues. If they cast 16 people who auditioned and really understood and wanted to play the game, and just simply let them play, it would be a much better season than anything they’ve put out recently.

        More dumb twists is never the answer. The real fault lies with the casting.

      • you are absolutely right. no more wanna be actors, or models or 20 year olds. IMO they had no business putting Joey in this year as she knew absolutely nothing about the game or even heard of it. Poor thing never knew what she was in for. how was that good tv?

    • Derrick has already told Caleb that Cody will have to go soon and that he needs to step up his game and start winning comps…

    • Taking Victoria would be his best move if he took Cody the jury just might give it to Cody just so Derrick doesn’t get it. Don’t forget Derrick has final 2 with almost everyone so they will prob be pissed at him. Heck they just might give it to Victoria just to make sure Derrrick doesn’t get it. I know if I was in their shoes I probably wouldn’t vote for Derrick regardless of who he was beside

  12. I read somewhere that Cody was going to tell Donny that he was putting him up and was targeting him. Ok here is another rule broken. Do you think they would penalize him (Cody) for telling Donny he is on the block.

    • That would be something if they did that. right now as we speak they’re building pandora’s box in Cody’s room. If he opens that box watch for something to happen to him and the alliance and have Nicole or Donny safe and still have the veto open for tom.

    • I love it how you guys hate production interference, but when your favourite is in trouble you want production to bail them out.

      Good ol double standards here on BBN!

  13. What we need now is a miracle like in Rachel’s season where she won with Jordan’s help. Do not remember the twist but, they both escaped eviction then. Anyone remember what the twist was and how they got off?
    That is what we need now to create some drama in the Big Brother House. At this rate, we will waste 2 more weeks before the Detonators have to eat one of their own! Even last season was better because we had Judd’s eviction, Helen’s eviction and Amanda’s eviction including paranoia on Amanda due to viewers nominating and putting her on the block!

  14. Congratulations Derrick! What a smart move with your HOH nomination, putting up the secret agent/your biggest threat and Nicole. From now will be no problem getting rid of your minions. Well done Derrick. (I know Cody actually won but since everyone is playing for Derrick and his family, might as well congratulate him. Yay, Derrick (side eye)).

  15. Best quote of the season courtesy of Caleb about Donny. “You have to be thinking while your’re not thinking.” Said he reads people very well and he absolutely knows that Donny is ex-military, maybe an intelligence officer..even though he’s not that smart and may have something “mental.” Maybe he designs weapons..whatever he does..says Donny is a freakin’ genius! He says this because at the nomination ceremony today, Donny never made eye contact with anyone!

      • Yes he is. As I was listening to all of this nonsense..I kept all are going to feel like such dumb asses when you find out he is who he says he is on finale night.

  16. Almost everyone seems to think that Derrick has the game won. If he is still around at the final three he better win HOH because no one would believe that they could beat him in the finale. I know there are people who are going to say everyone else is stupid, but you would really have to be delusional (okay, maybe Caleb).

    • I totally believe that all of them outside of Frankie are that delusional and Derrick will not pass up on the chance to take Frankie out like Frankie passed up the chance to take Derrick out this past week.

  17. cody needs to look long term derrick isnt gonna take him to the end and neither will anybody else at the road he’s going down

  18. If I were Donny and didn’t win the POV, in my speech before the vote, I’d spill my guts. TA, all the final 2 deals, everything he knows about Derk and Frances. Just leave them bruised and bloody.

  19. No Surprise there. Are any of these people capable of independent thought? Other than Donny?

  20. I am so disappointed! He should think for himself. I knew he wouldn’t put up derrick but he should have put up Frankie and Caleb and if one came down backdoor Christine. They OVER THE TOP touchy-feely stuff is nausiating! Inappropriate! Christine…..what WILL you do for $500,000? You are married…..act like it! Well, with that said….haha…..I would have thought he would want to finally get rid of the tight bond between frankie/Caleb and Frankie/Christine! Wake up people!!!! Uggghh…..

  21. I would agree that getting Donnie and Nicole out would be a priority at this point and worry about the implosion of the rest later. (I do not want it to be this way, but that’s the direction its heading). That said, if I got HOH next week, for sure I would want either Frankie or Derrick out and take my chances on making it to the end against the rest of them.

  22. I know this is going to be a completely unpopular opinion, but I don’t think Donnie deserves to win over Derrick. Yes he is super nice and tries hard to win the comps, but he is alone in this game because he chose to be. He isolated himself by his different sleep patterns, never tried to create an alliance until recently. When most were made within the first 10 days. Everyone Condemns Derrick, but he is the one that has actually been focused and playing the game since day one. I think he should be applauded. He’s not guaranteed the win… But if he does, he’s certainly earned it.

    • I agree…it is Derrick’s game to lose! I have watched every season on BB and the Canadian one as well…..he ranks as one of the best players ever! (Although he is playing with probably the most incompetent group of houseguests as well)…..Donny,Nicole and Hayden excluded…but they were too late in coming together….BB is a Social Game as well as a Mind Game….if Donny can’t win then Derrick all the way!

    • He had an alliance with Jocasta, Brittney, Hayden had his back. The problem is the rest of the house had one big alliance and voted everyone he was friends with out. They isolated him.

      • I respectfully disagree. He never tried to create an alliance. He’d talk individually to those people and say let’s don’t put a name to it, but just know I won’t vote you out. He never tried to bring a group of people together with him. I think he’s a wonderful human being and if he were to win it wouldn’t be upsetting. But if you judge strictly by strategic game play…. Derrick deserves the props.

    • He was isolated from Day 1 through no fault of his own … Just wasn’t in the right place (the HOH room) at the right time.

      • Again, I disagree. The bomb squad had 8 members. Which means there were 8 other house guests in which to form an alliance with. I think his greatest error was in putting all his eggs in the Team America basket. I’m not putting him down I just think he didn’t look far enough down the line when he originally began playing. and now as he’s figured it out, he’s too late.

  23. I really hope if on Wednesday Donny knows he is going I hope when everyone is around he says well Derrick and Frankie it sure was fun being on team America with you. At least I am not going home empty handed what did we win again 20 or 25 thousand dollars

  24. I can’t wait to see the look on all these suckers face when Derrick takes Victoria to the final two.

    • You have to hand it to him…they would rather die than to give the money to Victoria….

    • He has to make it to final 3 for that to happen. And if that’s the case I hope everyone votes for Victoria. I would laugh so hard. Oh the look on Derlicks face.

      • Yep she would be but if Derrick makes it to the end and picks her to sit next to him because he thinks hey she’s lucky I brought her to the end and I’m for sure going to win. Well I’d love it if he took second.

  25. Yes it is a shame the way the game has played out this year. But will be ecstatic when Frankie and Christine are sent packing.

  26. So, with Pandora’s Box being a very strong possibility right now – what do we think? I’m guessing BOTB returns. Donny & Nicole are one team and a second team of nominees must be named.

  27. Fakie is still there b/c he has so many followers which = more viewers for CBS. As if they would have called him out on this renom rule. The rest don’t stand a chance. Fakie=ratings. So sad that he uses his sister to gain popularity b/c he is a big nobody. Nicole or Donny will leave the house and if it’s Nic what a waste of jury return. This expect the unexpected bs is just that bs and the shows writers need to step up their game and think outside the box. BORING!! Fakie is using the charity thing, the guy is a you tube personality, who is unemployed, relying on his sister for $$$$. No big moves..

    I meant Frankie but you get it.

    There should have been a rule, that whoever came back from Jury could not be nominated this time, a safe pass. Then a free for all next nomination ceremony. The producers need to come up with better stuff. Pandora’s box should come in now with the noms being safe forcing Cody to target 2 of his own or the obvious Victoria also by opening the box or chosing not to like he said Cody should be locked in a room forced to listen to Rachel Riley’s laugh soundtrack playing continuosly.

    I actually enjoyed Zach. At least he was entertaining, the rest are all robots.
    Donny is awesome, It must be so hard for him to be in a house to babysit the youngsters. Derick has this I think. It’s the cop in him. Calab has stalker tendencies that I think should be addressed outside the BB house, someone needs to tell him that the bomb squad blew up along time ago, he is not apart of the new alliance. Victoria, I am not quite sure why she is there but she annoys me like Rachel Riley’s laugh. Jocasta what a waste Jesus never helped you. I think Nick and Hayden are cute together and this whole Zankie thing needs to be put on the back burner. I don’t think Frankie is true to anyone, he is as phoney as it gets. his whatever it is between Cody and Christine is getting to gag reflexes….She may be headed for a divorce come the end of the show. Why is she still there?? I just don’t get this show anymore. I really don’t know why I am still watching it.

    • you seem dead set on giving the “returnee hg” such a huge advantage. too bad they will be voted out… hey, they were already voted out once, so they deserve nothing from the players that were still in the house. why does production even have the right to allow someone a second chance ? it just not fair to the hg’s who werent’ evicted.

  28. This is the most pitiful BB in history. Plz CBS just give Derrick the money and rerun Gunsmoke. That was more exciting. Is everyone in the house just do stupid tht they allow Derrick to accuse any HG to talk to Donnie or Nicole of treason for talking to them. I thought last year was embarrassing. Hell racist slurs tht create talk is better than this snoozefest. It’s my last comment and my last BB. I’m done. And one last thing I can’t help but say tht Cody is such a dick to make Donnie and Nicole be the have nots. No one has balls in this house. OMG this show sucks

  29. Everyone is treating Donny and Nicole like crap. What is wrong with these childish.

    • it has been like this all season. the people they put up and plan on voting out are treated like lepers. they act just like school yard bullies, with the same mentality, Goes to show how young, immature or just plain mean they are. I hated last year, but i don’t remember them isolating every single hg they planned on voting out

    • OMG I was watching that too. I am screaming at the feeds “Cody grow a pair”. Lol. He’s all set to put Frankie up if someone comes down and of course he has to make sure he gets approval from his Daddy. He’s as dumb as Victoria.

      • it is going to be just like his first hoh, he is going to do what someone else tell him instead of what he wants and he kicked himself in the butt for that one

      • It’s like they don’t all remember that Frankie was their biggest target just a few weeks ago… what happened to all that energy?! He’s ‘safe again’ for the next how long period of time – I am beyond ready for Frankie to fawn all over Julie Chen in person!!

  30. Cody asked Der if he could put up Frankie if Donny wins pov and get him voted out. Of course, Der tells him no. so Derricks hoh is going pretty much as he planned it.

      • don’t think so. he told Cody that if they get rid of Frankie than Caleb will probably come after them. so not a good idea. Cody figures that if they get rid of Frankie then Chris will fall into their lap. think Derrick nixed it because it is not part of his puppet master plan for Cody to start thinking for himself

  31. So typical, was hoping to see a change in power for the week for fun. But the decision is practical :-/

  32. I don’t get the BB “fans” on this site. Whenever things go well for a player they don’t like it’s a “BB Fix”, whenever they want a player they like to stay, they’re all but begging for production to butt in, Please just answer me one question, why would BB Want Donny to go home? He’s the HG favorite of fans. Maybe they’re just letting them play like they’re supposed to.

      • I almost died when he said I know how it feels to be on the block. He was on the block for all of what…… 4 hours?

  33. I don’t know what I want after this. It would be amazing if Donny could win POV. But I want Nicole to stay another week. Either one could cause havoc in the house, but Nicole has a better track record with competitions.

    • Maybe Nicole will win POV and then enter another twist. Maybe Pandora’s Box or DPOV and Donny wins that. Don’t think that will happen but I can hope.

  34. BB production should have seen this one coming and should have made an adjustment to keep the Battle of the Block for 1 more week. Expect the unexpected. They could have called Battle to Stay in the house with the 2 losing noms going to the jury house. This way it would have been Nichole and Donny OR 2 others HG. Or Nicole and a HG Or Donny and a HG.

  35. I totally wasted my summer. I can’t wait for survivor and try to forget about all the episodes I watched here. This one-sided show has no surprises. The so called twist only messed up peoples game plans. Peeee UUUUU Big Brother. I am done. Just give Derrick the money and move on. Bla Bla Bla.

  36. R they on indoor lockdown? Someone said they doing something in the second HOH room. Is it true it maybe Pandora’s box? That would be awesome

  37. So Cody still thinks Donny is not who he is and he has had it in for Donny since the beginning. I can’t wait for them to find out how stupid they really are in this game.

  38. This show is becoming far to boring and predictable. For the last couple of seasons all we see is a puppeteer and a house who always votes in unison. CBS needs to find better players because this is a huge snore!! I may actually have to find something fun to do with my summer nights because this sure isn’t!!

  39. I’d LOVE to see clueless Victoria win just to see the look on Caleb, Christine, Cody, Frankie and Derrick’s faces. I know, not likely, but what a fantasy.

  40. This season is very boring but I will watch till the end in spite of that. Just wish this season had stronger players. There are a few things I don’t like about Derrick’s game. One his dragging a non-competitor like Victoria to the end. Her exit interview when Zach left was nasty, especially for someone who has done nothing to contribute to the game or justify her survival in the house. She just lucked out that a stronger player decided that she was his life vest for this season. Second, I don’t like the way Derrick is not forthcoming in the DR. He acts like the viewing audience is as stupid as the houseguests he’s playing with and it’s as if he forgets that we can actually hear and see what he’s doing. Third, I don’t like the way he has taken to “kissing up” to the audience lately. It comes across as insincere.

    • Well said. Derrick has played a good game. But, I feel like the past few days he is starting to become this ruthless dictator. Ordering people not to speak with Nicole or Donny behind closed doors and if they do he will call them out. I guess he figures the sure win will be with Victoria, which it would…kinda feels like a cowards way out. I read on twitter last night that Cody ASKED him for permission to put up Frankie if Donny or Nicole win veto..Derrick told him no. When are these people going to call him out on all of the F2 deals he has? It really is unbelievable. As far as the audience goes, he is always saying “that will be good TV.” Well, like you said, when we see his DR’s, he does not seem sincere..that is the one place where you are to tell the truth. I hope things pick up soon..I guess that won’t happen until Donny and Nicole are gone and those six (which I have had enough of for a long time) have to turn on each other. We can only hope, right?

      • It is pretty amazing that at this point in the game players have not started suspecting Derrick. Not one of them in their DR sessions has even hinted at the fact that they see Derrick as a threat or a manipulator…could they really be that obtuse? I also agree that bringing Victoria to the end is cowardly. Makes you believe that he is not as confident in his game play as he would like us to think.

  41. Cody keeps saying Donny is a horrible player. Well, guess what? America hates Cody, and Donny has one waayyy more comps than Cody.

    • When Donny wins AFP, I really hope Julie says that he won it by a landslide!! The way that some of them have treated Donny this season is so sad. I know that Donny has been very hurt by it.

    • I am hoping that Cody is just playing along saying how he hates Donny. Maybe he really is thinking about what Donny said to him the other day. Maybe that’s why he hates him. Donny has gotten into his head

  42. Derrick says he wants to buy a house for his family! I’m confused he is going on a cruise when he gets home. Correct? Then why couldn’t he use that money from the cruise as a down payment on a house? I don’t think he is as financially broke as he wants us to think………. I know I can’t afford a cruise. :(

    • I think Derrick is playing his income down. Remember the house doesn’t know he is a cop. I think I read he works for the parks doing something for the youths?

  43. What totally gets me is people get on the show because they are fans and say they have watched it forever, but play like they haven’t. duh #1 Cody…you have to make big moves in order to win. Taking the boring, easy way out nominating Nicole and Donny WILL NOT WIN YOU THE GAME. The only ones I feel that are playing the game is Derrick (which you may hate him, but he is working it) and Donny who if he gets anywhere near the end or at the end WILL WIN, because he would have done it on his own….haven’t seen this happen yet on BB but would love for it to be the first. Frankie is just kissing ass not playing

  44. If BB really want everyone to stay tune to this boring predictable show, have two power of vetoes and have Donny and Nicole win ….. then watch the detonator blow each other up. That’s the show I want to watch.

    • Isn’t every season of Big Brother the worst? Damn you so called “fans” can’t make up your mind as to which season is the worst.

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